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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nightblade

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 11/12/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            . : :   S E I K E N   D E N S E T S U   I I I   : : .
                            Seiken Densetsu 3
                        Walkthrough/FAQ version 1.7
                 Created by Nightblade, 29 September 2000
                    E-mail - Nightblade@antisocial.com
                         Copyright Nightblade 2000
    .:: c o n t e n t s ::.
    -> author's note
    -> version history
    -> the basics
    -> tech descriptions
    -> magic/ skills listing
    -> party section
    -> walkthrough part i: the spirits
    -> walkthrough part ii: the god-beasts
    -> walkthrough part iii: the final battle
    -> stuff to do
    -> quotes
    -> thanks
    -> contact information
    -> public service announcement
    .:: a u t h o r ' s   n o t e ::.
    Hey, welcome to my Seiken Densetsu 3 Walkthrough/FAQ. My name is
    Nightblade. Well, maybe not -Nightblade-, but I seem to have some
    identity problems here... so bear with me, alright? Anyway, I am the
    somewhat author for this guide. I believe now that this has some decent
    content now, rather than the lame-ass attempt/version before.
    Contrary to popular belief, many of the old school SNES and NES games
    are far better than any PSX or N64 game you could chuck at me. Maybe not
    in graphics and first impression, but in terms of gameplay, storyline
    and characteristics, most of these games will come out on top. Seiken 3
    is one of them. Never released out of Japan, people missed out a lot,
    until one day... you should know the story by now. Basically, it got
    translated. Now everyone is praising Neill Corlett and his team, and I
    don't blame them.
    Okay ... version 1.7. But not the mage-ass version 1.7 update you 
    expected. I merely changed some stuff to make it look better and split 
    the walkthrough into 3. Not a single word was added >=) ... well, cut 
    the addition in version history, of course. The next one might be the 
    huge one, though ... just keep on waiting, and I will deliver ...
    Which brings be to a cease of my jabbering and the proper guide. I am in
    no way done or finished with this... thers some more to come. But for
    the meantime, enjoy...
    .:: v e r s i o n   h i s t o r y ::.
    All dates are in DD/MM/YY format...
    version 1.0 - Started the guide, with a base Walkthrough. Soon to be 
    updated, though =P. Date - 29/09/2K 
    version 1.1 - Added the Party Section. Date - 01/10/2K
    version 1.2 - Added the Basics Section, changed a little text here and 
    there, and added some submissions of more teams. Date - 02/10/2K
    version 1.3 - Added the credits, weird section, and the copyright. Date 
    - 03/10/2K
    version 1.4 - Revised and changed the format of this section, cut out 
    the weird section and instead put in some quotes. Changed some text, and 
    added more party suggestions. Date - 03/10/2K
    version 1.5 - Finalised version before submission to GameFAQs. Added 
    Equipment and places to go to the basics section, changed some text, and 
    finished the walkthrough, cut some final areas. Added necessary contact
    information. Checked and cleared all (I hope) of the typo errors, and am
    about to send this away. Wish me luck... Date - 05/10/2K
    version 1.6 - Very minor update, changed 'introduction' to 'author's 
    note'. Added a list of tech and magic descriptions, and went through 
    everything again. Re-worded some parts and tackled all the typos. I did 
    a lazy job with the typos last time =P. Date - 13/10/2K
    version 1.7 - Still delaying the major update for a while, so this will 
    have to compensate. I changed the headings/general visual formats for 
    the most part, and split the walkthrough into three respective parts of 
    the game. I'll be working on another FAQ before I undertake the major 
    update, though. Date - 10/11/2K
    .:: t h e   b a s i c s ::.
    This is a section for the newbies. Basically, it's for you to get to
    know the controls, menus and such. It's rather easy to figure out.
    Here's a little run through...
    .:: i) basic basic - the controls ::.
    < Commonly used Phrases >
    Tech - Every class has one. There's a much deeper explanation below
    MP - Magic Points. How much energy a spell needs and how much energy
    you have.
    HP - Hit Points. How many points of damage you can take before dying
    Lucre - Or Luc, as the game refers, is the main currency in Seiken 3. I
    don't know why they put it in this so-called -Japanese- game, though. It
    sounds rather french to me....
    < Controls - Non-battle >
    A = Accept, speak, select
    B = Cancel, shut up
    X = Enter Ring Menu
    Y = Enter Main Menu
    L = Control 2nd character (hold)
    R = Control 3rd character (hold)
    Select = Change party leader
    Start = Enter Storage
    < Controls - Battle >
    A = Attack, select
    B = Tech, cancel
    X = Enter Ring Menu
    Y = *none*
    L = Control 2nd character (hold)
    R = Control 3rd character (hold)
    Select = Change party leader
    Start = *none*
    .:: ii)the menu/ sub-screen ::.
    At any time (when not engaged in battle) during your journey, you can
    hit "Y" to bring up the Main Menu. Here you'll see your three
    characters, and a bunch of acronyms in the bottom right corner. They are
    other menus. It should look a little like this...
     BTL | --- | MGC
    Okay... so you don't get them? a little run-down may help...
    < WIN - Window Select >
    Here, you can select what speech windows you want. Rather a preference
    thing than actual information. There is a guideline at the bottom left
    corner on what you do. This can be quite handy, actually. The default
    window select isn't too intruiging. <Faint possibility of being flamed
    to death> ah well...
    < INV - Inventory Exchange >
    Here, you can switch who's holding what, or where you want to put
    something. Particularly useful when obtaining that equipment from those
    damn Weapon/Armor seeds and you have to give to to the right person.
    ARRGH! Once again, there are handy guidelines in the northwest corner on
    what to do.
    < EQUIP - Equipment Exchange >
    Here, you give your characters better equipment. Hit A, choose what part
    you want to change, then hit A again to select what to change into. As
    alot of people may ask, to equip your other characters simply press
    "Select" and you'll get another characters equipment menu up. That goes
    for everything else.
    < BTL - Battle Behavior >
    Here you can select how your characters will behave in battle. The
    choices are...
    -> Start attacking with closest enemy
    -> Assist *2nd character*
    -> Assist *3rd character*
    -> attack different enemies than allies
    ... for a beginner, I'd suggest everyone assisting each other. For
    example, Player 1 assists Player 2, Player 2 assists Player 3, and so
    To the right of that, you'll see a list. After selecting battle mode,
    the cursor will point to that menu. It should look a little like this...
    -> < Don't use techs >
    -> Whirlwind Lance *Level one tech*
    -> Flying Heaven Spear *Level two tech*
    -> Hundred Flower Dance *Level three tech*
    And that's where you choose what tech you want the AI controlled
    characters to use in battle. When I use boss strategies below and quote
    "Use Level 1 techs only", simply go there and make everyone use Level
    one techs. I would offer the competition-like thing (as with stats,
    below), but it would be too easy for even the causual newbie to search
    around the net and read a walkthrough, no? Moving on...
    < MGC - Magic Analysis >
    Here you can select a spell from the listing to the left, and hit A on
    it to see how much MP the spell costs and what it does, ie; the effect
    of the spell; on a more dramatic side of things. Besides that, this
    screen will not come into action until after class change for the most
    < FILE - Save Files >
    This lets you look at where and when you last saved, as well as your
    time/progress through your game, and any others you have played. I
    don't necessarily see why it's there. But, nonetheless, it's there even
    if you aren't... =P
    *Tip* - If you are unsure of class change, save in a different slot
    before changing. Then, if you don't like you decision, you can always go
    back. And after, when you start a new game, you can easily erase it and
    save in that same slot.
    < STAT - Statistics >
    Here you'll see the basics stats and attributes to a certain character.
    To the top left you'll see the stats. It should look something like
    Attack - 345
    Defense - 300
    Evade - 32
    Magic def. - 93
    ... and below that come the attribues, which should look something like
    Strength 17 |||||||||||||||||
    Agility  17 |||||||||||||||||
    Vitality 18 ||||||||||||||||||
    Intell.  21 |||||||||||||||||||||
    Spirit   19 |||||||||||||||||||
    Luck     16 ||||||||||||||||
    ... umm, can anyone guess which class that was? It'll earn you a place
    in the credits, heh. Yeah, I know that the casual newbie could also surf
    around and find this one out, but it seems like it would be a little
    harder to me. Anywayz, go right a little and you'll see your experience
    points. It shows how much EXP you have and how much you need to get a
    level up.
    < CON - Controls >
    This is basically a no-brainer. If preferably different from default,
    you can change the controls at will. The handy guideline is there to
    tell you what to do. It's in the bottom right corner.
    .:: iii) systems in seiken densetsu 3::.
    Whoo! Seiken Densetsu 3 ranks somewhat high in the creativity and
    originality of the normal turn-based sword-weilding (well, not so much
    in that =P) RPGs of square. This is a basic analysis of the different
    systems that set Seiken Densetsu 3 aside from everything else... apart
    from Secret of Mana.
    < Day/ Night System >
    You'll notice soon enough in your game that it rotates from day to night
    frequently. It isn't much of a biggie, since all you get is different
    enemies and/or harder enemies. But there are some minor, minor things
    that involve switching from Day time to Night time in order to proceed
    with the game.
    < Week/ Day System >
    Seiken Densetsu 3 also rotates through a weekly cycle of days, as per
    usual in real life. Each of the days are named after an elemental spirit
    except for Shade and Wisp, who represent the -time- of the day
    (Light/Dark). The "Sunday" of the week is represented by the Faerie.
    Spells of the elemental will be stronger on its day, and opposites will
    be weaker. A good idea is to never visit a boss on his or her special
    day. Chances are, you won't come out nice. A little chart...
    Wisp/Lumina = Day time
    Shade = Night time
    Luna = Luna's Day
    Salamando = Salamando's Day= Undine's Day
    Dryad = Dryad's Day
    Jinn = Jinn's Day
    Gnome = Gnome's Day
    Faerie = Mana Holy Day
    < Storage System >
    At any given time, hit "Start" to bring up the storage. It should look
    something like this...
     <Item>                     Put into storage
     >Round Drop        6        Round Drop        16
      Pakkun Chocolate  8        PuiPui Grass      67
      Moogle Badge      1        Honey Drink        9
      Wind Drum         1        Magic Walnut      10
      Demon Wolf Soul   2        Book of Rune      99 (Often left here =P)
      Nighteye Die      5        Stardust Herb     17
      Nothing                    Light Coin         3
      Nothing                   >Shade Statue      23
                                 Demon's Claw       8
                                 Holy Water Vial    1   V
    ... to the left is your current item ring, and what's in it. To the
    right is what is in your storage. There are three things you can do in
    storage. "Restock", "Store" and "Exchange". To restock, simply select an
    item in your ring and if you currently have some more in your storage,
    select the exact same item and you'll restore it to 9. To store, select
    and item and then hit A on "Put into Storage". To Exchange, select and
    item and a different item on the storage side. If you choose an item
    from the storage that is already in your ring, you'll just refill it. So
    it's best not to.
    < Ring System >
    Ahhh... no more annoying Main Menus for getting and using items. Seiken
    Densetsu 3 brings you rings. Hit X at any given time, and you'll bring
    up your item ring, used for basically selecting and using items. If you
    hit up from there, it'll bring you to your Magic ring, where you can
    select and use a spell. Unless it is supportive or healing magic, you
    can't use magic out of battle.
    < And finally... the Class Change system >
    You've probably already heard this, but for the sake of it...
