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    Class Information FAQ by llama

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    |                                                                              |
    |                      Seiken Densetsu 3 Class Information FAQ                 |
    |                  v0.99 - 08/14/1999 - llama (llama__@hotmail.com)            |
    |                                                                              |
    |                 |
    | Version history |
    |                 |
    v0.99 - Third version, added Shield subsection in the misc stuff section of the 
    FAQ, added a To Do section and a subsection
     of specific info i need onto it, if you have any of this info, either e-mail me 
    with the info if you have any or post it on the SD3 help board - 
    http://members.boardhost.com/sd3, i'll probably get it all over time, but if you 
    people have it, it's a lot faster for me and I can finish this FAQ faster.
    0.95b - Second version, added classchange item uses - all are correct. fixed up 
    lots of names of things - added proper translations for some of them. Added 
    plusses and minusses sections for all classes EXCEPT the starting classes, other 
    misc changes. still debating whether to add all of the ultimate weapons/armors, 
    it could be *very* time consuming as i'd have to play every class through and 
    get the weapons/armor, any contributions on the SD3 help board 
    (http://members.boardhost.com/sd3) would be appreciated.
    0.9b - First version, got everything up, formatted, etc., this is the base of 
    the FAQ, if people are interested I will probably add an ultimate weapon/armor 
    section onto each class telling what the best weapon/armor available for a 
    specific class is, I might put some other sections into the FAQ if people have 
    any good ideas which fit into this CLASS INFORMATION FAQ. Some of the names of 
    the power attacks and some spells and skills (not a large majority, thankfully 
    :) aren't translated properly, I will have those properly done when I get 
    through to playing those classes. have fun.
    |                 |
    |      To Do      |
    |                 |
    ! = must do
    / = might do
    ! fix all the names of spells/skills/power attacks/etc, will get done when i get 
    around to playing those specific classes
    ! spell/grammar check this document one more time when done
    / add ultimate armor/weapons list for each final class 
    Specific info I need:
    Hawk's Ninja Master and Rogue Power Attack names
    the name of the Wolf for Kevin's class "Monk"
    Lise's Star Lancer, Vanadies, Valkyrie, and Dragon Lancer Power Attack names
    the full list of Hawk's Rogue spell names, and whether they effect one or all 
    Duran's Paladin and Duelist power attack names
    |                 |
    |    Overview     |
    |                 |
    	Seiken Densetsu 3 has a unique class changing system, which, when enough 
    experience is gained, you may change your alignment, you may go either Light or 
    Dark a total of two times during the game, although the second requires a 
    specific item. This document will inform you of the abilities and spells of all 
    of the classes/characters in this game. I'm not sure about some of the names of 
    these attacks/spells and items, as I have not been able to play every class, but 
    as soon as I get them I will add the correct translation of the names so things 
    are more accurate. This was written in wordpad with word wrap on wrap to window 
    at 1024x768 with wordpad running fullscreen. Changing to the Final classes 
    requires special items, this will be covered later in the document.
    this is the legend for class changing, will help you 'visualize' how class 
    changing is done.
                    Light /
                  /      \  Light-Dark
                 /        \_____________ 
       Neutral /
               \            Dark-Light
                \          _____________
                 \  Dark  /
                         \  Dark-Dark
    as you can see clearly here, if you pick dark for your first class change you 
    obviously cannot become a Light-Light class to finish. 
    |                               |
    |  Character/Class Information  |
    |                               |
    on skills/spells/power attacks: * = multitarget/affect all
    +/- lines = class plusses and minusses, ie. whats good about a class and whats 
    |            |
    |   Duran    |
    |            |
    Duran is a Swordsman, he has the most single-hit damage but Kevin and Hawk, most 
    of the time can deal more than he can with their dual-hit attacks, throughout 
    the game he learns magic based on what alignment you pick for him, when he goes 
    Dark he learns mostly Saber magic, infact, the Swordmaster class learns only 
    saber magic, while the Light alignment classes learn mostly healing magic, with 
    the exception of the Paladin who gets Saint Saber.
