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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by AVexer

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    Anthony Vexer
    Version 1.0
    Version_1.0-I finished the guide for my first time.  I plan to update it a lot more,
    because their is still alot I don't know about SimAnt.  So expect some major updates,
    this week.
    This guide is legally copyrited (c)Anthony Zachory Vexer.  This guide may not 
    be re-written in any other shape, form, size, color, or any other way.  This 
    guide may not be used to make a profit.  The only web-sites with legal permission 
    to have this on their site, are:
    If you see this on any other site please e-mail me at Sknot74261700027@aol.com 
    and tell me what the site is.  If this guide is copied, the person who copied 
    it can recieve up to 10 years in jail and/or up to a $500,000 fine.  So 
    please, don't copy.  Thank You.  -Anthony Vexer.
    [1.0] Introduction
    [2.0] Ants
      [2.1] Yellow Ant
      [2.2] Black Queen
      [2.3] Black Workers
      [2.4] Red Queen
      [2.5] Red Workers
      [2.6] Soldiers
      [2.7] Drones
    [3.0] Other Bugs
      [3.1] Caterpillar
      [3.2] Spider
      [3.3] Ant Lion
    [4.0] Other Things
      [4.1] Human
      [4.2] Lawnmower
    [5.0] Basics
      [5.1] Digging
      [5.2] Getting Food
      [5.3] Defense on an Attack
      [5.4] Attack on Red Colony
    [6.0] Getting into the House
      [6.1] Inside the House
      [6.2] Taking Over the House
    [7.0] Codes
    [8.0] FAQ
    [9.0] Tips
    [10.0] Thanks
    [11.0] Copyrite 
    I got mad at this game when I first installed it, because I didn't know 
    what to do.  But, then I learned from the Turtol game.  After that, I 
    was pretty good at the game.  But, even the Turtol game confused me alot.
    So I figured, I should try to make it clear to people, about all the
    stuff in the game.  I will try to add as much things, as possible.  I will
    try to give you the best stragities, I can give you.  If you have any
    questions about the game, that I didn't answer in this FAQ, please e-mail
    me at Sknot74261700027@aol.com.  Thank you.
    |2.0 ANTS |
    By the name of the game, "SimAnt" their is obviously something about ants 
    in the game.  And the ants are the game.  The diffrent types of ants, each
    have a special tribute, to the colony.  You are the Black Colony and are 
    against the Red Colony.  So here is the Ant section of this FAQ.  Enjoy.
    |2.1 YELLOW ANT |
    In the game you are the Yellow Ant.  You begin the game as this ant.  This
    ant will lay the first egg of the game.  You can change the ant once more
    eggs are laid.  But, the Yellow Ant, represents the ant that you are at
    the current time.  You can change the ant, by left-clicking it and holding
    it down, until options come up, and then clicking "Exchange."  Then click
    on another ant.  You can even be the queen.  But, then, if you get killed, your
    ants, may not have a queen, and that means, Game Over.
    |2.2 BLACK QUEEN |
    Once the orignial Yellow Ant(the first Black Ant of the game/the ant you 
    begin as), lays an egg, the Black Queen will come out.  Once she comes out
    of the egg, you must find her food.  But, make sure, your fast, because she
    dies without food, very quickly(believe me, I know).  The queen will lay 
    eggs for the Black Colony.  But, she can't lay alot of eggs, unless she has
    some one to mate with.  So set the 'B' Triangle, so that, at least 10% to 15%
    of the ants are Drones.  Drones mate with the ants.  But, make sure she is
    protected from Red Ants all the time.  Before you go to raid the Red Ant 
    hole, make sure you have blocked off the area around the hole with rocks
    and you have left some ants back to protect her, incase of an invasion.
    |2.3 BLACK WORKERS |
    These are mostly what the queen breeds.  They will gather food for the queen.
    They can also follow you in a fight or defense against the Red Colony.
