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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 3.5 | Updated: 03/18/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    | SMART BALL FAQ/Walkthrough |
    Complete with step-by-step solutions to every level!
    Written by Snow Dragon (C) 2001-2002. All rights reserved.
    I. Updates
    II. Intro and Notes
    III. Story
    IV. Controls
    V. Items
    VI. Walkthroughs for All Levels
    VII. Confirmed Codes
    VIII. Credits and Copyrights
    7-26-01: Major update in the Items section! I've now been informed by
             Matt McGrath as to why you collect the letters J-E-R-R-Y in
             every level. He also informed me of some other cool stuff that
             is in the Japanese version that's not in the American one.
             Basically it's as though this was a complex game in Japan that
             was dumbed down to a simple platformer when it was released
    7-27-01: Another major addition! Now there is a Story section in this
             walkthrough, thanks to Chris Covell! Reading the storyline
             will definitely enhance the game, as it appears in Smart Ball
             that there is no point to it whatsoever. The story will
             clarify a lot of things and hopefully eradicate any confusion
             or ponderings of the game's pointlessness. I also had to
             expound upon the game's ending for this update.
    8-8-01:  Wow. The one walkthrough I thought I'd never update and here I
             am doing it yet again. This time, I've been informed of a
             confirmed code that lets you start as far ahead in the game as
             level 4-A (the first moon level). You can find it in the new
             Confirmed Codes section located just before the Credits and
             Copyrights section.
               Also, Chris Covell is working on an ISP patch that will
             allow you to translate the Jelly Boy 2 (the sequel to Smart
             Ball) beta to English. More news on that as the situation
             warrants. If the patch works, I'll do a Jelly Boy 2
             walkthrough. If you can read Japanese and wish to play it, or
             you just want to play it (the story can still be comprehended
             without knowledge of Japanese symbols), you can find the beta,
             which is actually 100% complete, on most popular emulation
    3-17-02: Some of my older walkthroughs are in need of a major facelift,
             and this is one of the ones getting one. Mostly, this is just
             an update for addressing formatting changes and mistakes
             within the text.
               Also, no word yet on whether Chris Covell's ISP patch is
             finished. Maybe I'll check up on that soon.
    As far as I can see, this is the first walkthrough for this game that 
    I've seen anywhere. I remembered it being from way back in the day, but 
    I had no idea this game was 10 years old and still FAQ-less! So, this 
    is the first walkthrough for the game Smart Ball, made in 1991 by Sony 
    Before you read this walkthrough, there are some things you should 
    know, particularly about my experience with this game.
    ** Before writing this walkthrough, I'd never actually played this 
       game! I had just seen it once and thought it looked cool. Now I've 
       actually picked up and played it, and let me tell you, this is a   
       funky game. If you're looking at this walkthrough actually wanting  
       help, you'd better follow my directions to the letter.
    ** This is one of my step-by-step walkthroughs. Everything will be 
       presented in an easy-to-comprehend format, and each step will be 
       preceded by a plus sign (+) to indicate that it is in fact a new 
       step. I feel that due to the way this game is played, this is a 
       better format than my usual two-paragraphs-a-level-or-so format for 
       most platformers.
    ** Since I've only played through the game once, there might be some 
       things I missed. If your eagle eye catches something I left out or  
       got wrong, notify me at <eubanks1084@hotmail.com>. This is also the 
       address you should contact if you have any suggestions for the 
       betterment of this walkthrough or any of my others.
    ** Have fun playing Smart Ball!
    This is the story, as told to me by Chris Covell. There is still room 
    for slight error, but this is pretty accurate, I think, gathering from 
    the screenshots in his review. This should enrich the experience of the 
    game a little more.
    What follows is Mr. Covell's rough interpretation of the introduction.
    All is well in that country. Brother and Sister were governing the 
    country, but a mysterious sorcerer who was jealous of Jerry [the game's 
    protagonist] and Emii [the girl you re-unite with at the end] appeared.
    Their younger brother Tom was tempted [by the sorcerer]...
