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    Character FAQ by whisper

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 11/25/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Star Ocean: Character Faq v 0.3
    Date: 11/9/01 9:56:57 PM
    From: whisper
    -----Terms of Condition------------------------------------------
    This Faq is copyright 2001 Andrew Cortado. DO NOT USE THIS FAQ FOR PROFIT FOR ANY 
    you do, I WILL SUE YOU. 
    ---- Contents ---------------------------------------------------
    2-Version updates
     -Battle system
    4-Approval ratings 
    5-Status screen
     - Ratix Ferrence
     - Milly Kiliet 
     - Dorn Marto 
     - Ronixis J. Kenny 
     - Iria Silvestolie 
     - Cius Warren 
     - Ashlay Barnbelt
     - Joshua Jerand 
     - Fear Mell 
     - Marvel Frozen
     - Perisie
     - Tinek Arukena
    7-Private actions listings - Coming soon
     - Clatos
     - Hot
     - Portmis
     - Otanimu
     - Tatoroy
     - Van
     - Sylvalant
    8- Tips and tricks         - Coming soon
    9- dummies guide      -New update
    10- Thanks
    IMO this is best Super Nintendo game there is. Yes, I even rate it 
    better than Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu 3, and some other great 
    games. Unfortunately, this game never saw the light of day in US until 
    now... With the magic of emulation and Dejap (although you can import it) 
    this game is now playable thanks to their graphics pack and english 
    patches. Why is this game so good? Easy. To start, it has a great 
    characters and storyline. On top of that there are multiple endings. 
    Let's not forget about the music though, the game has a good soundtrack 
    as well as voice acting! The game itself is quite short (10-20 hours), 
    although its multiple paths gives it replay value:)
    2---Version Updates---------------------------------------
    v 0.1 11/9/01- start of this Faq as well as some stuff.
    v 0.2 11/15/01 added dummies guide
    v 0.3 11/17/01 in request by AnotherGamer I added the Ougis. Fixed some 
    things and added strategies and more junk.
     Future updates
    -Private action listing
    -Tips and tricks
    On field (map or towns)
    A button = Action/talk
    B button = Cancel/Dash
    X button = access menu/check talents on status screen 
    Y button = Private action at certain towns
    L button = nothing
    R Button = nothing
    In battle
    A button = target/ attack/ select
    B button = cancel
    X button = Battle menu
    Y button = free movement
    L button = Killer Move 
    R button = Killer Move
    NOTE: start and select buttons are not used.
    -Battle system-------
    What really shines about this game is the battle system. Unlike Final 
    Fantasy's battle system, Star Ocean is real time. Not only all your 
    characters attack at once, so do your enemies. This makes the battle 
    often chaotic and fast. While battles rage on, it takes more than an 
    all out brawl to win the battle. This means it requires strategy than 
    just brute force and a lot of preparation is required to win. This is 
    why it's such a great game:) 
    -Techniques and spells----
    There are two kind of characters in this game fighters and mages. The 
    fighters are Ratix, Dorn, Iria, Cius, Ashlay, Fear, Marvel, Perisie, 
    and Tinek. The mages are Milly, Joshua, and Ronixis. Fighters can equip 
    two short ranged moves and two long range moves. In battle target the 
    enemy and select L or R to use an assigned killer move. Depending on 
    where your character is and the range of the assigned move will 
    determined what moved is used.
    (Ex. You have Raven orb assigned to a short range slot, and flare orb 
    assigned to a long range slot. If an enemy is far away, flare orb will 
    be used.)
    Mages can use all their spells in battle. In battle go into menu and 
    select special. This will access their special spell set. You should 
    always take notice of the type of tech you use and how use them.
    -Secret techniques--------
    Ougis in short. If a character is proficient in their fighting style 
    and they have an ougi book equipped, they have a chance to learn an 
    ougi. Ougis are learned from practicing techs in battle. 
    Here are the ougi listings.
