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    Translation Guide by Chicobob

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    Last updated: 03 December 2002 (Eastern Time)
    Seiken Densetsu 3 English Translation Guide (INCOMPLETE)
    (c) Copyright Matthew Smith 2001-2002
    3)Translation Guide
    4)Frequently Asked Questions
    Version History
    v1.0 - (INCOMPLETE) 02.December.2002 - Translation up to Priest of 
    light in Wendel.
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                              ::Section One::
    	This FAQ is a "Translation Guide" in which I have typed out the 
    American text for the dialogs. I have included dialog for most of the 
    things you can 'talk' to. Signs, various people in towns, key events, 
    ect. Hope this helps! 
                              ::Section Two::
    The main source, or contributor(s), as most of you are aware, is Neill 
    Corlett. You can find his website here: 
    Thanks to him, and his translators, we are able to play Seiken Densetsu 
    3, in ROM format, in English. In case you don't know, he released an 
    English patch to convert the JAP text to English text. This patch is 
    the main source for my guide. Many thanks goes out to him and his team. 
    All names, sites, and emails are listed below:
    ::Patch Designer::
    Neill Corllett: corlett@lfx.org
    ::Text Translators::
    Lina Chan: abner@lfx.org
    Nuku-nuke: atsuko-natsume@geocities.com
    SoM2Freak: som2freak@lfx.org
    Lina`chan, Nuku-Nuku & Filia's Translation Domain:
                              ::Section Three::
                              Translation Guide
    This section is for the party of Duran + Lise + Kevin.
    "Hey Duran! You're up next! Go show em what you're made of..."
    Presenting...the swordsmanship tournament, final round! Contestants, 
    step forward!
    Bruiser: You think you can win, kid? Hahahaha!
    Bruiser: Whoa! I...I give up!
    King Richard: OK, that's enough! Duran... son of Loki.. Has won the 
    Narrator: Duran... Mercenary of the grasslands country, Forcena. His 
    father, Loki, served the kingdom as one of the elite "Knights of Gold". 
    But at a time in Duran's young days, Loki went away, never to be seen 
    again...After loosing him mother to an illness, Duran was raised by his 
    aunt, Stella. Though he hardly remembered his father, swordsmanship ran 
    in his blood. With this skill he came to serve King Richard as a 
    mercenary of Forcena.
    Duran: Can't... stay awake...
    Guard: Our shift will be up soon, don't worry! I'm gonna make one more 
    round...I'll be back.
    [--Drifts to Flashback Dream--]
    Duran: Papa! Where are you going?
    Loki: ...It's the dragon Extermination. The enemy this time is the one 
    called Dragon Emperor...the most powerful of all among the dragon 
    tribe. But it'll be alright. With prince Richard and I together, we'll 
    win for sure!
    Loki: Duran... take care of your mom and sister Wendy while I'm gone!
    Duran: Okay! Come back soon!
    Prince Richard: Simone, I'm sorry... Loki was rushing in, trying to 
    save me, and...he and the Dragon Emperor both fell into a bottomless 
    pit...We stayed there for a week afterwards, searching or him, but no 
    Simone: I see... Loki continued to be a knight of gold to the bitter 
    end, didn't he...Surely he'd feel satisfied to die so gloriously...UGH!
    Richard: Simone, be strong!
    Simone: Stella, sister...
    Stella: Simone, why did you ignore your illness until it got like this?
    Simone: If Loki knew I was not well he would have stayed home...I 
    didn't want to be a burden on him...
    Stella: How silly to lose you and Loki both...
    Simone: Sister... the children...
    Stella: Don't worry! I'll take perfect care of your children...
    Simone: Thank you.......
    Stella: Simone!
    [--Fade to present--]
    Duran: No... Can't let myself fall asleep like that...
    [~~FLASH RED~~]
    Duran: ?!
    [--Talk to guard--]
    Duran: Get up....
    Duran: What the hell? What happened!? Who's there!?
    [--Wizard Appears--] --Follow-- 
    Duran: Stop! Who are you?
    Wizard: Hehehe, aren't you a sharp guy.......
    Wizard: Hahahahahaha...
    Duran: What's so funny!?
    Wizard: You appear to take pride in being the number one swordsman of 
    this castle...but you ought to learn the limits of your body......
