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    Save State Hacking Guide by Thundergod

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/05/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Ocean Save State Hacking Guide
    Usable with the ZSNES emulator (.zst style save states)
    Written by Thundergod (dragon_god_inferno@yahoo.com)
    Version 1.0: First draft, most of the character information.
    Version 2.0: Whoo hoo!  Found Talents, Skills, and items!
    Unpublished work Copyright 2001 Thundergod
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be reproduced 
    electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long 
    as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in full.  This FAQ 
    is not to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being 
    used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated 
    into magazines, etc. in ANY way. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, 
    Thundergod <dragon_god_inferno@yahoo.com>. All copyrights and trademarks are 
    acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.  Please give 
    credit where it is due.
    Thanks go to:
    Ragnarosen (ragnarosen@hotmail.com) for the form of the following paragraph, 
    and for the section on hexadecimal.
    Kao Megura (kmegura@yahoo.com) for the copyright statement.
    To download ROMs and emulators for all systems, go to www.pe2000.net.
    To alter the statistics of your characters through hacking into your save 
    state (or .zst file), you'll need to go to Break Point Software 
    (http://www.bpsoft.com) and download a program called "Hex Workshop." Once 
    you're finished downloading and the program is finished running SETUP.EXE 
    automatically, open Hex Workshop and use it to open any Star Ocean .zst files 
    you may have.
    NOTE: This Hacking Guide was designed for use with the ZSNES emulator, and 
    was hacked with Break Point Software's Hex Workshop. This guide will not work 
    with any other programs, as each one works with the save states differently.  
    My favorite version of Hex Workshop is v2.54, as it is easier to use than the 
    others, so I recommend you get that version.
    Most of the questions I get anymore have to do with offsets - what are they, 
    how do I tell what I'm editing, I don't understand hacking in general, etc.  
    As far as I am concerned, the Help Section is as thorough is it is going to 
    get.  The only way I could explain it any better would be to point at the 
    screen and say, "See that there?  That's what you need to change!"  Since I 
    can't do that, you'll just have to be on your own if you need any help more 
    detailed than what I have included below.
    If you REALLY cannot figure out offsets and hacking on your own, read the Hex 
    Workshop help file.  For the best explanation (with pictures), open the help 
    file and click on the Find tab.  Search for offset, click on the first option 
    (there should be four), and click on "How to Hex Edit" in the box below.  
    Read over that very carefully, and you should have no trouble with hacking 
    and finding offsets after that.  If you STILL do not understand, then odds 
    are hacking is, quite seriously, not for you.  If you have reached this stage 
    and do not understand, do not e-mail me, for I will not be able to help you.
    DO NOT ASK ME TO HACK FILES FOR YOU!  I will ignore any request to do so.
    Help!  Answers for commonly asked questions:
    You don't use a cartridge in the SNES for this process.  Have you heard of 
    emulation?  An emulator is a program on your PC (or Mac) that you can use to 
    play the games you have.  First, you need to download an emulator (ZSNES is 
    the best, in my opinion) and the Star Ocean ROM.
    Once you have both, load up the ROM in your emulator.  If you are using 
    ZSNES, press F2 to save the game's state.  This will make a copy of that 
    EXACT moment in the game, so when you load the state (F4) it will reappear 
    right at that point.  Now that you have a save state file (.zst for ZSNES), 
    load up Hex Workshop, load the save state, and hack away!
    This can only be done on the computer, when you are using an emulator (like 
    ZSNES) and ROMs (in this case, Star Ocean.)  Go to www.pe2000.net for ROMs, 
    emulators, and how to use them.  If you already know, and/or are already 
    using an emulator, then move on to the next paragraph.  Otherwise, get them 
    so that you can follow the rest of this.
    Once you are using an emulator, you may have found out how to use save 
    states.  Basically, save states save all the details of your game at that 
    exact moment.  Thus, you can use it more often, and faster, than regular 
    saving.  For example, if you want to save your state right before making a 
    choice (like a fork in the road,) if you choose the wrong path, you can just 
    load up your save state and choose again.
    At any rate, to begin hacking, go to the Breakpoint software homepage 
    (www.bpsoft.com) and download a copy of Hex Workshop.  Load up your favorite 
    emulator (whatever that may be) and make a save state.  A ZSNES save state 
    will have the same name as the ROM, and will have the file extension .zst.  