    Their isn't really much, to say about this type of ants, but, I will 
    try to add more about them, in the future.
    |2.4 RED QUEEN |
    This is the ant you must kill to get rid of the Red Ants.  One of your
    main objectives in the game, is to kill the Red Ant's queen.  You must
    first defeat the Red Ant army, then go in the Red Ant's anthole, and kill
    the queen.  Sometimes, if you kill a queen, another one will grow.  So, you
    must kill that queen, too.  Once all of their Queens are dead, you can 
    try to take over the house.  
    |2.5 RED WORKERS |
    These are the ants that you will fight.  They carry food to the Red
    Queen and defend her.  They are like the same thing as the Black Workers
    except the work for the Red Queen and not the Black Queen.
    |2.6 SOLDIERS |
    Soldiers are the best fighter ants.  They work great when attack the
    Red Colonies anthole.  When the Red Workers are delevering food back
    and forth to the Red Queen, your soldiers, will attack them, and they will
    be almost, defenseless.  But, the fight get's harder, when and if the Red
    Soldiers, come out and fight.  You should go into the fight as a soldier
    because if you go into the fight as a Worker, you can be easily killed
    by a Red soldier.
    |2.7 DRONES |       
    The drones, are speciffically born to mate with the queen ant. 
    All they can do is mate with the queen.  It helps because they help
    bring up the population alot, other than the queen laying two eggs at
    a time, she can lay alot more.
    |3.0 OTHER BUGS |
    In SimAnt, their are other bugs, besides ants.  Most of them want
    to eat you, but others just walk around.  Be careful, because I can't
    remember how many times, I've been eaten by a bug, before I could
    lay the queen egg.  And when that happens, it's Game Over!
    |3.1 CATERPILLAR |
    The caterpillar doesn't really do anything, but wander around and look
    for food.  You don't have to worry about it, because all the encounters
    I've had with it, it never killed me or tried to fight me, or anything
    vicious like that.  So what I'm saying is, you don't have to worry about
    this bug.
    |3.2 SPIDER |
    Now, these are the bugs, you gotta look out for.  And I mean, really
    look out for.  This guy, can either poison you, or eat you.  So their
    are already two ways he can kill you.  But, the good thing is, you can
    be the Spider.  You can become the Spider, by left-clicking on your
    Yellow Ant and holding it, until options come up.  When the options
    come up, select "Exchange" and you will become the spider.  You can use
    this techinque, just for fun, or to move the spider away from your ants, if
    you fell it is going to attack you.  The spider, also likes to think 
    highly of himslef.  He'll say stuff like, "I am so cool," or "Which ants
    taste better, Black or Red," and other things.  
    |3.3 ANT LION |
    These things look like the rolley bugs we see in real life.  But, in the
    game, they mostly, hide in holes.  They can kill you, too.  You should
    keep away from them, but you can always attempt to fight them.  They will
    probally win, but I've won, once or twice with them.
    |4.0 OTHER THINGS |
    Bugs aren't the only things in the game.  No, sir.  Their are Humans and
    Lawnmowers, and they are very dangerous.  They are very deadly.  Be careful
    of them, when your in the house or the yard.  You should be careful
    because they can easily wipe you out, in one handful.
    |4.1 HUMAN |
    The humans aren't as bad as the lawnmower, but they still do big time 
    damage.  They are the worst enemy in the house.  They can take out about
    200 ants at a time, if he uses the spray.  Watch out for them, because 
    they can be pretty dangerous.  They can also step on you, when your trying 
    to get into the house.  The humans only go after you(at least that only 
    what I see).  So your gonna have to manage with two major enemies inside
    the house.
    |4.2 LAWNMOWER |
    The lawnmower is the worst enemy in the game.  They can swipe out a whole 
    ant army, in one blow.  Be careful, and avoid them anyway possible.  They
    can really mess up your game.  The only advice I have for you, is get 
    away from them, by moving away from them, and going underground.  I haven't
    really been inside a house or in the yard, too much, yet.
    |5.0 BASICS |
    The basics of the game are the things that you must know how to do
    in order to play the game the right way.  Their pretty easy to learn.
    |5.1 DIGGING |
    Digging a hole, is the first step to starting a colony.  To dig 
    a hole, you must, first be on the surface.  When your one the
    surface, double-click an area, in the dirt, with no food or rocks, and
    you will begin digging the hole.  When inside, dig tunnels, by
    double-clicking, the black dirt, in the direction you want to dig
    in.  Build a place, where the queen can be safe from Red Ants, and a 
    place to keep food.  And when you get a little better, you can even
    build a place to keep larva.  When, going to attack the Red Ant Colony,
    make sure, you barracade, the hole off, with rocks.  Pick up small
    rocks, by double-clicking them, then double-click the area, that you
    want to place it in.
