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    Version: Porp 
    I'm Dave and this is my e-mail:
                        Seiken Densetsu 3 Info Blowout
    It's finally here! A Seiken Densetsu 3 Info Blowout (blowout blowout 
    blowout) complete with strategy, tips and more for anyone who has ever 
    wondered just what kind of goodies they were going to get after a class 
    change. Ending up with bonehead class combinations are now a thing of 
    the past because this guide is the wave of the future for all Japanese 
    impaired Seiken Densetsu 3 owners in the U.S...all twelve of you.
    |  Revision History  |
    Version Porp.1
          -added a possible strategy for the Black Rabite
    Version Porp
          -added "In a Nutshell" for every character
          -added "Spell and Skill Usefulness" (toward the end)
          -added "Most Dangerous/Annoying Enemies" (toward the end)
          -corrected yet more errors
    Version Moof: 
          -I changed this mother humper from HTML to text
          -added info on body armors, weapons, and power attacks
          -corrected a few glaring errors
    Version Spoink: 
    Spring '98
          -Original Version
          A * means that the spell/skill/power attack is able to affect         
          multiple enemies or allies at once.
          (L) and (D) indicate if a character class is Light or Dark. (N)          
          indicates the class is Neutral.
    No matter what class you choose for Angela, her use is always the same. 
    Since she can't fight worth a bean and her power attacks always effect 
    just one enemy, her main use is clobbering certain dangerous and 
    annoying enemies. With the right spell, she can be quite handy against 
    Heath, Earl of the Evil Eye, and especially the the Death Eating Man 
    but having to stop the action every five seconds to choose her spell 
    becomes tedious and can make major battles seem to last forever. Plus, 
    many enemies have a powerful counter attack that goes off sometimes 
    when they're hit by one of Angela's spells so it's best to make sure 
    the spell you choose will kill the enemy. By far, Angela's best class 
    is the Rune Master. Her level 3 element spells are cheaper than--and 
    just as effective as--Ancient, Double Spell, and Rainbow. The Rune 
    Master's spells also have added effects such as silence and paralyze. 
    Her Death Spell works nicely to prevent enemies from using counter 
    attacks after being hit with magic and even works on bosses.
    ===In a Nutshell===
    strong magic attacks
    Rune Master class
    Ancient/Double Spell/Rainbow
    can fight Black Rabite
    Death Spell really hurts
    weak physical attacks
    enemies often counter-attack her spells
    Ark Mage sub-screen pose looks dumb
    Ancient/Double Spell/Rainbow take long time to get over with
    low HP
    Magician (N)
    Holy Ball* Evil Gate* Gem Missile* Air Blast*   Fire Ball* Ice Smash*
    Sorceress (L) 
    Holy Ball* Evil Gate* Gem Missile* Air Blast*   Fire Ball* Ice Smash*
    Saint Beam     -      Earthquake   ThunderStorm Explode    MegaSplash
    Delvar (D)
    Holy Ball* Evil Gate* Gem Missile* Air Blast*   Fire Ball* Ice Smash*            
        -      Dark Force     -            -            -          -
    Grand Deviner (LL)
    Holy Ball* Evil Gate* Gem Missile* Air Blast*    Fire Ball* Ice Smash*            
    Saint Beam*    -      Earthquake*  ThunderStorm* Explode*  MegaSplash*
    Magus (DD)
    Holy Ball* Evil Gate* Gem Missile* Air Blast*    Fire Ball* Ice Smash*
        -      Dark Force* Earthquake* ThunderStorm* Explode*  MegaSplash*
    Arch Mage (LD)
    Holy Ball* Evil Gate* Gem Missile* Air Blast*    Fire Ball* Ice Smash*            
    Saint Beam*    -      Earthquake*  ThunderStorm* Explode*  MegaSplash*
    Rune Master (DL)
    Holy Ball* Evil Gate*  GemMissile* Air Blast*  Fire Ball*  Ice Smash*         
        -      Dark Force*     -           -           -           -
        -      Death Spell StoneCloud  StunWind    BlazeWall   ColdBreeze
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Angela Special Spells/Skills~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Grand Deviner (LL)
    Double Spell*      
    Magus (DD)
    Arch Mage (LD)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Angela Power Attacks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Magician (N)
    Double Attack
    Sorceress (L)
    Pink Typhoon
    Delvar (D)
    Star Attack
    Grand Deviner (LL)
    Spiral Rod
    Magus (DD)
    Hot Shot
    Arch Mage (LD)
    Dancing Rod
    Rune Master (DL)
    10 Tons
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Angela Weapons~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Wooden Staff   ($22) Any Class-------Staff ($75) Any Class 
    Witch Staff  ($180) Any Class--------Oak Staff ($220) Any Class
    Pewter Rod  ($378) Any Class---------Ruby Staff ($738) Any Class
    Crystal Rod ($1100) Any Class--------Soul Rod ($2400) Any Class
    Versh Staff  ($2650) Light Class-----Cunning Staff  ($2795) Dark Class 
    Ash Tree Staff  ($2650) Any Class----Will Staff ($2900) Light Class
    Toto's Staff  ($3155) Dark Class-----Lajin's Staff ($3480) Any Class
    Mythril Rod  ($3830) Light Class-----Skull Rod ($4000) Dark Class
    Mirmir's Rod  ($6950) Any Class------Druid's Staff ($7015) Light Class
    Illusion Staff  ($7200) Dark Class---Nebula Staff ($14335) Any Class
    Yggdrasil Staff ($16400) LightClass--Ancient Rod ($17355) Dark Class
    ??? Staff  ($22000) Any Class--------Eternal Rod ($33470) Light Class
    Kernunnus Staff ($31735) Dark Class--Keryikeon  --- Any Class
    Spiritual Staff --- Arch Mage--------Rune Staff --- Rune Master 
    Gunbantine --- Grand Deviner---------Dragon Rod --- Magus
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Angela Armors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Cotton Robe----------------------$16  Any Class
    Silk Robe------------------------$50  Any Class
    Witch's Black Robe---------------$95  AnyClass
    Queen Bee Dress-----------------$184  Any Class
    Bat Wing's Coat-----------------$230  AnyClass
    Tiger-Striped Bikini------------$234  Any Class
    Rose-Print Leotard--------------$600  AnyClass
    Bunny Dress--------------------$1000  Light/Dark
    Owl Coat-----------------------$1970  Light/Dark
    Breeze Robe--------------------$2150  Light/Dark
    Mananan's Robe-----------------$3160  Light/Dark
    Dress of Shining Dawn----------$3830  Light Class 
    Dress of Creeping Dawn---------$3440  Dark Class 
    Pure White Robe----------------$7495  Light Class
    Darkness Robe------------------$7015  Dark Class
    Dream Demon's Coat------------------  Any Class
    Elmos' Coat-------------------------  Arch Mage
    Mayan's Dress-----------------------  Grand Deviner
    Rune Coat---------------------------  Rune Master
    Ancient Dress-----------------------  Magus
    Charlotte's ability to learn Heal Light before any other character 
    makes her one of the most handy characters in the game. Without her, 
    finding ways to heal your heroes can be a pain. Like Angela, her 
    physical attacks are pretty puny and her power attacks only effect 
    single enemies. Charlotte doesn't really have a best class but the Sage 
    is definately her worst class. The Sage learns no special spells and no 
    status effecting magics like her other classes. The trade-off is 
    supposed to be the ability to use element sabres on the entire party 
    but rarely, if at all, does one need more than one sabre immediately 
    and since Charlotte is such a weak fighter, entire party sabres are 
    just wasted on her. Besides, you can always buy element sabres if 
    necessary. Her "Turn Undead" works wonders against *pause* undead 
    monsters. I suggest you play around with it to find out which enemies 
    the game considers undead because it's not just ghosts and zombies.