    Shichisei(7-star): Ratix, Cius, Ashlay, Tinek, Marvel
    Shiseijuu(4 holy beast): Ratix, Cius, Ashlay, Iria
    Kouryuu(King dragon):Ratix, Ashlay
    Hakkake(fortune): Iria, Tinek
    Bunshin(war god): Fear
    Uraouka(reverse cherry blossom) Iria
    Neko(cat): Perisie.
    4---Approval rating ---------------------------------------------
    Approval rating in this game is an important part of gameplay. It 
    affects how one feels for each other. This has a big role in battle. 
    Characters with high AR for another will act more friendly to another 
    (ex. Milly will cast support spells for people she likes) and increases 
    the chance of an anger explosion. 
    Anger explosions can be helpful in battle as well. When a character 
    goes in rage they'll shout some thing out like "You'll pay for that," 
    and gain a large damage boost. 
    On contrary, characters with low AR for another will be less friendly 
    to one another. 
    Well how do change AR then. Private actions and battle. At certain 
    towns your party can split up and explore the town. Certain "events" 
    will occur with your characters. The choices you make will affect the 
    characters and either raise or lower their AR for one another. In 
    battle, if a person is getting beat and you help them, their AR will 
    increase towards that character. If you let them fall, their AR will 
    decrease towards everybody.
    5---Status Screen------------------------------------------------
    Here are some of the things that come on the status screen.
    Status Ailments 
    Poison- a character with poison will continue to lose HP on and off 
    Paralysis- a character with paralysis will be frozen in battle. If all 
    people are paralyzed, it's game over.
    Petrify- basically the same rules as paralysis, except the person is 
    turned to stone and occurs more often.
    Peep- character is stunned for a short period of time
    Faint- character falls in battle and cannot move. If all people fall, 
    it's game over.
    Level- current level
    Race- current race
    Class- type of fighter they are
    Exp- current experience 
    Next- amount of experience needed to gain a level.
    HP- amount of damage you can take
    MP- used to perform killer moves and spells
    Str- affects the damage of normal attacks and killer moves
    Int- affects spells
    Agi- affects hit rate and evade rate
    Con- affects how much damage you take
    Gut- affects the character in many ways. It increases and decreases 
    damage and helps survive deathblows with one Hp left.
    Stm- affects how much Hp/Mp is restored after battle
    Weapon- equipped weapon 
    Head- equipped helm
    Shield- equipped shield
    Armor- equipped armor
    Greaves- equipped leg armor
    Accessory1- accessory in slot one
    Accessory2- accessory in slot two
    ATK- damage per attack
    AC- defense
    ACC- hit rate
    EVD- dodge rate
    Favorite food- restores more hp/mp when used.
    How to recruit each character.
    Ratix- take a wild guess
    Dorn- automatically joins in beginning for short time.
    Milly- automatically joins in beginning for short time. Will rejoin in 
    Edcart if just Ashlay, Cius/Joshua, Fear, or if just Ratix and Iria are 
    just in the party. Will rejoin in Edcart if Ashlay/Joshua, Fear/Joshua, 
    Cius, or if she doesn't join in Edcart.
    Ronixis- joins automatically in Ionis.
    Iria- joins automatically in storyline.
    Cius- complete the delivery job and he will offer to join you.
    Ashlay- Will join if Cius is not in party. In Tatoroy talk to him 
    outside the arena, enter battle arena, and he will join you if you take 
    a ship to Astral.
    Fear- Don't get Ashlay or Cius and break her out of jail. Then she asks 
    to join. If you have Cius and Ashlay, she will offer to join when you 
    search for the emblems.
    Joshua- will join you if you go Parji Shidin.
    Marvel- Will automatically join you if Ashlay or Joshua is in the 
    party. Will not join you if just Cius and Fear are in the party. Offers 
    to join of you have nether of these people.
