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    FAQ/Walkthrough by HMoleman

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    ~<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Introducing Spider-Man and Venom in,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>~
    ~<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>Maximum Carnage FAQ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>~
    ~<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<For The Sega Genesis Console>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>~
    ~<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Written by: Hans Moleman>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>~
    ~<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Version 1.1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>~
    Version 1.1
    First release, everything is brand new but it is not complete. I still
    have to beet the battle in Manhattan Streets 2 so I can tell you about
    the End and the Ruined Boys Home. I'm going to be at that level all
    week, so hopefully I will be finished of that level by my next update.
    ~Table of Contents~
    1)Table of Contents
    2)"Legal Carnage!"
    3)Introduction-Basic Web-Slinging
                  -How all this Carnage Started
                  -Team Spidy
    4)Enemy Strategies
    7)Level Strategies
    8)Game Genie codes
    9)Secret Rooms
    10)Prospect Park Secrets
    11)The Final Words
    <"Legal Carnage!">
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    This is a copyright 2000
    written by moleman
    "Nothing much to say, cause this is an Introduction, but I better say
    something" I devided my Introduction into four parts so I won't have to
    fit everything into one paragraph. Just read and I hope you learn
    Basic Web-Slinging:
    To get through this game alive you must master all the Web-Slinging
    controls and the fighting controls, or you will die in the first level
    cause those guys are tuffer than you think.
    Basic Controls:
    Pause/Resume the game: Come on, you got to know how to pause and resume
    the game. You never know when Carnage will show up and you might be so
    surprised that you will have to take a breather. So be thankful that I'm
    telling you how to Pause and Resume. Now to pause press the Start button
    and to resume press Start again. Easy? Great.
    Spider Sense: On the show Spidy has a Spider sense. But in this game you
    don't use it to much except for the climb. Your Spider sense will come
    on automatically if your in real danger. You will know if it comes on
    when you see the arrow on the top of the screen. Well in most of these
    levels there are no real dangers so you don't got to worry at all.
    Walk: Press the arrow keys in whatever direction you want to go in.
    Jump: To jump simply press the B button.
    Run: Now running isn't as simple as you think it is. Cause you got to
    press the arrow keys twice really quickly in whatever direction you want
    to run in.
    Pick up Enemy: Go up to a Enemy and grab onto him, (you can do that by
    walking right into them) then press up. Spider man will lift the guy or
    girl up, and to throw them press the A button, and to spin them press
    the B and C button rapidly one after the other. To throw the guys while
    there spinning is pretty neat, they spin through the air like a Frisbee.
    Pick up an object: Walk to the side of the object you want to pick up
    and press the A button, and to throw it press the A button again.
    Front-Flip: Hold left or right in whatever direction you want to jump
    in, then press jump and Spidy will do a front-flip.
    Back-Flip: If you want to back-flip to the right, face Spidy in the left
    direction and press the right arrow and the B button right after, and
    Spidy will do a back-flip. To do a flip to the left just repeat what I
    just said but change the directions.
    Punch: Walk up to someone and punch them by pressing the A button.
    Scissor Kick: Press the B Button and then the A button right after.
    Web, and Wall Crawling Controls:
    Fire clod of web: Press the C button and Spidy will fire some web.
    Web Shield: Hold in the C button when your in trouble and Spidy will
    make a Web Shield.
    Pull enemy toward you: Press the C button and the left or right keys in
    whatever direction you want to pull someone from.
    Fire line of Web: Press up and press the C button, and Spidy will shoot
    a line of Web up into the sky.
    Get on a wall: Go up to the wall you want to jump on and press the B
    button to jump and then press up and you can move around by pressing the
    arrow keys.
    How all this Carnage started:
    Hans Moleman Productions Presents: How all this Carnage started...
    When Cletus Kasady was sealed away in Ravencroft, a maximum-security
    institute for the criminally insane, society thought it was safe.
    Society was wrong.