    Every character in Seiken Densetsu 3 can engage two class changes
    throughout the game. When they class change, depending on what you
    change into, you'll get new skills and magic, a different tech, and
    better statistics. Each character can choose light or dark twice, thus
    resulting in four final classes per character. And if you come to think
    about the twenty different party selections to go with it, you'll get a
    headache as well as an idea of how much replay value this game has. A
    visual chart...
                        Light + Light (LL)
              Light (L)/
             /         \Light + Dark (LD)
            /           ------------------
           \            Dark + Light (DL)
            \           ------------------
             \Dark (D) /
                       \Dark + Dark (DD)
    ... in which you've probably seen ten times over.
    To obtain first class change, you must simply be Level 18 and near a
    Mana Stone or another source of Mana. The ones available are the Wind,
    Water, Fire, and Moon stones, or the silver Mana Goddes statue in the
    Holyland. Then, search the source of Mana and if you are at the right
    level or higher, a selection of two will appear. The top is light, the
    bottom is dark. A more in-depth section on what to choose and why will
    come soon.
    To obtain second class change, you'll need to be level 38 and near the
    Silver statue in the Holyland. You'll need a special class change item
    to break the seal, though. The items you'll need will be both in the
    class section and items section, both soon to come. If you are at that
    exact point and need the item desperately, email me with your current
    classes and what you want, and I'll tell you what you need. Anyway,
    these items can be obtained from ??? seeds, which can be found in many
    places after the God-beasts are unleashed. For example, the Labyrinth of
    Ice Walls, the Ancient Ruins of Light, The Forest of Illusion, and other
    such places.
    .:: iv) places in a city ::.
    Here is a brief explanation of the places you can visit in most towns,
    and what you can achieve out of them, as well as how...
    < The Inn >
    The Inn is usually marked by and "Inn" sign, so it shouldn't be too hard
    to find. In an inn, you can rest for the night to replenish HP/MP and
    save. It can also be used in handy to change from day to night when
    necessary. Inside every inn is a magic pot, where you can grow certain
    seeds that you've found and obtain certain items.
    < The Armor Store >
    Usually marked by a Helmet or a Shield sign, the Armor store will sell
    you and your allies new/better armor, to increase defenses and other
    statistics, such as evade or magic defense. If you can't equip an item,
    the shopkeeper will ask if you'd like to pass it on to an ally, so
    everyone will have upgrades when they need it. After this, simply enter
    the Equip menu in the sub-screen and equip your new defenses. Remember
    to sell your old stuff when you don't need it to gain extra cash.
    < The Weapons Store >
    Much like the Armor store, the weapons store is distinguished by a sword
    on top of the door. You have the same options and such as with the armor
    store. Remember to sell your used goods as well...
    < The Items Store >
    The Items store will sell you basic items, such as Round Drops, PuiPui
    Grass, and Magic Walnuts. When visiting each town, remember to go to
    this store and restock on items, seeing as they are not too expensive.
    Remember, you can only hold 10 items in your ring and 9 of each, but
    they can always be stored.
    .:: v) techs, magic and equipment ::.
    Enraged newbie: "How do you obtain/use techs and magic? HUH???"
    Nightblade: "Whoa dude, cut a litle patience! read the text below!"
    <Disclaimer> This hilariously sad comedy act (C) Nightblade 2000... LOL
    < Techniques >
    Techniques are kind of special attacks that can be executed when the
    right amout of bars in the bottom gauge is full, or at necessary amount.
    Every class will obtain a tech (Except for Kevin), and since you can
    class change twice, you'll result with three techs. The tech bar will
    expand as you class change...
    Level one tech - 4 sectors of the tech bar
    Level two tech - 7 sectors of the tech bar
    Level three tech - 9 sectors of the tech bar
    ... a wide selection of these techs are "fullscreen", which plainly
    means that. They hit everyone on the screen, hence the name
    "Fullscreen". They are somewhat superior to use and most of these are a
    fair bit stronger than the single-target techs, not like you can choose
    who you want to hit ;P The "soon-to-come" class section will have
    listings of who gets what techs and such.
    < Magic >
    To obtain magic, two things are needed. One, the right elemental spirit,
    and two, the right attribute level. So say, Diamond Missile needs
    Intelligence 7 to learn, and you have Intelligence 11 and you -still-
    don't have it, it means you don't have Gnome yet, who is the spirit
    needed for that spell, and Vice Versa. That's about it for magic, a full
    list of spells and which stats/spirits they correspond to and trigger
    will come soon.
    < Equipment >
    Every class apart from neutral will have Ultimate Weapons/Armor. These
    are the strongest possible, and they come free. But you have to hunt for
    them. They grow from the brown-colored Weapon/Armor seeds, usually found
    around the Dark God-beasts lair. Once you have obtained them, plant them
    at an inn and they'll grow into equipment such as the Brave Blade and
    the Sacred Shield for the Paladin.
    DONE! that's basically all you need to know. But hey, what say you read
    all of that and you haven't even started yet? Well, you better start!
    .:: t e c h   d e s c r i p t i o n s ::.
    Here, I'll list each characters techs and describe them. It won't be of
    much use to you, but it should be a sorta good read...
    *Note: This may give potential spoilers*
    .:: kevin ::.
    -> Ashura Dream Fist - Kevin will glow, then somersault to send a kick
    and a punch at the enemy.
    -> Whirlwind Kick/ *Tornado Throw - Kevin will leap to the middle of the
    screen, and start kicking in a whirlwind form to hit all enemies. *Kevin
    will grab and enemy, then throw him or her onto the ground.
    -> Water Moon Slice/ *Bastard Slam - Kevin will somersault and send a
    blue kick and an upwards arc, severely damaging one enemy. *Kevin will
    grab the enemies back and throw them.
    -> Byakko Shockwave/ *Stardust Bomb - Kevin will leap to the center of
    the screen, then will send one surging energy ball to damage each enemy
    on the screen. *Kevin will grab an enemy, then jump high in the air to
    throw the enemy to the ground.
    -> Genbu 100 Kick/ *Blow Impact - Kevin form another copy of himself,
    and the two will kick and attack one enemy. *Kevin will grab an enemy
    and throw them, leaving a dust like semi-circle.
    -> Seiryuu Death Fist/ *Dead Crush - Kevin will leap into the center of
    the screen, and in dash of white will damage all enemies. *Kevin grabs
    an enemy and violently crushes them into the ground.
    -> Suzaku Sky Dance/ *Veributach - Kevin will leap into the center of
    the screen, send a howl to the moon, and will damage all enemies. *Kevin
    grabs an enemy and performs a suplex-like throw.
    .:: charlotte ::.
    -> Bonkle - Charlotte will glow, then twirl her flail to hit an enemy
    -> Jump - Charlotte will jump onto an emeny, attack multiple times with
    her flail.
    -> Dash - Charlotte will dash up to an enemy and attack with her flail
    -> Chop Chop - Charlotte will pull out a fan-like object and slap the
    enemy with it, multiple times.
    -> Boom Boom - Much like Jump, Charlote will send fiery flail attacks
    onto an enemy.
    -> Craaaazy - Charlotte will go crazy and attack an enemy multiple times
    with her flail
    -> Huge Huge - Charlotte's Flail will grow large, and she will swing and
    attack one enemy with her enlarged Flail.
    .:: duran ::.
    -> Cross Slash - Duran wil glow, then swing two arcs with his sword to
    an single enemy.
    -> 3-Step Cut - Duran will attack one enemy in three steps: straight,
    then up, then down.
    -> Whirlwind Sword - Duran will jump into the center of the screen, then
    whirld his sword to damage all enemies on the screen.
    -> Flashing Sword - Duran will leap into the center of the screen, hold
    his sword to the sky, and then a circle of light will damage all enemies
    on the screen.
    -> Magic Circle - Duran will create the mythical magic circle on an
    enemy, then leap in the air and slash the enemy with great power.
    -> Vacuum Sword - Duran will leap into the center of the screen, twril
    his sword in a circle above his head, and the wind made from this will
    damage all enemies.
    -> Eruption Sword - Duran will stab his sword into the ground, and lava
    will form around him and his enemies, damaging them all.
    .:: angela ::.
    -> Double Attack - Angela will glow, then swing her cane twice in and
    arc to damage an enemy.
    -> Pink Typhoon - Angela will show her ass to an enemy, kiss, and damage
    an enemy.
    -> Star Attack - Angela will point her cane at an enemy, then multiple
    stars will shoot from it to damage yhe enemy.
    -> Spiral Rod - Angela will throw her cane at the enemy in a spiraling
    manner, damaging an enemy
    -> Dancing Rod - Angela will spin her cane very quickly, and the cane,
    with no support, will jump and attack the enemy.
    -> 10t - Angela will throw her cane and summon a 10 tonne anvil to
    damage an enemy
    -> Hot Shot - Angela will point her cane at an enemy, and will fire
    fireballs to damage an enemy.
    .:: hawkeye ::.
    -> Back Slash - Hawkeye will glow, then spin around and slash at an
    enemy with his daggers.
    -> Flying Swallow Toss - Hawkeye will pull out and throw one dagger each
    to every enemy on the screen.
    -> Silhouette Slice - Hawkeye will jump from a wall and swiftly create a
    silhouette while the real Hawkeye slashes down twice on an enemy.
    -> Dance of Roses - Hawkeye will throw a rose to an enemy, and while
    distracted will slice into both the rose and the enemy, damaging it.
    -> Thousand Slice - Hawkeye will leap and attack an enemy with multiple
    slices of his daggers.
    -> Shadow Dive - Hawkeye will dive into the shadows, then reappear in
    front of an enemy to slice and damage it.
    -> Split-Image Slice - Hawkeye will split himself into however many
    enemies on the screen, then attack them all with a slice.
    .:: riesz ::.
    -> Whirlwind Lance - Riesz will glow, then twirl her spear and stab an
    enemy, damaging it.
    -> Vacuum Surge Spear - Riesz will jump to the center of the screen,
    then twirl her spear above her head and the wind from it will damage all
    -> Flying Heaven Spear - Riesz will jump into the air and individually
    leap down to stab every enemy on the screen.
    -> Light Shot Spear - Riesz will throw her spear into the heavens, then
    a series of light spears will fall to damage all enemies.
    -> Falling Star - Four Riesz's will appear from the four corners of the
    screen and shoot towards an enemy. The real Riesz will then attack that
    enemy from either the top ot bottom of the screen.
    -> Dragon Tooth Spear - A Fiery Dragon Head will shoot from one end of
    the screen to the other in the line of one enemy, damaging it.
    -> Hundred Flower Dance - Riesz will leap and attack one enemy multiple
    times, sending petals flying.
    .:: m a g i c / s k i l l s   l i s t i n g ::.
    Here I'll list all the spells/ skills under their respective elemental
    spirit, then include a brief description of the spell/ skill along with
    the needed statistic and Magic Point cost. I will be using the shortened
    abbrieviations of stats to save space. The needed ones go as follows:
    DEX = Dexerity/ Agility
    INT = Intelligence
    PIE = Piety/ Spirit
    CON = Constitution/ Vitality
    .:: wisp spells ::.
    Spell/MP Cost           Description                        Learned At
    -------------           -----------                        ----------
    Holy Ball (2MP)         Level one light magic                INT. 6
    Saint Beam (5MP)        Level two light magic                INT. 6
    Heal Light (3MP)        Restore HP                           PIE. 6
    Magic Shield (4MP)      Half magic damage to ally            PIE. 18
    Tinkle Rain (2MP)       Restore status                       PIE. 7
    Saint Sabre (4MP)       Gives light attribute to weapon      PIE. 6
    .:: gnome spells ::.
