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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Darth_Ragnarok

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    Tecmo: Secret of the Stars
    Guide for the Super Nintendo game
    Written by: Darth_Ragnarok (Tim Jones)
    Copyright Timothy Jones 2005-2008
    Version Finished
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders. Also, This walkthrough for Tecmo:
    Secret of the Stars may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
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    written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as part of any
    public display is strictly prohibited, and is a violation of copyright. You may
    reach me at Timothy_Jones_@hotmail.com if you need anything or want to
    contribute anything. An email about this guide has to have Stars as the
    subject. Insults will be ignored, and flames will be extinguished. Thank you.
    There is a very good feature built into this program called "find". Simply hold
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    Table of Contents
    Note from the Author................................................NOT1
    New Note from the Author- June 26, 2008....................NOT2
    People that join you.................................................PEP1
    Main party descriptions.............................................PAR1
    Magic and its uses...................................................MAG1
    The in game and battle menus...................................MEN1
    Version History........................................................VER1
    Objective list..........................................................VAG1
    	Heart Island...............................................HER2
    	Badbad's reign............................................BAD2
    	The Ringo brothers......................................RIN2
    	Architect, Farmer, Scientist..........................AFS2
    	Magician Garados........................................MGA2
    	Dram, follower of Homncruse.........................DRA2
    	Banalet fever.............................................AQU2
    	The Sacred Stones;)...................................SAC2
    	Big Bad Booth.............................................BBB2
    	Storming Gara's Castle.................................SEI2
    	Secret of the Stars.....................................SEC2
    	The final Follower........................................LOS2
    	Followers Resurrected..................................AQU2
    	To kill a Nightmare.......................................NIG2
    	A Personal Dispute.......................................APD2
    	Stars of Hope.............................................STAR1
    Kustera Quest.........................................................KUS3
    	The Temple of Fire......................................TEF3
    	The Temple of Water...................................TEI3
    	The Temple of Wind....................................TEW3
    	The Temple of Earth....................................TEL3
    Note from the Author     (NOT1)
    I would first like to open this section with this statement: compliments and
    reviews are always welcome. Just send them to me via email with the subject as
    'review Tecmo'. This is my first walkthrough, so please take that into
    consideration before filling my inbox with hate mail because you don't like this
    guide. If I get some positive feedback, my next guide will be for Pokemon
    Silver. Also, I just thought that I should mention this: I like to read other
    people's walkthroughs, even though I might not own that certain game, so I'm
    going to make this walkthrough excruciatingly detailed (down to (roughly) the
    exact text of what plot advancing people say) so that other people like me can
    enjoy this guide. On a final note, this game was translated horribly. I tried
    to clean up some of the dialogue so take note that any mistakes in grammar are
    due to the game and not me. Now, enough procrastination; scroll down to read my
    guide for Tecmo's: Secret of the Stars.
    New Note from the Author	(NOT2)
    It has been two long and eventful years since Secret of the Stars erased 
    itself on me at the end of the final battle. I'm a Junior in High School, I have
    an XBox 360 and all 3 last gen consoles, I now am an avid player of XBox Live 
    (Ragnaroks Wish if you play Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4) and have had extended 
    stints in Guild Wars and still play World of Warcraft (I plan to get
    back into it when the expansion comes out. I will soon be starting a new
    playthrough to this, due to 3 lone posters who think that I should finish the 
    fight. New additions to the walkthrough will be highlighted with brackets. I 
    plan to start over Spring break, and update twice. Once will be after the final 
    battle, and the other will be my final copy. 
    There will be no Kustera playthrough.
    I now go to school, come home, go to work, do homework, eat and sleep. 
    Video games fit in every chance I get. If you have advice about the game or see 
    an error in my guide, I'm still at timothy_jones_@hotmail.com. The author has 
    spoken, the audience is listening.
    June 26, 2008- 
    I had really given up hope on this project. I had not picked up my controller
    since that day in 2006 when my game erased itself yet again, right before the
    final battle. But then a starnge thing happened a few months ago. I recieved my
    first e-mails ever about this FAQ, and they encouraged me to start anew and to
    finish, in one of their opinions at least, the best FAQ ever. So I tidied up the
    current version and resubmitted it, only to have it rejected. I deleted the file
    from my computer. Now, just 2 months after my seventeenth birthday (I started it
    on my 14th) I find myself finished with it. Three long years and here I am.
    Thank you Bridie Brown, Nicholas Boatright and Shahfaisal Islam. 
    You encouraged me.
    People that join you     (PEP1)
    *David- As the first member of the Kustera party, David is present at the
    awakening of Ray's inner Aqutallion self. David can be recruited in the
    southeast house in Likado.
    **Tina- See "Main Party Descriptions"
    *Ryu- Ryu starts out as a dog in the plagued town of Beegees. After being
    turned back into a human, Ryu joins your party in the northeast house in town.
    *Ben- After the group persuades Ben to stop being lazy, he revels his true
    identity as a Kustera. Ben can be found in the northern bar of the main section
    of Decatas.
    **Cody- See "Main Party Descriptions"
    **Leona- See "Main Party Descriptions"
    *Andy- First of the Ari brothers. He originally was the champion of boxing
    until Ray came in and beat the crap out of him like Arnold Schwarzenegger
    versus Chicken Little.
    *Arthur- Second of the Ari brothers. Arthur was just chilling in Sleepers until
    Ray came to call. A short battle woke him up considerably.
    **Dan- See "Main Party Descriptions"
    *Shark- He waited until you had a full party before joining you. He has no mp,
    but makes up for it with an excellent attack.
    *Jubei- Second to none as far as swordsmen go. You recruit Jubei after beating
    him in a duel in the Onsaka versus Edon feud.
    *Murray- This magic user was originally stationed in a temple located inside of
    the town of Moreeyes. He enlisted the help of the Aqutallion in regards to a
    stolen artifact.
    *Evelyn- She just up and joins your party at Elekees.
    *Kathy- She is ordered, along with Beth, to assist you with the destruction of
    Gara's forces. You join with her in the town of Amaboss.
    *Beth- She is ordered, along with Kathy, to assist you with the destruction of
    Gara's forces. You join with her in the town of Amaboss.
    *- Kustera
    **- Aqutallion
    Main party descriptions     (PAR1)
    The Fire Aqutallion- (Name- Ray, Gender- Male, Race- Caucasian, Hair Color-
    Blond) Ray sets out on a journey to follow in his murdered father's footsteps by
    becoming an Aqutallion and fighting against the evil forces of Homncruse.
    The Ice Aqutallion- (Name- Tina, Gender- Female, Race- Caucasian, Hair Color-
    Blue?) We meet Tina inside of the church in Beegees, and like any other
    damsel in distress, Ray feels the need to rescue her from Badbad's henchmen.
    Little did he know at the time that she too was destined to bring about the fall
    of Homncruse.
    The Wind Aqutallion- (Name- Cody, Gender- Male, Race- Caucasian, Hair Color-
    Brown) The circus has come to the city of Decates. Their main attraction: the
    third Aqutallion transformed into a lion. Immediately Ray and Tina give chase to
    recover their ally.
    The Electric Aqutallion- (Name- Leona, Gender- Definitely female, Race-
    Caucasian, Hair Color- Red) Once a thief (and a hot one at that) Leona is
    kidnapped by Dram, only to be hidden in a ridiculously easy place to find. Leona
    is pissed off, and never get someone who has Bolt3 at her disposal mad at
    The Prosperous Wiseman- (Name- Dan, Gender- Male, Race- Caucasian, Hair color-
    Purple) Dan is the equivalent of a Red Mage. Possessing explosive and healing
    techniques, Dan is the orphaned son of the last Aqutallion.
    Magic and its uses     (MAG1)
    In this version of the guide, I will only be doing things with the Aqutallion
    group, (except for crucial parts) so I will only cover magic that they gain.
    The Kustera group comes in version 2.
    Ray's magic
    Level 1- Fire level 1
    Level 3- Heal level 1
    Level 5- Coma level 1
    Level 7- Flee level 1
    Level 9- Fly By level 1
    Level 12- Repel level 1
    Level 13- Heal level 2
    Level 15- Fire level 2
    Level 16- Coma level 2
    Level 18- Coma level 3
    Level 19- Life level 1
    Level 22- Land level 1
    Level 23- Life level 2
    Level 24- Fire level 3
    Level 26- Land level 2
    Level 27- Heal level 3
    Level 29- Land level 3
    Level ??- Life level 3
    Tina's magic
    Level 1- Heal level 1
    Level 3- Freeze level 1
    Level 4- Fast level 1
    Level 5- Slow level 1
    Level 6- Cure-A level 1
    Level 8- Cure-B level 1
    Level 11- Mute level 1
    Level 12- Freeze level 2
    Level 13- Cure-A level 2
    Level 14- Heal level 2
    Level 15- Fast level 2
    Level 16- Cure-B level 2
    Level 17- Mute level 2
    Level 18- Slow level 2
    Level 19- Life level 1
    Level 20- Cure-A level 3
    Level 21- Mute level 3
    Level 22- Fast level 3
    Level 23- Cure-B level 3
    Level 24- Life level 2
    Level 25- Slow level 3
    Level 26- Heal level 3
    Level 28- Freeze level 3
    Level 30- Life level 3
    Cody's magic
    Level 1- Storm level 1
    Level 8- Coma level 1
    Level 11- Fly By level 1
    Level 13- Step level 1
    Level 14- Coma level 2
    Level 15- Power level 1
    Level 16- Antpwr level 1
    Level 18- Power level 2
    Level 20- Antpwr level 2
    Level 21- Coma level 3
    Level 22- Storm level 2
    Level 24- Antpwr level 3
    Level 27- Power level 3
    Level 29- Storm level 3
    Leona's magic
    Level 1- Bolt level 1
    Level 7- Cure-B level 1
    Level 10- Evade level 1
    Level 12- Mirror level 1
    Level 14- Cure-B level 2
    Level 15- Evade level 2
    Level 17- Antspl level 1
    Level 18- Vanish level 1
    Level 20- Mirror level 2
    Level 21- Cure-B level 3
    Level 23- Bolt level 2
    Level 24- Antspl level 2
    Level 25- Vanish level 2
    Level 26- Evade level 3
    Level 27- Mirror level 3
    Level 28- Antspl level 3
    Level 29- Vanish level 3
    Level 30- Bolt level 3
    Dan's magic
    Level 1- Bomb level 1
    Level 11- Heal level 1
    Level 13- Flee level 1
    Level 16- Heal level 2
    Level 19- Regain level 1
    Level 21- Bomb level 2
    Level 23- Regain level 2
    Level 25- Heal level 3
    Level 28- Regain level 3
    Level 30- Bomb level 3
    Specific Magic descriptions
    Fire, Freeze, Storm, Bolt, and Bomb (1), (2), (3)= Provide damage in that
    element respectively. The higher that the level is, the higher the damage that
    is done to an enemy. Bomb does non-elemental damage.
    Heal (1),(2),(3)= Heals a single party member. The higher the level, the higher
    the amount that is healed.
    Coma (1),(2),(3)= Levels (1) and (2) can put a single enemy to sleep. 3 can put
    a group to sleep. The higher the level, the higher the chances of enemies being
    put to sleep.
    Flee (1)= This works in any place that has monsters (except for the world map).
    You immediately exit the place that you're in to the world map.
    Fly By (1)= A warp spell. You can travel back to specific towns that you have
    already been to.
    Repel (1)= Monsters don't attack as much. (Personally, I don't notice much of a
    Life (1), (2), (3)= Can bring an ally back to life. The higher the level, the
    higher the chance that a party member will come back to life. Also, the higher
    the level, the more hp a newly risen ally has.
    Land (1),(2),(3)= Honestly, I don't know. Email me with the answer please, if
    you have it.
    Fast (1), (2), (3)= Level (1) increases speed and defense of one ally by two
    points. Level (2)increases the defense and speed of an ally by four points.
    Level (3) increases speed and defense of all party members by three points.
    Slow (1), (2), (3)=  Level (1) decreases speed and defense of an enemy by two
    points. Level (2) decreases the speed and defense of an enemy by four points.
    Level (3) decreases speed and defense of all enemies by three points.
    Cure-A (1), (2),(3)= Level (1) cures poison, level (2) cures illness, and level
    (3) cures mute.
    Cure-B (1),(2),(3)= Level (1) cures stop, level (2) cures sleep, and level (3)
    cures daze.
    Mute (1),(2),(3)= Can prevent an enemy from casting magic. The higher the level,
    the higher the probability that the enemy will not be able to cast magic.
    Step = Prevents damage from being taken while walking on hazardous flooring.
    Power (1),(2),(3)= Level (1) increases strength of the person who uses it by
    two points. Level (2) increases the power of the person who uses it by three
    points, and level (3) increases the power of any person by four points.
    Antpwr (1),(2),(3)= Levels (1) and (2) take varying amounts of hp from the
    enemy, while level (3) takes the hp from you.
    Evade (1),(2),(3)= Levels (1) and (2) can decrease an enemy's chance of hitting
    you, and level (3) puts the daze status ailment on the enemy.
    Mirror (1),(2),(3)= Levels (1) and (2) put a magic deflecting barrier on you.
    Level (3) puts one on the entire group.
    Antspl (1),(2),(3)= Levels (1) and (2) take varying amounts of mp from the
    enemy, while level (3) takes the mp from you.
    Vanish (1),(2),(3)= Levels (1) and (2) have the ability of possibly making an
    enemy disappear. Level (3) can make a group disappear.
    Regain (1),(2),(3)= Levels (1), (2), and (3) restore varying amounts of hp to
    the entire party. The higher that the level is, the more hp that is restored to
    the party.
    The in game and battle menus     (MEN1)
    The in game menu
    Any time that you are not talking to somebody, in the middle of a battle, or are
    in a cut scene, you can access the in game menu by pressing B. Two portions of a
    black screen come up. The one on the bottom always shows your party's status at
    this time. The one on top has six options: Magic, Inventory, Equipment, Status,
    Setup, and Switch groups. The first one, magic, displays all useable field magic
    for each member of your party. Inventory brings up your list of the items that
    you currently have. Equipment brings up the whole outfitting of your party, as
    well as your stats. Status allows you to view your party's current level,
    strength, hp, etc. Also, it allows you to change the order of everybody in your
    group. Your total gold is shown here. Setup allows you to change a few of the
    game's mechanics. Switch groups is exactly that: Change gameplay to the Kustera
    or Aqutallion groups.
    The battle menu
    The battle menu shows your party's stats and has five options: Fight, Automatic,
    Setup, and run. Automatic puts the AI in control of your party, run let's you
    get away (hopefully) from the enemy, fight takes you to a new screen, which is
    pretty simple and self explaining, and setup. In setup, you can choose whether
    animation is present as well as the battle message speed. At the end of all of
    the command choosing for every party member, you have the option of using unity
    magic, which is when two characters combine magic for boosted power. Here are
    unity magic combinations:
    Version history     (VER1)
    Version 1.0
    Finished walkthrough up to the point where the Ari Bros join you.
    I havenít even started the Kustera Quest.
    "People who join you" isn't finished.
    Version 1.1
    Finished walkthrough up to the second floor of Booth's Castle.
    I havenít even started the Kustera Quest.
    "People who join you" only needs two more additions.
    Version 1.2
    Finished walkthrough up to the point where you enter Jeep Volcano again.
    Finished the Kustera Quest.
    "People who join you" is finished.
    Added "Credits"
    Version 1.3
    Finished walkthrough up to the point of the Final Battle.
    Fixed most Grammatical and Spelling errors.
    Version 1.4
    Added inspirational note, fixed more grammar, spelling, spacing issues.
    Will restart game and see it through the end.
    Prelude     (PRE2)
    Ah finally, the heart and soul of this and every walkthrough. Okay, you turn on
    your SNES. (A white background appears with TECMO presents as the main
    message. The screen then goes to a black background that has LICENSED BY 
    NINTENDO on it. Then we get to the prelude: A boy goes into a house and walks 
    up to a guy with a (really) big nose.) Guy- What? Oh, it's you. I know you're 
    here daily. Do you like my books that much? If you want, feel free to read any
    of the books from the book case. I see...you picked that book. You must like
    adventures. That's the most exciting adventure story that I've ever had and
    wrote about. I've found the best friends in my life through that adventure. Yes,
    they were really our "Stars of hope" (fade black. Five orbs of light appear
    in a circular patter one by one. They then converge into one large sphere and 
    explode outwards from vision. The words TECMO SECRET OF THE STARS appear.
    The screen then goes to a biplane flying across a plain with snow-capped 
    mountains in the background. The title is still here, but it is now joined by
    this information: LICENSED BY NINTENDO (C) TECMO,LTD.1995. Press start to 
    get to the main menu. You can start a new game, continue a previous game, 
    or delete a game. I'm starting a file. Now, you can name your character 
    anything that you want, but for the purposes of this guide, I'm going with the
    default name of Ray.
    Heart Island     (HER2)
    You start in a house with a bed beside you. If you use this bed, or any other on
    Heart Island, you can restore your hp and mp (when you have gotten some). The
    dresser to the left has an Antidote in it. This item cures poison. If you go
    south towards the door, you may notice a pot. Search it for a very helpful 50
    gold. The left most dresser in the house houses a plum-plum. This item, along
    with bread and meatballs restores hp to a single party member. Leave the
    building...huh? you can't leave? Well, there's nothing for it; talk to the girl
    hat keeps walking around the room. She says- Oh! Good morning Ray! It looks like
    it is going to be a nice day today. Are you still searching for the crest of
    stars? That crest was your father's. It is very precious to you. I hope you find
    it. Be very careful! We have had many earthquakes lately on the island. The
    earthquakes have caused many wild animals to inhabit this island.(Free Play
    Restored, hereby called FPR) Now you can leave the house. The man with the hat
    on outside will give you two plum-plum items if you ask him. Also, if you use
    one up in battle, come back to him to get one more. On a side note, after you
    leave Heart Island, it will be a very long time before you come back here, so
    keep one plum-plum in your inventory until I say otherwise. This is worth a
    pretty penny to you, so KEEP A PLUM-PLUM! Okay, we can leave this place. Exit to
    the world map. My advice is to immediately train to level 2 and then go to the
    town to the east of you. Don't forget, you can go back to your bed to get
    healing if you need it. (Ray reached level 2)
    Okay, time to go into town. You should see a blue house with a face on the roof
    south of where you entered. Go into it to see a shock: This is the same house
    that was in the prelude. Go up to the man to learn that he is Uncle Save and
    that, through him, you can save your game. Do so. Go to the item shop (has a
    pot above the door) and purchase two bread items and an antidote. Don't buy
    anything at the weapon and armor shop yet. To do this next part, make sure that
    you are fully rested, because this is your first mini boss of the game. Go into
    the house that is the most northeast. In here, go to the far left cluster of
    dressers to get 50 gold. Then go up top the part of the house with the cat
    standing between the two beds. Talk to the cat. Cat- Meow...I am just your
    everyday normal cat! Not! I'm Cat Boo! You!...I don't like the way you look.
    I'll beat you! (People overuse exclamation points in this game)
    ~Cat Boo~
    Hit Points- Around 50
    Experience- 16
    Gold- 6
    My Battle:
    Ray-Fight-Cat Boo-11 damage
    Cat Boo-Fight-Ray-5 damage
    Ray-Fight-Cat Boo-12 damage
    Cat Boo-Fight-Ray-5 damage
    Ray-Fight-Cat Boo-10 damage
    Cat Boo-Fight-Ray-4 damage
    Ray-Fight-Cat Boo- 12 damage
    Eliminated Cat Boo
    Won the battle
    Got 16 EP and 6 G
    Since I leveled up once before I fought him, Cat Boo was a cinch. Just attack
    normally. When he falls, he gives you a very decent amount of experience. Note-
    heal if your health goes below 10, just in case Cat Boo scores a critical hit.
    Cat Boo- Umm...! I'll never forget your face!!(He disappears). (FPR) Leave that
    house and go to the southeastern most one.  Go straight up to find an antistop.
    This item cures the 'stop' status ailment. Now go talk to the man that is pacing
    around. Man- Ray? (Answer yes) My name is David of Kustera. Your father was the
    great Aqutallion. Ray! Homncruse's evil power is increasing. Our world will be
    consumed by darkness if he is not stopped. You must seek out the crest of stars
    soon. Then you can be called "Aqutallion Warrior". Only when you become the
    Aqutallion will you be able to defeat Homncruse. The crest of stars is located
    somewhere in the mountain. Hurry! Ray! Hurry! (FPR). Exit the town now. Head
    northeast until you see two mountains. (Ray reached level 3: Learned Heal1 when
    you get magic)The mountain at the top is the one that you want to enter right
    now. Once you're inside, you should only have one path that you can follow.
    Once you get to the end of the path you should see a doorway. Enter it. You are
    now inside a stone room with two yellow tiles. If you enter the one at the top,
    you will be in the Red Fountain with nothing to do, so step on the other yellow
    tile. (You become a star and fly off of the screen. The screen fades to a white
    field. A man appears.) Man- Become "Aqutallion" Ray...my son...Ray...Your task
    is to become an Aqutallion and beat Homncruse, ruler of darkness. Fight Ray!
    (You come back to the room. A pillar of light stretches above you and a star
    envelops you.) You obtain the Starcrest item! Ray became Pennon! (David walks
    in) David- Finally, you are "Pennon". This is only the first step to become a
    saint warrior of Aqutallion. Even though you are "Pennon", you are still a kid.
