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    FAQ by RukesRiese

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    The Seiken Dentsu 3 FAQ is just a simple FAQ for people that have gotten
    SD 3 and don't know much Japanese and really wanna play the game.
    If you have any problems with reading this FAQ, e-mail me at
    When asking for help, please provide me with the following information:
    Who is in your party
    What level are they
    What was the last major event to occur
    And of course, your question.
    I will not answer any questions related to emulation.
    This includes but is not limited to:
    -Requests for ROMs, patches, emulation software, either directly or for
    places one could obtain these things.
    Welcome to version 2.1 I've gotten a lot of questions about using
    magic and I hope to sort this out. I've also added an index at the top
    of the page which should help.
    I've reorganized a good deal of the data and gone into more specifics
    such as spelling out exactly what one learns with each class change.
    Character Intros
      Duran, Angela, Kevin, Charlotte, Hawkeye, Riese
    Class Change Basics
      How to class change, how classes effect each character.
    Gameplay Basics
      Dealing with treasure chests and using/learning magic spells.
    Quest Hints and Tips
      How do I get past this area, and so forth.
    Personal Play Diary/Musings
    Who are the characters?  Where are they from? Tell me how to get through
    their introductions:
    The characters:
    Name: Duran  Gender: M  Age: 17  Class: Fighter  Weapon: Sword
    Duran is the boy with the ruddy hair, the metal plate on his head, and
    after his class change, he'll lug a shield.  He is an unrefined, coarse
    character with a short temper and a keen dislike of losing. Fellow
    guardsmen give him a wide berth, in consideration of his explosive
    personality. However, if truth be known, he is a devoted subject of the
    king, with whom his deceased father was close.
    How to do his opening:  Duran will fight a knight.  You can him loose
    all his HP.  After that, then strike and beat the knight.  The king of
    Forthena, kingdom of grass will commend your abilities.  Then later,
    Altena, the kingdom of Magic will attack.  You will try to hit a man
    with a red robe, but he will laugh at you.  Talk to the king when he
    leaves.  Later, you will leave Forthena and journey to Holy City Wendel
    and ask the Priest of Light how to get a Class Change.  Then you'll take
    a ship to the town of Judd.
    Name: Angela  Gender: F  Age: 19  Class:Magician  Weapon: Staff
    Angela is the girl with purple hair and a little blue crown in a red
    suit.  Daugter to the Queen of Altena, the "Magic Kingdom"A flashy,
    passionate, and alluring girl for her age. However she is spoiled,
    easily becomes jealous, and pouts when she does not get her way. Raised
    without any motherly love from the Queen, she forever seeks her approval
    and affection.
      How to do her  opening:Angela will start out trying to learn Magic.
    Her instructor, Jose' will tell her that she will need to practice
    harder.  She will stick her tongue out and run.  Go to the throne room
    and talk to mom and the man in the red robe. The man will beam you out.
    Let the two monsters beat you.  In a quest of a good spell, you will
    find yourself in the village of Alfland. Then, she'll go to Judd.
    Name: Kevin  Gender: M  Age: 15  Class: Clubber  Weapon:  Claw
    Kevin is the bushy haired were-child with the big blue beanie-like hat.
    He has no mother like his friend, the baby wolf Carl. Heir to the throne
    of the "Beast Kingdom" Although he possesses a well developed body of an
    adult, traces of a "little boy" remain inside of his heart. He tends to
    be misunderstood, due to his lack of social skills and general dislike
    of people. He carries both the blood of a human and a beast within him.
    Normally has the form of a human, but under certain conditions at night,
    transforms into a beast.
    How to do his opening: The game will start with a scene of 3 moons over
    a castle.  Then the Death Cursed Man will offer to expand the territory
    of the Beast Kingdom, by conquering the weak Wendel.  Then you'll see
    Kevin and Carl.  Kevin will tell Carl to howl.  When he barks, Kevin
    will laugh and show him how a WOLF howls.  Touch the gold Mana Goddess
    to refill HP/MP and save the game.  Find your way back to the Beast
    Kingdom castle.  Carl will morph and start attacking you.  Let Carl win.
    Then Kevin will become a werewolf and beat Carl, killing him.  Kevin
    buries Carl wonder what possessed him to do such an awful thing.  He
    goes to the castle and sees the king with the Death Cursed Man.  He
    breaks through the wall and attacks.  The king will punch Kevin over the
    wall, then Kevin will go to Judd.