    The Symbiote is back with Kasady, there going to be glories Carnage
    throughout the land. Carnage teams up with some other offspring's,
    Shriek, Doppleganger, Demogoblin, and Carrion. Now there is new enemies,
    new threats, but you can only count on two guys, Spidy and Venom. Yes
    Spider-Man and Venom, and with help from some fellow super heroes they
    team up and help you on your journey to kill Carnage. Now it's up to
    you, you have to beet Carnage and his other friends which are thirsty
    for Spidy and Venom's blood. Good luck, you'll need it.
    Team Spidy:
    Here I will just tell you about our two heroes, Spider-Man and Venom. I
    am going to put everything I know about these guys in a small profile.
    All my answers might not be correct so if you know the correct ones
    E-mail me! Pretty, Pretty, Please.
    Name: Peter Parker
    Alias: Spider-Man
    Special Attack: Jumps and does a Tornado kick
    Girl Friend: Maryjane Whatson
    Best Friend(s): Harry Osborne
    How he got his power: At the museum, he was watching a demonstration for
    a Laser with radioactive rays. But a spider happened too come down from
    the ceiling and landed in the path of the laser. The spider then
    scattered over the floor, up Peter's leg and bit him in the hand. Later
    on Peter discovered that he could stick to walls, and then he made some
    liquid that he used for his webbing. That disolves afer an hour.
    Name: Edward Brock
    Alias: Venom
    Special Attack: Spins around with his fists out
    Girl Friend: Unknown
    Best Friend(s): Unknown
    How he got his power: It all started when J. Jonah Jameson's son went up
    into space and came back with this black goo called a Symbiote. It
    bonded with Eddy and it shared his thoughts and feelings. Venom went
    around trying to kill Spider-Man. One night they had a fight on top of a
    building and that's when Venom discovered that Spider-Man was
    really...Peter Parker. After the fight by the shuttle, Eddy swore that
    next time he becomes Venom he will kill Spider-Man. (I wonder how they
    teamed up)
    Super hero Icons:
    Here I will put everything I know in a Profile, there are some things
    I'm not sure of so E-mail me if you know.
    Black Cat:
    Name: Felicia Harding
    Alias: Black Cat
    Special Attack: Pounces on the bad guy and cartwheels
    Boy Friend: Michael Morbius
    Best Friend(s): Unknown
    How she got her power: Felicia's Dad was a cat burglar, and his brain
    was like a camera. He could just look at something and Tadaa! he will
    never forget about it. He was sent by these gangsters to retrieve the
    recipe for the secret soldier power. Then he found out they were the
    knotsee's so he ran and never returned. After he escaped from shield
    headquarters, Kingpin caught him and they got Felicia adn they
    Introduced her to her Father. If Felicia's Dad didn't tell Kingpin the
    Formula they will kill him so he did and tested it on Felicia. So that's
    how she got's the power.
    Captain America:
    Name: Steve Rogers
    Alias: Captain America
    Special Attack: Throw's his shield at the enemy
    Girl Friend: Unknown
    Best Friend(s):
    How he got his power: Steve Rogers drank the Super Soldier Formula and
    was bombarded by Vita-Rays, he was transformed from frail youth to a
    living legend of World War II.
    Name: Tyrone Johnson
    Alias: Cloak
    Special Attack: He opens up his Cape and when everything is dark he
    punches and kicks the guys
    Girl Friend: Tandy Bowen
    Best Friend(s): Probobly Tandy Bowen
    How he got his power: Criminals who injected the him with an
    experimental drug which engulfed Tyrone in a blanket of darkness and
    made him one with the shadows of the night.
    Name: Tandy Bowen
    Alias: Dagger
    Special Attack: She will jump out and shoot out light daggers
    Boy Friend: Tyrone Johnson
    Best Friend(s): Probobly Tyrone Johnson
    How she got her power: A drug which Tandy discovered gave her the power
    to use light as a weapon to purge the darkness out of men's' souls.
    Name: Michael Collins
    Alias: Deathlok
    Special Attack: Shoots bullets from his big guns injuring any guy in
    Girl Friend: Unknown
    Best Friend(s): Unknown
    How he got his power: He had an operation. But rather than bring him
    health, it turned his life into a walking nightmare. Now he struggles to
    accept that he will never be more than a cybernetic patchwork man.
