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    Kevin FAQ/Walkthrough by Veib

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/22/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A guide to Kevin
    Game: Seiken Densetsu 3
    Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom
    By: Veib (juha.alm@pp.inet.fi)
    Version 1.5
    1. Version history
    2. Introduction
    3. Overview of the game
    4. Kevin's background and intro
    5. Kevin as a character
    6. Stats
    7. Classes
    8. Spells
    9. Techs
    10. Class change items
    11. Party ideas
    12. Kevin/Carlie quest bosses
    13. Miscellaneous things
    14. Credits
    15. Legal Stuff
    1. Version history
    v. 1.0	       04/08/2001
                 -My first ever faq ready for submitting.
    v. 1.1       07/08/2001
                 -Edited section 8, added party suggestions from xNightBladEx and
                 Aron Figaro.
                 -Added class opinions from MeepleLard, Paul Wolfstien,
                 RyuSeiryuu, ThundaSnake, Aron Figaro and Anemo.
                 -Added a theory on throw techs by xNightBladEx.             
                 -Corrected some spelling mistakes.
                 -Added a new section, 13. Advertising.
                 -Added the ASCII logo.
    v. 1.2       01/09/2001
                 -Corrected some typos.
                 -Added class opinions from Tw1light and Lord Zero.
                 -Added info on Pressure Point.
                 -Updated Dark Lich's attack list.
    v. 1.3		01/01/2002
                 -Happy New Year! Bet you didn't see this update coming...
                 (me neither, to tell you the truth).
                 -Added class opinions from AbsoluteZero. 
                 -Moved the spell description to their own section 8. Kevin's
                 -Added a new team to section 11. Party Suggestions.
                 -Updated section 14. Advertising.
                 -Edited this and that here and there.      
    v. 1.4       24/03/2002
                 -Decided that I won't do an item list.
                 -Removed section 14. Future versions, since I'm not really sure
                 what I'm adding to this from here on.
                 -Added section 2. Me, myself & I.
                 -And because of that, moved Spells as section 9.
                 -Added section 14. Miscellaneous things from others
                 -Added info and a team from Sinkaro
                 -Edited this and that here and there.
    v. 1.5       22/08/2002
                 -Added the description of Leaf Saber (I have no idea how I
                 managed to miss that).
                 -Added description of the "Kevin bug".             
                 -Removed some non-important stuff after getting pissed off by
                 similar things in other guides. I don't wanna read useless
                 stuff, so why should you need to?
                 -Edited this and that here and there.
    2. Introduction
    Seiken Densetsu III is an action RPG game made by Squaresoft, which I think
    is the best game making company ever. The game is sequel to Secret of Mana,
    which is in a way a rare game. The thing that makes that game rare is the
    fact that it was officially released here in Europe, and even here in Finland
    even though we didnít get much RPG's in here back then. Anyway, Seiken
    Densetsu III was never released outside Japan, which was a shock to lots of 
    people back then. I read somewhere that Squareís official the reason for this
    was that translating wasnít worth the effort since the game had lots of bugs.
    So the only way to play this game on English is the wonderful translation
    patch made by Neil Corlett, Lina'chan, Nuku-nuku and SoM2Freak which can be
    found at http://www.lfx.org/~corlett/.
    Seiken Densetsus are typical japanese RPG's with teenage heroes, lots of magic
    and of course, lots of violent animals, beasts and monsters around. This part
    III is pretty much The Best Action RPG Ever.
    This guide is centered on Kevin himself, so this is _not_, and never will be
    a walkthrough. There are plenty of those around the net, so thereís really no
    need for new ones anymore. Character guides on the other hand are much rarer.
    If you have something new that could be added, then do not hesitate mailing
    it to me. My e-mail address can be found at the top and bottom of this file.
    A few abbreviations used throughout the guide:
    FC    Final Class
    ST    Single target
    MT    Multitarget
    FST   Full-screen tech
    MP    Magic/Mana points
    HP    Hit points
    SU    Stat-Up Spell
    SD    Stat-Down Spell
    HL    Heal Light
    IMO   In my opinion
    BTW   By the way
    3. Overview of the game
    Seiken Densetsu III seems to take place 1000 years before it's prequel, Secret
    of Mana (Seiken Densetsu II). The Mana is starting to fade away from the world
    and it's source, the Goddess of Mana in the shape of the Mana Tree that's
    located in the Mana Holyland, is starting to weaken. The fairies who guard the
    tree are getting worried and start searching for someone to save the tree. The
    Mana stones that guard the imprisoned Mana Beasts are weakening, and three
    great nations controlled by evil, evil people are trying to break the stones. 
    That would allow them to gain access to the Mana Holyland, and thereby get
    their hands on the Mana Sword. The Mana Sword is an item the Goddess used when
    she created the world, and it can make the users wishes come true. Four
    faeries leave from the Holyland, only one makes it to a potential world-saver,
    which happens to be the person you choose as your main character.
    The game differs from some RPG's with the fact that you can choose your party
    members in the beginning, but not switch them during the game. The six choices
    available are:
    - Duran, a Knight from Forcena. A great fighter whose Light classes can heal
    and use shields, and Dark classes can use Saber magic and have the highest
    strength in the game. My favorite character in the game, combining power with
    support, healing and defense (depending on classes).
    - Kevin, a Grappler from Beast Kingdom. A high-HP-powerhouse whose light 
    classes can heal and dark classes have great attack power. The most straight-
    forward and thus the most newbie-friendly character. Works well in any party.
    - Hawk, a Thief from Navarre. A good fighter whose Light classes learn
    trap-type attack spells and a load of great and fun support spells, and Dark
    classes learn spells that do damage and lower enemies' stats. A fun and
    interesting character with lots of different kinds of spells. Basically The 
    jack-of-all-trades of the game.
    - Angela, a Magician from Altena. The best offensive magic user whose
    all classes just learn elemental spells, and the spells learned are a bit
    different depending on class. Angela is to ranged fighting what Kevin is to
    melee fighting: a 1-dimensional character who can only cast offensive spells.
    The problem is IMHO that close combat is just more useful.
    - Carlie, a Cleric from Wendel. The best healer whose Light classes learn
    also support spells, and Dark classes learn also attack spells and summons.
    A great addition to any party with enough attack power already.
    - Lise, an Amazoness from Rolante. A good fighter whose Light classes learn
    SU's and summons, and Dark classes learn SD's and summons. Can fight and cast
    different kinds of spells, thus being jill-of-all-trades of the game. My
    favorite female character in the game.
    You can choose one character to be you main hero, and two others to be your
    supporting character. They are not with you in the start, but are gotten
    pretty fast, during the first hours of gameplay. Every one of the characters
    have 7 different classes (the starting one, two second classes and four final
    classes), so you can have many different parties in your games. This gives the
    game great replay value.