    Duran: Shut Up!!!
    Wizard: Hahaha! You're still but a child. Employing children as 
    soldiers... I guess king Richard isn't all he's made out to be.
    Duran: I will not allow you to insult his majesty!!
    Wizard: And now, for the coup de grace...
    (Soldiers: There are intruders in the castle! Find them!)
    Wizard: Hehehe... you lucked out this time. We'll pull out for today.
    With such pitiful defenses, I don't see how you'll last much longer, 
    though. Mwahahahaha!
    Duran: ...uhg... Wait...!
    [--Fade to black--Open scene in castle--]
    (1) Last night a mysterious wizard infiltrated the castle and killed 
    all the guards that were on duty except for Duran who just barely 
    (2) Witnesses reported that the wizard was wearing a red cape... This 
    must have been the famous "Wizard of the Red Lotus" from the magic 
    kingdom Altena!
    (3) Altena is sending spies into out country!? They must be planning an 
    (4) We should launch a preemptive strike! We can't let them be the 
    first to attack...
    King Richard: Wait a minute. We have no hard evidence that Altena is 
    planning an invasion. Last night, someone infiltrated the castle 
    without being noticed. Not even Duran could stop him. I don't believe 
    we have the resources for an all-out invasion...and I certainly don't 
    want our troops lured into some kind of trap. Our top priority right 
    now is to step up our security at this castle. Secondly, we'll send an 
    operative into Altena, to investigate the matter.
    Knights: As you wish, Your Majesty!
    King Richard: Altena... Queen of reason...why would they choose to attack 
    [--Fade to Bar-- ]
    Duran: Damn it... Damn it...
    Wendy: Brother! Your wounds still aren't healed. You've got to stay in 
    Duran: Damn it... Crimson... Crimson Wizard ..I...I..
    Wendy: Brother, pull yourself together!
    Duran: ... ...
    Wendy: Crybaby Brother! I hate you!!
    Duran: ... Wendy  ...
    ::======= People in Bar =======::
    Girl: Hey, Duran, forget about that wizard, huh? Let's Party!
    Old Man: The very thought of someone invading Forcena.. Absurd!
    Knight: He killed my brother...I...Still can believe it....	
    Knight at table: Duran, are you all right now? The king was worried... an 
    enemy not even YOU could defeat...
    DOG: Arf Arf!
    ::====== Town of Forcena ======::
    Man in Garden: The flowers are blooming early this year... I hope its not 
    a bad omen.
    Green Hair Girl: I was hoping to head out east to Maia tonight... but I'm 
    not allowed to leave the city.
    Knight at Castle: How are you, Duran? Don't worry about the castle... 
    Just go get some rest.
    Knight at Gate: Sorry Duran but nobody is allowed to leave the castle 
    after dark. It's part of the Kings new security policy...
    Girl in Garden: A war is about to start!? Is that true? You're a 
    mercenary... Do something!
    ::====== SIGNS =======::
    By INN: "Beware of Dog!"
    By Old man: "Second floor fortune teller"
    ::====== Fortune Teller ======::
    Fortune Teller: A person's life is 99% fate... The other 1% is your hope 
    guiding you. 
    You look like you could use a fortune telling. Let me try... ... ... ...
    Duran: =-JUMPS-= Shut UP! I don't believe in fortunes! The only thing I 
    believe in is strength! Tell me how to get stronger!
    Fortune Teller: Aiie! What are you doing? If you want to get stronger 
    go to Wendel...
    The priest of light will tell you all about class changing!
    Duran: ... Class... Changing?
    Fortune Teller: Hmph... The only class you'll be changing into is 
    "Immature Bully". Now scram!
    Duran: Class Changing...?
    If it will help me beat the wizard, I might as well go to Wendel and 
    try it...
    ::====== Duran's House ======::
    Wendy: ...uuuhn, brother, congratulations on your win... zzz... zzz...
    Stella: ...
    [~~Open Chest~~]
    "Duran Packs for his journey..."
    Duran: I will not forgive that Wizard. Whatever happens, I'll defeat 
    him without fail...
    Until then I cannot come back...
    Duran: ... I won't go back...
    [~~Walks to door, stops, over to beds~~]
    Duran: ...Wendy, Aunt Stella... I'm Sorry...
