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Reviewed: 07/10/01 | Updated: 07/10/01

One of the better RPGs

This is one of the top RPGs I have played. It was very long, and takes a lot of time to beat. It also takes a lot of brain power, because you have to think of stuff that would seem out of the ordinary. Some parts of this game can be downright hard too! But overall, it was a fun-filled RPG.

Gameplay (9/10):
The only thing that kept this from getting a ten was the fact that you could get stuck in walls or off ledges if you tried to clear a pit and your characters were too far forward or back. There was also something that happened in the Earth Palace, but it was weird. Anyhow, other than that, everything was very convenient and easy to do or use.

Story (7.5/10):
The storyline in Secret of Mana was alright, but not quite the best. A kid and his friends were crossing this bridge when his fat friend, I believe, knocks him off. He fell into this river and soon came upon a sword. He had to find something to cut the grass. Anyhow, this sword releases a curse and a monster attacks his hometown because it is drawn to the sword. From there on, the character has to put a seal on the Mana Seeds because their seals have been weakened. It's not the best, but far from the worst.

Graphics (9.5/10):
The graphics are nearly perfect, minus one small glitch. Every now and then, later in the game, the colors can become very weird, and your characters will look totally non-humanlike. More of godlike. Other than that, the graphics are flawless. The weapons change as you upgrade them, as do the spells, and as you level your weapon up, you get a variety of tight moves, doing up to 999HP of damage. The only other flaw was that your armor didn't change when you equipped new armor.

Sound (8.5/10):
The sounds were all great. The swing of the sword, the sound of the boomerang slicing through the air, the javelin being thrown, etc. Even the spell's sound effects were very well-done. As for the music, Secret of Mana has many background music tracks. All of them sound pretty good, especially when you're in one of those towns that has been troubled (such as that desert town when you first visit it). I also like the music when you fight a boss. The last boss's music is also very good.

Challenge (7.5/10):
The challenge of Secret Mana is good, whilst not overpowering the player. The beginning is very easy, as you cannot die in the first boss fight, yet in the Mana Forest, some of the battles can be extremely tough (especially that Thunder Gigas...even if you are well armored and armed, he can still do like 400 points of damage with his Blitz Breath..). Overall, the challenge is pretty mediocre. However, if you don't have any level 9 weapons at the last boss, it is very tough to kill him/it.

Replay Value (7.5/10):
Same as most other RPGs. You can basically go through the game again just for fun, or to find stuff that you didn't find before. You can also try going through at a lower or higher level. Playing the game for the first time is bound to be very similar to playing it through for the sixteenth time.

Buy or Rent?
It might be pretty hard to find this game somewhere to rent!

Overall Rating: 8.3

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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