    Whenever you get into trouble, feel free to call us for help at anytime. We
    Kustera can switch and fight for you at anytime. First, go destroy the
    Homncruse follower who lives in Jeep Volcano. Jeep Volcano has an entrance in
    the nearby mountain. Let's fight together until we destroy Homncruse. (David
    joined you!) He becomes a tent in front of you. Now you can use the switch
    option to change to the Kustera party. (FPR) Check your status...YEAH! Now we
    have magic! Now that we have mp, it will be a lot easier to train since we can
    heal ourselves without using all of those expensive items. Now...we need a few
    things. Save up money until you have enough money to buy two shortsword items,
    a nomalhat and a hard suit item. Save the nomalhat for last, because you can
    immediately buy it after selling your default armor and any armor you might
    have gotten from monsters. Trust me, you'll want Tina to have a decent weapon
    later on, so buy those two short swords. We're buying the hardsuit because
    we're going to make this next part (and boss battle) insanely easy. Oh, and the
    hardsuit also protects against poison, so we want that. Since fighting monsters
    is the only way to gain gold at this point, let's do some training.
    The monsters in this region are called: Slime, Red Slime, Pig Man and Bad Slime.
    All of the Slimes are easy to defeat, but you need to watch out for the Bad
    Slimes, because they can poison you. Until around level 4, the Pig Men will
    take about two hits to kill. Now, I recommend that you go into the lower of the
    two caves in the northern region, because the monsters give a little more ex and
    gold. But don't go past the first screen yet. In addition to the monsters on the
    world map, Bats, Hedgehogs, Stun Rats and Quills are the enemies here. The only
    things that you should look out for here are the Quill and Stun Rat, which are a
    little harder to beat than the Hedgehog. However, after buying your first
    shortsword and equipping it, every enemy in this area should fall in one hit.
    Since we have magic now, you wouldn't have to go rest as often because now you
    can just heal when needed. When your hp goes below 20, heal. (Ray reached level
    4)(Ray reached level 5: Learned Coma1)(Ray reached level 6)(Ray reached level 7:
    Learned Flee1) Okay, that's done. Now go back to your house and sleep in your
    bed (it recovers mp too; anywhere else only restores hp) then go to Uncle Save
    and record your progress. You should have picked up about five or six plum-plums
    from enemies, so you don't need to buy any bread. Just remember, keep a plum-
    plum in your inventory for later on in the game. Since nobody knows Cure yet,
    pick up two antidotes at the item shop.
    Now we can get down to business. Go back to the place that you were training in
    (the lower of the two upper mountains) and advance to the second screen. 
    Welcome to Jeep Volcano. It's my suggestion that you use magic sparingly, since 
    you (possibly) might need to heal for the boss. The monsters in this area are
    the same as in the cave. I didn't want you to train here because if you ran out
    of magic it'd be a longer walk back to a source of healing. Anyway, head
    immediately left and up the first ladder you see. Open the chest for a Rat-tail,
    which lets you escape from a dungeon. In this area, there is a blue force field
    that you cannot open. If you want to, you can switch to the Kustera party (level
    David up to level 3) and open these blue force fields, but I'm not going to
    cover any of the Kustera activity in this play through. There is an excellent
    feature later in the game though, and it lets you transfer items between
    parties. There is a mandatory involvement between both parties, so it's wise to
    keep both parties fairly equally leveled. Go back down the ladder and head left
    until you can see a yellow force field (head southwest for another Kustera force
    field)that only the Aqutallion party can open. Head up the (completed) ladder
    and head all the way left for a chest containing an antidote. Head up the ladder
    to the entrance of the next area. The screen shakes ominously as you draw near.
    You emerge into a cloudy mountain pass with a straightforward path that nobody
    could possible get lost on. Go through the exit into the obviously stony volcano
    cliff top. Head right and up until you see the exit, which is right next to the
    crater. Uh oh, a ladder leading down in to the abyss? Not good. There are three
    new enemies here: The Goblin, Cat Boo and the Bone. Cat Boo's a joke, but both
    Goblins and Bones can deal and take a lot of damage unless you got the hardsuit,
    so be careful and watch your hp. Don't worry, right before the boss battle you
    have the chance to be healed (not mp). Go down the ladder and enjoy the sinister
    music that is playing. Head right down the next ladder, and the next, and the
    next (hey, they overdid ladders in this dungeon) and the next until you see a
    treasure chest that contains another antidote. Head left to see a chest with a
    nomalhat in it. Head up the ladder, left, and down the ladders. Take the path
    around the lava and head upwards along the thin path beside the door to get a
    chest with bread in it. Head through the door now. (Ray reached level 8)
    However, if you are less than 50ex from level up, fight a little more to have
    that extra advantage over the boss. Go down the...STAIRS! No more ladders! Don't
    talk to the man yet but sleep in the bed. Then talk to Gari.
    Gari- I'm Dr. Gari. I've been waiting for you Ray. Feel the wrath of my latest
    invention as it wakes Jeep Volcano and destroys the island. The wishes of Master
    Homncruse will be fulfilled! I'll destroy you along with Heart Island!
    ~Dr. Gari~
    Hit Points- Around 130
    Experience- 116
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Ray-Fight-Gari-22 damage
    Gari-Blow Fire-Ray-6 damage
    Ray-Fight-Gari-18 damage
    Gari-Fight-Ray-1 damage (3 cheers for the hardsuit)
    Ray-Fight-Gari-20 damage
    Gari-Blow Gas-Ray-4 damage
    Ray-Fight-Gari-20 damage
    Gari-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Ray-Magic-Fire1-Gari-12 damage
    Gari-Blow Gas-Ray-9 damage
    Ray-Fight-Gari-21 damage
    Gari-FightRay-1 damage
    Ray-Fight-Gari-18 damage
    Eliminated Dr. Gari
    Won the battle
    Got 116EX
    Dr. Gari just didn't want to die. He has a natural resistance to Fire magic, so
    I saved my magic for the Healing that I never needed, thanks to my trusty
    hardsuit. ~Not confirmed~ When Dr. Gari blows gas, he can poison you. I will
    confirm this in my Kustera play through, version 2.0. Just attack him physically
    and he'll eventually fall.
    Gari- No...Not Yet...Ha, Ha, Ha! I flipped the explosion switch! Explosion...
    can't be...avoided...Aha, ha, ha! Viva Homncruse (he dies) The lab and Heart
    Island go up in flames with the eruption of Jeep Volcano. You wake up in a
    strange place with David and another person. Man- Are you with it Ray? My name
    is Bosen. I rescued you guys in the nick of time. Your father has been destroyed
    by Homncruse. Don't forget that name! You are destined to fight him one
    day...(fade black) A plane is flying over the world map. It hovers over Old Hill
    (fade black) Bosen- In this world, there are four others with the destiny to
    become Aqutallions. Find them and fight together. Also, find the 11 Kusteras who
    help the Aqutallion. When in trouble, they will fight for you. Gather all in
    this land and build a town. Work with others and destroy Homncruse! (David goes
    into the temple and Bosen leaves Old Hill. (FPR)
    Badbad's Reign     (BAD2)
    Immediately go north into the temple where David vanished. Inside, you see his
    tent, so it's all okay. Go straight up onto the symbol on the floor. This
    restores both hp and mp. Leave the temple and talk to Uncle Save. He informs you
    that no one on Heart Island survived that explosion. Save your game and exit Old
    Hill. If you  stay in the vicinity of Old Hill (don't go past the mountains) the
    monsters will remain the same as they were on Heart Island. Heading west, you
    immediately see a town. Go to it (the only new monster in the immediate area is
    the zombie, which can cast 'stop', and that gives you game over at this point in
    time, so take them out first or run away).
    Welcome to Winds, the ruined town. You should notice a sharp contrast between
    this place and any other place you've been to. Apparently, a fiend called Badbad
    destroyed the town. Another informs you that south of here is a town called
    Beegees, and to the west is an architects house. Head into the western house for
    a lackluster shop that sells things that we don't need at the moment (Buy a
    Lethsuit for later) The fat guy says that Badbad and his thieves, who live far
    to the south, destroyed the town. Now, head into the house on the right and talk
    to the guy in bed. Man- I raised a child named Tina, although she is not my true
    daughter. Some time ago, a visiting soldier left her to me. She is a girl of
    mysterious purpose...Please help Tina...There are many enemies out there. She is
    too young to fight them. Her power is yet to come...(FPR) Now head down to the
    basement, where you see three children in a corner approaching them sets off the
    following conversation: Children- Sob, sob...Badbad burned the town down! My
    friends got kidnapped by Badbad! Help us (choose yes) Thank you! We'll be
    waiting for you at Old Hill. (FPR) Congrats! You've just taken the first step
    to building your town. Exit Winds and head south, east, and south again (if you
    head west, be on the lookout for powerful new enemies, which I do not advise
    you to encounter until Tina is in our party. Do not go on the ice either,
    because it does one damage point for every step it takes. And if you go on the
    ice all the way to the east, there is a peninsula that houses extremely
    powerful enemies that won't be fought for a long time) to Beegees. On the way,
    you'll see a bridge with no apparent use yet. I recommend leveling up to level
    9 before entering Beegees. In the area around Beegees is a temple that Ray can
    go to. Don't do this yet. In fact, don't do this until you've gotten a full
    party of five. (Ray reached level 9: Learned Fly By1) Now that you have Fly By,
    you can easily transport yourself from Old Hill to Beegees and vice versa.
    Winds is not included on the Fly By chart.
    Now enter Beegees. Hmmm, no humans in sight, only dogs. Go into the various
    shops around...and see dogs behind the counters. Something's going on here.
    From the entrance, head right and go into the house. Go straight up and get a
    plum-plum from the dresser. Sleep in the bed here to recover hp before your
    miniboss battle. Leave the house and head south. Go into the church and be
    treated with a nice pre miniboss speech. Man- Who the heck are you? You're one
    of them as well? Get him!
    ~Three Badmen~
    Hit points each- Around 40
    Experience- 42
    Gold- 24
    My Battle:
    Ray-Fight-Badman1-21 damage
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badman1-21 damage
    Eliminated Badman1
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Ray-Magic-Fire1-Badman2-16 damage
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badman2-23 damage
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badman2-22 damage
    Eliminated Badman2
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badman3-23 damage
    Badman-Fight-Ray-1 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badman3-19 damage
    Eliminated Badman3
    Won the battle
    Got 42EX and 24 Gold
    This is a monotonous battle if you've followed my guide so far. I had no more
    than 3 damage given to me per turn. This surprised me, because in previous play
    throughs, this was a fairly hard battle. Maybe I over leveled a bit...Oh well,
    it'll come in handy eventually (next Boss). Just physically attack them since
    Fire does less damage than physical attacks do. Winning gets you decent
    experience and decent gold, but nothing like Dr. Gari. Note- These guys did big
    damage on my second play through, so I think that it depends on certain
    Priest- Thank you...they were working for Badbad. Using a Dog Pill, Badbad
    changed the townspeople into dogs (so that's what happened). Please, destroy
    Badbad and return the townspeople to normal. Badbad-House is in the south part
    of town.(FPR) Head over to the unconscious girl in the corner and talk to her.
    Girl- My name is Tina. I am traveling. Oh...that star is...!? (Starcrest shines)
    Tina became Pennon! Tina- that star is...I have that one too! I recall my father
    telling me about four friends when I was young. We would all become Aqutallions
    and fight together. Let's unite Ray! We'll rescue the kids and destroy
    Homncruse! Tina joined you! (FPR) Now we finally have two party members. Let me
    begin by saying this: Tina will only be good for fighting while you're playing
    this section of the game involving Badbad. After that time, her attack is simply
    too low and her weapons too crappy for any assault. That's why Tecmo gave her
    healing skills and a really useful spell; Freeze. Another major issue: look at
    her level...AAAAAAHHHHH!? Level 1!? No! Well, it looks like another
    major leveling time. Equip Tina with the shortsword, Lethsuit and nomalhat. Go
    outside and train until Tina is level 8. It might take a while, but if you want
    to continue to do as good as you've done so far (as well as being able to cure
    'stop' by using Cure-B1), take the time to make her shine...kind of.(Tina
    reached level 2)(Tina reached level 3: Learned Freeze1) Take notice that by
    level 3, Tina has more mp than Ray does at level 9.(Tina reached level 4:
    Learned Fast1)(Tina reached level 5: Learned Slow1) You can now beat Zombies in
    one turn. Have Ray attack and Tina use Freeze1.(Tina reached level 6: Learned
    Cure-A1) At this point, Zombies can be beaten by just having both members attack
    normally.(Ray reached level 10)(Tina reached level 7)(Tina reached level 8:
    Learned Cure-B1) Okay, Tina's ready to go. Fly By back to Old Hill, heal up,
    Save, and walk back to Beegees.
    Enter the town and leave it by its southern exit. In this small area consisting
    of a cave entrance and Beegees, there are some new enemies to meet. The Echo
    Cat, which takes two turns to beat with a party of two, the Holo Bird, which
    can put party members to sleep, the Badbunny, which casts Freeze1, and the
    Badman, which is exactly the same as the monsters that you fought in the
    church. Without further ado, enter Badbad's cave. Yay! Another new monster. The
    Pumpking monster is fairly easy to beat, but when paired with another Pumpking,
    can blow fire to damage your entire party. When a Pumpking and an Echo Cat are
    both in the enemy party, defeat the Pumpking quickly or they could combine to
    become a King Cat, which is a very nasty enemy to fight. Head directly right
    for a chest containing a Rat-tail. Go back to the left, cross the bridge, and
    go up the ladder to get a nomalhat. Head back into the first area and take the
    higher path this time. Cross the bridge and go straight up to get an antidote.
    Head left and go through the door. (Tina reached level 9) The Ghost and Wolf
    enemies are introduced here. Defeat the Ghost by casting any magic on it, and
    just beat up the wolf or use freeze for an easy victory. But be careful: Keep a
    tight rein on your mp so you still have some for the boss. Don't go up the
    ladder yet. Instead head directly left to get a bread. (Ray reached level 11)
    Go back to the entrance and head up along the path (not the ladder) to get a
    wonderful plum-plum. NOW you can head up the ladder. Cross the bridge and go
    into the next room. Go up the ladder and head left across the bridge and then
    south to get a new item: Telepo. This is the same as Fly By. Go to the upper
    bridge and cross it to get to the exit. Wow, a change in scenery. It
    immediately makes one think of Jeep Volcano. There is also a new enemy present:
    The Killerbug. Just beat the crap out of it like everything else. Beware: It
    can poison you.(Tina reached level 10) Climb the ladders until you have the
    option of going to the right or the left. Go to the left and climb the ladder
    to get the moon-drop, which restores mp. Use it only as a last resort because
    they are rare. Go back to where you were before and climb right, and then climb
    down the other ladder to get a plum-plum. Climb back up and go through the
    exit. Go to the right and climb up the ladder. Head left and climb up that
    ladder to get a restore, which revives a killed party member. Go back to the
    ladders and climb upwards. At this point I surpassed 2000 gold, and that much
    money will come in handy. Keep climbing up, but when you get to the exit, keep
    going left and then down the left ladder to get a bread. Go through the exit.
    Man, this place never ends. Having not run from any battles, Ray had 3mp left
    and Tina had 34mp left, and our hp was running low. But do not worry! A bed is
    coming up on the screen after this. Head right, up, right, up, then left. Go
    straight up and enter Badbad-House. Head directly left to enter a room with
    beds. Although my mp was still in horrible shape (Ray's was, because I knew I
    needed Tina for the Boss fight) my health was restored, and that made me feel
    good. Head back to the junction and then go up to the stairs. (Ray reached
    level 12: Learned Repel1) In this room get the hardsuit and equip it on Tina. I
    can tell you that having Tina fully equipped makes a huge difference. Go back
    and sleep in the bed if you want to, and then continue right along the main
    passage. As you near the exit, get a load of the huge treasure room that you
    can't access. Now go through the exit. Sleep in the bed before engaging in your
    second boss battle. Badbad- Who the heck are you? Did you ask for a Dog-Pill?
    Aha ha! You're something else; coming to take something that belongs to
    thieves. I'll destroy you guys!
    Hit Points- Around 290
    Experience- 542
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Ray-Fight-Badbad-27 damage
    Badbad-Fight-Tina-CRITICAL 38 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze1-Badbad-19 damage
    Tina-Fight-Badbad-16 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badbad-26 damage
    Badbad-Call help-No help came
    Tina-Fight-Badbad-13 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badbad-25 damage
    Badbad-Fight-Tina-18 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badbad-27 damage
    Badbad-Fight-Ray-9 damage
    Tina-Magic-Heal1-Tina-42 points
    Tina-Fight-Badbad-15 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badbad-24 damage
    Badbad-Fight-Tina-20 damage
    Tina-Fight-Badbad-12 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badbad-28 damage
    Badbad-Call help- No help came
    Tina-Fight-Badbad-13 damage
    Ray-Fight-Badbad-28 damage
    Badbad-Fight-Tina-19 damage
    Tina-Magic-Heal1-Tina-41 points
    Ray-Fight-Badbad-23 damage
    Eliminated Badbad!
    Won the battle!
    Got 542EX
    (Tina reached level 11: Learned Mute1)I'm glad I had a little mp left for Tina
    to heal with. As you can see by my battle, Badbad is weaker to Tina's Freeze1
    than Tina's physical attack, but Tina's heal is needed more in this fight.
    Please e-mail me as to whether Badbad's 'call help' ever calls anything. If
    Tina's hp drops below 35, heal. If Ray's hp drops below 20, heal. Just attack
    normally and if you saved your mp more than I did, attack with freeze1.
    Badbad- Umm...! I'll never forget your face! (Disappears through secret
    passage) Oh no! I took the wrong exit again (Takes stairs)(FPR) now go and walk
    on the chair where Badbad was sitting. Now you have access to the treasure
    area. In order from left to right, the treasures are: 100 gold, antidote,
    Magbranch, Asprin, Dog Pill, meatball, 200 gold, Lethshoes (equip Tina). Go
    back up and take the stairs to be warped back to the world map. Head back to
    Beegees and talk to the priest. Priest- Oh...you made it! Thank you. The people
    of the town can return to normal now. (Goes outside and scatters the dog pill.
    The people return to normal) Priest- Now the people have returned. Thank you
    guys! (FPR)First of all, head to the shops. Be warned, the hardsuit is the
    heaviest armor that Tina can equip. Buy a Midswrd for Ray...is that it? No
    wonder Badbad turned these worthless people into dogs. Now, head east to the
    farthest house. Talk to the man inside. Man- Huh...? You...are you Aqutallions?
    (answer yes) My name is Ryu of Kustera. I've been waiting for you. Let's fight
    together. Ryu joined you! We Kustera are able to join up to five and there are
    a total of 11 Kusteras. Each has a unique ability. So, let's unite and get the
    rest of our friends. Return to Old Hill to heal (who needs inns when you have a
    free one). Astonishingly, it appears that Uncle Save has a brother in just
    about every Fly By town, so save in Beegees before we start our new adventure.
    The Ringo brothers     (RIN2)
    First of all, I must say that it feels weird having full mp. Secondly, go to
    the item shop and buy 10 bread items. Thirdly, the house in Beegees in the
    southwest is our next destination. Go there now and talk to the fat man
    guarding the staircase. Man- No Don't! There is a horrible monster's hideout
    ahead. I'm the mayor of this town. Who are you? I see...you are the ones who
    saved this town. All of us here appreciate it. But the Ringo Bros who live in
    the mountains may be stronger than you. This I fear...by Homncruse's rule, the
    Ringo Bros kidnap neighboring kids for experiments. What...? You are going to
    destroy Homncruse aren't you? I see...you are ancestors of Actos stars...O.K.
    I pray that you and your party can destroy the Ringo Bros and Homncruse. Hang
    in there(FPR). Now that the mayor has gotten out of the way, we can now proceed
    down the staircase. You're now inside of a cave that only has one path, so try
    your best not to get lost. We exit to the world map and a huge mansion. First
    of all, try to level Tina and Ray up another level. This can easily be done by
    stepping into the mansion and facing the new enemies that appear there. These
    enemies are: The Spider, which can poison you as well as take a lot of damage
    before dying, and the Man-trap, which just gives and takes a lot of damage.
    (Ray reached level 13: Learned Heal2) Yay! Your first level two spell. All that
    you do to use a higher ranked spell is: Select the magic from the menu and use
    the D-Pad to select which spell level to use. Higher spells use more mp. Heal2
    heals more hit points than Heal1. (Tina reached level 12: Learned Freeze2) Once
    you're all leveled up to your satisfaction, return to Beegees so you can heal
    and save. Let me say this before we advance any farther into the dungeon: You
    do not get a health restore right before the boss battle. Be conservative with
    mp as well, because healing will probably be needed, as well as Freeze2. In the
    first room, there is a Kustera force field directly in front of you. Heading to
    the left, you'll see an Aqutallion-only force field. Break it and advance into
    the next room. Follow the one way street to the staircase and ascend. Take the
    stairs again. Head left and take the stairs. Take the stairs again (first
    ladders, now staircases. Until further notice, take all of the staircases)
    Finally, after more and more staircase rooms, we emerge in a large room with a
    man in it. Man- Who are you strangers? Knowing that this was our hideout, you
    came to help the kids, right? Hey brother! (leaves)(FPR) Follow him, and sadly
    notice the kids inside of the test tubes. Talk to the kid beside his brother in
    this room. Leach- Ah ha...only you arrive here; no one can help you! Meet your
    maker kids! Bingo- Are these the ones who came to help the kids? I'm Bingo, one
    of the Homncruse family. Meet your doom kid!