    For ZSNES (the best emulator , in my opinion) press F2 to save a state, and 
    F4 to load a state.  Next, load up Hex Workshop and load the save state (ex: 
    so.zst)  Use the "Go To" command, which is under the Edit menu, to get to the 
    offset you are looking for.  For example, if the offset is 90B4, type 90B4 in 
    the "Go To" box and press enter, and it will take you right to it.
    Keep in mind that this all uses the hexadecimal system, which means that not 
    only is there 0 - 9, but also A - F.  A = 10, B = 11, and so on.  This is 
    called hexadecimal because there are 16 numbers instead of ten.
    So, let's say that offset 8067 is the offset for guts, and you want guts to 
    be at max (255, FF in hexadecimal).  Use "Go To" to go to offset 8067, and 
    then type in FF.  Next, save the data, and open the emulator again.  Load the 
    state, and voila! the character's guts will be at 255. Note that you can make 
    as many changes as you want before reloading the state (not just one, as in 
    the example), and that you should close the loaded save file (though not 
    necessarily Hex Workshop) before reloading the state.
    To find a particular offset easily, use the "Go To" command in the edit menu 
    (I think).  Remember, because of the hexadecimal system you can also enter 
    letters from A to F.  For example, if the offset is 2041A, use "Go To" and 
    type in 2041A.  The program will take you right to it! Also, at the bottom of 
    the screen, a small box will say what offset you are currently on (in this 
    example, Offset: 2041A).
    Now for the entering of values.  Let's say you want to change Ratix's guts to 
    99.  To do that, go to the offset that changes guts (8067) and type in two 
    numbers (or letters from A to F) that correspond to the value you want.  The 
    hexadecimal system is hard to grasp at first.  In the 99 example, 99 become 
    63 in hexadecimal form.  In decimal (or standard) form, the base is ten.  
    This means that for a number (say 1429) each digit is multiplied by an 
    increasing power of ten.  For 1429, it looks like this:
    (9*1)+(2*10)+(4*100)+(1*1000) or (9*10^0)+(2*10^1)+(4*10^2)+(1*10^3)
    with the carat (^) referring to the power of the number.  If you already know 
    how to work with powers, I  apologize for repeating this basic information.  
    As you can see, the powers of the digits increase at we go along.  In 
    hexadecimal, the base is 16, not 10, so there are a few changes.  Here's what 
    1429 would look like in hexadecimal:
    (9*1)+(2*16)+(4*256)+(1*4096) or (9*16^0)+(2*16^1)+(4*16^2)+(1*16^3)
    Thus, 63 in hexadecimal equals 99 in decimal because (3*1)+(6*16) equals 99.  
    The highest number you can get with one offset is 255 (FF in hexadecimal).
    Two (or three) offset changes are harder for beginners, because the number 
    that you are trying to change is broken up into two pieces.  For these 
    numbers, refer to the list of useful numbers after this section.  For 
    example, input E703 to get 999 and 0F27 to get 9999.  For example, if you 
    want to change your money to 9,999,999, enter 7F in offset E86, 96 in offset 
    E87, and 98 in offset E88.
      - For the different offsets, here's a Quick List of the most commonly
    used values:  
    HEX VALUE       DECIMAL VALUE           USES
    "14"            for "20"        used for item quantities
    "FF"            for "255"       used for levels, statistics
    "E7 03"         for "999"       used for MP, Max MP, statistics
    "0F 27"         for "9999"      used for HP, Max HP, statistics
    "7F 96 98"      for "9,999,999" used for money
    "FF E0 F5 05" for "99,999,999" used for experience
    NOTE: For the two- or three-column HEX VALUES ("E7 03"), the numbers must
    be entered "backward" as shown above to work properly.
        - When saving large numbers to computer language, the order of the hex
    values are reversed.  If you open Windows Calculator and enter "999" in
    decimal form and convert it to hexadecimal form, it will show "3E7" (note
    that Calculator will remove any leading zeros).  To use this multi-column
    hex value, add any necessary leading zeros (in this case, in front of the
    "3") to make even pairs ("03 E7").  Put the number pairs in reverse order
    ("E7 03") in the so.zst files.
