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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Cidolfas

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 12/27/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Welcome to the Sailor Moon: Another Story FAQ! v1.7, by Dan Orner 
    To play the English-translated version of this game, you'll need three things:
    1. A Super Nintendo emulator like ZSNES (http://www.zsnes.com/).
    2. The Sailor Moon: Another Story ROM file. You can get the ALREADY PATCHED file at
    http://www.emusanet.com .
    Note that some people are concerned about the legality of these emulators. While
    I do not condone downloading current games (like for N64), I
    don't mind so much for SNES, because the sales for those systems are very low right
    now anyway. Besides that, I wholeheartedly approve of playing fan translations, 
    because, quite frankly, there isn't much chance of you buying this game if you
    can't read it! So Toei/Angel isn't losing any money by letting you play it this way.
    That's my two cents; do whatever you want.
    I. FAQ Version History
    II. How To Play
    III. Battles (plus Status info)
    IV. Hints And Tips
    V. Story
       -addendum to Liner Notes
       -map of Juuban
       -full walkthrough (spoiler-free)
    VI. Items
    VII. Accessories
    VIII. Shop List
    IX. Techniques
    X. Link Techniques
    XI. Formations
    XII. Cheat Codes
    XII. Credits
    ----------I. FAQ Version History----------
    v1.0: FAQ created.
    v1.1: Added information about Kainess bosses.
    v1.2: Added Pro Action Replay cheat codes.
    v1.3: Minor tweaking; announced new location of patch file.
    v1.4: Corrected an error in the Accessories section.
    v1.5: Added more cheat codes.
    v1.6: Fixed info on the A.EARRINGs (man, that got a lot of e-mails!) 
          Added the link to emusanet.com (stop bothering me on where to get ROMS!)
          Added the hacking info thanks to Ryan Risk (r_risk@hotmail.com). DO NOT E-mail me
          about this info.
    v1.7: Finally updated with a disclaimer on the Nabu fight. Yes, it takes a long time!
          Added info on a Life Crepe in the forest in chapter 3; thanks to 
          m.c. kim (starlette@nwu.edu) for that info.
    ----------II. How To Play----------
    This section contains very basic tips as well as a brief manual. If you're used to
    RPG's, I suggest you skip to section IV, with maybe a brief look at Section III.
    This game is a mostly standard Role-Playing Game (RPG). It consists of three main 
    modes: 1. walking around, finding items and advancing the storyline; 2. Battles; and 
    3. Menus.
    Playing Mode 1:
    Directional Pad: Walks around.
    A: Interacts with environment (talks to people, opens chests, reads signs, etc.)
    B: Hold while walking to run.
    L/R: Hold while walking to run very fast.
    X: Opens Main Menu.
    Start: Opens MakeUpLink Menu.
    Select: Opens Options Menu.
    When you talk to people, text will appear at the bottom of the screen. To advance the 
    text to the next screen, press A. If a choice appears in the bottom (Yes or No) press
    Left or Right on the directional pad to select your choice and A to accept it.
    In the beginning of the game, there are very few items to be found. Basically all 
    items in the game are found in brown chests. 
    In many parts of the game, you will be attacked randomly after walking a predetermined
    amount of steps - actually a range of steps, usually between 7 and 12. When you are
    attacked, battle (Mode 2 of this section) will commence. 
    Sometimes you will lose control of your character for a brief time, where one or more
    conversations will take place. Sometimes you will start battle right after that, 
    without having time to prepare yourself, so be careful!
    To save your game, look for small black "Luna-P" balls (you'll recognize it from
    Sailor Moon R as Chibi-Usa's communication and magic device). Go up to it and press A,
    then move the cursor down and select Save.
    Playing Mode 2: See Section IV.
    Playing Mode 3:
    There are three menus here. The Main and Options menus have the same controls: 
    Directional Pad Up and Down: Move cursor between options.
    A: Accept option.
    B: Cancel option (go back a step); also press to exit the menu if nothing has been
    L: Move one page to the left (in item/tech lists).
    R: Move one page to the right (in item/tech lists).
    We'll start with the Main Menu (pressing X on the main game screen). Your options are:
    Link Techs
    The Items screen gives you a list of your items. Select "Sort items" to let the game
    organize them for you. Select "Rare Items" to see a list of story items, which cannot
    be used. Select "Use Item" for the real reason of this menu. You are given the item
    name and the amount you have of that item; putting the cursor on it will show you
    a brief description of it above the list. If an item is in black, it can be used; if
    it's in gray it can only be used in battle. Select an item to use and you'll be
    redirected back to the main screen where you can choose who to use it on.
    Accessories menu: Every ally can equip up to three accessories, which change her 
    stats like strength, defense, and speed. The character's accessories are on the left
    side, all of the ones you've collected are on the right. Press A and then A again on
    the desired accessory to switch their positions. Note that you must press B to select
    another of your character's accessory spots to switch - a bit of a pain.
    Formation: There are four formations to choose from; they are discussed in section XI.
    Status: Shows you the profile and stats of your character. The following are the
    stats in the lower left:
    LV: Level. The higher this is, the higher your battle stats will be.
    ST: Status; indicates status changes like Low HP, Numb, or Stone.
    HP: Amount of hit points and maximum hit points the character has.
    EP: Amount of Energy Points (used for magic) and maximum EP (since EP is always 
    refilled, the current and max EP is always the same, and never more than 12.)
    LAP: Link Attack Power. The higher this is, the more powerful linked attacks will be.
    To raise this stat, use more link attacks!
    EXP: Experience gained till now.
    N-EXP: Experience needed to gain another level.
    The following are the battle stats on the lower right:
    Attack: How strong any attack that character does will be. (high Attack = high damage)
    Defense: How well she can defend against enemy attacks (high Defense = low damage taken)
    Speed: How fast the character is; the faster she is, the sooner in the turn she will 
    Evade: The higher this stat, the less of a chance she will be affected by status 
    Back to the menu.
    Techniques: Shows you which techniques are available for a character. 
    Link Techs: Shows you which link techs have been learned (discussed in section X.)
    Puzzle: Shows you how much of the puzzle you have collected. There are 180 pieces to
    collect, but don't worry: most enemies will drop a piece. You can find a few around,
    as well. When the puzzle is complete, there's a man in the final palace who'll give
    you a prize (see walkthrough).
    Save: Is grayed out unless you're talking to a Luna-P ball. Self-explanatory.
    The Options menu (press Select on main screen) lets you change the text speed, sound
    type (stereo or mono) and other stuff like that. The Cursor option is Memory or Off.
    Selecting Off means that the battle cursor will start from the beginning (Fight icon)
    every time you choose it; Memory means that it remembers exactly where it was the
    last time you used it; a different memory for each battle option, for each character.
    Controls for MakeUpLink menu (press Start on main screen):
    Directional Pad: Select a character
    X: see selected character's status
    A: Choose character (small arrow); swap two selected characters' positions (big arrow).
    Y: Try to make the technique link.
    Start: End menu.
    More about this in section X.
    ----------III. Hints And Tips----------
    If you're used to Final Fantasy or other similar games, you're in for a few surprises.
    Newbies should also tune in here, because there are some very important facts here and 
    I'm not repeating myself. 
    -Item chests are almost nonexistent in the first two chapters; you can only buy items 
    or win them, but not find them.
    -The game is VERY linear; you will not be returning to 85% of the locations in this
    game, including towns and such.
    -Not all healing items can be used outside of battle.
    -Practically no items are under 100 yen, so don't think that everything's too expensive.
    You get a lot of money from enemies and even more from Collectible Items.
    -ALL inns are 500 yen.
    -Any character can equip any amount of any accessory. Want three Tiaras? No problem!
    However, accessories do not change status (protection from poison, etc.) besides for the
    stats listed below the character's portrait.
    -No character can ever have more than 12 EP.
    -EP is refilled after EVERY battle.
    -HP is refilled every time you raise a level. These last two points mean that battles 
    are more of an all-out smashfest rather than the strategic kind you may be used to.
    -There is no separate stat for magic - all techniques are based on the Attack stat.
    -When Defense is selected in battle, defense goes up by 90-95%, not just half.
    -Link techniques DO NOT use up both characters' turns! In effect, you can have 15
    actions per battle (if everyone uses a Triple Tech). However, couple that with the
    fact that link techs are usually weaker, as well as the fact that they take off more 
    EP, and you won't find yourself using this too much.
    -Remember that if you want to use a Link or Formation tech, and one of the characters
    is killed or becomes Stoned, Charmed, or Selfish, the link won't work and you'll have
    wasted a turn.
    -You'll find that level building is a very necessary part of the game. Enemies always
    start out very tough; after building a few levels, they become much easier. Don't
    try to advance the story and fight bosses unless you can rip through regular enemies
    in one turn. 
    -Although link techs use more EP (from more characters), you'll often find that single
    attacks are far stronger! The only possible idea I have on this is that the game takes
    the AVERAGE attack power of the 2-3 characters and uses that for the technique.
    -Not only that, sometimes lower-cost attacks (even single ones) will do more damage than
    higher-cost ones!
    -Characters in the very back are practically useless - although their defense is 
    amazing, their offense is almost negligible. This includes magic attacks! Only use
    them for healing. The exception to this seems to be the Shoot formation, where
    everyone is more or less equal.
    -Most of the time, you'll want the Cursor to be set to Memory in the Options menu.
    Since EP is refilled after every battle, you can go all out. Find the attack that
    works best in your area and keep using it till your EP runs out, then either use
    regular attacks or (if you're in a tough fight) refill the EP using Colognes or
    other EP-restoring items.
    -Although it's tempting to use multiple-target and link techs, remember you're trying
    to eliminate the enemies as fast as possible. Sometimes single techs and even attacks
    are stronger. In particular, Mercury and Pluto have very weak techs.
    -Don't hold back with the items, especially status healing items. Unless you cheat 
    with the emulator, you'll probably be healing at least as much as you are attacking.
    -Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon can morph to Super versions. Both of them have a single
    super attack in these forms. However, they lose basically all link techs, and Moon
    loses her healing tech. Think carefully before doing it.
