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"Square Does it Again with Another Magnificent RPG!"

Secret of Mana is an absolute classic. The SNES does indeed have the greatest RPG's ever released on a console, and this game is another example of that. I have a blast with this game every time I play it and it does not get old ever. Squaresoft brilliantly has made another game that all will love. It is one of my favorite RPG's I have played, and my review will tell why this game became an instant classic, and is loved by many.


These graphics were a step up from everything else released at the time. Very big, very colorful, and very well done. Square has always done a marvelous job with graphics, and this game showed off some of their best graphics they have ever done. I looked at this game being made which was 1993, and I could not believe they were this good. Games made 2 years after this game still did not match to this, and Square should be proud of what they did here. With your characters being well made, all of the backgrounds are beautiful too along with about everything else in the game. Bravo Square for doing a superb job on the graphics.


I have to admit I also love the sound in this game. The songs are constructed well, and captured me from the beginning. While, I don't like the town village music that is about it. I love the boss battle themes, and all the music that goes with an area fits perfectly. My favorite music comes from the 2 final enemies in the game, and I think they would be anyones favorite. The sound effects are what really beings the music to an 8. I don't know if it's with my game or what, but when I'm slashing my sword with my main character, the music in the game skips, and a lot too. It's almost like the music, and the weapon swipe can't go together. It does get a tad annoying, and you will wonder what is wrong with the music at times. Other than that, the music is masterfully done.


Instead of the Final Fantasy type of battle system in this game, Square decided to make a more type of action game this time. You will have three characters in the game, and instead of going to a battlefield during an enemy fight, you will attack them on the actual game map just like a Zelda type game. Your weapons can gain power with time, and the experience system is also the same with it gaining with the more monsters you kill. 2 of your players learn magic with time, and is just a good RPG system. Lots of exploration is done throughout, and you should not be bored during gaming at all. Another thing that makes the gameplay so cool is that you can have more than 1 player playing the game at one time. With other controllers, up to 3 people can play at one time controlling each character. Nice addition by Square. The other thing I like is the menu system. It is a giant circle type screen with all the options nicely organized. While it might take a little while to get used to, you will see it is a nice way of making the menu screen.


Years and years ago, civilization was destroyed, and Mana was lost. A Hero with the Mana Sword defeated the Mana Fortress, and got Mana back, and brought the world back to normal and peace again. But time flows like a river....and history repeats. The boy as the main character finds the Mana Sword because of the crisis in the world, and must embark on an epic adventure to destroy the Mana Fortress and bring peace to the world once again. He is the last hope.


While the game is not hard, it does require a lot of building up in order for you to be successful. It is a great RPG for all ages to play without a problem. When this game was released in 1993, I beat it then with no problem and I was like 8 years old. It's not the challenge that makes this game what it is, I think it is just the awesome gameplay, and the fun factor it brings. Don't get the game expecting challenge. Get the game expecting lots of fun!


Lets see, I have owned this game for 8 years and have played through the game about 10 full times. This is one of the most re-playable RPG's I have ever played. This game has such a great system and story that you will want to experience this awesome game again and again. I am playing this game through again right now, and it still feels like the first time playing it through because it is so much fun. I love doing all the tasks again, and I'm sure if you ever play this game, you will want to tackle it again after you beat it for your first time.


This game is so rare right now that if you see it, you need to get it or it could be gone in a flash. This game is in high demand so even if it's $50 for this game, you are getting a great deal with all it offers. Even if you are not a fan of Squaresoft's work, or maybe don't like the Final Fantasy series, I can almost guarantee you will fall in love with this game, so buying it is a absolute must!


Yet again Square has made a truly remarkable game. I love this game so much, and really never get sick of playing it. It is a true favorite of mine, and do not know what I would do without it. I almost feel like putting this game in a trophy case I love it so much. For all you gamers out there no matter which type of genre game you like or play, you need to go somewhere and pick up this game. Secret of Mana by Squaresoft is surely going to be one of your favorite games, and also one of your most prized possessions.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/01/01, Updated 09/01/01

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