    ~Bingo and Leach~
    Hit Points (Bingo)- Around 180
    Hit Points (Leach)- Around 150
    Experience- 1774
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-48 damage (B), 28 damage (L)
    Ray-Fight-Leach-CRITICAL 50 damage
    Leach-Fight-Tina-8 damage
    Bingo-Fight-Tina-17 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-62 damage (B), 32 damage (L)
    Ray-Fight-Leach-21 damage
    Bingo & Leach work together-Bolt-All-21 damage (R), 10 damage (T)
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-76 damage (B), 24 damage (L)
    Eliminated Bingo
    Eliminated Leach
    Won the Battle!
    Got 1774EX
    If you followed my instructions and got that extra level for everyone, you not
    only had Freeze2, but Heal2 as well. Those two spells control this battle. I
    never directly attacked Bingo but actually killed him in the same turn as I did
    Leach because Freeze2 targets everybody. If you don't have Freeze2 or Heal2,
    target leach with Freeze1 and melee attacks because he can heal Bingo. Just
    beat up Bingo with various attacks after Leach is dead.
    (Ray reached level 14)(Tina reached level 13: Learned Cure-A2) Kids- Thank you
    guys, thank you very much. Tina- Thank you Ray. There are three more
    Aqutallions. Let's find everyone and only be happy when we destroy Homncruse.
    (fade black to lava pit where four people are standing in a square. Sadly I
    couldn't type fast enough to get the conversation but the gist of it is that
    the four main followers of Homncruse are acknowledging that the Aqutallions
    have reborn in a newer generation and that they are now a huge threat. They
    order Garados to take care of the new threat. (fade to black) (FPR) You are now
    back on Old Hill, along with all of the children that were being experimented
    upon in the Ringo Brother's lab. (why do they call it Ringo instead of Bingo?)
    Talk to Uncle Save to save and get your new quest
    Architect, Farmer, Scientist     (AFS2)
    Go up and heal first, because the area that we're about to go into has almost
    no previously seen monsters. Head northwest and admire all of the monsters that
    you can now kill with ease. All of them should be familiar to you now. Our
    destination is the lonely house that you should eventually spot. Talk to the
    man in the front yard. Man- My boss is edgy as always...what!? You say you're
    looking for a builder? O.K., O.K.! I'll do it! I just want to try my skills.
    I'm afraid the boss will not let me build a house alone. All that is left to do
    is to find farmers? There is an expert farmer in Giant named Baz. What...?
    Aren't you a stranger here? Go west to find the town of Decatas. Be careful!
    Strangers are unwelcome there. Giant is a small town south of Decatas. It's a
    cheerful town with nice people. (FPR) Go into the hose now and talk to the
    boss. Boss- What? Who are you? Uh huh. You're going to build a town. I see...by
    the way, our Bun is about you age. I wonder if he needs to get ready for the
    "real" world. Hey Bun! These men employ you. Work hard! Bun- My name is Bun.
    I'm still a student, so take it easy on me! Builder Bun joined you! Oh...Bun,
    before you leave, clean up those barrels outside. Now you have a builder for
    your town (he doesn't join your party) and a clear path to the western region.
    Okay, one third of this section is complete, but it will be the only easy part.
    This new region is really bad. Expect to die here at least once, whether it be
    by the Kustera or Aqutallion party. Here are the new monsters in this region
    (feel free to abuse Freeze2 on all of them except the ones you find by walking
    on ice.) The Goldog, Firefly, Bandit, Pig King and Tarantula, which are just
    suped up versions of the Wolf, Killerbug, Bingo, Pig Man and Spider (they deal
    big damage), and The Val Eagle, Dragon, Rock Bird and Big Worm, which give huge
    damage but are weak to Freeze magic. Go straight south to a small town called
    Giant. Then go into the house right beside the inn and talk to the blond guy in
    the chair. Man- Huh...Wait a minute!? (ground shakes) Man- It's that fool
    Morgan at it again. He is the town fool who is always digging holes in the
    ground. You've got to meet him. It's not easy though, since he hides
    underground. (FPR) Not easy huh? It'll be easy for you because you've got me! I
    feel special all of a sudden :)
    Exit Giant and then go back in. Head right below the tree line but be careful
    where you step once you reach the edge. Head upwards until you see a hole in
    the ground. Go inside to find the elusive Morgan. Morgan- Huh...? What do you
    want? I'm Morgan, a tunnel-digging expert. If you pay me, I'll be happy to dig
    you a hole anywhere. What? You want to see Baz? Impossible! Going to see him
    will only get you eliminated by Giant Golan. If you must see him, you better
    see Dynamite in Decatas. He should help you. Dynamite is unfriendly, but you
    have no choice. (talk to him again) Morgan- Why do you stay? Go to Decatas
    quickly and see Dynamite. A ha! You can't enter Decatas town, can you? (answer
    yes) So, you need me? O.K., give me 100 gold and I'll let you in (even though
    it'll probably burst your multi-thousand gold piggy bank, give him 100 gold)
    Follow me. (fade to Decatas, where Morgan digs a hole) Morgan- I'm done. What
    do you think? If you need anything else, come back. If you have the money, I'll
    help. See ya! (FPR) Enter Decatas.
    Buy two Woodshoes, two Derbys, a Chainmail, a Holycane, and a Hammer. That
    shouldn't be too difficult with all of the gold that you've accumulated. Go to
    the building with the green roof near the entrance of town. Save your game and
    head up to the dressers, where you'll find a Magicleaf, a Magbranch, and 300
    gold. Then go into the hospital and talk to the nurse behind the counter.
    Nurse-...Today I can't put on my make-up the way I want to...sigh. (FPR) We can
    leave now and come back later in this section. Go to the poor part of town in
    the north. Go the far right house in the cluster and talk to the woman who
    wants you to find her husband at the local bar and talk some sense into him.
    Head back to the good part of town and go into the bar that you immediately
    see. Talk to the man in the white. Man- What...? Burp. What's wrong with my
    wife? Nonsense! Don't nag me...I shouldn't be here. I'm a priest! I was a
    Kustera working to help the Aqutallion. What? You are Aqutallion? Well? Tell me
    again. You did say Aqutallion right? Have the once mighty and proud Aqutallion
    soldiers again been resurrected? Let's all fight! No time for eating, let's
    fight! Ben joined you (FPR)Head outside and go to the east part of town. Go to
    the southern building and sell your plum-plum for 500 gold. See, I told you to
    keep one. Now go out and head into the church. Talk to the priest. Priest- Uh
    oh...my dear pupil is missing. First orphaned and now I think he's kidnapped.
    Please help him. His name is Cody. He is a very important boy, born under a
    mysterious destiny. Now leave and go back to the good part of town. Head north
    and enter the metal building. Go to the top floor and talk to the man that is
    working on a robot. Man-Huh...? What do you want? Just wait please. Ok,
    completed! (Flips switch and the robot blows up) Man-Darn I hate that dumb
    robot. Now what's wrong?! Huh?...who are you? I'm Dynamite. You want to destroy
    the Golan? What are you talking about? Start at the beginning. I see...you are
    building the town...that's great...O.K., I've decided to lend you the latest
    weapon if you let me join you. How's that (answer yes) Here it is! Now, use
    this when you fight Golan. Got Graviton. I'd like you to build a big laboratory
    for me instead...Oh the good life! But I want to ask you one thing. Can you
    take me there since I've never left alone?(Yes) I see! Please remember, I'm not
    afraid at all! Well, let's go! (fade black to Old Hill) So...this is your town.
    Huh...all I want is to study hard by myself. Many kids are here, but don't let
    any near my house. They are so nosy...see ya! Professor Dynamite joined
    you(FPR) Well, we're two thirds of the way done. Fly By to Giant. Spend time to
    level up your party twice. You'll have Fast2, Heal2 (Tina), and Fire2 for the
    upcoming Boss fight. My advice is to station yourself near Giant and use the
    inn there when necessary. (Uncle Save is there too)(Ray reached level 15:
    Learned Fire2)(Tina reached level 14: Learned Heal2)(Tina reached level 15:
    Learned Fast2)(Ray reached level 16: Learned Coma2) and then rest at the inn,
    and approach the huge house. Go straight up to check for a Rat-tail. Go to the
    northwest part of the house to check the desk for a restore. Check the dresser
    right above the stairs for 200 gold. Go down the stairs and approach the door
    to engage a Boss Fight. Baz- Is anyone there? You have to get out of here.
    Fast! Golan- What? You're nothing!...I'll  crush you!
    ~Golan (Jr)~
    Hit Points- Around 410
    Experience- 1195
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Golan-Fight-Tina-23 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-36 damage (G)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Golan-44 damage
    Golan-Fight-Tina-19 damage
    Golan-Fight-Ray-14 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-32 damage (G)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Golan-43 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze-All-33 damage (G)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Golan-34 damage
    Golan-Fight-Tina-17 damage
    Ray-Fight-Golan-18 damage
    Golan-Fight-Tina-19 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-24 damage (G)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Golan-45 damage
    Golan-Fight-Tina-20 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-37 damage (G)
    Golan-Fight-Ray-12 damage
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Golan-32 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-39 damage (G)
    Eliminated Golan Jr.
    Won the battle!
    Got 1195Ex
    Golan Jr. can be hard if you're not prepared. Ray has a high defense, so he's
    okay. Tina however, should cast Fast2 on herself the first round, while Ray
    uses the Graviton. Then you should just use your level 2 elemental spells and
    heal2 when their hp gets below 30. The reason for this is that Golan is very
    fond of scoring critical hits, and I'm pretty surprised that he didn't pull one
    over on me during this fight.
    Baz- My name is Baz. I'm a farmer. Thanks for rescuing me. Are all of you
    building a town? I can plant well! Let me do the fields. What do you say (yes)
    I'll plant plum-plum! Let's go to your town. Hurry! (fade black to Old Hill)
    Baz- Fumm...So, this is the place...it looks worth farming. Well, I'll cut
    these trees and plant crops! Let's build a huge town! Farmer Baz joined you.
    We're done with this part! Now we should check around town: Two houses are
    complete, (yours and Dynamites) a Kustera inn is being built for when you have
    six or more Kustera; you'll be able to switch people out at that time. Finally
    we head to the last house. Uncle Save has taken up residency in this one. He
    says that he'd left for a while and saw something interesting at Decatas. Hmmm.
    The last time we went there, there was a sign that said "Circus coming soon" (I
    didn't mention it in this guide because I assumed that you people had a little
    free will and were exploring the town a bit and talking to people, etc.)
    Anyway, get yourself over to Decatas via Fly By.
    Magician Garados     (MGA2)
    (************************ MY GAME ERASED ITSELF... 
    Waaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Oh well, it's time to see if my walkthrough is 
    any good up to this point...Something's weird in this play through; I have 
    the same equipment and am at the same level...but my attack and defense
    are lower. I actually had to heal in the Badmen fight. Are stats random at the
    start of every file? I'll confirm it soon.  Phew, I'm back to the point where my
    game erased itself. I changed a few things in the guide and realized my true 
    calling as a level-up tyrant. But seriously, my stats are horrible compared to
    the last play through, so I might need to...LEVEL UP SOME MORE 
    MUHAHAHAHAH... just kidding. Okay, back to the walkthrough.
    Once in Decatas, head back to the eastern square where the big, open space used
    to be. We now see that it is no longer a big, open space, but a circus tent.
    Talk to the guy at the entrance. Man- Welcome to Garados' big circus! (Did he
    say Garados?) Well...? No ticket...You can't get in without one. (FPR) Well,
    this presents a problem. How do we get a ticket to enter the magical circus of
    doom? I'll tell you: By following this walkthrough. Head northeast until you
    see a nice house. Go in and talk to the bearded man. Man- This is the place to
    vote for the mayor. The polls will close soon. Are you voting? (yes) Huh...?
    You can't vote without a voting note. (Mayor candidate comes over) You...you
    just dropped this. (FPR) Talk to the man again. Man- This is the place to vote
    for the mayor. The polls will close soon. Are you voting? (yes) Here you are.
    You're the last voter. Candidates- Who is elected? Me!? Me!? Man- Wait a
    minute...Let me make an announcement: A new mayor has been elected. Old 
    mayor-Darn!! New Mayor- Ha, ha, ha...It's as I expected; I must laugh. Ha, ha,
    ha...(FPR) Now leave the building and head south to the house above the
    warehouse. Talk to the new mayor. Mayor- He...I finally became mayor of
    Decatas...I'll make a bundle! Aha, ha, ha, ha...what do you want? I see...you
    thought you could take advantage of me...Huh! I do not fear you! Okay, you can
    have this. That is more than enough for kids. Got ticket!! (FPR) Okay, the
    mayor gave us a circus ticket, so return to there. Once inside, talk to a few
    of the people in the stands. They will tell you about a talking lion that's
    supposed to debut today. Go into the next room and head all the way around to
    talk to the clown here. Clown-Hey, this area is for staff members only! Tina-
    We would like a job in the circus. Who do we see about a job? Clown- Huh? You
    mean manager Garados? I see...go    through this room. There should be a great
    item on the way. I wonder if you can find it. Ha, ha. (FPR) Now let's go get
    that item and then talk to the person that we have to beat up about getting a
    job in his circus. Now, there is probably a more direct route to getting this
    item, but this is just how I walked there to get it. Head into the right
    entrance of the maze. Go up, left, up, left, down, left, up, left, down, left,
    up, left, down, left, up, left one step, up all the way and then down 2 steps
    and right, (you can see your character now) through the maze again, right,
    down, right, up, right, down, right, down (you can see your character now)
    Down, right, down, right, up, right, down, right, up, left, then press A. Found
    loincloth! Equip Ray and watch his defense soar. Head straight up and go up the
    stairs. Now we're in the rafters above the Garados circus. Make your way to the
    far left side of the stage to get Woodshoes. Then head up clockwise from there
    and down to get to the stairs and an Anglehat, which should be equipped on
    Tina. Go up the stairs to be in a room with the talking lion. Go over to talk
    to him. The star of Actos flashes! Lion- Help me! My name is Cody...I was
    working at the temple in Decatas, and the circus head Garados kidnapped me. He
    turned me into a lion. Tell...tell the priest! (Garados appears) Garados- I
    haven't met you yet. My name is Garados. I am a follower of Homncruse. Yes,
    this lion is the third Aqutallion that you seek. Now I have him. You are
    nothing if the five of you cannot join. Aha, ha, ha (the circus disappears. You
    are left on the grass in the middle of an open space with a lot of people.)
    (FPR) People are just as mystified as you are. Anyway, head back to Old Hill.
    Your little town is well on the way to becoming prosperous. Now, do you see the
    hospital back there? Remember the disgruntled nurse in Decatas? Go there and
    recruit her for your town.
    While we're here, we should advance our plot a bit. Go back to the church and
    talk to the priest. Priest- What?! That lion in the circus was Cody? I heard
    the circus came from Bonzley, the snow covered town. To go there, you must
    first drop the bridge in the South of Winds. But, it is said that the key to
    the bridge was lost. However, you must save Cody! Please! (FPR) Now do like the
    priest said. Go to Winds and head South. The bridge should come into sight
    quickly enough. Talk to the man inside. Man- Huh...this key...? It was stolen
    from a bratty kid who buried it somewhere. I can't find it. The kid said it
    must be in Giant. Aww shocks. (FPR) Head to Morgan's place in Giant. He is
    apparently not there, but if you go all the way to the right and two squares
    down, you can walk into the wall, and emerge into the black space. Head east
    and then south to talk to Morgan to get a key. Now, I don't think that anybody
    knows what to do next ;). Go back to the bridge and insert the key. You turned
    the key! (the screen shakes) (FPR) Go outside and into a new area. There are
    powerful enemies in this area. All of the monsters that are found here include:
    Big Worm, Rock Bird, Spider, Bandit, Dragon, Man Trap, Trap (upgraded Man Trap)
    Pig Kings (Upgraded Pig Men), Firefly (upgraded Killerbug), Talanchlua
    (Upgraded spiders), Specters (upgraded ghosts) and Zombies (upgraded). The
    second Aqutallion shrine is in this area, but I still suggest that a full party
    has been assembled before tackling these. Okay, from crossing the bridge, head
    south and follow the mountain chain. At the end of the mountain chain you
    should see a temple. Go into Kaja-house. Fall through the hole into...a room of
    gold? Don't get excited, it's not yours. Talk to the man that is made of gold
    on the floor. Man- Oh...you're the first humans I've seen in a while. I am
    Kaja, a chemist. I changed myself into gold be accident (don't chemists usually
    TRY to change things into gold) Will you help me? (yes) Thank you, I owe you
    one (gimme gold). To the south, a monster is hiding in a big forest. His name
    is Sidon. His moustache (?) can help change me back to normal. Please bring it
    to me. I need it.(FPR) Okay, Sidon is a hard boss so... (theme plays) let's,
    you guessed it, level up some more. Have both Ray and Tina level up to level 18
    and level 17 respectively. Here's a good tip. Head north around the mountain to
    the Aqutallion temple. Step on the gray square to restore health and magic.
    Then you can go immediately back to train instead of walking all the way back
    from Old Hill. (Tina reached level 16: Learned Cure-B2) Sleep can now be
    cured...meh. (Ray reached level 17)(Tina reached level 17: Learned Mute2)(Ray
    reached level 18: Learned Coma3) Okay, head south from Kaja-house until you see
    a tree surrounded by three lakes. Enter the forest.
    From the start of the forest go 7 steps down, 1 step left, 3 steps down, 4
    steps right, 2 steps down, 3 steps right, 2 steps down, 3 steps left, 2 steps
    down, 1 step right, 3 steps down, 4 steps right, 2 steps down, 3 steps left, 1
    step down, 2 steps left, 2 steps down, 1 step right, 3 steps down, 3 steps
    right, 3 steps down, 2 steps right, 1 step down, 2 steps right, 2 steps up, 1
    step right, 2 steps up, 2 steps left, 1 step up, 1 step left, 1 step up, 1 step
    left, 2 steps up, 1 step right, 1 step up, 2 steps right, 2 steps up, 2 steps
    right, 2 steps up, 4 steps left, 1 step up, 1 step left, 2 steps up, 5 steps
    right, 3 steps up, 5 steps left, 2 steps up, 3 steps left, 2 steps up, 4 steps
    right, 1 step down, 1 step right, 1 step down, 2 steps right, 1 step up, 1 step
    right, 1 step up, 3 steps right, 5 steps up, 1 step left, 3 steps up, 1 step
    right, 3 steps up, 1 step left, 3 steps up, 1 step right, 7 steps up, 1 step
    left, 3 steps up, 1 step right, 3 steps up, 1 step left, 3 steps up, 1 step
    right, 4 steps up, 9 steps left, 1 step up, 1 step left, 1 step up, 1 step
    left, 1 step up, 6 steps left, 1 step up, 1 step left, 1 step up, 3 steps left,
    1 step down, 2 steps left, 2 steps down, 4 steps right, 2 steps down, 6 steps
    left, 1 step up, 3 steps left, 1 step down, 4 steps left, 5 steps down, 1 step
    left, 3 steps down, 1 step right, 3 steps down, 1 step left, 3 steps down, 1
    step right, 7 steps down, 1 step left, 3 steps down, 1 step right, 3 steps
    down, 1 step left, 3 steps down, 1 step right, 5 steps down, 3 steps right, 3
    steps down, 2 steps left, 3 steps down, 1 step left, 2 steps down, 1 step
    right, 6 steps down, 4 steps right, 2 steps down, 1 step right, 1 step down, 2
    steps right, 1 step up, 2 steps right, 1 step down, and finally step into the
    glade to face the boss of Sidon Forest.
    Hit Points- Around 475
    Experience- 1500
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Sidon-6 damage (wtf?!)
    Tina-Magic-Freze2-All-33 damage (S)
    Sidon-Bolt-All-4 damage (R), 13 damage (T)
    Ray-Fight-Sidon-15 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-35 damage (S)
    Sidon-Fire-All-7 damage (R), 11 damage (T)
    Sidon-Fire-All-14 damage (R), 9 damage (T)
    Ray-Fight-Sidon-15 damage
    Tina-Freeze2-All-28 damage (S)
    Sidon-Bolt-All-10 damage (R), 11 damage (T)
    Ray-Fight-Sidon-15 damage
    Sidon-Fight-Ray-26 damage (wtf?!)
    Sidon-Fight-Ray-28 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-34 damage (S)
    Ray-Magic-Heal2-Ray-86 points
    Ray-Fight-Sidon-15 damage
    Tina-Freeze2-All-35 damage (S)
    Ray-Fight-Sidon-CRITICAL-44 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-37 damage (S)
    Sidon-Fight-Ray-27 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-34 damage (S)
    Ray-Fight-Sidon-19 damage
    Ray-Fight-Sidon-15 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-31 damage (S)
    Sidon-Bolt-All- 7 damage (R), 10 damage (T)
    Ray-Fight-Sidon-13 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-30 damage (S)
    Sidon-Fire-All-13 damage (R), 13 damage (T)
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-25 damage (S)
    Eliminated Sidon
    Won the battle!
    Got 1500Ex
    Two pieces of advice: First, never use Ray's Fire attack against Sidon.
    Secondly, Mute2 him before he has a chance to cast Fire2 on somebody or Coma1.