    Fighter (Neutral): This is Duran's starting class, he does nothing but attack 
    with his sword until class change.
    power attacks: Cross Slash
    spells/skills: none.
    Knight (Light): This is Duran's first Light class, he learns Heal Light and can 
    use a Shield, not much to say here, his final classes do all the talking.
    power attacks: 3-Step Cut
    spells/skills: Heal Light
    + Heal Light, can equip Shields
    - Much lower attack power than the Gladiator, No fullscreen power attack
    Paladin (Light+Light): The Paladin is Duran's best Light class, he knows Saint 
    Saber and has a fullscreen power attack. Paladin is probably his best final 
    light class if you already have a healer in your group.
    power attacks: *Light Flash Blade
    spells/skills: Heal Light, Saint Saber
    item needed: Paladin's Proof
    item use: *Saint Saber
    + All of Knight's abilities, Higher attack power, Saint Saber, Good fullscreen 
    power attack, Best Shield
    - Attack power blows compared to the Dark classes, not many spells
    Lord (Light+Dark): The Lord is OK, he knows tinkle rain in addition to heal 
    light which can now be multitargetted, if you already have a healer in your 
    group, I highly recommend you make Duran a Paladin if you chose Knight in your 
    first class change.
    power attacks: Magic Circle
    spells/skills: *Heal Light, Tinkle Rain
    item needed: Lord's Proof
    item use: *Heal Light
    + Multitarget Heal Light
    - Lowest Attack power of all Duran's final classes, Subscreen pose is lame, Not 
    much for variety
    Gladiator (Dark): This is Duran's first dark class , he learns all of the 
    elemental sabers (flame, ice, thunder, diamond) and has better attack power than 
    the Knight, however he cannot use a Shield and neither can any of the other dark 
    Duran classes.
    power attacks: *Whirlwind Sword
    spells/skills: Ice Saber, Flame Saber, Thunder Saber, Diamond Saber
    + High attack power, 4 Elemental Sabers, Fullscreen power attack
    - No Shield.
    Duelist (Dark+Dark): The Duelist is Duran's most physically powerful class, he 
    knows all of the Gladiator's spells in addition to the Dark Saber which he gets, 
    I find this class pretty much sucks compared to the Swordmaster since Dark Saber 
    is pretty useless against many of the final bosses, although he does have 
    slightly higher attack power than the Swordmaster.
    power attacks: *Eruption Sword
    spells/skills: Ice Saber, Flame Saber, Thunder Saber, Diamond Saber, Dark Saber
    item needed: Duelist's Proof
    item use: *Dark Saber
    + Highest attack power/strength of any character/class in the game, Eruption 
    Sword power attack.
    - Dark Saber - useless, no Shield..
    Swordmaster (Dark+Light): This is probably Duran's best class, he gets all of 
    the gladiator's spells and is able to multitarget them, in addition to this he 
    gets Moon Saber and Leaf Saber (HP Rasp and MP Rasp respectively) and is the 
    ONLY class in the game which gets both of these sabers in one class, although he 
    cannot cast these final two sabers on more than one target, it's the idea of 
    having both of these useful sabers which is appealing.
    power attacks: *Vacuum Blade
    spells/skills: *Ice Saber, *Flame Saber, *Thunder Saber, *Diamond Saber, Moon 
    Saber, Leaf Saber
    item needed: Master's Proof
    item use: *Diamond Saber
    + All Sabers except for Dark and Saint, Only class to have both Moon and Leaf 
    Saber, Duran's best all around class
    - No Shield, Not as high of attack power as the Duelist, Would have been usefull 
    if i could cast both Moon and Leaf sabers on everyone.
    |            |
    |   Kevin    |
    |            |
    Kevin is the best fighter in the game hands down, he's not much for variety but 
    if you need to deal a good asswooping Kevin is who you need, with his ability to 
    hit the enemy twice in a swing. Kevin transforms into a werewolf at night making 
    him much more powerful than he is in the day, depending on what you pick for 
    class changes, he changes into different wolves. ALSO, Kevin is the ONLY 
    character to have more than one power attack per class - he has his normal 
    attack, usually a fullscreen or other damaging attack, and a Body Slam attack.