        - THIS DOES NOT MEAN TO REVERSE THE VALUES!  "03 E7" must be entered
    as "E7 03", not "30 7E"!  For the basic rule of thumb, number pairs are
    entered like this: #2 #1 (or #3 #2 #1 for very large numbers)
    Money: E86, E87, E88
    Items: 8BF4 - 8DF3
    Item Quantities: 8DF4 - 8FF3
    Note: Because Star Ocean has so many items, it had to use a very creative 
    system to handle the potentially huge item list.  The item values range from 
    00 to FF, with 00 being the empty space, and quantities of 01 (1) to 14 (20).  
    However, this only allows access to half the items in the game.  How do you 
    get the other half?  Add 80 (in hex) to the item quantities!  Thus, the first 
    half of the items have quantities of 01 to 14, while the other half ranges 
    from 81 to 94.  For example, the item FF with a quantity of 01 is one 
    Hamburger, while FF with a quantity of 81 is one Tri-Emblem.  Also, item 00, 
    when given a quantity of 81 to 94, is an item, namely Escargo.
    First Position:
    Base HP: 8042, 8043
    Maximum HP: 8044, 8045
    Present HP: 8046, 8047
    Base MP: 8048, 8049
    Maximum MP: 804A, 804B
    Present MP: 804C, 804D
    Level: 804E
    Strength: 804F, 8050
    Constitution: 8055, 8056
    Evade: 805B, 805C
    Agility: 8061, 8062
    Guts: 8067
    Intelligence: 806D, 806E
    Equipped Weapon: 8090, 8091
    Equipped Armor: 8092, 8093
    Equipped Shield: 8094, 8095
    Equipped Helmet: 8096, 8097
    Equipped Shoes: 8098, 8099
    Equipped Accessory 1: 809A, 809B
    Equipped Accessory 2: 809C, 809D
    Experience: 809E, 809F, 80A0, 80A1
    Talents: 80CA, 80CB
    Skill Points: 80CC, 80CD
    Stamina: 80CE, 80CF
    Skills: 91F4 - 9224
    Second Position:
    Base HP: 8142, 8143
    Maximum HP: 8144, 8145
    Present HP: 8146, 8147
    Base MP: 8148, 8149
    Maximum MP: 814A, 814B
    Present MP: 814C, 814D
    Level: 814E
    Strength: 814F, 8150
    Constitution: 8155, 8156
    Evade: 815B, 815C
    Agility: 8161, 8162
    Guts: 8167
    Intelligence: 816D, 816E
    Equipped Weapon: 8190, 8191
    Equipped Armor: 8192, 8193
    Equipped Shield: 8194, 8195
    Equipped Helmet: 8196, 8197
    Equipped Shoes: 8198, 8199
    Equipped Accessory 1: 819A, 819B
    Equipped Accessory 2: 819C, 819D
    Experience: 819E, 819F, 81A0, 81A1
    Talents: 81CA, 81CB
    Skill Points: 81CC, 81CD
    Stamina: 81CE, 81CF
    Skills: 9234 - 9264
    Third Position:
    Base HP: 8242, 8243
    Maximum HP: 8244, 8245
    Present HP: 8246, 8247
    Base MP: 8248, 8249
    Maximum MP: 824A, 824B
    Present MP: 824C, 824D
    Level: 824E
    Strength: 824F, 8250
    Constitution: 8255, 8256
    Evade: 825B, 825C
    Agility: 8261, 8262
    Guts: 8267
    Intelligence: 826D, 826E
    Equipped Weapon: 8290, 8291
    Equipped Armor: 8292, 8293
    Equipped Shield: 8294, 8295
    Equipped Helmet: 8296, 8297
    Equipped Shoes: 8298, 8299
    Equipped Accessory 1: 829A, 829B
    Equipped Accessory 2: 829C, 829D
    Experience: 829E, 829F, 82A0, 82A1
    Talents: 82CA, 82CB
    Skill Points: 82CC, 82CD
    Stamina: 82CE, 82CF
    Skills: 9274 - 92A4
    Fourth Position:
    Base HP: 8342, 8343
    Maximum HP: 8344, 8345
    Present HP: 8346, 8347
    Base MP: 8348, 8349
    Maximum MP: 834A, 834B
    Present MP: 834C, 834D
    Level: 834E
    Strength: 834F, 8350
    Constitution: 8355, 8356