    Stella: Wait!
    Duran: Auntie!
    Stella: Duran, if you're going to leave... please take this.
    Duran: What is it?
    Stella: It's the sword your father Loki used when he was young.
    With this sword, he, too, won the sword fighting contest, defeating 
    Prince Richard... I know it's an ordinary bronze sword like the one you 
    have now, but please... take it.
    Duran: ... ...
    Stella: I'll tell Wendy that you're leaving. Go talk to the King before 
    you leave... he's waiting
    Duran: His Majesty!?
    Stella: He thought you might be planning something like this... After 
    all, you are the son of Loki. I haven't been looking after you for all 
    these years for nothing. I'm proud of you, Duran...
    Duran: Thanks, Auntie. I'll come back for sure...
    Stella: I'll tell Wendy that you're leaving. Go talk to the King before 
    you leave... he's waiting
    Blue Hair Girl: Mama always says don't go to far.
    Green Hair Girl: Go south until you reach Maia. From there, you can 
    take a ship to Jad. After that you can get to Wendel on foot. It's not 
    very far.
    Purple Hair Boy: Hello, Wendy's Brother!
    Lady in Back of INN: A ship left for the castle city Jad not too long 
    ago. That the closest port to Wendel.
    ::====== Castle ======::
    All Guards: Duran, the King awaits!
    Center Knight on stairs: Ahem... and now, we will be having the 
    swordsmanship tournament... uh... the King is in the back room. N, no, 
    I wasn't sleeping! ~~runs away~~ =)
    ::====== Throne ======::
    King Richard: Duran... You're leaving on a journey?
    Duran: Your Majesty! It was my fault the crimson Wizard escaped... I 
    can't forgive him... not only for the injury he dealt me, but for the 
    insult to the kingdom as well.
    Duran: Until I triumph over that wizard I cannot return to this castle...
    King Richard: So I see... Understood Duran. Take care of yourself!
    Duran: Thank you!
    King Richard: Hmm... Every time I see him, he seems more and more like 
    his father...
    [~~Fade to black~~]
    All Guards: Go south until you reach Maia. From there, you can take a 
    ship to Jad. After that, you can get to Wendel on foot. It's not very 
    ::====== Cleft of the earth ======::
    Duran: look you bloody wizard!  I'll get strong stronger than anyone 
    and I will defeat you!
    Narrator: Duran, determined to conquer the mysterious wizard, sets off 
    on a journey to the holy city... little did he know, the fate of the 
    entire world was about to be placed in his hands.
    ::====== Port of Jad ======::
    Captain: H. M. M....  Something's wrong...  The city seems different 
    good usual.  Keep an eye out!
    Lugar: we, the Warriors of the beast kingdom, now control the city!  Do 
    not interfere, and we will do you know harm!
    Sailor: the basement have taken over the port.  I'm afraid were stuck 
    here for now...
    ::====== Castle City Jad ======::
    Woman with a bonnet: you're with them!?  Then hurry up and get out of 
    Lugar: we, the Warriors of the beast kingdom, now control the city!  Do 
    not interfere, and we will do you know harm!
    Boy with brown hair: I'm not scared!
    Beast soldier: if you stay calm, we won't hurt you!
    Beast by castle: look you want?  Go away!
    Girl with purple hair: the beast men are planning to invade Wendel 
    next.  We have to send out a warning somehow...  
    old man: if I were younger I pounded the soldiers into mush.  Hahaha.  
    Well, if I were younger.
    ::====== Weapon Shop ======::
    Shopkeeper: More customers?  Sorry, I don't have anything.  The beast 
    men confiscated all my weapons.
    ::====== Item shop ======::
    Man in corner: Gah! you scared me!  Please...  Don't tell others I'm 
    here...  Can't let other beast men see me now...  Please...
    ::====== Pub ======::
    Purple haired woman: this town is at war...  My homeland is at war, the 
    world is at war.  What has this world come to?
    Blond hair girl: the beast men are all like humans during the day, but 
    they turn into beast at night. (... but when that happens, they can 
    never sit still...  This is your chance to escape...)
    Girl upstairs: excuse me, I'm searching for my younger brother...  What 
    you happen to have seen hin?