    Grappler (Neutral): This is Kevin's starting class, same as Duran's start class 
    basically, just fights.
    power attacks: Ashura Dream Fist
    spells/skills: none.
    Monk (Light): This is Kevin's first Light class, he transforms into a brownish 
    wolf with a purple uniform, knows heal Light and a useful spell called Pressure 
    Point which makes him almost as powerful as the werewolf during the day, the 
    downside of this spell is that it can only be used on Kevin himself.
    power attacks: *Whirlwind Kick, Tornado Throw
    spells/skills: Heal Light, Pressure Point
    + Heal Light, Pressure Point (makes him almost as powerful as the Wolf - during 
    the day), Nice power attacks
    - Not real high attack power as in the Bashkar
    God Hand (Light-Light): The God Hand is a pretty heavy hitter, but his spells 
    aren't exactly up to par, he gets the (IMO) useless Aura Wave spell, although 
    his power attacks are very punishing, I still prefer Warrior Monk if Kevin is 
    Light class of any kind, the God Hand becomes a Golden Wolf at Night.
    power attacks: *Byakko Shockwave, Stardust Bomb
    spells/skills: Heal Light, Aura Wave, Pressure Point
    item needed: Gold Wolf Soul
    item use:  Aura Wave
    + Aura Wave, Good power attacks, Golden Wolf
    - Can't cast Heal Light on all
    Warrior Monk (Light+Dark): This is Kevin's best and most useful class, he gets 
    the ability to multitarget heal light, as well as the always useful Leaf Saber, 
    although the Death Hand is much more powerful, as well as the God Hand.. by a 
    bit, the only downside is he doesn't have a power attack which attacks all 
    enemies, usually not a concern against most bosses anyways, the Warrior Monk 
    becomes a Silver Wolf at Night.
    power attacks: Genbu 100-Kick, Blow Impact
    spells/skills: *Heal Light, Pressure Point, Leaf Saber
    item needed: Silver Wolf Soul
    item use: Leaf Saber
    + Heal Light multitargetting, Leaf Saber
    - Lowest attack power of all Wolves, but is still powerful, No fullscreen power 
    Bashkar (Dark): The Bashkar is Kevin's first Dark class, he has no spells but is 
    considerably more powerful than the Monk. The Bashkar becomes a Black Fang at 
    power attacks: Water-Moon Slice, Bastard Slam
    spells/skills: none.
    + High attack power
    - No spells/skills, no fullscreen power attack
    Dervish (Dark+Dark): The Dervish is Kevin's second strongest physical attack 
    class, he has the semi-usefull Moon Saber, and is a good fighter. Either final 
    Dark class is acceptable, it's really a choice of more attack power with the 
    Death Hand or the Moon Saber that the Dervish gets. Dervish becomes a Bloody 
    Wolf at night.
    power attacks: *Sazuku Sky Dance, Veritubach
    spells/skills: Moon Saber
    item needed: Demon Wolf Soul
    item use: *Moon Saber
    + Decent attack power, Moon Saber, fullscreen power attack is almost as good as 
    Seiryuu Death Fist
    - Not as powerful as the Death Hand, Moon Saber isn't as good as Leaf Saber
    Death Hand (Dark+Light): the Death Hand is Kevin's strongest class, he is a 
    better fighter than the Dervish but doesn't have Moon Saber like the Dervish 
    does. Death Hand becomes a Wolf Devil (the strongest Werewolf) at night.
    power attacks: *Seiryuu Death Fist, Dead Crush
    spells/skills: Energy Ball
    item needed: Death Wolf Soul
    item use: Energy Ball
    + Great power attacks, Wolf Devil, Highest attack power of all of Kevin's 
    - Energy Ball becomes useless when HP gets real high, not much for variety
    |            |
    |    Hawk    |
    |            |
    Hawk is a character of great variety, he infact, has the most variety in 
    skills/spells/power attacks of any character in the game, his ability to do dual 
    attacks quickly makes him one of the best fighters, towards the Light he tends 
    to use traps and natural forces for spells, towards the dark he tends to use 
    Ninjitsu attacks which not only damage but lower enemy statistics.