    Sorcerer: "I want to drive Jerry out of this country; let's do it at
              the first opportunity that he is alone!"
    The sorcerer then kidnaps the princess and turns you into a blue blob. 
    You then embark on the quest to save the princess. Knowing this story 
    will probably give you the ending a little more clarity once you beat 
    the game.
    This game has some pretty messed-up controls. You can do a lot with 
    just a simple little blue blob, apparently. This is the controller 
    scheme for the game.
    Left/Right: Crawl left/right. Hold left/right to latch onto a wall to
                your left or right.
    Up: Stretch upward, stay attached to ceilings, go up through pipes. If
        you stretch up, you can kill some enemies that come down on you
        from above.
    Down: Go down through pipes.
    Select: Pause the game.
    Start: Enter a level.
    Y: Move at an accelerated pace, stay attached to walls. X does the same
    L: Fire balls if you have any. Their trajectory is sort of a wide arc.
    Up+L: Fire a ball high up in the air. If you jump you can fire one
          even higher.
    B: Jump. A does the same thing.
    Hold right and Y and push B: Although that's a complicated way of
                                 telling you how to do it, this allows you
                                 to jump farther. You will need to use this
                                 jump to get to most ledges. You cannot do
                                 the accelerated jump if you are moving to
                                 the left, for some odd reason.
    Except for the letters, all items come in purple flowers. Stand on the 
    flowers to make them bloom and you can get the items. Some flowers 
    yield more than one item.
    Letters (J, E, R, R, Y)
    Yes, you notice that in every level you can spell JERRY if you find 
    these letters. This is because the game was originally called "Jerry 
    Boy" when released for the Super Famicom in Japan. 
    A normal ball that you fire at enemies.
    A blue heart that pops up out of flowers. You can have three life 
    hearts max.
    A yellow ball that says 1-up on it. Obviously, gives you an extra life. 
    These are fairly common items.
    When you drop a seed, you will plant a beanstalk that can be used to 
    reach a higher area.
    A heavy black ball that can be fired at enemies. Unlike a normal ball, 
    it can be picked up over and over again. You cannot jump as high with 
    iron in your body, and you cannot run at all.
    A gray ball will appear inside you. It gives you the ability to jump 
    much higher than normal.
    Shaped like a clear heart; increases your max health by one.
    ** Another thing that the excellent Mr. McGrath told me: in the
       Japanese version of the game there were towns that you visited
       between levels. There was a storyline (unlike in the American
       version where everything is detached and confusing), and you talked
       to the townsfolk to advance the plot. Therefore, there was a point
       to the game. If Mr. McGrath or anyone else can give me a good idea
       of how the plot goes, I will add it to this walkthrough as a new
       section as it would enhance the experience greatly. Also, Mr.
       Covell told me you can get 1-ups by talking to some of the people
       in town - not a bad deal.
    Level 1-A
    + The first two levels are there mainly for you to familiarize yourself
      with the controls. These two stages are neither long nor difficult.
      To begin this first level, get the three balls and the J ahead of
    + Run and jump to the cliff above the lava.
    + Get the ball and drop straight down.
    + In the flower ahead of you is a life heart. You can continue to get
      balls from this flower if you want.
    + Run and jump to the next cliff and get the two balls. Avoid the
      yellow mouse thing.
    + While the platform on the tree moves up, jump to the plateau with the
      E and then jump back.
    + Wait for the tree lift to get to the top of the tree, then run and
      leap from the treetop to the cloud to get the first R.
    + Either get the ball on the top of the tree ahead or fall down.
    + Attach to the wall ahead of you. Press Up to climb it and get the R
      at the top. Remember that you have to hold Y to stay attached to the
    + Climb the next wall in the same fashion.
    + Get the Y at the bottom.
    + Jump up the brick platforms and go in the direction that the TOWN
      sign points you in.
    Level 1-B
    + Jump over the two mice and go under the pig-like bouncing thing.
    + Avoid the fire that the birds drop.
    + The J and the E are right next to each other, so get them.
    + Climb the wall and get the first R.
