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    Information Guide by MMitchell

    Version: 1.0b | Updated: 06/05/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Compiled by Matt Mitchell
    Email: gaijin83@yahoo.com
    Document Version 1.0b (English only)
    Latest updates to this FAQ are available at GameFAQs.
    WHAT'S NEW? - 5/05/00
    This FAQ is basically the same as my other FAQ on SD3, without all
    the Japanese text thrown in. The Japanese text kind of screwed up
    the formatting when printed, and this new move makes the FAQ far
    more accessible to the less Japanese-oriented (simply because you
    don't need anything special to view it). Since there is no Japanese,
    anytime you see the line 'Pic =', this will be an explanation of
    what the icon for the spell or skill looks like. This update also
    contains *much* more information than I had in v0.3. Once I get this
    document version finished, I will release another one with the
    Japanese text. Let me know if you like this turn of events. Also, I
    have a new email devoted only to my FAQs and the like, so please
    direct any questions to this address. It is listed at the top of the
    document. Thank you.
    A complete list of all the magic and its icons; a complete list of
    skills; a (near) complete list of the Class Change Items; a list of
    the Item Seeds; and an updated Special Thanks section. Be watching
    for it!
    Long, long ago, the world was enveloped in darkness.
    Seeing the world being guided to ruin, the Mana Goddess used the
     Sword of Mana to strike down the Mana Beasts, who were the 8
     embodiments of disasters.
    She then sealed them within 8 stones.
    The darkness receded, and the world was fully created.
    The Mana Goddess then took on the form of a tree and began her
     long rest at the Holy Land.
    Many centuries have passed...
    However, a few manipulating people wish to obtain power that
     would surpass that of God. They plan to release the Mana
     Beasts from the 8 Stones, bringing rise to great conflicts.
    Peace has finally come to an end...
    On earth, Mana is quickly beginning to fade,
     and the Tree of Mana is starting to wither...
    D-Pad         : Move characters; move cursor in menus.
    Start Button  : Brings up Warehouse Screen and turns Player 2 On/Off
                    (on second controller).
    Select Button : Choose different party leader.
    Y Button      : Calls the Menu Screen.
    X Button      : Calls the Ring Command menu.
    B Button      : Uses Deathblow in battle; cancels selections in menu.
    A Button      : Attacks in battle; initiates conversations with
                    people; confirms selections in menu. 
    L/R Buttons   : Hold down to control other party members for a short
    Pressing Y brings up the Menu Screen, which consists of nine different
    windows. You can choose a different window by moving around with the
    D-Pad. Here are the nine windows you can view (- - is the window you
    start on after Y is pressed; the abbreviations after the full names
    are the ones used on the little "map" of sorts in the bottom right-
    hand corner that tells you which window you are on):
    |                    |                          |                   |
    |    Window (WIN)    |     Inventory (INV)      |        Equip      |
    |                    |                          |                   |
    |                    |                          |                   |
    |    Battle (BTL)    |         -     -          |     Magic (MGC)   |
    |                    |                          |                   |
    |                    |                          |                   |
    |        File        |       Status (STAT)      |  Controller (CON) |
    |                    |                          |                   |
    WIN   : Lets you change the look and color of the text windows.
    INV   : Allows you to check and see what equipment each character is
            currently carrying (equipped and unequipped).
    EQUIP : Allows you to change your characters' equipment (press Select
            to switch characters).
    BTL   : Battle actions can be set under this menu.
    - -   : Displays the day of the week, the time of day, money, and your
            characters' names, HP, and MP.
    MGC   : Shows the current spells that each character knows, as well as
            a description of the spell (press Select to switch characters).
    FILE  : Shows the contents of each save file on your cartridge, like
            location saved, time played, money, and party members.
    CON   : Controller configuration can be changed under this screen.
    After a battle is won, the word "WIN!" will be displayed across the top
    of the screen. When this happens, there is also a chance that the last
    enemy defeated will leave behind a treasure chest. Upon opening this
    chest, a roulette will appear. Press the A Button to stop the roulette.
    Depending on what the cursor stops on, different things will occur.
    Here is a list of what can appear on the roulette wheel:
    Spikes     : Spikes shoot out of the ground and hit the character who
                 opened the chest for some damage.
    (Pic = vertical spikes)
    Ogre Box   : The treasure chest comes alive and turns into a powerful
                 monster, attacking the whole party until defeated.
    (Pic = treasure chest with eyes and horns, green and yellow)
    Arrows     : Arrows rain down on the character who opened the chest for
                 some damage.
    (Pic = horizontal arrows)
    Smoke      : Smoke emits from the treasure chest, damaging everyone in
                 the party.
    (Pic = pink smoke)
    Bomb       : A bomb inside the chest explodes, damaging everyone in the
                 party. (Appears later in game.)