    Thief (Neutral): The Thief is basically the same as Duran and Kevin's starting 
    character's, boring, just fights.
    power attacks: Back Slash
    spells/skills: none
    Ranger (Light): Hawk's first Light class isn't much different than the Thief, 
    other than the fact he gets a fullscreen power attack and gets a few (weak) 
    traps, he is most useful for the final classes.
    power attacks: *Flying Swallow Toss
    spells/skills: Arrow, Spike
    + Decent fullscreen power attack
    - spells/skills aren't very powerful, attack power isn't good
    Wanderer (Light+Light): The Wanderer isn't much on attack power, and I didn't 
    find many of his abilities useful, with the exception of Lunatic which lowers an 
    enemies' Max HP.
    power attacks: Dance of Roses
    spells/skills: *Body Change, *Sleep Flower, Arrow, Spike, Half Vanish, 
    TransShape, Life Booster, Aura Wave, Poison Bubble, Counter Magic, Energy Ball, 
    item needed: Good Luck die
    item use: Life Boost
    + Many different skills/spells, Lunatic, Aura Wave
    - No fullscreen power attack, most of his spells and skills are useless or not 
    very good, lowest attack power of all of Hawk's classes, including Thief.
    Rogue (Light+Dark): The Rogue has many different skills, he is above average in 
    attack power, overall a good character if you go the light path with Hawk.
    power attacks: Shadow Slash
    spells/skills: *Body Change, *Sleep Flower, Arrow, Spike, Stone Drop, Denrai, 
    Cutter Missile, Axe Bomber, Rocket Launcher, Dark Kendo Stick?, Grenade Bomb, 
    Silver Dart
    item needed: Bad Luck die
    item use: *Denrai
    + Many usefull spells and skills, Above average attack power
    - As with the Wanderer, some of his spells and skills aren't too useful since 
    they are weak, no fullscreen power attack.
    Ninja (Dark): This is Hawk's first Dark class, better than the Ranger in attack 
    power, yet lacking a fullscreen power attack, his ninjitsu attacks will prove 
    him useful above all others.
    power attacks: Silhouette Slice
    spells/skills: Shuriken, Earth Jutsu, Thunder Jutsu, Water Jutsu, Fire Jutsu
    + Ninjitsu attacks do damage and lower statistics, higher attack power than the 
    - No fullscreen power attack
    Nightblade (Dark+Dark): The Nightblade is very useful not only in his power 
    attack but his skills/spells, he has many new ninjitsu-style attacks to his 
    disposal over the ninja and ninja master, and he looks damn slick compared to 
    most other characters - I highly recommend Nightblade with Hawk.
    power attacks: *Split-Image Slice
    spells/skills: Shuriken, Earth Jutsu, Thunder Jutsu, Water Jutsu, Fire Jutsu, 
    Poison Breath, Fire Breath, Blow Needles, Deadly Weapon, *Black Rain
    item needed: Nighteye die
    item use: *Thunder Jutsu
    + Lots of new jitsu-style attacks that really are useful, Great colors, great 
    balance of attack power and skills/spells, Split-Image Slice really hurts
    - Not as high of attack power as the Ninja Master
    Ninja Master (Dark+Light): The Ninja Master gains no more skills over the Ninja, 
    but he can multitarget the existing ninjitsu attacks, he can throw many Shurkens 
    when he uses his Shuriken skill, resulting in a better effect. Kevin also has a 
    powerful single-enemy power attack and has higher attack power than the 
    nightblade, IMO he's still not as good as the Nightblade.