    + Cross over the flames that move and get the second R.
    + Go up the wall so that the pig bouncers don't hit you. Run under
    + You will see a pile of rocks. Wait for them all to start walking.
      Let them fall in the small hole before you move on.
    + Get the Y and prepare to face the first boss.
    + The boss is a large pink bird. Fire four balls at it to kill it.
      This is far easier than it sounds, and it doesn't matter if you
      get hit once. Just fire four simple balls at it and it will be
      out of your way. You'll even get a 1-up for your trouble.
    Level 2-A
    + This is the first really long level, so pay attention.
    + Let the rocks walk off the pipe. If you go on top of the house ahead
      of them, you can get an extra ball.
    + When the rocks are off the pipe, press Down to go in.
    + Go to the right and stay on the ledges in the air if possible.
    + Get the J and go to the right.
    + Stick to the ceiling and go over the spikes.
    + Move around the walking flame and go through the pipe.
    + Go down the pipe to the far right (it's senseless waiting on the
      rocks to move) and get the E and the life heart.
    + When you go down the pipe, avoid the rolling monster and get the
      three balls to the right.
    + When you go in the water, you have to tap either B or A repeatedly to
      swim up. Do just that while moving to the right.
    + You can use the poles above you to get the door above. You can only
      jump off of them twice, so use them carefully. When you get to the
      long thin ledge at the top, move to the edge of it, drop onto the
      pole (you still have to be holding Y to hang on), and jump to the
    + Leap over the pink flame and go through the door.
    + Go to the bottom and avoid the rolling monster.
    + It will appear as though you are in the same room when you go through
      the door, but go up the wall to the right before going in the door
      again. You will find the first R.
    + When you see the red and pink flames, go around them via the wall.
    + Drop straight down when you are on the second block from the right on
      the ceiling.
    + When it's safe, run to the left to get a life heart.
    + In the water, go to the left and up through the tube. You will find a
    + Inside is a series of tubes. Using these and the walls, you must
      navigate around the red flames to get the second R (not difficult).
      Enter the door in the bottom right corner when you retrieve it.
    + Go back down the pipe and go all the way to the right.
    + Wait for most of the enemies on the platform to hit the water. The
      red flames will extinguish themselves, and you can kill the blue
      mouse by jumping and stretching up to hit him.
    + Go in the door to the right and avoid the flames.
    + In the next room, you will have to wait for the rocks to start moving
      so you can get the Y. Only get it once they move out of your way. You
      will end up back in the area before the flame room when you enter the
    + Kill everyone in your path when crawling to the left.
    + Jump along the tops of the spike platforms to get to the pipe.
    + To the left is a 1-up; to the right is the end of the level.
    Level 2-B
    + Attach to the left wall of the second pit and slither down that wall
      to get the J.
    + Climb back up via the wall to the right.
    + Go down the left wall of the third pit and enter the door.
    + When you successfully cross the waterfall, you will be rewarded with
      four balls.
    + Go back up when you re-enter the first area.
    + Let the red bird carry you across the spikes.
    + When you go in the door, run and jump to each log while avoiding the
      gray fish. You will be rewarded with the E at the end.
    + Stick to the ceiling to avoid the spikes.
    + Drop down and go all the way to the plant on the right. There is a
      seed in it. With that seed, go as far left as you can.
    + Press L or R to plant the seed and climb the beanstalk created thusly
      by jumping on it.
    + Get the first R and the 1-up.
    + Go all the way back to the right and scale the wall to find the
      second R.
    + Run across the flowers and go up the wall - do not worry about any of
      the items.
    + Get the Y and the iron in the flower and go to the right.
    + The object of this boss is to kill eight of out the twelve birds in
      the formation. To hit them, wait until they are in the square form
      and they turn sideways. Hold Up on the D-pad and press L or R to
      launch the iron at one of them. They only take a few hits each to
      kill. They also release walking fish which can be easily killed with
      the iron ball. To hit the ones in the middle row, jump before you
      release the iron. When you defeat eight of them, spit out the iron to
      collect your extra life. 