    Spell/MP Cost           Description                        Learned At
    -------------           -----------                        ----------
    Diamond Missile (2MP)   Level one earth magic                INT. 7
    Earthquake (4MP)        Level two earth magic                INT. 7
    Stone Cloud (7MP)       Level three earth magic, petrify     INT. 7
    Protect Up (2MP)        Defense power up                     PIE. 10
    Speed Down (2MP)        Hit/Evade rate down                  PIE. 10
    Diamond Sabre (4MP)     Gives earth attribute to weapon      PIE. 7
    .:: jinn spells ::.
    Spell/MP Cost           Description                        Learned At
    -------------           -----------                        ----------
    Air Blast (2MP)         Level one wind magic                 INT. 8
    Thunderstorm (4MP)      Level two wind magic                 INT. 8
    Stun Wind (7MP)         Level three wind magic, silence      INT. 8
    Speed Up (2MP)          Hit/Evade rate up                    PIE. 10
    Protect Down (2MP)      Defense power down                   PIE. 10
    Thunder Sabre (4MP)     Gives wind attribute to weapon       PIE. 8
    .:: shade spells ::.
    Spell/MP Cost           Description                        Learned At
    -------------           -----------                        ----------
    Evil Gate (2MP)         Level one dark magic                 INT. 9
    Dark Force (5MP)        Level two dark magic                 INT. 9
    Death Spell (8MP)       999 damage to enemy with a lower     INT. 18
                            level than caster
    Black Curse (6MP)       All stats down                       PIE. 18
    Dark Sabre (4MP)        Gives dark attribute to weapon       PIE. 8
    .:: undine spells ::.
    Spell/MP Cost           Description                        Learned At
    -------------           -----------                        ----------
    Ice Smash (2MP)         Level one ice magic                  INT. 10
    Mega Splash (4MP)       Level two ice magic                  INT. 10
    Cold Blaze (7MP)        Level three ice magic, freeze        INT. 10
    Mind Up (2MP)           Magic def/effectiveness up           PIE. 10
    Power Down (2MP)        Attack power down                    PIE. 10
    Ice Sabre (4MP)         Gives water attribute to weapon      PIE. 9
    .:: salamando spells ::.
    Spell/MP Cost           Description                        Learned At
    -------------           -----------                        ----------
    Fireball (2MP)          Level one fire magic                 INT. 10
    Explode (4MP)           Level two fire magic                 INT. 10
    Blaze Wall (7MP)        Level three fire magic               INT. 10
    Power Up (2MP)          Attack power up                      PIE. 10
    Mind Down (2MP)         Magic def/effectiveness down         PIE. 10
    Flame Sabre (4MP)       Gives fire attribute to weapon       PIE. 9
    .:: luna spells ::.
    Spell/MP Cost           Description                        Learned At
    -------------           -----------                        ----------
    Lunatic (5MP)           Lower enemy's max HP                 INT. 15
    Half Vanish (3MP)       Half enemy's HP                      PIE. 16
    Body Change (3MP)       Turns enemy into chibikko            INT. 11
    Life Booster (4MP)      Raises ally's max HP                 PIE. 16
    Energy Ball (6MP)       Increases critical hit rate          PIE. 13
    Leaf Sabre (4MP)        Gives HP absorbtion to weapon        PIE. 10
    .:: dryad spells ::.
    Spell/MP Cost           Description                        Learned At
    -------------           -----------                        ----------
    Sleep Flower (3MP)      Puts enemy to sleep                  INT. 10
    Poison Bubble (5MP)     Poisons enemy, absorbs MP            INT. 15
    Trans Shape (2MP)       Immune to physical attack            PIE. 16
    Aura Wave (3MP)         Maxium gauge count                   PIE. 8
    Counter Magic (4MP)     Reflects offensive magic from ally   PIE. 16
    Leaf Sabre (4MP)        Gives MP absorbtion to weapon        PIE. 10
    .:: skills and traps ::.
    Skill/MP Cost           Description                        Learned At
    -------------           -----------                        ----------
    Double Spell (9MP)      Tri-elemental magic damage           INT. 17
    Rainbow Dust (10MP)     Quad-elemental magic damage          INT. 17
    Ancient (12MP)          Heavy neutral magic damage           INT. 20
    Pressure Point (1MP)    Werewolf attack power                CON. 12
    Arrow (1MP)             Level one trap attack                DEX. 13
    Spike (2MP)             Strong level one trap attack         DEX. 14
    Rock Fall (3MP)         Level two trap attack                DEX. 15
    Land Mine (4MP)         Strong level two trap attack         DEX. 16
    Silver Dart (2MP)       Light elemental damage               DEX. 17
    Cutter Missile (3MP)    Neutral damage                       DEX. 17
    Crescent (4MP)          Dark elemental damage                DEX. 17
    Rocket Launcher (5MP)   Fire elemental damage                DEX. 17
    Axe Bomber (6MP)        Strong neutral damage                DEX. 17
    Grenade Bomb (7MP)      Wood elemental damage, absorbs MP    DEX. 17
    Shuriken (1MP)          Neutral damage, hit rate down        DEX. 13
    Water Jutsu (3MP)       Water damage, power down             DEX. 14
    Fire Jutsu (3MP)        Fire damage, mind down               DEX. 15
    Earth Jutsu (3MP)       Earth damage, evade rate down        DEX. 16
    Thunder Jutsu (3MP)     Wind damage, protect down            DEX. 17
    Poison Breath (3MP)     Wood damage, poison                  DEX. 18
    Flame Breath (3MP)      Fire damage                          DEX. 18
    Blow Needles (3MP)      Neutral damage, silence              DEX. 18
    Deadly Weapon (4MP)     Neutral damage, lowers max HP        DEX. 18
    Black Rain (6MP)        Strong Dark Magic                    DEX. 19
    Turn Undead (1MP)       999 damage on undead enemies         PIE. 19
    Unicorn Head (1MP)      Level one summon magic               PIE. 12
    Machine Golem (2MP)     Strong level one summon magic        PIE. 12
    Ghoul (3MP)             Level two summon magic, poison       PIE. 18
    Gremlin (3MP)           Level two summon magic               PIE. 18
    Ghost (5MP)             Strong level two summon magic        PIE. 18
    Great Demon (5MP)       Strong level two summon magic        PIE. 18
    Demon Breath (6MP)      Dark magic, greatly decreases magic  PIE. 18
    Freya (6MP)             Level three summon magic, chibikko   INT. 15
    Marduke (6MP)           Level three summon magic, silence    INT. 15
    Iormundgand (7MP)       Level three summon magic, poison     INT. 15
    Lamian Naga (7MP)       Level three summon magic             INT. 15
    .:: p a r t y   s e c t i o n ::.
    Basically here are some favorite/effective teams, mine and other peoples
    alike. This should help you choose a team if you can't decide. Ummm... I
    may add a list of every single team, but that may get a little too
    opiniated and biased. So, these parties are -personal- faves, and are -
    biased. Don't get me wrong here, okay? Sweetas.
    .:: paladin, god hand, bishop ::.
    Ah, the God Squad. This party is one of the best to choose for a first
    rounder. Works wonders on any quest, but is specifically for Duran's
    quest. Why Duran's? simple answer. The Black Rabite. With two Saint
    Sabre casters, plenty of healing, AND two awesome fighters, it works
    well in all ways.
    .:: ninja master, star lancer, bishop ::.
    An excellent team which mixes stat up and stat down, along with great
    elemental backup (Ninjitsu, Sabres) with great magic. You'll have two
    decent attackers, a great healer, who can double as a support character
    and spell-caster as well.
    *Additional opinion submitted by Armisael (Armisael@hushmail.com)
    My favourite team is Hawkeye, Riesz, and Charlotte, as Ninja Master,
    Star Lancer and Bishop. It was a toss up between Charlotte as a Bishop
    and Duran as a Lord, but Charlotte won out in the end because she gets
    her multitarget heal light earlier :) Anyway, I like the Ninja Master
    over the Nightblade in this team for a few reasons; Star Lancer has
    Marduke, so you don't need Blow Needles. Ninja Master hits harder than
    Nightblade, and doesn't get the hit-for-one-damage bug the Nightblade
    gets on my game. And since I'm only ever level pegging with the enemies
    I face, I often use Thunder Jutsu at the start of a regular battle
    before canning them.
    .:: rogue, arch mage, bishop ::.
    Less specifically, the Undead/Dark slaying squad. Perfect for
    Charlotte's quest. What with Silver Dart and Turn Undead. For those
    pesky enemies who aren't quite dead yet =P, Saint Beam/all will take
    care of them perfectly.
    .:: wanderer, fenrir knight, magus ::.
    Okay, so you lack a healer. Great regardless, you have offense, magic,
    and support magic galore. Get Counter Magic and Mind Down cast, then
    Ancient will just destroy the enemies. You'll have Body Change and Sleep
    Flower at your disposal for the... -tight- times where you can't heal
    but need to get out of something.
    .:: swordmaster, fenrir knight, dervish ::.
    The Vampire Squad. Highly effective, and a, shall we say, -fun- approach
    to the game. Hit and heal. The main aim here is to use the Fenrir Kngiht
    to your best ability, casting Protect Down on everything. Whilst doing
    this, Duran and Kevin can Moon Sabre your party, and you can attack
    away! The god-beasts will be simple with sabres, but however, this is
    rather a team for the more experienced ones.
    .:: nightblade, star lancer, bishop ::.
    *Submitted by Professor Daravon (MetalliumXellos@aol.com)
    First of all, I think everyone knows why Star Lancer is good. =o I
    actually prefer the single-target tech since she has a lv. 2 multi-
    target tech that is suprizingly strong even in the later level, and
    single-target Lv.3 techs are good for the bosses. Then, there's the
    combo of Stat-up/down with Riesz and Hawk as well. With Hawk, you combat
    weaknesses of God-Beasts and have a stat-lowering effect. Bishop is
    pretty good in this case, but Sage is a good(Yes, good =P) choice too.
    This team would do good with multi-sabres and Turn Undead doesn't have
    much use in the late levels, plus Magic Barrier does half as much as a
    Mind-up would do. Anyway.. Riesz would be your main attacker after all
    the stat-ups(many times you wouldn't need it) and Hawk would back-up and
    Carlie would heal if you get damaged too much. I was able to beat
    Archdemon at lv.47 with this team. =P
    .:: swordmaster, death hand, fenrir knight ::.
    *Submitted by Ryu Seiryuu (Ryuseiryuu@crosswinds.net)
    I like this team of Swordmaster, Death Hand, and Fenrir Knight. The
    Swordmaster could provide the sabers, including the healing saber (moon
    saber) when a character needs it. Have Fenrir Knight cast stat downs and
    your moon saber would be twice as effective, including the amount of
    damage to the enemies. The Death Hand is just powerful. Give him the
    right saber and he'll do great damage. Cast an Energy Ball, preferably
    on Luna's Day and he'll be on a killing streak. This is one of the
    deadliest teams I've played so far. =)
    .:: wanderer, fenrir knight/dragon master, warrior monk ::.
    *Submitted by DavieZBOY (DavieZBoy@aol.com)
    Hawk is my 2nd favorite character and Wanderer has a lot of cool spells
    like; TransShape to go invisible for a while, Aura Wave to make your
    attack gauge go to full, and Poison Bubble which does three things,
    damages the enemy, (duh) poison them, and steals 1/5 of their MP. Riesz
    is my very favorite character, and I like Fenrir Knight because of her
    multi-targeted stat down spells, and cool summon, but my favorite summon
    and tech are the Dragon Master's, but that class doesn't multi-target
    her stat down spells. And Warrior Monk 'cause you should always have a
    healer and he has multi-targeted Heal Light, and the Leaf Saber which
    can help sometimes, he's also a pretty strong attacker
    .:: wanderer, magus, death hand ::.