    ===In a Nutshell===
    best healer
    casts spells fast
    cute power attacks
    Turn Undead really hurts undead
    weak physical attack
    Sage class
    low HP
    summon monsters quickly become obsolete
    Some Spells of Charlotte's People Wonder About:
    |                                                                    |                                                                                                            
    |                                                                    |
    |Magic Shield: cuts elemental magic damage in half                   |                                                                                                                       
    |                                                                    |
    |Anti-Magic: returns sabre/attack gauge/status power-up to normal    |
    |                                                                    |                                          
    |Black Curse: lowers attack/defense/magic attack/magic defense       |                                   
    |                                                                    |
    |Demon Breath: HP damage and lowers magic defense                    |   
    |                                                                    |
    |Turn Undead: instantly wipe out zombie-type enemies                 |      
    |                                                                    |
    Cleric (N)     
    Heal Light    -        -            -           -         -
    Tinkle Rain   -        -            -           -         -
    Holy Ball     -     StoneSabre ThunderSabre FlameSabre IceSabre
    Heal Light*   -        -            -           -         -
    Tinkle Rain   -        -            -           -         -                
    Enchantress (D)   
    Heal Light*   -        -            -           -         -
    Tinkle Rain   -        -            -           -         -
    Bishop (LL)
    Holy Ball     -     StoneSabre ThunderSabre FlameSabre IceSabre
    Heal Light*   -        -            -           -         -
    Tinkle Rain*  -        -            -           -         -                
    Light Sabre   -        -            -           -         -
    Magic Shield  -        -            -           -         -
    Evil Shaman (DD)
    Heal Light* AntiMagic  -            -           -         -
    Tinkle Rain   -        -            -           -         -
         -        -        -            -           -         -
    Sage (LD)
    Holy Ball*    -     StoneSabre* ThunderSabre* FlameSabre* IceSabre*
    Heal Light*   -         -            -            -          -
    Tinkle Rain   -         -            -            -          -
    Necromancer (DL)
    Heal Light* DarkSabre   -            -            -          -
    TinkleRain* BlackCurse  -            -            -          -
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Charlotte Special Spells/Skills~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Enchantress (D)
    Machine Golem 
    Bishop (LL)
    Turn Undead*
    Evil Shaman (DD)
    Machine Golem 
    Great Demon
    Demon Breath*
    Necromancer (DL) 
    Machine Golem 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Charlotte Power Attacks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Cleric (N)
    Bokasuka (Bang! Whang!) 
    Priestess (L)
    Enchantress (D)
    Bishop (LL)
    Harisen Chop
    Evil Shaman (DD)
    Dekadeka (Big! Big!)
    Sage (LD)
    Dokan (Ka-Boom!)
    Necromancer (DL) 
    Mechakucha (Messed-up!)
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Charlotte Weapons~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Rice Sickle  $28  Any Class----------Wooden Flail  $80  Any Class
    Ball-Chain  $184  Any Class----------Light Flail  $230  Any Class
    War Hammer  $405  Any Class----------Steel Maul  $820  Any Class
    Duck Soldier's Maul $1300 Any Class--Silver Flail  $2480  Any Class
    Heavy Flail  $2780  Light Class------Hammer Flail  $2820  Dark Class 
    Morning Star  $2270  Any Class-------Hieroglyph Flail $3170 LightClass
    Puppet Flail  $3220  Dark Class------Block Buster  $3830  Any Class
    Mythril Maul  $4000  Light Class-----Troll's Maul  $4135  Dark Class
    Conial Maul  $7200  Any Class--------Holy Flail  $7495  Light Class
    Sibyla Flail  $7600  Dark Class------Gravity Maul  $17230  Any Class
    Ultima Maul  $17470  Light Class-----Blood Sucker  $17335  Dark Class
    Meteor Flail  $18080  Any Class------Satan's Flail $32000  Light Class
    Miolnir  $34270  Dark Class----------Beltina Maul   ---  Any Class
    Skullhead Flail --- Necromancer------Giant's Flail  ---  Sage
    Juggernaut  --- Evil Shaman----------Judgment Flail ---  Bishop
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Charlotte Armors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Kiddy Robe-----------------$14  Any Class
    Sheep Costume--------------$55  Any Class
    Cleric's Robe--------------$90  Any Class
    Popoi's Hand-me-down------$154  Any Class
    Sailor Dress--------------$215  Any Class
    Poto's Costume------------$246  Any Class
    Velvet Cape---------------$525  Any Class
    Moogle Smock--------------$990  Light/Dark
    Pakkun Suit--------------$1900  Light/Dark
    Swirling Robe------------$2100  Light/Dark
    Couldn't Translate Robe--$????  Light/Dark
    Gold Threaded Robe-------$3480  Light Class 
    Silver Threaded Robe-----$3410  Dark Class
    Priest's Robe------------$7200  Light Class
    Shaman's Garb------------$7600  Dark Class
    Kurikara Dragon's Robe--------  Any Class
    Betium Dress------------------  Evil Shaman
    Bishop's Robe-----------------  Bishop
    Undead Suit-------------------  Necromancer
    Sage's Robe-------------------  Sage
    If you hate spending five minutes at the beginning of every major 
    battle using items to raise your party's stats then you'd probably 
    agree that Riesz is the most helpful character in the game. Not only do 
    her spells allow you to temporarily increase your attack and defense by 
    1/3 but she is also a somewhat decent fighter. Riesz is also able to 
    summon monsters which, aside from doing a fair amount of damage, also 
    afflict the enemy with various status ailments. However two of the four 
    suck tremendously (Freya midget-izes all enemies making them worth 0 
    experience and Jormundgand poisons the enemies and just plain looks 
    retarded). Riesz's dark classes are much more useful than her light 
    classes since lowering one enemy's defense is the same as raising your 
    entire party's attack against that enemy. Plus, you can buy items to 
    raise your own stats but can't buy items to lower the enemy's. This 
    means that if the need ever arose to completely tear apart any enemy, 
    you could do so by using Riesz to lower that enemy's attack and defense 
    by 1/3 and use items to raise your own by 1/3. Based upon spell 
    usefullness, the Fenrir Knight and Star Lancer are  probably the best 
    classes for Riesz.