    Level 3-A
    + Jump over the scarab beetles that pop out of the quicksand and go all
      the way to the right to get the J.
    + Go over the cycloptic cacti carefully. Wait until they go as low as
      possible and then super-jump over them.
    + Go up until you find a passageway with a brown background.
    + Although it appears you can't go anywhere, squeeze up through the
      blocks to the left so that you are in the same area as the red and
      pink flames.
    + Lure the red flame into the pink one to neutralize them both.
    + Go through the sand to the right.
    + Squeeze through the blocks and get what's in the flower. It's an
      H.Up, an item that increases your max health by one.
    + Kill the pink flame to get past him and go up to the left.
    + Go back over the cacti (arrgh).
    + Get on the cloud and go to the left edge of it. Carefully, hold Y and
      jump, then immediately hold left and you may have a chance of making
      it to the next cloud.
    + Get the Jump item in the flower and go all the way to the left to
      find a door.
    + Wait for the flame to fall in the spikes, then crawl up the wall to
      your right.
    + Go in the door and get the E.
    + Get on top of the snake-like creature that chases you. He can give
      you a ride across the lava.
    + While riding, you may notice some green dots in the sand. Press Down
      when you are above them and you will find a secret passage.
    + Stand in front of the flower to the left and press Down to find
      another secret passageway.
    + Keep going through the green dots.
    + You'll find the first R in this room.
    + Go through the door. This is the same room you were in when you
      waited for the flame to go in the spikes, except now there is a 1-up
      in here. Skip it and go through the door.
    + When you go in the door, either float up through the quicksand or use
      the snakes to get in the door.
    + Guide the boy to the door and press Y. If you do this, this is a
      faster way to complete the level. If you do not go this way, go to
      the next step, which continues from the step where you find the
      green dots in the sand while riding the snake.
    + Go to the right.
    + Through the door is the second R. 
    + The items in the two flowers at the top are a Seed and a Jump. If you
      don't want either one, don't bother. Just backtrack through the green
      dots to the left.
    + When you get to the top of the hill, run and take a soaring leap and
      you should land a cloud. Make another similar caper and you should
      land on a wall. Go up it to find a 1-up. Spit out your Jump item to
      get it if you want it - I recommend keeping your Jump item unless you
      are in serious need of lives.
    + When you go down, you will find some Iron. Get it if you want it - I
      don't advise taking it.
    + Evade all the flames and go in the door to the right.
    + Go in the door at the top.
    + Avoid the red mice and get the Y at the bottom.
    + Jumping over the cacti is easier than using the blue dot tunnels.
    + Go through the blue dots on the right to get to the exit.
    Level 3-B
    + Get the Jump power-up to the right before sinking through the
    + Go in a room to the left to find the J.
    + Go to the right and be careful when jumping over the spikes.
    + Run past the small bugs that turn into big ones into the dots.
    + Get the E before going in the door.
    + Crawl along the ceiling until you see the gray moving wall, then
      drop down and latch to one of the walls on one of the lower
      platforms until it passes.
    + Advance to the right and get the R and the life heart.
    + Go through the door.
    + Jump over the cacti and the scarab beetles and get the H.Up in
      the hole.
    + Make careful bounds through the passages until you see a brown
      monster with its mouth wide open.
    + Ignore the monster and go through the door.
    + Ascend through the clouds and spit your Jump into the air so you get
      the 1-up at the top. Be sure that you can still get your Jump before
      it disappears - you'll want to keep it.
    + At the very bottom of the drop are two flowers containing a Seed and
      some Iron. Don't bother with them.
    + Go through the sand to the right.
    + Make your way through the maze and snag the second R.
    + Go through the door to the right.
    + You can get a 1-up, three balls, and a life heart in this room.
    + Enter the doorway in the bottom right corner.
    + Get the Y and go to the right.
    + The idea of this boss is to hit him in the central dust cloud. Hit
      him with four balls to kill him.
    + Go to the right and get in his rocketship.