    The game has three quests to choose from, depending on your main hero. The
    ones who share a quest (ie. have same final areas and bosses) are Duran and
    Angela, Kevin and Carlie, and Hawk and Lise. The Hawk/Lise quest is usually
    referred as the hardest, the Duran/Angela one as the medium one, and the
    Kevin/Carlie one as the easiest. None of them are actually hard, though.
    And that's actually the biggest weak point of this, after a few times through
    the only challenge would be playing with crappy class combinations.
    4. Kevin's background and intro
    Kevin is a Grappler from Beast Kingdom, home of the beastmen. Beastmen are a
    race of incredibly strong wolf-like creatures with the ability to transform
    into werewolves during night, and they are even stronger while changed.
    Beastmen where once persecuted by the human race, but one of them stood up for
    his people to make a difference. This man became then known as the Beast King,
    and he vowed to revenge mankind for what they had done to his people. Kevin is
    the bastard child of Beast King, who rules the Beast Kingdom, and a human
    woman who remains anonymous through the game. His mother is either dead or
    wandering somewhere in the world; which, Kevin doesn't know. Heís 15 years
    old, but he canít talk properly (dunno whatís the reason for that... I mean,
    beastmen can talk, humans can talk, and he's half human, half beastman...). 
    Kevin's intro starts as a man dressed in purple clothes of a jester walks into
    the throne room of Beast King, and offers his assistance to King. When asked,
    he reveals his name to be Deathjester. The king isn't interested at first,
    but when the stranger mentions that he can use dark magic, Beast King gets
    Kevin is sleeping in the woods that surround Beast Kingdom with his best
    friend since childhood, a wolf pup named Karl. When they are returning to the
    castle, Karl suddenly transforms into a Bound Wolf and attacks Kevin. He has
    no chance of surviving this fierce attack, and is soon defeated by the wolf.
    At the brink of his total defeat, Kevin manages to make use of his beastman
    legacy, and transforms into a fierce werewolf for the first time in his life.
    With this newly gained strength Kevin easily wins Karl, who transforms back
    into the tiny wolf pup he really was. When Kevin is transformed back into his
    half-human/half-beastman form, he realizes what he just did and goes to bury
    Karl to the place in the forest where his quest begins.
    Kevin returns to the Beast King's castle feeling sorrow for what he's just
    done. He finds out that beastmen are preparing an invasion to Wendel, lead by
    Lugar. After that Kevin hears a discussion between Beast King and Deathjester
    that reveals the reason of Karl's sudden attack. Deathjester had used his dark
    magic to transform Karl by the order of Beast King, who wanted to give Kevin
    the possibility of using his gift of lycanthropy. Beast King is satisfied with
    Deatjester work and tells him to leave, but he follows the king instead. Kevin
    gets angry about this, and rushes to the two through a castle wall. Kevin
    tries to attack his own father, Beast King, but fails miserably. King responds
    to this act of violence by hitting Kevin so hard that he actually flies out of
    the castle, thus driving Kevin away from there.
    Kevin wanders around the forest, and again runs into Deathjester. The vile man
    denies his guilt on the actions, and blames Beast King. He then tells Kevin to
    go to Wendel, the city where Priest of Light resides. Deathjester ensures that
    Priest of Light could revive Karl, and Kevin starts his journey there. He goes
    to the Moonlight City Mintos, and from there swims to Castle City Jad. In Jad
    Kevin finds out that the other beastmen have already taken over the city, and
    he escapes from there during the next night and begins his adventure.
    5. Kevin as a character
    Kevin is arguably the best fighter in the game. Heís strong (not quite as
    strong as Duran, though), but the main reason why he's such a good fighter is
    hat he attacks twice (Hawk does it too but he's not as strong as Kevin).
    During nights he transforms into a werewolf, increasing attack power greatly.
    A powered up Death Hand (his Dark-Light class) with a correct saber can wreak
    great havoc at night. All his final classes' techs except one are full-screen,
    and theyíre all powerful. But since Kevin is a great physical fighter,
    obviously his magical skills are crappy.
    If Kevin takes the Light path in his class change, he becomes the ultimate
    mix of a martial artist and a healer: the Monk. And not some sissy European
    monk in robes studying books, but an oriental monk we've all seen in Hong Kong
    movies. From there, he can either maximize his fighting abilities by
    neglecting the healing side a bit, and become a God Hand (Light-Light). The
    other option is to maximize his healing abilities by neglecting the fighting
    side, and become a Warrior Monk (Light-Dark). The spells of his light side ar
    from the spirits Wisp and Dryad, and they are used for healing and supporting
    allies. All light classes also learn Pressure Point, a Strength Up spell that
    he can only cast on himself.
    Going to the Dark side gives Kevin greater fighting skill than Light, but at
    the cost of spellcasting. Bashkar learns no spells, but is a great fighter.
    From there, it's either Death Hand (Dark-Light) or Dervish (Dark-Dark). The
    differences between these classes are minimal, but the Death Hand is a bit
    stronger, the ultimate melee fighter. The spells of his dark side are from
    the spirit Luna, and they are used for supporting allies.
    - A strong attacker, and even stronger during night due to his
     werewolf form.
    - Hits twice, resulting much damage fast and a fast-filling tech gauge.
    - Great FST's.
    - Extremely high HP because of high Vitality.
    - Pressure Point on his Light classes. No one else can learn this spell.
    - Heal Light on his Light classes. Only two other characters (All of Carlie's
    classes and Duran's Light classes) can learn this spell.
    - Moon and Leaf Saber. Only one other class (Duran's Swordmaster) can learn
    these spells.
    - Aura Wave and Energy Ball. Only one other class (Hawk's Wanderer) can learn
    these spells.
    - Least variety in the game.
    - Low magical defense and MP because of low Intelligence.
    - Extremely small spell selection
    - Low stats.
    - Energy Ball is pretty much useless.
    - No attack spells, thus can only be a fighter and a healer.
    - Short attack range.
    6. Stats
    Whenever a night comes, Kevin transforms into a werewolf. In wolf form his
    attack power is raised. Since Kevin is a physical fighter, his magical skills
    are limited, thus no need for intelligence except Magic defense, and his Dark
    classes don't need to have their Spirit raised either. IMO raising Agility
    isnít worth it, since you _are_ going to get hit anyway. So Strength (for
    attack power), Vitality (for HP and defense) and Intelligence (for magic
    defence) should be raised, and also Spirit for light classes. I think that
    Agility and Luck should be left where they are, and only raised when all
    others are maxed.
    Strength: Increases your attack power. The Death Hand has Kevin's highest
    strength, 19. Only two characters can get more than this, Duran and Lise.