    (Pic = explosion with word "Bom" written on it)
    Shijin-kun : The "Little Death God" comes and instantly kills the one
                 who opened the chest with his giant sickle. (Appears later
                 in game.)
    (Picture = little Grim Reaper)
    Kaizer     : Much like the Ogre Box, but the Kaizer is more powerful.
        Mimic    (Appears later in game.)
    (Pic = treasure chest with eyes and horns, red and grey)
    Stones     : Stones rain down on the party causing damage. (Appears
                 later in game.)
    (Pic = falling stones)
    Under the menu screen, there is a section called "BTL" (see 'The Menu
    Screen' above). Under this section, you can set the battle actions of
    the party member in question (press Select to choose a different party
    member). The grid looks like this:
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |     |  2  |     |     |  B  |   .------------------------.
    |     |     |     |     |     |   |                        |
    |-----------------------------|   | Don't use Deathblows   |
    |     |     |     |     |     |   |                        |
    |     |     |  A  |     |     |   |                        |
    |     |     |     |     |     |   | [Level 1 Deathblow]    |
    |-----------------------------|   |                        |
    |     |     |     |     |     |   |                        |
    |  1  |     |     |     |     |   | [Level 2 Deathblow]    |
    |     |     |     |     |     |   |                        |
    |-----------------------------|   |                        |
    |     |     |     |     |     |   | [Level 3 Deathblow]    |
    |     |     |     |     |  C  |   |                        |
    |     |     |     |     |     |   '------------------------'
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    |     |     |     |  3  |     |
    |     |     |     |     |     |
    1, 2, and 3 are your first, second, and third characters (1 is always
    the character you are setting actions for); A, B, and C are little
    mushroom-like enemy icons. Highlighting a number and letter together
    (use the D-Pad to highlight different icons together) gives your
    character a different command. Here are the possible commands:
    1A = Attack Closest Enemies - Your character will attack any enemy that
         is closest to him/her. Pretty self-explanatory.
    2A = (Character 2) At Same Strength - Your character will stick with
         whichever character is in this slot and do their best to protect
         him/her from harm.
    3C = (Character 3) At Same Strength - Your character will stick with
         whichever character is in this slot and do their best to protect
         him/her from harm.
    1B = Friends: Dispatch To Attack Enemies - Your other party members
         will stick close by the character who chose this, and will not
         attack until 'dispatched' on an enemy. To dispatch, simply attack
         the enemy you want them to attack.
    Then, after deciding upon the character's battle actions, you must
    decide upon which level Deathblow you want the character to use. The
    higher level the Deathblow, the longer it takes to charge. The decision
    is yours. Also, you can only select up to the highest level Deathblow
    you have at the time.
    Seiken Densetsu 3 is one of the first Super Famicom games in which day
    turns into night, and days pass in "real" time. Certain enemies come
    out at night, and all of the elementals are stronger on their day. The
    day and time can be checked under the Menu Screen immediately after the
    Y Button is pressed. Look above the little "map" in the lower right-
    hand corner; this little bar shows all the information. It looks like
    | DAY OF |       |     TIME OF |       | |
    | THE    | [Pic] |             | [Pic] | |
    | WEEK   |       |     THE DAY |       | |
    The [Pic] areas will be different for each area: for Day of the Week,
    it will be one of six of the eight Spirits and Faerie; for Time of the
    Day, it will be either Wisp or Shade (Wisp for daytime, Shade for
    night). The pictures in the Day of the Week cycle through as follows:
    Faerie, Luna, Salamander, Undine, Dryad, Jinn, and Gnome (can also be
    read as Sunday through Monday). On each Spirits' day, their elemental
    is much stronger than it would normally be. Use this information in
    conjunction with the next section to get the most out of the magic you
    Most enemies in SD3 have a certain elemental that they are aligned
    with; in turn, each elemental has another elemental that it is very
    weak against. If you use the opposite elemental, you will do the
    most damage to the enemy. Also, if you use the opposite elemental on
    that Spirit's day, you will do much more damage. (For example, if it
    is Salamander's Day, and you are fighting ice elemental enemies, your
    fire magic will most likely kill them in one shot.) Below is a list of
    the six elementals, and which other elemental they are weak against.
