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    Walkthrough by Psychopulse75

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                      The Full Walkthrough!
                          For the SNES
              Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (Psychopulse)
                    Email: cedricoda@gmail.com
    Hello again and welcome to the Sparkster Walkthrough for the SNES.  Up 
    until recently, I’ve never really heard that much stuff about the 
    Rocket Knight Adventures series.  This, IMO is the best one along with 
    the original Genesis Rocket Knight game.
    Update history
    7/29/2008 - First release.
    Table of Contents
    1. Controls
    2. Items
    3. Walkthrough
    4. Credits
    5. Disclaimer
    1. Controls
    Control Pad - Controls Sparkster
    Start - Pause
    Y Button - Attack.  Hold down the button to charge your rockets.
    Release Y - Spin attack
    Release Y plus control pad - Fly in that direction.
    B button - Jump
    L or R button - Does a rolling attack.  L button attacks to the left, R 
    button attacks to the right.  If you press it too many times, you’ll 
    get dizzy and be unable to move.
    2. Items
    Gem - Collect 100 of these to get an extra life.
    Apple half - refills half a heart of your energy.
    Apple - Refills one heart of your energy. 
    Bananas - Refills four hearts of your energy.
    1up - gives you an extra life
    1up bubble - If you pop it with an attack, it’ll randomly give you an 
    apple, a gem, bananas, or 1, 2, or 3 extra lives.
    3. Walkthrough
    Level 1
    Start things off by heading forward.  You can jump up the tree with the 
    branches and collect the various diamonds.  Inevitably, you’ll start 
    fighting the wolves that come your way.  Some have shields, which are 
    best dealt with a rocket thrust attack or killing him from behind.  
    Keep going right until you encounter your first mid-boss, a giant 
    monkey robot.  It’ll hop around and kick you as well as trying to land 
    on top of you.  Note the bunch of bananas it’s holding.  You can grab 
    them, but don’t take too long or they’ll disappear.  The attacks are 
    easy to dodge, just fly over or under it if it gets too close.  It’ll 
    take 6 thrust attacks to kill it.
    Soon after, you’ll board the warship.  The turrets on the pole are easy 
    to destroy, and you’ll see more of them later on in this level.  The 
    giant robots blocking your path will take 4 thrust attacks.  After the 
    two robots, you can break through the wall ahead for some fruit.  Head 
    up, defeating the wolves and turrets.  Break through the boxes and 
    continue on up.  There’s a box you can bust through for a gem, but 
    don’t destroy the box on the ground unless you want wolves endlessly 
    coming out.  Head to the right unless you see a pole you can slide 
    down.  You can head to the left and break through the wall for 3 apple 
    halves if you need them, and there’s one more up above the pole in the 
    corner before the corridor, but you’ll need to jump up to get to it.  
    The last section just consists of you fending off more wolves, with 
    some coming out of holes in the ground.  You’ll see the princess, but 
    Axle Gear will fly away and snatch her before you can. 
    Boss: Golden Knight
    It’ll smash its fist through the floor constantly, as well as release 
    grasshopper-like robots at you.  The fist doesn’t harm you, but it can 
    block you as well as knock you and any of the grasshopper robots onto 
    the ceiling.  Once the eye is hit twice, it’ll fire lasers from it’s 
    eye.  The best way to avoid it is to stay in the far left corner of the 
    screen, the jump the moment you see the laser is fired.  The weak point 
    is the eye, which you’ll need to rocket into a few times.
    Level 2
    There are several ways to get through the first part.  The long way 
    involves you moving along poles, destroying the flying machines with 
    your rolling or thrust attacks.  You can smash through the white walls. 
    The top area mainly consists of poles you’ll need to navigate as well 
    as those flying machines to destroy.  At the end, you’ll need to head 
    up the pipes and jump over the wall.  You can also break the white wall 
    at the bottom at the start of the level for a shortcut.  After several 
    more pipes, defeat or avoid the flamethrowers and saw  and board the 
    Continue forward for more of the same.  Again if you hate navigating 
    the pipes and fending off the flying enemies, then move forward and 
    boost upward to reach the top.  Avoid getting smashed from the crushers 
    above, or you’ll instantly die.  Once you head down and to the right, 
    travel up and to the left with the rocket and pipes.  Head to the right 
    and defeat the lone wolf on in the cart and work along the conveyor 
    belts.  Up ahead is a roller, and if you are dumb enough to walk into 
    one, you’ll get smashed and die, so don’t fly recklessly. 