    Other than that, it's a fairly easy fight, except that Sidon does tremendous
    damage. If your hp goes below 60, Heal2. If you follow that strategy, you'll do
    Found Moustache! Got Moustache! I'd recommend going back to Old Hill and
    healing if you have enough mp to Fly By. Then head back to Kaja-house. Kaja-
    Good! Finally I can change myself back to normal. Please step back. Kaja Swings
    around the Mustache (The lab turns back to normal) Kaja- Thank you...finally,
    I'm back to normal, This is for you. Got 2000 gold (that's a decent gift) Go
    through this cave and head south. A town called Bonzley is there. Garados, whom
    you seek, is there. Good luck.(FPR) Finally, we can go to Bonzley. Head out the
    exit. Head southeast until you see an ice-covered town. Enter Bonzley.
    Enter the second shop and purchase 2 Lngboots, 1 Anglehat, and 1 Armor. The
    armor and lngboot went to Tina, while lngboot and anglehat went to Ray. Head
    north from the armor shop and enter the weapon shop. Buy a vulcangun for Ray.
    Here is my party's equipment: Ray- Vulcangun, Loincloth, Anglehat, Lngboots
    Tina- Holycane, Armor, Anglehat, Lngboots. Now, let's explore the rest of
    Bonzley. The house next to the weapon shop has a bed in the upper right corner
    of the house that restores hp and mp, so that will be our base. Head south to
    the next house. Talk to the guy inside. Man- Garados lives in the western mine.
    I hear he keeps a talking lion. (FPR) Well, we now know where to go. Head back
    to Old Hill and save your game. Notice the progress that your little town has
    made. Fly By back to Bonzley and sleep in the bed. Leave and the head southwest
    until you see a cave. Go inside. Head along the one way path to the next room
    and go through the yellow gate. In this area, fight the new enemies to level
    Ray up to 20 and Tina to 19. That will give both members Life1, which can be
    good in a pinch. In this dungeon are Spector, Goldog, Talanchula, Dragon, Ice
    Bear, Armor (watch out for these; they're very strong) and Gas Dragon.(Tina
    reached level 18: Learned Slow2) (Ray reached level 19: Learned Life1)(Tina
    reached level 19: Learned Life1) (Ray reached level 20) Okay, go back to
    Bonzley and buy 2 calm herb items. Save at Old Hill, Fly By back to Bonzley and
    head back to the cave. My suggestion is that whenever you fight a Gas Dragon or
    an Armor, you run away. Head south on the path around the ladder. Follow it
    until you get to another ladder. Go down it and then right to find a chest with
    a Telepo. Head back to the first ladder and descend. Head left as far as you
    can go for a chest with 300 gold. Go back and down the ladder. Head right to
    get a Moon-drop, which should be saved for later in the game. Head now to the
    left until you see a ladder. Go north to get a Cowboyhat, which should be
    equipped on Tina. Go back down the ladder, swing around the path, head up the
    ladder, get the Rat-Tail, head back down the ladder, continue left, and go
    through the door. Head down to get a Powercane (Equip with Tina) and go across
    the bridge. Go up the ladder and through the door. Head up the ladder and
    through the door. Talk to Garados. Garados- Heh Heh Heh...you kids are finally
    here. I've been waiting. Now, Garados will seal your fateful doom.
    Hit Points- Around 690
    Experience- 2339
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Garados-43 damage
    Ray-Fight-Ray-27 damage
    Garados-Snowstorm-All-17 damage (R), 16 damage (T)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Garados-41 damage
    Garados-Snowstorm-All-10 damage (R), 14 damage (T)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Garados-41 damage
    Garados-Snowstorm-All-16 damage (R), 18 damage (T)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Garados-36 damage
    Garados-Snowstorm-All-16 damage (R), 21 damage (T)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Garados-41 damage
    Tina-Magic-Heal2-Ray-84 points
    Garados-Snowstorm-All-14 damage (R), 16 damage (T)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Garados-46 damage
    Garados-Fight-Tina-26 damage
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Garados-38 damage
    Garados-Snowstorm-All-12 damage (R), 21 damage (T)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Garados-45 damage
    Garados-Snowstorm-All-19 damage (R), 18 damage (T)
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-28 damage (G)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Garados-45 damage
    Garados-Fight-Tina-20 damage
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-26 damage (G)
    Ray-Magic-Fire2-Garados-41 damage
    Ray-Fight-Garados-15 damage
    Garados-Magic-Freeze2-All-39 damage (R), 25 damage (T)
    Ray-Fight-Garados-CRITICAL-60 damage :)
    Garados-Fight-Ray-22 damage
    Tina-Magic-Heal2-Ray-87 points
    Ray-Fight-Garados-26 damage
    Eliminated Garados
    Won the battle!
    Got 2339 Ex
    (Tina reached level 20: Learned Cure-A3) (Crap, NOW I can cure Mute) All that
    you have to watch out for is Mute2, Evade3, and Freze2, so if you get a
    successful Mute, this fight is no problem. As you can see with me, all hell
    broke loose when I got Fire2 taken away from me.
    Garados- Blast it...don't think you've won! There is no way to rescue lion
    Cody. Ha, Ha, aha... (Bonzley thaws out)(FPR) Go into the next room. Ray- This
    is one of our friends...he's been turned to gold. Let's take him anyway.
    (You're outside of the cave)(FPR) Go to Kaja-house. Kaja- Oh...this is a
    wonderful golden lion...what?! is he one of your party? What do you want? You
    want to change him back (yes) Oh no...easy come, easy go! Just joking. Well,
    shall we? Kaja waves around moustache. Garados' magic effect has gone.
    Kaja-Good...but that's all I can do. You must turn Cody back to normal by
    yourselves. I heard once that there was a warrior with a miraculous power. He
    lives by the mysterious shore south of here...why not try him? Fly By to
    Bonzley. Head west around the lake and head south until you get to a house.
    Talk to the man at the top. Man- My name is Shark of Kustera...who are you
    guys? Talking lion...are you a circus entertainer. Are you guys Aqutallion
    (that came out of nowhere)? Ha ha ha! So Garados has cast a spell on you.
    Though you are kids of Aris, you need to train more. However, at least you can
    choose 5 friends to face me. Why don't you take Cody to Old Hill? There should
    be a star with special power. I will look forward to meeting you
    again...Aqutallion. (FPR) Go to Old Hill and into the Starcrest temple. Step
    onto the emblem, (Wake up Cody...The star of Actos flashes and Cody becomes
    normal. Garados' magic effect has gone.) Cody- I've decided to be Aqutallion.
    Ray, Tina, let's fight together until we crush Homncruse! (Cody became Penon!
    Cody joined you!) Children outside- Hey, since this town is growing, why don't
    we think of a name? Yeah, yeah! (name) I called my town Tecmo, but I'll still
    refer to it as Old Hill. (Bosen comes) Bosen- Ray! Find the rest of you friends
    quick! Homncruse is coming! I hear that your fourth friend arrived in Decatas.
    One of the four great followers of Homncruse is looking for your friend. Hurry!
    (Bosen leaves) Tina- That's the unknown man Ray was telling us about. He is
    Bosen. Cody- He sure looks mysterious. I wonder who he is...?(FPR) Before we go
    on a leveling binge, let's Fly By to Decatas.
    Dram, follower of Homncruse     (DRA2)
    Go to the poor section of town. Then head up until you see three connected
    houses. If you havenít done so yet, go to the one on the right after recruiting
    Ben for a reward of 500 gold. Go outside and enter the door in the middle. Talk
    to one of the guys. Man- Who are you? You have guts to invade our hide-out. Get
    them! (Battle starts) Voice- Stop it! (woman enters) Woman- I am Leona. Who are
    you guys? You wish to talk to me? (room shakes, and an armor clad figure
    appears) Man- Kids, since I, Dram, am here to take her away, the five
    Aqutallion will forever be apart! Aha, ha, ha (Dram and Leona vanish) (FPR)
    Leave the building and head east. When you see a green stretch of road, head
    south along the river and into the sheltered part where you can no longer see
    your character. Head right as far as you can go and press A. Person- Hi! Do you
    like soda, candy and explosives? What? You ask who I am? Well, I'm working this
    second job since I need the money. Anyway, what do you say? Why don't you
    surprise those rich guys. Go for it! These explosives are strong. They're only
    100 gold. Want them? (yes) Okay, here you go. Go for it!(FPR) Go back to the
    green path and head right until you get to an unusual part of the wall. Stand
    next to the shallow part of the wall and choose time bomb from your inventory.
    Use it. You now have access to the rich part of town. Head to the nearest house
    on the left. Search the pot to the far right for 300 gold. Search the dresser
    for 80 and 100 gold. Search both drawers by the beds for 200 and 200 gold.
    Search the cabinet and pot in the northeast for 100 and 200 gold. Wow, that's
    1280 gold in one house. Leave and go to the house in the northeast. Search the
    dresser for a quickrobe. Equip Tina. Now leave and go to the house just
    slightly southwest of your present location. Sleep in the bed opposite of the
    old man. You're transported to the cellar. Talk to Leona. Leona- Oh! It's
    you...sigh...This is their hideout. I'm pleased you found it. My name is Leona.
    I was raised in the slums. I was a boss of a band of kids. I guess you're like
    me...born under a mysterious destiny. Yes, I know about my true power and what
    to do with it. You are my true friend. Let's get revenge on that Dram fellow.
    He was in Brasca, it seems. That is where there is a last Aqutallion, I heard.
    Anyway, let's join and fight until Dram and Homncruse are destroyed. Let's
    fight! Ray, Tina, Cody! Leona became Pennon! Leona joined you! (FPR) Okay,
    let's decide what to do now. You can either make use of my intense leveling up
    and head straight to the next part of the quest and squeak by, or you can do it
    my way: Leveling up some more and making Dram look like a schoolyard bully by
    the time you face him. Both Leona and Cody are at level 4. This is not a good
    thing. Head out of the building and into the weapon shop. Buy a Riotgun,
    Handaxe and Yoyo and equip them on Ray, Cody and Leona. Then go to the armor
    shop. Buy two Ironarmor and a Quickrobe. Equip them on Ray, Cody, and Leona.
    Now Fly By to the Bonzley armor shop. Buy two Lngboots and two Anglehats. Fly
    By back to Decatas and rest at the inn. Go outside and level Leona and Cody up
    to level 10. (Cody reached level 5) (Leona reached level 5) (Cody reached level
    6) (Leona reached level 6) (Cody reached level 7) (Leona reached level 7:
    Learned Cure-B1) (Cody  reached level 8: Learned Coma1) (Leona reached level 8)
    (Cody reached level 9) (Leona reached level 9) (Cody reached level 10) (Leona
    reached level 10: Learned Evade1) Have Ray Fly By your party back to Old Hill.
    While you're here, go to the house right below Baz's field to get a Sup-plum,
    which is a great restorative item which can be reacquired infinite times. When
    you don't have one in your inventory, go back to the girl for another. Heal and
    level everybody up to at to least level 13. How, you ask, do I level up
    somebody in the area around Old Hill? The answer is to go above Winds into the
    icelands and head right until you get to regular land. Head to the peninsula
    and walk around. You should face strong monsters like Armor and Gas Dragon.
    (Cody reached level 11: Learned Fly By1) (Leona reached level 11) (Cody reached
    level 12) (Leona reached level 12: Learned Mirror1) Mirror is great for Boss
    Battles. It reflects magic back at the caster. (Cody reached level 13: Learned
    Step1) (Ray reached level 21) (Leona reached level 13) Go back to Old Hill and
    Go up past the fields and talk to Baz, who(m) is standing beside a wall. Baz-
    Wait! Wait! While plowing more fields I came upon this strange rock.
    Wha...(Morgan tunnels out of the rock) Morgan-My goodness, what...? I came out
    to this strange place...Oh it's you. Well, well, well...I see this is your
    town. I dug a tunnel here by mistake. You can go to another continent through
    this tunnel. Hang in there guys. See ya!(FPR) Go through the cave to a new
    continent. Use Step1 and head east to a town. Go to the weapon/armor shop and
    buy Gloves (don't equip), three Cowboyhat and four Spdshoes. Now go outside and
    level everybody except Ray up one level. (Tina reached level 21: Learned Mute3)
    (Cody reached level 14: Learned Coma2) (Leona reached level 14: Learned
    Cure-B2) The monsters in this area are: Grizzly, Ice Bear, Wolf, Mad Bird, Val
    Eagle, Goldog, Armor, Cat Boo, Bohr (upgraded Pig Kings) and Eye Ball (just
    attack). Once that's over, head back into town and to the inn. Go to the house
    above the weapon/armor shop and search the pot for a Magbranch. Next go to the
    house below the shop to find Uncle Save. Now equip the Gloves on Ray. Go into
    the big tent and talk to the guy on the chair. Man- nobody wants to fight me?
    I'll take any challenger. What do you want? Are you going to challenge me?
    (Yes) Finally a challenger...come on!
    Hit Points- Around 290
    Experience- 2633
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    (Equipped Riot gun)
    Eliminated Andy
    Won the battle!
    Got 2633 Ex
    As soon as the fight begins, equip Ray with your regular weapon. Then put the
    fight on Auto and sit back and get 2600 free Ex.
    Announcer-5...6...7...8...9...10! Woooooooow! Hurray! Hurray! The new champion!
    Andy- ...It's my fault! I'll do anything you say if you'll forgive me. (FPR)
    Exit town and head south. You'll eventually see the town of Sleepers. Go into
    the southwest house and talk to the man in white. Man- My name is Arthur of
    Kustera. Who are you? You are ordering me to remove the rock? Heck! Don't boss
    me around!
    Hit Points- Around 265
    Experience- 2928
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-36 (A)
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-24 (A)
    Arthur-Gas-All-6 (R), 7 (T), 6 (C), 9 (L)
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-30 (A)
    Eliminated Arthur
    Won the battle!
    Got 2928 Ex
    Just have everybody use magic except Cody. He should just attack normally. This
    battle is four times easier than the Andy battle thanks to your full paty.
    Also, this is you first boss battle with four people. Now you can start to
    delve into the extremely complex land of strategy. But no intense strategy is
    needed for this insult of a fight.
    (Cody reached level 15: Learned Power1) (Leona reached level 15: Learned
    Evade2) Arthur- you win. I'll do whatever you ask. (FPR) Leave town and head
    south to Karappon. Go into the gray building and talk to the man behind the
    counter. Man- I'm the youngest Ari brother, Arithree. I'm a warehouse worker.
    Well...really? You defeated my brothers? (Yes) Great! Now we can get together.
    (Fade to outside, where all three brothers are gathered beside the rock) I am
    Andy Kustera! I am Arthur Kustera! I am too young to become Kustera... Ray!
    We'll join you! Hey, before we go to Old Hill, let's move these stones! Sure!
    Yeah! Okay, now. We'll go one ahead. Ari Bros joined you!
    If you go back to Old Hill you see that you can now use the item deposit
    building. My suggestion is depositing your moon-drops so that you accidentally
    don't use them. Now, let's go back to the frontier. Fly By back to Karappon. Go
    into the village and exit to the south. Head along the path (Ray reached level
    22: Learned Land1) until you have the option to go south. Keep going south
    through a narrow pass (Cody reached level 16: Learned Antpwr1) and head
    southeast to get to the town of Codo. Go to the weapon shop and buy two 
    Warhamr and one Broadswrd and equip them on Ray, Cody and Leona. The armor 
    shop doesn't actually sell armor, so we can skip it. If you go to the house 
    above the field and search the pot to the right, you can get yourself a
    very handy moon-drop. Exit town and head to the west. Eventually head south
    until you see desert. Head south to the desert's end, but DO NOT GO INTO THE
    DESERT TOWN YET. South and a little east of the desert is the town of Brasca.
    Uncle Save can be found in the northwest house but other than that, there is
    nothing else to do in this town other than sleep at the inn. Go outside and
    head back to the desert. This is a great place to level up. Level Ray and Tina
    up to level 24. Whatever Cody and Leona are at that point should be sufficient.
    There are some new monsters in this area. The Vegilisk, Scorpion, Rock, Antlion
    and Beetle. All of these monsters should be attacked normally. Magic should be
    reserved for heal based spells. Just turn the animation off, put the message
    speed at 0 and turn autobattle on. (Tina reached level 22: Learned Fast3)
    (Leona reached level 16) (Cody reached level 17) (Leona reached level 17:
    Learned Antspl1) (Cody reached level 18: Learned Power2) (Ray reached level 23:
    Learned Life2) (Tina reached level 23: Learned Cure-B3) Daze can now be cured.
    (Leona reached level 18: Learned Vanish1) (Cody reached level 19) (Leona
    reached level 19) (Tina reached level 24: Learned Life2) (Cody reached level
    20: Learned Antpwr2) (Ray reached level 24: Learned Fire3) Okay, that's the
    spell that we want. Head back to Brasca, rest and save. Now go back into the
    desert and hunt around for a town. It should be somewhere in the middle. Enter
    the town of Lagoon. Go into every place in town and then head back to the HUGE
    cafe. Talk to everyone inside and go back outside. A man is blocking the
    entrance to town. Man- Heh, heh, heh. How was it? Did you enjoy Lagoon town?
    You know that you can't leave this town again. (Transforms into Dram) Dram- Ha,
    ha, ha...so we meet again! Yes, I am Dram. I'm going to Brasca to dispose of
    the last Aqutallion that you seek. (transports out of Lagoon town)(FPR) Okay,
    we're now in another dimension. Head northeast until you see an exact replica
    of Lagoon. Don't go into it. Keep going northeast until you see an exact
    replica of Lagoon. Don't go into it. Keep going northeast until you see an
    exact replica of Lagoon. Go on this one. You are now back in the real world!
    Quickly, Fly By to Brasca! (Planes appear and bomb the town) (Brasca is
    ruined)(FPR) Sad, isn't it. This is how far Homncruse is willing to go to keep
    Aqutallion from being reborn...okay, time to kick Dram's butt. Rest and Save
    once more. Head northeast from Uncle Save's house until you see a well. Go in
    and break the barrier. In the next room is something not good: Acid water. (or
    maybe lava) Have Cody use Step1 and head right up the next staircase. Head
    down, cross the bridge and go through the door. A chest in here contains Bread.
    Flip the switch at the back of the room and head out and down the ladder to the
    next level. Head down the stairs and go to the left. Go up the first stairs
    that you see. (Note- You may encounter two new enemies in the acid/water. They
    are the Blade fish and Bolt Fish. Neither is very tough; just be physical) Go
    into the room, get the chest (Bread) and flip the switch. Go back down the
    ladder and head left to the next ladder, which should be climbed. Go straight
    up into the room, get the Telepo and flip the switch. Head back into the
    acid/lava and head all the way right until you reach the staircase that was
    previously inaccessible. Go up and out. Use those two Breads and two Plum-plum
    on your party. Go through the tunnel to see whether Dram's bark is worse than
    his bite. Talk to the man beside the bed. Man- Where did you come from? ...I
    thought you had been buried alive...what?! You are Aqutallion?! I didn't know
    that...four people have already come together, right? Show me your faces
    closely. Oh...each of you is the spitting image of your father. You are
    Cody...your father's name was Siller. He was a strong swordsman. Leona...your
    father's name was Roger. He was a bright and happy man. Tina...your father's
    name was Henry. He was warmhearted and always comforted us all. And you are
    Ray...your father was Aris. He led Aqutallion. All of your fathers have left
    the world. I am the only one left alive. I am the Prosperous Wiseman
    Bowy...When four Banalet and a Prosperous Wiseman join, Aqutallion will be
    realized. But... I am getting old...I don't think I can fight with you anymore.
    It's my only son Dan...my wife was lost at the hands of Homncruse. (Dram
    enters) Dram- Ha, ha, ha... well, well. You are with the bratty kids. That is
    better yet...I can all make them meet their doom! Bowy- It's Dram! Leave
    everything and run (Bowy fights Dram and dies) It's your turn next!
    Hit Points- Around 1045
    Experience- 4627
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Dram-Fight-Ray-12, 7
    Dram-Fight-Ray-10, 10
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-30 (D)
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-32 (D)
    Dram-Fight-Tina-17, 10
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-32 (D)
    Dram-Fight-Ray-12, 12
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-27 (D)
    Dram-Fight-Cody-16, 12
    Dram-Fight-Leona-23, 24
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-30 (D)
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-30 (D)
    Eliminated Dram
    Won the battle!
    Got 4627 Ex
    Wow, the first REAL boss battle of the game...pity I kicked his butt so badly.
    First of, Dram has a rapid attack. That means that he attacks the same person
    twice in a row. The only person that needs to watch out for this is Leona. If
    her hp is below 50, have Tina and only Tina heal her. Ray should attack every
    turn with Fire3 until he can use magic no longer. Then he should just stay
    melee. Tina should use Fast3 the first turn, and then Freeze2 every turn after
    unless she is needed to heal. Cody should cast Power2 upon himself twice and
    then stick to melee. I thought that Dram had some magic attacks, so Leona used
    Mirror1 her first turn. Then she just used Bolt1 on Dram for the rest of the
    fight. He should go down easily. after all, he is just ranked five on the
    Homncruse boss scale. Booth, Gara, Godem and Homncruse will be harder...just a
    (Leona reached level 20: Learned Mirror2) Bowy- Ray...Tina...Cody...Leona...
