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    Duran Walkthrough by Elranzer

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    Seiken Densetsu 3 - Duran's Quest
    by Elranzer
    Version: 2.1
    Contact: elranzer2@hotmail.com
    Welcome to Seiken Densetsu 3 Guide ver. 2.1
    This FAQ is copyright 2000 to me. Don't copy or plagarise, it's naughty!
    This is the new version 2.0 guide for Seiken Densetsu 3. It
    contains Elranzer's No-Nonsense Walkthrough, the recommended
    party to compliment the Mana knight's skills, and an appendix
    with extra information at the bottom.
    Keep in mind my version of the game is the actual Japanese
    cartridge, with correct names of towns, places, etc. I know
    there is a ROM translation out there but anything that contrasts
    these names are incorrect.
    This is best printed with Microsoft Word.
    ***** Recommended Party *****
    - Duran: Sword Master
    - Kevin: God Hand
    - Riese: Star Lancer
    Duran's all about kicking ass with magic swords. His
    Sword Master class gives him all the non-shade type
    elemental sabers. Bring in Riese to up your attack
    power and Kevin to simply whoop-ass, you have an 
    unbeatable fighting force.
    Walkthrough ver. 1.4
    1. Folsena
    - Fight the gladiator
    - Talk to the old woman in the town
    - Talk to Duran's sisters
    - Talk to the king
    - leave
    2. Jadd
    - Go around and talk to all the other party members
    - Go to the inn, stay only until night (second choice)
    - Leave at night
    3. Rabite Forest
    - Head south until you get to a junction, go West
    - Talk to the girl at the lake
    - Head back to the junction, go south to the Astoria
    4. Astoria
    - Buy a new weapon
    - Talk to EVERYONE
    - Stay at the inn, you'll wake up from a bright light
    - Follow the fairy back to the western lake
    5. Rabite Forest
    - Talk to the fairy, she'll join you (in your HEAD!!)
    - Go back to Astoria
    - Now go up and East, to the waterfall
    - You'll get Hero #2
    6. Waterfall
    - If Charlotte is your Hero #3, she'll join now
    - Head to the western exit, to Wendell
    7. Wendell
    - Buy items, sleep at the inn, etc.
    - Go North to the Sage's Tower
    - Talk to the Sage, he says you'll need the Mana Sword
    - You'll also need to find the eight Elementals
    8. Behind the Waterfall
    - Go to the room West of the northern entrance
    - Use the Fairy from the sub-ring
    - You'll fight with Full Metal Hagger (1500 HP)
    - Get Will O' the Wisp when you win
    - Head further into the cave, you'll meet the beast army
    9. Jadd Dungeon
    - Hero #3 or an NPC (if you have Charlotte) will free you
    - Leave via the ship to a Maya
    10. Maya and Outskirts
    - Leave west, find a cave
    - Inside, fight the Machine Golems (605 HP each)
    - The Ice Mages will blow up the bridge
    - Head back to town
    - Go to the northeastern house, talk to Bon Voyage
    - You'll need a Nitro Bomb to use the Cannon Travel
    - Talk to EVERYONE, starting with Bon Voyage's wife
    - Head back to the cave, check the Goddess statue
    - If done correctly, you should be able to use Wisp on the statue
    11. Dwarf Cave
    - Talk to a dwarf who will blow up a wall
    - Into this cave, you'll need to talk to Watts the dwarf
    - Find and fight Tail Eater (3380 HP)
    - Get Gnome and the Nitro Bomb, head back to Port Town
    - Use the Cannon Travel to Folsena
    12. Folsena
    - Bon Voyage missed a little, fight your way to the town
    - Infiltrate the castle, fight all the enemies
    - The Scarlet Wizard will take off
    - Talk to the king, then everyone else in town and the castle
    - Go to sleep, then use the Folsena Cannon Travel
    - Leave Port Town, head all the way south
    13. Baizel and Black Market
    - This is the most important shop in the game
    - The Black Market is only open at night
    - Buy worthy items at from the Black Market (see appendix II)
    - Take the ship (at night) to Laurant
    14. Mt. Laurant
    - Start climbing!
