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    Debug Room Guide by CC

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/17/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            ____      _  __
                           / __/___  (_)/ /__ ___  ___
                          _\ \ / -_)/ //  '_// -_)/ _ \
                         /___/ \__//_//_/\_\ \__//_//_/
                     ___                       __
                    / _ \ ___  ___   ___ ___  / /_ ___ __ __
                   / // // -_)/ _ \ (_-</ -_)/ __/(_-</ // /
                  /____/ \__//_//_//___/\__/ \__//___/\_,_/
                                      |_  /
                                     _/_ <
                ___        __       /____/   ___
               / _ \ ___  / /  __ __ ___ _  / _ \ ___  ___   __ _
              / // // -_)/ _ \/ // // _ `/ / , _// _ \/ _ \ /  ' \
             /____/ \__//_.__/\_,_/ \_, / /_/|_| \___/\___//_/_/_/
                            _____  /___/_     __
                           / ___/__ __ (_)___/ /___
                          / (_ // // // // _  // -_)
                          \___/ \_,_//_/ \_,_/ \__/
                     ||      FAQ / Walkthrough for       ||
                     ||         Seiken Densetsu 3        ||
                     ||           for the SNES           ||
                     ||              By CC               ||
                     ||       [c_2_c@hotmail.com]        ||
                     ||       Copyright © 2003 CC        ||
                     ||           Version 1.3            ||
                     ||       Do not Critisise Me!       ||
    1. How to get to the debug room
    2. Whats in there
    3. FAQs
    Legal Copyright stuff
    This file Debug room Guide for Seiken Densetsu 3 on the Super Nintendo
       Entertainment System is copyrighted CC 2003. This file cannot be
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    Version Histories
    v1.0 - Started Guide, Finished Guide.
    v1.1 - More legal
    v1.2 - HEADING!
         - changed basic setup at the top.
    v1.3 - New rule
         - legal stuff fixed
         - New e-mail
    v1.4 - new link
    Well, welcome to my Seiken Densetsu 3 Debug Room guide!
    Well, you ask, why did i start this guide,
    well it all started when my brother said that he found some 'glitch' 
    to acess some debug room, of course, that wasn't true, so i went 
    searching and found how to acess this room.
    This debug room allows you to access any major place, even if your
    charcter isn't supposed to be there, and you can fight
    any boss if it aint your character's! E.g, Duran fighting Heath. :)
    No, this debug room isn't complicated like all the other games, e.g. 
    Xenogears on PS... so enjoy this guide!!!
    e-mail [c_2_c@hotmail.com]
    A couple of rules....
    1. Ask politely when asking questions. Things like 'Answer me or you
    will be hacked' will not answer your qeustion...
    2. Ask your question in detail. Things like 'How do I do this?' will
    not get you anywhere again, because, 'how do you do WHAT?' would be my
    3. Make sure that the question you are asking is not in the guide!!!
    For example, 'how do get past the first dungeon', or 'what are the
    controls?' are already answered, so don't wait for a reply. Always
    use Ctrl+F (find) and type in a key word to find what you are looking
    4. Also, for this last rule, when e-mailing, state which game you are
    asking. I've got e-mails so far (since i have made some FAQs) and some
    of them don't even state which game they are talking about. Please
    tell me, for one e-mail I've had to ask them which game they were
    talking about.
    5. Don't send anything more than 2kb in my e-mail if you just e-mailed
    me, because i'll think its something bad. Otherwise, the e-mail just
    won't be opened.
    1. How to get to the Debug room
    I'm sure you alerady know how to play SD3. By now you should of gotten
    used it it and its very cool style of gaming. Anyway, first you must
    get Flammie, when you have visited the Mana Holyland for the first
    If not, this is the code for flammie:: 
    7E2E9701 -- this should hopefully put a Wind Drum (to summon Flammie)
                in your storage (1) - get there via pressing START.
    Make sure you are riding her on the air...