    power attacks: Shadow Dive
    spells/skills: *Shuriken, *Earth Jutsu, *Thunder Jutsu, *Water Jutsu, *Fire 
    item needed: Bullseye die
    item use: *Fire Jutsu
    + Highest Attack power of all Hawk's classes, Multitarget on the Ninjitsu 
    skills, High speed, Can toss many Shurikens quickly
    - No new skills or spells over the Ninja, only abilities to multitarget them, No 
    fullscreen power attack 
    |            |
    |   Angela   |
    |            |
    Angela is THE offense magic user in SD3, she gets different spells of power/use 
    depending on what classes you change to, she isn't much for a physical 
    asswooping like Kevin is, but she can sure deal out a lot with that magic, 
    unlike the characters above, Angela actually gets magic before her first class 
    Magician (Neutral): Other than getting useful offensive magic before everyone 
    else, she is just average.
    power attacks: Double Attack
    spells/skills: *Holy Ball, *Evil Gate, *Gem Missile, *Air Blast, *Fireball, *Ice 
    Sorceress (Light): The Sorceress is better than the Delvar simply because she 
    learns more magic earlier, however, the Delvar converts into final classes of 
    much more use than any of the light classes.
    power attacks: Pink Typhoon
    spells/skills: *Holy Ball, *Evil Gate, *Gem Missile, *Air Blast, *Fireball, *Ice 
    Smash, Saint Beam, Earthquake, Thunderstorm, Explode, Mega Splash
    + Gets many spells early
    - Power attack is poor, low attack power
    Grand Devina (Light+Light): Grand Devina gets double spell and the ability to 
    multitarget all the level 2 spells that the sorceress learned, still I don't 
    find this useful enough and double spell is very annoying to wait for it to 
    finish after a few castings.
    power attacks: Spiral Rod
    spells/skills: *Holy Ball, *Evil Gate, *Gem Missile, *Air Blast, *Fireball, *Ice 
    Smash, *Saint Beam, *Earthquake, *Thunderstorm, *Explode, *Mega Splash, *Double 
    item needed: Arcane Book
    item use: *Saint Beam
    + Double Spell, can multitarget every spell
    - Double Spell is annoying to wait for, low attack power
    Arch Mage (Light+Dark): the Arch Mage isn't all that, basically the Grand Devina 
    with a different spell (Rainbow), and a different power attack.
    power attacks: Dancing Rod
    spells/skills: *Holy Ball, *Evil Gate, *Gem Missile, *Air Blast, *Fireball, *Ice 
    Smash, *Saint Beam, *Earthquake, *Thunderstorm, *Explode, *Mega Splash, *Rainbow
    item needed: Book of Secrets
    item use: *Explode
    + Rainbow, can multitarget all spells
    - low attack power
    Delvar (Dark): The Delvar sucks. She only learns one more spell than the 
    Magician and it's not even that great, however, her later classes that can be 
    gotten through the Delvar, are very powerful indeed.
    power attacks: Star Attack
    spells/skills: *Holy Ball, *Evil Gate, *Gem Missile, *Air Blast, *Fireball, *Ice 
    Smash, Dark Force
    + Useful for her later classes, nice power attack even if it's not fullscreen
    - Only gets one more spell over the Magician
    Magus (Dark+Dark): Magus learns Ancient, the most powerful spell in the game, 
    because of this it might be a wise idea to pick her as a final class, however 
    ancient takes quite a long time to cast as in Double Spell, i would recommend 
    the Rune Master.
    power attacks: Hot Shot
    spells/skills: *Holy Ball, *Evil Gate, *Gem Missile, *Air Blast, *Fireball, *Ice 
    Smash, *Dark Force, *Earthquake, *Thunderstorm, *Explode, *Mega Splash, *Ancient
    item needed: Forbidden Book
    item use: *Dark Force
    + Ancient, most powerful spell in the game, can multitarget all spells
    - slow spell casting compared to some other Angela classes
    Rune Master (Dark+Light): Rune Master is, hands down, Angela's best class, not 
    only does she get the Death Spell, but along with it the full set of other level 
    3 elemental attacks which you can't find anywhere else, and do not only huge 
    damage but status effects as well.