    - Go east at the SECOND junction
    - You should find a poppy field
    - You'll all fall asleep (a la Wizard of Oz)
    - Wake up in the Amazon HQ, talk to the Amazoness
    - Use the Amazon Cannon Travel
    15. Baizel
    - In the Black Market, find an old lady (free an item slot!)
    - She gives you the Midge Mallet and runs off
    - Leave, go back to Rabite Forest
    16. Rabite Forest
    - Near the western lake, you'll see a midge run away
    - Check the statue where he ran away, use the mallet on everyone
    - Into the midge Village, talk to EVERYONE, then the chief
    - When he tells you where a Mana Rock is, leave to Laurant
    17. Mt. Laurant
    - Bring Molebear Claws from Baizel
    - Head all the way north, into the Wind Cave
    - Fight Zenker (1808 HP), get Djinn
    - Go back to the poppy field, use Djinn
    - You'll head to Castle Laurant
    18. Castle Laurant
    - Bring Poseidon Claws from Baizel
    - Be prepared, there are two bosses in a row
    - Jenoa (2900), the Hell's Fireplace
    - Bill and Ben (900 HP each), do NOT use elemental claws!
    - Talk to Isabella, who scrams, then leave via ship, which is a...
    19. Ghost Ship
    - Find your way to a library where you can check the shelves
    - Check in this order: Right-Left-Middle-Left
    - The right wall will open to another book
    - You'll temporarily lose whoever reads it, but you have to
    - Now head outside the ship,and a battle awaits
    - The Mania Sprit (2000 HP), get Shade and party member
    20. Deserted Island
    - Find the shamen village, talk to everyone
    - Good weapons and armor are here
    - Head West to a big rock on a cliff, use Gnome
    - This cave is TOUGH, but you have to kill all enemies
    - You'll meet Earl of the Evil Eye, but Booskaboo will save you
    21. Folsena
    - The king will give you a flute to summon Booskaboo, as a boat
    22. Naval Desert
    - Head south, you'll soon meet someone you don't want to...
    - Bill and Ben (999 HP each), same strategy as before
    - Follow Isabella inside the cave, get Salamander
    23. Althena Ice Country
    - Leave the village, go South then West then North
    - A lot of zig-zagging here
    - But your on the right path if you run into...
    - Machine Golems x 3 (1000 HP each)
    - Enter the cave, get Undine
    ***** Class Change #1 *****
    - It is important that you stay and Level Up to Lv. 18
    - Go back into the Icey Labyrinth, touch the Mana Rock
    - You can class change to Light or Dark (see appendix III)
    - If you don't do this, you'll be too weak to go on
    24. Beast Kingdom/Harlequin Tower
    - Find a beach with a blocking statue, now it should disappear
    - Do not buy new gear, wait until Lampflower Forest
    - Exit South, into the forest
    - Level up, build up INT and DEX to learn your new spells
    - Fight General Lugar (3461 HP) at the Harlequin Tower
    - Don't use magic, not even healing, he'll pummel you!
    - Get Luna, leave
    25. Lampflower Forest
    - Use Luna to gain entrance
    - At night, the flowers should light up to show you the way
    - In Elf Village, talk to the king, then everyone else will
    - Buy new weapons and armor, build up money if you need it
    - Back into the forest, use Luna at a gold Goddess statue
    - Fight Gilderbane (8245 HP), get Dryad, leave
    26. Island Ruins
    - Go to that little island near Lampflower Forest
    - After the scenes, go to Laurant (top-most) and find Flammie
    - Head into the Prism Warp
    27. Pureland of Mana
    - A maze of some sorts, make your way to the Mana Tree
    - Pull the Mana Sword (whoopie, you can't use it, though)
    - Goddess will give you the Flammie Drum
    - The Fairy will get kidnapped, you need to chase your foes
    28. Althena Ice Country - Castle
    - Fight around until you get to the Fairy
    - You'll have to trade the Mana Sword for the Fairy
    - Which did you really want ?