    Level 4-A
    + This level is way too easy. Just keep moving to the right while
      collecting items. Use the pink-suited rabbits to propel you to the
      higher ledges. Eventually you will fall a long distance and end up in
      a room with only a flower and a tube. The flower contains a 1-up; go
      in the tube to complete the level.
    Level 4-B
    + Get all the items in front of you except the Jump.
    + Fight the boss and hit him four times with the Iron.
    + Hit him another three times to kill him. You can get rid of the
      yellow legs he throws by stretching up into them. After you defeat
      this constellation boss, you'll fall out of the sky.
    Level 5-A
    + Land on the clouds when you fall in the level.
    + Get the H.Up in front of you.
    + The J is in the water just below you.
    + When you go to the right, let the urchins go in the water before you
      try to jump them.
    + Get the E in front of the door and go in.
    + The tube maze is mostly linear, but in some instances you can go off
      the original path and get items, such as a 1-up and some Iron. Don't
      leave here without getting the Iron. It is difficult to move past the
      bouncing pigs, so try to kill them by stretching upward. Use balls if
      you have them and the Iron once you get it.
    + Kill everyone in the next room with the Iron until you get above the
      two walls of spikes.
    + Get the three balls at the bottom and then go in the top door.
    + Kill all the creatures with the Iron and get the R.
    + Jump on top of the crab and go in the door to the right.
    + Get the H.Up in the flower to the right.
    + Go in the door to the bottom left.
    + Avoid all the enemies and enter the door at left.
    + Get the ball and the second R.
    + Backtrack and go through the door below where you got the H.Up.
    + Go down before the water becomes infested with fish and kill the
      urchin blocking the Y.
    + Swim up and to the right to finish out this level.
    Level 5-B
    + Go all the way to the right and get the E, but don't go in the door.
      Backtrack to the beginning.
    + Drop all the way down and let the current carry you. You will have to
      force yourself against it sometimes so as not to get hit.
    + Get the J before going in the door.
    + Get the R and the Jump power-up in this room and go all the way to
      the right.
    + Avoid touching the front of the flying fish (you can stand on them)
      and dip down to the left.
    + In this room, get the R. Since that's the only thing of value, and
      the door to the left leads you back to the beginning, leave this room
      through the door that you entered.
    + Go all the way to the right, getting the 1-up, Y, and life heart
      along the way.
    + The boss here is a sickly green penguin who bears an odd resemblance
      to Jimmy Kimmel from "The Man Show." Don't waste your balls on the
      red fish he releases - kill them by stretching upward. When he is
      finished with the first barrage, fire as many balls at him as you
      have, then hit him with your head as he comes at you. When he makes
      the water level rise, hit him as he is swimming, and if he releases
      any balls with the fish, use those on him. Sooner or later, it will
      all amount to five hits, which is what is required to kill him.
    Level 6-A
    + Get the Iron, J, and life heart in front of you.
    + Kill the four bouncing enemies with your head.
    + Wait for the large blue rock to move before you go down the pipe.
    + Crawl along the ceiling to evade the spikes.
    + Kill the small blue rocks with the Iron as they are about to fall on
    + Slink to the door, but spit out the Iron before going on.
    + Make it to the top of the first narrow column. This is difficult; the
      blue rocks will probably be out of your way by the time you get a
      foothold (blobhold?) on the ground.
    + Get the 1-up.
    + Ignore the naked guy with the torch (this is a screwed-up game) and
      enter the door.
    + Execute a running leap from the edge of the cliff. Watch out for the
      flame on the next plateau.
    + Go up to get the first R, a life heart, and the Jump item.
    + Jump over the naked guy with the torch. He's walking this time!
    + Hug the wall so that the blue blobs don't drop onto you.
    + Plunge into the pool and go all the way to the bottom right. Upon
      going up, you'll find the second R and an H.Up.
    + Get out of the water and enter the door to the right.
    + You will have to lose your Jump here. Fire it at the blue monster so
      it doesn't go to waste.
    + Crawl along the ceiling and you'll find SIX balls!