    Perisie- pick up the ocarina the catgirl dropped and when you beat Van 
    trial cave go to Clatos and do a Private action. Say the name is 
    Perisie and play the ocarina. She will then join your party.
    Tinek- enter a rank C or higher with Ratix and Tinek will fight you in 
    the final round. Beat him and he will ask you to join.
    Ratix Ferrence
    AGE: 19
    Country of origin: Moore 
    Race: Fellpool
    Class: fighter
    Style: Edarlken
    Height: 174 cm
    Weight: 68 kg
    Favorite food/drink: hiokoro (a type of jelly me thinks)
    Ratix is part of a group who defends Clatos village. His father died at 
    is his post, and Ratix fights to defend the village from thieves. He is 
    a very close friend to Dorn and Milly who also lost loved ones. He is a 
    very calm and relaxed person, but is depressed when thieves attack. 
    Even then, he will fight for his friends and what is right (hero type 
    person). All seems well until a note comes from the town of Cool...
    In battle, Ratix fights in an Edarlken sword style. He has a strong 
    attack with little recovery. Most of killer moves are weak and it 
    sometimes is better to use his regular attack. He can equip heavy armor 
    and shields.
    Shouretsuha-Mp cost-3 range-short Lv.3
    Ratix creates a shockwave that hits all enemies around him. The damage 
    is half his attack, but it can hit up to 3 times.
    Gerenken- Mp cost-6 range-short Lv.7
    Ratix charges his sword with fire and does a double jumping slice. Each 
    strike does the same damage of his normal strike.
    Use this against the Velcants.
    Senkouken- Mp cost-5 range-long Lv.10
    Ratix charges his sword with energy and releases many firebolts around 
    him. It can hit a lot of times if the enemy is close and each bolt does 
    the same amount of a normal strike.
    Raimeken- Mp cost-5 range-short Lv.12
    Ratix summons a bolt on his sword to do thunder damage. This tech is 
    useful when fighting armor knights in Astral Cave, but is slow to pull 
    Kuuhazen- Mp cost-9 range-long Lv.16
    Star Ocean 2 air slash. Ratix fires a shockwave at the enemy. This move 
    can be executed anywhere on the screen. This useful when fighting 
    enemies who are hard to catch.
    Shouhazan-Mp cost-11 range-short Lv.20
    Ratix does a jumping slice with his sword. Each slash does the same 
    amount of damage as a normal attack. The first attack doesn't always 
    hit though. I only used this tech to get Shichiseishouhazan.
    Shoureiha-Mp cost-8 range-both Lv.25
    Ratix launches a ki wave in front of him. The damage is the same as his 
    normal attack, but gives him some range between the enemy.
    It can used in succession very fast with link combo.
    Kouryuuha-Mp cost-13 range-short Lv.29
    Ratix jumps up, turns into a dragon, and fires a blast at the enemy. 
    The damage is very high (2.5x) and can be a powerful move.
    The only problem is it is very slow since he has to get into position.
    ----Ougi techniques-------
    -Shiseijuu Ougi techs 
    "Souryuu" seiraizan-Mp cost 10 range-both Learned from: shoureiha
    This tech is a much more powerful version of shoureiha. Instead of a ki 
    wave omitting from the sword the legendary dragon. The attack is twice 
    as powerful than before.
    "Sazaku" shougenkiha-Mp cost 11 range-both Learned from: shouretsuha
    Ratix summons Sazaku on to his normal shouretsuha. This attack hits all 
    enemies around him for double the power of shouretsuha.
    -Shichisei Ougi techs
    Shichiseiraimeiken-Mp cost 15 range-short Learned from: raimeiken
    The power of the Shichisei charges the thunder with extra energy. Ratix 
    absorbs it with his sword for a slash that does two hits.
    Shichiseisenkouken-Mp cost 25 range-long Learned from: senkouken
    Ratix does a regular senkouken in addition to lava gushes in a straight 
    line in front of him.