    Choose: [Yes]
    really!?  Where did you see him?
    Either way:
    Were you lying?  How dare you!... But you are just trying to cheer me 
    up, right?  Thanks...
    Choose: [NO]
    I see... Thank you.
    ::====== Rabbite Forest ======::
    Sign1: Lakeshore Village Astoria (down)
    Sign 2: Cave of waterfalls (right)
            Holy city Wendel(right)
            Lakeshore village Astoria(down)
    ::====== Lakeshore Village Astoria ======::
    Old Man: This is the lakeshore village of Astoria
    Woman with Blue Bonnet: The Holy City, Wendel, is on the other side of 
    the lake. There's a cave to the east which goes underneath the lake... 
    but it's sealed off right now
    Blue Hair Girl: Heeheehe
    Blond Hair Woman: The city of Jad was taken over by Beastmen... what if 
    they come here!?
    Girl by lake: Nobody believes me, but I'm sure I saw it... a strange 
    light coming from above the lake. Maybe we'll see it again tonight!
    [~~~House by lake~~~]
    Boy: Ponta is always quiet, but today he's been growling... I wonder 
    what's wrong.
    [~~~House by woods~~~]
    Old woman: Try to relax a little, young man. If you keep looking like 
    that, you'll scare away the girls! Heehee!
    Old man: Scattered throughout the land are silver and golden Goddess 
    statues. These statues let you save your progress. The golden ones also 
    restore your HP and MP!
    INN Keeper: Go and rest whenever you like.
    (Rest for a moment?) 
    Duran: mmm...!! Huh? That light.....!!
    [~~~Town after "strange light"~~~]
    Old Man: Did you see that light too? I've never seen anything like it 
    in my life!
    Blue Hair Girl: Hey, inside that light... I thought I saw a little 
    Blond Hair Woman: That light flew over to Rabite forest. What was it?
    Girl by lake: See! I told you there was a strange light!
    ::====== "Faerie Grove" ======::
    Duran: Hey! Pull Yourself together!
    Faerie: Oooh... I'm alright now. Who might you be?
    Duran: I'm Duran, a warrior of Forcena. I saw a light from the INN at 
    Astoria, and...
    Faerie: ... Duran... Well, I haven't much choice now... All right, I've 
    picked you...
    Duran: What?
    Faerie: Umm, nothing... please, Duran, take me to the Priest of Light 
    in Wendel...
    There isn't enough power left in me to fly...
    Duran: Ah, that's just were I was going... but there's a seal on the 
    cave of waterfall's...
    Faerie: Oh, there should be no problem if I'm with you. Let's hurry! A 
    disaster is taking place in the mana Holyland...
    Duran: Mana Holyland!? That's...
    Duran: !? What was that? It's in the direction of Astoria... Let's 
    hurry back and look...
    Faerie: Let me rest inside your head for a while...
    Duran: What!? Wa, wait a minute!
    Faerie: (OK, let's go back to Astoria!)
    Duran: Woah! There's a voice going through my head!
    Faerie: (Quickly!)
    Duran: Got it!
    [~~~Faerie Joined!~~~]
    ::====== Burned Astoria ======::
    Duran: What the hell!? Who burned the village
    Faerie: (Looks like beastmen invaded while you were gone...)
    Duran: But why?
    Faerie: (We have to hurry to the priest of light, and tell him... Wendel 
    is in danger...)
    ::====== Outside cave of Waterfalls ======::
    ???: Cave, c, can't get in... Eh? Faerie let us in!? Mmm, me too, in 
    forest, saw light! That was a faerie? You going to Wendel? Holy City? 
    Me too... because...
    ???: My precious friend, Karl... Karl and me, no mother, so always 
    together... But on day... Karl attack me! After that, I dunno... my 
    body feel real hot...
    ???: When I came to... I killed Karl. I am beastman, but... not like 
    the ones who attacked Jad... My blood Half human... After meeting Karl, 
    I learn about friendship, and trust...
    ???: The beast King trick Karl into attacking me! My beastman blood... 
    When I found out... I attack the Beast King... but no good...
    Kevin: Heard the Priest of Light can make Karl live again! Is that 
    true? I'm going to find out... Monsters in Waterfall cave... No problem, 
    me and you stick together! Me, Kevin!