    I'm done for...please take care of Dan...never underestimate Homncruse's
    evil... never! Destroy the darkness that rules this world. First, become a
    Banalet quickly. At that time, you will reach Aqutallion status...please! Dram-
    Not...not yet...I'm not done yet...with my last power...yyyaaaahhhh! (room
    shakes and explodes, but Dan casts Flee) Party-...?1 Dan...Dan did help us...
    everyone must become Banalet as soon as possible...then Aqutallion will be
    ready ...Ray!...the hour has come to find the secret of Homncruse...and
    annihilate him! Rise to the challenge Aqutallion, and bring hope once again to
    this land! Dan became Prosperous Wiseman! Dan joined you! (warp to Homncruse's
    chamber) Gara, Godem and Booth- What? Finally all of the Aqutallion got
    together?! What a...Homncruse has risen from sleep!...Homncruse has awakened to
    take revenge for Dram! Homncruse- I was born to rule the darkness...have no
    mercy...crush them! (Jaguar appears) Jaguar- Friends of Aqutallion are hiding
    at Old Hill, I hear. Let's destroy that town first. (Planes bomb Old Hill!!!)
    Uncle Save- What is that airplane? Dynamite- That's...Homncruse's bomber! Uncle
    Save- What!? Everybody run! (Old Hill is destroyed) Leona- That light...? Tina-
    That direction...? Oh no! Something terrible happened at Old Hill? Cody- Ray!
    Letís go back to Old Hill!! (FPR) First thing's first: Dan is at level 10.
    That's great compared to Cody and Leona. It will be a lot easier to level him
    up. Anyway...Fly By back to Old Hill.
    Aqutallion Reborn     (AQU2)
    Once back in Old Hill, go into the first house on the left and talk to Bun.
    Bun- Aaah...the Hospital, Lab and houses I built were all blown up...It's all
    over...sob...sob...sob...(FPR) Not promising is it? Go into Uncle Save's house
    and talk to him. Uncle Save-Don't give up! Hang in there and rebuild the town!
    (FPR) Dynamite is also here. Talk to him. Dynamite- I have to work in a place
    like this since they ruined my lab...I'm mad now! Homncruse...I will never
    forgive him! First, let's find Dr. Ash. He's in Elekees, which is in a
    mysterious upper continent. I am not familiar with it there, but it is supposed
    to be huge. To get to the upper continent, you must use Dr. Ash's rocket. The
    rocket's fuel seems to be a secret, but I'm sure you can find it. Regardless,
    you must make a voyage! Ship!...that's easy to say but...why do you look so
    doubtful? You don't trust my ability yet? I made it myself, yes. But it doesn't
    operate yet. Something is missing. The ship is too weak to load that engine...I
    wish I could find...aren't there special nails or something to support that
    ship...? (FPR) take a trek to the architect's house, where we recruited Bun, oh
    so long ago. There should be one incomplete part left. Walk into it and press
    A. Got Goldnail!!! Fly By back to Old Hill and talk to Dynamite. Dynamite-
    Okay, now the ship moves (FPR) Okay, I know we're supposed to go on a quest to
    become Aqutaillion right now, but first Fly By to Karappon. Exit the inlet and
    go out to sea. These are all of the monsters that are in the ocean. All forms
    of magic and melee moves work well; just beat them up. Blade Fish, Bolt Fish,
    Seahorse, Seasnake, Tentacles, Shark, Seadragon. (Cody reached level 21:
    Learned Coma3) Head northeast a little bit to get to a new Onsaka. Also, there
    isa nother town north of here called Edon, which will be added to the Fly By
    menu. For now, just visit the weapon and armor shops. When you leave, your
    equipment should look like this: Ray-Battle-ax, Musyasuit, Warhelm, Spdshoes.
    Tina- Powercane, Quickrobe, Cowboyhat, Spdshoes. Cody- Battle-ax, Musyasuit,
    Warhelm, Spdshoes. Leona- Brordsword, Quickrobe, Cowboyhat, Spdshoes. Dan-
    Steelcane, Clthsuit, Warhelm, Shoes. Head to Codo and buy Dan a Powercane, 
    then go to Box town and buy him Spdshoes. Finally go to rich Decatas and buy 
    him a Quickrobe. Okay, we're done with this part. Fly By to Beegees and sleep
    at the inn, and then head northeast to the temple. Step on the yellow square.
    Voice- Ray...acquire the new power!(FPR) Ray is transported to Brisben, where
    he is alone. Go into the upper floor and talk to the guardian. Guardian- I am a
    spirit of the flame. A soldier born under the star of Actos. Welcome...if you
    wish to gain new power, fight me. Are you ready to do so? (yes) Now, come on!
    Hit Points- Around 330
    Experience- 3654
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Ray-Fight-Fire-CRITICAL 56
    Fire-Fire-All-15 (R)
    Eliminated Fire
    Won the battle!
    Got 3654 Ex
    A fairly simple battle. Use melee moves and heal when your hp goes below 50.
    Fire- An old tradition has carried on...I now grant you the title of Banalet.
    Banalets can combine and create what is know as unity magic. To unite magic,
    you need two allies each with similar types of magic. Also besides attack and
    defense magic, remember there are weapons with magic. You can power up 
    weapons when you unite them with similar spells. Warriors carrying the stars 
    of Actos, I wish the blessing of the stars on you. Ray became Banalet!(FPR) Step
    on the yellow square in front of you. Exit the shrine and Fly By to Bonzley. Go
    to Shark's house and talk to him. Shark-My name is Shark of Kustera. I've been
    waiting. Finally you have everyone. Let's join to fight together! Shark joined
    you!. Now go through Kaja-house and north until you find another temple. Go in
    and step on the yellow square. Tina...accept the new power! (FPR) Now it's Tina
    who is in Brisben and alone. Go inside and talk to the guardian. Guardian- I am
    a spirit of the water. A soldier born under the star of Actos. Welcome...if you
    wish to gain new power, fight me. Are you ready to do so? (yes) Now, come on!
    Hit Points- Around 320
    Experience- 3927
    Gold- 0
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-6 (M)
    Mermaid-Snow-All-13 (T)
    Mermiad-Snow-All-28 (T)
    Mermaid-Magic-Freeze2-All-25 (T)
    Mermaid-Magic-Freeze2-All-24 (T)
    Eliminated Mermaid
    Won the battle!
    Got 3927 Ex
    This is the hardest boss battle yet, but only because Tina has such a low
    offense. This boss makes use of Fast, Slow and Freeze, meaning that the speed
    and defense of both opponents are going to change a lot. First, you should cast
    Fast2 on Tina three times. Then you should cast Slow2 on the Mermaid about five
    times. Then melee, melee, melee. When your hp goes below 50, use Heal2. When
    you start to get hit for more than 10 damage, use Fast2. When you start hitting
    for less than 20 damage, use Slow2. I couldn't get a successful Mute on the
    enemy, but if you can, it would make the battle extremely easy.
    (Tina reached level 25: Learned Slow3) Mermaid- An old tradition has carried
    on...I now grant you the title of Banalet. Banalets can combine and create what
    is known as unity magic. To unite magic, you need two allies each with similar
    types of magic. Also besides attack and defense magic, remember there are
    weapons with magic. You can power up weapons when you unite them with similar
    magic spells. Warriors carrying the stars of Actos, I wish the blessing of the
    stars on you. Tina became Banalet. (FPR) Step on the yellow square in front of
    you. Now Fly By to Codo. Head northwest and backtrack along the trail that
    leads to Codo. (Dan reached level 11: Learned Heal1) You'll eventually have the
    option of turning left. Do so and head south. You'll eventually see a temple.
    Go inside and step on the yellow square. Cody...acquire the new power! (FPR)
    Now it's Cody who is alone and in Brisben. Head into the temple and converse
    with the guardian. Guardian- I am a spirit of the wind. A soldier born under
    the star of Actos. Welcome...if you wish to gain new power, fight me. Are you
    ready to do so? (yes) Now, come on
    ~Cold Wind and Hot Wind~
    Hit Points- Around 160 each
    Experience- 4116
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    C and W work together-40
    Hot Wind-Magic-Antpwr1-10
    Hot Wind-Magic-Antpwr1-9
    Cold Wind-Fight-Cody-1
    Cody-Fight-Cold Wind-38
    Hot Wind-Fight-Cody-1
    C and W work together-32
    Cody-Fight-Cold Wind-34
    Cold Wind-Fight-Cody-1
    Hot Wind-Fight-Cody-1
    Cody-Fight-Cold Wind-33
    Hot Wind-Magic-Power1-Hot Wind-SUCCESS
    Cold Wind-Fight-Cody-1
    Hot Wind-Magic-Power1-Hot Wind-SUCCESS
    Cody-Fight-Cold Wind-34
    Cold Wind-Fight-Cody-1
    Hot Wind-Fight-Cody-1
    Cody-Fight-Cold Wind-30
    Eliminated Cold Wind
    Hot-Wind-Magic-Power1-Hot Wind-SUCCESS
    Cody-Fight-Hot Wind-37
    Hot Wind-Magic-Antpwr1-Cody-15
    Cody-Fight-Hot Wind-35
    Hot Wind-Magic-Power1-Hot Wind-SUCCESS
    Cody-Fight-Hot Wind-42
    Hot Wind-Fight-Cody-1
    Cody-Fight-Hot Wind-38
    Hot Wind-Fight-Cody-1
    Hot Wind-Fight-Cody-1
    Cody-Fight-Hot Wind-37
    Eliminated Hot Wind
    Won the battle!
    Got 4116 Ex
    A fairly straightforward battle: Use Power2 two times, kill Cold Wind first
    with melee, and then kill Hot Wind with melee. Don't let your hp go below 60
    unless Cold Wind is dead. If Cold Wind is dead, don't let your hp go below 20.
    An old tradition has carried on...I now grant you the title of Banalet.
    Banalets can combine and create what is known as unity magic. To unite magic,
    you need two allies with similar types of magic. Also besides attack and
    defense magic, remember there are weapons with magic. You can power up 
    weapons when you unite them with similar spells. Warriors carrying the stars 
    of Actos, I wish the blessing of the stars on you. Cody became Banalet.
    (FPR) Step on the yellow tile in front of you. Fly By back to Old Hill, save and
    heal. Then exit Old Hill and get in your ship. Follow the coast until you get
    to the architectís house. Keep heading west until you see an island of ice. Go
    north along its eastern coast until you find a dip with a path in the snow.
    Leave your ship and use Step1. Follow the path to the temple (great place to
    level up; new monsters) (Ray reached level 25) I suggest that you level up
    Leona if she's less than 2000 Ex. (Dan reached level 12) (Leona reached level
    21: Learned Cure-B3) Okay, step inside the shrine and onto the gray square to
    heal and then onto the yellow square. Leona...acquire the new power!(FPR) You
    guessed it! Leona is now alone in Brisben. Head into the temple and converse
    with the last guardian that your party must face. Guardian- I am a spirit of
    the earth. A soldier born under the star of Actos. Welcome...if you wish to
    gain new power, fight me. Are you ready to do so? (yes) Now, come on.
    Hit Points- Around 225
    Experience- 4208
    My Battle:
    Clay-Bolt-All-11 (L)
    Clay-Bolt-All-6 (L)
    Clay-Bolt-All-6 (L)
    Clay-Bolt-All-4 (L)
    Eliminated Clay
    Won the battle!
    Got 4208 Ex
    Clay- An old tradition has carried on...I now grant you the title of Banalet.
    Banalets can create what is known as unity magic. To unite magic, you need two
    allies each with similar types of magic. Also besides attack and defense magic,
    remember there are weapons with magic. You can power up weapons when you 
    unite them with similar spells. Warriors carrying the stars of Actos, I wish
    the blessings of the stars upon you. Leona became Banalet!(FPR) Step onto the
    yellow tile in front of you (all guardians give up their power) Aqutallion is
    born! (FPR) Well, mister Aqutallion, step outside.
    The Sacred Stones;)     (SAC2)
    Before going into Onsaka (south of Edon) level up Dan to at least level 19. I
    would suggest getting in your boat right next to Old Hill and using Old Hill as
    a free inn. Here is a list of all of the unity magic that can be done:
    Bolt Break..........Boltswrd and Bolt1
    Bolt Storm..........Storm2 and Bolt2
    Cure All............Cure-A3 and Cure-B3
    Devastate...........Fire3 and Freeze3 and Storm3 and Bolt3
    Fire Blade..........Fireswrd and Fire1
    Fire Storm..........Fire1 and Storm1
    Ice Fire............Fire1 and Freeze1
    Ice Slash...........Iceswrd and Freeze1
    Ice Storm...........Freeze2 and Storm2
    No Call.............Repel1 and Step1
    Twin Less...........Antpwr1 and Antpwr2
    Bolt Storm, Devastate, Fire Storm, Ice Fire, and Ice Storm are offensive magic.
    Bolt Break, Fire Blade and Ice Slash are weapon magic. Cure-All, (Cures all
    diseases) No Call (?) and Twin Less (?) These unity magic combinations are
    courtesy of my good friend Jacob. (Dan reached level 13: Learned Flee1) (Cody
    reached level 22: Learned Storm2) (Leona reached level 22) (Dan reached level
    14) (Dan reached level 15) (Tina reached level 26: Learned Heal3) (Dan reached
    level 16: Learned Heal2) (Cody reached level 23) (Ray reached level 26: Learned
    Land2) (Leona reached level 23: Learned Bolt2) At this point Bolt Storm (Storm2
    and Bolt2) would become very useful. (Dan reached level 17) (Dan reached level
    18) (Tina reached level 27) (Cody reached level 24: Learned Antpwr3) (Leona
    reached level 24) (Dan reached level 19: Learned Regain1) Okay head to Onsaka.
    Head to the northern end of the town and enter the house with two doors (enter
    the left door). Talk to the man on the throne. Man- I'm the lord of Onsaka. I
    will surely destroy Edon. Heh, heh, heh...anyway the strongest samurai
    swordsman in the world came to help me. (FPR) Now head over to the other room
    and talk to the man. Man- My name is Jubei. I am second to none in
    swordsmanship. I must train until the day comes to carry out my mission. I have
    my reasons for working for the lord of Onsaka now. Shut up! Don't bother my
    training! (FPR) Now head to Ebon and go into the castle. Once inside head to
    the left and go downstairs for a Brknmoon (reusable moon-drop) and a Dragswrd,
    which cannot be equipped by any member of Aqutallion. Head back upstairs and
    head up the closest staircase. Search the chest on the left for a restore. Head
    two rooms over. One of the pots in here has 600 gold inside of it. Head up the
    stairs here and check the big dresser at the back for an antidote. Go back to
    the middle room and use the stairs. Once up here, talk to the man. Man- You are
    soldiers? You came at the right time. Won't you help this town? The lord of
    Onsaka hired a very strong swordsman. Edon will be beaten if things stay the
    same. If Onsaka acts, there won't be real peace. We must beat that samurai. If
    you do, you'll get our country's treasure. Okay? (yes) Thank you...that
    swordsman's name is Jubei. I'm counting on you. (FPR) Head back to Onsaka and
    Jubei. Talk to him. Jubei- My name is Jubei. I am second to none in
    swordsmanship. I must train until the day comes to carry out my mission. I have
    my reasons for working for the lord of Onsaka now. What? You are an Edon spy?
    Let's fight now!
    Hit Points- Around 975
    Experience- 5207
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Unity-Leona and Cody-Bolt2-Storm2-All-125 (J)
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-36 (J)
    Jubei-Fight-Leona-29 (Leona fell asleep)
    Dan-Magic-Bomb1-All-49 (J)
    Leona is asleep
    Dan-Magic-Bomb1-All-41 (J)
    Unity-Leona and Cody-Bolt2-Storm2-All-122 (J)
    Tina-Magic-Freeze2-All-24 (J)
    Cody-Magic-Storm2-All-47 (J)
    Eliminated Jubei
    Won the battle!
    Got 5207 Ex
    I've got to hand it to Jubei: If this had been a fair fight, he would've
    whupped my shiny white butt. My guys are severely over leveled, have the best
    weapons and armor and have unity magic (which I don't recommend using, due to
    similar damage but more mp used) Hey...what am I talking about...he's Kustera
    after all...did I say that out loud? I think that I just might have to develop
    that habit a bit... anyway, a strategy! Once more I have to give cookies to
    Jubei. He can deal the sleep status with his physical blows, and that's it. No
    spells or anything. Ray should Fire3, Tina should Freeze2, Cody should Storm2
    or attack, Leona should Bolt2, and Dan should either Heal2 or Bomb1. End of
    strategy. Man, I'm good.
    (Ray reached level 27: Learned Heal3) Man, we're not even at the upper
    continent and Ray only has one more spell to learn. Jubei- I see...you win, My
    name is Jubei, a Kustera (told ya) Let's fight together! Jubei joined you!
    (FPR) Noe go get your reward from the Edon ruler. Remember, middle room, third
    floor. Man- Oh, you guys! Did you say you destroyed Jubei?! You've done it!
    Relations with Onsaka will be better now. Thank you very much! I'll give you
    this instead of money. It's an item of tradition...an old legend says: When the
    Red and Blue meet, something great appears...(you know, that was both very deep
    and meaningful:-])It's hard to know its meaning, but this is a precious item.
    Take good care of it. Got Red-Orb! (FPR) Sacred Stone one of two acquired. Gee,
    I wonder if there's a new power to be acquired...(It was really boring,
    recopying everything that each guardian said) First, level up Dan to 21. You
    might want Bomb2 for the upper continent (as well as two upcoming bosses). But
    first, you might want to find a new city called Moreeyes. Head to the little
    inlet where you got off of your boat to get to Leona's Banalet temple. Head
    north to get to the city of Moreeyes. (Dan reached level 20) Once here, buy
    five Sneakers and five Gasmask, as well as a Jumpsuit for Dan. Now go outside
    and finish leveling up. (Leona reached level 25: Learned Vanish2) Personally, I
    never use Vanish. (Cody reached level 25) (Tina reached level 28: Learned
    Freeze3) (Dan reached level 21: Learned Bomb2) Head back into town, rest, save,
    and then head into the temple. Man- Oh!...finally Aqutallion...has gotten
    together! I wish to join with you, but I have one thing to ask first. There was
    a golden statue Moai. It was the island's treasure in this shrine. But, one day
    pirates stole it. I want to leave this island, but I can't go without it. Will
    you get it back for me? (yes) Thank you. The pirates are hiding the statue in
    the Ghost's cave nearby. Please get the Golden Moai statue back and I can join
    you. (FPR) Head out and sail a bit north to a cave. Head inside and down the
    first ladder you see for a Rat-tail. Head right, (facing old enemies not seen
    for hours) down both ladders (don't forget the chest with the Plum-plum) and
    left. After a very long road, you should see an exit. There are new enemies in
    here: The Summoner and the Warrior and Gust. Head along the right path for an
    Antistop. Back on the main path, head south, up the ladder and down the ladder,
    right and to the exit. There are two Kustera forcefields here, as well as four
    chests behind them. Above them, there are four regular chests that contain a
    Restore, Bread, Moon-Drop and Asprin. Head up the main path. Voice- ...Who is
    it?...Who is disturbing my eternal sleep?
    Hit Points- Around 1020
    Experience- 5855
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    (I think you know it's magic by this point)
    Tina-Freeze3-All-53 (U)
    Cody-Storm2-All-41 (U)
    Undead-Fight-Cody-14, 18
    Dan-Bomb2-All-73 (U)
    Tina-Freeze3-All-55 (U)
    Cody-Storm2-All-46 (U)
    Undead-Fight-Tina-32, 23
    Dan-Bomb2-All-78 (U)
    Tina-Freeze3-All-67 (U)
    Undead-Fight-Dan-34, 29
    Cody-Storm2-All-34 (U)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-79 (U)
    Eliminated Undead
    Won the battle!
    Got 5855 Ex
    The only thing that you need to watch out for is rapid-attack. If Leona, Dan or
    Tina's hp goes below 60, heal. If Ray or Cody's hp goes below 40, heal.
    Everyone should use their strongest magic. Tina and Dan should heal if
    necessary. Other than that,  this battle was a pushover.
    (Ray reached level 28) (Leona reached level 26: learned Evade3)(FPR) Get the
    Gold-Moai. Flee, Fly By and go into the temple. Man- That's the one! The real
    Gold Moai! Thank you! I can join the journey now. I'll give you another island
    treasure instead. My name is Murray. I am Kustera. I've been training my magic
    skills here until the day to fight comes again with you. That time has now
    come. Let's fight together! Murray joined you! Got Blue-Orb.(FPR) Yes! Sacred
    Stone number two has been acquired. Back to Old Hill to heal and save. Go into
    the Kustera switch inn and deposit the Brknmoon, Dragswrd and Moon-Drop. Now
    go to the pawn shop in Decatas (where you got money for a plum-plum) Sell your
    Ticket for 1000 gold. Now Fly By to Bonzley and heal. Get in your ship and head
    south, following the Bonzley coast. You'll eventually come to a sort of inner
    sea with a glowing portion in the middle. Sail your boat over that spot (Two
    crystals shone in a mysterious way!
    Hit Points- Around 1400
    Experience- 6588
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Clarken-Gas-All-24 (R), 24 (T), 31 (C), 24 (L), 17 (D)
    Cody-Storm2-All-44 (C)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-74 (C)
    Unity-Leona and Cody-Bolt2-Storm2-All-242 (C)
    Tina-Freeze3-All-62 (C)
    Clarken-Fight-Dan-CRITICAL-68, 25
    Unity-Leona and Cody-Bolt2-Storm2-All-226 (C)
    Clarken-Gas-All-21 (R), 31 (T), 24 (C), 29 (L), 62 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-79 (C)
    Unity-Leona and Cody-Bolt2-Storm2-All-236 (C)
    Eliminated Clarken
    Won the battle!
