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"The Secret of Densetsu 2, A great game overall."

The Secret of Mana or Seiken Densetsu 2 is one of the best RPG's that Square has ever released. It has the aspects of Zelda and some of Squares RPG's. It is definitely one if not the best game on the SNES.

Story 10

You start out as a young boy who is searching for a treasure with your friends. You fall off a log and land in the creek next to your home town. While going to get out, a voice calls out your name. You look closer to see where it came from and there is a sword stuck into a log in the middle of the creek. You walk up and it tells you that the world is in great danger and that you need to release the sword to save the world. So he goes up and takes the sword out and a bright flash takes up the whole screen. You start to find your way back to the town when you run into a monster. It is extremely rare to see a monster especially in this area. Making your way through the forest you make it back to the town. Your friends had already told the village leader that they thought you were a goner from falling off the log bridge. Holding the sword the leader gets a surprised look. He looks more closely then lets out a sudden burst about the sword being the legendary Mana Sword. He then goes on about how if anybody were to take out the Mana Sword that it would mean the destruction of the world. And that the sword had been protecting the village for as long as he can remember. He was wondering why the sudden outburst of monsters was happening around the village and the other villagers blames it on you. The leader hates to do it but you get banished from the town forever. You end up leaving the town and starting an adventure that will change your life in the biggest way you could imagine.

Game Play 10

This is the best feature of the entire game. As I mentioned earlier the layout is almost identical to Zelda. Your characters can all run around freely and swinging a weapon to go nuts on your enemies. But unlike Zelda you have a limit to your attack. If you continually attack with the weapon it starts to not do any damage because you need to let your weapon charge. Letting it fully charge would help you do more damage. As far as the weapons go you can get up to 8 weapons. And along with each weapon you get orbs and you can level up your weapons with each orb you get. The reason for the levels is obviously to make it stronger, but you can charge your weapons up to 8 times, depending on your level. Along with weapons your two other characters can summon gods to help your party along the way. One character has all magic to help the party as in healing or making them stronger. And the other character can summon to deal damage to your enemy. There are also 8 summons in the game, seems like a pattern going on here doesn't it. With magic though leveling up can be a pain. In order to level up magic you have to use it a certain amount of times. And if you are leveling up early it will be a pain since you won't have that much mp. The number of your level for your summons goes with how many you have. For instance, if you have 2 summons you can only reach level 2 with both of them. Until you get a third summon then all of your summons can reach up to level 3. So if you have 8 summons you would think you can get 8 levels for each right, wrong. You get the fun of bringing out the hidden powers of each summon to get an EXTRA level. But for some reason you think they would go to level 9 but the max level you can get is 8:99, same with the swords. The armor is good cause since you only have 3 characters you only need 3 of that armor. But it's good to level up your characters so you can get a lot of money to buy the armor. The only flaw I would see in the game is the damn AI, the characters will end up getting stuck somewhere along the terrain. Then you have to go back and run around to get them unstuck. This is the most annoying thing in the whole game.

Graphics 9

The graphics are really something else. The summons are probably the most noticeable. They take up the whole screen with whatever their move may be. And then when you get them to their full capacity they do a super move, which is even better than the normal ones. The character detail is always a key feature, most of the towns you go to they have different characters and you shouldn't see the same one twice. Except for the item and inn guys, they are all the same looking. Another thing is with the environment is each place looks completely different from the other and its good to have it that way so you don't get lost in this game. The animations of the game is incredible ach enemy has distinct attack patterns and motions, along with a separate animation for each weapon charge attack and magic spell level.

Sound 10

As usual you should expect an older game like this to have a great soundtrack. Especially since Square is the one who produced it. The boss battle music is probably the most distinct song in the game since you will hear it frequently. The weapons all sound the same when you swing them and when you charge them up also. The summons also have the same effect, they all sound the same when you bring them out, but their moves are different. Like if you have a fire summon it will actually sound like the just burned your victim to death. The music has like a happy tone to it, so it keeps you non aggravated from all the leveling up you may have to do. It also will reach the darker tones depending on the area you may be. The music gets better as you progress through the game and its some of the best on the Super Nintendo I have ever heard other than Chrono Trigger.

Overall Rating 10

This is an all out great game. Even though it may seem a little kiddy it is still extremely fun. The fun factor is extremely high on this game. And it is one of the best game on the SNES and you should definitely pick this up if you get the chance.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/16/04

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