    ('<-->' means 'is weak against'; the chart can be read either way,
         Light (Wisp)  <-->  Dark (Shade)
        Earth (Gnome)  <-->  Wind (Jinn)
    Fire (Salamander)  <-->  Water (Undine)
         Tree (Dryad)  <-->  Moon (Luna)
    The Growth System is a new feature added to improve stats after one
    of the party members levels up. After a level up, the screen will
    pause, and a window will pop up with a few choices. These are all of
    areas of your character's status; choosing one of these areas will give
    them a +1 bonus in that area as well as the normal increase from the
    level up. Also, after you've chosen an area, you can't necessarily
    choose it again at the next level up. This feature can make your party
    very powerful, but it is always a good idea to maintain a balance in
    the characters' stats. After leveling up, this window will pop up:
    | [Character's Class]          |
    |                              |
    | Strength     (STR)         # |
    | Dexterity    (DEX)         # |
    | Constitution (CON)         # |
    | Intelligence (INT)         # |
    | Piety        (PIE)         # |
    | Luck         (WC)          # |
    Note that the three-letter abbreviations after the full names are the
    ones used on the ring that appears around your character; they don't
    actually appear in the window. Here is a breakdown of what all of the
    different areas do for your character:
    STR : Raises the damage done by weapon attacks and Deathblows.
    DEX : Raises weapon attack rate and Evade rate.
    CON : Attacks do less damage to your character, and his/her HP rises.
    INT : Raises Magic Attack power and Magic Defense rate.
    PIE : Recovery magic becomes more effective, and Indirect Magic Defense
    However, the Class Change System is the main part of Seiken Densetsu 3.
    Through Class Changes, your characters become more powerful and learn
    spells and skills that they normally wouldn't learn in other Classes.
    There are three steps to making a Class Change (according to the game
     1) Find a Mana Stone.
     2) Choose "Light" or "Dark".
     3) Complete the Class Change.
    After a character reaches level 18, they are able to make their first
    Class Change. When you start the Class Change process, two options will
    appear. The upper option turns your character to the Light, and the
    lower option turns him/her to the Dark. The second Class Change can be
    done at level 38, where you can once again turn your character to the
    Light or Dark. Depending on the Class you change your characters into,
    they will learn different spells, Special Skills, and Deathblows. For
    more information on this, refer to each character's individual
    All of the characters in Seiken Densetsu 3 can use magic. However, the
    requirements for each character are different: some start learning
    magic in their basic Class, and others have to go through a Class
    Change before any magic is learned. Anyway, once the requirements have
    been met, learning magic or special skills is simple: just gain levels.
    After gaining a level and going through the Growth System, there will
    be a special message displayed at the top of the screen that tells you
    that a new spell or special skill was learned. You will know it when
    you see it; check the character's spell and special skill list to find
    it. That's all there is to it.
    Traveling is a vital part of Seiken Densetsu 3. The world is fairly
    large, and each method of travel has its advantages and disadvantages.
    Here are the four methods of travel:
    Cannon    : The cannon is reserved for travel at the beginning of the
                game. You can start using the cannons after saving Watts
                and getting the Nitro Powder from him. The area covered by
                the cannons is limited to only a few towns, so you can't
                rely on it too much.
    Ship      : Like the cannon, the ships are too limited in area. Good
                for a while, but once again, you can't rely on it too much.
    Booskaboo : After being saved from the Volcanic Island Booka by this
                big turtle (and getting the Pihyara Flute from Forthena's
                Heroic King Richard), you can use Booskaboo to get around.
                He is good transportation, but you can only land where
                there are beaches (you will know them when you see them).
                (Pic = flute)
    Flammie   : Yes, everyone's favorite Sky Spirit is back! You can call
                Flammie after you get the Wind Drum from the Amazonesses
                at Laurent (much later in the game). Flammie is the final
                mode of transportion you will need. Riding on her back,
                you can go anywhere you have to go.
                (Pic = yellow drum)
    *Mercenary from Forthena, the Kingdom of Grasslands
    Age: 17       Gender: Male        Kingdom: Forthena
    In the Grassland Kingdom of Forthena, the mercenaries boast highly of
    this man. However, his personality is wild and he hates losing. When
    Duran is around the other mercenaries, they treat him as a very dangerous
    person. But despite all of this, he is a loyal follower of the King,
    with whom his beloved deceased father was close.
    Class Change Chart:
             Knight   <
           /            Lord
           \            Sword Master
            Gladiator <
    Fighter      - Cross Slash
    Knight       - Three Step Slash
    Gladiator    - Tornado Sword
    Paladin      - Light Sword
    Lord         - Magic Slash
    Sword Master - Vacuum Blade
    Duelist      - Lava Blade
    *The Only Son of the Beast King
    Age: 15       Gender: Male        Kingdom: Beast Kingdom
    Kevin is the son of the Beast King, ruler of the Beast Kingdom; he is
    half-Beastman, half-human. Physically Kevin is an adult, but traces
    of a child remain in his heart. Because he dislikes other people,
    revealing his true feelings is difficult and painful. This in turn leads
    him to be misunderstood by others.