    power attacks: 10t
    spells/skills: *Holy Ball, *Evil Gate, *Gem Missile, *Air Blast, *Fireball, *Ice 
    Smash, *Dark Force, DeathSpell, Stone Cloud, Stun Wind, Blaze Wall, Cold Breeze
    item needed: Book of Rune
    item use: DeathSpell
    + DeathSpell and other Level 3 elemental spells, Nice power attack
    - Can't multitarget the Level 3 elemental spells
    |            |
    |   Carlie   |
    |            |
    Carlie is the best healer in the game, although Kevin and Duran can double as 
    healers, Duran's class that can do mass healing is less favorable, Carlie can 
    also double as Lise as a Dark classes purpose and do many other fun things, she 
    is also the only character to learn Heal Light before a class change.
    Cleric (Neutral): Carlie's joe blow startoff class, learns 2 spells that might 
    be of use to you early in the game :)
    power attacks: Bonkle
    spells/skills: Heal Light, Tinkle Rain
    Priestess (Light): The Priestess learns 4 elemental sabers as well as holy ball 
    and the ability to multitarget Heal Light. she can't fight as well as the 
    enchantress but is a better class overall.
    power attacks: Jump
    spells/skills: *Heal Light, Tinkle Rain, Holy Ball, Diamond Saber, Thunder 
    Saber, Flame, Ice Saber
    + 4 elemental Sabers
    - Low attack power
    Bishop (Light+Light): If you are going to play Kevin/Carlie's quest and have 
    carlie in your group, you will most likely want her as Bishop for the turn 
    undead spell, other than that she gets the ever useful Saint Saber and a few 
    other goodies.
    power attacks: ChopChop
    spells/skills: *Heal Light, *Tinkle Rain, Holy Ball, Diamond Saber, Thunder 
    Saber, Flame Saber, Ice Saber, Saint Saber, Magic Shield, *Turn Undead
    item needed: Holy Water Vial
    item use: *Heal Light
    + Turn Undead is useful if you play the Kevin/Carlie quest, Saint Saber, Magic 
    - Low attack power, poor power attack
    Sage (Light+Dark): The Sage sucks. She only gets multitarget abilities on all of 
    the priestesses' spells.. and not even a fullscreen power attack to make up for 
    power attacks: BoomBoom
    spells/skills: *Heal Light, *Tinkle Rain, *Holy Ball, *Diamond Saber, *Thunder 
    Saber, *Flame Saber, *Ice Saber
    item needed: Bottle of Salt
    item use: *Tinkle Rain
    + multitarget on all spells
    - nothing new over the priestess
    Enchantress (Dark): The enchantress sucks as well, she has a few weak summon 
    spells, although the classes she can transform into later make up for it. she 
    has no real good spells but does have multitarget Heal Light.
    power attacks: Dash
    spells/skills: *Heal Light, Tinkle Rain, Machine Golem, Unicorn
    + Higher attack power for Carlie, Multitarget Heal Light
    - Summon spells aren't that useful - low power
    Evil Shaman (Dark+Dark): Evil Shaman gets some serious summon magic and the 
    always useful Demon Breath, as well as a few other goodies, a well rounded 
    power attacks: HugeHuge
    spells/skills: *Heal Light, Tinkle Rain, AntiMagic, Machine Golem, Unicorn, 
    Gremlin, Great Demon, *Demon Breath
    item needed: Bottle of Blood
    item use: AntiMagic
    + Great Demon summon, Demon Breath, AntiMagic, best attack power of all of 
    Carlie's classes
    - Other than Demon Breath and Great Demon summons she really doesn't have any 
    effect magic or anything good.