    Agility: Increases your Evade Rate. The Death Hand has highest of his classes,
    18. Still behind few other characters.
    Vitality: Gives you more HP each level, and increases your defense. Now this
    is where Kevin shines. All of his FCís have a maximum of 22 Vitality; no other
    character can get so high. Because of this is Kevin gets more HP in the game
    than anyone else.
    Intelligence: Increases magical attack power and magic defense. Dervish
    has Kevinís highest Intelligence, 17. Shares the lowest max Int with Duran.
    Spirit: Increases the amount of HP healed by HL and the power of Wisp
    attack spells. God Hand has highest, 17, so his HL is more powerful than
    Warrior Monkís is. Again, the lowest max one with Duran.
    Luck: Increases the amount of OK-marks in trapped chests, and possibly the
    amount of critical hits. Warrior Monk has highest Luck, 17. Once again, the
    lowest max one paired with Duran.
    So Kevinís stats are not really good, one is best in the game while others
    are worst in the game. Warrior Monk has the worst overall stats in the game.
    But Luck and doesnít really matter, and his Strength is increased during
    night when he turns onto the werewolf form. And many people aren't even on
    high enough level to have all stats maxed out. At least I never am.
    7. Classes
                 God Hand
    	  /	\
           /     Warrior Monk
           \     Death hand
            \	/
    Note: * next to the name of a spell or a tech means it's multitargeted, ie. it
    affects all enemies/allies.
    Neutral: Grappler
    Tech:	Ashura Dream Fist
    Spells: None
    Strength     10
    Agility      9
    Vitality     12
    Intelligence 8
    Spirit       8
    Luck         8
    Pretty much the same as Lise, Duran and Hawk. That is, he only can fight, and
    does it pretty well. Nothing spectacular, nothing really crappy. Turns into a
    Werewolf at night, which raises Attack Power by 1/7.
    -Two-hit attack.
    -High HP.
    -No spells.
    Light: Monk
    Tech:	Whirlwind Kick*,  Tornado Throw
    Spells: Pressure Point, Heal Light
    Strength     15
    Agility      14
    Vitality     18
    Intelligence 13
    Spirit       14
    Luck         14
    Turns into a Werewolf at night, which raises Attack Power by 1/7. The Monk
    learns HL, which is one of the best spells in the game, and Kevinís one of
    the three characters that can learn it. Whirlwind Kick is a good FST, but I
    think it looks rather lame. Another nice thing about Monk (and his all Light
    classes, BTW) is Pressure Point. The description says it raises his attack
    power at day to what it is at night, but it works just like a Strength Up
    spell that he can only cast it on himself. If you donít have Duranís light 
    class or Carlie, then light is the way to go. The bad thing about Monk is his
    lack of attack power compared to the Bashkar. I think he is better than
    the Bashkar, though.
    -Heal Light
    -Pressure Point
    -Lower attack power than Bashkar
    -Heal Light is only ST.
    Opinions from other people:
    The better of Kevin's first classes. Heal Light for if you don't have a
    healer, Pressure Point as a strength stat-up for Kevin to make up for the lost
    strength by going light, and a FST.
    Good 2nd Class. He has an FST which is rather strong, he learns Heal Light
    which is always a good thing, and he gets the great spell Pressure Point,
    which is an Attack Up spell on Kevin for 1 MP, meaning you can save a Drake's
    Scale or time casting a Strength Up Spell with Lise. The better of the 2nd
    Light-Light: God Hand
    Tech: Byakko Shockwave*, Stardust Bomb
    Spells: Pressure Point, Heal Light, Aura Wave
    Strength     18
    Agility      17
    Vitality     22
    Intelligence 15
    Spirit       17
    Luck         16
    Ultimate equipment:
    Weapon	       Spiral Claw
    Helmet	       Ivory Band
    Armor        Byakko Uniform
    Accessory    Tohsei Armband
    He turns into a Golden Wolf at night what increases his attack power by around
    1/2. God Hand is the stronger one of Kevinís light classes, but not as strong
    as Death Hand. His strength is equal to the Dervish. God Hand only gets STHL,
    and so isnít enough to be the only healer in some parties. Paired with a
    Paladin he can however be sufficient enough for any party, but then again,
    a combo of Warrior Monk/Duelist or Death Hand/Lord would be better. God Hand
    is Kevinís third best attacker, and the best support character since he has
    Aura Wave. The attack power difference between this and his dark classes is
    small, Aura Wave is great and Byakko Shockwave looks cool. And an extra healer
    is not a bad thing either. So itís a choice of power vs. variety with this or
    a dark class. My favorite of Kevin's classes.
    -Aura Wave
    -Heal Light
    -Pressure Point
    -Heal Light is only ST
    -Low Intelligence --> low magic defense
    Opinions from other people:
    A good class. The God Hand has a FST, and good strength. He's more for
    fighting  than healing. I'd say the Warrior Monk is more newbie-friendly, with
    his MT Heal Light, than the God Hand, who has ST Heal Light, but better
    Aura Wave (Spell) + Byakko Shockwave* (Tech) +  Sabers +
    Pressure Point/Werewolf Form + Stat Down/Up = Good Fun. Has Heal Light. Nice
    Attack and Agility. I like this class.
    Aron Figaro:
    Kevin's best class, IMO, because of high power, good defense and vitality, and
    the awesome spells he learns. He gains a strong single-target Heal Light,
    which really allows you to cut loose with the most powerful (IMO) party in
    this game: Kevin (God Hand), Duran (Sword Master), and Hawk (Nightblade). They
    can REALLY let the damage fly, having Attack Up for Kevin (Pressure Point),
    stat downs (Jutsus), and all Sabers. God Hand also shines when you don't have
    Sabers because of Aura Wave, giving you a maxed tech gauge right away. This
    class rates 9/10.
    Lord Zero:
    In my opinion, the best figher in the game. Heal Light, FST, Aura Wave and
    Pressure Point. Even if you wanted, you couldn't ask for much more. Coupled
    with Lise or Duran makes an enemy eater. It seems to be somewhat less useful
    in boss battles, but hey, who loses to bosses anyway?
    YES!!! Kevin's best class.  Not only an FST, but also has Pressure Point to
    boost his high attack power in the Wolf form, making him stronger.  He also
    contains a stronger STHL than the WM, but that's ok.  And he gets the mighty
    Aura Wave, which combined with his FST makes him one awesome class. Choose
    this class if you need a combo of STR, Healing, and fast Techs. Trust me, you
    won't be disappointed.
    Paul Wolfstien:
    The God Hand is not only Kevin's best class, but it's one of the best classes
    in SD3. He gets STHL, the awesome Aura Wave, PP, and a FST. Plus he has better
    attack then the WM. Great, great class.
    Highlights of this class are: STHL, PP, Aura Wave, and a FST.
    Copyright 2001 Paul "Franchise" Wolfstien.