    *Submitted by Rune Master
    My Fav party definately consits of Hawk as a Wanderer, Angela as a
    Magus, and Kevin as a death hand. You can't beat Ancient, Hawk's
    moon/tree magic, and Kevin's strength.
    .:: swordmaster, god hand, fenrir knight ::.
    *Submitted by Starlancer (Starlancer8@hotmail.com)
    I liked my Swordmaster, God Hand, Fenrir Knight combo. I think someone
    else already submitted a team much like that except in his team, Kevin
    was a Death Hand. So the differences here are: Kevin as a God Hand meant
    I had a healer for most of the game, plus his level 2 tech is full-
    screen. So I had three full-screen level 2 techs from the three
    strongest attackers for most of the game! Unleash them all at once and
    you have ultimate destruction. No Energy Ball here, but Pressure Point
    and Aura Wave were plenty effective.
    .:: bishop, vanadis, grand divina ::.
    *Submitted by Starlancer (Starlancer8@hotmail.com)
    I'm also really enjoying the team I'm currently trying, the ''Carlie's
    Angels'' team (will be Bishop, Vanadies, Grand Divina). All light-light.
    I haven't made the 2nd class change yet but am really having fun
    balancing the physical and magic attacks. Angela's multi-target level 2
    attacks are important for this low offense team, and they're not even
    costly. She'll be at her strongest class as Grand Divina. Riesz will
    also be at her strongest, providing the physical attack, deadly multi-
    target techs, and stat up support to make herself stronger. Carlie will
    have single-target sabers for Riesz, great healing, and Turn Undead,
    which will come in handy for the end of her quest.
    .:: lord, fenrir knight, arch mage ::.
    *Submitted by Paul Wolfstien (Paulwolfstien@aol.com)
    Duran attacks, and heal's (great combo :P ) Lise can't give the multi
    stat down's, and attack, and summon :P Angela has multi-target level 2
    spells, plus rainbow. Lise can use a 'mind down' followed by any of
    anglea's spells and that hurts. 'Power Down' works for Duran and Lise
    also. It's a fun little team.
    .:: paladin, wanderer, warrior monk ::.
    *Submitted by Paul Wolfstien (Paulwolfstien@aol.com)
    You have three great attackers, Duran with heal light, saint saber, and
    a great FST. Hawkeye has a good attack, a slew off good spells,
    especially Aura Wave which he can throw on Duran or Kevin or BOTH :P.
    Kevin as a Warrior Monk is strong, can multi-target heal light, has moon
    saber, and a full screen tech. This is probably actually my favorite
    team in the game.
    .:: duelist, vanadis, evil shaman ::.
    *Submitted by Buskaboo (SD3Buskaboo@aol.com)
    I like this team because of its power and ability to heal whenever you
    want. You have IMO the two strongest techs in the game, Eruption Sword
    and Light Shot Spear. Your guys are the strongest of any of your classes
    so you can definately kick butt. It may be a little slow, but it really
    doesn't matter. The Evil Shaman is one of my favorite classes because it
    can heal, use attack magic, and isn't that bad of an attacker. Her
    summons are actually pretty good. This team is so fun to use ^_^
    That's it for now. More to come. If you have any of yours, feel free to
    e-mail me and provide some reasoning. I'll give you full credit for your
    input hehheh.
    .:: w a l k t h r o u g h ::.
                  p a r t   o n e   -   t h e   s p i r i t s 
    *Intro's soon to come. If you need in-depth help, email me*
    .:: i) the light, the faerie ::.
    < Castle City Jad >
    After your introduction, you'll arrive at Jad, via boat or swim. If you
    chose Charlotte, you'll go straight to Astoria, so skip this bit and
    scroll down to Astoria below. Now, on your arrival, you'll see Lugar
    talking. When you regain control, to your left is an Inn. Spend the
    night there and choose to wake at night. Now, Jad isn't guarded, so you
    can leave. Outside is the Rabite Forest. The path is fairly simple, just
    follow it until the intersection (south/west). When you reach it, keep
    heading south till you reach Astoria
    < Lakeshore Village Astoria >
    In the southeast area of the village is a Weapons Store. Equip a new
    weapon and speak with the guy outside. To the northeast is a small
    bridge, speak to the old woman there. If you want, fight a few Rabites
    outside and gain experience. When you are ready, rest at the Inn. An
    extremely bright light will awaken you; follow it.
    < Rabite Forest >
    Follow the light, and when you reach the intersection once more, head
    west. Follow the path from here. At the end, the light will dimmen.
    Speak to the Faerie inside. She has come from the Holyland to warn the
    Priest of Light about the declining Mana. Introduce yourself, and she'll
    rest inside you. You'll notice something happening in Astoria. Rush back
    there and see what happened.
    .:: ii) the spirit of light - wisp ::.
    < Lakeshore Village Astoria >
    The whole village was thrashed. Now, (it is actually quite funny) your
    Main character will curse the beastmen in one way or another. After they
    nod, go north and head east at the sign. Here your second character will
    tell you his or her story and join you, seeing as you have a Faerie who
    will break the cave's seal. Do so and enter the Cave of Waterfalls.
    < Cave of Waterfalls >
    Go east and south, and you'll see a Gold Statue. Use it and save. Now go
    south twice, and west once. Here you'll meet Charlotte if she is not
    already in you team. After her story, if you chose her third she'll join
    you here, early. If not, she won't, obviously. Regardless, follow her to
    < Holy City Wendel >
    Upon entering, to the north you'll find an Armor shop. Go in and equip
    your main character with some new armor. Your second should already have
    it. Now go down the stairs in the shop and search the barrel, containing
    an Angel's Grail. Grab it an go back outside. Now, rest at the Inn if
    you want or just head straight north to the Temple of Light. Climb
    either flight of stairs and enter. From here, head north twice and speak
    to the Priest of Light. Th Faerie will tell the Priest about the Mana,
    and your main character will do his or her whine about what they want.
    The Priest explains that you are the only one who can draw the Sword of
    Mana from the Holyland, but the Faerie is too weak to open the gate. So,
    the Faerie explains that if you obtain the eight spirits who guard the
    Mana Stones, she might be able to open it. Then, the Priest says that
    Wisp, the Spirit of Light, is said to be seen at a Giant Waterfall in
    the cave to the east. With that, go out and restock on your items, then
    return to the Cave of Waterfalls.
    < Cave of Waterfalls >
    Make your way back to where you met Charlotte. The Faerie will notice
    two gaps. Now continue and go back to the Gold Statue. Use it if you
    like and go south, then west. When the menu pops up, select Spirit and
    then Faerie, and the Faerie will help you across the gap. Once across,
    go west and north, fighting through enemies. Clear the enemies in this
    next room, and to the west is a Gold Statue if you need it. Now go east
    twice, and north. Once this area is cleared, heal/restock on items, and
    then into the gap for your first boss.
    Recommended Level - 5
    Strategy - At this point of game, there isn't much you can do. Whack at
    him with your weapons, and aim for the eyes. Use Round Drops to heal,
    and PuiPui Grass when he uses Bubble Breath, which is one of his
    strongest attacks. He's not very hard.
    When he is defeated, you'll obtain the Power of Wisp. The explosion
    opened a gap, so take it and from there take the southeast exit out.
    When you use the Faerie to cross the Gap again, Lugar and his Beastmen
    will push you off. Here plays a scene at the Mana Holyland of the start
    of the Faerie's journey.
    .:: iii) the spirit of earth - gnome
    < Castle City Jad >
    You'll wake up wounded in a cell. Look through the bars and then your
    third character, or and NPC if you got Charlotte, will help you out. He/
    she will tell you about the boat that they heard leaving soon, and then
    join you. Heal up at the Gold Statue and go out. Follow the southern
    doors out of the castle, and take the ship from the port, which is next
    to the Inn.
    < Free City Maia >
    When you reach Maia, no to the Armor Store (Shield and Helmet embossed
    as a sign above it) and equip everyone with a new helmet. Rest at the
    Inn if you like, then talk to the Merchant at the eastern most exit.
    He'll tell you how the Priest of Light fell ill after putting up a
    stronger barrier around Wendel. Go out to the Golden Road.
    < Golden Road >
    Here is a pretty good place for building levels if you are low. Simply
    follow the path. About two thirds through, you should see a cave
    opening. Enter it, it is the Cleft of Earth. (You might recognize it if
    you chose Duran). Save at the Silver Statue and go out. Just as you are
    about to cross the bridge, Altenan soldiers will think you are Forcenan
    soldiers and get the Machine Golems to attack.
    Recommended Level - 6
    Strategy - They'll start by dealing 20-30 damage to each character. Heal
    up and attack them physically. They have one special each - Rocket
    Launcher. If they have used them both and you have Angela, bomb 'em with
    Holy Ball. Heal with Round Drops, and you should do fine. They are fast
    but easy.
    When they are defeated, one will crawl to the middle of the bridge and
    blow up. Now you can't get to Forcena to learn more about the Mana
    Stones, so you'll have to go back to Maia and find another way there.
    < Free City Maia >
    Go to the northeast corner of the city, and enter the house there. Talk
    to Bon Voyage - the man with the weird hat - and he says he can help you
    get to Forcena with his cannon. Go out back and he'll say that the thing
    needs gunpowder. Go outside again, and your characters will wonder where
    to get it. Your main character (to the best of their ability) will
    suggest asking someone else in the town. Do so. Speak to the man behind
    the garden, south of the Inn's entrance. He'll say that the dwarves have
    gunpowder, and the entrance is near the Cleft of Earth. Return there,
    and search the Silver Statue. This time, use Wisp, and she'll open the
    secret entrance to the Dwarf Village.
    < Dwarf Village >
    Firstly, equip everyone with new weapons/armor. Then, go to the items
    store, and buy a magical rope or two. With fresh equipment, rest at the
    inn and save your game. Go out and head east. There should be a new
    dwarf here. Speak to him and he'll open up the passage to the Dwarf
    < Dwarf Tunnel >
    Go in and north, defeating all the enemies. Now go west and you should
    see a dwarf behind the bar-type things. Head west again, and go into the
    back room. The exit is in the northeast corner. Follow it till you reach
    a room. Talk to the Dwarf. He is Watts, and will sell you gunpowder.
    Don't buy it off him, even if you have the cash (quite unlikely). You'll
    get it free. Once he runs off, head back to the room where you exited at
    the corner, and follow the path. At the end, where the path curves into
    a single opening, restock on items and heal. Then head in, speak to
    Watts, and you'll fight the legendary Jewel Eater.
    Recommended Level - 7
    Strategy - This boss battle is a long one, but rather easy. If you have
    Angela, bomb him straight off with Holy Ball. If you don't just whack
    away with weapons, that's all your variety right now =P. When he puts
    your defense down, use a Stardust Herb to clear it away. As usual, use
    Roud Drops or Charlotte to heal. Keep your HP above 60, because his best
    attack, Grand Slam, can shave off about that much if your defense is
    When he is defeated, you'll obtain the power of Gnome and Watts will
    give you some free Gunpowder. Let him warp you out with his Magic Rope.
    Return to Maia, and go to Bon Voyage's house. Give him some Gunpowder
    and he'll blast you to Forcena... sort of.
    .:: iv) the spirit of wind - jinn ::.