    Then once you have done that, enter this code in for the debug room::
    By now I think you should know where the Valley of Flames is, unless 
    you got the flammie code. Its sort of at the bottom right of the map.
    Since you entered the code, there should be a little white sqaure 
    (glitch) spot near the Valley of Flames, and land in there, to get to 
    the Debug room!
    2.Whats in there.
    Can mess up your stats
    e.g, for me, i was lv45 and i had 3 characters, now reduced to lv1, 
    and my Duran who was a Gladiator is now a Grappler (Kevin's start 
    class), and has all of Kevins stuff. Watch out.
    Well, assuming you entered, you will first get prompted ::
    Subno. /X/Y Disp    [Yes/No].
    This just will indicate your X/Y axis position, im sure you've learned 
    of this in school. Then it will prompt you to save your game, so you 
    can come back anytime ^_^.
    Okay, so which goes to where??? Here's an ASCII map...
                   Debug Room 1
              T2  T3  T4    T5  T6  T7
              T8  T9  T10   T11 T12 T13
              T14 T15 T16   T17 T18 T19
              T20 T21 T22   T23 T24 T25
              T26 T27 T28   T29 T30 T31
              T32 T33 T34   T35 T36 T37
             P1           P            P2
    G - Godess -- So you can save
    T1- Miyagawa Test
    T2- Castle City Jad
    T3- Holy City Wendel
    T4- Labyrinth of Ice Walls
    T5- Switch to NightTime
    T6- Wind Kingdom Rolante
    T7- Valley of Flames
    T8- Cave of Waterfalls
    T9- Ancient Ruins of Light
    T10- Snow City Elrand
    T11- Magic Kingdom Altena
    T12- Merchant City Byzel
    T13- Gemstone Valley Dorian
    T14- Flowergarden Land Diorre
    T15- Beast Kingdom
    T16- Mirage Palace
    T17- Moonlight City Mintos
    T18- Forest of Wonder
    T19- Lakeshore Village Astoria
    T20- Vocano Island Bucca
    T21- Sand Fortress Navarre
    T22- (Oustide of) Dragon's Hole/Glass Desert
    T23- Dark Castle
    T24- Jungle of Illusion
    T25- Free City Maia
    T26- Mirage Palace (near the actual palace)
    T27- Cleft of the Earth
    T28- Mana Holyland
    T29- Ghost Ship
    T30- Moonreading Tower
    T31- Cave of Darkness
    T32- Debug Room 2
    T33- Debug Room 2
    T34- Debug Room 2
    T35- Debug Room 2
    T36- Debug Room 2
    T37- Debug Room 2
    T38- Debug Room 2
    P (Person)- Does Nothing
    P1- Select Music::GOTO MUSIC
    P2- Views Endings
    NOTE:: This includes all little partner scenes, endings, etc...
               Debug Room 2
        T1 T2 T3        T4 T5 T6
        T7 T8 T9        T10 T11 T12
       T13 T14 T15      T16 T17 T18
       T19 T20 T21      T22 T23 T24
    *All these teleporters are actually one square north of the dark area.
    = - Not boss
    *These are Boss Teleporters
    T1- (Test) Boss, no real purpose.
    T2- Full Metal Hagger
    T3- Jewel Eater
    T4- Tzenker
    T5- Gorva
    T6- Moonlight City Mintos =
    T7- God-Beast Land Umber
    T8- God-Beast Zable-Fahr
    T9- (Nothing, but in the Cleft of the Earth)
    T10- God-Beast Lightgazer
    T11- Gildervine
    T12- Genova
    T13- God-Beast Dolan
    T14- God-Beast Figmund
    T15- God-Beast Xan Bie
    T16- Dark Lich
    T17- God-Beast Mispolm
    T18- ArchDemon
    T19- Dragon Emperor
    T20- God-Beast Danguard 
    T21- (other view ontop of Flammie while fighting Danguard)
    T22- Debug Room 3
    T23- Salamando Mana Stone =
    T24- Debug Room
    X - Debug Room (modified)
               Debug Room 3
        T1 T2 T3        T4 T5 T6
        T7 T8 T9        T10 T11 T12
       T13 T14 T15      T16 T17 T18
       T19 T20 T21      T22 T23 T24
    = - Not boss
    *These are Boss Teleporters
    ** In Test Room, so not acessable by actual storyline
    *** In the Glass Desert (Duran/Angela Quest)
    -Not entirely sure of the names in **.
