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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 07/16/01

A fun and very apealling RPG from the makers of Final Fantasy

Squaresoft just doesn't seem to stop do they! Spitting out the best games around right and left!!! Well this one is very interesting indeed. It plays like an action game but is much better!! despite the fact you only get three characters it is awfully fun. You start as young boy (no default name) and you discover the power of mana. A secret and hidden power! As you coleect more and more team mates you become stronger, learn magic and discover a huge world of adventure and excitement. The graphics are awesome ecspecially the spells!! thought the sound is plauging!

GRAPHICS 9/10- Not quite the best but close enough!! This game delivers tons of cool spells and combos that are fun to look at preform. And the bosses are so big and colorful the game is eyecandy heaven!

CONTROL 8/10- The control is smooth for the most part. But the combos are hard to charge for and the constant stopping the battle to preform a spell stops the action and can become an annoyance!!!

SOUND 5/10- The music is no that good. It is slighly repetitive but really annoying only the boss music is any good!! The slash and bam sound effects are okay though so you'll live!!!

STORY 9/10- The story is like that in a lot of fantasy novels! you collect partners on a great adventure and learn new spells and gain new powers its quite interesting really!!! You need to play it and find out how good it is!!!

REPLAY 5/10- No optional stuff makes it a once of twice play through game and thats it. Still its really cool worth a buy!!!

OVERALL 8/10- Great fantasy game that could only come from squaresoft!!! If you haven't tried this game do so , if you haven't bought it do so, if you don't like it you probably suck! SO GET IT!!!!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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