    ===In a Nutshell===
    high attack
    stat affecting spells
    Marduck summon
    neat sub-screen poses
    Fenrir Knight & Star Lancer class
    no double strike
    Freya summon
    Dragon Master class
    Amazoness (N)
    No Spells
    -      -      ProtectUp  SpeedUp     AttackUp  MindUp
    Rune Maiden (D)       
    -      -      SpeedDown  ProtectDown MindDown  AttackDown
    Vanadies (LL)           
    -      -      ProtectUp  SpeedUp     AttackUp  MindUp
    Fenrir Knight (DD)   
    -      -      SpeedDown* ProtectDown* MindDown*  AttackDown* 
    Star Lancer (LD)       
    -      -      ProtectUp* SpeedUp*     AttackUp*  MindUp*
    Dragon Master (DL)  
    -      -      SpeedDown  ProtectDown  MindDown   AttackDown
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Riesz Special Spells/Skills~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Vanadies (LL)
    Fenrir Knight (DD)
    Lamia Naga*
    Star Lancer (LD)
    Dragon Master (DL) 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Riesz Power Attacks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Amazoness (N)
    Whirlwind Spear
    Valkyrie (L)
    Vacuum Wave Spear*
    Rune Maiden (D)
    Sky-High Jump Spear*
    Vanadies (LL)
    Light Ball Spear*
    Fenrir Knight (DD)
    Dance of the Thousand Flowers 
    Star Lancer (LD)
    Shooting Star Spear
    Dragon Master (DL) 
    Dragon Fang Spear
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Riesz Weapons~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Bronze Spear  $40  Any Class----------Long Spear  $95  Any Class
    Flamea  $205  Any Class---------------Corseque  $258  Any Class
    Partisan  $570  Any Class-------------Steel Lance  $990  Any Class
    Glaive  $1450  Any Class--------------Silver Lance  $3035  Any Class
    Winged Spear  $3300  Light Class------Myst's Spear  $3355 Dark Class
    Plumed Lance  $3400  Any Class--------Dark Piercer  $3440  Light Class
    Trent's Spear  $3415  Dark Class------Golden Spear  $4320  Any Class
    Mythril Spear  $4670  Light Class-----Brain-Wrecker  $4935  Dark Class
    Griffin Lance  $7870  Any Class-------Stag's Horn  $8240  Light Class
    Wolf's Fang  $8400  Dark Class--------Maiden Leaf  $17230  Any Class
    Valkyrie's Spear $18480 Light Class---Mideel Spear  $18270  Dark Class
    Brynuk  $18670  Any Class-------------Pain Tooth  $34270 Light Class
    Gungenir  $34135  Dark Class----------Blaze Piercer --- Any Class
    Dragon Lance  ---  Dragon Master -----Star Geyser  ---  Star Lancer 
    Giant's Spear  ---  Fenrir Knight-----True Spear   ---  Vanadies
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Riesz Armors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Padded Leather--------------$18  Any Class 
    Kilboarr--------------------$60  Any Class
    Feather Vest---------------$144  Any Class
    Spiked Leather-------------$???  Any Class
    Chain Mail-----------------$258  Any Class
    Banded Mail----------------$360  Any Class
    Scale Mail-----------------$738  Dark/Light
    Marni Plate---------------$1380  Dark/Light
    Stheda Plate--------------$2560  Dark/Light
    White Eagle Chestplate----$2930  Dark/Light
    Yotsudan Moran------------$3170  Dark/Light
    Valkyrie Mail-------------$4670  Light Class
    Rune Armor----------------$4535  Dark Class
    Winged Armor--------------$8240  Light Class
    Fanged Armor--------------$8135  Dark Class
    Fantasy Armor------------------  Any Class
    Goddess Armor------------------  Vanadies
    Polaris Armor------------------  Star Lancer
    Dragon Knight's Armor----------  Dragon Knight
    Wolf Hesin---------------------  Fenrir Knight 
    Duran blows. At least compared to other characters he does. The most 
    irritating thing about Duran is that he is slow as tar. Though all the 
    characters are supposed to have the same recovery time (I think) it 
    seems to take an eternity for Duran to catch his breath after swinging 
    his sword. Duran's talent is supposed to lie in fighting but unlike 
    Hawkeye and Kevin, he only gets to swing once before needing to 
    recover. His high strength is supposed to make up for this but it 
    really doesn't compare. He also has no special skills, he looks like a 
    total goofball in every single one of his sub-screen poses, and all his 
    spells can be found in other characters who are usually able to use the 
    spells more effectively. 
    But wait, Duran isn't all that bad. If you choose Light for his 
    first class change then he can wear a shield which raises his evade. 
