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    Weapon/Armor PAR Codes by LLloyd

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Seiken Densetsu - Weapon and Armor Par Codes - October 2002 - Version 1.0
    Unless otherwise noted, every below is copywrite 2002 by Lee Lloyd. All rights reserved, so no 
    plagurizing, please. Write to me at <llloyd4@softhome.net> if you wish to include this into your
    own documentation. If not, at *least* put me in the credits. Thank you.
    To give credit where credit is due department: 
    Origional ZSnes saved state memory location codes came from Paul Le <kenshou@square-haven.net>, 
    I converted them to PAR format and since he did not list the weapon or armor numbers I worked out
    the item numbers myself. So here you go folks, enjoy!
    Weapon Equipped - Replace XX with the number to the left of the weapon you desire. 
    Character #1 7FEE1CXX 
    Character #2 7FF11CXX
    Character #3 7FF41CXX
    01 Bronze Sword      11 Balmunk          
    02 Iron Sword        12 Valar Sword      
    03 Gladius           13 Kusanagi Blade   
    04 Broadsword        14 Tyrving          
    05 Sabre             15 Defender         
    06 Steel Sword       16 Muramasa Blade   
    07 Bastard Sword     17 Krau-Soles       
    08 Silver Blade      18 Excalibur        
    09 Estoc             19 Levatein         
    0A Falchion          1A Dragonbane       
    0B Flamberge                           
    0C Colichemarde      Final Class Weapons  
    0D Shamshir          1B Brave Blade      
    0E Palestorm         1C Sigmund          
    0F Mythril Sword     1D Ragnarok         
    10 Katzbalger        1E Deathbringer
    2B Leather Glove     3B Kerberos Claw
    2C Iron Knuckle      3C Diamond Knuckle
    2D Needle Glove      3D Ghost Hand
    2E Molebear Claw     3E Rock Claw
    2F Chain Glove       3F Gleam Glove
    30 Bagh Nakh         40 Jug Puncher
    31 Fiend's Claw      41 Vampire Claw
    32 Silverhorn        42 Aura Glove
    33 Moogle Claw       43 Rotton Knuckle
    34 Keen Knuckle      44 Dragon Claw
    35 Power Glove
    36 Kaiser Knuckle    Final Class Weapons
    37 Acid Claw         45 Spiral Glove
    38 Cyclone Claw      46 Holy Claw
    39 Mythril Knuckle   47 Skull Disect
    3A Bone Knuckle      48 Gigas Glove  
    55 Flint Knife       65 Dancing Dagger   
    56 Dagger            66 Field Dagger     
    57 Baselard          67 Bishamon         
    58 Roundel Dagger    68 Merkiel Dagger   
    59 Sharkteeth        69 Sylvan Knife     
    5A Steel Dagger      6A Taishaku         
    5B Misericorde       6B Sheol Dirk       
    5C Katar             6C Crescent Knife   
    5D Main Gauche       6D Acala            
    5E Garuda            6E Crimson Glare    
    5F Crystal Dagger                        
    60 Elf Dagger        Final Class Weapons  
    61 Ashura            6F Orihalcon        
    62 Blue Gale         70 Manslaughter     
    63 Mythril Knife     71 Kongo Rakan      
    64 Yasha             72 Deathstroke      
    7F Wooden Cane       8F Memyl Rod
    80 Staff             90 Druid Cane
    81 Witch Staff       91 Revelation Cane
    82 Oak Cane          92 Nebula Staff
    83 Pewter Rod        93 World Tree Branch
    84 Ruby Cane         94 Ancient Rod
    85 Crystal Rod       95 Mizunra Cane
    86 Soul Rod          96 Clenunnus Cane
    87 Varshu Staff      97 Eternal Rod
    88 Ash Cane          98 Ceryeceon
    89 Cunning Staff
    8A Will Staff        Final Class Weapons
    8B Tot's Staff       99 Ganvantein
    8C Rajin's Staff     9A Spirit Cane
    8D Mythril Rod       9B Rune Staff
    8E Skull Rod         9C Dragon Rod
    A9 Hollow Rod        B9 Cuneal Maul       
    AA Wood Flail        BA Holy Flail        
    AB Ball and Chain    BB Thibula Flail     
    AC Light Flail       BC Gravity Maul      
    AD Warhammer         BD Ultima Maul       
    AE Steel Maul        BE Bloodsucker       
    AF Duck Ironball     BF Meteo Flail       
    B0 Silver Flail      C0 Mijolnir          
    B1 Heavy Flail       C1 Satan Flail       
    B2 Hammer Flail      C2 Vertina Maul      
    B3 Morning Star                          
    B4 Heiro Flail       Final Class Weapons   
    B5 Puppet Flail      C3 Judgmentes        
    B6 Blockbuster       C4 Gigas Flail       
    B7 Mythril Maul      C5 Maul of the Dead  
    B8 Troll Maul        C6 Juggernaut        
    D3 Bronze Lance      E3 Griffen Lance
    D4 Spear             E4 Staghorn
    D5 Flamea            E5 Wolf's Fang
    D6 Corsesca          E6 Maidenleaf
    D7 Partisan          E7 Valkyrie Spear
    D8 Steel Lance       E8 Mideel Spear
    D9 Glaive            E9 Burnak
    DA Silver Lance      EA Gungnir
    DB Wing Spear        EB Pain Tooth
    DC Mystic Spear      EC Blaze Piercer
    DD Plume Lance
    DE Dark Piercer      Final Class Weapons
    DF Torrento Spear    ED True Spear
    E0 Golden Spear      EE Stargazer
    E1 Mythril Spear     EF Dragon Lance
    E2 Brain Wrecker     F0 Giant's Spear
    Helm / Visor Equipped - Replace XX with the number to the left of the weapon you desire.