    My favorite Light class. Kevin has the ability to learn aura wave which
    automatically fills up the tech meter to full and you can use a level 3 tech
    right after it. This spell is pretty good to use on characters like Riesz and
    Duran since their techs take a while and can unleash quite a bit of damage.
    The God Hand's attacks are stronger than that the Warrior Monk. Although he
    doesn't learn multitarget heal light, the higher spirit stats make him a
    better character to use Poto Oils with.
    This is an awesome class, with Aura Wave AND a full screen tech, the God Hand
    can dish out a lot of damage (I once seen his Byakko Shockwave do 997 damage).
    Though not as powerful as his Dark counterparts, he can still pose as a
    dangerous threat to enemies. He also has Heal Light to back him up, which can
    heal to over 450 HP to one character. The God Hand is indeed a favorable
    The God Hand is (IMO) Kevinís most well balanced FC. Sure, heís not the
    strongest, but heís normally not there for his strength but for his nice
    spells, FST and decent Attack. Honestly, I donít really see what the Warrior
    Monk has over the God Hand, except for multitarget Heal Light that isnít
    always needed and Leaf Saber which is only good in some situations. His FST
    will really REALLY help you out, and combine it with Aura Wave and itís just
    plain nasty. Heh. Give it to the Duelist or the Vanadis and watch everything
    die. Pressure Point is also there for some good support, so you wonít always
    be relying on night time.  Basically, if you donít need attack power but just
    an all-round good class take the God Hand.  Healing, good spells, FST and a
    decent Attack all rolled in to one.
    Light-Dark: Warrior Monk
    Tech: Genbu 100-Kick, Blow Impact
    Spells: Pressure Point, Heal Light*, Leaf Saber
    Strength     17
    Agility      16
    Vitality     22
    Intelligence 16
    Spirit	       16
    Luck         17
    Ultimate equipment:
    Weapon	       Holy Glove	
    Helmet	       Darkshine Band
    Armor        Genbuís Suit
    Accessory    Tohsei Armband
    He turns into a Silver Wolf at night. Warrior Monk is the best choice for a
    party without another character capable of healing due to his MTHL. Only one
    of Kevinís FC's that doesnít have a FST, and has worst overall stats in the
    whole game. The lowest strength means lowest attack power, and since Kevinís
    main use is physical attacking, thatís a very bad thing. But MTHL makes up for
    it, and Warrior Monk is a good class overall. Just donít expect the same kind
    of ass-kicking like you can get with Death Hand.
    -Leaf Saber
    -Pressure Point
    -Lowest strength of Kevin's FC's
    -Lowest overall stats in the game
    -No FST
    Opinions from other people:
    This is Kevin trying to become a magician. Well, not really, but that's what
    it's very much like. He has the worst attack power of all his other classes,
    and fighting's what he's meant for. On the other hand, he's an excellent
    healer, and very useful if you have Angela, with his Leaf Saber and all. He
    doesn't have as high spirit as the God Hand, so he doesn't heal as much HP,
    but MT is more useful than stronger ST. A newbie-friendly class, which can be
    very useful in the right teams.
    Leaf Saber and multitarget Heal Light! And Pressure Point... Attack and
    Agility kind of low. No FST! Which makes this class really not good.
    Aron Figaro:
    The only class of Kevin's that I find totally worthless. He learns MT Heal
    Light, which is the only real redeeming feature, except for possibly Leaf
    Saber, but his attack is the lowest out of all of Kevin's classes. For a
    character based as a fighter this isn't very good, but if you lack a healer or
    support character, I guess Warrior Monk might help...but then again, why
    choose WM when God Hand is right there for you? I give this class a paltry
    Lord Zero:
    I thought this one was better, but oh well... Even with the lowest attack
    power, it still does great damage, and with MT Heal Light and Leaf Saber is a
    different thing to try. Loses in every aspect to Lord and Carlie is generally
    more useful.
    I would say Kevin's worst but most useful class. It may be bad for Kevin, but
    it still a pretty good class nonetheless. One reason is that it has both MTHL
    and Leaf Saber, meaning limitless healing in boss fights. Next, he also has
    Pressure Point, meaning he does not have to rely on the night as much as his
    Dark classes have do. His problems are NO FST, meaning that his Level 3 techs
    are almost useless, he has worse attack power than most of Hawk's Classes, the
    Grand Divina, and Evil Shaman, and for an attacking character, that aint good
    (this applies for him at the day and not Pressure Pointed). Still, he's good
    if you need a healer in your party, and he is a very useful class.
    Paul Wolfstien:
    The WM is an OK class. I won't use it much because the LORD can do the same
    thing a lot better. It does have leaf saber though so it can be useful in say
    a Duelist/Warrior Monk/Grand Divina/RM party. It's not completly bad, but it's
    nothing to scream over either. No FST as well.
    Highlights of this class are: MTHL, Pressure Point, Leaf Saber.
    Copyright 2001 Paul "Franchise" Wolfstien.
    Warrior Monk has the ability to learn Multitarget Heal Light and Leaf Saber.
    This class is the weakest of all Kevin's Final Classes. The level 3 techs are
    single targetted. I find to use this class if you want to have Kevin more
    based on healing the party and not attack as much. I prefer the God Hand
    Although the weakest of Kevin's classes (the only FC of Kevin without a FST,
    and the lowest attack power) he has Multitarget Heal Light AND Leaf Saber,
    which means just about unlimited MP for unlimited healing, if used right.
    Since Kevin's wolf form can do a lot of damage, he can absorb a lot of MP
    with Leaf Saber as he attacks. This class is meant to be a combination of
    Healing/Support AND attacking, so go to this class if you have a good
    offensive team without a healer. This class will also go good with an
    offensive magic using team, as Leaf Saber can help your team mates recover MP
    if lost, rather than carrying 9 Magic Walnuts in your inventory. This class
    is not meant to be a powerhouse, so don't go to it if you want power.
    Well... The Warrior Monk is unique, thatís for sure. Combining a good fighter
    with a good healer will never work and one of them had to give. Apparently, it
    was the fighter. The Warrior Monk has multitarget Heal Light and Leaf Saber
    which help out a lot. Leaf Saber is great when used on Angela or Carlie and
    the other characters can benefit from it as well.  Multitarget Heal Light is
    one of the best spells in the game (in some parties, in any case). But, the
    lowest Strength of all of Kevinís FCs doesnít help and neither does having no
    FST. Pressure Point is still there though, and youíll want to put it to good
    use. Iíd recommend taking the Warrior Monk if you have Angela and Hawk,
    because they would benefit the most from the WMís abilities.