    -Emulator cheating!: If you really want to be cheesy, there's a way that's easier to 
    beat enemies, but it also usually takes longer. This is almost a necessity by the
    final boss, though, so...
    Save your state (press F2 on ZSNES) right before you press A the final time to start 
    the round. Now, if one of your characters dies or gets a bad status effect, you can
    reload the state (press F4 on ZSNES) and try again! Enemy attacks are random, and 
    they'll sometimes try a weak attack. This is much more useful on bosses than regular
    enemies who attack in groups, because even if one enemy misses, the other one might 
    -Non-emulator cheating! If you're really low on energy and don't think you can survive 
    another fight, here's one way to get to safety easily! Take a few steps (about 7 or 
    so), then press X to open the menu, then B to get out of it. Now your step count
    has reinitialized, so you can take another 7 steps without getting into a battle!
    Repeat this until you've reached a safe spot! Of course, if there's no safe spots nearby 
    you'll just have to slug it out, huh? 8-) Or you could try to Escape, but sometimes 
    you'll get nailed before you have a chance.
    That's it for now...
    ----------IV. Battles----------
    Here are the controls in battle:
    Your characters are always on the right side of battles, and enemies are on the left
    side. Every ally and enemy gets to move exactly once per turn. First you decide what
    you want each character to do and then the moves are automatically played out.
    Directional Pad: Moves between options.
    A: Accepts option.
    B: Cancels option (goes back one step). You cannot cancel after choosing the target(s)
    for the final move.
    L (in item/technique list): Moves cursor one screen down.
    R (in item/technique list): Moves cursor one screen up.
    Here are the battle options, from left to right:
    Fight: This uses a regular attack which does not use up EP.
    Technique: Opens a list of the character's techniques, which can use from 1 to 12 EP. 
    If you don't have enough EP for a technique, it will be colored red and you can't
    select it.
    Link Tech: Opens a list of link techniques available for that character. Any link 
    techs that are unavailable due to lack of EP (for either character) or the other side
    of the link is not in the fight, will be red. In order for a link to appear, it MUST
    first be tried in the MakeUpLink menu (pressing Start).
    Formation Tech: Opens a list of formation techniques. Only the FIRST character to act 
    can select a formation technique. You can use exactly one of the first four techniques 
    at any time; the fifth one can only be used with a specific party (see section XI).
    Item: Opens the item list.
    Defend: The character defends, making almost all attacks miss or do very little
    damage. This does not affect status attacks, however. This option is useless in a
    one-person battle.
    Escape: Tries to escape from battle. In boss battles, this is impossible.
    There are several status changes which affect your character during battle; some carry
    on even after the battle is finished.
    NUMB: (aka Poison) The character will receive a predetermined HP loss (depending on the
    strength of the caster) after every round, and after every step taken on the field (?).
    Caused by: The "Toxic Mist" attack; affects all allies. Mostly used by bosses.
    Appearance: The character turns weird colors and a green drop comes out of her head.
    Cure: Using BathMedic; you can also use SchwartzM. on the field.
    Numb remains after battle.
    SELFISHNESS (aka Confusion) The character is uncontrollable and will attack friends
    or enemies randomly.
    Caused by: The "Illusion" attack; affects all allies.
    Appearance: A star above the character's head.
    Cure: Using BathMedic, C.Cologne or V.Rose.
    Selfishness disappears after battle.
    ENCHANTMENT (aka Charm): The character is uncontrollable and will only attack allies.
    Caused by: The "Fascination" attack; affects all allies. Used by bosses and regular
    enemies towards the end of the game.
    Appearance: A heart above the character's head.
    Cure: Using App.Medic or BathMedic.
    Enchantment disappears after battle.
    ACCIDENT (aka Stone): The character turns to stone and cannot move or attack. If all 
    characters turn to stone, the game ends.
    Caused by: The "Barrier" attack; affects all allies. Mostly used by bosses.
    Appearance: The character turns gray.
    Cure: Using Pork Chop or Red Berry.
    Accident remains after battle.
    SLEEP: The character cannot move or attack.
    Caused by: The "Sonic Wave" attack; affects one ally.
    Appearance: The character is crouched, with a bubble coming out of her mouth.
    Cure: Using Alarm C.; also, if anyone attacks her, she will wake up.
    Sleep disappears after battle.
    ----------V. Story----------
    Everyone should read the Liner Notes included in the translation patch ZIP file before
    playing; it includes many necessary points to understand the story, especially if you've
    only seen the North American dubs. Here are a few extra points to add on, though:
    -An early version of the Liner notes mistakenly lists Urawa as the Japanese name for 
    Andrew. In truth, Urawa was dubbed as Greg. Andrew was the dub name for Motoki, the guy 
    at the Game Center. A later version of the Notes corrects this.
    -Prince Darien was called Endymion in the original Japanese.
     Princess Serena was originally Princess Serenity.
     The Negaverse was originally the Dark Kingdom.
     The "Sailor Scouts" were originally called "Sailor Senshi". Senshi means soldiers.
     (The original name for the series was "Bishoujou Senshi Sailor Moon", which means
      "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon".)
    -The "Daisoujou" in Sailor Mars's episode is Japanese for High Priest. 
    -For anyone who wishes to know, those extra U's you see in Japanese names (like 
     Yuuichirou or Ginzuishou) are not pronounced. They just indicate that the syllable 
     is long instead of short.
    -Throughout the game, you'll find Japanese sur-titles. There are several, and they do 
    denote different things. Although I'm not an expert by a long shot, here's my 
    understanding of their meanings:
    -san: Denotes respect; similar to Mr. or Ms.
    -chan: Denotes familiarity and friendship; usually used for females.
    -kun: Same as -chan but usually used for males.
    -sempai: Denotes an upper classman (e.g. a freshman would use it for a senior).
    -sama: Denotes worshipful respect, as to a role model or deity.
    ---MAP OF JUUBAN (Tokyo)
        E 55
    C < 44444 > D
    A < 00000 > B
    0: Zero Level Street. No shops.
    1: Bottom Level Street. Contains Book Shop.
    2: Second Level Street. Contains Perfume Shop and Game Center.
    3: Third Level Street. Contains OSA-P, Clock Shop, 24-HR Supermarket, and Toy Shop.
    4: Fourth Level Street; no shops.
    5: Empty space.
    A: Usagi's House.
    B: Maison Apartments and Bus Stop 1.
    C: Juuban Hospital.
    D: Hikawa Shrine and Bus Stop 2.
    E: Juuban High School.
    Bus Stop 1 goes to Infinity Academy (AKA Mugen Academy). The bus from there goes to
    Harumi, and the bus from there goes back to Maison Apartments.
    Bus Stop 2 goes to Tokyo Station; the bus there leads back to Hikawa Shrine.
    All bus rides are 180 yen.
    In front of Usagi's house is a boy who will refill your HP for free.
    ---FULL WALKTHROUGH (no spoilers!)
    Notes: -I did not include anything like "talk to the people" because that's just bells 
    and whistles. If you want to talk to people (it can be pretty amusing sometimes and at 
    other times just fills in details of the story) be my guest, but I won't mention it.
    -I haven't really verified the last 3 paragraphs of chapter 5. If something is 
    inaccurate, please e-mail me.
    When you start off, walk out of Usagi's room, downstairs, and out the front door. 
    Shingo's room is to the lower left on the top floor, and you can talk to Ikuko in 
    the left room (kitchen) in the lower floor. Once outside, go right to enter the main 
    map. I highly recommend going into the Clock Shop and Game Center (all other shops are 
    closed) to get an idea of what the game's about... unless you've already read most of 
    this FAQ. Go to the OSA-P Jewelry store. As soon as you enter, you'll start a 
    conversation and then a battle. No problems here. When you regain control of Sailor 
    Moon, head upstairs; in the upper-right room is a box containing the ANCIENT DOLL.
    After you're done, go out the door. A fairly long scenario will take place; you'll 
    regain control inside Tokyo Station. If you like, you  can go back on the bus and 
    head for town to go shopping, but you won't really need it yet. Enter the building 
    to the right and up. Hide behind the pillar, then talk to all three girls. After the 
    conversation, go up and upstairs. Go a bit left and enter the train door. Go right 
    through the train until a scenario takes place (there's no boss).
    You'll regain control in Hikawa Shrine. Go and talk to Rei's Grandpa. After the 
    conversation, go out of the shrine (you'll stop for a talk with Luna) and all the way 
    left, into Juuban Hospital. Go to the leftmost room in the top floor; talk to either 
    Haruka or Michiru to start a conversation and a battle. After the scenario, you will 
    from then on be attacked on the main map screen as a "danger zone". Now might be a good 
    time to build up your levels. When you're OK, go back to Usagi's house (a scene will
    play as you enter), head upstairs, and enter Shingo's room. Talk to the monster to 
    begin a battle. When you're finished, head back to Hikawa Shrine and enter the Fire 
    Room (where all the Senshi were gathered before) to see a short scenario. If you 
    can't find the entrance to the Shrine, it's in the left of the three buildings.
    Now head to Juuban High School, in the north of the map. (It's towards the west side of
    the main map.) Work your way up each floor. You won't be attacked by monsters, and you
    can get your HP refilled by speaking to the merchant boy who shows up in the medical 
    room on the first floor (leftmost room). There is one person to rescue on each floor: 
    On the first floor, in the room just left of the entrance (battle will start 
    automatically); second floor, in the leftmost room (battle will start when you talk to 
    the monster); third floor, third room from right (automatic start); fourth floor, third 
    from left (battle starts when you talk to the girl on the floor).
    When you've done with all 4, you can enter the roof (staircase to the left on the top
    floor). Don't do this until you're sure that you're done with shopping etc., because
    you won't return to Juuban for a while! When you're ready, enter the roof and a long
    scenario will play out. You'll be able to save your game afterwards. End of Chapter 1.