    Class Change Chart:
                        God Hand
             Monk    <
           /            Warrior Monk
           \            Dervish
             Bashker <
                        Death Hand
    DEATHBLOWS (Note: Kevin has two Deathblows for each Class.):
    Grappler     - Dream Ashura Fist
    Monk         - Flying Tornado Kick/Tornado Throw
    Bashker      - Vacuum Suigetsu Slash/Bastard Slam
    God Hand     - White Tiger Shock/Stardust Bomb
    Warrior Monk - Warrior's Hundred Kicks/Blow Impact
    Dervish      - Dance of the Scarlet Sparrow
    Death Hand   - Blue Dragon Killing Fist
    *A Member of the Naba'al Thieves
    Age: 15       Gender: Male        Kingdom: Naba'al (pr. 'Nahbahl')
    A Thief from the group of robbers that live in the desert base.
    His personality is comical and romantic. However, in all seriousness,
    he possesses great dedication and loyalty, which many do not seem to
    Class Change Chart:
             Ranger  <
           /            Rogue
           \            Ninja Master
             Ninja   <
    Thief        - Backslash
    Ranger       - Flying Swallow Throw
    Ninja        - Shadow Slash
    Wanderer     - Dance of the Rose
    Rogue        - Thousand Slashes
    Ninja Master - Lurking in the Shadows
    Nightblade   - Bunshin Slash
    *Princess of Altena, the Magic Kingdom
    Age: 19       Gender: Female      Kingdom: Altena
    Daughter of the Queen of Reason, ruler of the Magic Kingdom of Altena.
    Angela is passionate, sexy, and colorful. However, she acts spoiled and
    is often jealous. Because of her childish ways, the Queen has decided to
    toss her out into the world to grow up. At the bottom of her heart, the
    Queen feels that this is what a loving mother would do.
    Class Change Chart:
             Sorceress <
           /             Arc Mage
           \             Rune Master
             Delvar    <
    Magician    - Double Attack
    Sorceress   - Pink Typhoon
    Delvar      - Star Attack
    Grandevina  - Spiral Rod
    Arc Mage    - Dancing Rod
    Rune Master - 10 Tons
    Megas       - Hotshot
    *Granddaughter of the Administrator of Light
    Age: 15       Gender: Female      Kingdom: Wendel
    The granddaughter of Holy City Wendel's Administrator of Light. The
    blood of elves flows through her veins, causing her rate of growth to
    be slower than the other children's. Bright and talkative, she enjoys
    everything and stays energetic. But on the other hand, she has a
    profoundly superstitious side.
    Class Change Chart:
             Priestess   <
           /               Sage
           \               Necromancer
             Enchantress <
                           Evil Shaman
    Cleric      - Crash!Bang!
    Priestess   - Jump
    Enchantress - Dash
    Bishop      - Harisen Chop
    Sage        - Die!
    Necromancer - Chaos
    Evil Shaman - Big Huge
    *Princess of Laurent, the Kingdom of Wind
    Age: 16       Gender: Female      Kingdom: Laurent
    Princess of Laurent, the Kingdom of Wind, and the leader of a group of
    Amazoness Soldiers. She is only a young girl, but she already possesses
    a great determination and feeling of responsibility. She is also
    incredibly stubborn, and always presents the more realistic side of
    Class Change Chart:
              Valkyrie   <
           /               Star Lancer
           \               Dragon Master
             Rune Maiden <
                           Fenril Knight
    Amazoness     - Tornado Spear
    Valkyrie      - Vacuum Wave Spear
    Rune Maiden   - Flying Sky Spear
    Vanadies      - Light Beam Spear
    Star Lancer   - Flowing Star Thrust
    Dragon Master - Dragon Fang Spear
    Fenril Knight - Hundred Flower War Dance
    *Small Faerie in Service to the Mana Goddess
    One of the faeries that watched over the Mana Goddess while she slept
    as the Tree of Mana. She is one of the only ones who knows about Mana
    fading and the Tree withering, and the crisis the world will be in;
    she quickly started out to the Holy City of Wendel to have an audience.
    However, her power runs out before she gets there, and she eventually
    meets up with your main character. You travel together after that.
     Diamond Missile
     Stone Cloud
     Protect Up
     Speed Down
     Diamond Saber
     Ice Smash
     Mega Splash
     Cold Blaze
     Mind Up
     Power Down
     Ice Saber
     Blaze Wall
     Power Up
     Mind Down
     Flame Saber
     Air Blast
     Stun Wind
     Speed Up
     Protect Down
     Thunder Saber
     Sleep Flower
     Poison Bubble
     Aura Wave
     Counter Magic
     Leaf Saber
     Half Banish
     Body Change
     Life Booster
     Energy Ball
     Moon Saber
     Holy Ball
     Saint Beam
     Heal Light
     Magic Shield
     Tinkle Rain
     Saint Saber
     Evil Gate
     Dark Force
     Black Curse
     Dark Saber

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