    Dark - Bashkar
    Tech: Water-Moon Slice, Bastard Slam
    Spells: None
    Strength     16
    Agility      15
    Vitality     18
    Intelligence 14
    Spirit	       13
    Luck         13
    A better physical fighter than the Monk, but has absolutely no variety. Turns
    into a Black Fang at night. No spells at all, and no FST. IMO the worse
    second class of Kevin. Tech looks extremely cool though.
    - Stronger than Monk
    -No spells
    -No FST
    Opinions from other people:
    I really don't like this class. No FST. Sure, he has better strength, but Monk
    has Pressure Point to make up for it. The worse spirit doesn't matter, he
    doesn't use it.
    Now this class is OK. He is stronger than the Monk, his Wolf is more powerful
    than the Monk's(Black Fang is more powerful than a Werewolf), but that's about
    it. He has only a ST Tech, but it looks cool enough that you really won't
    care that its ST, he is the only 2nd Class with NO spells, and is completely
    one dimensional. I choose this class for the ones it becomes.
    Dark-Light - Death Hand
    Tech: Seiryuu Death Fist*, Dead Crush
    Spells: Energy Ball
    Strength     19	
    Agility      18
    Vitality     22
    Intelligence 16	
    Spirit	       15
    Luck         15
    Ultimate equipment:
    Weapon	       Skull Disect
    Helmet	       Sapphire Band
    Armor        Seiryuu Uniform
    Accessory    Demon Neckband
    He turns into Wolf Devil at night. Physically the strongest of Kevin's
    classes, and thatís a good thing since heís mainly a physical attacker. The
    attack power can get very high during night, and since he hits twice a lot of
    damage can be done fast. But since Energy Ball isnít too good, his only use is
    fighting. But then again, heís probably the best one in the game in 
    -Very strong
    -Great FST
    -No useful spells
    -No variety
    Opinions from other people:
    A pure fighting class. Not even just fighting like the Duelist, seeing the
    Duelist has sabers, but pure fighting. His spell really isn't worth the time
    it takes to cast, since critical hits aren't noticable, and if they're not
    noticable, they're as good as not there. This guy is perfect for a fighting
    team. I prefer him over the Dervish, as if you went dark, you were probably
    looking for power.
    If you want power take this class. It has the highest attack power and Seiryuu
    Death Fist* as it's tech. It has Energy Ball, which makes critical hits more
    often. A real powerhouse.
    Aron Figaro:
    THIS class has POWER! Sure, it's easily the most 1-dimensional class in the
    game, learning only Energy Ball for a spell, but what else do you need?
    Highest attack power in the game (tied with Duran as a Duelist), and Energy
    Ball raises Critical Hit rates (a critical hit does exist, it has the same
    effect as your Level 1 tech. Effectively, your Level 1 tech is just a critical
    hit, 2 in the case of Kevin/Hawk). Who needs anything else if you want a
    fighter? The only thing I could really ask for in that would be an attack up
    spell...that's the only thing keeping it from surpassing God Hand in every
    way. It also has the best Wolf Form. I give this class 8/10.
    Lord Zero:
    Bwahahaha...my favorite class, though is not a very good one. Only one spell,
    and it sucks to the highest hell you could think of, but the class does so
    much damage it's scary. The name is cool. The subscreen pose is cool. Seiryuu
    Death Fist is very cool. Pair it with Fenrir Knight and probably the Lord for
    a great team.
    This should be Kevin's Dark Dark Class since his name sounds it and he is used
    like most Dark Dark classes, as the strongest fighter of the character. Oh
    well, what can you do. Anyway, I don't know what Square was thinking when
    they made this class, as they made it TOO powerful physically. I mean, with
    an STR of 19, and making him a Wolf which Raises his STR by like 1/2, add a
    STR up spell, and Defense Down, and now he's dealing 300 points of damage per
    hit. Add a Saber, he now deals 600 points of damage a hit. And since he hits
    2x, that means about 1200 points of damage on 1 attack. Now, make him use
    Ashura Dream Fist, his Level 1 tech, and now, he deals about 2000 points of
    damage. This class is too powerful physically, but there are a few small
    problems. If a spell that lowers STR or Raises Defense is casted, then he is
    going to have a hard time to retaliate, as his only spell is the Useless
    Energy Ball, and his Magic Stats are really bad.  Anyway, if you like pure
    power, this is the class for you. I mean it, you can't find a better class
    physically, not even the Duelist is as strong as this class at night.
    Paul Wolfstien:
    Ah, the Death Hand. He's the strongest of Kevin's classes, and has
    the strongest FST of Kevin. Also has the strongest Wolf form at night.
    However, he doesn't have any spells... OK he does have Energy Ball but it's
    so worthless it's not even funny. Can't go wrong with this choice even though
    Kevin's dark side has like no variety at all.
    Copyright 2001 Paul "Franchise" Wolfstien.
    The Death hand is the most powerful class in the game, along with the Duelist.
    This class inflicts quite a bit of damage to the enemies. The spell Energy
    Ball will increase the chances of attack and critical hits towards an
    opponent. This class would be recommended if you want to have the most
    powerful wolf at night.
    Now, one thing I don't understand about this class is why it is Dark Light and
    not Dark Dark like it should be (God Hand=Light+Light, Death Hand
    should=Dark+Dark). Anyway, back to the class description. This class IS the
    most powerful of Kevin's classes, with a Super Powerful Wolf Form AND a full
    screen tech, Seiryuu Death Fist. The only thing useless about him is the
    spell he learns, Energy Ball. IMO, that is a useless spell because that is
    supposed to improve your critical hits, and I have never seen a critical hit
    before. I say that's pretty crappy for 6 MP. Anyway, this class is otherwise
    nothing but pure power, too powerful of a class as a matter of fact (I've seen
    Seiryuu Death Fist do 999 damage before on some occasions). I recommend this
    class to be used with a team that has lack of power, as the Death Hand makes a
    big addition of power to a team indeed. Kevin's most powerful class.
    Power! Lots and lots and lots of power. The Death Handís extremely cool and
    his subscreen pose is easily one of the best in the game. Anyway, he has
    Kevinís highest Strength and his most damaging FST. Seriously, if you do get
    your Tech Bar filled then let go with the Seiryuu Death Fist and watch
    everything die. Unless you do a Dead Crush instead, in which youíll probably
    be disappointed. Anyway, if you need some serious Attack to make up for a weak
    (Attack wise) team than take the Death Hand. Hell, if youíve turned Kevin into
    a Bashkar in the first place I really recommend the Death Hand. He just canít
    be beat (well, except for the God Hand).