    < Molebear Highlands >
    He didn't quite get enough velocity, so to speak. To put it short, you
    landed just a little away from Forcena. Head north and use the Statue if
    needed. Now jump in the hole. You come out another one. Jump into the
    one next to it. If Duran isn't in your team, you'll meet him. Now go
    south, east, south, and jump into that hole. You'll come up from one of
    four holes. Ignore them, they lead to each other. Now go out the
    Northeast corner, go north, and jump through that hole. Go north, east,
    and north again to Forcena.
    < Grasslands Country Forcena >
    Altena invaded it. You'll run up to one of the Knights and then run to
    the Castle. Now, go north and a little west, and enter that door. Use
    the Gold Statue and save. Now go north, north, and go up the center
    path, north twice, to the Throne Room. Koren is just about to kill him,
    but you'll rush through and he'll disappear. Talk to the King, and learn
    more about the Spirits. He'll say the next one you need is Jinn (hence
    the title =P), and to go and see him after you get Jinn. Run back out to
    the city. Restock on items if you'd like, then rest. Now, you must do
    either to set up a cannon.
    -> If it is night, a green-haired woman at the pub will comment on a
    large cannon set up in the courtyard.
    -> If it is day, a green-haired woman in a house in the southwest corner
    will comment on a large cannon set up in the courtyard.
    ...either way, after you talk to the woman go to the courtyard. Bon
    Voyage's brother, Bon Jour, has set up a cannon. Use it and let him
    blast you back to Maia. From there, take the Golden Road all the way to
    the end, where you'll arrive at Byzel.
    < Merchant City Byzel >
    Nothing much to do here. If you like, rest at the Inn and wake at night.
    In the center of the city is a large building. It only opens at night,
    and is the Black Market, where you can buy some unique items. If you
    don't have the cash, don't worry since you'll get another chance soon.
    When you are ready, take the eastern-most exit to the port, where you'll
    catch a ship to Palo.
    < Fishing Harbor Palo >
    The southwest corner has the weapons store, and the northeast corner has
    the armor store. Visit both and equip some new equipment (repetitive
    verb...ARGH!). Restock on items, rest if you want, the usual, then go
    west out to the Path to the Heavens.
    < Path to the Heavens >
    If you have Angela here, the enemies are simple. Very. At night,
    Zombies/Chibi Devils will come out. Use Holy Ball. In the day, Needle
    Birds and Harpies, along with the occasional Chibi Devil, will attack.
    Use Diamond Missile. Or, weapons work just as good. Go north, north, and
    north again. Go east a little and you should be at the base of a flight
    of stairs, splitting in two directions. Forget the stairs and head east,
    then cross the bridge. Enter the cave and use the statue to save. Go
    out, and climb the mountain of some sorts. At the end, the flowers will
    set you to sleep.
    < Rolante Secret Hideout >
    You'll awake in a cavern. After the amazoness speaks to you (depending
    on whether you have Riesz or not, it will be harsh or kind), go out.
    Regardless, do a little eavesdropping on their meeting, which is in the
    northeast most room. The elder won't know how to retake Rolante Castle,
    but he tells you to ask the sage, Don Perignon. He's a Corobokkle, and
    you can only meet him if you are one, too. To do this, you need the
    legendary Chibikko Hammer. Someone who lives in Byzel owns it. Go out,
    and climb the long flight of stairs north. Follow the path and speak to
    the amazoness, who is Merci. Yet another relative of Bon Voyage, she'll
    blast you to Byzel with her cannon.
    < Merchant City Byzel >
    Rest at the inn until night. Now, clear a slot in your item ring and
    enter the Black Market. In the center west, talk to the old lady and
    she'll give you the Chibikko Hammer. Go to the right salesman, who will
    sell claws, coins, and scales. Buy at least three Poseidon and
    Molebear's claws. Go to the right, and buy some Mama and Poto Oils, and
    light coins. When you are all stocked up, catch the ship to Jad.
    < Castle City Jad >
    Take the Rabite Forest path to the Gold Statue. Here, go down and west a
    little, to the Gargoyle statue. You should see a little dude running
    away to the northwest corner. Search the Gargoyle statue and use the
    Chibikko Hammer on all your allies. Then go there yourself.
    < Corobokkle Forest >
    Talk to the Corobokkle Elder. Then, go to each of the four tree-huts and
    speak to the corobokkles. The last one will say "Hey, wasn't there
    someone outside?" Now go out, and speak again with the Corobokkle Elder.
    He is really Don Perignon and will tell you that you need Jinn to spread
    the Sleep Pollen all throughout Rolante. Now leave, and go back to Jad.
    Catch the ship to Palo.
    < Fishing Harbor Palo >
    There's some new stuff to buy, so restock on the more powerful items and
    go back to the Path to the Heavens. Once at the top, to the west of the
    bridge should be a cave opening. Take it and eter the Corridor of Wind.
    < Corridor of Wind >
    You'll have to hit the green switches to change the wind's blowing
    direction. A quick run-through. From the entrance, run up the stairs and
    go north. Then, go west and you'll really be in. Go north and hit the
    switch, then go west and ride the wind south. Go out the western exit.
    From here, go west a little and from your choice of north or west, take
    the north opening. Go west a little and hit the switch. Run up past the
    wind and hit the switch center of the screen. Now ride the wind to the
    northwest corner, where you shouldn't be able to cross back. From here,
    go out west and through the next opening. Run down until you can get
    past the wind, then east and ride the wind down. Run up and around, all
    the way north to hit the switch. From here, take the closest blowing
    wind up. Run back and the wind previously blocking should be running
    west now. Take it and then you'll be blocked by yet another blowing
    wind. Go east and around, then hit the switch. Now you should be free to
    go out. Do so. Now, once outside. Follow the path and ignore the middle
    opening as of yet. Go all the way around, and use the Gold Statue at the
    end. Now go through the middle opening, where you'll see the Wind Mana
    Stone. It is availabe for Class Change is you are of that level. Now,
    your third character will notice the footsteps. Heal and follow them
    out. The Darkshine Knight will notice you, and then use Jinn's energy to
    summon Tzenker.
    **BOSS - TZENKER**
    Recommended Level - 10
    Make sure you have - Molebear's Claw, Diamond Missile/Earth Coin
    Strategy - Cast the Molebear's Claw on your fighters. With Angela, blast
    Tzenker with Diamond Missile, and if not use the Earth Coins. They
    should be dealing 80+ damage each time. Recast and repeat the process. A
    good idea is to save your MP/Coins until when she is out of reach of
    your fighters. Use Mama Poto Oils if you have it to heal when she puts
    you to sleep. It will be another fast-paced but easy battle.
    After Tzenker is dead, you'll obtain the Power of Jinn. Now, you'll have
    to make your way out of the Corridor of Wind. Remember how you were
    blocked off before? You'll have to find another way past. Do this. Leave
    the Mana Stone room, and go to the northwest corner. Run north all you
    can, then east. Ride to wind downwards. Now go around the rock wall and
    exit at the northeast corner. From here, ride the wind and then take the
    eastern most opening. Hit the switch and go back out. Now go the where
    the sleep flower was, just before you got knocked out. Use Jinn to
    spread the sleep flower all over Rolante. You'll then get transported
    .:: v) the spirit of darkness - shade::.
    < Wind Kingdom Rolante >
    The two barrels contain an Angel's Grail and a Round Drop. Take them and
    go through the first gate. When you come to the castle, don't take the
    main entrance but the smaller one just east of it. Go east, beat up the
    Ninja, and go north. Your main character will comment about the trained
    monsters. Continue and leave through the southwest flight of stairs.
    Here, you'll meet Hawkeye if he's not in your team. Keep moving one, the
    path from here is very straight forward. Go south then east, and out
    south. Outside, climb the stairs and enter the next room. Leave to the
    west and run west and north. Forget that room and continue east, twice.
    Go up twice, west a little and south. In the next room, stop off at the
    door that's inside and use the Gold Statue. Now go out and follow the
    path. Before entering the last door, heal and restock. Enter it and
    you'll face Genova.
    **BOSS - GENOVA**
    Recommended Level - 12
    Make sure you have - Poseidon's Claw
    Strategy - Cast the Poseidon's Claws on everyone as soon as you get in.
    He'll spit out Shapeshifters, but try not to fuss over them. If needed,
    the AI controlled characters will take care of them. But when a
    shapeshifter turns into a ogre box/kaiser mimic and Genova casts Power
    Up, deliberately attack the shaeshifter. Otherwise, attack Genova full
    force. Use Pakkun Chocolates or Poto Oils to heal and you should do
    fine. When he is defeated, you'll regain HP/MP. Now head up and you'll
    meet some of Hawkeye's old friends - Bill and Ben.
    Recommended Level - 12
    Make sure you have - Poto Oil, Stardust Herb
    Strategy - These two will be the fastest bosses you'll fight yet.
    They'll probably start off with a Multiple Shuriken, which will deal 60+
    damage to everyone. Heal immediately with Poto Oil because there's a
    high chance they'll do it again soon. When they use Ninjitsu, clear that
    ally with the Stardust Herbs. Attack full on, and if you have class
    change, don't use your Level Two tech because they'll counter. Don't
    even touch Magic. Attack physically, and it will be the quickest but
    hardest battle you've been through, probably.
    When they are defeated, run up and meet Bigieu. She explains herself
    working for the Dark Prince and everything. Then you'll be in the throne
    room of the castle. The amazonesses will thank you and you'll be outside
    the castle. Now that you have Jinn, you can go back to see King Richard.
    Make your way back to Palo.
    < Fishing Harbor Palo >
    First things first, there are new weapons and armor to be bought. Grab
    them and restock on items if you need to. Now rest at the Inn, and wake
    at night. From the harbor, catch the ship, suprisingly for free. Anyway,
    if it isn't night, it will be a long ride. It will stop halfway to the
    destination, and you'll wake up.
    < Ghost Ship >
    Run out, and your character will say they don't like the place. (I think
    it's pretty cool) From here, go out and run all the way west, the Faeire
    will sense the presence of a very weak spirit. Now, you should be in a
    corridor of three. The far east leads to where you came from. The center
    leads to a room with two enemies. When you defeat them, speak to the
    zimbie that says, "Welcome..." and he'll sell you stuff. Make sure you
    have some Stardust Herbs and PuiPui grass. Now go to the far west door.
    Climb the stairs, and so a little south and west. There should be a lone
    door. Go in, and you'll find a library. Now, there are three books.
    Shelves, rather. Anyway, read the books in this order: right, left,
    center, left, or Blood, Death, Curses, Death, which is the code. Now the
    east room should open. Read the book, which contains an insane number of
    "Dies". Mataro will appear, a ghost on the legendary Ghost Ship. Now
    switch your character that you directly control to your weakest, or your
    less necessary. Angela and Charlotte are most necessary. Now, with that
    character, speak to Mataro and he'll transfer a curse over to that
    person, making him or her a ghost. Now run away, back to the three-room
    corridor. You can go back to the east door, and rest in your room if you
    want. Otherwise, go to the east most end of the corridor and go north.
    Climb the stairs, then go south, west a little, and north through the
    western door. When you are back out another corridor, ignore all other
    doors and follow the corridor, defeating enemies in that corridor only.
    When they are gone, do not climb the stairs. Heal and restock. Then
    climb the stairs for a grueling battle.
    **BOSS - GORVA**
    Recommended Level - 12
    Make sure you have - Holy Ball/Light Coins, PuiPui grass, Stardust
    Strategy - If you don't have Angela here, I can say you're 75% screwed.