    Duran is also the only character who is able to learn both Leaf and 
    Moon Saber in the same class. The Sword Master is definately his most 
    useful class. Though he's not as good a fighter as he should be, 
    there's just something appealing about Duran which is hard to explain 
    unless you've neglected him for awhile. Also, despite his sub-screen 
    poses, he looks kinda cool on the battlefield; especially with a 
    shield. I will say that it seems to me like his sword allows for better 
    reach when attacking. And perhaps I'm just imagining things here, but 
    it also seems like Duran's level 1 power attacks go unnoticed (allowing 
    for another one) more often than with any of the other characters. In 
    order to learn some of his spells, Duran will need an increase in 
    ===In a Nutshell===
    high physical attack power
    useful power attacks
    can equip shields
    Sword Master class
    high HP
    can fight the Black Rabite
    he grows on you after awhile
    no double strike
    seems kinda slow
    bad sub-screen poses
    not well balanced
    Fighter (N)
    No Spells
    Knight (L)
    Heal Light      -          -             -          -           -
    Gladiator (D)
    -               -      StoneSabre  ThunderSabre  FlameSabre  IceSabre
    Paladin (LL)
    Heal Light      -          -             -           -          -
    Light Sabre     -          -             -           -          -
    Duelist (DD)
    -           DarkSabre  StoneSabre  ThunderSabre  FlameSabre  IceSabre
    Lord (LD)
    Heal Light*    -           -             -           -          -       
    Tinkle Rain    -           -             -           -          -
    Sword Master (DL)
    - - StoneSabre* ThunderSabre* FlameSabre*IceSabre* LeafSaber MoonSabre 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Duran Power Attacks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Fighter (N)
    Cross Slash
    Knight (L)
    Triple Slash
    Gladiator (D)
    Tornado Slash*
    Paladin (LL)
    Light Flash Blade*
    Duelist (DD)
    Magma Blade* 
    Lord (LD)
    Sword Master (DL) 
    Vacuum Blade*
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Duran Weapons~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Bronze Sword  $42  Any Class--------Iron Sword  $100  Any Class
    Gladius  $210  Any Class------------Broad Sword  $276  Any Class
    Sabre  $585  Any Class--------------Steel Sword  $1000  Any Class
    Bastard Sword  $1690  Any Class ----Silver Blade  $2820  Any Class 
    Estoc  $3400  Light Class ----------Falchion  $3380  Dark Class 
    Flamberge  $3410  Any Class---------Colischmalde  $3480  Light Class
    Shamshir  $3440  Dark Class---------Pale Storm  $4535  Any Class
    Mythril Sword  $4830  Light Class---Cutsbulgel  $5070  Dark Class
    Balmung  $7735  Any Class-----------Vorpal Sword  $8430  Light Class
    Kusanagi Blade  $8440  Dark Class---Tail Wing  $17470  Any Class
    Defender  $18800  Light Class-------Muramasa Blade  $18670  Dark Class
    Claw Solus  $21870  Any Class-------Excalibur  $34670  Light Class
    Leviathan  $34470  Dark Class-------Dragon Bane --- Any Class
    Sigmund  ---  Lord------------------Ragnarok  ---  Sword Master 
    Brave Blade  ---  Paladin-----------Death Bringer --- Duelist
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Duran Armors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Quilted Leather------------$22  Any Class
    Hard Leather---------------$65  Any Class
    Bezzant Mail--------------$154  Any Class
    Lamellar Armor------------$220  Any Class
    Hauberk-------------------$276  Any Class
    Half Plate----------------$378  Any Class
    Plate Mail----------------$800  Any Class
    Lneura Mail--------------$1450  Light/Dark
    Reflex-------------------$1970  Light/Dark
    Pegasus Armor------------$2600  Light/Dark
    Leonis Plate-------------$3155  Light/Dark
    Knight's Armor-----------$4830  Light Class
    Swordsman Armor----------$4935  Dark Class
    Gold Armor---------------$8400  Light Class 
    Silver Armor-------------$8430  Dark Class
    Dragon's Mail-----------------  Any Class
    Guardian Armor----------------  Lord
    Hero's Armor------------------  Paladin
    Mastery Armor-----------------  Sword Master
    Skeleton Mail-----------------  Duelist
    Hawkeye is, without a doubt, the character with the most variety in 
    terms of spells and skills. Though he's not supposed to be very strong, 
    his ability to swing twice makes him an excellent fighter. In addition 
    to looking swell, all his power attacks look really neat and he has a 
    knack for disarming trapped treasure chests. There's just nothing bad 
    to say about Hawkeye other than his sub-screen pose for the Wanderer 
    is, hands down, the worst of any character. In order to learn some of 
    his skills, Hawkeye will need an increase in "DEX". 
    ===In a Nutshell===
    can double strike
    good fighter
    opens booby trap treasure chests well
    Wanderer sub-screen pose looks really bad
    Level 2 and 3 power attacks are unnecessary
    HP doesn't go very high
    many useless skills and spells
    Some Spells and Skills of Hawkeye's People Wonder About:
    |                                                          |
    |Energy Ball: increases frequency of critical hits         |                      
    |                                                          | 
    |Big Wrench: HP damage + confusion                         |                      
    |                                                          |
    |Rocket Launcher: Salamander damage                        |                     
    |                                                          |
    |Dark Kendo Stick?: Shade damage                           |                        
    |                                                          | 
    |Silver Dart: Wisp damage                                  |                               
    |                                                          |
    |Grenade Bomb: Dryad damage                                |                         
    |                                                          |
    |Doton no Jutsu: Gnome damage + lowers evade               |               
    |                                                          | 
    |Raijin no Jutsu: Jinn damage + lowers defense             |                    
    |                                                          |
    |Katon no Jutsu: Salamander damage + lowers magic offense  |
    |                                                          |
    |Suijin no Jutsu: Undine damage + lowers offense           |
    NOTE: some of the names for these spells aren't actual translations but 
    just a name I use based on the spell's appearance
    Thief (N)
    No Spells
    Ranger (L)
    -        -         -          -          -      SleepFlower BodyChange
    Ninja (D)
    No Spells
    Wanderer (LL)
    -        -         -          -          -     SleepFlower  BodyChange         
    -        -         -          -          -     PoisonBubble Lunatic                                                                                                                       
    -        -         -          -          -     Transhape    HalfVanish                                                                                                                     
    -        -         -          -          -     AuraWave     LifeBoost                                                                                                                        
    -        -         -          -          -     ReflectMagic EnergyBall
    Night Blade (DD)
    No Spells
    Rogue (LD)
    -        -         -          -          -   SleepFlower*  BodyChange*
    Ninja Master (DL) 
    No Spells
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hawkeye Special Spells/Skills~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Ranger (L)
    Ninja (D)
    Earth Skill
    Thunder Skill
    Fire Skill
    Water Skill
    Wanderer (LL)
    Night Blade (DD)
    Earth Skill
    Thunder Skill
    Fire Skill
    Water Skill
    Poison Breath
    Fire Breath
    Hidden Needles
    Big Wrench
    Black Rain*
    Rogue (LD)
    Stone Drop
    Cutter Missile 
    Axe Bomber
    Rocket Launcher
    Dark Stick?