    + When you get to the long line of penguins, hitch a ride on the last
      one so that they don't give you a hard time.
    + Go in the top door of the ice tower.
    + Fall, but be careful not to land on spikes if you're low on life.
    + When you go in, get the Y and leave the level.
    Level 6-B
    + Get the Jump power-up.
    + When the yellow bird flies by, jump on him and then attach yourself
      to the ceiling for an easy out.
    + When you see the pillar in the background next to the high ledge,
      drop straight down to get the J.
    + Do not disturb the cage or a fur-clad man who throws hammers will
      harass you. It is okay to jump on top of the cage.
    + Get the E and the life heart, then climb the wall to the left.
    + If you didn't get the Jump or got rid of it, there is another one in
      the flower in the narrow hole.
    + When you get to the spike pit, run into the spikes and immediately go
      to the left wall as fast as you can. Make sure you only get hurt one
    + In the next room, get the first R and CAREFULLY go and get the flower
      in the upper right corner. It is an H.Up.
    + Go back to the door on the middle level and go in it.
    + Stay on the top level and go to the right. Don't get the Seed.
    + Wait for the bomb to blow up before you get the second R.
    + Drop to the lower right and go in the tube to the far right.
    + Before you go in any doors, get the H.Up in the upper right corner.
    + Go in the door to the left of it.
    + Crawl up the wall and go in the door to avoid the little blue men.
    + Go all the way to the right until you find the door. The boss is
    + You really don't even need to use balls on this boss. Hit the blocks
      that he throws with your head and when comes down to your level, hit
      him with your head. As long as you're hitting him, you won't get hurt
      if he runs into you. When he dies, the ice blocks will creep off the
      screen and you will advance to the next round.
    Level 7-A
    + Use your head to kill the bouncing pigs.
    + Stand on the third set of two logs on the bridge to fall to a door.
    + Get the Iron. To leave with it, spit it up to the next plateau and
      jump to the one it lands on, then repeat the process. Go to the right
      and you'll be back at the door. Also get the J while you're there.
    + Ride one of the guys with balloons all the way up past the bridge
      until you see a cliff with a green mouse on it. Get rid of your Iron
      item and get the Jump power-up in the flower to the left.
    + Wait till the flower closes, then jump to each one to get to the E.
    + Go all the way to the right and float to the top of the waterfall.
    + Jump to the left and make your way to the top, where the red birds
    + You'll get the first R and the Y up here.
    + When you see the sign that indicates the end of the level, drop down.
    + Avoid the crabs and go in the middle tube to get the second R.
    + Backtrack to the exit.
    Level 7-B
    + Go all the way to the right to get the life heart.
    + Rush to the left and drop down, then go to the right. The J is over
    + If you can (it's difficult), avoid the red monster and go down in the
    + Do not get the Iron in the flower.
    + Ride along the ceiling and move to the right. By "move to the right"
      I mean "go in the door past the pink flames."
    + Get the 1-up in the middle of the room and go in the door to the
    + Kill the bouncing pig with your head.
    + Go in the tube to the right to earn an H.Up.
    + Plummet down the waterfall as the dark arrow indicates.
    + You can't get the first R by jumping. Get the Seed to the left and
      plant it under the R to obtain it and a ball.
    + Go in the tube at the bottom of the waterfall to bypass a multitude
      of enemies and obtain the second R.
    + Get the H.Up and go to the right to leave. So you actually DO have
      to face all those enemies. Go face them.
    + Dive down the falls and hang to the right and you'll meet the boss.
    + Don't waste too many balls on this monster. Only use them as he is
      coming up the waterfall. When he descends back into the water, hit
      him with your head. Four hits will send him back into the lake as a
      skeleton. Avoid his ribs and wait for him to blow up. The 1-up will
      fall down the waterfall, so you have to be quick to get it.
    Level 8-A
    + Go all the way to the right and get the Jump power-up and the J.
    + Stand on the lower platform and stick to the left wall.
    + Move past the spears when it's safe.
    + Jump into the tube in the ceiling.