    But he is defeatable. If you have Angela, hit him non-stop with Holy
    Ball. If you run out of MP, result to using Light Coins or a Magic
    Walnut. If you don't have Angela, the Light Coins are your best bet. But
    you only have nine of them max, remember. If he uses silence, ignore it
    unless it is Angela. Reserve items. If he uses Black Curse, use a
    Stardust Herb to clear the effects. Your choice of party will probably
    effect this battle the most =P
    When he is defeated, you'll obtain the Power of Shade and get your
    cursed party member back. Now you'll learn the story of the God-beast of
    Darkness. The ship will vanish.
    .:: vi) volcanic island bucca ::.
    Wait... you landed on an island? Rest and relaxation? Far from it. After
    landing, go to the northwestern corner, where you'll see a giant turtle.
    Now return to where you landed and go east. Work your way around the
    beach once, then head north. Go east again and you should be on some
    grassland. Go north, then east to work your way around. From here, go
    north twice, and you should be by a river. Defeat the enemies and go
    east, then north. From here, go east and you will find the Village of
    Dark Priests.
    < Village of Dark Priests >
    The totem pole in the center works as a Golden Statue. Use it if
    necessary. The center north priest will sell you armor. The one south
    east of it will sell you items. The one directly south of him will sell
    you weapons. Equip yourself and talk to the rest of the Dark Priests.
    They'll tell you about a huge eruption coming, and a sea dweller.
    Go back to the river and head west, along the northern side of it. Go
    north now, and then north at the northwestern corner. From here, head
    west twice. Search the rock, and use Gnome to help shift the walls and
    you'll find the secret entrance to the Sea Dweller's cave.
    < Seashore Cave >
    The way is very straightforward. There are two parts. The first is very
    short, and you'll be outside by a waterfall when you're done with it. In
    the second, follow the path until you hit a Gold Statue. Now continue,
    and you'll eventually reach another. This is a great place to level up,
    because things start getting harder. Just run between the statues. When
    you are ready, from the second statue, go north, west, and north. Here
    you'll meet Jagan, and the Volcano will erupt. The Giant Turtle will
    save you just in time. He'll give you a ride to Maia, where you should
    take the cannon again to Forcena.
    .:: vii) the spirit of water - undine ::.
    < Grasslands Country Forcena >
    Talk to the King. He'll give you a glimpse of where you'll find the last
    four spirits. Then, he'll explain that the Giant Turtle who brung you to
    Maia is Booskaboo. He then gives you the Pihyara Flute, a flute that can
    be used to summon Booskaboo at your call. Clear a space in your ring and
    take it, then go back to the courtyard and blast yourself to Maia.
    < Calling Booskaboo >
    Go out to the Golden road and go to the beach. Select the Pihyara Flute
    and it will play. Booskaboo will come, and after waving you'll be in
    control. Use the World map in the northwest corner for a guide, and the
    one in the northeast corner to see how close you are. You want to go the
    the icelands in the northwest of the world map, so ride Booskaboo there,
    where you'll have to maneuver your way around rocks and land on a beach.
    From there, go east to Elrand.
    < Snow City Elrand >
    There's new Weapons and Armor to be equipped, so grab them and rest.
    Then, leave southeast to the Sub-zero Snowfield.
    < Sub Zero Snowfield >
    Go south, then west twice. In the next area, defeat the enemies and go
    south. Fight here and then go west twice, then south at a exit that is
    quite hard to see. Go around the ice and north, then west, north, and
    use the Silver Statue if you need to. From here, go north, west, and
    west. Go south twice. Here, for east and use the Gold Statue, then
    restock and go west twice, where you'll fight the Machine Golems again.
    Recommended Level - 18
    Make sure you have - Heal Light (all)/Poto Oil
    Strategy - They're gonna be as easy as the first time, right? Wrong.
    Three of them now, and very annoying. They'll start off with dealing 70+
    damage to everyone. Recover and attack, using Level 1 techs. Don't touch
    spells this time. Rumors are, Thunder Sabre/Siren's Claw will make them
    easier, but I'm unsure. Never worked for me. This is basically an
    attack, heal, and survive battle. They're fast, but will die quickly.
    When they are defeated, go west twice and enter the Labirynth of Ice
    Walls. Search the mana stone, and the Faerie will talk. Your main
    character will suggest to let them open the gate and jump in, but the
    Farie will go psyche. Undine will appear, crying, and then he'll join
    you. Most likely now, you'd have reached level 18 so the Mana Stone is
    available for class change. If not, keep going, there are two more to
    use. Go back to Elrand's beach, and ride Booskaboo to Sultan, which is
    southeast of the world map.
    .:: viii) the spirit of fire - salamando ::.
    < Sand City Sultan >
    Rest up and restock. Nothing else to do here, so go east to the desert.
    < Desert of Scorching Heat >
    From the start, go east and south twice. Then go east and south. From
    there, go south and east at the lower exit. East, south and east once
    more will lead you to Deen.
    < Oasis Village Deen >
    The only reason I brought you here is to buy new equipment -
    accessories. Equip everyone with one and rest here if you need to. When
    you are reasy, go back out west to the Desert
    < Desert of Scorching Heat >
    Leave at the northwest corner, then go west. Now leave via the northwest
    exit and go south. Here, defeat the enemies and restock, heal, whatever.
    Go east to fight Bill and Ben again.
    Recommended Level - 20+
    Make sure you have - Heal Light (all)/Poto Oil, Stardust Herb
    Strategy - Maybe a little easier than first time round since you may
    have obtained Class Change. The basis here is still optimal - attack and
    heal. They'll most likely start off with a Mutli-cast Shuriken or
    Ninjitsu that may hurt. Recover from Nijitsu with Stardust Herbs and
    Shuriken with Poto Oil. Then attack. Once again, magic is of no use in
    this battle when they frequently counterattack.
    When they are defeated, go further to the Valley of Flames.
    < Valley of Flames >
    Go south, east at the second opening, south, east, north, west, and
    south. From here, use the Gold Statue then follow the sole path to the
    Fire Mana Stone, to obtain the Power of Salamando. The stone is
    available for class change now. Go back to Sultan's beach, and ride
    Booskaboo to Mintos, which is center-west of the world map, just a
    little south of the Ice continent.
    .:: ix) the spirit of the moon - luna ::.
    < Moonlight City Mintos >
    Go east and south, into the actual city. Here you can equip new weapons
    and armor, rest at the inn, whatever you want. Restock on items and go
    west of the weapons/armor shop, which is in the southwest of the city,
    to the forest.
    < Moonlight Forest >
    The path gets a little puzzling, so follow these instructions. Go south,
    south, west, west, west, and north. Here should be a Silver Statue. Use
    it and heal your characters. Then, go north and you'll face Lugar.
    **BOSS: LUGAR**
    Recommended Level - 22+
    Make sure you have - Heal Light (all)/Poto Oil, Specter's Eye
    Strategy - The strategy here is to keep it simple. His strong points are
    his techs, so use a Specter's Eye every once and again to cancel his
    gauge. Don't use anything other than normal physical attacks or he'll
    counter. Keep to these simple guidelines, and he'll be a wimp.
    When you defeat Lugar, Kevin will run by his side to help him. Luna will
    appear and Kevin will ask Luna to help. She'll turn Lugar into a baby,
    and then she'll join you. Go north to the Moonreading Tower. Search the
    Moon Mana stone and the Faerie will explain that it keeps the forest in
    eternal night. It is avaliable for class change if you have not yet had
    one. Now go back to the beach, and ride Booskaboo just northeast of it,
    to the Lampflower Forest, to obtain the last spirit.
    .:: x) the spirit of wood - dryad ::.
    < Lampflower Forest >
    Use Luna on the bush, and she'll remove the plant that belongs to the
    Moonlight Forest. Continue west, and you'll meet Charlotte again if
    she's not in your team. Go south and defeat the enemies. If Charlotte
    isn't in your team, speak to her and she'll tell you the secret of the
    Lampflower forest. Wait until night or use a Dreamsee Herb. When it's
    night, follow the lit-up red flowers to reach Diorre.
    < Flowergarden Land Diorre >
    No one is in a state to speak to you, so just go and visit the Faerie
    king, whose house is in the southwest corner. He'll tell you to use the
    Power of Luna on a gold statue near the center of the forest. Now, when
    you regain control, go for the new weapons and armor. Rest at the inn
    for an incredibly cheap cost of 10 Lucre. When you are ready, go back to
    the Lampflower Forest. If you are troubled in finding a way out, just go
    north twice and you'll be back. From here, go west and search the Gold
    Statue. Here, use Luna like the Faerie King said and open the secret
    path. Follow it west, north, and north, where you'll face Gildervine...
    WAIT! you did take the usual precautions of restocking/healing, right?
    though so...
    Recommended Level - 22+
    Make sure you have - Chibikko Hammer, extreme patience
    Strategy - A very easy battle, though very annoying. He/She'll (wait,
    let's just call it an "it")... it'll put you to sleep, poison you, and
    stat down on magic. What you want to do here is attack and use spells
    and techs. Whatever you can throw at him to kill him quick. When he is
    about to be defeated, an extremely ugly head will pop up and start
    casting spells like crazy. Heal and continue your attack.
    When he is defeated, you'll receive the Power of Dryad. And there you
    have it, all eight spirits. The Faerie will tell you to go to the Island
    of Oblivion, where you can open the gate to the Holyland. Race back to
    the beach and ride Booskaboo there, smack bang in the middle of the
    world map. Right here and now, the story will unfold.
    .:: xi-a) island of oblivion - gate to the holyland ::.
    Just go to the next screen to see an incredible scene...
                            **SPOILERS AHEAD**
    The eight spirits will appear and help the Faerie to open the gate, but
    will fail. Then, the Faerie will say she'll try once more, and call for
    the Power of the Mana Goddess. The gate will slowly grow, then expand
    and rise into the air. Here, you'll see the three aggressor nations,
    Altena, Navarre, and the Beast Kingdom, attack and land in the Holyland.
                            **OKAY, LOOK NOW**
    Now that the gate is so high, you'll have to find another way inn.
    You'll learn, one way or another, of a creature called "the Father of
    the Winged Ones", who lives atop the highest mountain in the land.
    You're best bet is Rolante, so head there and speak to the amazoness.
    She'll open the Summit of the Skies for you.
    < Summit of the Skies >
    Go east, but don't take the northwest path. Continue east as it's the
    proper way. Now go east and north, then west a little and out. From
    here, continue your climb northwest/east until you reach a cave. Go
    through the cave and go north. Now head out and you'll climb the
    twisting cliff. At the top you'll meet the "Father of the Winged Ones",
    but you'll soon realize it is a female and a child. Dependind on who you
    have on your team, either Riesz or the Faerie will rename her Flammie.
    Now Flammie will take you into the Mana Holyland, after a somewhat
    unnecessary scenic tour =P
    .:: xi-b) the mana holyland ::.
    Land to see a massacre of bodies. Now go north. There's a wide selection
    of Rabites to defeat, each who make good level building material. Level
    boost just a bit, as the next bit is quite tough. Now back to
    directions, after heading north go west, climb the stairs to take them
    west. Here, the exit is a little tricky. It's in the northeast corner
    (you can walk on the plants). In the next screen, the exit is in the
    southeast corner. From here, keep going north until you reach two golden
    statues and a silver one. At the silver one, you can make a first class
    change, or your second one. Go east twice, and then follow a series of
    north exits. At the end the only direction possible is west. Here is the
    Mana Tree. You'll see the Sword of Mana, so you arrived just in time.