    Name: Charlotte  Gender: F  Age: 15  Class: Cleric  Weapon: Flail
    Charlotte is a little blonde girl with a huge pink hat on.  Grand-
    daughter to the priest of the "Holy City", Wendale. Within her flows the
    blood of elves, which causes her growth to be slower when compared to
    others. In a word, she is "cute" incarnate. Bright and talkative, she is
    immediately liked by others. Her insatiable curiousity gets her involved
    in all sorts of events. However, she has a superstitious side, which
    brings out the timidity in her.
    How to do her opening:You'll start out in a big field of flowers with
    mom and dad.  Later, you see Heath,  an administrator for the Priest of
    Light talk with the Priest.  Heath is sent to investigate why the Spirit
    of Light is not responding to the Priest's messages.  Charlotte will try
    to follow Heath, and bounces off a little yellow jelly. Then, she'll see
    the Death Cursed Man warp Heath away and vows to save him.  Unlike all
    the other characters, she will head to Astoria, and not Judd.
    Name: Hawkeye  Gender: M  Age: 17  Class: Thief  Weapon: Knives
    He has an indigo-ish hair color and has a long pony tail.  He heads the
    Thieves of Naba'al, and Nikita, one of the thieves is like a brother to
    him. Member of the desert bandit tribe, Naba'al.
    Flippant, yet romantic at heart, at times it is difficult to ascertain
    whether he jests or to take him seriously. However he is adamant in his
    loyalty to friends. His movements are with precision, and his eyes take
    on a gleam in battle.
    You'll start out with Nikita and 2 others sneaking though a town, and
    stealing some money.  The king will want to talk with you. When you go,
    you'll meet a disgruntled General Isabela.  She'll tell you of King
    FlameCarn's  desire to control Laurant.  You disagree with Isabela.
    After that, go find prince Eagle, who is in the right wing of the
    castle.  Eagle will bring you along to investigate Isabela's doings.
    Isabela will trun Eagle into an evil fiend, who will try and kill you.
    Strike Evil Eagle while trying to aviod his sttacks.  After you badly
    wound Eagle, he'll be back to normal.  Isabel kills Eagle with Fire
    magic, and jails you for assasinating Eagle.  She even curses your
    girlfriend, Jessica who is Eagle's little sister.  You decide to go to Wendel and see if the Priest can remove Jessica's curse. You go to Judd.
    Name:Riese  Gender: F  Age: 16  Class: Amazon Weapon: Spear/Lance
    She is the tall blond girl with the little "wings" in her hair.
    Daughter to King Joster, ruler of Laurent, the "Kingdom of Wind"She
    appears to be no more than a little girl, but has the will,
    consideration, and sense of responsibility of an adult. She is also a
    bit stubborn and always maintains a realistic point of view. Her
    patriotic and filial side is expressed by her commitment to leading a
    group of female guardians.
     How to do her opeining:You'll fight a needle bird.  It's rather easy to
    kill.  Hit it and move away.  Then, press "A" to hit it with a super
    when your charge bar is green. Then, you'll go to Laurant castle.
    Elliot is missing for his ceremony!  Talk to the old lady named Alma.
    Then you'll see Elliot forced to trip the control of the gales.  The
    little door ton the lower left part of the castle is now un-guarded.  Go
    in and there is a Goddess statue just waiting to heal you and save the
    game. The ninja's of Naba'al beat Elliot up when you try to save him.
    Run to the king.  Then Naba'al will invade and Isabela will just sit
    there laughing in the mayhem.  Then Riese will go to Judd.
    Basics: The main screen, seen immidiatly when "Y" is pressed shows a
    spirit and then either Shade or Lumina.  The spirit is the day of the
    week.  Now really, some monsters only come on certain days and are
    strong on others. Shade is the time of night and Lumina is day.  Zombies
    generally show up only during the hours of the shade.
    Using spells:
    First, make sure your character has spells!
    Access your item ring using the X button.  Press up or down to change rings.
    You will cycle through various armor rings(if you have unequipped armor) and
    weapons, eventually you will hit Magic.
    I always keep my weapon/armor rings empty so I can go directly to my magic.
    Learining magic may not occur until the first class change.  Here is my
    basic knowlage of what characters learn at each class:.
    This deals with spells only, not special techniques such as
    Angela's Rainbow Dust, and so forth.
    class: magic learned(# of targets.)