    + Hitch a ride on top of the red mouse and use him to latch yourself to
      the ceiling.
    + Go in the door to the left while avoiding the guy in the red hat.
    + If you want to give up your Jump to get the life heart, go ahead.
    + Jump to the right and creep along the ceiling to avoid the axes.
    + Drop down the second hole to get an H.Up and down the third one to
      find a door.
    + In the next room, get the R, then duck and press Right on the D-pad
      to go under the wall.
    + Avoid the spears and go all the way to the right to get the second R.
    + Hang onto the wall until the bombs go off.
    + Evade the naked guy with the torch (easiest when he is all the way to
      the right).
    + Get the H.Up to the left.
    + Go in the pipe and do away with the bouncing pig. Do not get the
      Iron; save your Jump.
    + Inside the door is a 1-up.
    + Go in the upper right pipe and then, in the tiny chamber with the
      flame, go in the one to the far left.
    + Crawl up the wall to the left of you and again, don't let the spears
      get to you.
    + You can walk in front of the dark blocks. Stay on the upper level and
      obtain the Y. Don't let the chef guy below mess with you.
    + Climb into the chapel.
    + It appears that someone is trying to stop a young couple from getting
      married. He will turn into a purple blob. When he sucks you into his
      mouth, get in a few good hits in using either your balls or your
      head. He will launch you into the spikes on the wall if you don't
      escape by rapidly tapping B or A. Eight hits will do him in, but it's
      not quite over yet...
    Level 8-B
    + Go down the pipe in front of you. When you are out of it, immediately
      head left so that the red coin things don't chase you.
    + Stick to the ceiling and go in the tube leading up. Make sure the
      bird of fire doesn't hit you.
    + Go in the tube to the right to find the J and a Jump power-up.
    + Backtrack through the passageway and go down the one all the way to
      your left.
    + Ignore the Seed and get the E before going in the tube.
    + Jump carefully and don't hit the spikes.
    + Go in the first pipe to your left and go down to the door at the
      bottom. Get the H.Up to the left first, though.
    + If you go in the tube leading to the top level, you'll find EIGHT
      balls! All right! Go to the right to exit this room and go back in
      the pipe leading to the zigzag block arrangement.
    + Enter the next-to-last pipe (the one below the one at the top).
    + Go past all the spears - this is easier than in most instances.
    + Get the life heart if you need it and then slink into the pipe in the
      ground to the right.
    + Go in the door and get the R.
    + Enter the pipe to the right and bump away one of the red soldiers
      your head, then attach to the ceiling as fast as possible and move to
      the right.
    + Get the Jump if you got rid of yours.
    + Also be sure to obtain the H.Up in the purple flower and then keep
      moving left.
    + There are actually several H.Ups, but you can only have five hearts
      at a time. You might also want to get the 1-up since you'll have to
      get rid of your Jump anyway.
    + Go down in the tube, and if you haven't gotten rid of Jump yet, do it
    + Kill the first pink flame, then move to the very bottom and kill the
      flames you meet down there. Use as few balls as possible.
    + You will have to run into the spikes once to get up to this platform.
    + Obtain the Y.
    + Do not get the Iron you see on top of the wall.
    + Affix yourself to the wall on the right. Beware the flames that fall
      from the sky.
    + Leap over the spikes.
    + Stock up on balls using the flower before the pipe. Nine should do
      you over.
    + Enter the nice-looking room via the pipe.
    + You will have to fight the final boss, the Sorcerer, here. He is a
      little bit complicated, but he is nothing you can't handle.
    + First he will stay above you and send down clones of himself. Kill
      them with a ball to obtain a ball, and when there's a free spot, jump
      and throw a ball up at him. Four of these will send him down to your
    + Next he will create large shadow beasts which throw a barrage of
      lethal shots at you. Try to hit him before the beasts work their
      magic on you. If you can survive two shadow monster onslaughts, he
      will come down to your level. Four more hits will do him in. Sit back
      and watch the ending and the credits, which actually reveal that this
      game was made by some of the same people who worked on Pokemon (Ken
      Sugimori, Satoshi Tajiri).