    Name: Angelica Jones
    Alias: Firestar
    Special Attack: She comes out and shoots the enemies with fire
    Boy Friend: Unknown
    Best Friend(s): Unkown
    How she got her power: Unknown
    Name: Danny Rand
    Alias: Ironfist
    Special Attack: With Spider-Man he gives him health, and with Venom he
    comes and kicks everyone in sight
    Girl Friend: Unknow
    Best Friend(s): Unknown
    How he got his power: Unknown
    Name: Michael Morbius
    Alias: Morbius
    Special Attack: With Spider-Man he swoops down and swipes at a guy, and
    with Venom he flies by and the people look up in distraction
    Girl Friend: Felicia Harding
    Best Friend(s): Unknown
    How he got his power: Dr. Michael Morbius learned that he was very ill.
    His only chance for survival was a new experimental drug. When the
    miracle drug mixed with his bloodstream it transformed the doctor into
    the terror known as Morbius, the living vampire.
    <Enemy Strategies>
    Here's just some strategies on how to beet...well the enemies. Now I'll
    start off telling you what to do if there is a big mob of bad guys after
    What  to do with groups of enemies:
    Lot's of enemies in the next part of the level
    Well if your in the level like the Deep you can just jump onto the wall
    and go in and when there is an open space you can jump down and double
    smash them. Now if your in the Manhatten streets 2 then you should grab
    a guy or a girl and throw him or her into all the people so just keep on
    reapeating that.
    If your surrounded
    Now if your surrounded you can sometimes do a double smash but if you
    can't then you could use a Super hero. But if you don't got any or you
    don't want to use one then grab one with your web and throw him or her
    into the biggest crowd of people. "Oh ya I forgot!" you can try your
    spacial attack, it will knock everyone out of the screen, and when you
    see a guy walking in pick him up and throw him at the next guy. Now keep
    reapeating that.
    How to defeat certain kinds of enemies:
    The Trenchcoat guys, and the gun guys in coats
    The Trenchcoat guys are pretty easy to kill, you can do that Punch,
    Punch, Knee to the gut, and Upper-Cut thing two times to him then he's
    dead. Or you can grab him with your web and throw him. Now for the gun
    guys, these guys are the same as the Trenchcoat guys but these guys have
    guns. Ya big Machine Guns that shoot 30 rounds a second. No I was just
    joking, they just carry small rifle's. they can't kill you in one shot,
    and they can't kill you in two either but they can knock you down. You
    just do what I told you to do with the Trenchcoat guys.
    The Sissy's
    You know those guys who kick, I call them the Sissy's cause they kick
    most of the time, and I really hate it when they bend down and Vrooooom!
    they run up to 100 miles per hour then Poo! they kick you. The best way
    to avoid that attack is to get out of the way. To kill them you can
    punch them, kick them,throw objects at them. But I usually stick to the
    grab him with your web then throw him.
    Biker Babes
    I don't know how hair could hurt you, they probably put in around five
    to six bottle's of hair spray in there every day. They also kick to,
    which takes a good amount of health away and leaves you laying on the
    ground. Now to kill these ckicks, Babes, Hotties, or what ever you like
    calling them, you double slam them if your figting two, and if your not
    than pull them towards you then punch them cause they usually block
    every hit.
    The Fat, Fat, Faty, Fat, Fats
    "Cannon Ball" Boooooooooom! Ya cannon ball is one of there strogest
    attacks. They jump up off the ground and come falling down with there
    big @$$ pointing right at you. You got to think fast when this happens,
    to move out of the way or stay and greet his @$$. Sorry about the
    language but what else could I write? Butt doesn't sound good and Rear
    could mean anything, a rear bumper, behind you. So I decided to put down
    @$$ but I didn't spell it with a, then the two S's. I spelled it with
    the at sigh a to money simble's. Now to beet these slow Fat, Fat, Faty,
    Fat, Fats. You can grab them and throw them or grab them and punch them.