    Dark-Dark - Dervish
    Tech - Suzaku Sky Dance*, Veritubach
    Spells: Moon Saber
    Strength     18	
    Agility      17
    Vitality     22
    Intelligence 17	
    Spirit	       16
    Luck         16
    Ultimate equipment:
    Weapon       Giantís Glove
    Helmet	       Ruby Band
    Armor        Suzakuís Suit
    Accessory    Demon Neckband
    He turns to a Bloody Wolf at night. Second-strongest of Kevinís FCís, and with
    no other spells than Moon Saber, I really think that this isn't too great
    class. Dervishís good, but the I think that Death Hand is better in every way,
    and God Hand in every way except attack power. Moon Saber can be used as a
    substitute to healing spells and items, though. Since the damage difference
    between Death Hand and Dervish is small, itís really a choice of Moon Saber or
    a bit of attack power+ Energy Ball.
    -Moon Saber
    -Good FST
    -No variety
    Opinions from other people:
    Moon Saber is good, but the reason to go dark with Kevin is strength. Death
    Hand is stronger.  If you don't have a healer, Moon Saber can help a lot.
    However, using the Monk is greatly preferable to using the Bashkar, so I would
    go with the God Hand or Warrior Monk instead. The Dervish is only 8 points
    stronger than the God Hand, because he's Dark Dark, and God Hand is Light
    Oh yes... Suzaku Sky Dance* and Moon Saber. If you add Stat Up/Down Spells and
    him in Bloody Wolf form... However, the Dervish doesn't have the highest
    attack power. 
    Aron Figaro:
    Well, the only reason I would choose Dervish over Death Hand is for Moon
    Saber, but I would have gone God Hand if I needed a healer. Again I find this
    class to be somewhat useless and redundant, although it does have excellent
    power and a good Wolf Form. I give this class a 7/10, for a slight lack in
    Lord Zero:
    Kevin + Bloody Wolf + Moon Saber. This equals massive destruction. The problem
    is that the Dervish isn't as powerful as the Death Hand, and usually Moon
    Saber brings you more problems than you can handle. Non-noticed Moon enemies,
    only three known Leaf enemies (and you won't see them when you have the saber)
    and usual resistance to most sabers in the later areas bring this one down. Go
    Light instead, or just have fun with the Death Hand.
    For some reason, I think the Dervish is better than the one dimensional
    Death Hand. For one thing, he deals only a little less than the Death Hand
    (about 13 points or so), he has better magic stats, which means he can stand
    up to magic attacks better than the Death Hand. Finally, the reason I like
    this class is because of his only spell, Moon Saber. With this spell, you can
    easily get by with out a healer, as this works just fine. I know many people
    think it does not help, but they look at each attack seperatly. I look at it
    compounded, and it really can save your behind with this spell. His Level 3
    tech is also a bit cooler than the Death Hand's, since the Screen does turn
    white and the he does howl in it.
    Paul Wolfstien:
    The Dervish is a pretty good class because of his awesome attack power, FST,
    and Moon Saber. However, he doesn't have as good attack as the Death Hand,
    and Moon Saber is only useful in like one party for this class. Still you
    won't die in the desert if you pick this class, if you know what I mean.
    Copyright 2001 Paul "Franchise" Wolfstien.
    This class is pretty good. Kevin can be pretty self efficient when casting the
    Moon Saber on himself. Just be sure that the moon saber isn't being used when
    attacking undead enemies. The level 3 tech is similar to the Death Hand. This
    is the second strongest final class.
    Not much weaker than the Death Hand, this class is a powerhouse along with the
    Death Hand. He also has a Full Screen tech, Suzaku Sky Dance. The Dervish's
    tech is similar to the Death Hand's tech, only with different sound effects
    and a white background. He learns Moon Saber instead on Energy ball. I think
    this spell fits this class well, because he can rasp HP from enemies with his
    great Strength. This class can also be recommended for a team with lack of
    attack power just like the Death Hand, but then again, it can be combined with
    a non-healing team cause it has Moon Saber.
    Ok... Well, Iím gonna say this and prepare to be flamed: the Dervish is an
    ambitious failure. He gets Moon Saber, a FST and a lower Strength than the
    Death Hand. Well, Moon Saber is a decent way to heal with Duran, Lise or Hawk
    but with Angela or Carlie it just doesnít work. His FST isnít as strong as
    the Death Handís and he has a lower Strength. For healing I take the God Hand,
    for power I take the Death Hand.  I never really take the Dervish, since he
    doesnít excel in anything unlike Kevinís other FCs. I donít recommend him,
    and gently point you down the Dark Light Path instead.
    8. Spells
    Pressure Point
    -Raises Kevin's attack power. It works just like a Strength Up spell, thus
    raising Attack Power by 1/3. Although it stopped working on a high-level God
    Hand, so there seems to be a cap for the increase.
    -Classes that get it: Monk, God Hand, Warrior Monk
    -Stat needed: 12 Vitality
    -Spirit needed: none
    -MP cost: 1
    Heal Light
    -The healing spell in the game. The amount of HP gained depends on the
    caster's Spirit. This is one of the best spells in the game.
    -Classes that get it: Monk, God Hand, Warrior Monk*
    -Stat needed: 6 Spirit
    -Spirit needed: Wisp
    -MP cost: 3
    Aura Wave
    -Instantly fills up the tech gauge at the bottom of the screen, and this can
    result fast kills over the weaker enemies. Aura Wave + Byakko Shockwave =
    dead enemies. A nice spell.
    -Classes that get it: God Hand
    -Stat needed: 8 Spirit
    -Spirit needed: Dryad
    -MP cost: 3
    Leaf Saber
    -Weapon gains Leaf attribute, so it is useful against Moon-type enemies.
    1/15 of the damage caused by each hit is absorbed as MP. An alternative to 
    Magic Walnuts.
    -Classes that get it: Warrior Monk
    -Stat needed: 10 Spirit
    -Spirit needed: Dryad
    -MP Cost: 4
    Energy Ball:
    -Gives you more critical hits, but it's practically useless.
    -Classes that get it: Death hand
    -Stat needed: 13 Spirit
    -Spirit needed: Luna
    -MP cost: 6
    Moon Saber
    -Weapon gains Moon attribute, so it's useful against Leaf-type enemies.
    1/8 of the damage caused by each hit is absorbed as HP. An alternative to
    healing spells and items.
    -Classes that get it: Dervish
    -Stat needed: 10 Spirit
    -Spirit needed: Luna
    -MP cost: 4
    9. Techs
    Each of Kevin's classes except the Grappler have two different techs. The
    another is a punch/kick/something, while the other one is a throw. I have no
    idea how to control which one is used. Some guides make this sound like a
    great thing, but I don't really like the throw techs, since FST's are better
    than them. I mean, just think about which is better. One that hits all
    enemies, or one that hits only one enemy yet still does the same damage?
    I would understand the point of throws if they'd do more damage, but they don't.
    xNightBladEx has this theory:
    If you hold the D-pad and tap tech(the button) you do the throw.
    If you hold the D-pad and hold tech you do the other tech.