    Jump on top of the rollers and rocket up to the top.  Defeat the two 
    wolves and collect the gems.  Fly up on to the next conveyor belt, but 
    be careful of the crushers from the ceiling.  Drop down, and if you 
    want to, you can break through the wall on the left for some bananas.  
    Now, you’ll be in front of a screen.  Look up and rocket through the 
    hole in the ceiling.  You’ll see a 1up in a bubble.  You can collect it 
    like normal or gamble for it.  You’ll get 1,2 or 3 extra lives, or 
    you’ll get a gem or an apple or some bananas. 
    You’ll soon come across a machine that’ll paint Sparkster red.  For the 
    record, this does absolutely nothing and it’ll “wash off” when you 
    reach the second clear screen.  When you get there, fly up to the top 
    in the center of the screen for more gems.  Then hop on the conveyor 
    belts and avoid the rollers, and drop down to face the boss.  But I 
    suggest falling on the left side so you’ll trigger its appearance 
    immediately.  If not, it’ll take a while to appear on screen. 
    Boss: Assembly Robot
    This machine is pretty easy.  You can pass through the arms without 
    taking any damage, but the stuff it picks up can harm you even if it’s 
    on the conveyor belt.  Depending on what it picks up, it’ll fire homing 
    missiles, spin a pole with spiked balls for a few seconds, or fire a 
    laser.  Jump on top of it and start attacking it’s eye with your normal 
    attack as fast as you can.  If you get knocked off, just jump back on 
    and resume spamming your normal attack.  Piece of cake!  ;)
    Stage 3
    This is pretty straightforward.  You’ll ride on a metal ostrich named 
    Stampy-do.  Pressing Y while riding it will fire an energy ring.  You 
    can use your other attacks, but they’re best done by jumping. You’ll 
    move uphill at a blinding fast speed, collecting gems and killing 
    robotic birds.  Some carry wolves that fire guns at you.  Always aim 
    for the birds, since they’ll hassle you to no end if you leave them 
    alone, and any wolves they carry will easily be dropped.  After a doing 
    this for a minute or so, Stampy-do will throw you off to another 
    ostrich below running to the left, and then it’ll drop you on to 
    another one below running to the right.  But if you want some extra 
    health and gems, fly to the right as soon as the first ostrich throws 
    you off.  Use rolling attacks if necessary.  Both paths will take you 
    to the mid boss, Wolfheim.  He’ll ride a giant green robot, and attacks 
    by throwing bombs and trying to hit you with its arms.  Fly into him 5-
    6 times to defeat him.  
    If you flew to the Stampy-do on the right, you’ll drop down and collect 
    4 apples for heal any damage you took.  If not, it’ll just pass you 
    down to the next one.  For a while, you’ll move downward back forth, 
    being passed from ostrich to ostrich.  Duck down to avoid the spiked 
    balls that lower down towards as you approach them, and avoid or defeat 
    the bats and you move down.  You’ll soon be heading to the right again.  
    Move to the far right side of the screen and stay there.  The bridge 
    you’re on will fall apart, and you’ll be able to make it across safely.  
    The last part will have robots moving along vines throwing bombs at 
    you.  Jump and hit them to defeat them easily. 
    Boss: Giant Caterpillar
    For the first phase, it’ll move along the vine and the head will fire 
    cannonballs at you.  Sometimes, it’ll fire apples you can collect for 
    health, but don’t be too dependent on it.  You can rocket into it’s 
    parts one at a time, or hold up and fire Stampy-do’s laser and blast at 
    the parts.  When they do come off, crouch and fire at the parts until 
    they’re destroyed.  Once you’ve blown off enough parts, it’ll move to 
    the second phase where it’ll hop around and fire a flamethrower at you.  
    Duck down to avoid getting hurt by the flames.  Rocket into it’s head a 
    few times, or fire at it from a distance with Stampy-do’s laser.