    29. - 35. The Mana Beasts
    - You may fight these seven in any order, but this is easiest
    - be sure to use the appropiate elemental claws
    - Always have Potos Oil and Drake Scales available
    ** Wind Cave ~ Wind Beast **
    - Where you got Djinn
    - Dangard, the Wind Beast (21136 HP)
    - When you change views, you must re-cast all enhancements
    ** Valley of Flames ~ Fire Beast **
    - Where you got Salamando
    - Zanbie Xanvier, the Fire Beast (9292 HP)
    - If he casts Flame Saber, you'll heal him
    - Cancel Flame Saber with anti-enchantment items like Puipui Grass
    ** Icey Labyrinth ~ Water Beast **
    - Where you got Undine
    - Fiegmund, the Water Beast (10750 HP)
    - When he's underneath, you can only use magic
    - If you don't have Angela, use Lustriums from Baizel
    ** Dorian Gemstone Valley ~ Earth Beast **
    - Land Flammie just north of Baizel, across the mountain
    - You've never been here before, and it's tough
    - Land Umber, the Earth Beast (7652 HP)
    - Real easy boss compared to all the hard enemies
    ** Ancient Ruins of Light ~ Light Beast **
    - Land Flammie just West of Castle Laurant, it's isolated
    - Find a room where you can use elementals on the wall
    - Use Wisp on the left tile, then Shade on the right tile
    - Light Gazer, the Light Beast (10932 HP)
    - You'll need Mama Potos Oil, Light Gazer can Moogle the party
    ** Harlequin Tower ~ Moon Beast **
    - Where you got Luna
    - Doran, the Moon Beast (9839 HP)
    - He may seem hard, but actually he's not so hard
    - He can use Lunar Magic, whic lowers TOTAL HP !
    ** Forbidden Woods ~ Tree Beast **
    - Land Flammie North of Lampflower Forest
    - It's pretty straight-forward
    - Mispalm (13483), weak against Fire, Water, and Moon
    36. The Rainforest Ruins
    - Go in the little building, sleep
    - The Mirage Village will appear, talk to everyone
    - Outside the town, fight the purple eye things, get ??? Seeds
    37. Glass Desert ~ Darkness Beast
    - This is a straight-forward area
    - Zable Faar (9999 HP North, 5052 East/West)
    - Creepy jester thing, like Kefka on steroids
    ***** Class Change #2 *****
    - I know you hate it, but you have to...
    - Level up to Lv. 38
    - Go to the Headless Statue in Pureland
    - You'll need ??? Seeds to change, plant them in Inns
    - There are four colors for the items, one for each class
    - Yellow for Light/Light, White for Light/Dark 
    - Blue for Dark/Light, Red for Dark/Dark
    - Duran: Amulets, Angela: Books, Kevin: Heart Crests
    - Charlotte: Jars, Hawkeye: Dice, Riese: Necklaces
    - The items need to be in your active Ring Menu
    38. Into Glass Desret ~ Dragon Cave
    - Bill and Ben clones are all over
    - You'll fight the Dragon Warrior (Duran's father)
    - Use hit-and-run, do not let him do his Limit Break
    - If you win, procede further into the cave
    39. Hall of the Dragon
    - You'll rematch Full Metal Hagger, Tail-Eater, and Zenker
    - Then you'll fight...
    - Koran, the Scarlet Wizard (14722 HP)
    - Any attack magic will heal him, and he only uses magic
    - The Dragon Emperor will appear and go
    - He escapes to the Pureland for more power, you'd better stop him
    40. Grand Finale: The Pureland
    - The maze is different, but not too hard
    - The mimics are easy and a great source for EXP
    - Make sure you have learned all you spells
    - Now for the final battle:
    - Dragon Emperor has the Mana and can now transform into a dragon!