    Got 6588 Ex
    The Clarken battle is a race against time for either an easy finish or a hard
    run. For an easy finish, immediately have Tina cast Fast3, Ray use Fire3, Cody
    and Leona combine Bolt2 and Storm2 and Dan use Bomb2. Keep this up and use 
    Tina as the healer. This battle can be kind of iffy for hp, so if anybody
    drops below 60 (except Dan- 80) hp, Heal2 them. If anybody drops below 45,
    Heal3 should be used. Any questions?
    (Tina reached level 29) (Cody reached level 26) (Dan reached level 22) Found
    Tacosmin! Got Tacosmin. (FPR) Fly By to Decatas and go to Dynamite's lab. Head
    to the bottom floor and talk to the scientist. Scientist-Oh ! Great! Isn't it
    Tacosmin? Terrific...how did you get it? I see...I understand...it makes the
    rocket work. Wanna ride? I can't guarantee anything though. (yes) Okay, well,
    wait a second. (rocket blasts off and lands in a building on the upper
    continent) The rocket explodes!
    Big Bad Booth    (BBB2)
    Head downstairs and talk to the man walking around. Man- Welcome to the Upper
    Continent. My name is Ash. You came by rocket, didn't you? a big welcome to
    you...you came here to see m, but...it is I who need a favor. Listen...west of
    here, you'll find the Castle of Booth. He is one of the four great followers of
    Homncruse. My wife and son were defeated by Booth...I replaced my wife and son
    with a robot, for the sake of my daughter Mimi. She has grown up to be a bright
    girl, but...I can never forgive Booth. Never! Please destroy Booth anyway you
    can. We can't have more kids ending up like Mimi...first of all...go west. Then
    south along the river. I recommend you to get some rest at Alazina. The Castle
    of Booth is in the south of Alazina. It is a long trip, but don't give up.
    (FPR) Exit the house and head south to the weapon shop. Buy a Lasergun and two
    Greatswrds. Equip them on Ray, Cody and Tina. Go to the armor shop and buy ONE
    Ironsuit, two Lifevest and two Ironhelm. Equip them on the right people and go
    outside. Head into the tall house and...what the...? Why is Uncle Save here?
    That is just creepy and weird. Go outside and into the next tall house. Talk to
    the woman here. Woman- My name is Evelyn of Kustera...really? I see...let's
    fight together! Evelyn joined you (FPR) Now head north up the ladder and into
    the house. The stand up dresser in the northeast has an Ironsuit in it. (That's
    why you bought only one) Leave town and head west to the river. There are new
    and deadly enemies in this Upper Continent. They are Falcon, Spy Eye and the
    Crawler. Use area attacks and melee to quickly kill them. Head south and west
    through the narrow mountain pass. Head up around the lake and head a bit west.
    follow a strip of desert and then head south onto a strip of land. Head in a
    general southwest direction until you see a town. Enter Alazina. Wow, first
    Winds, then Brasca and Old Hill, now Alazina. All are sad victims of the
    Homncruse campaign. Go buy a Greatspr for Cody and sleep at the inn. Then head
    over to the armor shop and buy three Magrobe, two Eaglearmr and two Pumps. 
    Man, that broke my bank; I'm down to 20000 gold now. Go outside and level up
    Dan to 23 and Leona to 27. Personally I would go back down and train in the sea,
    since the enemies are easier and give more XP. Just Fly By back to Old Hill
    and sail the Ocean Blue. (Dan reached level 23: Learned Regain2) (Leona reached
    level 27: Learned Mirror3) Okay, Fly By back to Alazina, rest and save. Head
    south from Alazina to Booth's Castle. Go inside and straight up into the
    transporter. Here there are Gold Mo, Warriors and Summoners. Head to the right
    for a Bread. Go back to the left and step onto the new transporter. Head north,
    right a little and north for a Wizrobe. (equip Dan) Head east along the narrow
    path and east again for the transporter. Head all the way south for a
    moon-drop. Head west, north and west and step on the transporter. Head along
    the one way path to the second floor. Here are more monsters including the Gas
    Slag and the Vampire. Head all the way to the southeast corner and fall off to
    get the item of this dungeon: The Fireswrd. Equip this on Leona. Fly By back to
    Alazina to rest and save. Also, I was fortunate enough to randomly get two
    Brknmoon items from battle, so I went back to Old Hill and...Old Hill? Oh yeah!
    We're back in business: Old Hill is being rebuilt! Anyway, I deposited two
    Moon-drop and a Brknmoon, as well as the Starcrest, Blue Orb, Red Orb and
    Tacosmin. This is what is in my inventory: Six plum-plum, four Restore, one
    Sup-plum, one Bread, and one Brknmoon. Now, back to the second floor of Booth's
    But first, let's test out a new unity weapon attack. Get into a random battle
    and have Ray use Fire1 and have Leona attack (they have to be attacking the
    same monster) and combine the attack for Burn Blade. It did 203 damage and took
    up 3  mp from both Leona and Ray. Now, let's test when Ray uses Fire1 and Leona
    attacks, (the same monster) but they don't combine...104 damage. So, when you
    have the opportunity for double damage and low mp intake, cast Burn Blade. But
    wait a minute, what about Ray casting Fire3 and Leona casting Bolt2. Is that
    better? Well, let's see. (Cody reached level 27: Learned Power 3) Hmm, 168
    damage. Rather disappointing if I may say so myself. I rather expected level 5
    magic to triumph over a level 1 weapon unity. Now to the very last test: Have
    Leona and Ray attack the same monster normally. (Ray reached level 29: Learned
    Land3) 158 is the end result. So in every single case, Burn Blade comes out
    superior. It only costs 3 mp and does huge damage. I'll test this again on
    Booth when I fight him. Now, back to the second floor of Castle Booth.
    Okay, from the stairs head left and south until you can see a treasure chest
    containing a Mirror, which should be saved. Then head right, south and left to
    get to the transporter. Head right and all the way up to get Firearmor, which
    should be equipped on Cody. (Ray already has Fire resistance, and save your
    Eaglearmr; don't sell it) Now head down, left, up and take the stairs. From the
    stairs head right about four steps and then head south all the way. Fall off
    and open the chest for a Redhood, which should be equipped on Dan. (Man, this
    dungeon has some great items, doesn't it) Fly By back to Alazina, heal and
    save, then go back to the third floor of Castle Booth. (Dan reached level 24)
    Go back to the junction right where you jumped off. This time, head all the way
    right and up to get 10000 gold. Yes, you saw that right, ten thousand gold. Oh,
    this floor has enemies too: The Vambat, Gas Slag, and Ghost (Looks like the
    boss from the Pirate's cave) (Tina reached level 30: Learned Life3) Now go back
    to the first path you came south on. Hunt along the right side of the wall
    until you find a path to the transporter. Head left and all the way down and
    left to go up the stairs. Now you're at Booth, but don't attack him right now
    because, I don't know about you, but my party was in bad shape by this point.
    Ray didn't have any mp left and Tina and Dan were down to 30. So go back down
    to the third floor (I leveled up Leona)(Leona reached level 28: Learned
    Antspl3) and fall off, then have Cody Fly By you to Alazina, where you should
    do the usual. Go back to Booth, running from every battle, and challenge him as
    the second follower of Homncruse. Booth- Finally you come...but this place will
    only be your grave!
    Hit Points- Around 2260
    Experience- 7410
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Dan-Bomb2-All-77 (B)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-79 (B)
    Tina-Freeze3-All-57 (B)
    Unity-Ray and Leona-Fire1-Fireswrd-Booth-CRITICAL-358
    Booth-Bomb1-All-38 (R), 46 (T), 38 (C), 39 (L), 48 (D)
    Dan-Regain2-All-COMPLETE (R), COMPLETE (T), COMPLETE (C), 70 (L), 
    Tina-Freeze3-All-67 (B)
    Unity-Ray and Leona-Fire1-Fireswrd-Booth-157
    Tina-Freeze3-All-66 (B)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-77 (B)
    Unity-Ray and Leona-Fire1-Fireswrd-Booth-178
    Tina-Freeze3-All-61 (B)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-78 (B)
    Unity-Ray and Leona-Fire1-Fireswrd-Booth-172
    Tina-Freeze3-All-64 (B)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-83 (B)
    Eliminated Booth
    Won the battle!
    Got 7410 Ex
    I got extremely lucky in my battle with Booth. As I saw it, Booth can attack
    normally, cast Bolt1 on one person or Bomb1 on the entire group. Here's the
    deal: Have Ray and Leona do Burn Blade every turn, have Tina cast Fast3 and
    then Freeze3, have Cody cast Power2 and attack normally, and Dan should cast
    Regain after Bomb1 and Heal2 anybody under 80 hp. When he's not healing, use
    Bomb2. If somebody could just email me about why Mirror3 didn't reflect Booth's
    Bolt and Bomb attacks. Thanks.
    (Cody reached level 28) (Dan reached level 25: Learned Heal3) Booth- No,
    no...Gara! (Gara appears) Gara-...I can't believe Booth was beaten by these
    weaklings...now, it's my turn Aqutallions...if you dare challenge me, come to
    my castle to live no more...ho, ho, ho, ha, ha, ha! (FPR) Go back to the third
    floor, fall off, and go back to Dr. Ash in Elekees. Ash- Is that so...? Gara
    too...I see...Gara's Castle is on the upper continent. I'll give you my
    invention even though its name is funny. Anyway, take this and your ship should
    be able to sail up the waterfall. The castle of Gara is in the west, I hear.
    Bon Voyage! Got Niagaran!(FPR)
    Storming Gara's Castle     (SEI2)
    Go outside of Elekees, head west, and get into your trusty boat. (heal and save
    first) Head north until you see a waterfall. Sail right into the waterfall to
    automatically sail up it. Head left, take the middle fork, follow it left and
    south. (Ray reached level 30). Follow this river until it ends, then get out of
    the boat. New enemies await you: Ochu, Golbird, Morpher and Roper. Go into the
    town that you see in front of you. Talk to the guards- This is Amaboss. Women
    only! We don't need any men here. Go away now! (FPR) Get back in your boat and
    head back tot he beginning of the maze. Now head east and north to this new
    town. Dengers is a risky town. If you see a guy wandering around in a blue
    Ninjasuit, don't talk to him. He steals your money. Talk to the woman at the
    very top shop. Get three Bunnysuit and equip them on Ray, Cody and Dan. Go back
    to Amaboss. Guard- Come in quick! Don't let any men in. Wait! You are
    suspicious characters...come on with me! (Takes you to the queen)
    Queen-Ahh...nice...I can't believe you would wear such a weird outfit since
    this morning...? You guys are male right? (yes) ...you're brave, I guess. Do
    you think you can get out of this town unharmed? Well, I've been waiting for
    ones like you for a long time. Please do me a favor. This town's been ruled by
    Gara, and I think it's strange with no men here. Please! Destroy Gara! (yes)
    Yes? Thank you...these lady warriors are called Kustera. Join them and destroy
    Gara! Kathy and Beth joined you! The way to Gara's Castle is the underground of
    this building. Please! (FPR)
    Leave the building and go into the Armor shop, where you should buy two Heels.
    Go back to Dengers and sleep in the inn. Now, since there is no mp source in
    Amaboss, we're going to be doing Gara's Castle in one run. Don't fight the
    monsters and don't use mp. Go back to Amaboss and go to the upper right house
    to save your game, as well as get some creepy dialogue. Now head back to the
    left room of Amaboss Tower on the first level. Go down the stairs, break the
    barrier, and stand on the brown tile. Leave the cave to enter the Secret Path.
    Go left and down the ladder to get a Swim Suit, which should be equipped on
    Leona. Go back up both ladders and go into the room for a restore and a switch
    to be flipped. Go back to the entrance and go right, up the ladder, north, and
    down the ladder for a Moon-Drop. Go up the ladder to find the exit and new
    enemies that you won't even be fighting. Exit and go into the castle. Head
    right and through the door. Then head north for a Crown. (Don't equip) Head
    back down and left to go up the stairs. Head right and exit, go up the stairs
    and through the door. Head down the steps and to the right for Icearmor. (Equip
    Ray) Go back outside and turn right. Go up and through the door, descend three
    stairs. Go along the one way path and then go into the tower. Go down the
    stairs for an Idoldress. (Don't equip) If you keep going up the stairs, you'll
    get to Gara, but when you have the option, go outside and turn left for Heels.
    Now get ready to face the third follower of Homncruse: Gara. Gara- Ho, ho, ho!
    You finally got here Aqutallion! I'll take revenge for Dram and Booth.
    Hit Points- Around 2687
    Experience- 7815
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Gara-Freeze3-All-54 (R), 66 (T), 60 (C), 60 (L), 61 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-77 (G)
    Unity-Ray and Leona-Fire1-Fireswrd-Gara-155
    Tina-Freeze3-All-56 (G)
    Gara-Storm2-All-47 (R), 35 (T), 46 (C), 35 (L), 46 (D)
    Dan-Regain2-All-71 (R), 67 (T), 72 (C), 69 (L), 78 (L)
    Unity-Ray and Leona-Fire1-Fireswrd-Gara-174
    Gara-Storm2-All-36 (R), 43 (T), 37 (C), 44 (L), 32 (D)
    Dan-Regain2-All-73 (R), 76 (T), 68 (C), 66 (L), COMPLETE (D)
    Tina-Freeze3-All-55 (G)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-81 (G)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Gara-171
    Tina-Freeze3-All- 53 (G)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-76 (G)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Gara-156
    Gara-Storm2-All-43 (R), 32 (T), 36 (C), 41 (L), 38 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-71 (G)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Gara-147
    Tina-Freeze3-All-57 (G)
    Gara-Storm2-All-39 (R), 35 (T), 38 (C), 45 (L), 37 (D)
    Dan-Regain2-All-67 (R), COMPLETE (T), 65 (C), 71 (L), COMPLETE (D)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Gara-160
    Tina-Freeze3-All-61 (G)
    Gara-Freeze3-All-59 (R), 63 (T), 64 (C), 60 (L), 67 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-83 (G)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Gara-163
    Tina-Freeze3-All-48 (G)
    Gara-Storm2-All-39 (R), 43 (T), 47 (C), 33 (L), 37 (D)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Gara-176
    Eliminated Gara
    Won the battle!
    Got 7815 Ex
    Man, fighting Gara after Booth is like a Lightweight challenging a Heavyweight.
    Gara is capable of vicious and brutal area attacks. They are Storm2 and
    Freeze3. She uses them a lot. Also, she can attack normally and cast Bolt2 on
    any one character. This is one of the hardest battles that you will fight in
    Secret of the Stars. First, have Ray use Fire1 and Leona attack, creating the
    Burn Blade Unity Weapon Magic. Use this every turn. Have Tina cast Fast3 twice
    and then use Heals and Freeze3 as necessary. Cody should cast Power2 once and
    then melee for the rest of the battle. Dan should cast Bomb2 and then Regain2
    once Frreze3 or Storm2 is cast. If Bolt2 is cast, have Tina heal it. Once Dan
    runs out of mp, use a Brknmoon on him, since it will probably be really late
    into the fight anyway. Honestly, why does beauty always have to be so evil?
    (Tina reached level 31) Leona reached level 29: Learned Vanish3) (Dan reached
    level 26) Gara- Darn...Dram...Booth...Homncruse! (Homncruse appears) Homncruse-
    Gara...Gara...I, Homncruse will take over your hatred. These good for nothing
    Aqutallions! Your father suffers eternally at my hands. Join your father!
    Witness the power of darkness!...(Homncruse makes the whole section of the
    Upper Continent blow up, so you can no longer go to Dengers, Amaboss and Gara's
    Castle. Dr. Ash gets here in the nick of time with a helicopter and rescues you)
    Ash- Welcome back! The Gyrocopter that we've prepared for just such an
    emergency came in handy. But, I still can't believe you beat Booth and even
    Gara. Such deeds may be expected of those who inherit the stars of Actos.
    Please keep going until you defeat Homncruse. As a farewell gift, I will give
    you that Gyrocopter. I heard Professor Parakless has the secret of Homncruse.
    Professor lived in Hidon on the Lower Land. Goodbye guys. You got Gyrocopter!
    (FPR). Okay, Fly By to Decatas. Heal and save and then head outside and get in
    your helicopter.
    Secret of the Stars     (SEC2)
    Fly east until you see a town encased in rock. Land and go into Donto. The
    weapon shop has a Greataxe for Cody, albeit an expensive one. 12400 is pretty
    expensive. In the house above the weapon shop, there is a Mirror in the top
    right desk. Okay, our object in Donto is to talk to everybody. Start in the
    northwest house and talk to the man and the woman. Outside, talk to the man
    between the two houses. Then go into the next house and talk to the old man. He
    will tell you to go to Hidon, which is west of Karappon. Not yet though, we
    still have work to do. Once outside, talk to the farmer and the man near the
    bottom house. Now enter the upper of the two houses and talk to the boy. Go
    outside and talk to the dog near the southern house. Go into the bottom house
    and talk to the man. Go outside and head right to talk to the man. Now head
    east and up to talk to the boy there. Then head into the house above the weapon
    shop and talk tot he person there. Now Fly By to Karappon and head west in your
    helicopter. Head a bit south once you see a mountain range and you should see
    the wasted town of Hidon. Here, buy five Silvrarmor and two Musyahat. Equip
    them. Walk outside and talk to the old man. Man- Dr. Parakless' laboratory is
    at the top of the mountain. (FPR) Head left and up past the inn. Enter the cave
    that leads to the secret of Homncruse. There are new enemies here: Galuda and
    Dragoon. Here, break the barrier and continue on. On a side note, this is a
    great place to train (not that you need it at this point thanks to me) since
    the enemies give 500 Ex per battle. Head along the one way street that is known
    as Misty Pass. Once the seemingly endless waves of monsters are passed, you'll
    find yourself in a laboratory. I didn't know about you, but I was just waiting
    for Dr. Gari to jump out at me from somewhere. Go down the stairs and straight
    up. Go up to the door and press A. (Dr. Parakless appears as a hologram)
    Parakless- I'm Parakless. Homncruse is my son...he was born as a result of
    science. After learning the make-up of humans, I set out to create an
    artificial man. I kidnapped a girl from Hidon...uncovered graves...worked on
    experiments...finally I succeeded. I created an artificial man...Homncruse! But
    Homncruse was born as a child of evil...he grew up in Rimstera and destroyed
    me...then, he used my time machine to escape. Homncruse...! My dear son...!
    Come back to me! (Parakless disappears) (FPR) ...so. Homncruse isn't really
    human. All this talk of time travel...it couldn't be!!! Could it?! My
    hypothesis may be solved in the coming sections of this game! Head up through
    the door to get to the time machine. Go up to it and press A. Flip the switch.
    You're transported to a star shrine with multicolor lakes around you. The
    ground is snow white. Go up into the star shrine. What? It's just like Old
    Hill. Go to the middle panel and step on it. (You are transported to a room
    with four panels) Step on the panel to the far left. Voice- Homncruse came to
    our world...he leaped the time... (FPR) Next. Voice- Homncruse has taken all of
    the scientifically advanced research. (FPR) Next. Voice- He has returned to the
    past, and now seeks world domination... (FPR) Next and last. Voice- We now send
    five Aqutallion Soldiers to destroy Homncruse. (FPR) Step on the yellow tile to
    go back to the present. Bosen appears. Bosen- I guess the mystery has been
    solved. But, I wonder...could Homncruse be destroyed without the Orb or
    Metlswrd? Party- Bosen, where the devil have you been? Why didn't you try to
    help us? Bosen- Anyway, you can reduce Homncruse's power by half if you disable
    the Rimstera Lab. The entrance to the laboratory is in the town of Donto. Go to
    it! Ray! (FPR) Go outside and Fly By to Old Hill. Old Hill is back and better
    than ever before. There is now a theater (occupied) and a Blacksmith Shop
    (Unoccupied) Hmm, we want the best... hey! Wasn't there a Blacksmith called
    Gonto in Codo who was unhappy with his current job? Yes, he'll join you, but
    first you have to find him, as he's gone into hiding. Go behind the church and
    press down in different places. Eventually, you should go into the church, and
    who is that? Gonta! Talk to him. Gonta- No! I'll never go back to the shop. I
    hate only making pots or knives. I want to make a great weapon! Hey, aren't you
    soldiers? I bet I could help you. Say, can I join you? (yes) All right! Now I
    can leave this town! I'm Gonto the Blacksmith. I'll work for you now. Gonto the
    Blacksmith joined you! Now, it's time to finish things. Head for the Rimstera
    Lab in Donto. (Save and heal first)
    The final Follower     (LOS2)
    Now, with your ultimate power in hand, march up to the very gates of the
    Rimstera Lab to find...that the door is closed? Man, what a mood buster. Wait!
    This is a walkthrough. I have the answers to everything! Go back into the
    northwest house and talk to the man again. Man- Huh?...Sigh...work again
    today...(the gates outside open and everybody goes inside) (FPR) Go into the
    Rimstera Lab. Step on the panel to enter the Steeler Lab. (Cody reached level
    29: Learned Storm3) The monsters here include: Legs Robot A, Robot B, and
    Pattloid. Head right and down and then right and down to get Discarmar. (Don't
    equip) Go back up and take the middle black panel. Get the Barrier (?) Use the
    panel right below it to go back up. Use the bottom black panel. Here get the
    Mirror, then head up and use the panel. Use the gray panel near you and then
    the black panel. Use the gray panel in the upper right and get the Slivarmr.