    Items Dropped by Enemies: LIFEWATER, APP.MEDIC (outside), ALARM C., PORK CHOP (inside)
    You'll come to in a house. Exit the house and then re-enter it. You're really supposed
    to buy a SchwartzM in the item shop before the next part happens, but apparently
    there's a glitch here and you don't have to buy it. 8-) Anyway, go over and talk to 
    Hans. Now you can leave the house and explore the town, go shopping, etc. I highly 
    recommend buying an Anklet and Bracelet, because you're probably very low in stats 
    right now. Also pick up some Nigiri; they'll come in handy. When you're ready, head 
    east. Enemies will attack you once you leave the town, so be careful. Head up at the 
    first intersection. At the second intersection, head east to get into Andeng. There's 
    another item shop and an inn here, in case you need them. There's also a PUZZLE PIECE: 
    walk straight ahead (right) from the entrance to the town, then search the right barrel 
    in the top row of the barrels to the left of the house you see. There's another PIECE in 
    the cluster of barrels at the bottom left of town; look in the one at the bottom right
    of the cluster. When you're ready, head back out west and up. Keep going until you
    reach a cave to the west; enter it. Go all the way up to find the S.EARRING
    and a Luna-P ball. Equip the earring and save. Now go east to find what you're looking
    for. After the conversation, open the chest you see to get the S.RING; equip it.
    Now head out of the cave and all the way back to Kainess Village. Enter Hans' house and
    watch the conversation. Now go all the way back to the cave you found the doctor in;
    enter the cave behind his office. After the conversation, you'll get a choice. The same
    thing will happen either way, but in a different order. Choosing Yes will regain control
    of Mercury; head back to Hans' house for another scene. Now go back to the caves, but
    this time go past the cave you entered before; north of that is another cave. At the end
    of this one is the same scene which happens if you had chosen No before. 8-) Basically,
    if you want to get more items or prepare better, you should have chosen Yes. Remember 
    you can't buy IceShards or SchwartzM after you finish Mercury's Section! Anyway, when you 
    reach the inevitable scene:
    There is a conversation, a battle, a scene, another battle, and another scene. For 
    the first battle, just use regular attacks; healing shouldn't be too bad. For the second
    one, make sure you have some BathMedics ready because the boss's Numb attack is pretty
    strong. You might have to use one or more LifeWaters. Make sure Mercury is in the front 
    position before entering the cave; if she's in the back, the battle will drag on 
    forever. (I.e.: go into the Formation screen, move the cursor down till it points to
    Mercury, then move her to the front of the party screen.) Use Shabon Spray 
    as long as your EP holds out; use regular attacks after that. To allay the e-mails: There
    is almost no way to make this battle shorter besides going out and leveling up for a 
    This battle WILL take a very very long time otherwise (it took me nigh on half an hour
    first time I tried). Live with it. 8-) After the battles, you'll get a MOONSHARD and 
    scene will play out. Then Luna will show up and let you save your game. End of Sailor 
    Mercury's section.
    Items Dropped by Enemies: LIFECREPE, ORANGE J. (outside), LASAWATER (cave), C.COLOGNE, 
    ALARM C. (Krita Yuga)
    You won't be attacked randomly while inside the Temple. Go up, left, up, right, and up
    to see a red jewel; press A by it to see a scene and a battle. One Burning Mandala 
    should beat them all. Another scene will play out; then you'll be inside a house in a 
    city. (Deja vu!) Explore all you want (spend all your money buying Yaga Soup; you can't
    get it later!), then head to the top right into the large house. Go left
    to see another scene. Now go out of the house and head left into the "danger zone". Go
    up a bit, left, down and left all the way to enter another village, Lasa. Go shopping if
    you want, then head up into the temple. Go left, up, and right to see a bunch of 
    statues. Go up to the one that's different from the others and press A to see a 
    conversation and a battle. Use Fire Soul in the battle until EP runs out. Another scene 
    will ensue. After this, go back into town, then head back right into the "danger zone". 
    Go back to Yaga to see another scene. Go south of the item shop for another one, and 
    then head into the elder's house for another one. Pick up the RUBYTIARA and RBRACELET 
    while in the elder's house. Now go back out into the "danger zone", but go up this time. 
    Enter the cave you see. Follow the path up and right. (Use Burning Mandala against the
    enemies in the cave.) Going right from where you are will get you to a Luna-P; go up,
    right, and up and right to get another short scene. Select "Yes". Enter the new
    opening. Head straight up, up again, around the statue, and into the tower. Here just
    keep going from staircase to staircase. When you see a Luna-P, it's time to get ready.
    As soon as you enter the next staircase, a conversation and battle will begin. 
    The boss will run out of EP fairly quickly, but her regular attacks, when she
    tries them, are still strong so you'll have to use some healing items. Use
    Mars Snake Fire twice and then regular attacks. You'll win a MOONSHARD. Another
    scene will play out, then Luna will appear to save your game. End of Sailor
    Mars's section.  
    Items Dropped By Enemies: APP.MEDIC (outside)
    You'll gain control in another village. You can visit the Item shop if you like.
    Go all the way to the right (don't leave the screen) and enter the topmost house.
    Go right and talk to the girl there, then go back left and up, and talk to George.
    Now go out of the house and head right. You're in a "danger zone" now. Go all the
    way up and left and up through the trees. Talk to the man to get a PUZZLE PIECE.
    Go back down and head right. You'll come to another village. Explore around; visit
    the Item Shop. Look in a barrel to the left of the shop and another one to the right
    of it for PUZZLE PIECES. Now go to the mansion in the north of town and try to enter.
    Go left a bit and pick up the pendant for a short scene. In the room you end
    up in, look in a pot above you for a MEDIAS H. In another pot just above
    it is a PREMIUM TICKET. Now go down two sets of stairs. Open the chest for the
    E.EARRING. Go all the way to the left and look in one of the sunken 
    barrels (the low ones) for a PUZZLE PIECE. Enter the door you saw and open
    the chests for a RED BERRY and BLUEBERRY. Leave that room and go down the
    next staircase. You're now in a "danger zone". (Use Sparkling Wide Pressure
    until you get the Emerald Ring; then use Supreme Thunder.) Take the first left and
    follow it until you leave the screen. Go all the way left and open the chest you
    see for the E.RING. Now enter the castle back to the right. Another scene
    will play. When you regain control, head left and then go through the trees in
    the top right. Go right a bit and then up; enter the huge tree. Talk to the girl
    at the top of the room, then enter the staircase to the right. Keep going from
    staircase to staircase, using Supreme Thunder against the enemies. They're not
    tough; raise a few levels. When you get to the top, you'll see another Luna-P
    and a passage to the right instead of a staircase. Take the passage, then get
    ready for a boss battle. When you're ready, head right to start a conversation.
    Choose "Yes" to start a boss battle; choose "No" to walk all the way down the tree
    yourself and then start it anyway. The boss has no special attacks; just keep
    using Supreme Thunder, then regular attacks. You shouldn't even have to heal
    yourself. After you win, there'll be a short conversation. Now go back to George's
    house (top right of Medias), go up and right, and talk to the man there. To finish
    the section, go back to Mishii and enter the mansion in the middle of town.
    You'll end up in a cave. Follow the path and open the chests for a BATHMEDIC
    and a COLOGNE. You'll find the stone; pick up the rest of the chests for a 
    SARIEL F. and the TBRACELET. Now go back the way you came for another scene...
    Items Dropped By Enemies: APP.MEDIC, NIGIRISET (outside)
    Go up for a scene. Now go out; you can explore the town. Talk to everyone (and I
    mean EVERYONE), then you'll get a message from Artemis. Now go to the temple in
    the center of town. Go up the staircase above you for another scene and a 
    super-easy battle (one Crescent Shower does the trick). Go back into town for
    another scene. You can still visit the Item shop if you like. Now go all the way
    down and left to enter a "danger zone". Follow the path up, then go down at
    the intersection. Follow it left to enter another town. You can get Sariel F.'s at
    the Item shop. Try to enter the temple to see another scene. Now head back into the
    "danger zone". This time, go up and left. Enter the castle you see. The enemies here
    are pretty hard, so try to level up before entering (Level 11 or 12 is good). Go up,
    left, down, right, and up into the staircase; now go up a bit and right. You'll see
    a pedestal. Prepare yourself, then try to enter the pedestal. A conversation and
    boss battle will begin. It shouldn't be too hard for you, but you will have to heal
    a bit. Use Crescent Beam until you run out of EP. You'll get a RIASTOPAZ when you're 
    done. Now go back out of the temple and return to Medias. Go back to the temple. Prepare
    yourself for a bit of a fight (not on par with a boss, but tougher than normal) and 
    enter the top room. After the conversation and fight (use Love-Me Chain), go up to the 
    statue and press A; then leave the temple to see another scene. You'll automatically get 
    a LIPSTICK, a MANICURE, a COLOGNE, and a RIASTOPAZ. Now go back out to the "danger zone" 
    (finish up all your shopping first!), but this time head up and right to the cave that 
    was blocked by two stone people before. Enter the cave and stand on the yellow circle. 
    Choose "Yes". Now walk left and pick up a MOONSHARD, the T.TIARA, and (up the short 
    stairs) a RED ROSE. Now go right one screen and down one screen for a short 
    Go right to pick up a TOILETTE and a BENTOUSET. Now prepare for a fight; go back up one
    screen for an automatic conversation and a battle. If you've raised all the levels
    necessary to survive that fortress, and equipped both accessories, two LoveMe Chains
    should do the trick! 8-) After that, a short scene and the end of Chapter 2!
    Items Dropped By Enemies: CANDY (Basement of Tomoe Labs), APP.MEDIC, NIGIRISET (forest)
    Walk up and enter the building. A scene will play out. Inside the building, the door 
    just left of the entrance leads to a Luna-P, and the merchant boy will refill your HP 
    for free to the right of the entrance. This building is not a "danger zone". Go up to 
    the top floor and enter the rightmost room to see a scene. Now go to the second floor 
    and go into the rightmost room. Now go back to the first floor and prepare for a fight; 
    then enter the leftmost room. If you've got even one accessory on, it should be OK; 
    remember to use MoonCup2 to refill your HP for free if you need it. After the fight, 
    another scene will play. Now go back to the second floor's rightmost room. Another 
    longish scene will play, then you'll come to in Usagi's room.
    Go into the main Juuban map and head straight right and into the next screen. Take the 
    bus to the Infinity Academy. Note that if you head to the top left in this screen you'll
    reach the Collector's Shop, where you can redeem your Collectible Items for major cash!