    Character #1 7FEE1DXX 
    Character #2 7FF11DXX
    Character #3 7FF41DXX
    Duran                Kevin                 Hawkeye/Hawk
    01 Leather Visor     0D Bandanna           19 Leather Hat
    02 Headgear          0E Warrior Band       1A Garravilla
    03 Studded Helm      0F Headband           1B Feather Hat
    04 Visored Helm      10 Chakra Band        1C Faerie Hat
    05 Horned Helm       11 Werewolf's Mane    1D Grizzly Gerea
    06 Silver Sallet     12 Majuu Mask         1E Black Hood
    07 Beryl Armet       13 Genjuu Mask        1F Noctogoggles
    08 Dragon Helm       14 Dragon's Mane      20 Fool's Crown
    Final Class Helmets  Final Class Helmets   Final Class Helmets
    09 Hero's Crown      15 Ivory Band         21 Wind Spirit Hat
    0A Protection Helm   16 Darkshine Band     22 Silver Wolf Gerea
    0B Rising Moon Helm  17 Sapphire Band      23 Stealth Hood
    0C Skull Head        18 Ruby Band          24 Bloody Mask
    Angela               Carlie/Charlotte      Lise/Rieze
    25 Circlet           31 Cat-ear Hood       3D Winged Ribbon
    26 Witch Hood        32 Rabite Cap         3E Leather Helmet
    27 Emerald Tiara     33 Mog Cap            3F Barbute
    28 Panther Hood      34 Silk Ribbon        40 Viking Helm
    29 Silver Circlet    35 Porobin Hood       41 Horncrest
    2A Snow White Veil   36 Holy Spirit Hood   42 Uniform Helm
    2B Mist Vail         37 Sunstone Hat       43 Aurora Helmet
    2C Moonstone Tiara   38 Spiritus Ribbon    44 Pegasus Helmet
    Final Class Helmets  Final Class Helmets   Final Class Helmets
    2D Myein Crown       39 Bishop's Ribbon    45 Vanir Helmet
    2E Eremos Crown      3A Sage's Ribbon      46 Stardust Helmet
    2F Rune Veil         3B Undead Ribbon      47 Rising Dragon
    30 Ancient Tiara     3C Bitium Ribbon      48 Wolf Helmet
    Armor Worn - Replace XX with the number to the left of the weapon you desire.