    [~~~Kevin Joined!~~~]
    ::====== Cave of Waterfalls ======::
    ???: Eeek!!  Somebody...!!  Hurry, hurry!! 
    ???: I thought I was going to die!  Thanks, I'm Charlie... The cute 
    little girl that lives in Wendel.
    Duran: well, wants a cute little girl doing here? It's dangerous!
    Charlie: but... but...
    Charlie: Heath is a nice priest who took care of Charlie because she 
    had no mama and Papa... grandpapa told Heath to go to Astoria!  And 
    Charlie has a bed feeling about that...
    Charlie: I don't want nothing to happen to my favorite Heath!  So Mick 
    helped me escape...
    Charlie: But when I met Heath, a bad man kidnapped him!
    Charlie: I wanted to go home, but I couldn't get in the cave... lucky 
    you came along!
    Charlie: I took a wrong turn...  And I fell down... and then you came!
    Charlie: if you were any later... poor, poor Charlie...
    Duran: well, I was on my way to visit the Priest of light anyway.  I'll 
    take you there!
    Charlie: what?  Did Grandpa send you here or something?  I don't need 
    your help, anyway, Wendel's close by!  This way, don't get lost!
    ::====== Holy City Wedel ====== ::
    Old man: people from around the world come to Wendel to find answers...  
    We're a neutral City, so we have no allies were enemies.
    Purple hair girl: I'm glad I was able to talk to the Priest...  He 
    brought out courage I never knew I had.
    Priest: have you seen a girl wearing a pointy?  The Priest's 
    granddaughter Charlie is missing...  What if she were eaten by some 
    Purple hair girl 2: we have weapon and barbershop here in Wendel...  
    But don't get the wrong idea.  Our wishes for a world where such things 
    aren't necessary.
    Green hair boy: I'm a big fan of the great Priest, Heath!
    Purple hair girl three: the Temple of light is that the northern end of 
    the city.
    Green hair boy 2: did you here?  The Priest's granddaughter, Charlie, 
    is missing!
    ::======House on left======::
    Blond hair girl: the beast Kingdome is to the West, through a thick 
    forest...  A forest so thick, not even the beastman can penetrate it.  
    That's why they attacked by air.  Giant birds swoop down, carrying 
    beast soldiers into battle...  No, really!  I'm not making this up!
    Blond hair girl 2: beastman?  Whatever happens, we will defend his land 
    alongside the Priest!
    Boy: are the beastman strong?
    ::======Another House======::
    blond hair girl: the beastman invaded Astoria?  What are we going to 
    Blond hair girl 2: I've been feeling from around the cave of waterfalls 
    lately...  Very unusual.
    ::======Item shop======::
    1: once a week, one mana holy day, the monsters in the waterfall cave 
    become dormant.  People used to time their visits to Wendel so they 
    would pass through the cave on that day...  Nowadays, the monsters are 
    active all week.  Visitors here in Wendel have dwindled...
    2: in case you get lost...  Take one of my Grandpa's magic ropes!
    ::===== Bar at nightfall ======::
    Priest at bar: N, no!  Priests like me don't drink alcohol!  This is, 
    um, holy water...  Yeah...haha!
    Woman 1: you look so depressed...  Cheer up little!  Party!!!
    Woman 2: I have traveled the lands and heard many stories of war...  
    The Magic Kingdom Altena, Navarre... the beast Kingdom...  When there are 
    confrontations, it disrupts the world's mana...  This becomes a portent 
    of greater evil...  I fear for the safety of civilization...
    ::====== The Temple of light ======::
    Priest 1: pilgrimage to Wendel is important to everyone's life...  
    Everybody comes here at least once-in-a-lifetime, to pray to the 
    goddess of mana
    Priest 2: the Priest of light is in the Temple.
    Priest 3: in the mountains above us, there once was a greater City of 
    light...  Said to be the place where the goddess of mana first set 
    forth on his land.  The ancient city is in ruins now...  Unfortunately, 
    it's too high for any of us to climb there...
    Purple hair girl: never seen a "Banekujako"? It's a strange mushroom 
    that grows in the forest.  They're sort of a natural spring.  If you 
    jump on top of one, you bounce really high.