    If you stand still and tap tech you do the other tech.
    If you stand still and hold tech you do the throw.
    I don't think that works but no one has offered a better theory yet so it
    might as well stay there.
    - Ashura Dream Fist
    Kevin flashes white, jumps in the air, makes a somersault, slides towards
    enemy and hits them. Can hit twice and multiple enemies.
    Since this is the only one of Kevin's techs that is affected by Saber magics,
    it's his best one against bosses. It hits hard and fast, and since it's
    a lvl 1 tech, you only need to attack twice to get it due to his two-hit
    attacks. Has a possibility of being his strongest tech due to sabers. The
    best lvl 1 tech in the game IMO.
    - Whirlwind Kick
    Multitarget. Kevin runs in the middle of the screen, jumps up, and flies
    around the screen doing a flying roundhouse kick.
    A decent FST, but it looks kinda lame and isn't too powerful, since the Monk
    isn't too powerful.
    - Tornado Throw. 
    Single target. Kevin runs to the enemy and throws it away. Looks lame.
    Why'd you want to use this instead of the one above? Useless.
    God Hand
    - Byakko Shockwave
    Multitarget. Kevin jumps to the middle of the screen, loads up big balls of
    lighting over his head, takes a pose and fires the balls at enemies.
    Looks like something stolen from Dragonball Z.
    Whoopee. One of the coolest techs in the game, and my favorite one of Kevin's
    - Stardust Bomb
    Single target. Backround turns light blueish, he grabs an enemy, jumps into
    air while spinning around and sends his enemy into the ground head first.
    Why'd you want to use this instead of the one above? Useless.
    Warrior Monk
    - Genbu 100-Kick
    Single target. Kevin runs to the enemy, and kicks it many many times so fast
    that it looks like there's two of him doing it. Think of two male, hairy
    Chun-Li's doing their trademark kicks simultaneously. ^_^
    The only one of Kevin's FC's techs that is _not_ full-screen. And since Warrior
    Monk is his weakest class, this is the worst one of his FC's techs.
    - Blow Impact
    Single target. Hits the enemy into air with an uppercut, jumps after it
    and throws back to ground.
    A throw that's not that disturbing, since his both techs are ST anyway. But
    since Genbu 100-Kick looks cooler, not much good in this one either.
    - Water Moon Slice
    Single target. Does a punching combo to enemy, then follows with a backward
    somersault kick, similar to Guile's Flash Kick in SF2.
    The coolest looking lvl 2 tech in the game, especially the Flash Kick-wannabe
    at the end looks Sw33t. It's only ST though.
    - Bastard Slam
    Single target. Grabs his enemy, jumps up with it and and then throws the
    opponent down from mid-air.
    A throw that's not that disturbing, since his both techs are ST anyway. But 
    since Water Moon Slice looks cooler, not much good in this one either.
    Death Hand
    - Seiryuu Death Fist
    Kevin Jumps in the air and howls. The screen turns black and all enemies
    take heavy damage. His strongest tech.
    This tech has attitude (kill enemies by howling at them ^_^), but it 
    lacks cool graphics. Kevin looks cool during his jump, but there's really no
    other animation in this.
    - Dead Crush
    Single target. Think of Zangief's (from SF2) Spinning Piledriver and
    you're pretty close.
    Why'd you want to use this instead of the one above? Useless.
    -Suzaku Sky Dance
    Multitarget. Kevin jumps in the air and howls. The screen turns white and
    divides into three parts, all enemies take heavy damage. His second-strongest
    Looks almost exactly like Seiryuu Death Fist. Only differences are a different
    backround color, a tiny bit of animation in it and different sound effects.
    - Veritubach
    Single target. He grabs his opponent, jumps up and come back down with
    the enemy.
    Why'd you want to use this instead of the one above? Useless.
    10. Class change items
    God Hand: Gold Wolf Soul
    Item usage: Casts Aura Wave to one character.
    Warrior Monk: Silver Wolf Soul
    Item usage: Casts Leaf Saber to one character.
    Death Hand: Death Wolf Soul
    Item usage: Casts Energy Ball to one character.
    Dervish: Demon Wolf Soul
    Item usage: Casts Moon Saber to all characters.
    11. Party ideas
    Kevin        Death Hand
    Duran        Duelist
    Lise         Vanadis
    The extreme in physical fighting. These are the three strongest character
    classes in the game. Death Hand has energy Ball and a great FST, Duelist has
    sabers and a great FST, and Vanadis has STSU's, crap summon and a great FST.
    Kevin        Warrior Monk
    Hawk         Nightblade
    Angela	       Grand Divina
    Warrior Monk has MT healing and Leaf Saber to fill MP for everyone. Nightblade
    has great FST and many good spells. Grand Devina is the best magic-user in the
    game with MT lvl 1&2 spells and Double Spell.
    Kevin        Warrior Monk
    Duran        Lord
    Carlie	       Necromancer
    Full of healing, since all have MTHL. Warrior Monk also has Leaf Saber, Lord
    has Tinkle Rain, and Necromancer has a few summons and Black Curse. A safe
    choice, but not too great. No FST's is not a good thing, you know.
    Kevin        Warrior Monk
    Lise         Fenrir Knight
    Angela	       Rune Master
    The first party I finished the game with. Warrior Monk has MT Healing and
    Leaf Saber, Rune Master has lvl 3 elemental spells and Death Spell, and
    Fenrir Knight has MTSD's and summon Lamia Naga. Attack power sucks a bit, and
    the lack of FST's is disturbing.
    Kevin        God Hand
    Duran        Sword Master
    Hawk         Ninja Master
    All males. God Hand has healing and Aura Wave, Sword Master has almost all 
    sabers except Saint and Dark, and the Ninja Master has MT jutsus and
    Shurikens. Two FST's, great power and decent spells.
    Kevin        Death Hand
    Duran        Duelist
    Carlie       Evil Shaman
    Extremely powerful in physical fighting, Duran has sabers and Carlie can do a
    bit of magic and healing too.
    From Aron Figaro:
    Kevin        God Hand
    Duran        Swordmaster
    Hawk         Nightblade
    They can REALLY let the damage fly, having Attack Up for Kevin
    (Pressure Point), stat downs (Jutsus), and all Sabers. (Not all, no Saint &
    Dark Sabers -Veib)
    From xNightBladEx:
    Kevin        Death Hand
    Duran        Duelist
    Carlie       Bishop
    Many people agreed this is possibly the best newbie team possible, here are
    some of its advantages:
    -3 characters at the 1st boss-> Not that Carlie will do much damage, so.. use
    her for the healing items.
    -Early heal light-> Right after a lvl up after the 1st boss (raise Spirit).
    -Extreme power-> Death Hand and Duelist, most powerful lvl 3 FSTs in the game.