    Grenade Bomb
    Silver Dart
    Ninja Master (DL) 
    Earth Skill*
    Thunder Skill*
    Fire Skill*
    Water Skill*
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hawkeye Power Attacks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Thief (N)
    Back Slash
    Ranger (L)
    Flying Sparrow Throw*
    Ninja (D)
    After Image Slash
    Wanderer (LL)
    Dance of the Roses
    Night Blade (DD)
    Thousand Hits*
    Rogue (LD)
    Shadow Slash
    Ninja Master (DL) 
    Bunshin Slash
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hawkeye Weapons~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Flint Knife  $30  Any Class----------Dagger  $90  Any Class
    Baselard  $194  Any Class------------Rondel Dagger  $234  Any Class
    Shark Teeth  $405  Any Class---------Steel Dagger  $820  Any Class
    Misericorde  $1300  Any Class--------Kataar  $2600  Any Class
    Main Gauche  $2795  Light Class------Karura  $2900  Dark Class
    Crystal Dagger  $3160  Any Class-----Elf Dagger  $3300  Light Class
    Asura  $3195  Dark Class-------------Blue Gale  $3830  Any Class
    Mythril Knife  $4200  Light Class----Yasha  $4400  Dark Class
    Dancing Dagger  $7600  Any Class-----Field Dagger  $7870  Light Class
    Bishamon  $7735  Dark Class----------Melkeel Dagger   $17230 Any Class
    Sylvan Knife  $17615  Light Class ---Taishaku  $17470  Dark Class
    Shiol Dagger   $18270  Any Class-----Crescent Knife $32000 Light Class
    Fudou Myouou  $32535   Dark Class----Crimson Glare ---  Any Class
    Orihalkon  ---  Wanderer-------------Kongou Raken  ---  Ninja Master 
    Man Slaughter  ---  Rogue------------Death Stroke  ---  Night Blade
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hawkeye Armors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Cotton-Quilted Vest----------$16  Any Class
    Black Fatigue----------------$55  Any Class
    Camouflage Cape-------------$100  Any Class
    Lupin's Cape----------------$200  Any Class
    Soft Leather----------------$234  Any Class
    Godspeed Cape---------------$276  Any Class
    Chain Mail------------------$630  Any Class
    Moonshade Cloak------------$1300  Light/Dark
    Elf Chestplate-------------$1750  Light/Dark
    Gale Cape------------------$2350  Light/Dark
    Firefly Chestplate---------$3155  Light/Dark
    Illusion Cape--------------$3480  Light Class
    Suit in Black--------------$4135  Dark Class
    Field Cuirass--------------$7735  Light Class
    Ninja Garb-----------------$7200  Dark Class
    Midnight Armor------------------  Any Class
    Illusion Cuirass----------------  Wanderer
    Fur of the Silver Wolf----------  Rogue
    Fuuma Clan's Armor--------------  Ninja Master
    Jet-black Garb------------------  Night Blade  
    Kevin is definately the best fighter. Adding Kevin to your party 
    results in easy victories no matter who else you choose for supporting 
    characters. Being both quick and powerful, Kevin guarantees that your 
    party can win against enemies you shouldn't be able to fight for at 
    least another five to eight experience levels. Kevin is also the only 
    character to have more than one power attack for the same class. 
    However this is not necessarily a good thing since usually there's one 
    that attacks all enemies and one that attacks just one enemy and you 
    never know which one you're going to get. Due to his lack of spells 
    there is not much one can do with Kevin other than get in the enemy's 
    face and pound them into chowder. Kevin is effective but he's not much 
    for variety.
    ===In a Nutshell===
    best fighter
    strongest fighter (at night)
    double strike
    Highest HP
    few spells
    Level 2 and 3 power attacks unnecessary
    slow when casting spells
    not a versatile character
    Grappler (N)
    No Spells
    Monk (L)
    Heal Light  -       -       -       -       -       -           -
    Berserker (D)
    No Spells
    God Hand (LL)
    Heal Light  -       -       -       -       -    AuraWave       -
    Death Hand (DD)
    -           -       -       -       -       -       -       EnergyBall
    Warrior Monk (LD) 
    Heal Light* -       -       -       -       -   LeafSabre       -
    Dervish (DL)
    -           -       -       -       -       -       -       MoonSabre
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kevin Special Spells/Skills~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Monk (L)
    God Hand (LL)
    Warrior Monk (LD) 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kevin Power Attacks~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Grappler (N)
    Fantastic Asura Punch
    Monk (L)
    Spinning Wheel Kick* 
    Tornado Throw
    Berserker (D)
    Bastard Slam
    God Hand (LL)
    Byakko Shock Wave* 
    Stardust Bomb
    Death Hand (DD)
    Seiryu Fatal Punch*
    Blow Impact
    Warrior Monk (LD) 
    Dervish (DL)
    Dance of the Flying Phoenix*
    Dead Crash
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kevin Weapons~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Leather Glove  $35   Any Class------Iron Knuckle  $95  Any Class 
    Needle Glove  $200  Any Class-------Mole Bear's Claw  $246  Any Class
    Chain Glove  $525  Any Class--------Bugnug  $930  Any Class
    Fiend's Claw  $1450  Any Class------Silver Thorn  $2650  Any Class
    Moogle's Claw  $3170  Light Class---Keen Knuckle  $3300  Dark Class
    Power Glove  $3170  Any Class-------Kaiser Knuckle  $3400  Light Class
    Acid Claw  $3380  Dark Class--------Cyclone Claw  $4135  Any Class
    Mythril Knuckle $4320 Light Class---Bone Knuckle  $4535  Dark Class
    Cerebrus' Claw  $7870  Any Class----Diamond Knuckle  $8135 Light Class
    Ghost Hand  $8400  Dark Class-------Roc Bird's Claw  $17335  Any Class
    Gleam Glove  $18080   Light Class---Jag Puncher  $17735  Dark Class
    Vampire Claw  $18670  Any Class-----Aura Glove  $32800   Light Class
    Rotton Knuckle $33335 Dark Class----Dragon Claw   ---  Any Class
    Holy Glove  ---  Warrior Monk-------Giant's Glove ---  Dervish
    Spiral Claw  ---  God Hand----------Skull Disect  ---  Death Hand 
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kevin Armors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Cotton Suit---------------$18  Any Class
    Leather Belt--------------$58  Any Class
    Fur Vest-----------------$140  Any Class
    Fighter's Suit-----------$210  Any Class
    Chain Vest---------------$246  Any Class
    Wolf Belt----------------$300  Any Class
    Protector----------------$678  Any Class
    Wild Beast's Suit-------$1300  Light/Dark
    Lacey's Vest------------$1800  Light/Dark
    Battle Suit-------------$2300  Light/Dark
    Amber Suit--------------$2650  Light/Dark
    Crimson Suit------------$4000  Light Class
    Sapphire Suit-----------$4320  Dark Class
    Mystic Beast Belt-------$7870  Light Class
    Magic Beast Belt--------$7495  Dark Class
    Scale Suit-------------------  Any Class
    Byakko's Suit----------------  God Hand
    Genbu's Suit-----------------  Warrior Monk 
    Suzaku's Suit----------------  Dervish
    Seiryu's Suit----------------  Death Hand
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Strategical Tidbits and Gems of Wisdom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                     A Lot of People Don't Realize This But...