    Evade: 835B, 835C
    Agility: 8361, 8362
    Guts: 8367
    Intelligence: 836D, 836E
    Equipped Weapon: 8390, 8391
    Equipped Armor: 8392, 8393
    Equipped Shield: 8394, 8395
    Equipped Helmet: 8396, 8397
    Equipped Shoes: 8398, 8399
    Equipped Accessory 1: 839A, 839B
    Equipped Accessory 2: 839C, 839D
    Experience: 839E, 839F, 83A0, 83A1
    Talents: 83CA, 83CB
    Skill Points: 83CC, 83CD
    Stamina: 83CE, 83CF
    Skills: 92B4 - 92E4
    Fifth Position:
    Base HP: 7C42, 7C43
    Maximum HP: 7C44, 7C45
    Present HP: 7C46, 7C47
    Base MP: 7C48, 7C49
    Maximum MP: 7C4A, 7C4B
    Present MP: 7C4C, 7C4D
    Level: 7C4E
    Strength: 7C4F, 7C50
    Constitution: 7C55, 7C56
    Evade: 7C5B, 7C5C
    Agility: 7C61, 7C62
    Guts: 7C67
    Intelligence: 7C6D, 7C6E
    Equipped Weapon: 7C90, 7C91
    Equipped Armor: 7C92, 7C93
    Equipped Shield: 7C94, 7C95
    Equipped Helmet: 7C96, 7C97
    Equipped Shoes: 7C98, 7C99
    Equipped Accessory 1: 7C9A, 7C9B
    Equipped Accessory 2: 7C9C, 7C9D
    Experience: 7C9E, 7C9F, 7CA0, 7CA1
    Talents: 7CCA, 7CCB
    Skill Points: 7CCC, 7CCD
    Stamina: 7CCE, 7CCF
    Skills: 90F4 - 9124
    Sixth Position:
    Base HP: 7D42, 7D43
    Maximum HP: 7D44, 7D45
    Present HP: 7D46, 7D47
    Base MP: 7D48, 7D49
    Maximum MP: 7D4A, 7D4B
    Present MP: 7D4C, 7D4D
    Level: 7D4E
    Strength: 7D4F, 7D50
    Constitution: 7D55, 7D56
    Evade: 7D5B, 7D5C
    Agility: 7D61, 7D62
    Guts: 7D67
    Intelligence: 7D6D, 7D6E
    Equipped Weapon: 7D90, 7D91
    Equipped Armor: 7D92, 7D93
    Equipped Shield: 7D94, 7D95
    Equipped Helmet: 7D96, 7D97
    Equipped Shoes: 7D98, 7D99
    Equipped Accessory 1: 7D9A, 7D9B
    Equipped Accessory 2: 7D9C, 7D9D
    Experience: 7D9E, 7D9F, 7DA0, 7DA1
    Talents: 7DCA, 7DCB
    Skill Points: 7DCC, 7DCD
    Stamina: 7DCE, 7DCF
    Skills: 9134 - 9164
    Seventh Position:
    Base HP: 7E42, 7E43
    Maximum HP: 7E44, 7E45
    Present HP: 7E46, 7E47
    Base MP: 7E48, 7E49
    Maximum MP: 7E4A, 7E4B
    Present MP: 7E4C, 7E4D
    Level: 7E4E
    Strength: 7E4F, 7E50
    Constitution: 7E55, 7E56
    Evade: 7E5B, 7E5C
    Agility: 7E61, 7E62
    Guts: 7E67
    Intelligence: 7E6D, 7E6E
    Equipped Weapon: 7E90, 7E91
    Equipped Armor: 7E92, 7E93
    Equipped Shield: 7E94, 7E95
    Equipped Helmet: 7E96, 7E97
    Equipped Shoes: 7E98, 7E99
    Equipped Accessory 1: 7E9A, 7E9B
    Equipped Accessory 2: 7E9C, 7E9D
    Experience: 7E9E, 7E9F, 7EA0, 7EA1
    Talents: 7ECA, 7ECB
    Skill Points: 7ECC, 7ECD
    Stamina: 7ECE, 7ECF
    Skills: 9174 - 91A4
    Eighth Position:
    Base HP: 7F42, 7F43
    Maximum HP: 7F44, 7F45
    Present HP: 7F46, 7F47
    Base MP: 7F48, 7F49
    Maximum MP: 7F4A, 7F4B
    Present MP: 7F4C, 7F4D
    Level: 7F4E
    Strength: 7F4F, 7F50
    Constitution: 7F55, 7F56
    Evade: 7F5B, 7F5C
    Agility: 7F61, 7F62
    Guts: 7F67
    Intelligence: 7F6D, 7F6E
    Equipped Weapon: 7F90, 7F91
    Equipped Armor: 7F92, 7F93
    Equipped Shield: 7F94, 7F95
    Equipped Helmet: 7F96, 7F97
    Equipped Shoes: 7F98, 7F99
    Equipped Accessory 1: 7F9A, 7F9B
    Equipped Accessory 2: 7F9C, 7F9D
    Experience: 7F9E, 7F9F, 7FA0, 7FA1
    Talents: 7FCA, 7FCB
    Skill Points: 7FCC, 7FCD
    Stamina: 7FCE, 7FCF
    Skills: 91B4 - 91E4
    With the Talent offsets, just enter FF FF to have every talent.
