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"The perfect game for us old-school rpg gamers! Too much fun"

Well, I congratulate Square on yet another masterpiece. When I first popped this game in, I became immediately entranced in the lush visuals,brightly colorful backgrounds, and active environment. I will admit, after playing the game for a while I had to put the game down at an early point in the game because I felt it was too hard. Nonsense though, I was just really young and ignorant when it came to using my mind. So I picked the game up a couple years later, when I could actually THINK, and I had more fun than I have ever experienced. Every aspect of this amiable game is quite enjoyable, and well thought out. One of the coolest features, though, is the ability to go through the game with two players. Yes, you can actually play it with a friend. Makes it twice as much fun! The gameplay is perfect (very long game but has no parts that leave you bored and with nothing to do), the interaction with characters isn't stellar but you won't even notice. The battle can get a bit frustrating, but NOT once you learn your own little tricks for fighting. You can figure out ways to completely obliterate the enemy. The battle system is pretty easy, the bad guys wander around and you encounter them and smash emwithout having to go in to one of those long battle sequences.

The game starts off with the main character falling down a waterfall (we'll call him Alex for now) and he discovers a mana sword while trying to find his way back to the village. Once the mana sword is removed,monsters are released back in to the world. "Alex's" village outcasts him for what they thought dooming them. But this leads Alex on a huge quest. His journeys bring him throughout a vast expanse of......well, awesome terrain and brings him upon two companions; a fairy and a human girl, both with their different reasons for going on this journey. It sounds pretty basic, but as you play the game you realize how many little twists it has that make it just so good.

From gameplay to graphics to whatever else, this game just stands at the very top of the altar for older rpg's. I don't see why more rpg developers didn't follow the system that SOM did, it would please many of us out there. All in all, SOM is the greatest game I have played (as an rpg man) and I recommend it to all rpg people out there, except for the impatient and overanalytical grouches who can't take time to appreciate a game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/21/99, Updated 12/21/99

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