    Character #1 7FEE1EXX 
    Character #2 7FF11EXX
    Character #3 7FF41EXX
    Duran                                      Kevin
    7F Quilted Leather   8A Knight Armor       93 Cotton Uniform    9E Red Uniform
    80 Hard Leather      8B Swordsman Armor    94 Leather Belt      9F Blue Uniform
    81 Bezant Mail       8C Gold Armor         95 Fur Vest          A0 Ganjuu Belt
    82 Lamellar Armor    8D Platinum Armor     96 Warrior Uniform   A1 Majuu Belt
    83 Hauberk           8E Dragon's Mail      97 Chain Vest        A2 Scale Uniform
    84 Half Plate                              98 Wolf Belt
    85 Plate Mail        Final Class Armors    99 Protector         Final Class Armors
    86 Lunula Mail       8F Hero's Armor       9A Beast Uniform     A3 Byakko Uniform
    87 Reflex            90 Protect Armor      9B Lyshee Vest       A4 Genbu Uniform
    88 Pegasus Armor     91 Master's Armor     9C Battlesuit        A5 Seiryuu Uniform
    89 Leonis Plate      92 Skeleton Mail      9D Amber Uniform     A6 Suzaku Uniform
    Hawkeye/Hawk                               Angela
    A7 Cotton Kilt       B2 Utsushimi Cape     BB Cotton Robe       C6 Sunshine Dress
    A8 Black Fatigue     B3 Dark Suit          BC Silk Robe         C7 Dusk Dress
    A9 Camouflage Cloak  B4 Yafuku Cuirass     BD Witch's Robe      C8 Pure White Robe
    AA Thief's Cape      B5 Ninja Garb         BE Queen Bee Dress   C9 Darkness Robe
    AB Soft Leather      B6 Shijima Mail       BF Bat Coat          CA Dreamdevil Coat
    AC Idaten Cloak                            C0 Tiger Bikini
    AD Chain Guard       Final Class Armors    C1 Rose Leotard      Final Class Armors
    AE Moonbeam Cape     B7 Phantom Cuirass    C2 Bunnydress        CB Myein Dress
    AF Elf Breastplate   B8 Silverwolf Pelt    C3 Owl Coat          CC Eremos Coat
    B0 Fleetwood Cape    B9 Wind Demon Mail    C4 Zephyr Dress      CD Rune Coat
    B1 Flourite Plate    BA Black Garb         C5 Mananan Dress     CE Ancient Coat
    Carlie/Charlotte                           Lise/Rieze
    CF Chibikko Robe     DA Golden Robe        E3 Padded Leather    EE Valkyrie Mail
    D0 Lamb Suit         DB Silver Robe        E4 Cuir Boulli       EF Rune Armor
    D1 Priest's Robe     DC Minister's Robe    E5 Feather Vest      F0 Wing Armor
    D2 Popoi's Rags      DD Shrine Girl Robe   E6 Spiked Leather    F1 Fang Armor
    D3 Sailor Dress      DE Kurikara Robe      E7 Chainmail         F2 Phantasm Armor
    D4 Poto Suit                               E8 Banded Mail
    D5 Velvet Cape       Final Class Armors    E9 Scale Mail        Final Class Armors
    D6 Moogle Smock      DF Bishop's Robe      EA Mani Plate        F3 Goddess Armor
    D7 Pakkun Suit       E0 Sage's Robe        EB Steda Plate       F4 Polaris Armor
    D8 Glint Robe        E1 Undead Suit        EC White Eagle Plate F5 Dragon Knight Armor
    D9 Utsufushi Robe    E2 Bitium Dress       ED Jotzdammoran      F6 Wulfhezein
    Assessories Worn - Replace XX with the number to the left of the weapon you desire.
    Character #1 7FEE1FXX 
    Character #2 7FF11FXX
    Character #3 7FF41FXX
    Duran                Kevin                 Hawkeye/Hawk
    49 Leather Gauntlet  52 Leather Neckband   5B Utsusemi Earrings
    4A Steel Gauntlet    53 Beastman Collar    5C Thief's Armband
    4B Gauntlet          54 Power Wrist        5D Cobra Earrings
    4C Strength Armband  55 Red Moon Horn      5E Ancient Talisman
    4D Knight's Crest    56 Cardinal Eye       5F Tree Spirit Ring
    4E Fencer's Armband  57 Mad Beast's Fang   60 Mistscreen Charm
    4F Dragon Ring       58 Dragon's Bone      61 Wishbone
    Final Class Rings    Final Class Rings     Final Class Rings
    50 War King's Crest  59 Tohsei Armband     62 Lucky Card
    51 Master's Armband  5A Demon Neckband     63 Stealth Guard 
    Angela               Carlie/Charlotte      Lise/Rieze
    64 Jewel Ring        6D Marble Ring        76 Vambrace
    65 Crystal Ring      6E Bunny Egg          77 Steel Bracelet
    66 Mist Pendant      6F Moon Ring          78 Wind God Bracelet
    67 Protect Ring      70 Protect Earrings   79 Earth Bracelet
    68 Snow Crystal      71 Whitelight Ring    7A Gyralhorne
    69 Fireblaze         72 Blackshade Ring    7B Rune Earrings
    6A Sage Stone        73 Magatama           7C Yadorigi Armlet
    Final Class Rings    Final Class Rings     Final Class Rings
    6B Blizzard Hairpin  74 Moon Flower        7D Draupnir
    6C Magma Hairpin     75 Black Onyx         7E Giant's Ring
    Duran's Shields Worn - Replace XX with the number to the left of the weapon you desire.
    Character #1 7FEE20XX 
    Character #2 7FF120XX
    Character #3 7FF420XX
    F7 Water Dragon Shield
    F8 Red-heat Shield
    F9 Thunder God Shield
    FA Earth Shield
    FB Gold Shield
    FC Dragon Shield
    FD Scared Shield
    FE Oath Shield

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