    Necromancer (Dark+Light): The Necromancer is probably Carlie's most useful class 
    if you aren't doing the Kevin/Carlie quest. not only does she get the ever-
    usefull Black Curse which lowers all of an enemies' statistics at once, she gets 
    Tinkle Rain multitarget and some pretty good summon spells, and also the not-so-
    useful Dark Saber.
    power attacks: Craaaazy
    spells/skills: *Heal Light, *Tinkle Rain, Dark Saber, Black Curse, Machine 
    Golem, Unicorn, Ghoul, Ghost
    item needed: Bottle of Ashes
    item use: Black Curse
    + Black Curse, Heal Light/Tinkle Rain multitarget
    - Dark Saber isn't useful, can sort of be obsoleted by using bottle of ashes 
    items instead of using necromancer and the spell, i still prefer the spell.
    |            |
    |    Lise    |
    |            |
    Lise is an average fighter, not as good as Duran but faster on the swing 
    recovery, her real strength's lay in her magic she learns at class change, 
    whether it be stat up on your group or stat down on enemy, it's your choice.
    Amazoness (Neutral): Lise's starting class, nothing special.
    power attacks: Whirlwind Lance
    spells/skills: none.
    Valkyrie (Light): Lise's first light class, the Valkyrie, learns some stat-up 
    spells, though they don't affect everyone, this is why the Valkyrie sucks 
    compared to the Rune Maiden.
    power attacks: *Vacuum Wave Spear
    spells/skills: Protect Up, Speed Up, Power Up, Mind Up
    + Fullscreen power attack
    - Can't multitarget stat-up spells
    Vanadies (Light+Light): Vanadies blows. plain and simple, the stat-up spells 
    still aren't multitarget like with the star lancer and the summon spell makes 
    enemies chibikos which give you 0 exp. for killing. as with all her final 
    classes, Lise has a summon spell, Freya.
    power attacks: *Light Ball Spear
    spells/skills: Protect Up, Speed Up, Power Up, Mind Up, *Freya
    item needed: Briesingamen
    item use: *Power Up
    + Fullscreen power attack does serious damage
    - Freya does lame things, STILL can't multitarget stat-up spells
    Star Lancer (Light+Dark): The Star Lancer is impressive, not only does she have 
    multitarget stat-up spells but she has a summon which DOESN'T do lame things 
    like the Vanadies' summon spell does and sometimes silences enemies making them 
    unable to counter it with a power attack or spell, this is definitely the class 
    of choice if you go light with Lise.
    power attacks: Shooting Star Spear
    spells/skills: *Protect Up, *Speed Up, *Power Up, *Mind Up, *Marduck
    item needed: MorningStar Chain
    item use: *Speed Up
    + multitargets stat-up spells, Marduck, Good attack power, better overall than 
    the Vanadies is, Arguably Lise's best class
    - no fullscreen power attack
    Rune Maiden (Dark): Lise's first dark class is better than her first light as 
    mentioned above, she can lower stats faster and with less MP then it would take 
    to up your whole group, basically the same effect.
    power attacks: *Flying Heaven Spear
    spells/skills: Speed Down, Protect Down, Power Down, Mind Down
    + Stat-down spells can be used quicker and with less MP than stat-up before the 
    stat-ups are multitargetted, fullscreen power attack
    - none i can think of  
    Fenrir Knight (Dark+Dark): The Fenrir Knight is Lise's best Dark class, if you 
    like lowering your enemies' stats as opposed to boosting yours, go with the 
    Fenrir Knight - that simple.