    Seiken Densetsu 3 is a two-player simultaneous game (actually it might 
    even be three-player simultaneous if you have one of those extra 
    controller hook-up gadgets). All you have to do is plug in another 
    controller and push "Start." So if you can get someone as nerdy as 
    yourself to play with, this game becomes much more entertaining. 
                          The Midge Mallet Cure-All
    Instead of using Tinkle Rain to fix status ailements just use the Midge 
    Mallet twice. You won't have to wait for Charlotte or Duran to chant 
    the spell and when you revert to your original size you'll be back to 
    your normal self no matter what the ailement.
                      Maximum Damage For Hawkeye And Kevin
    If you're using Hawkeye or Kevin always use their level 1 power attack 
    instead of their higher level attacks. Because they get to hit twice, 
    they can deal the same amount of damage with a level one power attack 
    as they can with a level 3 power attack. This means they can execute 
    five level 1 power attacks in the same amount of time it takes to use 
    two level 3 power attacks. Also, keep in mind that some enemies (if 
    they survive it) will counter-attack if you use a level 2 or 3 power 
    attack against them.
                           Cheat Death...Sometimes
    Sometimes if you're quick enough you can bring an ally back to life 
    without using a Cup of Wishes. When your buddy is dealt the fatal blow 
    it is sometimes possible to access their menu list and make them use a 
    spell. While they are chanting the spell, toss them a healing item such 
    as candy or chocolate and they'll be able to receive the HP. However, 
    this won't work if the hero you are trying to revive is the same one 
    you've selected to be in control of.
                             Know What Day It Is
    This should kinda go without saying but with the exception of Wisp and 
    Shade, all of the Mana Spirits have a day of the week on which their 
    spells become stronger (for example, on Undine Day water magics are 
    strong). Make sure that you don't take on a boss on its favorite 
    element's day. Fighting the 8 Mana Beasts becomes much easier when it's 
    done on the day of their magic's weakness. 
                            Who Has the Best Quest?
    This depends on what you want. Duran & Angela have the most difficult 
    time getting brown equipment seeds and their final area contains the 
    toughest enemies but they also get a little bit more plot developement, 
    an interesting final boss, and the chance to lock horns with 
    the...Black Rabite!!! *echo* Kevin & Charlotte have a moderately tough 
    time finding brown equipment seeds, the most puzzling final area, and a 
    really boring final boss. Hawkeye & Riesz have the easiest time finding 
    brown equipment seeds, kinda tough enemies as well as bosses in the 
    last area (Isabelle is tougher than spit and the Earl of the Evil Eye 
    can be a nuisance if try to kill him with just magic), and have a so-so 
    final boss.
                           Remember Those ??? Seeds?
    At first, each member of your party will only be able to receive the 
    special ??? items for the final two classes their current class allows. 
    And since this makes absolutely no sense I will illustrate what I'm 
    trying to say with an example: If Charlotte is currently an Enchantress 
    then she will only be given the Jar of Ash to become a Necromancer or 
    the Jar of Blood (eew!) to become the Evil Shaman. However, once 
    everybody has obtained their second class change you will be able to 
    obtain the special ??? items for all your characters' final classes. Of 
    course this doesn't mean that you can change into any class you want 
    but it does mean that you get to use these items in battle. For some 
    reason though, you sometimes will get only the usual ??? items. (It 
    might be that you are only able to get all four types if your 
    character's final class is LD or DL.) But in case you're wondering what 
    these items do besides allow for a second class change, I've made up a 
    list of every special ??? item's effect in battle. Since I don't know 
    the real names of all the items, I'll just refer to them according to 
    whichever class they are needed to obtain.
    NOTE: I'm not so sure if the effects for the Sage Jar are 100% correct.
    Angela Items~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Grand Deviner Book = Saint Beam* 
    Magus Book = Dark Force*
    Arch Mage Book = Explode*
    Rune Master Book = Death Spell
    Charlotte Items~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Bishop Jar = Tinkle Rain*
    Evil Shaman Jar = Anti-Magic
    Sage Jar = Thunder Sabre* 
    Necromancer Jar  = Black Curse
    Riesz Items~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Vanadies Necklace = Attack Up*
    Fenrir Knight Necklace = Mind Down*
    Star Lancer Necklace = Speed Up*
    Dragon Master Necklace = Protect Down* 
    Duran Items~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Paladin Medalion = Light Sabre*
    Duelist Medalion = Dark Sabre*
    Lord Medalion = Heal Light*
    Sword Master Medalion  = Stone Saber* 
    Hawkeye Items~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Wanderer Dice = Life Boost
    Night Blade Dice = Thunder Skill*
    Rogue Dice = Denrai* 
    Ninja Master Dice = Fire Skill*
    Kevin Items~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    God Hand Heart = Aura Wave
    Death Hand Heart = Energy Ball
    Warrior Monk Heart = Leaf Sabre
    Dervish Heart = Moon Sabre* 
    =================A Few Suggested Group Combinations===================
    Angela: Rune Master 
    Kevin:  Warrior Monk 
    Riesz:  Fenrir Knight
    This is probably the most effective group. The Warrior Monk will be 
    able to heal the group when he's not busy tearing apart the enemy. The 
    Fenrir Knight can weaken all the enemies with her magic and the Rune 
    Master can easily finish off or silence enemies with her level 3 
    element spells and her Death Spell. 
    Duran:     Lord 
    Charlotte: Sage 
    Angela:    Grand Deviner
    Probably the worst group possible. All of the characters swing only 
    once during each attack and none of the heroes have a level 3 power 
    attack capable of hitting more than one enemy. The Sage and Grand 
    Deviner aren't very effective fighters and their spells are ho-hum. The 
    Grand Deviner does have the Double Spell but after using it a few times 
    you'll realize what an uninteresting spell it is to watch and you'll 
    just prefer to use something weaker instead. Healing yourself should be 
    a snap, though.
    Hawkeye:   Wanderer 
    Duran:     Sword Master 
    Charlotte: Necromancer
    This is a nice little party for those who want variety. The Necromancer 
    can heal your group, use Dark Saber (not that it's really useful), 
    summon monsters, and use Black Curse which does some funky stuff to 
    enemy stats. The Sword Master will provide your group with Leaf and 
    Moon Saber and any element saber you might want. He also has a hefty 
    level 3 power attack. The Wanderer will be able to use a whole slew of 
    fun spells like Aura Wave and Trans Shape. Also, his Reflect Magic is 
    extremely useful.
