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"A game that takes RPGs to a new level"

Well let me start this review out by saying: This game is SWEET! If you’re looking for an RPG/adventure game don’t look to the newer systems; look here on the good old Super NES. Few games are as good as this one. Secret of Mana is easily one of the best games ever. Now that I’m don with my pointless praising, I’ll praise it in the things that really matter.

Graphics- 10 out of 10
Objects are colorful, dark, gloomy, cheery, sad, eerie, or whatever. You name, and Secret of Mana has it. Everything looks amazing especially for the Super Nintendo. The rich graphics draw you into the game, making you want to look around at every area you get to.

Play Control- 10 out of 10
The play control is flawless. As long as you know where the buttons are on the controller you won’t experience any difficulty navigating the many menus. Even though there are a ton of menus, which may overwhelm some people, after awhile getting through them will become a second nature.

Sound- 10 out of 10
The music and sound effects are nothing special for this game. They’re perfect like everything else. Wherever you are the music seems to fit right in. In most games you just seem to forget the music is there, because it just seems to be part of the game. But in Secret of Mana, the music seems to be something extra, and stands out. The sound effects are also an added bonus. No only do you notice them, but they all make the noise that seems right for whatever’s going on.

Game Design- 10 out of 10
Secret of Mana combines Zelda type adventuring and RPG battles without them being turn-based. The reason I say that is because characters still cast spells and have HP, but it isn’t turn-based like normal RPGs. Your characters level up as in RPGs, but there is a new feature too. Weapons can level up also. With the excellent story line that unfolds as you go along and, the vast number of characters, you feel like you’re in the game. One time I was playing this game and my friend was behind me talking to me, or at least trying to. But I was so absorbed in my game that I didn’t notice him until he pushed me off my couch and I smashed my head into a table. That just goes to show how engrossing Secret of Mana can get. Some other good features are that the game is huge. It’s even bigger than The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Speaking of Zelda, the puzzles in Secret of Mana are harder than Zelda’s.

Replay Value- 10 out of 10
Perhaps the most important aspect of a game, SOM’s replay value is awesome. It’ll take you a good 70 hours to beat it even if you’re an expert gamer. And after you beat it once it will have been so long ago that you started that you’ll forget what to do throughout the course of the game so then you’ll have a reason to play it again other than sheer fun. Even if you remember what to do you can still replay and be challenged. Also you could try to get different items or members of your party. Or you can try to find some of the many secrets there are.

Overall- 10 out of 10
Overall Secret of Mana is a classic Super Nintendo game that anyone will love. Not only will ig keeps you playing for hours but you’ll enjoy every second of it. And despite the fact that you use a sword to kill things the ESRB rating board has dubbed this game with an “E” rating which means gamers of all ages can play it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/28/01, Updated 01/18/02

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