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I won't say that this game changed my life. It probably didn't. I don't care. It doesn't matter. For whoever wrote the less-than-cordial opinion of this game, I say grow up. Video games are not all blood and guts. They do not need fearful adversaries or heart-rending storylines. They only need to entertain those who buy them.
Okay, let's discuss those graphics. They are bright and colorful. They do look like something out of a storybook. They are supposed to. The game is not for little kids alone. I enjoy this game as I would some old- school Captain N. It's harmless fun.
The music satisfies to say the least. Of all the things to complain about in this game, the music inspires the least objection. It is pleasant. It inspires happiness in the listener. It is not intense for the most part. It is the kind of music that I would listen to on a hike or a long drive. There are also moments of distinct sadness helped immensely by the effective tragedy songs. The title screen tune alone almost reduced me to tears my first time through. It is one of the most beautiful tracks ever used in a videogame.
The sound effects? Okay, sound effects are by far the least of my concerns when judging the quality of a video game, but for this guy, I'll make an exception. The sound FX are FINE. More than adequate, less than perfect, they are FINE. This was a low blow. I have no FX worries or frets, and neither will anyone else. Except this guy, of course.
The story is also FINE. Fans of Square's high depth storylines may be disappointed with the lenient storyline. It is not like Saga Frontier, where there are towns and people and that is the storyline. It is just like a fable. A bedtime story without troubled characters and psyhological issues of the modern day. In my opinion, it is a refreshing change from the attempted Shakespeare that pops up so frequently these days.
For anything that I missed, I apologize. Playing Secret of Mana is one of the memories that I will always smile while recalling. It is a truly nice game that appeals greatly to those looking for a serene, beautiful, and lighthearted quest. It is also one of the few games that I can, and have, played in repeated sessions, one immediately after the next. It is a classic not to be missed, or publicly spit upon without reply. I recommend it to everybody but that guy. He can go back to playing Project Overkill.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/12/01, Updated 05/12/01

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