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One of Square's best games...10/20/01AbsoluteZero
Another Masterpiece From the Brilliant Minds of Square11/01/99Aurabeam
Oh Gawd... Import, download, do what ever you can, GET THIS GAME!01/27/00Chibi
Among the upper echelon of snes games.04/09/00Chrono
Excellent RPG That Should Have Hit America11/01/99Cows Moo 4
Not a perfect game, but a worthy addition to the SoM series.11/01/99Dopple
One of Squaresoft's best games!04/03/01Dragon Lancer
Go import yourself a copy so you can play the english-patched emulation of it legally :-).11/01/99Drumstick
THE game that took the SNES to its limits01/07/00EPoetker
Action/RPG game with the most Replay Value11/01/99Joji
It was great, but it is not very flawless.07/01/01Mitora
More characters, more spells, more variety, than Seiken Densetsu 211/01/99Mog Kupo
Excellent Game (nuff' said)!06/26/01Pg13Died
This is the greatest game you've never heard of! Probably the most addicting RPG ever!09/29/00PWolfstien
Incredible Release, Must-Have for RPG Fans11/01/99RHunter
An RPG that you can't really get tired of06/09/01RyuSeiryuu
They actually came up with a reason not to ship this over here?05/10/01Shadow Caster
How did Square find a reason not to bring this over to the States? The Mana Goddess only knows…11/08/01Sparhawk
Other than Final Fantasy, this is Squaresoft's best RPG!12/16/01Tails3
Good, But Not Great06/07/12theking375
My favorite RPG of all time!04/26/01TruVboy
One of the greatest SNES game of all time, but disappointly never released in USA.11/01/99TYin
If you liked Secret of Mana, you'll LOVE this one!11/01/99X-Deth

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