    When that's done, head down into the next screen, which is a "danger zone". 
    Go right, down, left, and up inside the fence, but don't enter the building yet: go 
    right to find a COLOGNE and back left to find a NIGIRISET. Now enter the building. This 
    building is also not a "danger zone". Prepare for a nasty battle, then head downstairs. 
    An automatic scene and battle will commence, then another one. For each battle, do the 
    following: three Spiral Heart Attacks, one Tiara Action. Now use regular attacks till 
    your HP gets low, then use Healing Escalation. More regular attacks till HP gets low, 
    then use MoonCup1. Now it's all out for everything! After the scene, prepare for another 
    battle (you may want to redistribute the accessories, especially the Tiara) and then head 
    down. An automatic scene and battle will ensue. For Moon, use the same tactic as before 
    but remember that Healing Escalation can also work on Saturn; also keep in mind that she 
    can't use it after morphing to Super Sailor Moon. For Saturn, use Death Reborn 
    Revolution until you're out of EP. After the longish fight, go up and pick up a RED 
    ROSE. Note that now you ARE in a "danger zone". Follow the path, then take the first 
    door you see to reach a room with the DESTTIARA and APP.MEDIC. Equip the tiara on Saturn 
    and exit the room. Continue following the path left. When you reach an open space, go 
    left to get four chests, which contain the AMULET, HARISEN, TOILETTE, and APPLE J. Equip
    the Amulet on Saturn. Now go right and enter the door. Follow the path. Before entering
    the next door, decide whether or not you want to do another battle (pretty easy one) and
    if you do, prepare for it. Now enter the door. An automatic conversation will ensue. 
    Choose "Yes" to fight; choose "No" to get by without a fight. After the sequence, you'll
    come to in Usagi's room again. 
    Note that for basically this whole chapter and the next one, Saturn's attack makes
    battles ten times easier!
    Head back to Tomoe Labs the same way you went the first time (make sure to go shopping
    first; if Uranus, Chibi-Moon, and Neptune didn't have accessories, get some!) Trying to
    enter Tomoe Labs will result in a scene and a warp into a forest.  There are some great
    items here! Starting from the bottom left corner, pick up a COLOGNE, then go up and 
    search in the trees on the left for an EXCELLENT DOLL; then up some more for S.JUICE; 
    a NIGIRISET's in the top left. Now go right for a VIOLET ROSE, then right some more 
    for the AMEARRINGS. At the bottom right are the A.EARRINGS (hidden in the trees). At the 
    bottom of the forest there's a LIFECREPE (look around). Equip the earrings on Neptune and 
    Uranus. Talk to Chibi-Usa for another scene, then go into the cave. Get ready for no less 
    than 7 boss battles! Don't worry, you'll have time between the first 6. Here are the 
    links I used: Pink Sugar Blaster, Spiral Reflection, (both of the characters used those) 
    and Death Reborn Revolution. Keep Chibi-Moon in the back and Neptune in the front! The 
    cave is not a 
    "danger zone".
    You'll win a LIFEWATER after the first boss; go up to get a DI.TIARA. Equip 
    it on Sailor Moon and go right. After the 2nd boss fight, go top-right for some 
    LIFEWATER, then go bottom-right. After the third fight, you'll get an S.CAKE; a MANICURE
    is right below you. Go right again. You'll get a CONFETTI after the 4th battle;
    go right again. You'll get a YAGA SOUP after the 5th fight. Go down for a PORK CHOP;
    go up to the middle of the cave for an automatic conversation and the 6th battle.
    You'll get a FRAGRANCE; then another scene and the 7th battle will start automatically.
    Don't worry about losing this one; you're supposed to. Another scene, then the final 
    battle for this chapter will begin. You'll get a MANICURE after it, then a longish
    scene, and the end of the chapter!
    First take care of all your shopping needs. When you're done, head back to the bottom
    right of the map (where you took the bus to Infinity Academy). This time, don't take
    the bus; instead, enter the building right above you. Go up into the elevator, then 
    enter the first room on the left. Go up into the next room. A longish automatic
    scene will ensue. You'll get to choose your characters for the next bit. I suggest
    not taking all or most of the following: Neptune, Uranus, Chibi-Moon; these characters
    don't have both accessories yet. Only take one or none of them, IMO. When you regain
    control, you'll be in a "danger zone". Go straight up and touch the door for an
    automatic sequence and a relatively easy boss battle. You'll get a LIFE CAN. Another
    scene. Now go up one screen. Pick up the two chests at the top of the screen for a
    GARNETPIN and the PLAYING CARDS. There aren't any doors in this section; if you step
    on certain points, you'll be warped to another place. There are two such points in this
    screen: one just below and left of the left chest, and one just below and right of the
    right chest. Go into the right one to pick up an S.CAKE and ORIGINAL CARD; then go back
    out the way you came. Now go into the left one. You'll get a C.PARFAIT. You can talk
    to the boy to buy items (sorry, no more free HP!) The warp tile is 2 steps above and 
    one to the left of the chest. In this room, the two warp squares are below and left
    of the upper left chest, and on the green starburst near the upper right chest. 
    There's a third warp point, in the starburst just above the entrance, but it's a dead 
    end. Go up and left to pick up an F.CREAM; the chest above that has the G.EARRINGS; the
    lower right chest has a HOLYBERRY, and the upper right chest has the SPECIAL DISH. Now 
    enter the right warp point. The two left chests hold a FRAGRANCE and a C.BURGER; the two
    right ones hold the RED PUPIL and a LIFECREPE. Equip the Red Pupil right away!
    The warp point is one step down and left from the far right chest, but don't enter it
    unless you're ready for a fight! When you enter, a scene and battle will begin. The Red
    Pupil should even things out to make the battle a cinch! You'll win a HOLYWATER;
    you'll regain control in the Hikawa Shrine.
    Go to the book shop (bottom level of Juuban) and talk to the man for a conversation. Say
    "Yes" to spend 300 yen on a book. Now go back to the shrine. Once you enter the Fire
    Room, an automatic sequence will start (make sure you're done shopping!) You'll regain
    control in another place. First, go up the stairs and pick up both chests for a
    TOILETTE and the ABRACELET. Equip the bracelet if Neptune's in your party. Talk to the
    boy if you want to buy stuff. Now go back down and head right. You'll be dealing with
    two types of warps: green doors and weird spiky glowing things. Touching either of them
    will warp you; doors are forward and the other stuff is backwards. So touch the green 
    door now. Keep taking the left door. Make sure to build up your levels here; you'll have 
    to fight no less than four boss battles straight! I had the following configuration:
    Moon, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury. Victory Formation: Moon and Neptune in front,
    Uranus and Mercury, then Pluto. Moon equipped with Red Pupil. Techs: Spiral Shaking,
    Shine Submerge, Spiral Scream.
    This is the last chance in a while to build up easy levels... and you'll need them!
    Trust me, you'll regret it if you don't.
    After taking 2 left doors, one no-choice door, and another left door, you'll start
    an automatic conversation and the four aforementioned battles. For all of these bosses,
    single techs seem to work better than links. Hope you bought lots of NigiriSets,
    'cause you'll need 'em! Have the back character do all the healing. You'll get a 
    FRAGRANCE after the first fight, then a MOONSHARD, a YAGA SOUP, and a LIFE CAN. After 
    that, a conversation. Walk into the door above you to start a long scene.
    You can choose your characters again, but this time you can come back to change them
    whenever you like. All the stores now have different items, so check the shop list.
    When you're ready, head back to the cave with the ark (remember, from Sailor Venus's
    chapter?) Before you get to the cave, an automatic scene and battle will begin.
    Have patience with this one; his defense is astronomically high, and he'll use Illusion
    a lot. Have Chibi-Moon heal from the back. It'll take a very long time, so don't hold
    back with the Colognes! You'll get a YAGA SOUP when you win. Now enter the cave and
    go to the control panel of the Ark!
    You have a couple of destinations here; first, go to the N.Pole. The enemies here are
    super-tough, so be prepared for some nasty fights! You'll meet two enemies, Snow Dancers
    and U.somethings (forgot *^_^*). First do your Formation attack and have the rest of the
    party defend. After that, use link attacks, then regular attacks. Don't hold back with 
    the NigiriSets and BentouSets; have your back characters use them whenever necessary. 
    Don't worry; eventually the Sets aren't too tough to get. Good luck! If your characters 
    are at level 24 or above, they shouldn't be as much of a problem. First go right, then 
    straight down (through that narrow gap) to pick up a LIFE CAN. Now head right all the 
    way and down a bit; you'll see a chest that holds a BATHMEDIC. Go down all the way to 
    get a CONFETTI. Search around a bit more at the bottom right for the ATIARA, for Uranus.
    Now go all the way back up north and find the opening north (near the right side 
    of the screen) and follow it right. In this next screen, go to the left and up to pick 
    up a FRAGRANCE, then enter the castle. After a brief scene, you'll actually do it. 8-)
    Once inside the castle, you'll have three ways to go: two doors and a staircase.
    First take the left door. Go past the two doors and up the staircase; open the chest
    for a HOLYWATER. Now go back to the main hall and take the right door. Go up the
    staircase and into the door you see. Open the chest for a FRAGRANCE, then go right for
    a longish conversation. After it's over, open the two chests for a WHITEROSE and a
    FILAMIS. Talk to whoever you want before leaving the castle, because you can't come 
    back in! When you do leave, a short scene will play. Now go back into the main 
    N.Pole screen. 
    Now aim for the bottom left corner (look for a BENTOUSET on the way). You'll see a 
    westward opening; take it to enter a village. Now enter the castle in the village. 
    After a short scene, you can explore the castle. There aren't any items, but there
    are a few familiar faces. Your destination is straight up. You'll see a scene, and
    you'll be left staring at two tantalizing chests unable to be reached because four 
    idiots are barring the way. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get those 
    chests! If anyone can tell me, my address is at the top of the document. 8-) Anyway, 
    for now leave the castle, the village, and the North Pole; return to the Ark.
    Once on the Ark, press Y. After a short conversation, you can explore this place. Go all
    the way north and enter the palace. First, enter the left door on the floor you're on.
