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Reviewed: 03/28/00 | Updated: 03/28/00

Secret of Mana: The Greatest Game Ever

Sure, this game is old. And I'll agree that the storyline has been bettered (basically any FF, BOF2, etc). But this game is special for me because it is the first RPG I ever played. A friend of mine and I would play this every weekend for months, which is certainly a positive indication for a game??

Secret of Mana starts of with you, the Boy (I hated him so I always called him 'Boy') wandering around looking for treasure with his friends. Two seconds later, he slips and falls into a lake. Conveniently enough there is a sword there, which is his only way to get through the long grass (maybe he doesn't know that grass can be walked through???). A ghost tells him to take the sword and off he goes. Upon returning to the town a monster attacks, drawn to the sword. The boy kills him, then is exiled from the town. This is where the game really begins. The story starts off fairly epic, and just gets better. Along the way the boy is joined by a healing-magic using girl and an attack magic using sprite.

The controls are awesome, and all the battles take place in the movement screen, unlike the FF series where it jumps to the battle screen. It is in real time, and is usually fairly easy and straight-forward, though sometimes the bosses can hurl attack after attack at you while you sit there and take it.

The music is great, I sometimes go to bed with the title music playing :)) It's all very emotional and moving for me, as it no doubt will be for you if you buy it.

The magic system is very good. Along the way you will find 8 different elements and can use their magic. The girl usually gets helpful/healing spells while the sprite gets attack magic. Although towards the end I found the sprite had a better advantage in magic, which was ok since the girl can actually fight :) Magic can be levelled up 8 times, making it better visually and in the effect it creates.

Fighting is great. Their is eight different weapons, each has 8 'levels'. As you reach a level, you can save up the weapon to get a special attack. They start off fairly small and unimpressive, but by the end they became awe-inspiring :) Especially the fighting glove, which looks great and takes a while...though sadly doesn't do super damage....

Overall, this game is perfect. Maybe I'm a little biased, but I don't care. People, it is MULTI-PLAYER!!!! How can it be bad???? Get it now.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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