    The Annoying Losers With Umbrellas
    Try to stay away from these freaks. Cause if your fighting them close
    they might poke you with there pointy umbrella tip. You an kill these
    guys quickly by double mashing them and you can grab them and send them
    punches. Here's another tip, in big gangs you can't really pipck them up
    so you should try your special attack and when the first guy gets up,
    grab him and get ready to throw him. So keep repeating that.
    Here's a list of pick-ups you can pick up while playing, Maximum
    Heart: This will restore 25% of your health.
    Maximum Moral Icon: I just call it a Super Heart, but these things can
    restore you back to full health.
    Extra lives: Spider-Man's life's are red and Venom's are Black with a
    picture on it. When you get one of these it will get you an extra live.
    Continue: These are red spheres with an exclamation mark on it. When you
    die in a level you wont be game over if you got one of these. You have
    ten seconds to press any button or you'll be game over. When you start
    off again you will start off with three lives.
    Doppleganger: Kind of reminds me of Spider-Carnage or the Man Spider.
    This guy is just out of control, and he is invincible when he is on six
    legs. Doppleganger usually fights with his team mate Shriek, but when
    you get closer to the end he fights with Demogoblin. The easiest way to
    defeat him is to punch him when he's on to legs, or use a Super Hero.
    Shriek: What is a girl like her doing in a battle like this, I don't
    know do you? I think she just loves Carnage and is trying to get her
    hands on him. Well Shriek is probably the easiest Supervillian except
    for Manhatten Streets 2. She fires sonic blasts from her hands and it
    takes quite a bit from Spidy and Venom. She also is the only
    Supervillian who can be grabbed by web. The easiest way to defeat her is
    by grabing her and punching her, or use a Super Hero.
    Demogoblin: Similar to the Hobgoblin, Demogoblin throws pumpkin bombs
    and fly's around on some sort of flying machine. I wonder why they made
    up a new goblin, when they all ready have two. The easiest way to kill
    this guy is to headbutt with Spider-Man and the elbow smash with Venom
    and high kicks. If you want you can use a Super hero.
    Carrion: Now Carrion is more like the Greengoblin, but Carrion floats
    around in the air he doesn't come in on a flying machine. The easiest
    way to beet Carrion is to high kick him, punch him if he is low enough,
    and the special attack. The Super Hero also works.
    And last but not least...
    Carnage: The toughest Supervillian in the game and he is the main
    Supervillian. Kasady still looks crazy as Carnage especially when he is
    swinging his arms around. I still can't beet this lunatic and I had the
    game for a year or so. The easiest way to kill him is using super
    heroes, and the headbutt with Spider-Man and elbow smash with Venom and
    <Level Strategies>
    New York Street:
    Spidy makes his way to the busy streets of New York, filled with lots of
    criminals, and lunatics. Make your way through the streets fighting any
    punk who dares to mess with you. Pick them up and throw them, punch
    them, kick them, do whatever you want cause they deserve it. Just repeat
    this and at the last part don't forget the 1-up, up on the building.
    Beat the last of the bums, drunks, punks, or whatever you like to call
    them. Wait for the hot chicks who come in biker suits. You can double
    smash them by jumping up on the building and wait for an opening between
    the to chicks. Then jump down and press the C button. This attack should
    kill them in one hit. But if you already punched them earlier than the
    double smash won't work.
    The Climb:
    Great one of my favorite levels, cause it's challenging and it's right
    before a roof fight. All right, first I will kind of explain how this
    Spider sense works. Shriek is up on the top of the building your
    climbing, she doesn't want you to get to the top so that's why she
    shoots Sonic Blasts. A few seconds before the Sonic blast comes into
    view a arrow will appear. Move in the direction the arrow is pointing
    in, and if your not quick enough, the blast will hit you and you will
    fall to the ground. Hopefully you won't get hit and if you do get hit
    hope that your not to high.
    For three extra lives sling all the way over to the right, and climb up
    so your over the last window. Now press the B button and you will jump
    into a secret room. Kill the punk and pick a fire extinguisher and throw
    it at the babe who jumps out, and collect the extra life. Do the same to
    the other babes, and collect there extra lives. Then exit to the right.