    Stage 4
    You’ll be in a submarine now.  Head to the left and go down the poles 
    and destroying the robot snakes.  You’ll see a big one piloted by a 
    wolf, fly into it four times to kill it.  You’ll drop down into an area 
    where a laser fires every so often.  You’ll also encounter wolves 
    hiding in alcoves, ducking to avoid the laser.  Kill the wolves and 
    hide in the alcoves when the laser fires, and destroy the giant 
    reflector with a few sword swings.  There are a total of three in this 
    room.  Rocket up after destroying the third one, collecting the bananas 
    along the way.  You’ll soon come across a series of bunk beds with 
    wolves sleeping on them.  You can deal with them as they wake up, or 
    fly through as fast as you can, since only two wolves will wake up at a 
    time.  Regardless, head into the pipe. 
    You’ll travel to the bottom part of the sub where the screws will pop 
    and water will burst from them.  Wait for the water to down, before 
    moving on unless you like getting pushed up towards the spiked ceiling.  
    Move and to the left where you’ll need to avoid the bursts of steam.   
    When you’re on the floor with the wolves pedaling, stop in front of the 
    first pair and wolves and rocket up to the ceiling where you’ll find a 
    lot of gems.  Then head up the stairs and go down the poles.  You’ll 
    soon come to a dead end.  Charge your rockets up and as soon as the 
    wall breaks down, jump and boost forward.  Water will come your way and 
    you’ll need to escape it by passing through the doors.  If you’re too 
    slow, Sparkster will drown.  The path is right, up, left, up, right, 
    up, left, up, right.  Remember to use the gems as a guide for where to 
    fly upwards, and use rolling attacks to regain control of Sparkster, 
    and do so in the direction you’re going to move.  Also, always jump and 
    boost, especially if you’re going left, because there’s alcoves that 
    can slow you down while you’re trying to get away.  This will take a 
    few tries to get down.
    If you manage to make it out safely, you can jump up to the left to 
    find a fish.  Hit it a few times for some prizes like food and gems, 
    but it’ll soon explode once you hit it enough times (Sometimes it’ll 
    take just one hit to destroy it).  Go right, flying through the spikes 
    and head up.  Now that you’re on top of the submarine, head left.  
    Don’t bother with the wolves in airplanes, just boost past them the 
    moment you see any on screen.  You’ll soon reach the boss. 
    Boss: Colonel Wolfheim
    You won’t face the Colonel just yet, first, defeat the three turrets 
    and you’ll soon jump to the other side.  Destroy the last turret to 
    trigger the real boss battle.  He’s not that hard, though.  The main 
    section of the robot he’s piloting is the part you’ll need to hit.  
    He’ll swing his arms at you, and sometimes fire the main cannon.  Get 
    behind him early on by flying to the right, because he’ll move towards 
    the left side of the screen for a little while.  He’ll jump all the way 
    back to the other side, though, so swap sides and continue using thrust 
    attacks on him until he goes down.
    Stage 5
    The first part consists of wolves and some piloting robots.  I suggest 
    flying past them all ASAP.  Once you reach the pyramid, go down and 
    boost to the left.  Go to the right because the purple balls will smash 
    you if you move too slow.  If you want a shortcut, fly downwards as 
    soon as you see a hole below you to enter another room and avoid the 
    two balls.  Now, you’ll pass through a set of revolving doors that’ll 
    the interconnecting the pyramid.  It’ll swap between a horizontal, 
    diagonal, and a vertical piece.  Passing through a revolver door on the 
    opposite side will reverse the order.  If you just want the exit, keep 
    passing by the door until you get a diagonal piece, and head down to 
    the exit, which you’ll recognize by the design on the wall.
    If you want to explore, I’ll tell you what’s in all of the rooms, and 
    how to exit.  When you pass through the first door, it’ll go to a 
    horizontal piece.  You can enter the room with 3 gems, but your control 
    will be reversed, and the buttons for attack/charge and jump will be 
    swapped until you exit the room.  Go through the door until the next 
    piece is diagonal.  This will lead you to the next room, where the 
    heads breathe fire.  Avoid them while you snatch the apple and banana 
    (Assuming you’ve taken damage.  Go forward until you get the horizontal 
    piece again and go to the other side.  Head through the door until the 
    piece is diagonal and head on up to the top.  If you went to the right 
    to see what was in that vase, destroying it would’ve released a bomb 
    that blows up.  Just avoid it.