    T1- The Dragons (Dragon's Hole, not really boss)
    T2- Heath
    T3- Jagan
    T4- Bigieu
    T5- Darkshine Knight **
    T6- Jungle of Illusion *
    T7- Warewolf **
    T8- Ninja **
    T9- Black Rabite **
    T10- Machine Golem
    T11- Stone of Darkness (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T12- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T13- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T14- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T15- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T16- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T17- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T18- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T19- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) *** 
    T20- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T21- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T22- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T23- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    T24- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    X- Stone of Darkness again (leads to Zable Fahr) ***
    LoL, most of these rooms goto the same place....
                   Debug Room 1 Modified
               C1   C2   T1  C3
              T2  T3  T4    T5  T6  T7
              T8  T9  T10   T11 T12 T13
              T14 T15 T16   T17 T18 T19
              T20 T21 T22   T23 T24 T25
              T26 T27 T28   T29 T30 T31
              T32 T33 T34   T35 T36 T37
    The onlything different is that it should still
    come up with the Sub /x/y thing but then show your characters
    up on the black parts, and take away the godess.
    When you go up and press A to the character. 
    They will change picture to show what they look like at 
    differrent classes (e.g Shadowmaster).
    The C indicates where the characters are, c1 will always
    be duran/angela, c2 will always be kevin/carlie and c3 will
    always be hawk/lise.
    Miyagawa Test
    Nothing except the rabite north of you which gives you victory.
    B: Next Page
    00 STOP     07 Evil     0e Ank      15 Dragons  1c Pilots   23 Eyes
    01 Air2     08 Town     0f Jad      16 Mille    1d Rose2    24 Zable
    02 Beasts   09 Palace   10 Wood     17 Fantagen 1e Riddle   25 Dran
    03 Navarre  0a Danger   11 Jungles  18 Minaton  1f Gazer    26 Nurd
    04 Delicate 0b Flagile  12 Flower   19 Chime2   20 ZanBie   27 Angel
    05 Wendel   0c Day      13 Snowfall 1a Remember 21 Landumbr 28 Fright
    06 Rolante  0d Highland 14 Mountain 1b LoveLove 22 Griffon  29 Boosca
    2a Menu     31 Pedan    38 SEflammy 3f Turnback
    2b Opening  32 Wind     39 home     40 Bells
    2c Ending   33 Flamelet 3a MANA     41 Level
    2d Win      34 SEdulan  3b Go       42 Catch
    2e Get      35 SEdool   3c Never2   43 Fortune
    2f Dead     36 SErole   3d Sleep    44 Pihyara
    30 March    37 SEbom    3e Pilots2  46 Ending2
    > Cancel
    NOTE: Yes, i've checked this list, it goes from 44 to 46 and ALL the
    spellings are exactly the same as the list there.
    If you want PAR codes, check out DC's par/hacking guide, which
    contains a whole lot of codes, except the debug room code. :D
    If anyone has anymore addings to the guide, please be happy to send
    it into [c_2_c@hotmail.com].
    Q. Is there any way without the game genie to get to the room?
    A. Not that i know, but my brother said you could get there from
    a glitch near Pedan.
    Q. Can you defeat bosses you already have?
    A. Some, yes, some no. E.g, Jewel Eater, and Zable Fahr (using ONE
    of the teleporters to the dark stone) are just 2 examples.
    Examples you CANNOT do, are the god-beasts.
    Of course, i wouldn't put myself in here :D...
    Square/Squaresoft - The best RPG makers in the world!!!
    GameFAQs - The best site for info on games!
    And... You. Thank You for reading the guide to this point ^_^.

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