    Jump up onto the apartment and climb under the sill, the arrow will
    show, so swing to the right. Climb up some more and hold up while you
    swing to the left. Now climb up some more but stay close the window
    sills. An arrow will show pointing to the left, don't panic just as long
    as your close to the window sills you'll be fine. But if you get hit
    then...It's time to "PANIC!"
    Just follow the arrows the rest of the ways to the top. You might come
    across Dopplegangar on the way but don't worry about him, he's just lost
    and trying to find the way to the rooftop.
    The Rooftop:
    Right away when you begin go to the water tower, start punching it and
    just ignore Doppleganger The legs will bust, press the A button to pick
    the tower up and move over and collect the continue that was underneath.
    Move down and throw the tower at Dopplegangar and it will kill him
    instantly, but if you want a little challenge try and beet Dopplegangar
    with your fists. You won't kill Doppleganger but he will disappear,
    after he disappears Shriek will take action and knock you over the edge
    and you will fall into the dirty alleyway. Well actually it's pretty
    clean, clean enough to live in.
    Walk through the alley fighting bums who are dressed in nice clothes, in
    the next part there is a dumpsite. Wait for the girls to come then pick
    it up and throw it. Now web-sling over into the next part, walk up as
    far as you can go and run all the way to the right. Then jump up onto
    the small narrow piece of wall. Climb up it and swing over to the left
    to collect two power-ups and one life, and jump down and fight the guys.
    After the next part run all the way to the right and climb up the wall
    that's beside the piece that's sticking out. You will find a continue,
    jump down and fight the last bit of punks and biker babes. Then wait for
    the tubbies to come, one will come first, bring him towards you with
    your web then give him some punches. After you do that a couple times a
    power hit will come. If he jumps on you or knocks you out with his bat,
    Cloak and Dagger will come to the rescue. But to beet this level you got
    to get knocked out. If you beet the first guy collect the extra life and
    fight the next two, if you beet them four will come but one is
    The Hall:
    (Tip: When Doppleganger is on all six legs he is invincible)
    Another battle which takes place in a church, wait and Doppleganger will
    jump through the colored window. Walk up to him and send him a couple
    punches, then the annoying Shriek will come in and help out
    Doppleganger. Just keep fighting Doppleganger until he disappears, then
    go after Shriek but be careful of her sonic blasts. When you defeat her
    Dagger will jump in and guess who. Carnage shows up and takes a swipe at
    you and Dagger.
    Select Hero:
    Spidy or Venom?
    I like going with Spider-Man, if you go with Spider-Man read under the
    Chase and Times Square, and if you go as Venom read under San Francisco
    and Central Park.
    The Chase:
    Well Spidy is just hanging out by a window, probably watching some hot
    chick then suddenly a Goblin comes flying by on some flying machine like
    the HobGoblins. Spider-Man will web-sling trying to stay as close as he
    could to the Goblin, and at the third building get ready to kick when
    the Goblin comes back around. If you did this correctly you would knock
    the Demogoblin from his machine, and if you didn't do it right than you
    will just fall.
    Times Square:
    Get out onto the small street and sling up and collect the Cloak super
    hero icon. Then if you didn't knock Demogoblin from his machine he will
    be flying around trying to get you. Just simply wait for him to get low
    to the ground then scissor kick him off it. Now to beet him just give
    him kicks or your special attack. Punches don't hurt him.
    San Francisco:
    Beet up all the punks and the chicks until you get to the mailbox part,
    beet the guy standing beside it and pick the mail box up. Throw it at
    the next gang of guys who show up. Next you got to fight for chicks. The
    one in the blue will give you a Super hart. Go to the ATM machine and do
    your special attack in front of it, you will find a secret room. Pick up
    the fire extinguishers and throw one at each person who comes out, and
    don't forget to collect the three lives that came from the girls. Just
    fight until you get to the end. Now it's time for the two brothers, the
    fat brothers. Chose one to eliminate first and grab the guy with your
    symbiot and you can throw him or punch him. They both have some body
    armor on so it will take a minute to get there health down to the red.