    Now, in the highest room, keep hitting the statue.  Usually it’ll give 
    you gems, sometimes food, and sometimes, it’ll give out bombs.  If it 
    starts to give you nothing but bombs (And it will after hitting it for 
    a while), just leave.  Go through the door until you get a vertical 
    piece, and drop down.  Swap the next piece for a horizontal one, go to 
    the other end, and then swap for a vertical piece.  Drop down and head 
    into the right where you’ll find a bat and a 1up.  But once you touch 
    it, fly out of the room as the floor will split away from you and 
    you’ll land on the spikes (They don‘t instantly kill you, though).  
    Finally, change the piece to a diagonal one and go into the left to 
    enter a room with lots of bats and gems.  To exit, change the piece to 
    a horizontal one, go to the other side to reach the exit. 
    The mid-boss is easy.  Just fly into its head several times.  At first 
    it’ll move back and forth trying to hit you, but after 4-5 hits, it’ll 
    fly around back and forth.  Keep hitting the head from below and it’s 
    over for him.  In the next room, you’ll need two destroy the two 
    flamethrowers that are holding the triangular platform up.  Don’t be 
    under it when it falls, though.  Use the floating platforms to move up 
    as the top of the triangle is spiky.  The right sine is a dead end, but 
    you can break through the ceiling (Look for four squares that are 
    bunched together) for an apple and an apple half.  Go to the left and 
    fly up and do a rolling attack to collect all the gems and a banana.
    Hop on the ball that’s on the spikes.  Then press left on the control 
    pad so you’ll roll the ball to the right.  Make sure to avoid the 
    spikes retracting from the ceiling.  Then fly up and break through the 
    ceiling and fly up to the 1up in a bubble.  Again, you can just grab it 
    or gamble for possible extra lives.  Drop down and jump on the ball.  
    This one will move back and forth on it’s own, so get around the 
    platforms and work to the other end of the room.  Step on the 
    triangular platform, but be wary that it’ll change angles very so 
    often.  Near the end, charge your rockets and fly to the right to get 
    out of here or it’ll push you into the spikes, killing you.  The boss 
    is easy to reach from here.
    Boss: Desert Worm
    It’ll fly around and breathe fire at you.  You’ll need to fly into his 
    head about 8 times to kill it.  If you attack any part other than the 
    head too much, it’ll break off and become another snake.  But it’s easy 
    to tell which on it is as the real one always has a brown head, while 
    the red indicates that they are fake.  Destroying a fake head will 
    reform it onto the body.  At times, it’ll burrow underground and then 
    resurface to get a fix on you.  This will be more of a slug fight than 
    anything else, so if you come will full health, you should get him 
    before he gets you.
    Stage 6
    Note: I’m only going to tell you the best routes to take here so you 
    can get through with as little trouble as possible.
    Just keep going to the right collecting gems, and already, you’ll meet 
    the mid boss.  It’s a wolf riding on a robotic elephant in the 
    background and will try to attack you by pounding the keys on the piano 
    and throwing explosive batons.  Attack the head 6-7 times to kill it.  
    You’ll then bounce along the drums.  Use a rolling attack to kill the 
    caterpillar robots in one blow and collecting the gems.  
    After entering the teleporter, you’ll need to choose from the top or 
    bottom horns to enter.  I suggest the top route, as it’s easier than 
    the bottom, IMO.  Now, fly through the wolves coming out of trumpets as 
    fast as you can, then fly along the trumpets collecting gems.  The 
    final part will have you navigating cymbal platforms.  Getting smashed 
    won’t kill you, only damage you.  And if you fall into the trumpets, 
    you’ll be sent back to the beginning to try this section again.  Have 
    your rockets charged up, then jump along until you reach the fifth and 
    sixth cymbal and boost the rest of the way.  Use a few rolling attacks 
    if need be and you’ll reach the end quickly.  Hop into the trumpet to 
    reach the teleporter, and remember to collect the apples and gems 
    before moving on.
