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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

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    Stat Changes

    Yeah, I'm the best.

    We'll be covering two things when it comes to this section. First we'll deal with the actual stat changes. As you defeat enemies, you'll earn EXP., and earning enough will bring you to the next level. This act is required to use some of the more powerful weaponry in the game and, of course, to end up boosting your power to fight the stronger enemies as you proceed through the game. This game is not statistically complex, though.

    • Level: A general ranking of your power, it maxes at 50.
    • Max HP: How much health you have, shown at the top of the screen. There are fifty units in that bar; as it goes into newer colors, you won't see the HP go down until it returns to dark blue. However, each color adds ten more HP total, up to white. This maxes out at 100 around Level 47; growth generally follows a pattern of (Level * 2 + 6).
    • Strength: Your offensive power, it is further augmented with good swords. The unequipped Strength maxes at 13 around Level 24 (25 with the Soul Blade and 50 with the Power Bracelet). The growth follows a pattern of (Level/2 + 1), where the division is truncated first if needed.
    • Defense: Your resistance to damage, it is further helped with good armor. The unequipped Defense maxes at 12 around Level 25 (24 with the Soul Armor, and 48 with the Shield Bracelet). As for its growth, it follows a pattern of (Level/2 - 1), with the division being rounded up first if needed. (Defense will not go below zero for example.)
    • Experience Points: EXP., it is earned from beating enemies. Measured are the current EXP. level and the amount to reach the next level. There is no regular growth pattern, unusually. The value maxes at 99,999,999 (Level 50). It is a four-byte stat located at 0x7E1B78 in the RAM. (That's about the only RAM address I know right now. It's a bit complicated in that each byte has to be altered to read in decimal the desired output on the screen in hexadecimal. Like if I want 99, I alter the byte to 153.)

    As usual, in general, the "Now" column denotes the stat at that level and the "+/-" column denotes the change from the previous level. Note that these are slightly approximated in HP, Strength, and Defense, and averaged out from several Level-50 grinds.

    LevelMax HPStrengthDefenseExperience Points (EXP.)
    Now+/-Now+/-Now+/-CurrentNext Level
    Level 18-1-0-0+100
    Level 210+22+10±0100+180
    Level 312+22±01+1280+300
    Level 414+23+11±0580+420
    Level 516+23±02+11,000+1,000
    Level 618+24+12±02,000+1,200
    Level 720+24±03+13,200+1,300
    Level 822+25+13±04,500+1,300
    Level 924+25±04+15,800+1,800
    Level 1026+26+14±07,600+2,000
    Level 1128+26±05+19,600+2,800
    Level 1230+27+15±012,400+2,600
    Level 1332+27±06+115,000+4,000
    Level 1434+28+16±019,000+6,000
    Level 1536+28±07+125,000+7,000
    Level 1638+29+17±032,000+10,000
    Level 1740+29±08+142,000+17,000
    Level 1842+210+18±059,000+24,000
    Level 1944+210±09+183,000+32,000
    Level 2046+211+19±0115,000+45,000
    Level 2148+211±010+1160,000+60,000
    Level 2250+212+110±0220,000+80,000
    Level 2352+212±011+1300,000+120,000
    Level 2454+213+111±0420,000+150,000
    Level 2556+213±012+1570,000+190,000
    Level 2658+213±012±0760,000+190,000
    Level 2760+213±012±0950,000+250,000
    Level 2862+213±012±01,200,000+300,000
    Level 2964+213±012±01,500,000+350,000
    Level 3066+213±012±01,850,000+400,000
    Level 3168+213±012±02,250,000+450,000
    Level 3270+213±012±02,700,000+500,000
    Level 3372+213±012±03,200,000+550,000
    Level 3474+213±012±03,750,000+650,000
    Level 3576+213±012±04,400,000+600,000
    Level 3678+213±012±05,000,000+1,000,000
    Level 3780+213±012±06,000,000+1,200,000
    Level 3882+213±012±07,200,000+1,300,000
    Level 3984+213±012±08,500,000+1,500,000
    Level 4086+213±012±010,000,000+2,500,000
    Level 4188+213±012±012,500,000+3,300,000
    Level 4290+213±012±015,800,000+3,700,000
    Level 4392+213±012±019,500,000+5,500,000
    Level 4494+213±012±025,000,000+9,000,000
    Level 4596+213±012±034,000,000+12,000,000
    Level 4698+213±012±046,000,000+13,000,000
    Level 47100+213±012±059,000,000+13,000,000
    Level 48100+213±012±072,000,000+13,000,000
    Level 49100+213±012±085,000,000+14,999,999
    Level 50100+213±012±099,999,999-

    Level Grinding

    Okay, so this is one of the few games I've played - perhaps the only as of this date? - that requires you to have a certain level by the game's end. In this case, you must be at least Level 24 because you need to wield the Soul Blade so you can use the Phoenix spell. That is normally attainable by game's end. However, that also means beating every enemy in the game usually at least once, not necessarily something everyone wants to do. Thusly, there are two main methods I'll mention for how to grind for EXP.

    As a note, this has a lot of math. To help you out, the "Quick Method" is about 24,000 times faster than the "Slow Method". No joke.