    Go up a bit and a conversation will ensue. After the conversation, re-enter the door and
    search the lefthand curtains (look carefully!) for the R.FEATHER. Search the right 
    curtains for the R.RIBBON! This is the only accessory that protects from status! Now go 
    back to the main hall and head up the stairs and through the curtains. Head through the 
    next curtains and up to see a short scene, then go back one room. Now go through the 
    right (small) curtains to get a RED ROSE and the DBRACELET for Sailor Moon. Go back to 
    the hall. Finish exploring the castle, then leave. 
    FYI, there are two places you can visit which were ruins before: Krita Yuga (land at
    Yaga, then go through the caves to reach it) and underground by Medias (on the same
    screen as the "State Park" sign, go down and left to enter a staircase; follow the 
    passage to reach the town.) However, there isn't anything of interest in either place.
    The next part is completely optional, but it does add to the story a bit.
    Head to Kainess. Go into the top cave. I don't recommend doing this unless everyone is 
    at least at level 30 (yes, you heard right). Once you enter the staircase, you'll start
    a boss battle. Use the Victory formation; have everyone besides the back character use 
    their strongest single technique (no multiples); have the back character use Colognes or
    BentouSets every turn. Make sure to use a Fragrance to begin with. It'll take about 10 
    of each if everyone's at level 30. You'll win another FRAGRANCE; then another boss 
    battle will begin. Jupiter's techs seem to work well; Venus's don't. When you win, 
    you'll get another RED PUPIL!! There's nothing else here, believe it or not, so leave. 8-
    Anyway, back to the story: On the Ark, press Y again. You'll see a short scene. Now go 
    up. You'll see a chest with a MOONSHARD; pick it up. Before proceeding, make sure to 
    de-equip Sailor Moon from any wanted accessories like R.Ribbon and Red Pupil. Now go up 
    to see a longish scene. At the end, you'll get to choose your party again. You can change 
    it again, if you like. I suggest going to Kainess and fighting around; the white knight
    enemies give free LifeWaters and they're gone with one multiple tech! Also, you might
    want to reconsider fighting that dragon; I have reason to believe it might be easier
    this time around. When you're done, and have completely shopped out everywhere, go
    back to the Ark and press Y. Go up; right in front of the castle is a large gray symbol;
    step on it. Prepare for a fight, then walk down. An automatic conversation and battle
    will begin. The battle will be very long, but not very hard. Regular attacks don't
    seem to do much; bring lots of Colognes and BathMedics! You'll get an ANKLET when you're
    done. Now go back to the Ark and stock up on more stuff, if you think you need it. When
    you're ready, follow the passage down and take the first left. Pick up the R.CHOKER and
    equip it on Chibi-Moon; then left some more for some BATHMEDIC. Go back right and down
    to get a MOON DROP. Now head left on this path. You'll see a short scene and then you
    can pick up a MOON P. Go left and up through the door for an automatic scene and
    the final battle for this chapter (at last!) It's also long but not difficult. Even 
    regular attacks work OK for her (as long as attack power is about 65 or so). When you
    win, you'll get a RIASTOPAZ and a long scene will ensue. You can save your game during 
                              BENTOUSET (Dark Palace)
                              BENTOUSET, COLOGNE, LIFEWATER (Crystal Tokyo)
    Time to get some major moolah! Of course, to make money you've got to spend some. Go out
    of Mamoru's house and take a ride on the bus. When it drops you off, get right back on.
    You're in Harumi now; go up one screen to reach the docks.
    Go along the bottom of the screen and pick up the four chests you see one by one: they
    contain a LIFECREPE, a NIGIRISET, the STUIDO CAP, and a NAKAYOSHI. Wait! Before you 
    leave, check the top left corner of the big crate to the right of the rightmost 
    building: you'll find the STUDIO JUMPER! Now go back on the bus. We're going round again: 
    take it again to reach Mugen Academy. Go to the top left of the screen and enter the door 
    there; here, you can exchange all your collected items for major cash! Now take the bus 
    twice again to reach Juuban proper. Use your new money to stock up on NigiriSets (25 or 
    so) in the 24 HR. shop (level 3 street) and Colognes and BathMedics in the Perfume shop 
    (level 2 street). When you're done, head back to Usagi's house. Go upstairs and enter the 
    lower left room for an automatic scene and battle. Compared to the
    ones you've had till now, this one's a joke. Another longish scene (if you really want
    to know who that green-haired guy is, e-mail me!), then finish up 
    everything you need from here. Enter the Fire Room in the Hikawa Shrine for another 
    very long scene; you'll have to choose two groups. Spread out your power players wisely, 
    and keep in mind who can link with who. Story-wise, you're really supposed to use the 
    Inner Senshi (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter) and the Outer Senshi (all the rest) 
    for the two parts; it works pretty well. When you take control, you'll be with Sailor 
    Moon's group. Go up and you'll see a castle; enter it. Take the left path to find the 
    merchant boy (who's dressed in green this time); then go up through the middle of the 
    room. I suggest building up your levels here, a LOT. Level 45 sounds good before you try
    tackling the 3 bosses (two are doubles) of this place! The enemies are tough but give 
    tons of EXP, so for a while every character will be raising a level after every battle. 
    Stay a bit; you'll need it. 8-) Anyway, when you think you're ready (good luck!) go
    through the middle of the room, like I said, and touch the round thingie. Going north
    from here gives you a no-no message, so go south. Follow the path right and up; before
    reaching the stairs, another scene will play. Go north, and yet another scene will play.
    Go north and up to the top of the room for the conversation and battles. 
    Because of all the extra cash, not to mention the level building, you should be rolling
    in Colognes, Fragrances, and Toilettes. Don't hold back. Use a Fragrance at the 
    beginning of every battle, and use Colognes, BathMedics, and Toilettes as much as you 
    want. Don't worry about the other group; they can find and buy their own. It'll be tough, 
    nevertheless; the emulator cheat may be in order. The first battle will yield a FRAGRANCE 
    and MOONSHARD; the second one a FRAGRANCE and MOONDROP; the last one a MANICURE. When 
    they're all done, another scene will play and you'll switch to Chibi-Moon's party.
    Now you're in for a ride. First, try to walk north; you'll get a conversation.
    Now, more level-building is in order; you'll have to fight 5 boss
    battles, one of them a double. There are some shops around, but you'll have to dig them
    out from all the closed ones. Here's a map of the place you're in:
     1       2
        B|  C
      3  | D E4
    A: Palace (can't enter until all 5 bosses are defeated)
    B: Shop 1 (sign says "Canna")
    C: Shop 2 (sign says "Canna")
    D: Shop 3 (sign says "Coffee")
    E: Shop 4 (sign says "Canna")
    |: green fences surrounding a crystal on the floor
    1-5: Boss battle points
    I suggest some major level building. The enemies here are the hardest in the game.
    When you fight the Dharmas, beat them first; they can cast Fascination. After that, go
    for the Chagarmas, who can cast Barrier every once in a while. It'll be a long haul,
    but they give good money and there are shops around. When you think you're ready (again,
    level 45 is a good idea) go for the 5 points marked on the map. They consist of a big
    black crystal mountain (look hard; sometimes they're off the screen); walking up to
    it will start the fight. None of them are particularly difficult if you've built up your
    levels. After defeating the boss at 1, you'll get a TOILETTE; 2 will get a WHITEROSE;
    3 is a double battle and you'll win a MOONSHARD and FRAGRANCE; 4 is a BENTOUSET;
    and 5 is a FRAGRANCE. When they're all gone, you can go north to the palace. In here, 
    keep going north; eventually you'll see another scene and fight another battle. This 
    one's also not so tough. After that, you'll have another scene. Choose your party 
    members (don't worry about Chibi-Usa's party; it won't be used) and you'll see another 
    scene, after which you'll end up back in the Time Tower from chapter 4! Go north to see 
    a scene, then navigate the same way you did before (check the first paragraph in chapter 
    4 for details, if you can't remember). At the end of this one isn't a tree, it's... 
    another battle. After some more scenes, you'll end up in the palace from chapter 5.
    Here you can explore a bit. First, go straight up until you can't any more; pick up the
    two chests for a C.COLOGNE and a C. DROP. Now go back to the main hall. Enter one of the
    archways below the stairs, then go to the top right room. You know all those puzzle
    pieces you've been collecting? Here's where they pay off! Talk to the merchant boy,
    who's dressed in pink. If you've collected all pieces of the puzzle, you'll get 
    10 ANGEL PINs, the best accessories in the game! Now go to the top middle of this room
    and go down. Keep going down till you hit a staircase. Now go right for another scene.
    You have to make two parties. It doesn't matter story-wise who's in which party. The 
    only restriction is that Moon has to head the first party, and Chibi-Moon the second
    one. When you're done, you can switch around, but you can't control Chibi-Moon yet.
    Now you can go back out of the Palace if you want to buy stuff (you'll still be attacked
    by monsters). To reach the final battle, just enter the door everyone's standing in 
    front of. 
    The battle's quite easy (if long) with the emulator cheat. Otherwise, it's horrendously
    difficult. If you manage to defeat her with Sailor Moon's party, you'll get ending 1.
    If you lose with Moon, Chibi-Moon will run up and try again. This time, the battle's 
    much easier; winning gets you ending 2. Good luck! *^_^*  
    ----------VI. Items----------
    I'm sure I've missed some items, but here goes anyway! *^_^*
    FIELD ITEMS (items that can also be used in battle are marked with a * .)
    HP-refilling items: all items only affect one person.