    Purple hair girl 2: I've heard a strange sound coming from behind the 
    waterfall...  A loud boom, boom kind of sound...  I wonder what's causing 
    Priest at door: this is Wendel's Temple of light.
    ::====== Inside Temple of light ======::
    Priest of light: may the goddess of mana protect you all...
    Duran: a period.  Period Priest of light?  Tell me about class 
    changing!  I want to get stronger!!
    Priest of light:...(sigh...) class changing isn't as easy as that.  You 
    need experience.  Period.  There's no way you can change to another 
    class until you're much older.
    Duran: want to!?  What are you talking about?
    Priest of light: you've heard of the mana stones, I assume?  They can 
    give you strength.  But not until you have all the experience you need!  
    Strength comes with responsibility!
    Duran: dammit!  I want to get stronger now!!
    Kevin: P...Priest of light...?  Karl... revive Karl... precious friend... little 
    wolf Karl...
    Priest of light: what is your name?  Listen, Kevin.  Period.  All 
    living things eventually face death.  All lives must end at some point.  
    But, each life is connected to another... Karl life may have ended, but 
    his soul lives on inside you, does it not?
    Kevin: then... Karl..  Alive!?
    Priest of light: as long as Karl is remembered, he will live eternally...
    Kevin:... no... no...!  Beast came!  I won't forgive!!  Karl... I will 
    Faerie: wait!  Let me speak!  My Priest, I have traveled here from the 
    mana holy land...  The mana tree is starting to wither, the mana is 
    disappearing from his land...
    Priest of light: a faerie has arrived from the holy land?  This is a 
    terrible portent!  If the mana tree dies the 8 God-beasts will awaken 
    to reclaim this world!
    Duran: Huh? I don't understand...
    Priest of light: the faerie chose you.  That means you must go to the 
    mana only land... you are the only one who can draw the sword of mana!
    Duran: a faerie... you never said anything about this!  What's going on!?
    Faerie: I'm sorry...  but... the declining power of mana makes it difficult 
    for me... I have to be inside someone, in order to survive over this 
    Duran: okay... so, you're done with me, right?  Now you can go inside 
    the Priest or something...
    Priest of light: it's not a simple, I'm afraid... once the faerie 
    chooses a host, it can't leave until the host dies...
    Duran: what?  What I have a sword already!
    Faerie: did you want to defeat that crimson wizard?  With the sword of 
    mana, you could be the world's greatest warrior!
    Duran: hey!  Wait a minute!  What you looking inside my mind!?
    Faerie: Um... I...
    Duran: and what makes this award so great, anyway?
    Priest of light: the sword of mana is the center of power for all the 
    mana spirits..
    Priest of Light: It is the implement which the goddess used to create 
    the world.  He who holds the sword of mana has the power to reshape the 
    world, create and destroy life... it sleeps at the base of the mana tree 
    under constant guard by the faerie.
    Priest of light: if the sword is drawn before the mana tree dies, there 
    may yet be hope... the goddess will awaken and save the world.  You were 
    wishes may be granted as well.
    Duran: so, if I just get the sword... then I can get rid of the crimson 
    wizard once and for all!
    Duran: where he is that tree, anyway?  How can we get to it?
    Faerie: I did open the gate to the holy land of myself... but I don't 
    have the strength left to do it.
    Priest of light: you'll need to release the energy of the eight mana 
    The goddess closed the gate to the holy land long ago, and sealed its 
    energy inside the stones.
    Duran: so how do we release its?
    Priest of light: there was once an ancient spell, which could control 
    the stones energy... war erupted for control of the spell, and the world 
    was on apart... the bloodshed ended after a curse was put on the spell... 
    making it to take the casters life. The spell was lost soon after that.  
    Nobody knows it anymore.
    Duran: then there's no way...
    Faerie: the eight spirits who guarded the mana stones... they could 
    probably help us.  With their combined energy, we may even be able to 
    open the gate...
    Priest of light: that may work... wisp, the spirit of light, resides not 
    far from here.  Some people have even sighted him near the giant 
    waterfall, in the cave of waterfalls...
    Kevin: Faerie, if I go... will I get my wish?
    Faerie: of course!  When the goddess of mana awakens, I'm sure she 
    could return Karl's life.
    Kevin: Ooooooh..  I will go!

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