    Head up, right and down for a panel. Head up and use the black panel. Go down
    for a Rat-Tail. Head farther down and left for a Moon-Drop. Go through the
    black panel. You're right in the middle of the engine room. There is a new
    enemy here called the New Moon. You have to flip all four of the outlying
    reactors for the main reactor to become flippable. Now, flip the master switch
    on the middle reactor. (The lab blows up and you realize that it was the
    off-limits lab in Decatas. You are now in Decatas. A lot of angry townspeople
    rush over) People- What happened?!...what the heck happened? The laboratory 
    has been demolished! They did it! What made them do it? What are you doing? If
    Homncruse finds out about it...He'll destroy us all! We're all going to perish!
    (The mayor comes over) Mayor- I'm the mayor of Decatas. Huh...I see...you did
    it...by the way, I hear you're building a town. Okay...I think Homncruse is
    going to burn this town. Do you think we can live in your town? I don't want to
    hear it! Let's go to Old Hill (FPR) Oh crap, Sin City goes to Kansas...go back
    to Old Hill.  Talk to the first girl you see. Girl- This is Old Hill...oops! We
    call it Decatas now.(FPR) What the hell?! Decatas...grrr. They better be lucky
    that I have to save the world, or I'd have a nice long talk with the mayor that
    involves Cody's 12400 gold Great-Axe. Talk to the mayor. A scene is witnessed
    where the mayor banished your party. The kids don't want you to go, but the
    adults force you out. You are no longer allowed at Old Hill. The scene shifts
    to Homncruse's domain, where it's starting to look a little bare now that we've
    killed three of his four followers. Homncruse- What do you think Jaguar? It
    looks like one of Godem's tricks. Jaguar- An island where the stars
    come...Brisben...Ray...hurry! (FPR) So, Jaguar is one of our friends? Who?
    Anyway, Fly By to Moreeyes. Heal, save and get in your chopper. Head east until
    you see a temple. Enter Brisben. Head between the water north. Godem appears.
    Ha, ha, ha...you're too late! This town is over...farewell! (Brisben explodes!)
    You are now in a ruined Brisben. Head north and step on the brown panel. Holy
    Crap, six stairs! Start with the one to the right. Follow it to get 20000 gold
    and a Moon-Drop. Ignore the stairs and keep going. You come out in the middle
    stairs of the first room. Head left to the next stairs. Head straight down for
    Windshoes. (Equip Dan) Now head left and follow the path to another staircase.
    Head all the way right to come to a very familiar place. Go up the stairs and
    left to come to the main room. (Dan reached level 27) So, that's 3 out of 6
    staircases covered. Head up to the only one left that you can go down right
    now. Follow the one way path and go down the stairs. Follow the one way path
    and go up the stairs. Again. Now go down the stairs. Follow the path down the
    stairs. Take the right stairs and head straight up for a barrier. (Ray reached
    level 31) Now Flee1 and go outside and Fly By back to Moreeyes to heal and
    save. Now go back to Brisben and the upper staircase. Get back to where you
    were before, except now, take the left stairs. Head up the one way street and
    down the stairs. Head straight up until you are stopped. Godem- Hi guys, I
    understand you managed to make it here. The Pit of Darkness will be the best
    grave for homeless people like you (OUCH! That. Hurt.) Sleep in the Pit of
    Darkness forever!
    Hit Points- Around 3000
    Experience- 8240
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    (Just to let you know, this is my second battle; Godem killed me three rounds
    in by using Bolt3 twice in a row.)
    Godem-Fire-All-24 (R), 35 (T), 40 (C), 40 (L), 35 (D)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Godem-162
    Dan-Regain1-COMPLETE (R), 22 (T), 27 (C), 25 (L), 24 (D)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Godem-174
    Unity-Burn Blade-144
    Godem-Bolt3-All-REFLECT 44 (G), REFLECT 50 (G), 102 (C), REFLECT 44 (G),
    REFLECT 44 (G)
    Tina-Freeze3-All-67 (G)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-82 (G)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Godem-154
    Godem-Bolt3-All-REFLECT 47 (G), REFLECT 44 (G), 103 (C) FAINT, REFLECT 50 (G),
    REFLECT 48 (G)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-76 (G)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Godem-157
    Dan-Bomb2-All-74 (G)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Godem-168
    Godem-Fire3-REFLECT 44 (G)
    Tina-Freeze3-All-56 (G)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-81 (G)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Godem-150
    Tina-Freeze3-All-54 (G)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-76 (G)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Godem-155
    Tina-Freeze3-All-58 (G)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-78 (G)
    Unity-Burn Blade-Godem-161
    Tina-Freeze3-All-61 (G)
    Eliminated Godem
    Won the battle!
    Got 8240 Ex
    This battle can be easy or hard. Bring every Mirror that you have with you to
    this fight. You should have three. Have Ray, Tina and Dan use a Mirror, while
    Leona casts Mirror1 on herself. All magic cast will be deflected back to Godem
    (except for Cody) Don't bother to heal Cody, just have Tina cast Life3 on him
    when he dies. Ray and Leona should Burn Blade, Tina should cast Fast3 twice and
    then Freeze3 the rest of the fight. Dan should Bomb2/Heal2 whenever needed.
    Have Cody cast Power3 on himself twice and then melee. Godem should drop like a
    fly eventually (I didn't use any Mirrors in my first battle)
    (Tina reached level 32) (Leona reached level 30: Learned Bolt3) Godem- Oh,
    great...after all of that power...can't destroy Homncruse...*(FPR) *-Yes, we
    can. Okay, get the chests. They contain Bestclaw (Leona's best weapon. Equip it
    now. It has a rapid attack. Cody gets the Fireswrd.) The Elfinbow (Kustera
    equip) The Iceswrd (Equip Ray. Freeze1 and Iceswrd make Ice Slash, which is
    your new Unity Combo) a Restore, and the Aqutalium (key item). Take note that
    there is a brand spanking new unity combo that you can do: Devastate. Fire3,
    Freeze3, Storm3, and Bolt3 are combined. Really only good for random battles in
    the last dungeon though, since it takes so much mp. Now, head back to Old Hill.
    Transitions    (ORD2)
    Go into Old Hill to meet a weird sight. Children- Scram you grownups, I'll get
    ya! (battle intro) Wa, wa, wait a minute! I said wait! Dynamite- Calm down,
    calm down. No need to get upset! They will never be here again since they were
    beaten so badly. Welcome back! I, Sir Dynamite and the kids fought off the
    forces from Decatas. They serve Homncruse. Huh, serves you right! Come, here, I
    found out something great! (goes into the shrine) I don't mean to show off, but
    I know there is something. (Panels slide back, showing symbols underneath them.
    A white pillar of light appears over the main panel. It turns red, and shines
    on the top panel. Blue, green, yellow and purple all correspond with different
    tiles. A door opens at the back of the shrine. You go through into a
    technological room that is the bridge of a ship.) Dynamite- This is great! I
    think that this has something to do with Ray's father. So, I didn't touch it.
    Search until your heart's content. (FPR) Go up to the control panel in front of
    the screen. Press A to get this message: When the five powers unite, this ship
    will voyage again. (FPR) Go back outside. Now go into Dynamite's lab and talk
    to the little girl in there. Girl- I say, Dynamite made a wonderful thing. Do
    you need it? (yes) Here it is! Got Vita-Plum! I hear he improved Baz's
    Plum-plum. It seems to have worked. I'll give you just one. (FPR) Now talk to
    Dynamite. Dynamite- Uh huh...five powers...I think it may be some of your
    items. By the way, what was Godem trying to defend in that island? (FPR) I'll
    tell you what Godem was trying to defend: The Iums. You already have Aqutalium,
    that leaves the four temples in Brisben. Now, I refer you to the Kustera Quest
    section of this walkthrough. When yo uare done with that section, pick up the
    walkthrough right here.
    Once all five Iums are in your possession, adjust your equipment. Here is what
    it should be: Ray, Tina, Cody, Leona, Dan- Metlarmr, Metlhelm, Metlboots. Ray-
    Iceswrd, Tina- Firecane, Cody- Fireswrd, Leona- Bestclaw, Dan- Boltcane. Now go
    to the shrine in Old Hill, with all five Iums in your possession. Go into the
    control room and talk to the control console. Flip the switch. Voice-
    Aqutallions, board the Mothership and face the final enemy. (Old Hill
    transforms into a giant UFO) You got the UFO ship Algos. (FPR) You are
    automatically transferred to the Jeep Volcano core. The last chapter of you
    journey is about to unfold. The question is, will you defeat Homncruse and
    bring peace to the entire world, or will you simply die upon the threshold of
    victory and never be seen again. Will Homncruse or Aqutallion triumph. The
    obvious answer is Aqutallion. Why am I so confident? Aqutallion has me in their
    corner and Homncruse doesn't.
    Followers resurrected    (AQU2)
    So, you have a badass spaceship, Kustera and Aqutallion teams standing by. Head
    into the volcano. You see that door at the end of the walkway? Go through it.
    You should see some stars on the floor. Let's go investigate! Take a few steps
    forward and... Voice- Aha, ha, ha, ha! Here come the Aqutallions! I've been
    waiting. How stupid of them to oppose me! The powerful ruler of darkness...
    Homncruse!! Recover, my followers! You'll be the ones to destroy the
    Aqutallions! (All four followers appear) Homncruse- You better come...come to
    my lair and perish...Aqutallions! (FPR) Well, this sure doesn't look very good.
    Step onto the golden tile. We see Dram beside us but separated by a wall. Head
    north and see that it will be necessary to get all of the items by using the
    Kustera party. Swap! ...Oh ****, my Kustera party has a cumulative level of 73,
    while the Aqutallions have one of 149. *sweatdrop* not good. I suggest that you
    folks run from every battle you encounter. Okay, the door on the right leads to
    a linear path ending with a door. Go through and straight north to go through
    another door with a path that ends with another door. This time, take the right
    door for a dead end. Well, at least we opened up all of those doors. Back to
    the beginning and take the other door this time. The linear path ends with the
    Royalswrd item. Go through the next two doors, head north and go through the
    next one. Follow the one way path for a LONG time to get to yet another dead
    end. Flee and swap parties. Take the Aqutallion party through the north door
    and then the southern path. You are now at one of the places that the Kustera
    party went. Go through the golden door and down south towards the path that the
    Kustera so kindly opened for us. Gold door leads to an intersection. Take the
    western gold door. Courtesy of the Kustera, the way is open for you. Continue
    south, open the chest and heal. Prepare for...Bio Dram. (Cody reached level
    30). Dram- I am Dram...Lord Homncruse has brought me back to life...down with
    ~Bio Dram~
    Hit Points- 3030
    Experience- 9383
    My Battle:
    Ray-Fire3-Dram- 81
    Dram-Attack-Tina-41, rapid-32
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 70 (D)
    Leona-Bolt3-All- 98 (D)
    Ray-Fire3-Dram- 85
    Dram-Attack-Cody- 20, rapid-27
    Dan-Heal2-Tina- COMPLETE
    Leona-Bolt3-All- 100 (D)
    Ray-Fire3-Dram- 83
    Dram-Attack-Ray- 17, rapid-17
    Cody-Attack-Dram- 57
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 76 (D)
    Leona-Bolt3-All- 102 (D)
    Ray-Fire3-Dram- 95
    Dram-Attack-Ray-29, rapid-13
    Tina/Cody Unity- Ice Storm-All- 85 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All- (76 (D)
    Ray-Fire3-Dram- 84
    Dram-Attack-Tina- 38, rapid- 27
    Dan-Bomb2-All-76 (D)
    Leona-Bolt3-All- 92 (D)
    Cody-Fight-Dram- 62
    Tina-Heal2-Ray- 91 recovery
    Leona-Bolt3-All- 94 (D)
    Ray-Fire3-Dram- 88
    Dram-Attack-Ray-20, rapid- 17
    Cody-Storm3-All- 77 (D)
    Tina-Freeze3-All- 61 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 70 (D)
    LEona-Bolt3-All- 99 (D)
    Cody-Fight-Dram- 70
    Tina-Freeze3-All- 61 (D)
    Ray-Fire3-Dram- 93
    Dram-Fight-Ray-32, rapid- 32
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 82 (d)
    Leona-Fight-Dram-59, rapid-48
    Ray-Fire3-Dram- 88
    Dram-Attack-Ray-22, rapid-26
    Tina-Freeze3-All-54 (D)
    Cody-Fight-Dram- 57
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 79 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All-80 (D)
    Leona-Fight-Dram-51, rapid- 53
    Tina-Heal3-Ray- COMPLETE
    Dram-Attack-Ray-19, rapid- 19
    Leona-Fight-Dram-45, rapid- 56
    Eliminated Bio Dram!
    Won the Battle!
    Got 9383 Ex.
    Bio Dram is really nothing special. You can either follow my strategy above or
    just whale on him. There are two variables though: You can either have Leona
    cast Bolt3 the entire battle...or have her rapid attack with the BestClaw. The
    damage is very similar, and it leaves Leona's mp open. Cody can either cast
    Power3 3 times and have his mp open for the rest of the battle or just cast
    Storm3 the whole time. Like I said before, the damage is very similar. Another
    thing, no Unity magic should be used in this battle; it just doesn't do enough
    damage. Slow does not affect Dram, but that shouldn't keep you from Fast3ing
    your entire party 3 times. Dram's only attack is just that, an attack followed
    by a rapid attack.
    (Dan reached level 28: Learned Regain3) And step on the yellow tile to exit.
    Head back to Old Hill and get everybody healed up (both parties) and send the
    Kustera into the new area. Beside us, yet separated, is Booth. Head north and
    through the left gateway. Next head east at the path-split because the southern
    exit is blocked. Head through the gate and open the door for Aqutallion. For
    now, switch parties. Sen Aqutallion in and take the right path. (Before
    fighting Booth, get Dan up to level 29) Go through the gate at the end and open
    up the path for Kustera. Go through the Aqutallion gate and south through the
    open gate. Wave hello to your fellow companions as you pass their avatar. As
    usual, go through the gate and then west to open a door for Kustera. The
    northwest gat is your next destination. At the end of its path lies a treasure
    chest and Booth, but let's take the left offshoot first. ( Leave the right path
    for later) Walking along the path, you should soon come to its end. And
    awaiting you is a Wizrobe, which should be equipped on no one. At the end of
    the road is a dead end, so swap parties. Head back to the path-split and this
    time go south and through the designated Kustera door. Head south through the
    gate and then through the southwestern door. Open the door and (wave to your
    friends) head through the Kustera door. Head along the winding path to reach
    Booth. If you so wish, you can fight Booth with either party, but I would
    highly suggest going with an Aqutallion party. So swap parties, head back
    towards Booth, and as soon as Dan has leveled you can fight it. (Leona reached
    level 31) (Ray reached level 32) (Tina reached level 33) (Dan reached level 29)
    Now, talk to Booth. Booth- Ha, ha, ha!...It's all because of Homncruse that me
    met. We both bid you a farewell fight!
    ~Bio Booth~
    Hit Points- 3450
    Experience- 10543
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 72 (B)
    Leona-Bolt3-All- 95 (B)
    Ray-Fire3-Booth-86 I win ;)
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 80 (B)
    Booth-Bomb3-All- 100, (R) 107 (T) Tina has been eliminated 108 (C), (Reflect to
    Booth) 54, 104 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 80 (B)
    Leona-Bolt3-All- 98 (B)
    Leona-Bolt3-All-102 (B)
    Ray-Life2-Tina-Tina has been revitalized
    Booth-Attack-Dan-49 Dan has been eliminated
    Leona-Bolt3-All-88 (B)
    Ray-Fire3-Booth- 80
    Cody-Power2-Cody- SUCCESS
    Tina-Life3-Dan- Dan has been revitalized
    Leona-Bolt3-All- 103 (B)
    Booth-Bomb2-All- 74 (R), 82 (T), 75 (C), Cody has been eliminated, (reflect to
    Booth) 38, 70 (D)
    Tina-Freeze3-All- 58 (B)
    Leona-Bolt3-All- 97 (B)
    Booth-Bomb3-All- 110 (R), 109 (T), (reflect to Booth) 52, 102 (D)
    Ray-Fire3-Booth- 93
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 82 (B)
    Leona-Attack-Booth- 50, rapid- 54
    Booth-Bomb3-All- 97 (R), 98 (T) Tina has been eliminated, 110 (C), (reflect to
    Booth) 53, 111 (D) Dan has been eliminated
    Ray-Fire3-Booth- 87
    Leona-Restore-Dan- Dan has been revitalized
    Booth-Bomb3-All- 109 (R) Ray has been eliminated, 97 (C), Cody has been
    eliminated, (reflect to Booth) 54, 111 (D) Dan has been eliminated
    Booth-Bomb2-All- (reflect to Booth) 34
    Leona-Attack-Booth- 53, rapid- 53
    Leona-Attack-Booth- 44, rapid- 46
    Booth-Bolt2-Leona- (reflect to Booth) 33
    Leona-Attack-Booth- 49, rapid- CRITICAL 106
    Booth-Attack-Leona- 49
    Leona-Attack-Booth-CRITICAL 102, rapid- 49
    Booth-Bomb2-All-(reflect to Booth) 37
    Leona-Attack-Booth-46, rapid- 49
    Booth-Bolt2-Leona-(reflect to Booth) 36
    Leona-Attack-Booth- 56, rapid- 45
    Booth-Bomb3-All- (reflect to Booth) 54
    Booth-Bomb3-All- (reflect to Booth) 50
    Leona-Attack-Booth- 50, rapid- 38
    Booth-Bolt2-Leona- (reflect to Booth) 38
    Leona-Attack-Booth- 41, rapid- 55
    Leona-Attack-Booth- CRITICAL 100, rapid- 46
    Booth-Bomb3-All- (reflect to Booth) 51
    Booth-Bomb2-All- (reflect to Booth) 40
    Leona-Attack-Booth- 35
    Eliminated Bio Booth!
    Won the Battle
    Got 10543 EX
    Damn...that battle was...hard. The first extremely hard battle in the game.
    This (insert favorite R rated word here) really packs a cheap punch. Bio Booth
    is really fond of casting Bomb3 two and even 3 times in a row. The FIRST thing
    that you should do is have Leona cast Mirror1 on herself if you want to win
    this battle. Along with Bolt2, Bomb2 and Fire3, Bio Booth has just earned my
    Cheapest Boss award for this game. Have Cody cast Power2 four times and then
    attack normally. Ray should Fire3 until his mp goes below 20. Burn Blade with
    Cody and do some damage at that point. Tina should be a strict Fast3, Heal 2-3,
    and Life3 person. If a person faints, use Life3 to restore them to full in case
    Booth uses Bomb3 multiple times. Leona should either Bolt3 or attack normally,
    the choice is yours. She will be, most likely, the only person left standing at
    the end of this battle. Dan should Bomb2 and Regain3 depending. He's kind of a
    worthless healer in this battle, because he usually attacks last and therefore
    cannot get a crucial Regain3 in before Booth uses Bomb3 again. Like I said
    before, Bio Booth uses Bomb3 like I use Fire3: insanely. Just try to do as much
    damage as possible before it goes to the Leona vs. Booth
    with-all-of-the-dead-party-members-as-spectators fight. Seriously, this will be
    a hard fight.
    Head onto the tile and exit back to Old Hill, where you should heal up. Go back
    into the volcano and step onto the third tile. We see Gara, but once more
    separated. Walk north and take the only path available to you. Open the door
    for the Kusteras and then go south. (Cody reached level 31) Stop at the closed
    door and swap parties. Send the Kusteras along the middle path and then south
    along the western path through the door that the Aqutallions opened for you.
    Head through the gate, along the linear path, and through the next gate. Open
    the door for the Aqutallions and swap parties. Head the very short way that you
    can and switch parties once more. Go back along the path until it splits. Take
    the eastern path this time and then along the winding path until you reach a
    gate. Go through it, open the door for Aqutallions, and then switch parties. Go
    the short way that you can and switch parties. Flee, then go back in and take
    the path on the left. Head along the path and open the door for Aqutallion.
    Switch parties. Go through and get the Brknmoon, heal up, and attack Gara.
