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When I was 11, I was invited to a friend's birthday party. His parents got him Secret of Mana, and that was what we spent the rest of the party playing. He had a multiplayer, so we were able to play the game with 3 people once we got that far. I bought this game not too long after that, and had a great time with it. Although I didn't always get to play Multiplayer, it's still one of the great classics made by the geniuses at Square.

Graphics-[9]: This game was made before SNES games started to shine with beauty, so you have to be lenient. This game had very decent graphics for the time, utilized in many ways. The spells used by the girl & sprite were pretty flashy at times, and some of the big bosses you fought looked cool. If there wasn't glitches, this game would have hit the 10 in this category for sure.

Sound-[10]: I can't go higher, unfortunately. The boss theme- awesome. Final boss them- amazing. Dwarf Village theme- makes ya wanna get up and dance like a goblin boy named Squeegee. Squaresoft hardly ever dissapoints you with music, and you can always count on more upbeat tunes with each addition to their slew of top-notch RPG's.

Story-[9]: The game was based on "Mana" a little too much, as you can see. Mana Seed, Fortress, Sword, Tree, and so on. However, they had cool plot twists and the right amount of important characters. Like Secret of Evermore, there's not many people you have in your party (only 3), but the game makes up with many supporting characters like Jema, Luka, and King Truffle.

Gameplay/Replay Value-[9]: I'm drawn to the system used in SoM and SoE. I have no qualms with turn battles, but the free world battles are a lot more realistic, hands down. The game has no side quests, but I STILL played through this game a couple times since it was so fun.

RPG Elements-[8]: This game has a repetitive armor system, where you basically just upgrade at each town/key place. The Weapon upgrading with "Orbs" was a cool idea, and that you also have to use the weapons between characters evenly if you want a well balanced party. The magic system is also okay, but you may find yourself in a MP Crisis frequently.

Overall-[45/50,9]: With the games I've played, Squaresoft hasn't heavily disappointed me once. If you can find SoM in a used game store, GET IT. You will not want to miss out on this amazing RPG.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/21/99, Updated 12/21/99

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