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    FAQ/Move List by Shiryu

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/12/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         /----\  /-----\    /--\    /-\ /-\ /-\  /--\  /-\
                         | /--/  | /-\ |   / /\ \   | | | | | |  | \ \ | |
                         \ \--\  | \-/_/  / /--\ \  | | | | | |  | |\ \| |
                         /--- |  | |     / /----\ \ | \_/ \_/ |  | | \   |
                         \____/  \_/     \/      \/ \_________/  \_/  \__/
                                            Super Nintendo
                                              Version 1.1
                                        1 - Introduction
                                        2 - Controlling Spawn
                                        3 - Level & Boss Walkthrough (to be added)
                                        4 - Passwords
                                        5 - Credits/Disclaimer
      In 1995 Acclaim distributed this gem for the Super Nintendo. Based on the 
    popular Todd Mc Farlane comic series, Sony produced what is, in fact, the follow 
    up to the already excellent Skyblazer. The graphics and animation are awesome by 
    16bit standards and the music is also a masterpiece. Having not found any FAQ to 
    help me, i decided to make my own. Sure, i guess no one will read it in this day 
    and age were 3D, FMV & CD Audio, but when i like a game, i don't care the 
    platform were i play. This is the case. Spawn is far, far more than your 
    standard platformer.
                                         Controlling Spawn
         Button Config :
     Here are the default Button Layout and the layout i use. They are both very 
    well suited for the game, but it's up to you to decide witch one suits you 
                                    Default              Mine
         Light Punch                  - L                 - R
         Heavy Punch                  - X                 - A
         Light Kick                   - A                 - L
         Heavy Kick                   - Y                 - Y
         Block                        - R                 - X
         Jump                         - B                 - B
          Spawn moves :
       While standing :
                        Light Punch - Quick standing jab.
                        Heavy Punch - Strong chest punch.
                        Light Kick  - Quick middle kick.
                        Heavy Kick  - Strong side kick.
      While crouching :
                        Light Punch - Quick crouching jab.
                        Heavy Punch - Chain sweep. Hits front and back.
                        Light Kick  - Quick kick.
                        Heavy Kick  - Sliding leg tackle. Moves you forward.
     While Jumping up :
                        Light Punch - Jumping chop.
                        Heavy Punch - Double axle.
                        Light Kick  - Jumping kick.
                        Heavy Kick  - Revolving double kick.
     While Jumping left or right :
                        Light Punch - Jumping chop.
                        Heavy Punch - Jumping straight punch.
                        Light Kick  - Jumping kick.
                        Heavy Kick  - Screw kick.
      The abilities of Spawn :
     Spawn itself is a very resourceful character. Here are his abilities :
     Climbing - Actually he doesn't. He just grips to a wall and slowly slides 
    downward. However, if you jump and grab the wall again, it is possible to leap 
    and climb entire walls. A game skill
    that you must master.
      Running - Tapping twice left or right will send Spawn running. You can then 
    attack with any
    Punch, performing a dash uppercut(can hit up to 3 times) or the more damaging 
    red charge,pressing
    any Kick. This is capable of killing some of the weaker enemies with a single 
    hit. However, the
    Heavy Kick red charge will leave you open for damage, because it will take a 
    moment to recover.
      Gliding - After a Jump, pressing and holding the jump button again, will make 
    you glide slowly
    downward (nice animation, by the way). Handy to avoid lava pits and placing 
    yourself for an 
      Blocking - Pressing the Block button (amazingly) makes Spawn block. You can 
    move left and right
    while blocking, but very slowly (again, nice animation). Blocking is also the 
    way to unleash some
    special moves. Read on.
      Spawn special moves (assuming you are facing right) :
      Revolving Uppercut - Simply tap Up+Punch to perform this move. Attacks in a 
    straight line up.The Heavy Punch will hit up to 3 times and lets you attack 
      Turn Around Punch - Tap Heavy Punch then Left+Heavy Punch. This is handy when 
    you have enemies on both sides.