    Strength, Constitution, Agility, and HP have maximum values of 9999 (0F 27).  
    Evade, Intelligence and Stamina have maxes of 1000 (E8 03), and MP has a max 
    of 999 (E7 03).  Guts and Level only occupy one offset, so their maximum 
    values are 255 (FF).  Gold maxes out at 9,999,999 (7F 96 98), though you can 
    set it higher (FF FF FF is the max) if you're trying to buy expensive items 
    (such as the Tri-Emblem) and want to spend fewer trips getting them.  Star 
    Ocean DOES have 255 levels instead of the usual 99, and because of that the 
    max experience you can get is 99,999,999 (FF E0 F5 05).
    Skill Points also have a normal maximum of 999.  However, a handy trick is to 
    set a character's SP to much more than that (such as 65,535, or FF FF in 
    hex).  Even though this number is too large for it all to show, the character 
    will still have all of the extra SP.  Since it takes over 6000 SP to master 
    every skill, this can save you many trips back and forth to the hex editor, 
    which you would have to make if you set your SP to 999 every time.  I do not 
    know how the game reacts to these extra points in the long run, though, so if 
    you want to be safe I would suggest you return your SP to 999 when you are 
    done with upgrading your skills.
    Immediately following every stat are two copies of its modified value, namely 
    the present modified version and the maximum modified version.  For example, 
    Strength is followed by present Attack and maximum Attack.  The reason I did 
    not include these values in the offset list is because you cannot change them 
    directly through hacking - they are values based on the base stat (in this 
    case Strength) and your equipment, and you cannot change the values of the 
    equipment.  If you want to change these, either change your equipment or the 
    base stat relating to them.  Either way, they aren't important to the guide, 
    so I left them out.
    The exception to this is HP and MP, where the present and maximum values are 
    both important and can be changed independently of the base.  Because there 
    are accessories that add to a character's max HP and MP, the game needs to 
    keep track of what the original value was in case you take the item off.  If 
    you change the max HP/MP to a value that is different from the base, it will 
    revert to the base value as soon as you leave that screen, so the best method 
    of changing HP/MP is to change all three values (base, max and present) to 
    the number you want.  Of course, both HP and MP are maxed out for all 
    characters on level 255 anyway, so if you don't want to bother with this, 
    just max out your levels.
    Yes, equipment does actually take up two offsets in Star Ocean!  This is 
    because the game has 511 items total, instead of the usual 255 (or less) that 
    most other games have.  Thus, the item values range from 00 00 (an empty 
    space) to FF 01 (the Tri-Emblem).
    The offsets for the skills are in the same order for every character, but no 
    character ever gets all the skills.  For example, fighters cannot get Motor 
    Mouth, and spell-casters cannot get combat skills.  Also, you cannot give a 
    character Ougi skills that they are not supposed to have.  If you give a 
    character skills they aren't allowed to get, they will not appear on the 
    skill menu and will have no affect on the game.  To give a character their 
    proper Ougi skills, just input a 01 in the appropriate offset (see list 
    Herb Lore
    Rock Lore
    Tool Lore
    Music Lore
    Faery Lore
    Esthetic Sense
    Good Eye
    Danger Sense
    Kitchen Knife
    Below the Belt
    Strong Blow
    Mental Training
    Link Combo
    Motor Mouth
    Raven Sword
    Marvel's Weapon Skill
    Edarl Sword
    Shichisei Ougi
    Shiseijuu Ougi
    Kouryuu Ougi
    Bushin Ougi
    Hakkake Ougi
    Uraouka Ougi
    Neko Ougi

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