    According to the story, which was completely cut out upon the game's 
    transferrence to America, what happens at the end of the game is that 
    the sorcerer is vanquished, breaking the spell that had you turned into 
    a jelly boy. Emii also appears, and you lock lips for a moment. The boy 
    in the green that bows before Jerry is Tom, his brother (Tom and Jerry! 
    Get it? Oh mercy). I assume he bows in order to request forgiveness for 
    being tempted by the sorcerer to drive Jerry from the country (see the 
    Story section for more details).
    Congratulations on beating Smart Ball! Unfortunately, the end of the 
    game reveals nothing new or cool.
    Okay, so the title of this section is actually rather misleading - 
    there's only one code here! But, it is a very cool code. The code 
    listed below is a level select code that will allow you to start as far 
    ahead in the game as the first moon level (4-A). There are several 
    variations on this code, as I have discovered, but Matt McGrath is the 
    one responsible for this awesome trick.
    Level Select
    At the title screen, wait for the words PUSH START BUTTON to begin 
    flashing. When they do, press these buttons in the following sequence: 
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Select, Start. You should be able to 
    advance as far in the game as Level 4-A.
      This code has several variants, including Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-
    B-A-Start and Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-Select-Start, but 
    there is a simpler one that I follow (listed below):
    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Start
      You do not in fact need to press the Select button for the code to 
    work. It took me about two minutes of tinkering with the cheat to 
    figure it out. I don't know if there is a code that lets you start on 
    any level in the game, but I would love to know about it if it exists! 
    Also notify me of any other codes you know of that have been confirmed 
    on this game. My e-mail address can be found in the Credits and 
    Copyrights section below.
    I have to thank these people/programs/companies who were involved in 
    the making of this walkthrough, however indirectly (or directly!) they 
    were involved:
    ** My cousin Chris for his awesome computer.
    ** ZSNES, the best emulator out there! Emulators make writing these
       things just THAT much easier (envision me holding my arms way out
       as far as they can go).
    ** Thanks to Matt McGrath who told me of the significance of the
       letters J-E-R-R-Y and that there IS a storyline ... hopefully I will
       hear of it soon and update. Oh yeah, he also told me about the towns
       between levels.
         He is also responsible for the level select code in the Confirmed
       Codes section.
    ** Chris Covell, who was able to give me a nice plot summary so that
       the game can be better understood by those playing Smart Ball and
       not Jerry Boy. Chris's storyline knowledge has done this guide a
       world of good. If you wish to see a review of Jerry Boy (the game's
       Japanese version) written by Mr. Covell, you can see it at
         Chris is currently working on a translation patch for the complete
       Jelly Boy 2 beta. Jelly Boy 2 is the sequel to Smart Ball. The beta
       can be found floating around the Internet on some emulation sites.
    ** Sony Imagesoft for making this game. Although it shows its age as
       one of the first-year SNES games, it is truly fun and worth a spin.
    ** Whoever posts this walkthrough.
    ** Anyone who has had a hand in developing my writing talents.
    This version of this walkthrough (3.5) is (C) March 17, 2002 by Snow 
    Dragon. The latest version of this walkthrough can always be found at 
    Remember that if you have any suggestions, complaints, or questions 
    about this or any of my walkthroughs, you can e-mail me at 
    <eubanks1084@hotmail.com>. Disregard any of my other walkthroughs that 
    have the dancingcabanaboy address on them - that account no longer 
    If you wish to post this on your site, I will let you do so only if you 
    post it in its original, unmodified, unadulterated condition. Any 
    modifications you make will come with severe consequences. Also, I 
    don't want to get involved in any of your crazy prize drawings, 
    although if your site has a membership option, I may sign up for that 
    IF it is free.
    Otherwise, don't steal my FAQ, don't mangle it, don't sell it for a 
    profit (although I do allow free distribution), and don't do anything 
    to it that will require me to take legal action. I really don't want to 
    mess with any of that. So other than that...
    Have a good day! And have fun playing Smart Ball! 

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