    |5.2 GETTING FOOD |
    Getting food is easy.  You get food, by going up to the green 
    stuff on the surface.  You can only pick it up, if you have an
    anthole.  Otherwise, you will just eat it yourself.  To eat it
    or pick it up double-click it and then, if your hungry, you will
    eat it yourself, but if your not hungry you will pick it up, and
    when you pick it up, bring it into your anthole, and put it in a 
    spot to keep your food, and put all your food their.  If the other
    ants are bringing food to a diffrent spot, you can change, your
    spot to theirs.  It doesn't matter, where it is, as long as the
    food isin't scattered all over the anthole. 
    When the Red Ants attack your colony you must be ready with
    soldiers and workers.  Send them out as soon as you see them
    attacking.  Protect the Queen Black Ant, if she isn't in the 
    anthole for some reason.  Make sure your a soldier ant when you
    go into the attack.  To get ants to follow you press 2, several 
    times, on the keyboard.
    When you want to attack the Red Colony, press 2 about six or so
    times, to get all the other ants to follow you.  Go in as a soldier
    and fight, whatever gets in your way.  Your main goal, when rading
    the Red Colony is to kill the Red Queen.  You should lead the attack
    into kill the Red Queen, yourself.  The ants listen better, if you 
    command them.
    Once you've defeated the Red Ant Colony in the dirt, you then must 
    defeat them inside the house.  To get into the house.  Move across
    the yard, making several Black Ant Colonies as you go.  Watch out
    for the Human and the Lawnmower.  They can really mess you up, so
    be very, very careful.  Then enter the house, when you get to that
    When your inside the house, you must first, find the Red Ant
    Colony, anthole.  Not, too hard, look at the map.  But, getting their
    you must be very careful, of Humans, and other house insects.
    To take over the house, you must scare out the Humans and kill
    the Red Ant queen.  So once, you found the Red anthole, you should
    have scared, the humans out, so all you have to worry about, is 
    the Red Ants.  Lead them into combat, and defeat them.  When you
    defeat them you beat the game.  But, after reading this FAQ/Walkthrough
    you might think the game is easy.  Trust me, it's not.
    |7.0 CODES |
    Like most Sim games, SimAnt has codes.  The codes I am giving 
    you are for the PC.  Pause the game and enter these codes.
    queen				Another Black Queen Ant
    Queen				Another Red Queen Ant
    eggs				Black Colony gets more eggs
    EGGS				Red colony gets more eggs
    HOLE				Red Ants have more holes
    oops				10 Black Queen larva  
    OOPS				10 Red Queen larva
    just				10 Queen Ants
    will				Never loose fights against Red Ant Colony
    erad				Starve an Ant
    jeff				Start a colony in ever patch
    jenn				Black Ant Colony has max health all the time
    joke				Funny picture
    FUND				$10,000
    |8.0 FAQ |
    Q:What does the $10,000 do in the game?
    A:Nothing at all.
    Q:Can I be the Caterpillar?
    A:I've never tried, because I never needed to.
    Q:Can I be the Ant Lion?
    A:I never tried that, either.
    |9.0 TIPS |
    *Go into a fight as a soldier.  You fight better and stronger.
    *Lead soldiers and workers into a fight.  Soldiers work better.
    *Block off the entrance to your hole when going to attack the
     Red Ants.
    *When attack Red Ants, leave some soldiers and workers behind, 
     in case, they try to attack your colony when, you gone(this
     happened to me, once before).
    |10.0 THANKS |
    I want to Thank:
    GameFAQs for publishing this guide and having a great site,
    GameSages for having the best code site,
    GameWinners for having a great code site,
    Maxis for making the game, and
    You for reading this and not copying this.
    |11.0 COPYRITE |
    (c) This guide is copyrite Anthony Vexer 2001
    (c) This guide is copyrite Anthony Vexer 2001
    Thank you.

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