    -Not a suicide team-> You have more power than most teams of 3 attackers and a
    healer with it!
    -Black Curse-> Oh yeah, still dying? Still not enough damage? Black Curse to
    the rescue! You have more power than most teams, and more healing. What else
    do you want?
    -Low magic defence-> Hell who cares! You have Carlie!
    -Game too easy-> It's true, not an advisable team for the most experienced
    players among us
    From Sinkaro:
    Kevin (Warrior Monk), Angela (Arch Mage) and Carlie (Bishop): 
    Noticably and conveniatly (and regretably) leaning more torward the light
    side, this team is perfect for each other. Through the entire game, nobody was
    really easy, or really hard except for Heath (.. the bastard) and Dolan (he
    may look like a really fucked up cross between a goat and a werewolf, but he's
    pretty damn tough!). Carlie was well suited to heal the team members, and her
    sabering abilities made Zable Fahr (or whatever), and the elemental bosses a
    sinch to deal with, not to mention the added help of her turn undead spell
    which came invaluable in defeating the Masked Mage. And Angela, with each of
    her spells really whooped ass. And Kevin's Leaf Saber helped so Angela was
    never depleted of MP, and Heal Light was there just incase Carlie gets KOed
    and you were caught without any Angel Grails. And besides that, they would win
    the gold, silver AND bronze in a tacky-clothes contest...
    12. Kevin/Carlie quest bosses
    All the bosses should be fought with same preparations, which are casting 
    SU's/SD's, and also sabers for Deathjester and Heath.
    Background music: Obsession
    HP: 12000
    Weak against: Undine
    Strong against: Salamando?
    Support spells:
    -Holy Ball
    -Evil Gate
    -Stun Wind
    -Cold Blaze
    -Blaze Wall
    -Stone Cloud
    -Death Roulette
    You'll face him at the entrance to the Mirage Palace, use the Illusion Mirror
    to reveal him and the entrance. He'll divide into three, use a MT spell or
    FST to easily see which one can be damaged; he's the real one. The main tactic
    in fighting is not to use any spells or lvl 2/3 techs. He'll counterattack
    them with spells. Just beat with regular attacks and lvl 1 techs, since they
    are affected by sabers (in this case, Ice Saber) and are not counterattacked.
    Background music: Innocent Sea
    HP: 12000
    Weak against: Shadow
    Strong against: Wisp
    Support spells:
    -Heal Light
    -Holy Ball
    -Saint Beam
    -Black Curse
    -Ghost Road
    Annoying as hell. Uses all lvl 3 summons except Lamia Naga, so prepare to
    be shrinked (Freya), poisoned (Jormungand) and silenced (Marduke). Also
    has a nasty habit of healing himself. Heath absorbs Holy and is weak to at
    least Dark. Just beat him the same way you did to Deathjester, so you'll avoid
    the counterattack summons. This is one of the few fights where Dark Saber
    is actually useful.
    Dark Lich
    Background music: The Sacrifice, Part II ; The Sacrifice, Part III
    HP: 49000
    Weak against: Varies
    Strong against: Varies
    Support spells:
    -Leaf Sabre
    -Speed Up
    -Protect Up
    -Poison Bubble
    -Cold Blaze
    -Stone Cloud
    -Blaze Wall
    -Death Spell
    -Hell Cross
    -Ice Cradle
    -Death Ecstasy
    -Dark Force
    Easiest of the final bosses. When he changes backroung, use the opposite
    elemental spells. Ie. when the background is blue (=water/ice) use fire
    spells, and so on. I don't recommend using sabers since he switches
    weaknesses, so you could end up healing him instead. This time you should use
    lvl 3 techs with everyone except Kevin and Hawk, since sabers aren't used in
    this one. With SU's and SD's the lvl 3 techs of the strongest classes do
    around 990 damage.
    13. Miscellaneous things
    Basically this is about those miscellaneous bits of information that don't
    really fit elsewhere.
    From Sinkaro:
    "Hi, I've read your FAQs about Kevin on www.gamefaqs.com, and I thought I
    might inform you of a very annoying problem for all Kevin users.. be he main
    character or comrade. I have tested and confirmed the fact that if you intend
    to go to the Beast Kingdom, or Moonlight Forest (or the Moonreading Tower
    therein) for purposes such as leveling up or whatever, if you ride Flammie
    there, and land at the Beast Kingdom during the daytime (night and day shift
    at a faster speed if you're on the scene where you're using transport such as
    a Ship, Flammie, etc., than if you were walking) then when you go into a
    fight, Kevin wont turn into a werewolf... Test this for yourself if you like,
    but for the record, if you decide to land at Mintos to stock on supplies or
    rest, and THEN go into the MLF, then you will transform. Anyways, I thought it
    would be an important fact for Kevin users to know, so they wont get their
    asses kicked when you can't transform."
    Ah, thank you for being the first real person who e-mailed me about this
    guide.Anyhow, hadn't noticed that myself, but it does work, I tried it.
    Basically what happens here is that the game doesn't do the automatic switch
    to nighttime normally done in that area. So while it looks like night and
    while it should be night, it actually is daytime. The only thing this affects
    is Kevin's transformation, other characters (obviously) remain normal. But an
    interesting thing is that the enemy werewolves _do_ remain in their wolf
    form, rather than turning back to beastmen...
    The Kevin bug, described by MeepleLard:
    "Kevin Transforms into a Wolf, he gets the normal +3 STR or there abouts, which
    is roughly the same as 43 points in the FCs (I know it should be 45, but the
    GH only gets 43 points)
    That's whats SUPPOSED To happen. Let Kevin be hit by the enemy in wolf form
    ONCE, and automatically, he gets the effect of Pressure Point or a Strength
    Up spell for that matter working on him w/out us knowning bar damage or
    checking his Stats as a wolf. This is the Kevin Bug."
    Some people think it's supposed to work that way.
    14. Credits
    - Squaresoft for creating the greatest games ever. 
    - CjayC for running www.gamefaqs.com.
    - MeepleLard (DbzFFLord@aol.com), Tw1light (Tw1l1ght@hotmail.com,
    and that 1l1 is  one-L-one) and Lord Zero (lord_0@yahoo.com) for letting me
    use their character faqs as a guideline in writing this one.
    - MeepleLard, Paul Wolfstien, RyuSeiryuu, ThundaSnake, Aron Figaro, Anemo
    and AbsoluteZero xNighBladEx, Aron Figaro and Sinkaro for contributions.
    - Generally the people at the GameFAQ's SD3 board.
    - DC (ex-Magus) for creating the faq for this game that helped me through for
    the first time.
    15. Legal stuff
    This faq is copyright 2001-2002 by Juha 'Veib' Alm (juha.alm@pp.inet.fi). All
    rights reserved. This guide may not be distributed in any way and anywhere
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