    After there beet your finished.
    Central Park:
    This is an easy level, just fight Shriek and Doppleganger. If you move
    over to the right you will see Carnage sitting on a tree stump, when you
    get hit he jumps up and starts laughing. In this level I go fight Shriek
    cause you don't really beet them, and Shriek is easier to hit. When your
    in the middle of fighting them you cannot control Venom, but don't worry
    that's just what happens when you beet the level.
    Select Hero:
    Spidy or Venom?
    I like going with Spider-Man cause I just like too, there is no reason.
    New York Streets 2:
    Fight the loner at the first and pick up the dumpsite, throw it at a guy
    and fight the rest of the guys. Next part don't forget the extra life at
    the end of the building. At the end when the bosses are ready to come,
    jump on the building wait for the umbrella guys to come and you can jump
    down in between and do a double smash. They will be killed in one hit.
    The Deep:
    What is the Deep, some kind of strip club, a bar, what is it? Well from
    your starting position move to the right to collect an extra life and
    then go to the left. Before you enter this next part jump up on the
    wall, and then you can move in. There are a lot of guys and girls, look
    for and opening and jump down and do a double smash. Keep doing that
    until there is two or three guys. There is a guy in pink who drops a
    Cloak Icon when you kill him so keep an eye open. When there all dead
    move to the left and collect all those power ups just laying there on
    the couch, and pick up the two Black Cat Icons before you go in and
    Some cool music will come on and Doppleganger and Demogoblin will come
    out. Now up on the tree's there are two power ups, save them for when
    you need them. Use a Black Cat if you want maybe use two, I always do.
    Then Shriek will show up, thank goodness she isn't fighting with
    Doppleganger. Easily finish her off using a couple punches. Now were off
    to the Fantastic 4 HQ and the Labs.
    Fantastic 4 HQ:
    Go through fighting those little annoying little computer balls that
    shoot out Laser's. Don't forget to collect the power ups on the way and
    the Continue.
    Fantastic 4 Labs:
    If your Venom, go to the spot where the first arrow is pointing
    backwards then do a high kick and you will enter into a secret room,
    filled with lots of great stuff. Then when you come out all the laser
    beams disappear. But if your Spider-Man than you got to make your way
    through the lasers and to the boss.
    A big robotic watch dog will come. Hop on the wall and keep dropping and
    kicking him, and then quickly press up to hold onto the wall right after
    you kick. Just keep on repeating that and you will eventually beet him.
    Rooftop 2:
    First if you want a Venom or Spider-Man Icon, it depends who you are.
    Run to the top left hand corner then jump up and you got the Icon. Now
    first Doppleganger and Demogoblin come out first, use your special
    attack until it runs out. In that time you might of been able to get rid
    of Demo, then to finish off Doppleganger give him the punch punch knee
    to the gut then upper-cut. Next Shriek and the annoying Carrion come,
    jump kick to get Carrion and grab Shriek with your web and punch her.
    Shriek will drop a Forester Icon, then Carnage shows up. Use a Venom or
    Spider-Man Icon on him than punch him, he will go away cause he's low on
    Prospect Park:
    First swing up and get the Morbius Icon on top of the gate then fight
    all those punks. Behind the first tree that you pass there is a Venom or
    Spider-Man Icon, it depends who you are, and behind the second one there
    is a Super power up. After you beet the fat brothers in the next part,
    swing up and grab the continue in the tree.(note: It's sometimes pretty
    hard to get, so don't spend all your lives at getting it. The after a
    few more bums and chicks the end of the level bosses come.
    First it's the girls, pick one up and throw her at the other, just keep
    doing that or grab them with your web then punch them. After the girls,
    the two fat guys come, do the same thing what you did to the girls. Next
    the umbrella boys, the same thing. Then gun boys come, I usually use a
    Black Cat Super hero Icon if I got one.