      Turn Around Kick - Tap Heavy Kick then Left+Heavy Kick. Same as above, however 
    the back kick
    makes you duck, which is handy to dodge punches or bullets.
      Fireball - Press and hold Block, then press Down, Down-Right, Right + Punch. 
    The Light Punch will perform a quick Fireball that will kill one of the normal 
    enemies. It uses 0:0:4:8 of your Psi Energy. The Heavy Punch variant comes out 
    slower, but will not disappear until it reaches the edge of the screen. Uses 
    0:0:6:4 of your Psi Energy.
      Psi Punch - Press and hold Block, then press Left, Right + Punch. The Light 
    Punch makes a strong direct punch using Psi Energy. Consumes 0:0:9:6 Psi. The 
    Strong Punch produces the same but it delivers almost one and a half more 
    damage. Uses 0:0:9:8 Psi. The most powerful attack of Spawn.
      Homing Star - Press and hold Down, then press and hold Block and any Kick. The 
    Light Kick will
    loose a small green homing star that damages and paralyses opponents. Consumes 
    0:0:1:6 Psi. The
    Strong Kick will unleash a more powerful version. Uses the same amount of Psi, 
    0:0:1:6. Use any attack button to detonate the Star. This is handy to get to 
    some troublesome positioned enemies.
      The 4 Mystic Fireballs - Press and Hold Block, then press Down, Down-Left, 
    Left + Punch. This
    is quite useful. Spawn summons 4 homing fireballs. The Light Punch version uses 
    0:0:9:6 while the
    faster Heavy Punch version uses 0:1:2:8 Psi.
      Hell Raising Uppercut - Press and Hold Block, then Left, Down-Left, Down, 
    Down-Right, Right +
    Kick. This is lethal to any foe above you. Spawn does a Revolving Uppercut while 
    himself in fire. The Strong Punch variant goes about two screens high ! Consumes 
    0:0:9:6 and
    0:1:2:8 Psi for the Light and Heavy Punch respectively.
      Necroplasm Bomb - Press and Hold Block, then Right, Right-Up, Up, Left-Up, 
    Left + Punch. This
    is the ultimate power. Clears the entire screen of enemies and causes heavy 
    damage on bosses. The
    Light Punch version consumes 0:1:2:8 while the Heavy Punch variant causes almost 
    twice the damage
    while consuming 0:1:9:2 Psi.
      Hovering - Simply fall into a hole. Instead of loosing a life like other 
    games, Spawn will morph into a ball shaped has his symbol. You can control this 
    ball for a few seconds enabling you to get to safe ground. Consumes 0:1:2:8, but 
    sure is useful.
      If there are any more moves, please E-Mail me about it. Thank you.
                                       Level & Boss Walkthrough
      To be added on a future version of the FAQ or if requested.
      All passwords start you with at least 9:0:0:0 Psi energy.
                                        Stage 2  - D9963D1D
                                        Stage 3  - 452634GG
                                        Stage 4  - 05C234CF
                                        Stage 5  - 0F0B7F0D
                                        Stage 6  - 0F9B7F1D
                                        Stage 7  - 0F2G7F2D
                                        Stage 8  - 0F06CB8H
                                        Stage 9  - 4F9GCG1D
                                        Stage 10 - 0F2BCBBH
      This FAQ is copyrighted by Shiryu (aka G. Lopes) and can be freely distributed 
    has long has
    it remains unchanged. Ask permission if you wish to publish any of this on any 
    magazine or
      You can find the latest version of this Faq at the following sites:
                               GameFaqs: http://www.GameFaqs.com
                          Shiryu Galaxy: 
      This is my E-MAIL account. Feel free to send 
      Special thanks to Carlos A. Medina <www.shenglong@juno.com> for the moves i 
    missed. :) 
      Got Wip3out for the PSX ? Need some help ? Go check my Wip3out Faq. :)
      All trademarks are registered by their respective owners.
      Formatted and best viewed with Notepad maximized in 800x600.
                                            Shiryu 2000

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