    Name        HP   Expanded name      Cost   
    Apple J.    15   Apple Juice        110
    Bandage     50                      200
    Bentou*     100                     500
    Breadroll   80                      
    Candy       5     
    C.Burger    200  Crystal Burger     1000
    C.Drop      80   Crystal Drop       300
    C.Fries     100  Crystal Fries      500
    Chocolate   50                      200
    C.Parfait   100  Chocolate Parfait  
    Doll        200                     1200
    Filamis     80   Filamis Cake        
    "Girls"     60                      390
    HolyWater   80                      
    LasaWater   80                      350
    MoonDrop    60                      300     
    Moon P.     120  Moon Pudding       1000
    MoonShard   120                     1000    
    Nigiri*     30                      150
    Orange J.   10   Orange Juice       80      
    RiasTopaz   120                     1000
    S.Juice*    all  Special Juice
    S.Cake      all  Special Cake     
    Toy Model   150                     800
    VideoGame   all                     9800
    Yaga Soup   all                     500
    Other items: also only affect one character
    Pork Chop*: Fixes accidents (cost: 300)
    Red Berry*: Fixes accidents (cost: 300)
    BathMedic* (Bath Medicine): Cures all status ailments (cost: 600)
    Confetti (Confetti Candy): Raises Attack permanently by 5 points
    SchwartzM (Schwartz Medicine): Cures Numb (cost: 200)
    WhiteRose: Raises Defense permanently by 10 points
    Note: Any resurrection items also cure their amount of HP if the recipient is still
    alive; using LifeWater on a healthy person will still give her 200 HP.
    Look for the "all-target" items - they're extremely useful!
    Name       Expanded Name          Target    Cost  Effect
    Alarm C.   Alarm Clock            one       200   Cures Sleep
    App.Medic  Application Medicine   one       200   Cures Enchantment
    BathMedic* Bath Medicine          one       600   Cures all status ailments
    Bentou*                           one       500   Cures 100HP
    BentouSet                         all       1500  Cures all HP
    BlueBerry                         one       200   Cures Numb**
    C.Cologne  Crystal Cologne        one       300   Cures Selfishness
    Cologne                           all       3300  Cures all EP
    F.Cream    Foundation Cream       one       1000  Defense +3 for duration of battle
    Fragrance                         all             Attack +15 for duration of battle
    Hanisen                           one             Cures Sleep
    HolyBerry                         all       10000 Resurrects with 100 HP
    IceShards                         one       500   Cures 4EP
    Life Can                          all             Resurrects with full HP
    LifeCrepe                         one             Resurrects with 300 HP
    LifeWater                         one             Resurrects with 200 HP
    Lipstick                          one       500   Cures 3EP
    Manicure                          one       1000  Attack +15 for duration of battle
    Medias H. Medias Herb             all       600   Cures 3EP/all
    MoonCup1          Transforms Sailor Moon into Super Sailor Moon and refills HP
    MoonCup2       Transforms Sailor Chibi-Moon into Super Sailor Chibi-Moon and refills HP
    Nakayoshi                         one       400   Cures 2EP
    Nigiri                            one       150   Cures 30HP
    NigiriSet                         all       1000  Cures 300HP
    OralMedic Oral Medicine           one       400   Resurrects with 30HP
    Pork Chop*                        one       300   Heals accidents
    Red Berry                         one       300   Heals accidents
    Red Rose                          one             Resurrects with full HP
    Sariel F. Sariel Flower           one       500   Cures 4EP
    S.Juice*  Super Juice (?)         one             Cures all HP
    Toilette                          all       5800  Cures all HP and EP.
    V.Rose    Violet Rose             one             Cures Selfishness
    ** The BlueBerry says it cures Numb, but it doesn't work for some reason!
    Name           Worth    Found
    Original Card  2500     Time Gate (chapter 4)
    Playing Cards  3500     Time Gate (chapter 4)
    Special Dish   9800     Time Gate (chapter 4)
    Ancient Doll   12800    OSA-P Jewelry Store (Juuban) (any chapter)
    Premium Ticket 27000    Mary's House in Mishii (chapter 2: Jupiter)
    Studio Jumper  30000    Harumi (any chapter)
    Studio Cap     50000    Harumi (any chapter)
    Excellent Doll 50000    Chibi-Moon's forest (hidden in trees) (chapter 3)
    ----------VII. Accessories----------
    LEGEND: H = HP, A = Attack, D = Defense, S = Speed, E = Evade.
    Name       Expanded Name           Cost   Effects
    Angel Pin                                 H+12 A+15 D+17 S+15 E+15
    Anklet                             800    S+9
    Bracelet                           700    A+5
    Choker                             500    D+3
    Earring                            500    S+5
    Necklace                           700    D+5
    P.Earring  Pearl Earring           600    D+4
    Red Pupil                                 A+24 S+19 
    R.Ribbon   Rainbow Ribbon                 D+4 E+MAX!! 
    Tiara                              800    D+8
    Watch                              500    S+5
    The rest of the accessories are for only one character. Other characters can equip it, 
    but it won't have any effects. The "also equip" supplies the missing stat: Each 
    accessory typically increases one stat more than others, so the third stat is 
    supplemented by the non-special accessory listed. The three stats I'm referring to are 
    attack, defense, and speed.
    Name       Expanded Name         Effects
    DBracelet  Diamond Bracelet      H+5 A+10 D+5 S+2 E+4
    Di.Tiara   Diamond Tiara         H+5 A+5 D+10 S+3 E+7
    Also equip: Anklet
    S.Earring  Sapphire Earring      H+2 A+1 D+10 S+10 E+4
    S.Ring     Sapphire Ring         H+8 A+10 D+3 S+6 E+6
    Also equip: Bracelet (or possibly Tiara)
    RBracelet  Ruby Bracelet         H+3 A+3 D+5 S+10 E+2
    RubyTiara                        H+2 A+2 D+10 S+10 E+4
    Also equip: Bracelet
    E.Earring  Emerald Earring       H+3 A+4 D+2 S+10 E+1
    E.Ring     Emerald Ring          H+1 A+8 D+15 S+12 E+3
    Also equip: Bracelet
    TBracelet  Topaz Bracelet        H+1 A+10 D+7 S+2 E+3
    T.Tiara    Topaz Tiara           H+7 A+2 D+10 S+5 E+7
    Also equip: Anklet
    AmEarring  Amber Earring         H+4 A+3 D+5 S+10 E+12
    ATiara     Amber Tiara           H+4 A+2 D+10 S+2 E+5
    Also equip: Bracelet
    ABracelet  Aquamarine Bracelet   H+2 A+10 D+6 S+2 E+3
    A.Earring  Aquamarine Earring    H+3 A+8 D+10 S+7 E+7
    Also equip: Anklet
    GarnetPin                        H+2 A+1 D+10 S+4 E+2
    G.Earring  Garnet Earring        H+8 A+8 D+8 S+10 E+7
    Also equip: Bracelet
    Amulet                           H+10 A+9 D+12 S+7 E+10
    DestTiara  Destruction Tiara     H+1 A+15 D+2 S+4 E+8
    Also equip: Anklet
    R.Choker   Rainbow Choker        H+1 A+10 D+5 S+4 E+2
    R.Feather  Rainbow Feather       H+5 A+5 D+10 S+6 E+4
    Also equip: Anklet
    ----------VIII. Shop List----------
    All prices are in yen for one item.
    JUUBAN (Tokyo)
    There are four "levels" of streets running horizontally in Juuban. Check the map
    in the walkthrough for where I am taking my reference points from. The "zero"
    level is to the right of Usagi's house, the "bottom" level is one above it, etc.
    Note that only the Clock shop, Game Center, and OSA-P are open at the very beginning
    of the game. There are no shops at the "zero" level.
    Book Shop (bottom level)
    Nakayoshi 400
    "Girls"   390
    Perfume Shop [Otafukuya] (second level)
    Lipstick  500
    Cologne   3300
    Toilette  5800
    OralMedic 400
    App.Medic 200
    BathMedic 600
    Manicure  1000
    F.Cream   1000
    OSA-P (third level) - you cannot buy from this at the very beginning of the game.
    Earring   300
    P.Earring 600
    Necklace  700
    Bracelet  700
    Choker    500
    Tiara     800
    Anklet    800
    Clocks (third level)
    Watch    500
    Alarm C. 200
    Convenience Store [24 HR] (third level)
    Orange J. 80
    Apple J.  110
    Nigiri    150
    NigiriSet 1000
    Bentou    500
    Bandage   200
    Nakayoshi 400
    Pork Chop 300
    Toys (third level)
    VideoGame 9800
    Toy Model 800
    Doll      1200
    KAINESS (chapter 2)
    Nigiri    150
    Chocolate 200
    IceShards 500
    SchwartzM 200
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800  
    ANDENG (chapter 2)
    Nigiri    150
    Chocolate 200
    IceShards 500
    SchwartzM 200
    Earring   500
    Necklace  700
    Choker    500
    Tiara     800
    YAGA (chapter 2)
    Nigiri    150
    Yaga Soup 500
    Lipstick  500
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Tiara     800
    LASA (chapter 2)
    Nigiri    150
    LasaWater 300
    Bentou    500
    Lipstick  500
    Toilette  5800
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    MEDIAS (chapter 2)
    Nigiri    150
    Bentou    500
    Medias H. 600
    HolyBerry 10000
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800
    MISHII (chapter 2)
    Nigiri    150
    Red Berry 300
    BlueBerry 200
    HolyBerry 10000
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800
    RIAS (chapter 2)
    Nigiri    150
    Bentou    500
    OralMedic 400
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800
    SARIEL (chapter 2)
    Nigiri    150
    Bentou    500
    Sariel F. 500
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800
    TRAVELING MERCHANT (chapters 4 and 5)
    NigiriSet 1000
    BentouSet 1500
    Cologne   3300
    Toilette  5800
    OralMedic 400
    BathMedic 600
    Manicure  1000
    F.Cream   1000
    SARIEL (chapter 4)
    BentouSet 1500
    Sariel F. 500
    Cologne   3300
    Toilette  5800
    BathMedic 600
    Anklet    800
    Manicure  1000
    F.Cream   1000
    RIAS (chapter 4)
    RiasTopaz 1000
    BentouSet 1500
    NigiriSet 1000
    OralMedic 400
    Cologne   3300
    Toilette  5800
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    ANDENG (chapter 4)
    NigiriSet 1000
    IceShards 500
    OralMedic 400
    BathMedic 600
    Cologne   3300
    KAINESS (chapter 4)
    BentouSet 1500
    Toilette  5800
    IceShards 500
    App.Medic 200
    BathMedic 600
    MEDIAS (chapter 4)
    BentouSet 1500
    Medias H. 600
    BathMedic 600
    Red Berry 300
    HolyBerry 10000
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800
    MISHII (chapter 4)
    BentouSet 1500
    Red Berry 300
    BlueBerry 200
    HolyBerry 10000
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800
    UNDERGROUND CITY (from Medias in chapter 4)
    NigiriSet 1000
    Bentou    500
    Toilette  5800
    OralMedic 400
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800
    YAGA (chapter 4)
    Bentou    500
    NigiriSet 1000
    Lipstick  500
    Toilette  5800
    OralMedic 400
    BathMedic 600
    Manicure  1000
    F.Cream   1000
    LASA (chapter 4)
    Lipstick  500
    LasaWater 350
    Bentou    500
    Toilette  5800
    OralMedic 400
    BathMedic 600
    Manicure  1000
    F.Cream   1000
    KRITA YUGA (chapter 4)
    Chocolate 200
    BentouSet 1500
    Lipstick  500
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800
    BentouSet 1500
    Lipstick  500
    OralMedic 400
    BathMedic 600
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800
    Moon P.   1000
    Moon Drop 500
    MoonShard 1000
    BentouSet 1500
    Cologne   3300
    OralMedic 400
    Manicure  1000
    F.Cream   1000
    Shop 1 
    C.Drop    300
    C.Cologne 300
    P.Earring 600
    Bracelet  700
    Anklet    800
    Shop 2 
    C.Drop    300
    C.Burger  1000
    NigiriSet 1000
    Cologne   3300
    Pork Chop 300
    Alarm C.  200
    Manicure  1000
    F.Cream   1000
    Shop 3 (Coffee shop)
    C.Drop    300
    C.Cologne 300
    OralMedic 400
    BathMedic 600
    Manicure  1000
    F.Cream   1000
    Shop 4 (Restaurant)
    C.Shake  500
    C.Fries  500
    C.Burger 1000
    ----------IX. Techniques----------
    All techniques use a certain amount of EP. Although every Senshi has her own elemental, 
    and every monster is weak to some and strong against some, there's almost no way of 
    telling which is which. So I'll just state that it's an attack against one or all 
    enemies. Assume that the technique is an attack unless stated otherwise.
