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"A great game for the SNES!"

This game was made by Squaresoft on the Super Nintendo around 1994.Secret Of Mana has got to be one of the most unrecognized great games on the SNES,it has many great unique features.Take a look.

Graphics-9-The graphics were well done,as well as the characters and enemies.There really isn't much to complain about in this part,everything on this part was well and carefully done.All the character and enemies were animated well,you should have basically no problem seeing your character attack a monster.

Sound and Music-10-The sound effects in this game are great,from swinging your sword to a wolf howling the sounds are magnificent.This game has many varied and well done music pieces,not of them are annoying at all,the music fits each dungeon and/or village perfectly.If you really like the music,you could try and find the music CD for it,or you could simply download off somewhere on the internet.

Story-10-The story starts off telling you about an ancient disaster that occurred many years ago.You start off as the boy (Randi) who finds a sword,not knowing what is does,he pulls it out,this releases many monsters for some unknown reason.Later Randi discovers that he pulled out the Mana sword,but its power was drained,your goal is to restore mana to the world and restore the mana sword.

game play-10-This is PERFECT,there are so many great feature in this part!First of all this game is played very much like Zelda:A Link To The Past,but you can use many different weapons,such as (stated earlier)a sword,spear,glove,whip,bow and arrow,whip,and javelin.You also level up in this game,as well as your weapons,you probably know what happens when your character levels up,but when your weapon levels up,you can charge it up for a more powerful attack.This can also be played up to three players!If you want a third person to play though,you need to find a multi tap,I'm not sure where you could find these,though.You get two other people to help you on your journey,they both learn magic eventually,which consumes MP(Magic Points).They both get about eight different elementals,each elemental has about three different spells.
This game is also quite challenging,this is not one of those simple games where you just level up,defat the boos,and repeat.

Overall-10-This game is so great to play,especially when two or more people playing as well,there are no problems with this game at all!

Buy or Rent?-I'd definitely buy this game,if you don't,you'll be missing out on one of the greatest games ever made.This game is kind of rare though,so good luck finding one!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/08/01, Updated 04/08/01

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