    Riesz:   Star Lancer 
    Kevin:   God Hand 
    Hawkeye: Rogue
    This is a fun group to play with. The Star Lancer adds convenience with 
    status raising spells and can also summon Marduk; just about the best 
    spell in the game. The God Hand can provide Aura Wave when you're in a 
    pinch and can also heal single members. And, of course, since it's 
    Kevin, the God Hand can also whoop some ass if you need him to. The 
    Rogue is neat because he gets a pile of skills which aren't listed in 
    the manual so you sorta feel like you're playing with a secret 
    character. (Now don't twist that around and think there's a secret 
    class in the game...someone did that awhile ago tsk tsk.)
                              Spell Usefulness
    I'm sure you can guess how my rating system works. If you're having 
    trouble understanding it you might try cocking your head to the left. 
    *ba-doom chink* Thank-you. Rating each spell and skill based on 
    usefulness is of course riddled with opinion. Those rated high are just 
    the ones I found myself using a lot. I'm open to suggestions if you 
    think I've rated something too poorly or highly.
    ------                              -------
    |Wisp|                              |Shade|
    ------                              -------
    Holy Ball  :|                       Evil Gate  :|
    Saint Beam :)                       Dark Force  :)
    Heal Light :D                       Death Spell  :D
    Tinkle Rain :|                      Anti-Magic  :(
    Magic Shield :D                     Black Curse  :)
    Light Saber :|                      Dark Saber  :|
    -------                              ------
    |Gnome|                              |Djin|
    -------                              ------
    Gem Missile  :|                      Air Blast  :|
    Earthquake  :)                       Thunder Storm  :)
    Stone Cloud  :D                      Stun Wind  :D
    Protect Up  :)                       Speed Up  :)
    Speed Down  :D                       Protect Down  :D
    Stone Saber  :|                      Thunder Saber  :|
    ------------                         --------                                                                 
    |Salamander|                         |Undine|                 
    ------------                         --------
    Fire Ball  :|                        Ice Smash  :|
    Explode  :)                          Mega Splash  :)
    Blaze Wall  :D                       Cold Breeze  :D
    Attack Up  :)                        Mind Up  :)
    Mind Down  :D                        Attack Down  :D
    Flame Sabre  :|                      Ice Saber  :|
    -------                               ------             
    |Dryad|                               |Luna|                                                                       
    -------                               ------                         
    Sleep Flower  :)                    Body Change  :(                     
    Poison Bubble  :|                   Lunatic  ??  
    Transhape  :)                       Half Vanish  :|
    Aura Wave  :D                       Life Boost  :|
    Reflect Magic  :D                   Energy Ball  :|                     
    Tree Saber  :)                      Moon Saber  :)                             
                                Skill Usefulness
    --------                              -------   
    |Angela|                              |Duran|
    --------                              -------
    Double Spell :D                       None :(
    Rainbow  :D
    Ancient  :D
    -----------                            -------
    |Charlotte|                            |Kevin|
    -----------                            ------- 
    Machine Golem :|                       Hikou :D
    Unicorn :|
    Gremlin :|
    Ghoul :|
    Ghost :|
    Great Demon  :)
    Demon Breath :)
    Turn Undead :)
    -------                                ---------
    |Riesz|                                |Hawkeye|
    -------                                ---------
    Freya :|                    Arrows :(              Big Wrench :)
    Lamia Naga  :)              Spikes :(              Black Rain  :)
    Marduck :D                  Shuriken :|            Hail Stones  :|
    Jormundgand :|              Earth Skill :)         Denrai  :|
                                Thunder Skill :)       Cutter Missile :|
                                Fire Skill :)          Dark Stick :|
                                Water Skill :)         Rocket Launcher :|
                                Poison Breath :|       Axe Bomber :|
                                Fire Breath :|         Grenade Bomb  :)
                                Hidden Needle  :D      Silver Dart :)
                            |Most Dangerous Enemies|
                                 Slime Prince
    Features: grey little puddy men, similar to Shadow Zero in SoM
    Where:    Mana Sanctuary (en route to final battle)
    The most dangerous monster in the game. Fortunately, there are only 
    three of them. If you don't kill them fast enough they'll transform 
    into one of your own characters and their HP will be refilled. If you 
    make them mad by using a level 2/3 power attack or an attack 
    spell they might end up using your own level 3 power attack on you. If 
    they transform into a character in your group that you consider tough, 
    you best get out of there.
    Features: look like ninjas
    Where:    Cave of Darkness (Riesz/Hawkeye quest) 
              Crystal Desert   (Angela/Duran quest)
    Very aggressive. Ninjas fight dirty using Hidden Needles, Shurikens, 
    and element skills. They often attack your entire group with "Thousand 
    Hits" as soon as you come into their view. If you aren't ready for this 
    and your group is fairly young, you can easily get yourself wiped out 
    no problem. Use spells and power attacks against them wisely as they'll 
    counter attack them often unless killed by yours. Ninjas are generally 
    weak against Wisp. If they drop a treasure chest it's usually a brown 
    eqipment seed.
    Features:  wolf-men in wrestling uniforms
    Where:     Cave of Darkness (Riesz/Hawkeye quest)
               Illusion Jungle (Charlotte/Kevin quest)
    Very Aggressive. They like to get in close and go berserk. If you make 
    them mad, the last thing your group might see will be a werewolf using 
    "Seiryu Fatal Punch". If they drop a treasure chest though, there's a 
    good chance it'll be a brown equipment seed.
    Features:  you know what a robot looks like, right?
    Where:     Crystal Desert, Dragon Hall (Angela/Duran quest)
               Illusion Jungle, Mirage Palace (Charlotte/Kevin quest) 
    Robots in the Illusion Jungle and Crystal Desert will use this spell 
    that cuts your groups defense in half. They don't even need to be 
    provoked to use this and will often use it as soon as you're in sight. 
    If your party is still young, having your already inadequete defense 
    halved can be dangerous. Robots in Dragon Hall and Mirage Palace mean 
    business. Same situation as before only they use Stun Wind on your 
    entire group which not only hurts but also silences your group 
    preventing you from healing. Very mean. They are, however, weak against 
                               Great Demons
    Features:  large angry looking winged demons
    Where:     Crystal Desert, Dragon Hall (Angela/Duran quest) 
               Illusion Jungle,  Mirage Palace (Charlotte/Kevin quest)
               Cave of Darkness, Palace of Darkness (Riesz/Hawkeye quest)
    Mean and easily angered. High HP. Like to counter-attack with "Demon 
    Breath" and "Dark Force". Immune to "Demon Breath" and other attacks of 
    that type (whatever that is). Weak against Wisp.
