Review by Ultima Mayu

"I love it!"

Story:Many years after the great Mana war,Randi (the boy)pulls out the sabre out of the stone and sees the ghost of his father(he does not know this is his father at first).But after he shows it to the villagers,his reputation lowers,monsters re-populate and is banned from his own village.After this,he meets Purim (the girl) and Poppy (the Sprite).Each has a cause to fight and must save the world's mana supply before Thanatos abuses it.

The Good:This is everything an Action-RPGer is asking for-Storyline,Characters that have their own soul,Great gameplay,Loads of fun,beautiful soundtrack and lots of colour thrown into the graphics.I kinda hated Purim at first in the game,but the good thing is,unlike most heroes or heroines in most RPGs,Purim shapes up alongside Randi and Poppy after they find the Mana tree.

The Bad:Why did they give the Sprite a gender change in the Western versions?In the original version,Poppy was a girl,in the US/Canadian release,they all of the sudden,Poppy became a boy.I wonder why US editors keep doing that?Oh,and I thought the ending was somehow depressing,but at least it can be consitered a relief for some people whom are sick of having everybody in the game living "Happily Ever After".

Overall,in a nutshell,this is one of the best Action RPGs out there,unlike a certain american-made one released in 1995.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/27/99, Updated 12/27/99

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