    ~ Slow Method ~


    This method is the one in which you are not obligated to do anything beyond taping down a turbo controller button, but the amount of EXP. earned per unit of time is rather minimal. There is a monster lair in the Lostside Fire Shrine that can be beaten to reveal a Fairy Gem that gives 1 EXP. per time spoken to - do note that you need the Zantetsu Sword to beat the lair. In the end, it takes about ten seconds to get 1 EXP. Here's the math on the matter...

    Unit of TimeAmount in SecondsAverage EXP. Earnings% of Level 50 EXP. (99,999,999)
    1 second1 second0.1 EXP.0.000000100000001%
    10 seconds10 seconds1 EXP.0.000001000000010%
    1 minute60 seconds6 EXP.0.000006000000060%
    5 minutes300 seconds30 EXP.0.000030000000300%
    10 minutes600 seconds60 EXP.0.000060000000600%
    30 minutes1,800 seconds180 EXP.0.000180000001800%
    1 hour3,600 seconds360 EXP.0.000360000003600%
    2 hours7,200 seconds720 EXP.0.000720000007200%
    4 hours14,400 seconds1,440 EXP.0.001440000014400%
    6 hours21,600 seconds2,160 EXP.0.002160000021600%
    12 hours43,200 seconds4,320 EXP.0.004320000043200%
    1 day86,400 seconds8,640 EXP.0.008640000086400%
    1 week604,800 seconds60,480 EXP.0.060480000604800%
    1 30-day month2,592,000 seconds259,200 EXP.0.259200002592000%
    6 30-day months15,552,000 seconds1,555,200 EXP.1.555200015552000%
    1 year31,104,000 seconds3,110,400 EXP.3.110400031104000%
    31.70979166... years999,999,990 seconds99,999,999 EXP.100.000000000000000%

    ~ Quick Method ~


    This method is not available until late in the game. It requires the use of the Soul Blade and preferably the Soul Armor and Phoenix spell. In the World of Evil, head to the Dazzling Space area on foot - not through the Master's Shrine. As you enter, there are two Wall Tile enemies nearby, plus one further north. You can defeat them all in about five seconds, warp out, and come. They're worth 4,000 EXP. each, making each five-second trip worth 12,000 EXP. The math on this matter...

    Unit of TimeEXP. Earned (Constant Gameplay)Notes
    1 second2,400 EXP.
    5 seconds12,000 EXP.
    10 seconds24,000 EXP.
    30 seconds72,000 EXP.
    1 minute144,000 EXP.
    2.92 minutes420,000 EXP.EXP. for boss minimum (Level 24)
    5 minutes720,000 EXP.
    10 minutes1,440,000 EXP.
    30 minutes4,320,000 EXP.
    1 hour8,640,000 EXP.
    2 hours17,280,000 EXP.
    3 hours25,920,000 EXP.
    6 hours51,840,000 EXP.
    6.83 hours59,000,000 EXP.Max level-up-based stats (Level 47)
    11.57 hours99,999,999 EXP.Maximum level (Level 50)
    12 hours103,680,000 EXP.EXP. maxes at 99,999,999 EXP.


    In no particular order...

    • GameFAQs, Neoseeker, and Supercheats:
      • For being the most amazing FAQ-hosting sites I know.
    • CJayC, SBAllen, and Devin Morgan:
      • General sucking up to the GameFAQs admins. =P
    • Hoogovens:
      • The alternate Demon Falcon strategy.
    • Quintet and Enix:
      • For this excellent game and series!
    • Me (KeyBlade999):
      • For making this FAQ. =P
    • You, the reader:
      • For hopefully enjoying this FAQ.

    Version History

    • v0.10:
      • The general prologue to the game is complete.
      • Time: 12:41 AM 6/1/2013.
    • v0.15:
      • Grass Valley in the Walkthrough, and parallel content, is completed. 'Bout to get into some serious mapping now...
      • Time: 1:16 AM 6/2/2013.
    • v0.20:
      • Not a lot in-FAQ done tonight, just done through Woods of GreenWood - The Soul of Light. However, I did spend most of the time mapping the external area for Lostside.
      • Time: 2:50 AM 6/3/2013.
    • v0.25:
      • Walkthrough progress only through Fire Shrine; done mapping the Light Shrine.
      • Time: 2:55 AM 6/5/2013.
    • v0.35:
      • I had a few other FAQs - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and some NES/GB/SMS ones - to do first, and I also mapped the entirety of the St. Elles dungeons. The walkthrough is done up to Durean in St. Elles.
      • Time: 3:45 AM 6/23/2013.
    • v0.45:
      • St. Elles is done in whole.
      • Time: 4:36 AM 6/25/2013.
    • v0.50:
      • Mostly been busy with a lot of new 3DS releases (Crash City Mayhem, Project X Zone, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team) over the past few months; hence the wanton neglect on this thing. >_> I mapped out the whole of the Mountain of Souls's areas and got to the Mushroom Shoes bit in the actual walkthrough.
      • Time: 1:09 AM 8/25/2013.
    • v0.80:
      • Mapped out all of King Magridd's Castle; finished the Spirit-hunting sidequest partway along.
      • Time: 2:02 AM 9/2/2013.
    • Final:
      • Looks like it's all done. And only after three months! >_>
      • Time: 3:20 AM 9/5/2013.


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    This is the end of KeyBlade999's Soul Blazer (SNES) FAQ/Walkthrough.

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