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    FAQ/Move List by MLiew

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 10/13/94 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            Saturday Night Slamasters FAQ
    			by Marlin Liew
    version 2.0 10/13/94 
    Version History
    1.0  First Version, all moves and give up holds
    2.0  More Stratagys added, version history added 
    Saturday Night Slamasters, or Slamasters as commonly known is a 
    wrestling game, where either you or you and a partner can 
    battle each other against the computer.  There are 10 characters
    to choose from, in 1 on 1, 8.  Slamasters is made by Capcom,
    the same people that made Street Fighter 2 and Darkstalkers.
    The Object
    The object of the game is to beat your opponent(s) by either
    pinning them, making them give up, or keeping them out
    of the ring for 20 seconds.
    The Controls
    O  O  O                O
     \ | /           O  O  
    O-   -O
     / | \
    O  O  O
    The joystick and buttons
    F,B  The direction in which you have to grab your oppenent in order
    to perform a move
    A  Attack
    J  Jump
    *  Super Slam (Must be grabbing the opponent)
    **  Special Pin/Submission Hold
    Things to mention
    To get in and out of the ring tap the controller twice in one direction
    To climb the turnbuckle, get to the top turnbuckles and tap the 
    controller twice in that direction 
    The Moves
    Rapid Fist
    (Hit attack repeatedly)
    *Head Rocker    O  O
    		| /  -O   A
    **Perfect Plex (TM) |  A
    Pile Driver  (F) |  A+J
    Great Oni
    Cyclone Kick  A+J
    *Neck Wrecker  360 degree rotation, A+J
    ** Back Suplex (B) |  A
    Super Bulldog (F) |  A+J
    Titanic Tim (Titan)
    Tsunami  O- / | \ -O  A
              O   O   O
    * Titan Breaker  / | | A
                   O   O 
    ** Choke Hold (F) | A
    ** Back Breaker (B) | A 
    El Stingray (Stingr)
    Jalapeno Comet | \ -O  A
    	       O   O
    *Atomic Diver  -O | \  A
    		  O   O
    ** Choke Hold (B)  A
    Mike Hagger
    Spinning Clothesline  A+J
    *Spinning Pile Driver  360 degrees rotation, then  A+J
    ** Power Bomb Pin  |  A
    Alexander the Grater (Grater)
    Rapid Fists  Repeatedly hit A
    *Tornado Toss   O -O O  A
    		|    | 
    ** Power Bomb Pin  (F) |  A+J
    ** Back Breaker  (F)  O  A
    Rasta Mon
    Jungle Fever  Rapidly hit A
                      |  O    
    *Dread Lock Drop  O  |  A
    ** German Suplex  (B) |  A
    Jumbo Flap Jack
    Pancake Poison  O- / | \ -O  A
    		 O   O   O
    * Pancake Toss  | O- -O  A
    **  Bear Hug (F)  |   A
                |  O
    Slam Stand  O  |  A
                    O  |
    * Death Spiral  |  O  A
    **  Pile Drive Pin  (F) |  A+J
    **  German Suplex  (B)  |  A
    People with long range kicks and punches, like Scorpion, can just
    stand and wait for their opponent to come, then repeatedly kick
    them.  This works well because you inflict a lot of damage upon
    them, while they don't even touch you.                   
    The second stratagy is the grab and slam.  Just grab your
    opponent, and do a move that gets them on the ground.  
    Preferrably, a super slam.  Then, walk over to them, pull them
    up, and do your super slam again.  Repeat this process up to
    three times.  Note some characters can't do this because their
    super slam doesn't set them up well for another one.  
    The third stratagy is to get you opponent out of the ring
    (1 player match only)  then pummle him with the weapons 
    outside of the ring.  Hammer Throwing him also works well,
    since they hit the railing which takes a good amount of 
    energy from him.  
    Sometimes, usually on the first opponent, I get him to come 
    out of the ring, then I just keep him down on the floor
    and barely make it in the 20 count.  This is most easily 
    accomplished by hammer throwing him against the far guard
    rail when the count is at about 17 or 18.  The only problem
    is if the computer doesn't give up right away and manages to
    delay your hammer throw, or slam you, you could either end
    up losing the match, or getting a D.K.O. (Double Count Out)
    Once you know how to use the turnbuckle jump effectively,
    they are one of the best moves in the game.  To jump off
    the ropes, hit jump, then in the air, hit attack.  Hitting
    attack while on the turnbuckle will result in some kind of
    taunt, which gets the crowd fired up.  As far as I know,
    Stinger has the best moves off the turnbuckle.  Turnbuckle
    moves take a lot of damage, sometimes as much or more than
    the super slams
    Give up Holds and Special Pins
    Every character has either a special pin, give up hold,
    or both.  Give up holds tend to be better, because they
    take less time for you to finish you opponent off.  Thus,
    making it harder for your opponents partner (in Team Battle)
    to knock you off before you can get the three count.
    Feel free to send any corrections or suggestions 
    Hope this helps anyone that needs it!

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