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Simcity 2000 is one of the best simulations I've played. So how can the earlier version be worse?

Theres nothing worse gaming wise than having to have to squint or look at the screen up close to see what an item is. I'm sorry to say you have to do this with this game. Buildings etc just look terrible-in a crowded city it is even worse. They are too small to have any decent amount of detail or anything.

The menus are also hard to try and understand. Everything is a picture or a symbol, and these symbols are just meaningless. Each button could mean a number of different things, so finding the button you want isn't an easy task.

The actual game is viewed from a bird's eye view, and this does not have any major flaws that are worth mentioning here.

Painfully average!

The music is a tranquil and calming affair, albeit an annoying one. It really doesn't suit the game. Turn down the TV, and turn up the Stereo!!

The sound effects are below average. The only word that could be used to describe them is 'basic'. Think back to the days of the NES (or before) and you can pretty much imagine what they are like.

Aaah, the fantastic SimCity gameplay that I know and love. You start out with an empty landscape, with a few trees and lakes scattered about. From here, you build roads, power plants, you define the zones (Commercial for shops, Residential for houses, etc), and build an education system, etc. But it unfortunately suffers from many problems.

Maps are provided, together with 'filters', if you like, to show the crime rates in certain areas, and police coverage, et cetera.

Sometimes, a little bloke pops up and informs you about the progress of your city. You can get rewards from him, or he could just simply inform you of a natural disaster.

The main problem is that, once you've built a city, you will be bored. Mild numbingly bored. You sit. And you sit. And you sit.

Things can be spiced up, with a handful of disasters. Execute these on your city, then try and clear up afterwards.
Alternatively, you could play a scenario. These are mainly as I said above, rescue a city from disaster. Yawn.

All is nice here, apart from the fact the cursor is very slow.

Sprite likes:
Build your own city
Can be bought cheap

Sprite doesn't like:
Bad visuals
Average sounds and Okay controls
A concept for a game, but very poorly executed. I'm sorry to give this a low score!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/29/02, Updated 06/14/03

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