    With the lead character, walk up to it but it won't move. Try again and
    you'll have the help of all the Mana Stones. Once dragged out, you'll
    ask the Faerie what to do with it but there'll be no reply. An image of
    the Mana Goddess will appear and tell you that the Faerie is in grave
    danger. She'll leave you a gift. Clear a slot in your item ring and take
    it. It is the Wind Drum, used whenever accessible to summon Flammie. You
    can't summon Flammie yet, you'll have to go back to the landing point
    and exit the gate. Do so and call Flammie. Here the game splits into
    three. Just follow that of your Main Character and ignore the rest.
              p a r t   t w o   -   t h e   g o d - b e a s t s
    .:: xii-a) kevin/charlotte - the beast kingdom  ::.
    Fly Flammie to the Beast Kingdom, a city imprisoned by walls either
    side, a little northwest from the moonreading tower. You'll land outside
    the gate. Now head inside. Go through the northern center entrance.
    Here, take either the left or right door, it doesn't really matter. From
    here, take the left door which will lead to some stairs. Now go east to
    find a Gold statue. Use it if necessary. Now go west, south, and south,
    and follow the stairs to the throne room. Deathjester will steal the
    sword from you and give you back the Faerie. Now the Faerie will check
    on the Mana Stones, all beginning to crack. The god-beasts are now
    unleashed. You'll get teleported outside...
    .:: xii-b) duran/angela - magic city altena ::.
    Fly Flammie to Altena, in the northwest corner of the ice continent. You
    can sneak in a Weapon/Armor upgrade before the others in Altena. Now
    you'll have to go to the castle, which is in the northern center of the
    city. Once inside, take the left door, go north, then take the next door
    and follow the path. Go all the way north and you'll reach the throne
    room. Now, Koren will steal the sword from you and you'll get the Faerie
    back. She'll check on the Mana Stones, all beginning to crack. The god-
    beasts are now unleashed. You'll get teleported outside...
    .:: xii-c) hawkeye/riesz - sand fortress navarre ::.
    Fly Flammie to Navarre, in the sourth eastern part of the desert
    continent, southeast of the map. Take the main entrance, going north.
    Then go into the first door you see the use the Gold Statue. Head back
    out and enter the fortress. Go through the center door. Climb the stairs
    and take the corridor, then go south, west, and take the left door. Now
    climb the stairs, go south, east, and take the right door. Go north,
    north, and take the set of stairs which will lead to the Throne room.
    Here, Jagan will steal the sword and you'll get the Faerie back. She'll
    check on the Mana Stones, all beginning to crack. THe God-beasts are
    unleashed. You'll get teleported outside.
    .:: xiii) the god-beasts ::.
    For the next seven tasks, you'll have to defeat the god-beasts,
    irrelevant of order. So, I'll place the strategies in the order that you
    get the spirits, but they can be beaten in any order. Everything that
    was placed in numerical fashion will be replaced by aterisks, such as
    the event number or recommended level. After you beat your first and
    fourth god-beasts, there will be merchants just before God-beasts lairs
    for weapon/armor upgrades. It might do your conscience some good to know
    that the god-beasts, and/or the enemies lurking around their lairs will
    go up two levels after every time you beat one. At any time through the
    god-beasts, you can cut out and take a rest, or fly to the holyland for
    class change. Regardless, they are seven tasks that have to be done...
    .:: **) the god-beast of light - lightgazer ::.
    < Ancient Ruins of Light >
    The God-beast is in the Ancient ruins of light, so fly there. It is
    surrounded by mountains and is placed near Wendel. Go north, and exit to
    the west. Now exit againt to the lower west. Go west a little, then
    north and climb the stairs. Go north to thr building and enter it. Leave
    near the southeastern corner. Defeat the enemies here and go north, then
    east and south, then south through the stairs. Go east up the stairs and
    read the note on the wall. It says this "Two tabs are on the wall, to
    the left, light. To the right, *darkness* ". Go back west down the
    stairs. Search the left tab and use Wisp. The wall will open. Now search
    the right and use Shade. You'll hear running water. Go south twice and
    you'll be back where you started. Go west and west to the -northern-
    exit. Go through the water and go north. There are two doors. Use the
    left first for a Gold Statue, then take the right to fight the God-beast
    Recommended Level - **
    Make sure you have - Chibikko Hammer, Shade Statue/Dark Force
    Strategy - Shade statues work well, but aren't essential. Basically use
    them all within the first half. After that, he'll start casting Magic
    Shield like crazy, in which you have to go at him for physical. Use your
    strongest techs. He can Mooglize your party at any given time with
    flash, so rid it by using the Chibikko Hammer twice.
    After defeating him you'll get transported back to the start of the
    ruins. Call Flammie and fly to your next destination.
    .:: **) th god-beast of earth - land umber ::.
    < Gemstone Valley Dorian >
    Land just north of Byzel, and you should be smacked with a "Molebear
    Highlands" sign. All the better. From here, go north, north, east, north
    a little then west, and jump through the hole. Now go west, west, and
    then south into the Gemstone Valley. Inside, go south, south, east,
    east, south, west, west, south, east, east, and south. Now go west and
    use the Gold Statue. Fo east and continue. From here, it is a straight-
    forward path, so take it and at the end, you'll face the Land Umber.
    Recommended Level - **
    Make sure you have - Jinn Statue/Thunderstorm, Harpy's Fang/Stun Wind
    Poto Oil/Heal Light (all)
    Strategy - The Bill and Ben of the God-beasts. Quick to defeat but
    annoying as ever. Your best bet is if you grabbed yourself some Jinn
    Statues or Harpy's Fangs, use 'em. Get at him quick. His physical damage
    is very high and fast, so Multi-Heal Light is a natural necessity for
    such fast bosses. However, he has low HP, though, and is very quick to
    When he is defeated you'll be transported outside. Call Flammie and fly
    to your next destination...
    .:: **) the god-beast of wind - dangaard ::.
    < Corridor of Wind >
    Land Flammie in Rolante, then work your way west back to the Corridor of
    Wind. The path is simple here. The enemies are harder, so don't think
    you've got your work cut off. Go back to where you found Jinn (remember
    to stop off at the Gold Statue before!). Here plays something pretty
    cool to watch, your main character will summon Flammie and you'll battle
    Dangaard in the air!
    Recommended Level - **
    Make sure you have - Gnome Statue/Earthquake, Diamond Sabre/Molebear's
    Strategy - Prepare for a long and boring battle - literally. He has -
    massive- HP, and isn't much of a challenge to compensate for this.
    Basically, use any and all your Earth Items, and cast Diamond Sabre on
    your fighters and just go for it. If it helps any to mark your progress,
    each time you work off 1/4 of his HP the screen will change after a
    large array of ... clouds.
    When he's defeated, for a change, you'll already -be- on Flammie. Fly
    yourself to your next destination...
    .:: **) the god-beast of water - fiegmund ::.
    < Labyrinth of Ice Walls >
    Land Flammie in the snowfields, just southeast of Altena. With some aim,
    you'll be right outside the Labyrinth of Ice. Go in and go north, then
    so west a little then south. Now go into the second last door. 
    Inside,north, west, and then take the door to the right. Go north twice 
    east out that door. From here, go a little east and down, and take the
    door directly east for a Gold Statue. After recovering, go east and
    south a little, then all the way north, where you'll face Fiegmund.
    Recommended Level - **
    Make sure you have - Salamado Statue/Explode/numerous amounts of items
    to throw, Mama Poto Oil/Tinkle Rain (all)/ Chibikko
    Hammer, Flame Sabre/Kerebos Claw
    Strategy - A real annoyance to fight. Get the Sabres and the sabres -
    only- out first and start your full on attack. Unless you've got
    extremely high offense or 2nd Class Change, he'll soon give up and hide
    under the ice. Annoyed yet? you can hit him. Now go all out and either
    use Mind Up/Down on yourselves or on him, or use your magical items.
    Either kill him like that, or wait until he reappears over the ice and
    attack him. Also, watch out for Cold Blaze, which can Freeze you. Heal
    with Tinkle Rain/Chibikko Hammer.
    When he's defeated, run out to the snowfield and call Flammie to fly to
    your next destination...
    .:: **) the god-beast of fire - xan bie ::.
    < Valley of Flames >
    With some more aim, you can possibly land Flammie right outside it.
    Ragardless, go in, and go south, east, east, south, east, north, east,
    south, east, and east once more, where you'll encounter Xan Bie.
    **BOSS - XAN BIE**
    Recommended Level - **
    Make sure you have - Undine Statue/Mega Splash, Ice Sabre/Poseidon's
    Strategy - Easy. He is straight-forward. Use the Sabres and statues,
    then all out go for it. Attack, attack, then attack some more. Undine
    Statues or Angela's Mega Splash help. Keep up the Healing, as some of
    his spells, such as Lava Wave, can be pretty damaging.
    When he's done, you'll be transport back to the desert. Call Flammie and
    fly to your next destination...
    .:: **) the god-beast of the moon - dolan ::.
    < Moonreading Tower >
    Fly and land Flammie back at Mintos or outside the Beast Kingdom. Either
    way, from there, work your way back to where you fought Lugar and enter
    the tower ahead. This tower connects very weirdly. From the beginning,
    use the Northwest room and climb the stairs. Now go to the southwest
    room, and do the same. From here, you'll battle a series of enemies,
    then head into the first door you see north. Use the Gold Statue and
    continue west into another door. Climb the stairs and from here on out,
    the flight of stairs will be in the northeast corner. Once you reach a
    prefereably large room, take the door to the right for a Gold Statue,
    then the center to face Dolan...
    **BOSS - DOLAN**
    Recommended Level - **
    Make sure you have - Extreme courage
    Strategy - A good idea when facing Dolan is to either get him done with
    early or have second class change when you face him. He is not easy, but
    does not require a specific strategy. Just attack him and take his
    shots, which can be quite painful. He isn't much on HP so he'll be quick
    to beat, though hard. Some claim that Chibikko-ing yourself and hiding
    in either corner will help you greatly. You do the research on this one,
    Once you have defeated him, run back out to the forest can call Flammie,
    to fly you to your next destination...
    .:: **) the god-beast of wood - mispolm ::.
    < Forest of Wonder >
    A little east from the ice continent lies some vast forest. Land Flammie
    in a patch not surrounded by trees. Here, go west once and you'll see
    the merchants. Now, go south, west, north, and east until you reach the
    end of the screen. Fight your way through this cave, then go right,
    right, and north a little to a Gold Statue. Use it if necessary. Now go
    northeast, then keep making your way east, at the end which you will
    fight Mispolm...
    **BOSS - MISPOLM**
    Recommended Level - **
    Make sure you have - Mantago Oil/Counter Magic
    Strategy - Use the Mantago Oils and lay low. Feel free to lay the smack
    with spells, but once it starts casting Counter Magic just drop it. Use
    Physical atacks and your strongest techs. Heal when he uses a Multi-
    Target Grande Bomb or the Killstinger, and everything inferior to this
    will be reflected. This battle should be one of the easiest battles.
    When he is defeated, you'll be transported to the first patch of land.
    Call Flammie and fly to your next destination...
    .:: xx) the last god-beast - ancient city pedan ::.
    Now, you've completed seven of the eight God-beasts, and you are up to
    the last one... the God-beast of Darkness. The God-beast has vanished
    for centuries, though, so you'll have to take an illusional trip back
    into time to find out where it lays. Your best bet is the Ancient City
    Pedan. Fly Flammie to the southwest corner of the map, and land her in a
    patch much like the one before the Forest of Wonder.
    < Forest of Illusion >
    Hmmmm ... so you are not -exactly- at Pedan. But you are very close. Go 
    east a little and down the steps, then southeast and north. Now, run 
    north and enter the building in a small isle in the center. Search and 
    read the note next to the ... cashier (???) and rest for the 150 Lucre. 