    1a= single ally
    1e= single enemy
    aa= all ally
    ae= all enemies
    Fighter: None
    Knight: Heal Light(1a) Tinkle Rain(1a)
    Gladiator: Earth, Wind, Ice and Fire Sabers(all 1a)
    Paladin: Saint Saber(1a)
    Lord: Heal Light(aa) Tinkle Rain(aa)
    Sword Master: Leaf and Moon Saber(1a)
    Duelist: Dark Saber(1a)
    Magician: Holy Ball(ae) Dia Missle(ae) Air Blast(ae) Fireball(ae) Ice Smash(ae) Evil Gate(ae)
    Sorceress: Saint Beam(1e) Earthquake(1e) Thunder Storm(1e) Explode(1e) Mega Smash(1e)
    Delvar: Dark Force(1e)
    Grand Deviner:Saint Beam(ae) Earthquake(ae) Thunder Storm(ae) Explode(ae) Mega Smash(ae)
    Arch Mage Saint Beam(ae) Earthquake(ae) Thunder Storm(ae) Explode(ae) Mega Smash(ae)
    Rune Master: Dark Force(ae) Death Spell(1e) Stun Wind(1e) Cold Breeze(1e) Stone Cloud(1e)    Blaze Wall(1e)
    Megas:  Dark Force(ae) Earthquake(1e) Thunder Storm(1e) Explode(1e) Mega Smash(1e)
    Grappler: None
    Monk: Heal Light(1a)
    God Hand: Aura Wave(1a)
    Warrior Monk: Leaf Saber(1a)
    Dervish: Moon Saber(1a)
    Death Hand: Moon Energy(1a)
    Cleric: Heal Light(1a) Tinkle Rain(1a)
    Preistess: Heal Light(aa) Tinkle Rain(aa) Earth, Wind, Ice and Fire Sabers(all 1a)
    Bishop Saint Saber(1a) Magic Shield(1a)
    Sage Earth, Wind, Ice and Fire Sabers(all aa)
    Enchantress: Heal Light(aa)
    Necromancer Dark Saber(1a) Black Curse(1e)
    Evil Shaman: Anti-Magic(1e)
    Thief: NONE
    Ranger: Sleep Flower(ae) Body Change(ae)
    Ninja: Ninja Techs(1e)
    Wanderer: Life Booster(1a) Aura Wave(1a) Poison Bubble(1e) Half Banish(1e) Counter Magic(1a)
    Energy Ball(1a) Lunatic(1e)
    Rogue: Learns some but not all of the Wanderers' spells(?)
    Ninja Master: Ninja Techs(ae)
    Night Blade: Unlearns Ninja techs, learns NB techs.
    Valkyrie: Power/Mind/Speed/Protect up, (1a)
    Rune Maiden Power/Mind/Speed/Protect down, (1e)
    Star Lancer: Power/Mind/Speed/Protect up, (aa)
    Dragon Master: None
    Fenril Knight Power/Mind/Speed/Protect down, (ae)
    Okay, what is this "class change" system that was so highly hyped about?
    How do I get my characters a class change?  What does it do for them?
    And is a class change more painful than washing my cat?
    The class change system:
    In the game, you class will be in three stages.  First stage is the
    class that your characters start out in.  Second is at the first time
    that you change class.  That occurs at level 18.   The upper choice
    leads to the light, and the lower to the dark.  The third stages is your
    final class change.  This happens at level 38.  Again, the options to
    light and dark occur.
    Getting 2nd Class Change Items:
    ???? Seeds are earned from fighting monsters after the killing of 7 of
    the Mana Fiends.
    How do light/dark changes effect your character?
    Your appearence changes.  The colors of the character will change, and
    they will look very different in the stat screens.   The magic that they
    will learn will be different.  Riese will learn magic that will power
    your friends up in battle if she is of light.  She will power down
    enemies if she is of darkenss.  In the instruction book that comes with
    the game, after the spirit spell section, there is another spell section
    devoted to what characters will learn after different class changes.
    Hawkeye has the longest list there, and Duran will not have a list at
    all.  He will gain the ability to equip with shields.
    As for the cat, it may very well depend on your cat!  The fairy makes it
    look very painless and easy.  Man I wish that fairy could do that for a
    cat.  I don't have a cat, but I got paid good money to wash one.  Then I
    used that good money for Neosporin.
    What are all the class changes possible? Here: The higher you go in the
    chart the more you go to the light.  The lowest on the charts means you
    have chosen a path to the dark.