    Gara- Ho, ho, ho...I never thought I'd see you again...this time, I'll destroy
    ~Bio Gara~
    Hit Points- 3720
    Experience- 11873
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 70 (G)
    Leona-Bolt3-All- 96 (G)
    Gara-Storm3-All-78 (R), 64 (T), 76 (C), (reflect) 35, 68 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 72
    Dan-Regain3-All- COMPLETE (All)
    Leona-Attack-Gara- 58, rapid- 55
    Leona-Attack-Gara-CRITICAL 132, rapid- 49
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 79 (G)
    Leona-Fight-Gara-55, rapid- 71
    Ray-Fire3-Gara- 95
    Tina/Cody Unity-Ice Storm-All- 90 (G)
    Leona-Attack-Gara-57, rapid- 65
    Cody-Storm3-All- 68 (G)
    Tina-Freeze3-All- 54 (G)
    Ray-Fire3-Gara- 81
    Gara-Storm3-All- 67 (R), 79 (T), 67 (C), (reflect) 39, 75 (D)
    Leona-Attack-Gara-CRITICAL 136, rapid- 60
    Gara-Freeze3-All- 65 (R), 57 (T), 60 (C), (reflect) 33, 62(D)
    Dan-Regain3-All-COMPLETE (All)
    Leona-Attack-Gara-54, rapid-68
    Ray-Fire3-Gara- 83
    Tina-Brknmoon-Dan-13 mp
    Gara-Storm3-All- 70 (R), 65 (T), 74 (C), (reflect) 38, 77 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 80 (G)
    Leona-Attack-Gara-CRITICAL 136, rapid-59
    Tina-Brknmoon-Dan- 16 mp
    Gara-Storm2-All- 39 (R), 39 (T), 46 (C), (reflect) 17, 40 (D)
    Dan-Use-Boltcane- 32
    Leona-Attack-Gara-60, rapid- 66
    Cody-Attack-Gara- 78
    Dan-Regain3-All-COMPLETE (All)
    Leona-Attack-Gara-69, rapid- 62
    Cody-Attack-Gara- 62
    Gara-Freeze3-All- 60 (R), 62 (T), 55 (C), (reflect) 33, 62 (D)
    Dan-Bomb2-All- 69 (G)
    Leona-Attack-Gara-CRITICAL 146
    Eliminated Bio Gara!
    Won the Battle!
    Got 11873!
    Hmm, after that intense Bio Booth fight, I kind of expected this one to be even
    harder. Compared to the previous boss, this one is a pushover. Just have Ray
    use Fire3 every turn, Tina Fast3 for five turns and then Freeze3/Heal2-3 for
    the rest of the battle, Cody cast Power3 on Leona three times and then on
    himself three times. After that, he can attack normally for the entire fight,
    as can Leona. Dan should use Bomb2 a maximum of five times this fight, as his
    Regain3 will be in high demand. If he runs out, don't be frugal like I was, but
    use one of your many moondrops. After you've used Bomb2 five times, use the
    item Boltcane on Gara for around forty damage. Gara attacks normally, uses
    Storm2 and Storm3, as well as Freeze3 and rarely Bolt2. This should be fairly
    (Leona reached level 32) Save, heal, and then go into the next dungeon. Okay
    guys, before you fight Godem, Dan needs to be at level 30. Ah, Godem. His
    vicious Bolt3 attack still rings in my ears. He is the only boss that I've ever
    lost to, and wins my Coolest Looking Boss award. His Bio form takes 2nd place.
    Head north to see...we can face the boss already? Not only did that rhyme, but
    it bodes ill with me. Go north through the door. Godem can wait. But first,
    open the chest for a valuable mirror, which will be used in the upcoming fight.
    Take the eastern road and then east once more. Go through your gate and open
    the Kustera path. Head through your gate, open the door, and keep going to get
    the Boltswrd, which should be equipped to Cody. Keep going (open the doors) and
    come out at the beginning. There is absolutely nothing here for the Kustera
    party, so train up Dan and then attack Godem. (Dan reached level 30 : Learned
    Bomb3) Godem-  Heh, heh, heh...Lord Homncruse's power brought me to this world.
    Tale this!
    ~Bio Godem~
    Hit Points- 4110
    Experience- 13490
    Gold- 0
    My Battle:
    Godem-Attack-Tina-DODGE, rapid- 62
    Dan-Bomb3-All-98 (G)
    Godem-Attack-Ray-45, rapid- 47
    Leona-Attack-Godem- 61, rapid- 52
    Dan-Bomb3-All-111 (G)
    Godem-Attack-Tina-61, rapid- 61
    Leona-Attack-Godem- 54, rapid- 65
    Godem-Bolt-All-25 (R), 37 (T), 22 (C), 18 (L), 37 (D)
    Leona-Attack-Godem-70, rapid- 61
    Godem-Attack-Ray-50, rapid- 57
    Leona-Attack-Godem- 66, rapid- 55
    Godem-Bolt-28 (R), 22 (T), 33 (C), 37 (L), 28 (D)
    Leona-Attack-Godem- 67, rapid- 71
    Cody-Attack-Godem- 60
    Godem-Attack-Ray-34. rapid- 29
    LEona-Attack-Godem- 73, rapid- 60
    Dan-Regain2-All-COMPLETE (All)
    Godem-Bolt3-All- (reflect) 44, (reflect) 48, 102 (C), (reflect) 51, 101 (D)
    Leona-Attack-Godem-61, rapid- 71
    Dan-Bomb3-All-96 (G)
    Godem-Fire- 38 (R), 45 (T), 40 (C), 42 (L), 45 (D)
    Leona-Attack-Godem- 64, rapid- 66
    Ray-Fire3-Godem- 93
    Cody-Attack-Godem- 50
    Tina-Heal2-Cody- 93
    Dan-Bomb3-All- 111 (G)
    Dan-Regain3-All- COMPLETE (All)
    LEona-Attack-Godem- DODGE, rapid- 60
    Cody-Attack-Godem- 69
    Godem-Attack-Tina- 52, rapid- 40
    Godem-Fire-38 (R), 76 (T), 38 (C), 62 (L), 42 (D)
    Leona-Attack-Godem- 58, rapid- CRITICAL 136
    Dan-Boltcane- 33
    Godem-Attack-Leona-43, rapid- 39
    Leona-Attack-Godem- 57, rapid- CITICAL 136
    Godem-Attack-Tina-CRITICAL 118 Tina has been eliminated
    Leona-Attack-Godem- 55, rapid- 54
    Ray-Attack-Godem- 52
    Cody-Attack-Godem- 66
    Dan-Boltcane-Godem- 41
    Godem-Bolt3-All- (reflect) 44, 101 (C), (reflect) 45, 94 (D) Dan has been
    Leona-Attack-Godem-CRITICAL 146
    Eliminated Bio Godem!
    Won the Battle!
    Got 13490 Ex!
    Well, that was a pretty hard fight. I started by using a mirror on Ray and Tina
    and then Mirror1 on Leona. Tina casts Fast3 the entire fight. Cody casts Power3
    on Leona three times and the twice on himself. He then fights normally, as does
    Leona. Dan casts Bomb3 a maximum of three times and then uses Regain2-3 or the
    Boltcane at his discretion. Ray casts Fire3 the entire time. Godem almost
    always attacks normally with a rapid attack tacked on. Other then that, he
    blows fire and creates Bolts (both are not reflected by Mirrors or Mirror1) and
    uses his old friend Bolt3. That is why you use the Mirrors and Mirror1. Don't
    save the Mirrors for the final battle, because Homncruse has a nasty habit of
    making everyone's status return to normal.
    (Ray reached level 33) (Cody reached level 32) Save, heal and head back to the
    To kill a Nightmare     (NIG2)
    With his followers dispatched once more to the afterlife, Homncruse cannot be
    pleased. You start out in a cave. Walk east from your starting position (Leona
    reached level 33) If you encounter any hard monsters, use the devastate spell,
    which is formed by combining all four level three black magic spells. (Tina
    reached level 34) At the end of this hard path lies a chest with Plumwater in
    it. Flee, heal and save. Now head down the ladder to depths unknown. The path
    is extremely linear, mainly testing your endurance to the monsters around you.
    Pass the ladder to get to a chest containing a mirror. Now go down the ladder.
    Let me mention this now: DO NOT HEAL BEFORE FIGHTING HOMNCRUSE. It is a 
    battle you can literally not win. Follow the path and go down the ladder. At the
    end of this path lies a Warp Star. Step on it. You are in the Homncruse throne
    room! Step onto the chair. Voice-... so, you finally made it here. *Jaguar and
    Homncruse appear* Homncruse- Heh, heh, heh... welcome Aqutallions. Your 
    powers cannot harm me. Jaguar! You are the first to greet our guests. What's 
    wrong? Jaguar...? Why don't you fight? Heh, heh, heh... you're foolish! I 
    knew you would betray me...Jaguar...No! Bosen! I already knew that you were
    a spy sent from the future. *Jaguar turns into Bosen* Bosen- Homncruse! Look
    at my face! You should recognize this face! Homncruse- You...you! Bosen- 
    Homncruse...It was I who helped you when you came to the future. I have 
    taught you all of the science of the future...However, you betrayed the future
    and wanted to rule with darkness. I knew it was all my fault. So, I have come
    from the future to destroy you myself! Homncruse, you shall fall before me!
    Homncruse- Aha, ha, ha. You fool, I don't remember you! Now, feel my wrath!
    *Beats the crap out of Bosen* Bosen- Look......Homncruse! Homncruse- Now it
    is time for you children! Come Aqutallions!
    Hit Points- Unknown
    Experience- 0
    Gold- 0
    Don't even try to win; you can't.
    Bosen- No...no...this is just an illusion of Homncruse...Ray...the
    Metlswrd...Without the Metlswrd, you cannot beat Homncruse... Go to the Red
    Fountain with this... (Got Aqt-Stone) Homncruse- I won't let you do it!!
    *transports you out* Go back to Old Hill, save, and head back to the place
    where you first became a Penon, here on Heart Island. (Dan reached level 31) Go
    through the end of the cave and through the door. Head to the back of the room
    and enter Red Fountain. Step onto the Warp symbol. *That's a fountain of Actos*
    Found Metlswrd. Ray's Father- Ray...my son! Homncruse is shrouded by a false
    appearance; break it with this orb! Got Lightorb! Go back to your ship, buy
    about 20 bread so you can heal without magic points before you fight Homncruse,
    and prepare to see if you can kill a Nightmare.
    A Personal Dispute     (APD2)
    So this is where my new guide picks up. I regret to say that I forgot my old
    practice of recording boss fights blow by blow. I am sorry about that, but I
    will give a viable strategy for Homncruse's demise.Return to Homncruse in 
    Jeep Volcano. Approach the throne and step on it to trigger this final battle.
    ~Homncruse (Blue)~
    Hit Points- 0
    Experience- 0
    Gold- 0
    On the first turn of this battle have everyone buff up except Ray. He should use
    the Lightorb. As he uses the Lightorb, 4 yellow orbs of light spring out of the 
    ground and go crashing into Homncruse. He glows with an ominous light and turns 
    ~Homncruse (Red)~
    Hit Points- 3669 
    Experience- 0
    Gold- 0
    He uses Fire3 which is good for about 75-100 damage against one target as well 
    as regular Blown Fire (30-50 all). Bomb3 is also in his repetoire, doing 100-150
    damage to all party members. If you are at a very high level (35-40ish) 
    then you can breeze through this battle by sheer brawn and use Devestate (thanks
    for the emails people!) or you can take the cautious approach and have Dan cast
    Regain2 each round while Ray attacks using the Metlswrd, Tina being Healer and
    Freeze3 user, Cody using Power3 on himself and then on Leona and attacking him,
    and Leona using Mirror and then Bolt3 to tidy up or using her rapid attack. But
    here is my warning: Don't buff up TOO much, because Homncruse uses Land, which
    can erase all party buffs. He should be down in a few rounds. Just keep your hp
    above 250. Homncruse dissolves and the battle is won! Or...is it?
    The party appears in front of an empty throne, and all is silent. Then a flash 
    of blue strikes the throne, and then again. Homncruse's flaming red head appears
    above the throne. Homncruse-...Lightorb...I was defeated by the last Aqutallions
    because of it. But I'm not afraid of it any longer. I get new power owing to 
    Rimstera...This time, a Final Battle! 
    ~Homncruse: Demon Dragon~
    Hit Points- 6666 (funny, huh?)
    Experience- 0
    Gold- 0
    And now begins the final battle. He is brutal, and can hit for a hell of a lot
    of damage. He has a regular attack which can hit from 1-125 damage on any one 
    target. He can create Bolts, which do 40-60 damage to all party members and call
    down Bolt3, which is 100+ damage to everyone. Once again the move Land makes 
    an appearance. The Metlswrd always gets a sharp hit, so keep using that Ray.
    Otherwise, use a normal strategy of Tina and Dan healing and with Cody and
    Leona doing their normal things. KEEP THE HP ABOVE 200 AT ALL TIMES. Eventually,
    the Prince of Darkness will fall.
    Warning- Past this point lies the entire conclusion to the game, with eveything
    laid bare. Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you enjoyed it. Reviews
    are always welcome as well as constructive criticism.
    Stars of Hope	(STAR1)
    As you strike the final blow to the ultimate evil, he glows navy and melts away
    into nothingness. The battlefield glows with a bright yellow light, and you know
    that the enemy is gone for good. Homncruse is defeated. Won the Battle!
    Homncruse- Awe...darn...Aqutallion...I will be reborn...I, born into the 
    darkness hate humans! I...will hate you...who...brought me...back to...life 
    ...forever! *The fiery figure of Homncruse's head fades out of existence as the
    ghost of docter Parakless appears on the throne* Parakless- Homncruse, my 
    dearest son...come back to me...to me! Homncruse- Parakless! You! I hate you
    too! Uh...*they both disappear*. Jeep Volacano starts shaking and the throne 
    room is engulfed in purple fire! Suddenly the UFO picks them up and they rocket 
    out of the volcano just as it starts to erupt. The view then cuts inside the 
    UFO, where Bosen is standing. Bosen- Ray...Tina...Cody...Leona...Dan...thank 
    you...Farewell! *Bosen disappears, either dead or gone back to the future*. The 
    screen fades to black and we see the UFO above the ocean, heading in a western 
    direction. Suddenly we recognize landmarks; the cave of Badbad, Beegees,
    and then finally our home- Old Hill. The UFO beams the town, buildings and 
    all, back onto the ground. The view cuts to ithe town. Uncle Save- Well, 
    it seems like we're alive. I can't imagine what could have happened to us. 
    Kid- Where are Ray and his friends? Robo- Still inside the UFO. Dynamite- 
    Maybe those guys are going back to the future. Kid-WHAT!? Morgan-We 
    destroyed Homncruse anyway, so... Baz- They can't taste the crops 
    that I planted? Uncles Save (apparently ignoring everyone except the kid)-
    Kid, we finally got a new home. But their real home is somewhere in another
    world. I bet everyone wants to return to his or her true home. They are our 
    one and only friends...you should not ask them for the impossible. Kid-......
    Okay... Uncle Save- But I believe that they are coming back here again, 
    someday. Why don't we wait until then? *The screen fades to black, and then
    we see Ray and his party standing before his father in the UFO. Ray's father-
    Ray! Come back Ray! You've fought enough. You are from the future...you 
    will soon greet the future. Come here, Ray. Ray...*fade to black and then back
    to the town.* Kid- Oh! *A beam of yellow light strikes the ground and Ray and
    the party walk out* Aqutallions- Everybody...I'm back. Welcome home, and 
    welcome to Avalon. (okay seriously, WTF is that?!) The screen fades to black
    and we see the UFO soaring through space and the credits start to roll. After
    2 or 3 minutes, a message pops up: The end.
    But wait, don't turn off the old SNES yet! Wait about 30 seconds and a surprise
    comes. We're back at the intro to the game, in Uncle Save's house in Likado.
    Uncle Save- As it was, the Aqutallions decided to stay at Old Hill and lived 
    happily ever after. *Uncle Save looks around the room, as Ray is no longer in 
    front of him listening to his story. He catches sight of him asleep in the
    bed by the window.* Uncle Save- Well, I've told you of a rare adventure, but
    that's okay. I wonder what kind of adventure awaits. Stars of hope...
    Well, it is finally over. The final chapter of this walkthrough just came to its
    close. Once more, I thank you all for reading and for being kind to me. If you 
    disliked the newest portion of the guide, I apologize for not being as detailed 
    as I used to be. And now, I bid you all farewell, and hope that you liked this
    game as much as I did.
    PS- I went through hell to format this right.    
    Kustera Quest     (KUS3)
    You've probably noticed that there is a gray square in addition to a yellow
    square in each of the four elemental temples. Each one is a dungeon for the
    Kustera with a key item at the end. There are items, weapons and monsters in
    each. By the time that you get to each temple, the monsters will all be
    familiar to you. I'll provide a walkthrough for each temple. First of all, get
    the Dragswrd (Edon basement) Fireswrd (Booth's Castle) Iceswrd (Brisben
    basement) Greatspr (have Aqutallion buy it in Hidon) and the Elfinbow (Brisben
    basement). Have the Aqutallion party buy the Kustera Silvrarmr. Your party
    should be David, Ryu, Jubei, Shark and Kathy. David gets the Fireswrd, Ryu gets
    the Dragswrd, Jubei gets the Iceswrd, Shark gets the Greatspr and Kathy gets
    the Elfinbow.
    ~The Temple of Fire~     (TEF3)
    The Fire Temple is located north of Beegees. I am wisely not going to say what
    level I'm going in as. All that I'm going to say is that I spent three hours
    leveling up. Go in and step on the gray panel. Go down the stairs and head
    south down the stairs and then north for a Magbranch. Go back up the stairs and
    this time turn left and then north for a Restore. Keep going south and down the
    stairs. Follow the path and go down the first stairs that you see for 500 gold.
    Go back upstairs and head north for another staircase. Head right and down to
    get to some more stairs, which you should take. Follow the path, taking the
    first stairs that you see. In here is an Antidote, Longswrd and Iridium, which
    is your second idium. Go back up the stairs and follow the path for a Rat-tail.
    Go back along the path the way that you came and go down the stairs. Head left
    and up for a Moon-drop. Continue north and take the left stairs. Get the
    Holycane and head south. Go down the stairs and head north once more, this time
    taking the stairs on the right. Go back tothe stairs leading up and take them.
    Head north, east, south then east to get back to the entrance. This time take
    the right path. Go north for 500 gold. Now exit and go back to Old Hill to save
    and heal.
    ~The Temple of Water~     (TEI3)
    The Water Temple is located west of the Victory Bridge and north of Kaja-house.
    Go inside and step on the gray panel. Go down the stairs, break the barrier,
    head east and then south down the stairs. Head north for an Anglehat and keep
    going on. Take the eastern path and go up the stairs.Head south and take the
    right path and then right for a Restore. Head south, east and the north to go
    downstairs. Then head north for an Asprin and then south and west at the first
    section. Go down the stairs and then north for Ultrium, which is your third
    ium, 1000 gold, and a Barrier. You can either use Flee1 to leave now, or get
    more of the pitiful treasure that this dungeon holds. Head back the way you
    came until you get to the road where the Restore was. Head west and then south
    for an Asprin. Then head north and west for a Plum-plum. At this point, the
    monotony got to me and I used Flee1. If there is anything else interesting in
    this place, give me an e-mail please. Head back to Old Hill, save and rest.
    ~The Temple of Wind~     (TEW3)
    The Wind Temple is located northwest of Codo. Fly By there and head north,
    west, north, west, north, west and then south. Follow the path to get to the
    Temple of Wind. Once inside, step onto the gray tile to be transported to the
    dungeon. Head down the stairs and south throug hthe first staircase. Go
    downstairs and then northwest between the two lakes and then south for a
    Rat-tail. Go back and head northwest up the stairs. Head east and go up the
    stairs. Now you're back at the four staircases. Head left and go into that
    staircase. Go southwest along the one way path to get an Asprin. Go back to the
    main room and go through the only remainiing staircase. Head south between the
    two lakes and go down the staircase. Here, head northwest and then south up the
    staircase to get 2000 gold. Continue south and go down the staircase. Here,
    head north to get a moon-drop. Then head southwest and then southeast to go up
    the staircase. Then go up another staircase and head north to get a Barrier, a
    Firecane, (Equip Tina later) and the Eledium. Use the Rat-Tail to exit and Fly
    By back to Old Hill so you can rest and save your game.
    ~The Temple of Earth~     (TEL3)
    The Temple of Earth is located northwest of the Architecht's house. Sail
    northwest from Old Hill to the Architecht's house, and then sail west. You
    should see it almost immediately. Once inside, step onto the gray tile. Go down
    the stairs, break the barrier, and go down the stairs again. Head north and
    then west down the stairs. Now head east down the stairs. Head all the way
    north here for a Crown. Head slightly south and then east. Head north down the
    stairs. There is a Brknmoon here. Go back up the stairs and east. Right beside
    the stairs is a chest containing a Rat-Tail. Go down those stairs and south.
    Take the east path to get a Calmcane. Head further south and then west. Take
    the back set of stairs. Go down the stairs and then head north for Bread. Take
    the right hand path down and right for an Idoldress. Now go way back to the two
    sets of stairs and take the front set. Head up the stairs again and the go west
    and north to get back to the beginning of this dungeon. Don't leave yet, as we
    don't have the ium. Head down those stairs once more. Head all the way north to
    get a Restore. Go back down the western stairs and the next. Trace the familiar
    route and go down the steps. Head south and take the west path, turning left
    halfway down. Head along the path and up the stairs. Then head southwest down
    the stairs. Go north and up the path to the stairs. Go east and down the
    stairs. Head south and around the pond north to go down the stairs. Go west and
    up the stairs. Take all of the staircases on the one way street. Finally, we're
    at the treasure room. The treasure chests are: A Mirror, Boltcane (equip Dan
    later) and...Organium. Flee and Fly By back to Old Hill, deposit the weapons
    and the iums and swap back to the Aqutallions.
    Credits     (CRE4)
    I would like to thank my friend Matt, for making me write this walkthrough to
    help him with this game, my Mom, for buying me this game six years ago, my
    friend Ben, who fixed up a nice computer for me to write these walkthroughs on,
    and Tecmo Ltd., for making a Video Game that challenged me. Also, I would like
    to thank Gamefaqs, 1up, and Neoseeker for hosting my guide, and for every
    person that reads it. Thank you.

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