    - Dragon Emperor (55551 HP), he's pretty easy, though
    - Watch his color, it changes his elemental defense
    - Good Luck
    Appendix ver. 2.0
    I. Start Menu (does Microsoft know ?)
    - Press START
    - Here, swap items in your "warehouse" with active Ring Menu
    - Place the Nitro Bomb and Flute here, when you don't need them
    - ??? Seeds can stay in here, but Class-Change items need to be active
    II-A. Baizel Left Salesman
    - Water Coin: casts "Ice"
    - Sahagin Scale: ups magic power
    - Poseidon Claws: casts "Ice Saber"
    - Earth Coin: casts "Diamond Missle"
    - Bujette Scale: ups defense
    - Molebear Claws: casts "Earth Saber"
    - Wind Coin: casts "Air Blast"
    - Bird Scale: ups speed
    - Siren Claws: casts "Thunder Saber"
    - Fire Coin: casts "Fire Ball"
    - Drake Scale: ups attack power - YOU NEED THESE FOR ALL BOSSES
    - Cerberus Claws: casts "Flame Saber"
    II-B. Baizel Right Salesman
    - Potos Oil: cures whole party - YOU NEED THESE ALWAYS
    - Mama Potos Oil: restores whole party's status
    - Poison Dart: small Tree damage plus poison - worthless
    - Ninja Star: large non-elemental damage
    - Throwing Ax: medium non-elemental damage - worthless
    - Pumpkin Bomb: medium Fire damge - worthless
    - Light Coin: casts "Holy Ball"
    - Dark Coin: casts "Evil Gate"
    - Specter Eye: casts "Dispell" - sometimes very usefull
    III-A. Duran's Classes
    - Fighter: Nothing Special
    - Knight (Light): Heal Light, can equip shields
    - Paladin (Light/Light): Bright Saber
    - Lord (Light/Dark): Twinkle Rain
    - Gladiator (Dark): Bolt and Rock Sabers
    - Sword Master (Dark/Light): Flame, Ice, Lunar, and Leaf Sabers
    - Duelist (Dark/Dark): Shadow Saber
    III-B. Angela's Classes
    - Magician: Level 1 attack magic
    - Sorceress (Light): All Level 2 attack magic (except Dark)
    - Grand Devina (Light/Light): Level 2 targets all, X-Magic
    - Arch Mage (Light/Dark): Level 2 targets all, Rainbow Attack
    - Deviler (Dark): Only Level 2 Dark ("Dark Force")
    - Rune Master (Dark/Light): Level 3 attack magic !
    - Magus (Dark/Dark): Level 2 attack magic (except Light), Meteo
    III-C. Kevin's Classes 
    - Grappler: Nothing Special
    - Monk (Light): Wolf's Bane (werewolf during Day), Heal Light
    - God Hand (Light/Light): Mana Magic (limit breaks right away)
    - Warrior Monk (Light/Dark): Leaf Saber
    - Berserker (Dark): Nothing Special
    - Devilish (Dark/Light): Lunar Saber
    - Devil Hand (Dark/Dark): Moon Energy (ups critical hit)
    III-D. Charlotte's Classes
    - Cleric: Heal Light and Twinkle Rain
    - Priestess (Light): Ice, Rock, Bolt, and Flame Sabers
    - Bishop (Light/Light): Anti-Zombie (undead instant-kill)
    - Sage (Light/Dark): Elemental sabers target all
    - Enchantress (Dark): Level 1 Summons
    - Necromancer (Dark/Light): Level 3 Summons
    - Evil Shaman (Dark/Dark): Level 2 Summons, Satan's Breath
    III-E. Hawkeye's Classes 
    - Thief: Nothing Special
    - Ranger (Light): Treasure chest traps as spells
    - Wanderer (Light/Light): All Moon and Tree magic
    - Rouge (Light/Dark): All trap spells
    - Ninja (Dark): Shuriken, 4 Elemental Dances
    - Ninja Master (Dark/Light): Bill and Ben's Limit Break
    - Night Blade (Dark/Dark): All bad-status magic, Black Rain
    III-F. Riese's Classes 
    - Amazoness: Nothing Special
    - Valkyrie (Light): "Power-Up" magic for party
    - Vandalis (Light/Light): Summon Freya
    - Star Lancer (Light/Dark): Power-Up targets all, Summon Marduk
    - Rune Maiden (Dark): "Power-Down" magic to enemies
    - Dragon Master (Dark/Light): Summon Dragon
    - Fenris Knight (Dark/Dark): Power-Down targets all, Summon Hexas
    Elranzer Stuff
    - Thanks to everyone who has Instant Messeged me with interest
    - With the extra interest, it has influenced me to optimize the guide
    - I hope you all like the new look and the accurate translations

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