    When you awake, go out, where Pedan will reveal itself...
    < Ancient City Pedan >
    The Inn is in the center of the city. North from the rear of the Inn an
    old man will sell you weapons. These are the best you can buy. Equip
    them and head into the room behind him. Another old man will read you
    the tab, which briefly describes the task ahead of you. Now go out, and
    to the center east is and Armor Store. These are also the best
    purchasable. Equip them, then explore the city. The house in the
    southwest corner has a bed, a shelf of books and a boy. Speak to he boy,
    who has been studying the Mana Stones. He believes he can locate the
    Mana Stone of Darkness. Now, you'll hear where the Mana Stone is.
    Depending on who's your main character, it will be one of three
      -> The Forest of Illusion
      -> The Glass Desert
      -> The Cave of Darkness
    .. and then, you'll have to head out and find the Dark God-beast to
    complete your quest to defeat them all. If you go out of the city, the
    Forest of Illusion is a great place to build levels either for second
    class change, or collect seeds for it. Or, you can just build levels
    here. Anyway, for the Dark God-beast and the rest of the game, it will
    split into three. Follow the walkthrough for your main character and
    just ignore the rest.
    .:: xxi-a) kevin/charlotte - the forest of illusion ::.
    The Dark God-beast is in the Forest of Illusion, just west of Pedan.
    Exit to the south then go west. Go into the shallow water, west, west,
    north, west, and use the Power of Dryad on the Headless Statue. Now go
    south, east, north, west, south, west, west, and north. Now go north,
    where you'll see the Dark Mana Stone, just starting to crack. Here
    you'll face Zable Fahr...
    Recommended Level - 40+
    Make sure you have - Papa Poto's Claw/Saint Sabre
    Strategy - There are three heads in this battle, but at first it will
    appear as two. Cast the Saint Sabres on your fighters and attack. With
    your spell-casters, use Wisp spells like Saint Beam or Holy Ball. Fight
    carefully, and keep healed up. Keep your HP above half. When the two
    heads are defeated, the center will appear and cast Regeneration, which
    will revive all allies and restore Half HP. Then it'll hit you with a
    Hell Cross, which is a big ouch. Heal up, that is, if you aren't dead
    yet. Now work your way again, and focus all attacks on one head, then
    the next. Work on either the right or left, then the other, and go for
    the center last. Watch our for some particularly nasty attacks like Hell
    Cross or Demon Breath, which may strike again at their will. Pick up the
    Illusion Mirror he leaves...
    .:: xxi-b) duran/angela - the glass desert ::.
    Fly Flammie to the Glass Desert, a small sandy island near the ice
    continent. This can get a little tricky. Head north, and wait for the
    enemies to attack you. Defeat them and run north, to get past falling
    sand. Leave at the north east corner and defeat all the enemies, then
    run north again. Go north, then down the sand and west. Now go west and
    make your way around the glass face, to the exit at the east. Defeat the
    enemies and run up the sand, then west. Go west, north, and east a
    little around the glass face. From there, the path is very
    straightforward. Simply go north, west, north, east, and north until you
    see the cracking dark mana stone. Here you'll battle Zable Fahr...
    Recommended Level - 40+
    Make sure you have - Papa Poto's Claw/Saint Sabre
    Strategy - There are three heads in this battle, but at first it will
    appear as two. Cast the Saint Sabres on your fighters and attack. With
    your spell-casters, use Wisp spells like Saint Beam or Holy Ball. Fight
    carefully, and keep healed up. Keep your HP above half. When the two
    heads are defeated, the center will appear and cast Regeneration, which
    will revive all allies and restore Half HP. Then it'll hit you with a
    Hell Cross, which is a big ouch. Heal up, that is, if you aren't dead
    yet. Now work your way again, and focus all attacks on one head, then
    the next. Work on either the right or left, then the other, and go for
    the center last. Watch our for some particularly nasty attacks like Hell
    Cross or Demon Breath, which may strike again at their will.
    .:: xxi-c) hawkeye/riesz - the cave of darkness ::. 
    Fly Flammie to the Cave of Darkness, a cave in an island filled with
    dark mountains, in the northeast corner of the map. Inside the light
    will dimmen within a few seconds, but the path shouldn't be too hard to
    find. Now go west, north twice, and east. From here, go north and leave
    at the nrothwest corner, where you'll see the Dark Mana Stone, just
    about to crack. Now, you'll face Zable Fahr...
    Recommended Level - 40+
    Make sure you have - Papa Poto's Claw/Saint Sabre
    Strategy - There are three heads in this battle, but at first it will
    appear as two. Cast the Saint Sabres on your fighters and attack. With
    your spell-casters, use Wisp spells like Saint Beam or Holy Ball. Fight
    carefully, and keep healed up. Keep your HP above half. When the two
    heads are defeated, the center will appear and cast Regeneration, which
    will revive all allies and restore Half HP. Then it'll hit you with a
    Hell Cross, which is a big ouch. Heal up, that is, if you aren't dead
    yet. Now work your way again, and focus all attacks on one head, then
    the next. Work on either the right or left, then the other, and go for
    the center last. Watch our for some particularly nasty attacks like Hell
    Cross or Demon Breath, which may strike again at their will.
          p a r t   t h r e e   -   t h e   f i n a l   b a t t l e
    *I'm really sorry for any inconvinience, but I wont be able to work on 
    this for another few good weeks to a month, because i am working on 
    another FAQ. If you are that exact point, though, and would like 
    assistance, then please feel free to email me*
    .:: s t u f f   t o   d o . . . ::.
    Look out for some of this stuff in furture updates, which will be as
    they are finished. Look forward (or backwards? who knows...) to updates
    every week to a month...
    -> Class Guide, Information, public opinion, the drill.
    -> Items guide
    -> Intros and final areas for the Walkthrough, and maybe de-spoilering
    the whole thing.
    ... and that's about it. Anything else you want to see, email me and
    I'll go into it. But look, no more than two at a time, OK??? LOL. As
    much as you so desire...
    .:: q u o t e s ::.
    Some miscellaneous funny quotes from the game...
    -> "I understand if you are trying to hide your pornography
    collection..." - Angela
    -> "Now now, ladies" - Hawkeye
    -> "Oh, sure, run away! because next time, I'll cut off your head!" -
    -> "The only class you'll be changing into is 'Immature Bully!' now
    scram!" - Fortune Teller to Duran
    -> "Hey, listen to me, will ya?" - Hawkeye
    -> "When I sleepy-sleepy, I saw a sparkle-sparkle!" - Charlotte
    -> "Hey, don't talk to the King like that!" - Duran
    -> "Grampa is so popular. I don't know why that old fart gets so much
    attention" - Charlotte
    -> "How about a date with me tonight?" - Hawkeye
    Any submissions? Feel free, email me at Nightblade@antisocial.com for
    suchs tasks... um, yeah, that =P.
    .:: t h a  n k s ::.
    Hmmm.... I have several people I wanna thank. Did no copying-and-
    pasting, I used no reference, and I made this out of my own somewhat wit
    and knowledge of the game. You may be thinking "yeah... rrright" which
    is probably true. But if you think so... whatever.
    -> Uhhhh.... and Magus - You guys deserve first spot. Your opinions
    enraged me to the point that I thought I needed to make this. You should
    be proud... that can be a good thing... sort of.
    -> Dr S Douglass - Seen as a veteran to me through my first games,
    thanks for the help and proper adivce that some certain FAQs couldn't
    provide for me. Also, I'd like to thank you for introducting and
    suggesting to me many of the teams in my party section, and why
    everything works well... keep it up, man.
    -> Vin Lucentai - Thanks for just being there to share opinions and
    such. You were a great help, funny, and full of wit and talent, as can
    be seen through your fanfictions. Your own opinion and gaming knowledge
    helped me alot to sturdy a basis on my own...
    -> To the people who contributed - Ryu Seiryuu, DavieZBOY, Armisael,
    Starlancer, Question Mark, Professor Daravon, Buskaboo, *Paul 
    Wolfstien*, and anyone else I forgot to mention, thanks a bunch for the 
    contribution to this. I'll be asking for more though, so prepare 
    -> Paul Wolfstien gets the stars this update. Sorry for spelling your 
    name wrong, and due to the fact you weren't in the credits last update, 
    you deserve one here ...
    -> Question Mark gets this extra spot in the credits for guessing the
    first set of stats in the basics section, the Nightblade. There is a new
    one up, have a guess...
       -> Star Lancer guessed the class in the last update, the Duelist.             
    There is a new one up now, you might as well take a look.
    ... that's about it. There's one more thank you, but its a biggie. To
    all the biased people who think -certain- classes are the best or -
    certain- classes suck, who go by what people say and who seek no other
    help but the first glance, thaks for making me so intensely irrate that
    I thought I needed to make some kind of difference, and tell everyone
    the actual facts.
    .:: c o n t a c t   i n f o r m a t i o n ::.
    Here's how you can get in contact with me for either just normal chat or
    gaming help...
    Email, Nightblade@antisocial.com - Mail to this address if you need some
    help with this game, if I need to fix mistakes, or any contribution to
    this FAQ.
    Email, Jansen_2790@hotmail.com - Mail to this address for casual
    talk, cussing, or put downs and such. But I am warning you, the results
    mightn't be all too nice...
    MSN Messenger, handle Seth Xavier (or any other form of 'Seth Xavier' 
    made by copying-and-pasting from Character map =P) - search by email 
    address, Jansen_2790@hotmail.com
    ICQ, handle Nightblade - search by ICQ number, #69252740. Use this for
    gaming help or contribution to this FAQ...
    Phone Number - uhh... this would be getting a little too personal =P...
    .:: p u b l i c   s e r v i c e   a n n o u n c e m e n t ::.
    This is basically the copyright. So let's fire it up...
    This document is 100% Copyright Nightblade 2000. Every letter, word,
    line, paragraph, and bad bits of patterning are all under the same
    copyright. None of this was -stolen- from other FAQs and nor did I use
    any of it for reference. Seiken Densetsu 3 and all its trademarks are
    copyright Square 1995. The term "Public Service Announcement" was
    actually ripped off from Eminem's "Slim Shady LP", so it is copyright
    Aftermath Entertainment 1999, or Interscope records 1999, one or the
    other. Apart from that, it's later from me. Until next update...
                 ( C )   N I G H T B L A D E   2 0 0 0
    .:: n o !   w a i t ! ! ! ::.
    One last section, the section for the Statistics of the FAQ. It goes to
    show somehow how many hours I spent typing and typing, hoping I did
    nothing against the Guidelines of Submission. Ah well. Anyway, this time
    and every version to come will have how many of whatever it is that the
    last version had, just for a little comparison.
    Characters (Without Spaces) -> 90,719 ... version 1.6 - 88,860 
    Characters (With Spaces) -> 109,671 ... version 1.6 - 108,678
    Words -> 17,842 ... version 1.6 - 17,336
    Lines -> 2,442 ... version 1.6 - 2,246
    Paragraphs -> 1,942 ... version 1.6 - 964
    Pages -> 38 ... *No Change*
    NOTE - for the printable page counter (directly above), this is assuming 
    you keep it at 10-point Courier New font, and nothing else (Bold, 
    Italics, Underline, etc) ...
    ... there you have it. I did this with Microsoft (ack!) Word 2000's word
    count after transferring it to that format from Wordpad, if that does
    any difference. So... you think I am exagerrating? Think I didn't do -
    that- much work? Wanna prove me wrong? go ahead, make my day. I'm fine
    with that. But you'd better start counting... >=)
                 ( C )   N I G H T B L A D E   2 0 0 0

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