    Prospect Park 2:
    Quickly web-sling up and try and get the Super hero Icons and save the
    Super power up heart for later. Use Deathlok on Shriek and Doppleganger,
    when Doppleganger dies he will leave a super power up heart. Get it and
    kill Shriek if deathlok didn't do so. Next Carrion will float down give
    him high kicks and then Demogoblin will fly around the screen. Use a
    special attack to knock him off every time he starts to fly and when
    he's on the ground kick him or give him a headbutt if your Spider-Man
    and a elbow charge if your Venom.
    Select Hero:
    Spidy or Venom?
    If you want to get lots of Super hero Icons then chose Venom. If you go
    as Venom Read under Statue of liberty. If you go as Spider-Man read
    under Police Station, Manhattan Rooftop, Manhattan Street 1.
    Police Station:
    Fight the Cops with the guns and when you get to the cell that is open,
    press up and jump and you will get to a secret room filled with lots of
    great things. When you come out don't forget to use the fire
    extinguishers cause they appear again.
    Manhattan Rooftop:
    This is just a small battle with Shriek and a couple drunks. Just pull
    Shriek towards you and punch her and keep doing that, and  for the
    drunks do what you normally do. Oh ya don't forget the Iron Fist Icon
    that is on the glass window on the ground.
    Manhattan Streets 1:
    Another battle, with everyone except Carnage. Grab the Forester and the
    Deathlok Icon on each side of the level. Just use super heroes and do a
    couple punch punch knee to the gut then upper cuts, and some headbutts.
    That's all you got to do, and some high kicks for Carrion and a special
    attack to knock Demogoblin of his Flame.
    Now in the comic strip press B then C and keep on repeating it, it will
    cause the Symbiote to get back on Eddy quicker.
    Statue of Liberty:
    Now you can get lots of super heroes from all these guys in this level
    so be on the look out for them. There are a few power ups to.
    If you chose Spider-Man this is where you would meet after those levels,
    and if you chose Venom this is where you would meet.
    Manhattan Street 2:
    Collect Iron Fist on the left and Dagger on the right, fight all the
    mixture of gun guys, fat guys, umbrella guys, hot biker chicks, and
    drunks. When Lorraine comes out it means she is the last bad guy to
    come. Now for the Big, Humungus, extra large battle. Now I can't kill
    Shriek, I killed Doppleganger but not Shriek. She just goes nuts, but
    one day I came so close but she killed me. I beet this level with cheats
    but not without. When I finally beet this level I will be so happy that
    I will finish this Faq.
    The End...
    I been to this level with cheats but I have to get here without cheats.
    Ruined Boys Home:
    Only got here with cheats
    <Game Genie Codes>
    Here's some Game Genie Codes for Genesis only, read the following:
    Infinite lives=ADNB-4AD8
    Infinite continues=AKZB-4A8R
    Invincibility(must turn effects off at end of some rounds)=AM5V-4A9E
    Infinite help icons=AJRV-4A4J
    Start with 1 of each super hero=AETV-5A8L
    Start with 2 of each super hero=AJTV-5A8L
    Start with 3 of each super hero=ANTV-5A8L
    Start with 5 of each super hero=AYTV-5A8L
    Start with 7 of each super hero=A6TV-5A8L
    Start with 9 of each super hero=BETV-5A8L
    Start with 1/3 health=CB4B-6AE8
    Start with 2/3 health=EB4B-6AE8
    Start with more health=JB4B-6AE8
    Start with much more health=LB4B-6AE8
    Start with double health=NB4B-6AE8
    Start with 1 life=AF4B-6AFE
    Start with 2 lives=AK4B-6AFE
    Start with 4 lives=AV4B-6AFE
    Start with 5 lives=AZ4B-6AFE
    Start with 7 lives=A74B-6AFE
    Start with 9 lives=BF4B-6AFE
    Start with no continues=AB4B-6AFL
    Start with 2 continues=AK4B-6AFL
    Start with 3 continues=AP4B-6AFL
    Start with 4 continues=AV4B-6AFL
    Start with 5 continues=AZ4B-6AFL
    Start with 7 continues=A74B-6AFL
    Start with 9 continues=BF4B-6AFL
    Start on level 2=AVWV-4AFA
    Start on level 3=A3WV-4AFA
    Start on level 4=BBWV-4AFA
    Start on level 5=BKWV-4AFA
    Start on level 6=BVWV-4AFA
    Start on level 7=B3WV-4AFA
    Start on level 8=CBWV-4AFA
    Start on level 9=CKWV-4AFA
    Start on level 10=CVWV-4AFA
    Start on level 11=C3WV-4AFA
    Start on level 12=DBWV-4AFA
    Start on level 13=DKWV-4AFA
    Start on level 14=DVWV-4AFA
    Start on level 15=D3WV-4AFA
    Start on level 16=EBWV-4AFA
    Start on level 17=EKWV-4AFA
    Start on level 18=EVWV-4AFAE
    Start on level 19=E3WV-4AFA
    Start on level 20=FBWV-4AFA
    Start on level 21=FKWV-4AFA
    All these codes can also be found on Gamesages.com
    <Secret Rooms>
    Here's a list of secret rooms that you can find throughout the game.