    Slide down the pole and you’ll soon see a 6 trumpets.  Enter the third 
    one to get transported to the drum room with those caterpillar robots.  
    Continue into the next horn, and you’ll be in another area with wolves 
    coming out of horns.  This room is so small you can fly through it 
    easily and not have to fight anyone.  The last trumpet will spit you 
    out to the exit.  Just collect the two apples and go into the 
    Boss: Axle Gear
    He’ll play his organ for a little while before the fight starts.  He’s 
    capable of doing everything Sparkster can, but his energy rings and 
    spinning attacks do a heart and a half of damage, while his drill 
    attack takes off two hearts.  His slide kick only does a half of heart 
    of damage.  The best way to deal with him is to hit and run.  Fly into 
    him, then get away from him as soon as possible.  Take note that the 
    room your in is tall, so you can fly and drop down the platforms to 
    avoid any damage.  If he gets too close, fly away.  If you can keep on 
    your toes, and attack from from diagonal angles, you’ll be able to 
    defeat him.
    Stage 7
    To be honest, this is too straightforward for me to even give you a 
    walkthrough.  I’ll give you some pointers instead.
    For starters, Y still swings your sword while B fires your twin vulcan 
    cannons.  Pressing L or R will let Sparkster do barrel rolls, but aside 
    from altering your shots, it doesn’t do anything.  =/
    The small turrets fires shots, the big ones fire either lasers or 
    The missiles are easy to destroy, but keep in mind that the wolves 
    riding missiles will try to bump into you.
    The green robots always fires lasers, the red ones will either fire 
    lasers or bombs.  The red ones that fires lasers will always be with 
    the green ones, while the red ones that fire bombs will be by 
    Midway through the level, some strange liquid will come out of the 
    ship.  Try to avoid contact it with it, as will it will damage or 
    possibly even kill you. 
    The mid-boss is a joke.  Just attack the main body with your sword.  
    Upon defeat, he’ll drop a few apples. 
    Boss: Axle Gear Robot Battle
    You and Axle Gear will now be battling in giant robots.  Unlike in the 
    Genesis games, which were fought from the side view, this particular 
    one is fought from a top down view.  For the robot fight controls, the 
    L and R buttons punch.  Hold both of them to block.  The Y Button fires 
    a shot from the mech, and you can hold and release to boost like you 
    would your rockets.
    This battle is hard and extremely cheap.  His robot takes more damage 
    than yours does, he has an annoying habit of boosting in front of you 
    and punching you, he constantly loves to spam a berserker attack where 
    he where he’ll wildly punch back and forth, and he’s unpredictable.  
    Winning against him requires more luck than skill in my opinion.
    The key to winning is to try and make him block for as long as 
    possible.  Try punching the air to keep him in blocking mode.  If he 
    starts punching recklessly, Block and boost to the other side, sneaking 
    in a punch if you can (For instance, if you’re moving to the left, 
    punch with you right fist, and vice versa).  Don’t rely on blocking too 
    much, or one of your arms will be knocked off, making this already hard 
    fight even harder.  He’ll block after punching recklessly at least 
    once.  Then pin him into a corner and try to knock off one of his arms.  
    Keep punching even if you miss, or he’ll resume attacking again.  If 
    you can knock off one of his arms, it’ll be a little more easier, as he 
    won’t attack, and his reckless punching won’t be as effective.  If you 
    can keep him pinned after one of his arms goes off, you might have a 
    chance.  Good Luck!
    Stage 8
    This stage is only playable on normal difficulty or above.
    You’ll begin inside a tunnel where missiles are launched every few 
    seconds.  Kill the wolves and hide and duck in the alcoves in the 
    bottom, or you’ll be smashed.  You’ll know you’re entering the base 
    when the missiles stop firing.  Fly up to the top and head to left to 
    get some gems and an apple.  Continue across the missiles, and at the 
    bottom, you can head to the left under the first missile for some 
    bananas.  Continue forward until you reach the mid-boss.  The missile 
    will explode and you’ll need to move back and forth to dodge the wolf 
    robot.  But it’s easy with a few slashes, though.