    power attacks: Hundred Flower Dance
    spells/skills: *Speed Down, *Protect Down, *Power Down, *Mind Down, *Lamia Naga
    item needed: Gleipnir
    item use: *Mind Down
    + Multitarget on stat-down spells, Lamia Naga, high attack power
    - No fulscreen power attack
    Dragon Master (Dark+Light): The Dragon Master, as with Vanadies, sucks. She has 
    very ugly looking summon which doesn't do all that much damage and poisons the 
    power attacks: Dragon Fang Spear
    spells/skills: Speed Down, Protect Down, Power Down, Mind Down, *Jormundgand
    item needed: KnightDragon Chain
    item use: *Protect Down
    + none really
    - No fullscreen power attack, Jormundgand isn't that great, STILL can't 
    multitarget the stat-down spells
    |             |
    | Misc. Stuff |
    |             |
    When to do the class changes:
    	You do your first class change at level 18, you choose either light or 
    dark and there's no turning back, the second occurs at level 38, and needs a 
    proper item.
    Where to do the class changes:
    	the first class change can be done at a Mana Stone, simply 'talk' to it 
    and if you are the proper level, you can change class, there are many that you 
    can use, but usually by the time you are ready to class change, you will be 
    around the Labyrinth of Ice Walls or the Valley of Flames. Mana Stones stay 
    where they are as a place usable to class change until the 8 god-beasts are 
    released. From there on you must rely on the Goddess Statue in the Mana 
    Holyland.. locations of usable Mana Stones are as follows: Corridor of Wind - 
    Rolante, Labyrinth of Ice Walls - Altena, Valley of Flames - Navarre Desert, 
    Moonreading Tower - Beast Kingdom/Moonlight Forest, all of the other's are non-
    The great Mystery about Shields:
    	Seems every now and then everyone's asking about Shields and where to get 
    them, and which ones are good. well this part of the FAQ covers every Shield in 
    the game.. remember, you can only use Shields on Duran and only if he's a LIGHT 
    class, all the Shield's except Adamant Shield and Sacred Shield have the same 
    evade rate, just different immunities.
    Golden Shield: First shield you can get, Buy it in Elrand, the snow villagee
    Water Dragon Shield: First of four elemental Shields, strong against water/ice, 
    buy in Forcena
    Red Heat Shield: Second of four elemental shields, strong against fire, buy in 
    Thunder God Shield: Third of four elemental Shields, strong against 
    lightning/wind, buy in Forcena
    Earth Shield: Last of four elemental Shields, strong against Earth, buy in 
    Dragon Shield: Best Shield for the Knight, strong against Dragons, get from 
    weapon/armor seed when you are a night.
    Oath Shield: Get from weapon/armor seed, kind of sucks.
    Adamant Shield: Get from weapon/armor seed when you are a Lord, it's the Lord's 
    best Shield, better evade rate than the below
    Sacred Shield: Get from weapon/armor seed when you are a Paladin, it's the best 
    Shield in the game.. only for Paladins.
    The 'Mystery' behind ??? Seeds:
    	Many of you know when you go to do your second class change you will be 
    asked for a special item, how you get these items is from ??? seeds, they are 
    obtainable reliably from monsters in your characters' final area, the final 
    areas are as listed, if you picked one of the following for a main (first 
    selected) character, you will go to these places to find the seeds...
    Duran/Angela - Glass Desert/Dragon's hole
    Kevin/Carlie - Jungle Of Illusion/Mirage Palace
    Hawk/Lise - Cave of Darkness/Castle of Darkness
    ... when you obtain a number of these seeds, 6-10 should be acceptable, head to 
    the nearest inn and use them in the little box that's in the inn, when you plant 
    the seeds, you will get a class change item, it will not always be what you 
    want, you can always go get more ??? seeds though.
    Obtaining your characters' ultimate weapons/armor: 
    	In the same places as the ??? seeds, you can get get weapon/armor seeds, 
    some enemies typically drop boxes with these seeds in them, same idea with the 
    ??? seeds, go plant them. I recommend you plant them after you've done your 
    final class change so you can get the best possibly weapons and armor available, 
    the enemies that usually drop these are as follows: Wolf Devil, Nightblade, 
    Zombie Dragon, Dark Lord.. a few others that don't commonly drop them as well, 
    but I won't mention them here.
    |             |
    | end of file |
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