    Duran:                          / Paladin
                     / Knight
                                   \ Lord
                                    /Sword Master
                     \ Gladiator
                                     \ Duelist
    Angela:                          / Grand Deviner
                       / Sorceress
                                          \ Arch Mage
    Magician                     / Rune Master
                       \ Delvar
                                      \ Megas
    Kevin:                   / God Hand
                                     \ Warrior Monk
                                         / Dervish
                                         \ Death Hand
    Charlotte:                    / Bishop
                / Preistess
                                    \ Sage
                                  / Necromancer
                                    \ Evil Shaman
    Hawkeye:                /Wanderer
                  / Ranger
                                  \ Rogue
                              /Ninja Master
                              \Night Blade
    Reise:                        /Vanadies
                   / Valkyrie
                                      \ Star Lancer
                                        / Dragon Master
                   \ Rune Maiden
                                           \ Fenril Knight
    Kewl!  So, do they get any special skills?
    Angela:  Gran Divener  Double Spell: Has her cast a spell twice
    Angela: Arch Mage       Rainbow Dust: summons all the spirits for one
    power spell
    Angela:  Megas             Ancient: A spell of limitless power
    Kevin:  Monk    Wolfs Bane:    Kevin's attack power is up.
    Charlotte: Bishop    Turn Undead: Weaken's enemy stats
    Charlotte: Enchantress   Machine Golem: summons the golems for damage
    Charlotte: Enchantress   Unicorn Heads: summons the unicorn heads for
    Charlotte: Necromancer  Ghoul: Summons ghoul for damage
    Charlotte: Necromancer  Ghost: summons ghosts for damage
    Charlotte: Evil Shaman  Gremlin: summons gremlin for damage
    Charlotte: Evil Shaman  Great Demon: summons demon for damage
    Charlotte: Evil Shaman  Demon Breath: Lowers enemy HP
    Hawkeye:  Ranger   Arrows:  shoots arrows for some damage
    Hawkeye:  Ranger   Spikes:  Spikes come up for some damage
    Hawkeye:  Rouge    Stones: Land slides the enemy
    Hawkeye:  Rouge    Bomb:  almost same as "explode" magic
    Hawkeye:  Ninja     Shiruken:  Tosses ninja stars
    Hawkeye:  Ninja     Aqua Edge: water elemental attack
    Hawkeye:  Ninja    Fire Edge: fire elemental attack
    Hawkeye:  Ninja    Earth Edge: earth elemental attack
    Hawkeye:  Ninja    Blitz Edge: bolt elemental attack
    Hawkeye:  Night Blade  Poison Breath: Poisons and damages enemy
    Hawkeye:  Night Blade  Fire Blaze: Random fire damage
    Hawkeye:  Night Blade  Silent Slash: Mutes the enemy
    Hawkeye:  Night Blade  Wrench: Does more random damage then silent slash
    Hawkeye:  Night Blade  Black Rain: Damages enemies and weakens them
    Riese:    Vandies   Freya: Summons Goddess of Battle for BIG Damage, shrinks enemies
    Riese:    StarLancer  Marduk: Summons God of Universe for big damage and silences enemies.
    Riese:    Dragon Master   Yolumghalt: Summons Dragon for BIG Damage and poisons the enemy
    Riese:    Fenril Knight   Lamia NaGa: Summons Naga for Current HP halfing Damage
    How do I get out of Judd?
    You must sneak out at night.  If it's day, then go to the inn.  Select
    the top option for yes and then bottom one for night.  When you wake up,
    it should be night and you can get out of Judd.
    I see treasure chests.  Alas I cannot open them.  How does one get the
    treasure inside?
    As you fight, you may get a little colored walnut looking thing as a
    prize.  Those are seeds.   You go to a treasure chest, and select a seed
    you want to use.  The seed will sprout into a treasure for you.  The
    seeds are found in these categories: Item, Dream, Magic, Equip, Flight,
    and ????.  Each type of seed will give you a different type of item.
    Also, depending on where you use it, you may get different types of
    treasures with the magic seed.  With the ???? seed, and the equipment
    seed, it depends on who is leading the party.  Press select button to
    change the leader.
    I'm in Astoria.  How do I get the fairy?
    Talk to everyone. Sleep at the in for 10 Lucs.  Then she'll appear.
    Follow the fairy and she'll join you.  Then go back to Astoria and see
    it torched.
    I didn't select Charlotte to be in my party.  Why do I meet her?