    Climb: swing over to the window at the far right and get over it and
    press the B button.
    San francisco being Venom: at the ATM machine, get in front of it and do
    your Special attack.
    Fantastic 4 Labs: have to be Venom for this to work. Go to the first
    arrow that is pointing backwards and jump and kick.
    Police Station: when you get to the first open cell hold up and jump.
    Thats all the Secret Rooms I know, if you know some more E-mail at:
    <Prospect Park Secrets>
    There are allot of things in Prospect Park, Super heroes, Power ups,
    Continues and things like that. All those things are hidden very
    carefully and I happen to know where they all are. Here's a list of the
    things you can find in Prospect park.
    1)When you begin the level there is a Morbius Super hero icon on the top
    of the gate.
    2)A Venom or Spider man Super hero icon (depends who you are) is behind
    the first tree. Just websling up and you got it.
    3)In behind the next tree there is a Power up I don't no if it's a Super
    power up or a normal one cause my health wasn't down to much when I got
    4)After you beet the Fat brothers or what ever you like to call them. In
    the next part of the level, up in the tree there is a Power up and a
    <The Final Words>
    Well my wonderful Faq is coming to a fast end, I hope you enjoyed it.
    Send your comments and stuff to [moleman_92@hotmail.com] I would like to
    hear from you today.
    I have no questions so quick, E-mail me!
    You probably already know my E-mail address but I will say it again:
    If you have any Questions for my Questions section I will try to do my
    best on answering them. Corrections, things I missed or any other stuff
    about my Faq, you E-mail me and I will fix them up by my next update. Oh
    ya and maybe you can check out my Comix Zone FAQ which might be out in
    two weeks time.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    It's the least I can do for a friend!
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    If your interested in Reviews for different Rareware games and Nintendo
    games, then check out one of my best friends reviews for Nintendo and
    Rareware games by j_ohanley. Here's a list of some reviews that are
    worth a peek: Goldneye, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie when it comes out,
    Mario Party, Super Mario 64, and there is a big list of games and I
    don't have time to list them all, and you can also check out his Comix
    Zone Faq for Sega Genesis. I know the Genesis system is kind old but the
    game is pretty good so go check it out.
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    Trash Letters
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    Business Men and Job applications
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    Now I don't want to work for your business, OK. I don't want to buy
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    the phone do you think your paying too much..." I will send it to the
    trash and empty it, so you were just wasting money written that stupid
    message while you could be going onto a site you want. Know remember No
    means no.
    Here's a list of people I would like to thank:
    Mom and Dad for buying my Genesis and Maximum Carnage
    Sega for making the console
    Software Creations for making the game
    Gamefaqs for posting my Faq
    Gamesages for there codes
    Myself for writing this Faq
    My best friends j_ohanley and christian_guts for a little help here and
    And all you guys who E-mailed me
    Hope you enjoyed my Maximum Carnage Faq, and don't forget E-mail me!
    Hans Moleman
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