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"A Perfect Cross Betwen Willow and Zelda III...There's NO Game Like Secret of Mana..."

Well, first off, I'd like to thank Squaresoft for making yet ANOTHER masterpiece. Squaresoft has made the world's most wholesome, rich, memorable games. The story was well planned out. I personally think that this game was a great piece of Square's history. It was unlike any other RPG I've seen before. It resembled a PERFECT cross between Willow,, which was an adventure RPG, and Zelda III, an adventure. Willow had the elements of sudden, optianally fightable battles that involved you to move around and strike your enemies. Zelda III possesed the elements of good graphics and that similar of willow. SOM has the elements of these two great games. Now on with the review.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics were you say...colorful...and lush. They really changed your mood. If you saw dark colors, you new that there was a boss coming. The graphics were very detailed. From the carpet textures, to the little teacups on the tables of people's households, the grahics were amazing. What I amired most was the graphics you see when riding Flammie. Flammie was a white dragon who you used to navigate through SOM's enormous world. The graphics were SO well detailed, it shocked me. You saw the little houses on Golden Isle gleam, or the waterfalls and rivers move. WOW!!! It amazed me. But, in all Golden Age SquareSoft RPGs, there was always a vehicle that had that perspective i.e. Final Fantasy VI. One of my favorites. Anyway, I think they did the 3D vehicle perspective best in this game. This game was truly a gem. But...the things weren't 3D-poppng up at you, like Final Fantasy VII. They were just flat-down. One thing I love to do is ride around and try to look for an animation. Once, I saw these little yellow bouncing balls! If you look that hard, you can see things move and animate. Overall, they spent a lot of time on the graphics.

Controls: 10/10
The controls were absolutely incredible. Very solid, and they weren't fluffy and unresponsive. They were good and solid. I found it easy to move the character around. The controls were very...smooooth. The item selection ring system was pretty easy and convenient. There were different menus you could go through.

Well, you are just an everyday, ordinary kid who is an orphan. You are hanging out with friends (Elliot and Timothy) and you are trying to find a ghost. But, the boy falls off and tries to get back, but then you see a gleaming. You pull it out and you find a rusty sword. Then you find out that the sword kept the village safe from beats. It goes on and on and on. It is great. They thought this over again and again. I loved the storyline.

Musical Score: 10/10
The music and audio was great. A lot of memorable songs that really made your mood change. I really enjoyed listening to the music. I'm not big on sound effects, but this game had good sound affects, too.

Replay Value: 8/10
Now, hold your horses, this game is good, but you'd think it had side-quests. It does, but they could be accomplished, unlike FFVI, the king of all side-quest holders. Once you beat the game, and you liked it as much as I did, you probably want to play it over and over. Probably you'd restart after beating the game. After around five times of restarting the game files and playing over, the story and game becomes less intresting. The game sure has a lot to offer!

Overall: 9/10
This game is a great one that will change the way we play adventure RPGs. I worked 5 looong years to get this game and let me tell you, it was worth it. I could NEVER get tired of this game. That's how I am. If I REALLY like a game, then I just never really lose interest in the game. But it comes to a certain extent! Anyway, I congratulate Square for doing such a wnderfull job making the world map look real, and doing all the things they could to produce a great game. I absolutely love this game. It is one of my favorites. I've owned Willow and Zelda III andthey are great games, but when you cross them, and invite squaresoft into it, you get SOM. Matter a fact, I'm working on the game now. I jus got Flammie Yeah, I sure have a good experience with this game. I remember playing this game when I was...hmmm...thirteen. Yes, I played that game that early ago. I think that this game really was a potboiler. Once you plaed, you couldn't seem to stop, and that led to...well...beating the game.
Overall, the Overall department has it great.

Challange: 9/10
This game sure had a crisp challange to it. Hands down! It was really a challanging game. But sometimes...the game would get too challanging and I would pt the game down, realizing that it was 2:30 AM!! But, I found thisgame to be longer than it is because of the challange. The level up system is great and led me to become a better RPGer...I think...well anyway, I know that the game seems...inviting, but I must say, the difficulty is unchangable and the game may lose you. I don't really think that the challange was a major obsticle. It can be at times, especially when you're fighting a boss and they have the all-out advantage. That's when it gets tricky.

Buy? or...Rent? BUY/BUY
YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME!!! BUY BUY BUY BUY AND BUY!!! If you love adventures, or RPGs, or are just looking for a sensational game, this is your call!!! You MUST buy this game even if you aren't interested in games!!

The downside
I loved this game but the reason I gave it an 8 is because it can get too difficult at times and it can get violently frustrating. Sometimes, when an enemy is rapidly hitting you, for everytime you get hit, you get knocked down and can't access the item screen. It gets tooooo annoying. And as you are getting hit, you can't flee.

The Upside
This game is almost flawless. One of the best Golden Age RPGs. Truly a collectable. A lot of weapons and armor. Town after town of great graphics and music. One of the better GARPGs.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/14/03

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