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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/16/01

Square's Groundbreaking Multi-Player RPG. Good, but not Great.

Secret of Mana provides player a unique option, multi-player capability! Square is always the innovator, but this game was splendid with the idea. Up to three players can join forces in this game. They can choose from a boy, girl,or a sprite. The boy is the more physical attacker, while the girl is curativeand protective magic. The sprite deals offenive magic. The players share itemsand can think together to defeat the game's numberous bosses.

The graphics in Secret of Mana are fairly good, but very cartoonish. It addsto the charm of the game, but gets silly after awhile. The music is good andadds to the usually cheery ambiance. Made in 1993, the game is high by thosestandards. The menu screen can be confusing as it is wheels that rotate givingthe gamer options. Magic and items can be frustrating to use because if the caster is hit, the spell is nullified.

Getting friends together to play this game is good, but playing one player,like I did throuh half the game is a bit boring. You must control all threecharacters which is annoying when playing bosses. The sparce number of itemsthat can be carried make the game annoying, but it eventually grows on you.

With the multi-player format who thought this game could lose? But the with using an RPG as a multi-player game is that it doesn't hold the interestof all gamers. Multi-player games are suppoesed to be quick, not long drawn outgames like SoM. It is a tad easy and short, but getting all the orbs is a hardtask. The game is good, but not great. Let's hope that Legend of Mana will bethe defining game in the series.

Innovation 10
Graphics 9
Music 9
Cuteness 10
Difficulty 6
Replay Value 9
Story 6

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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