    Afterwards, you’ll come across wolves riding Stampy-dos, but they 
    easily go down in one hit.  You should now be in a room with lots of 
    poles, with bugs crawling along them.  I suggest flying up and down the 
    poles and into the bugs to easily kill them.  After the first set of 
    poles, smash through the wall for more gems and a banana bunch.  
    Continue going along the poles and you’ll soon work your way to the 
    core, which consists of 4 gems.  You can get in a few early hits, but 
    soon a forcefield consisting of rings will surround it.  The best way 
    to defeat it is to stand on the far right side of the screen and keep 
    jumping a slashing.  Slowly but surely, you’ll destroy the forcefield 
    rings, as well as the core.
    Now head up and move to the left, and try to get through the reflectors 
    on the ground and ceiling, as well as the laser being fired.  It is 
    possible to destroy them, but it’s better to fly through and take as 
    little damage as possible.  After getting past a couple of more laser 
    security systems, you’ll fly up a shaft with wolves on jetpacks firing 
    missiles.  Then head to the right, defeating the last set of wolves on 
    ostriches, and through the tunnel until you encounter the Big Boss.
    Boss: Generalissimo Lioness
    He’s not as cheap and hard like the previous boss, but he’s no 
    pushover.  There’s still some luck involved, though.  His first attack 
    consists of breathing fire along the ground, which is easily avoided by 
    jumping.  The second attack has him throwing a crescent-shaped 
    projectile and having it come back like a boomerang.  Avoid it by 
    staying low.  The last attack has him firing two energy balls in the 
    air, and then two lighting streams will close in on you.  Stay 
    absolutely still so they won’t hurt you.  He’ll also hop every so 
    often, too, since he walks pretty slow.
    Start swinging your sword as fast as you can and forget doing anything 
    fancy.  Never use your rockets unless he gets too close.  Whether you 
    beat him or not will depend on how aggressive he’s being during the 
    fight.  If he rarely attacks you, you may have a chance.  If he’s being 
    aggressive, you’ll have some problems, because is because he can string 
    several attacks at a time and if he does all three in at least one 
    sequence, you’ll be forced to take damage.  Keep your distance and keep 
    swinging that sword of yours and hopefully, he’ll go down after about a 
    minute or two.
    Now, if you beat the game on normal, you’ll simply escape the base as 
    it explodes.  If you’re playing on hard or higher, you’ll see him 
    firing a missile heading towards Elhorn before he dies.  Sparkster will 
    move the princess into the escape pod while he goes after the missile, 
    which is the real final boss.
    Stage 9
    This is it.  The real final boss.  Go forward, killing the wolves until 
    you reach the core.  You’ll need to destroy the purple glass bulb to 
    destroy the missile.  First, it’ll send a overwhelming group of 
    fireballs your way.  Stay in the corner and swing your sword until it 
    stops.  The second attack will consist of the core firing a laser a 
    couple of times. It’ll go back to the fire at first, then drop bombs in 
    a group several times.  Then it goes back to firing the laser, then the 
    fire, then the bombs, in that order for the remainder of the fight.  
    Attack the core while a set of bombs drop and while the laser is 
    charging up.  Once you get used to the pattern, you’ll destroy it in no 
    4. Credits
    Konami - For making a great games like these. 
    Myself - For writing this guide.
    CJayC - Former GameFAQs webmaster who got the site started.
    SBAllen - The current webmaster of the GameFAQs website.
    5. Disclaimer
    The latest version of this guide is always found at GameFAQs first.
    As of this writing, GameFAQs and Neoseeker are allowed to host my
    guides.  Everyone else must ask first.  This guide is copyrighted to me
    (Psychopulse) and I have no involvement with Nintendo or Konami in
    the making of this game.  I will only accept corrections, praise, or
    any additional info I may have missed.  Any negative E-mails will be
    deleted.  You not sell this guide or steal it in way or I will take
    legal action.  If anyone has altered the guide somewhere, let know at
    Until the next guide, everyone...
    Copyright 2009 Cedric/Cooks Oda
    All rights reserved
                      -"And that's the end of that chapter!"-

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