    You will meet the three characters that you did not choose. They will
    help you in progressing the story.  And no, there is no way to get them
    to join you.
    I'm in Maiya now.  I cannot get into the Port City of Barzel at the end
    of the Golden Path.  What do I do?  Go back to Maiya.  At the top right
    corner of town, there is Bon-Voyage, the mad scientist.  Talk to him and
    check out his cannon.
    Bon Voyage still says the same thing!  I got nowhere!
    Now go across the Golden Path and go into that cave.  Beat the machine
    golems that the Altenan's use.  Then go to Bon Voyage.  He'll talk of
    the Nitro Powder.  Talk to villagers and then go to the cave again. To
    go to the dwarf village, go to the Mana statue and ask the Will-o-Wisp.
    He'll show you the way.
    Um, I ran through the path, I'm all out of HP and the stupid Mana Goddess just saves my game!
    You must talk with ALL the villagers.  The little boy, the elderly man
    and woman, EVERYBODY!
    Until you do, all you'll get is that "SAVE GAME?"
    OK. Now how do I enter the Tunnel?
    Okay!!!! Go to the item shop and talk to the guy there. Then, when you
    get to the first area before the village, there is a dwarf digging in
    the first area.  Talk with him.
    I want to buy the Nitro Powder off Watts!
    Well don't! You'll get it for free after fighting the boss.  So why
    bother paying for it??
    Okay, I went to Forthena, and the king spoke of Jin.  Where do I get
    him?  How do I get to Laurant?
    Okay, Bon Jour is in the court of the castle.  Go to Maiya.  Then, go to
    the Port City of Barzel.  The old men won't block you anymore.
    Why are those old guys not letting me get into this building in Barzel? I wanna go in!
    That is where the Black Market is!  You gotta wait until night.  Then
    buy incredible magical items!
    I went to Laurant and NO ONE IS THERE!  I CAN'T GET IN!!
    Simple.  Don't go in any caves, and try a this little obscure path that
    is covered in grass and flowers.  Go to some flowers and you'll fall
    asleep. You're in the Amazon hide-out.  Go in all the rooms.  After the
    meeting, got outside, then an Amazon will tell you to follow her.
    Merci, the Amazon will blast you to Maiya.
    How do I get the Shrink Hammer?
    Go to the Black Market, and talk to the old woman.  Make sure your item
    ring has at least one space in it for the Hammer.
    I'm in the Rabi Forest.  Where is that shrunk village?
    Go to that stone gargoyle.  Search it and a path will open.  Use the
    Hammer on the party and enter the village.
    I'm in that shrunk area.  Where's the village???
    Simple.  There are trees with little doors on them.  It's no too
    obvious, but go at the trees and see which ones aren't houses.
    I'm in that Ghost Ship! What do I do????
    Square of Japan did it's little Gaijin protection bit here: you will see
    a library with 3 shelves.  Read the books from right, left middle and
    left again.  Then, your lead character will be uncursed when the other 2
    characters free him/her.
    I saw a turtle on the Volcanic Island Bookar.
    You'll meet Booskaboo the turtle later.
    I am tired, I can's save, I need new equipment!
    Worry not!  When it appears that you about to enter a mountain, go to a
    little path on the upper left corner.  You'll enter Dark Priest village
    and you'll get stuff and items.  Touch the totem pole to refill HP/MP
    and save.  This is a great place to gain levels because the totem pole
    is a free source of HP/MP.
    Okay, I am back in Forthena, and I cannot get this flute!
    Make sure there is a space on your item ring for it.  Press start button
    and use the top option on the right column.  That option is to remove an
    Why can't  I call Booskaboo where ever I am? And where do I land this
    thing? Around towns, you may have seen some beaches.  That is where you
    use the flute and call Boo.  You will also see little sand color
    patches.  Boo can land there.
    In what order do I get the Mana stones?  Get Water, Fire, Moon and then
    I got Luna, and I got to the Lamp Flower Forest.  How do I get in?
    Use Luna to open the shrubs.
    Where is that Elf Village in the Flowers?
    If you are there at night, depending where you go, there will be some
    magenta flowers.  Follow them. If it's day, when you get to the area
    where there are 4 ways to go, go: right, down and then left.  You'll see
    one solitary flower that's magenta(if night.)
    Why is there no tree Mana Stone after beating the boss?
    Because.  It is in the Forest of Wonder, accessible by Flammie later on.