    A note: Sailor Moon can transform into Super Sailor Moon with the MoonCup1, and ditto 
    for Sailor Chibi-Moon with MoonCup2. However, they lose all their normal techs doing 
    Moon Tiara Action - one, 1EP
    Moon Healing Escalation - SPECIAL TECH! One ally, 2EP. Heals HP of target.
    Moon Spiral Heart Attack - one, 3EP
    SUPER SAILOR MOON (Sailor Moon uses MoonCup1 on herself during battle)
    R'bow Moon Heart Ache - all, 6EP.
    SAILOR MERCURY (mostly useless attacks)
    Shabon Spray - single, 2EP
    Shabon Spray Freezing - one, 3EP
    Shine Aqua Illusion - one, 4EP
    Mercury Aqua Mirage - all, 4EP
    Fire Soul - single, 2EP
    Fire Soul Bird - all, 4EP
    Burning Mandala - all, 6EP
    Mars Snake Fire - one, 6EP
    Supreme Thunder - all, 1EP
    Thunder Dragon - one, 3EP
    Sparkling Wide Pressure - one, 4EP
    Coconut Cyclone - all, 6EP
    Crescent Beam - one, 2EP
    Crescent Beam Shower - all, 4EP
    Venus Love-Me Chain - one, 3EP
    Venus Wink Sword - one, 6EP
    World Shaking - all, 3EP
    Space Sword Blaster - one, 4EP
    Deep Submerge - all, 3EP
    Submarine Reflection - all, 4EP
    Dead Scream - one, 3EP
    Chronos Cyclone - one, 4EP
    Time Stop - SPECIAL TECH! All enemies, 12EP. Stops time for three rounds.
    Death Reborn Revolution - all, 2EP. Possibly the best attack tech in the game.
    Pink Sugar Heart Attack - one, 4EP. Mostly useless. She has good links, though.
    SUPER SAILOR CHIBI-MOON (Chibi-Moon uses MoonCup2 on herself during battle)
    Pink Sugar Heart Ache - all, 6EP.
    ----------X. Link Techniques----------
    Most characters CANNOT link together; there aren't too many links, to tell the truth. I 
    don't even know if I've got all of them here. Apparently there's a stat called LAP which
    affects how well the character can link... I'm a bit confused. But here's what I do 
    have. All techniques are attacks unless otherwise noted.
    In order to use any link, you must first try them out in the MakeUpLink menu (Start 
    A note: Sailor Moon can transform into Super Sailor Moon with the MoonCup1, and ditto 
    for Sailor Chibi-Moon with MoonCup2. However, they lose all their link techs doing 
    this, besides for one special one with each other. 
    DUAL LINKS (two characters) - all techniques cost 2 EP per character. The only really
    interesting and unique attack is Moon+Venus's Healing Shower.
    Name                   Characters         Target      Effects
    Healing Spray          Moon+Mercury       one ally    Protects from status changes.
    Spiral Fire            Moon+Mars          all
    Healing Pressure       Moon+Jupiter       all allies  Heals HP.
    Healing Shower         Moon+Venus         all allies  Raises Attack power.
    Healing Heart Attack   Moon+Chibi-Moon    one ally    Resurrects.
    Spiral Shaking         Moon+Uranus        all
    Spiral Reflection      Moon+Neptune       one
    Spiral Scream          Moon+Pluto         all
    Spiral Revolution      Moon+Saturn        one ally    Resurrects.
    Shine Soul             Mercury+Mars       one
    Shabon Thunder         Mercury+Jupiter    one
    Shabon Chain           Mercury+Venus      one
    Pink Sugar Illusion    Mercury+Chibi-Moon all allies  Heals HP.
    Shine Submerge         Mercury+Neptune    all
    Shabon Scream          Mercury+Pluto      all
    Fire Dragon            Mars+Jupiter       one
    LoveMe Bird            Mars+Venus         all
    Pink Sugar Soul        Mars+Chibi-Moon    all
    Fire Scream            Mars+Pluto         one
    Crescent Thunder       Jupiter+Venus      one
    Pink Sugar Thunder     Jupiter+Chibi-Moon one
    Thunder Shaking        Jupiter+Uranus     one
    Pink Sugar Chain       Venus+Chibi-Moon   one
    Crescent Revolution    Venus+Saturn       all
    Pink Sugar Blaster     Chibi-Moon+Uranus  one
    Pink Sugar Reflection  Chibi-Moon+Neptune one
    Pink Sugar Typhoon     Chibi-Moon+Pluto   all
    Pink Sugar Revolution  Chibi-Moon+Saturn  all allies  Heals HP.
    Deep Shaking           Uranus+Neptune     all
    Dead Shaking           Uranus+Pluto       all
    Deep Scream            Neptune+Pluto      all
    R'bow WMoon Heart Ache S.Moon+S.C.Moon    all
    (Note about that last one - it doesn't show up on the MakeUpLinks because the characters
    don't exist except in battle, when the MoonCups are used.)
    TRIPLE TECHS (three characters) - all techs cost 3 EP per character.
    Stardust Stream Hit    Moon+Mars+Mercury      all
    R'bow Heart Shower     Moon+Chibi-Moon+Venus  all allies  Heals HP.
    R'bow Heart Revolution Moon+Chibi-Moon+Saturn all allies  Heals HP.
    FireThunder Shaking    Mars+Jupiter+Uranus    all
    Dead World Submerge    Uranus+Neptune+Pluto   all
    ---------XI. Formations----------
    Formations are actually more important in this game than might seem. The position of a 
    character determines her attack, defense, and evade stats. The closer you are to the
    enemy, the higher your attack, but the lower your defense and evade. You can choose to
    put your most powerful character at the front to make for loads of damage, or you can
    put a middling character there, to even out the score; that's up to your opinion.
    Here are the available formations:
    Shoot Formation: Here the Senshi are arranged in a straight line, front to back. 
    If your characters are more or less even, this is probably the best one to use.
    Use the front two or three for attacks and the last two for healing. This one has
    probably the best combination of offense and defense, but the worst special attack.
    Arrow Formation: There is one Senshi in the front, two in the second row, and two
    in the back row, forming a < sign. If you have one character who has much better
    defense than the others, use this one and put her at point.
    Victory Formation: The opposite of Arrow, it forms a > sign. If you have one very
    weak character (usually Chibi-Moon), put her in the back and have her heal.
    Cluster Formation: It's the most vulnerable formation, but it has the best Technique.
    Two are in the front, one in the middle, and two in the back. If you feel pretty
    confident with your party's defense, use this.
    Here are the formation attacks (all attacks affect all enemies). You can only use one of 
    the first four attacks depending on which formation your party's in. The last attack
    can only be used with the following party: Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter. It 
    doesn't matter which formation you're in for this attack.
    Sailor Shoot Attack: 5EP.
    Sailor Arrow Attack: 6EP.
    SailorVictory Attack: 8EP.
    SailorCluster Attack: 10EP.
    Sailor Planet Attack: 12EP.
    Note that only the FIRST person in the party to act can choose to use a Formation
    technique. The best thing to do is tell the first person to use it, then have the rest
    of the party defend. You'll pull it off and if the enemies are still alive, most attacks
    will be harmless for that round!
    ----------XII. Cheat Codes---------
    The following codes were received from http://www.cheatzilla.com/ . Thanks goes to 
    PicardOKC@aol.com for directing me to the site. For each of these, all three codes
    have to be entered for the corresponding effect to take place. Warning: These codes
    may have some undesired side effects, such as dropping attack power to almost zero
    despite the raised levels. Make sure not to save over your original game before
    checking everything out for certain!