                              Girl/Lady Bees
    Features:  floating woman in bee costume, has a spear
    Where:     Lamp Flower Forest and en route to Dryad Mana Beast
    Here is a very bad scenario: Girl/Lady Bee uses "Attack Up" on herself 
    when she sees you. You make her mad by attacking her with a spell. She 
    then uses "Light Ball Spear" and spear destruction rains from the 
    heavens. Lights out for your group. If you see them use "Attack Up" get 
    out of there. 
                          |Most Annoying Enemies|
                               Evil Shaman
    Features:  eggplant guys in floating pod
    Where:     Jungle,  Mirage Palace (Charlotte/Kevin quest)
               Palace of Darkness (Riesz/Hawkeye quest)
    Why Annoying?
    The most annoying monster in the game, in my opinion. Stubbornly uses 
    "Heal Light" whenever hurt. Will also heal other enemies repeatedly. 
    Uses "Anti-Magic" to return your power attack gauge to zero. 
                               Small Devils
    Features: floating imps with pitchforks
    Where:    Cave of Darkness (Riesz/Hawkeye quest)
              Crystal Desert (Angela/Duran quest)
    Why Annoying?
    Likes to repeatedly cast "Evil Gate" when angered
    Features: little guys in robe and big wizard hat, holds a wand
    Where:    Sub-Arctic Snowfield
    Why Annoying?
    Likes to repeatedly cast level 1 element spells sometimes on sight
    Features:  chubby little squirrel wearing a hood.
    Where:     Lamp Flower Forest and en route to Dryad Mana Beast
    Why annoying?
    Repeatedly uses "Sleep Flower" and throws annoying darts.
                             The Black Rabite
            And finally there is the super secret enemy called the...Black 
    Rabite!!! *echo* In order to tango with this little nasty you have to 
    have chosen Angela or Duran as your main character. Go to Dragon Hall 
    and defeat the Scarlett Magician. After doing this go as far NW as you 
    possibly can from the room where you fought the Black Knight. You'll 
    have to wind your way around here and there through different rooms. 
    You'll know you're there when you find yourself walking down an empty 
    vertical corridor. If you follow the corridor south and you come out 
    into a room with a little, tiny slope you can slide down but can't walk 
    back up, then you know you are definately in the right spot.
            Anyhow, go back up to the empty verticle corridor and push on 
    the wall on the left. You'll bust into the Black Rabite's lair and the 
    little spud will attack and you'll get the usual musical funk to jam 
    to. I'm not really sure on exactly how you're supposed to kill the 
    Black Rabite but I do know that his HP is not really as high as it 
    seems. The problem is that whenever he glows white it means that he 
    just restored all his HP. I managed to defeat him once after only 
    hitting him about four or five times. Try not to get bit by him as I'm 
    told that it replenishes his life. Or it might be that you must 
    alternate between physical and magical attacks. To my knowledge, no one 
    has ever come out and said "This is how to beat the Black Rabite..." 
    Defeat him and you *might* get a neat little item to play around with. 
    (He doesn't always drop it. I didn't realize this until some guy 
    throttled me because he beat the Black Rabite and he didn't get 
    Judging from the amount of mail I get about it, people are having 
    trouble with the Black Rabite. I must admit that I'm not much help 
    since I bothered to fight the thing only twice. But I got a letter from 
    one Blitz (hoolywood17@hotmail.com) with a possible strategy for 
    beating the Black Rabite. So here's what Blitz had to say:  
    "First, make sure to have some with healing light that goes on 
    everyone.  It's a must.  Then have either spells or item's for boosting 
    your character's strength, spirit/intelligence, defence or
    agility.  You can get these at the black market in Byzel, a city south 
    of Forthena (Duran's town).  Also, have spells or item's that lower 
    enemy's defence, agility and spirit/intelligence.  The items for this 
    task can be obtained from enemies and they are Battum's eye, Needlion's 
    eye, and Bee's eye. Use them or magic(if you have the spells for 
    lowering enemy attributes) right away on the Black Rabite and the boost 
    everyone's attack, spirit/intelligence, and defence or agility. Always 
    try to keep your guys at least at half their HP.  The idea is to unload 
    the physical attacks on the Black Rabite, heal after HP drops below 300 
    or 400. In addition, try to put Saint saber on everyone if possible and 
    when Black Rabite uses dark saber on everyone, immedaitely cast some 
    other saber on your party b/c the dark saber just heals the rabite when 
    you hit it. Furthermore, when black rabite flashes all white, I don't 
    think he's just restored all his HP, maybe his MP.  Even if it does 
    restore all his HP then why does he
    cast dark force on himself to HP back as well as casting dark saber on 
    your party for the same purpose. You'll know that you're almost there 
    when he uses a meteor kind of spell on your party.  Oh yeah, don't 
    forget to keep Chibikko hammer, some magic nuts, and cups of wishes on
    you; the're like a must during the fight.  This worked for me everytime 
    I fought the Black Rabite (which is about five times)."
                             You finished the guide! 
                      But are you good enough to do it again?
    Well, that's it! Now I know that some of you might be thinking, "Hey! 
    Those aren't the correct names of those items! I'm going to e-mail this 
    guy            dshort@st1.wou.edu          and set him straight on a 
    few things and give him any info that will improve this guide." And 
    that's very good of you to do so. I'm eagerly awaiting input which will 
    make this whole thing as accurate as possible. So please don't hesitate 
    to show me what's what on the translations since my ability to 
    translate is limited in the extreme.
                  Let's All Give a Big Round of High Fives For:
    For making such a swank game which is both fun and easy to get the hang 
    of. Poo on you for not porting it to the U.S., though.
    --Ian Kelley.--
    For helping with the translations and for not telling me to "F-off!" 
    for asking so many nit-pickey questions. Yet.
    --Mari Hagiwara.--
    Such a beefcake. Mari is truly God's gift to anyone who's trying to 
    make a video game FAQ-type thing and has no idea what the freak they're 
    doing. Mari provided me with scads of item information as well as some 
    interesting info for the Romancing SaGa 3 guide. 
    For making the Seiken Densetsu 3 Bosses List which I referred to quite 
    a bit and for telling me how to find...the Black Rabite!!! *echo*
    A bad ass dude who showed me how to rock.
    --Whomever made The Unofficial Seiken Densetsu 3 Homepage.--
    For introducing me to SD3 and for having the most thorough page on the 
    game when it came out. Shame on you for taking it down, though.
                                Seiken Densetsu 3 
                               (C) Squaresoft 1995

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