    There are other mana stones in places that you need Flammie to get to.
    I opened the door to the Holy Palace of Mana!  3 of the countries took
    air-ships or whatever.  I gotta go by air too!!!!!!!The fairy will talk
    of the world's tallest mountain.  Where do I go?
    Laurant!!!! DUH!!!! Go to the castle and ask the Amazon to go to the
    extended path. You'll get Flammie to take you to the Palace.
    Whoa, doesn't it seem like I'm about to beat the game now that I opened
    the door?  I mean, seriously!
    Ohh, there is sooo much more to come!!!!!
    Argh!!! No kidding there's more!  Is there any order in which I gotta
    save the mana stones?
    NO! But I do recommend that you go to the Forest of Wonder last.  If
    anything, if you have Angela, go to the place where the enemies are weak
    against her strongest spells.  If not, do the earth-wind and fire-water
    bosses first.  At the black market, you can buy elemental items.
    Okay, there are these blocks in the Light Temple.  What do I do?  What
    do you mean by " the door to the mana stone will be opened by the
    alternate?"  One door must be opened with the Wisp, the other with the
    Shade.  You must read the sign upstairs in order for the trick to work.
    HEY!  Where is the Darkness Stone??
    It depends on the main character that you have chosen.  After saving the
    seven other mana stones, you will be told that the darkness stone is yet
    to be found by either the villans or you.
    Kevin=Charlotte: Illusion Jungle/Mirage Palace
    Hawkeye=Riese: Cave to the Hart of Darkness/Dark Castle
    Duran=Angela: Glass Desert/Dragon's Hall
    There is a headless Mana goddess in the Illusion Jungle. What do I do?
    Ask the Dryad for some help here.
    Why is there a whistle when I go through a path in the Illusion Jungle?
    A whistle means that  you are going the right way.  Keep trying paths
    and writing down the way you took so that re-doing your path will be
    Okay, I got through that ordeal.  I guess it wasn't all that hard to do
    guess and check.  But, what I have done is level upped alot.  I mean,
    I'm ready for my SECOND class change!!! All right!  But I have a slight
    problem.  All the mana stones are GONE and where do I get these item
    doodads that are needed to accomplish these class changes?  Fight those
    purple balls with eyes in them, the Polter as they are called.  They
    will reward you with an ???? Seed.  The ???? seed will give you the
    items.  But change lead characters to get their different class change
    items.  Have at least SIX of the ???? seeds.  If you want to say, turn
    Angela into the Megas and you have the item that makers her the Rune
    Master, better try another ???? seed.
    But I still need a MANA STONE.  NO YOU DON'T.  Go back to the Holy
    Palace of Mana. Rember that one of the goddess statues is made of the
    same rock as Mana Stones are.  Use her and the items to get another
    class change.
    These are a few personal questions directed at me by various folks.
    What's your favorite party?
    Hawkeye(wanderer) Angela(rune master) and Kevin(death hand)
    This party absolutely kills! Death Spell is nice, as it does 999 damage
    to bosses and such.
    What are some of the most annoying parts of the game?
    Getting the 2nd class change item I want. Those seeds are very fickle!
    May I post your FAQ on my webpage?
    Yes you may.  First, email me and let me know you are posting my FAQ
    on your webpage and tell me your name, the name of your page and the URL.
    Posting conditions:
    1-You must not alter my FAQ in any way whatsoever. No cuts, no additions.
    2-Charging people to view my FAQ or selling it or excerpts of it is forbidden.
    3-The webpage you are posting it at must be your personal webpage, not your
    friend's webpage or your publication's webpage, etc.
    Quoting my FAQ:
    If you are making your own FAQ and wish to use parts of my FAQ,
    first you must obtain permission from me.
    You must tell me exactly which parts you are using, and indicate this in your FAQ.
    You must send me a final copy of your FAQ.
    If I do not approve of how you've used exceprts from my FAQ, remove them
    In your citation, all you need to include is my email address, RukesRiese@aol.com
    Why won't you answer my emulation questions?
    First of all, I didn't play an emulated version of this game. I saved up
    around $93 to import the cart the day it was released in Japan.
    Seeing how I don't play emulated games, how can you expect me to know anything
    about them?
    The only emulation-based help I can give you is look for emulators at
    Enjoy your game!
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 by RukesRiese@aol.com
    Contact me if you are interested in distributing this FAQ freely or
    citing it in the creation of your own FAQ or guide.

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