    7E0B1799 Sailor Moon goes up to Level 99 after one battle
    7E0B1899 Submitted by Melle
    7E0B1999 Tested by Clement and da_bink 
    7E0B3799 Sailor Mercury goes up to Level 99 after one battle
    7E0B3899 Submitted by Melle
    7E0B3999 Tested by Clement and da_bink 
    7E0B5799 Sailor Mars goes up to Level 99 after one battle
    7E0B5899 Submitted by Melle
    7E0B5999 Tested by Clement and da_bink 
    7E0B7799 Sailor Jupiter goes up to Level 99 after one battle 
    7E0B7899 Submitted by Melle
    7E0B7999 Tested by Clement and kami_amaya 
    7E0B9799 Sailor Venus goes up to Level 99 after one battle
    7E0B9899 Submitted by Melle
    7E0B9999 Tested by Clement and kami_amaya 
    7E0BB799 Sailor ChibiMoon goes up to Level 99 after one battle 
    7E0BB899 Submitted by Melle
    7E0BB999 Tested by Clement and kami_amaya 
    7E0BD799 Sailor Uranus goes up to Level 99 after one battle 
    7E0BD899 Submitted by Melle
    7E0BD999 Tested by Clement and kami_amaya 
    7E0BF799 Sailor Neptune goes up to Level 99 after one battle 
    7E0BF899 Submitted by Melle
    7E0BF999 Tested by Clement and kami_amaya 
    7E0C1799 Sailor Pluto goes up to Level 99 after one battle 
    7E0C1899 Submitted by Melle
    7E0C1999 Tested by Clement and kami_amaya 
    7E0C3799 Sailor Saturn goes up to Level 99 after one battle 
    7E0C3899 Submitted by Melle
    7E0C3999 Tested by Clement and kami_amaya 
    The following codes (well, not really codes, more like hacks) were sent to me by Ryan 
    (r_risk@hotmail.com). DO NOT E-MAIL ME ABOUT THESE CODES! E-mail him if you still don't
    understand how they work. Be warned that they are a bit complicated and not everyone
    will be able to do them without help. 8-) Take it away, Ryan.
    1. Go into the cheat menu. select the search option.
    2. The options should be set to one byte, dec(base10) and Exact value 
    3. hit start.
    4. enter value 132.
    5. hit view.
    This should bring you to a list of numbers starting with 7e0000.
    6. Find the address below on the list in zsnes under addr.
    7. highlight.
    8. hit add.
    9. input the value and cheat description.
    It will give you a PAR equivalent code which won't work if you just enter 
    that code. upper byte only should not be checked.
    10. hit add again and it should pull up the regular cheat menu.
    11. save the cheats and hit escape to enter another.
    all codes on this list are Effect/Address/Value
    1. Character Sailor Position Codes (in the battle only)
    The following is classified by: Effect/Address/Value
    a. 1st Character Position (By specific formation) - $7E0B00, ##
    b. 2nd Character Position (By specific formation) - $7E0B40, ##
    c. 3rd Character Position (By specific formation) - $7E0B80, ##
    d. 4th Character Position (By specific formation) - $7E0BC0, ##
    e. 5th Character Position (By specific formation) - $7E0C00, ##
    Enter a valid Value as listed below:
    Value = 1, Sailor Moon
    Value = 2, Sailor Mercury
    Value = 3, Sailor Mars
    Value = 4, Sailor Jupiter
    Value = 5, Sailor Venus
    Value = 6, Sailor ChibiMoon
    Value = 7, Sailor Uranus
    Value = 8, Sailor Neptune
    Value = 9, Sailor Pluto
    Value = 10, Sailor Saturn
    Value = 11, Super Sailor Moon
    Value = 12, Super Sailor ChibiMoon
    2. Straight Level up to 99/Max N-EXP/Max Exp, By Character Position:
    a. 1st Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0B17, 127
    - $7E0B18, 150
    - $7E0B19, 152
    b. 2nd Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0B57, 127
    - $7E0B58, 150
    - $7E0B59, 152
    c. 3rd Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0B97, 127
    - $7E0B98, 150
    - $7E0B99, 152
    d. 4th Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0BD7, 127
    - $7E0BD8, 150
    - $7E0BD9, 152
    e. 5th Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0C17, 127
    - $7E0C18, 150
    - $7E0C19, 152
    3. Infinite HP, By Character Position:
    a. 1st Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0B11, 132 (Infinite HP)
    - $7E0B12, 3 (set to HP 999)
    b. 2nd Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0B51, 132 (Infinite HP)
    - $7E0B52, 3 (set to HP 999)
    c. 3rd Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0B91, 132 (Infinite HP)
    - $7E0B92, 3 (set to HP 999)
    d. 4th Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0BD1, 132 (Infinite HP)
    - $7E0BD2, 3 (set to HP 999)
    e. 5th Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0C11, 132 (Infinite HP)
    - $7E0C12, 3 (set to HP 999)
    4. Infinite EP, By Character position:
    a. 1st Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0B13, 12 (Set to 12 EP)
    b. 2nd Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0B53, 12 (Set to 12 EP)
    c. 3rd Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0B93, 12 (Set to 12 EP)
    d. 4th Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0BD3, 12 (Set to 12 EP)
    e. 5th Character Position (By specific formation)
    - $7E0C13, 12 (Set to 12 EP)
    5. Specific Character Codes
    1. Sailor Moon Codes (Effect/Address/Value) :
    a. Straight to Level 99, Max N-EXP, Max EXP
    - $7E0B17, 127
    - $7E0B18, 150
    - $7E0B19, 152
    b. Max out her Strength - $7E0B02, 255
    c. Max out her Defense - $7E0B03, 255
    c. Max out her Ability - $7E0B04, 255
    d. Max out her magic - $7E0B0C, 255
    2. Sailor Mercury Codes (Effect/Address/Value) :
    a. Straight to Level 99, Max N-EXP, Max EXP
    - $7E0B37, 127
    - $7E0B38, 150
    - $7E0B39, 152
    b. Max out her Strength - $7E0B22, 255
    c. Max out her Defense - $7E0B23, 255
    c. Max out her Ability - $7E0B24, 255
    d. Max out her magic - $7E0B2C, 255
    3. Sailor Mars Codes (Effect/Address/Value) :
    a. Straight to Level 99, Max N-EXP, Max EXP
    - $7E0B57, 127
    - $7E0B58, 150
    - $7E0B59, 152
    b. Max out her Strength - $7E0B42, 255
    c. Max out her Defense - $7E0B43, 255
    c. Max out her Ability - $7E0B44, 255
    d. Max out her magic - $7E0B4C, 255
    4. Sailor Jupiter Codes (Effect/Address/Value) :
    a. Straight to Level 99, Max N-EXP, Max EXP
    - $7E0B77, 127
    - $7E0B78, 150
    - $7E0B79, 152
    b. Max out her Strength - $7E0B62, 255
    c. Max out her Defense - $7E0B63, 255
    c. Max out her Ability - $7E0B64, 255
    d. Max out her magic - $7E0B6C, 255
    5. Sailor Venus Codes (Effect/Address/Value) :
    a. Straight to Level 99, Max N-EXP, Max EXP
    - $7E0B97, 127
    - $7E0B98, 150
    - $7E0B99, 152
    b. Max out her Strength - $7E0B82, 255
    c. Max out her Defense - $7E0B83, 255
    c. Max out her Ability - $7E0B84, 255
    d. Max out her magic - $7E0B8C, 255
    6. Sailor ChibiMoon Codes (Effect/Address/Value) :
    a. Straight to Level 99, Max N-EXP, Max EXP
    - $7E0BB7, 127
    - $7E0BB8, 150
    - $7E0BB9, 152
    b. Max out her Strength - $7E0BA2, 255
    c. Max out her Defense - $7E0BA3, 255
    c. Max out her Ability - $7E0BA4, 255
    d. Max out her magic - $7E0BAC, 255
    7. Sailor Uranus Codes (Effect/Address/Value) :
    a. Straight to Level 99, Max N-EXP, Max EXP
    - $7E0BD7, 127
    - $7E0BD8, 150
    - $7E0BD9, 152
    b. Max out her Strength - $7E0BC2, 255
    c. Max out her Defense - $7E0BC3, 255
    c. Max out her Ability - $7E0BC4, 255
    d. Max out her magic - $7E0BCC, 255
    8. Sailor Neptune Codes (Effect/Address/Value) :
    a. Straight to Level 99, Max N-EXP, Max EXP
    - $7E0BF7, 127
    - $7E0BF8, 150
    - $7E0BF9, 152
    b. Max out her Strength - $7E0BE2, 255
    c. Max out her Defense - $7E0BE3, 255
    c. Max out her Ability - $7E0BE4, 255
    d. Max out her magic - $7E0BEC, 255
    9. Sailor Pluto Codes (Effect/Address/Value) :
    a. Straight to Level 99, Max N-EXP, Max EXP
    - $7E07C17, 127
    - $7E0C18, 150
    - $7E0C19, 152
    b. Max out her Strength - $7E0C02, 255
    c. Max out her Defense - $7E0C03, 255
    c. Max out her Ability - $7E0C04, 255
    d. Max out her magic - $7E0C0C, 255
    10. Sailor Saturn Codes (Effect/Address/Value) :
    a. Straight to Level 99, Max N-EXP, Max EXP
    - $7E07C37, 127
    - $7E0C38, 150
    - $7E0C39, 152
    b. Max out her Strength - $7E0C22, 255
    c. Max out her Defense - $7E0C23, 255
    c. Max out her Ability - $7E0C24, 255
    d. Max out her magic - $7E0C2C, 255
    6. Money Codes :
    a. Infinite / Max Money:
    - $7E1F18, 15 (Maximum money)
    - $7E1F17, 66 (Unlimited money)
    b. Restore Money - $7E1F16 (Restore your money, each time you use it.)
    7. Enemy codes :
    1. 1 hit to kill enemies, by enemy's position:
    a. 1st Enemy - $7E0C5D, 1
    b. 2nd Enemy - $7E0C9D, 1
    c. 3rd Enemy - $7E0CDD, 1
    e. 4th Enemy - $7E0D1D, 1
    ----------XIII. Credits------------
    This FAQ was researched and written by me:
    Daniel Orner
    ICQ 38620654
    Special thanks to Locke (Locke@RPGFan.demon.co.uk) for writing the original walkthrough
    for this game, which I used for reference.
    And of course, thanks to the dudes at Bishoujo Senshi Translations for their wonderful
    If you wish to use this FAQ on a site or to quote it in another FAQ, please send me
    an e-mail first, and make sure I'm credited.
    Please send any extra info or mistakes I've made to me! Enjoy!
    --Dan Orner

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