    Shichiseishouhazan-Mp cost 27 range-short
    The legendary Edarlken technique. Ratix powers up his shouhazan with 
    the power of the stars for 2x damage per strike. In addition the last 
    of the energy is launched in two plasma waves as he lands. The plasma 
    waves can break any defense.
    -Kouryuu Ougi techs
    "Kokuryuu" tenraiha-Mp cost 30 range-long Learned from: Kouryuuha
    Ratix tosses his sword in the air to summon the legendary three-headed 
    dragon. The Dragon breathes a blast of energy on all enemies. Does 2x 
    damage to all. 
    "Hiryuu" tenraiha-Mp cost 30 range-long 
    Learned from Sazakushougenkiha:
    Ratix summons a red dragon that burns all enemies.
    "Souryuu" tenraiha-Mp cost 30 range-long 
    Learned from: Souryuuseiraizan
    The final Kouryuu tech summons an ice dragon that chills all enemies. 
    Milly Kiliet
    AGE: 18
    Country of origin: Moore
    Race: Fellpool
    Class: healer
    Style: healing
    Height: 164 cm
    Weight: 46 kg
    Favorite food/drink: fruit parfait
    Milly is the daughter of the top healer in Clatos. She hasn't learned 
    anything, because she rarely stays at home. She is a tomboy and is 
    crazy about Ratix. She daydreams about him and can be very jealous. She 
    is also very emotional. When her dad is infected with the virus she 
    goes to Mt. Metox to find the herb.
    Milly is the healer of the game. She uses a mix of healing ad support 
    spells. She comes in handy to bring along in battle to heal characters. 
    She is the least offensive character in the game. She uses a staff in 
    battle although it doesn't look like it:p She only gains two attack 
    Heal-Mp cost 3 Lv.2
    Milly heals ally for 120+ Hp. Very useful in the beginning of the game.
    Deep mist-Mp cost 2 Lv. 4
    Mist comes out and blurs the vision for all enemies. Lowers their 
    Press-Mp cost 5 Lv.6
    A big weight squashes the enemy.
    Antidote-Mp cost 5 Lv.8
    Cures one ally of poison. Use it if someone is poisoned.
    Silence-Mp cost 7 Lv.10
    This spell stops enemies from casting spells. Use this on spellcasters.
    Cure all-Mp cost 12 Lv.12
    A cross appears and heals all allies. First all party cure spell. Can 
    heal up to 500+hp.
    Protect-Mp cost 18 Lv.14
    This spell cast shields over every ally. This halves the damage of all 
    physical attacks.
    Acid rain-Mp cost 9 Lv.16
    This spell reduces the attack power of all enemies. Useful when they do 
    incredible amounts of damage.
    Cure light-Mp cost 12 Lv.22
    Looks the same as heal, and can heal up to 900+hp. 
    Dispel-Mp cost 16 Lv.25
    A bubble cleanses on ally of any status abnormality. Very useful when 
    enemies who petrify are everywhere.
    Delay-Mp cost 22 Lv.28
    A clock appears and lowers enemies' speed. Use this on fast enemies.
    Fairy heal-Mp cost 24 Lv.31
    Most powerful heal spell. Fairies appear and heal an ally for 4000+hp. 
    Helpful when enemies do incredible amounts of damage. 
    Haste-Mp cost 18 Lv.34
    This spell raises the speed of all allies. This is very useful for 
    catching enemies and escaping battle. 
    Growth-Mp cost 14 Lv.36
    Raises one allies attack power. Use this on fighters for a big damage 
    Fairy light-Mp cost 30 Lv.42
    Most powerful party heal spell. Fairies come out and casts heal spells 
    on all allies. Can heal up to 3000+hp.
    Raise dead-Mp cost 35 Lv.46
    Angels come out and revive a fallen ally. Useful in the last dungeon 
    and the Shichisei ruin.
    Fixed cloud-Mp cost 20 Lv.50
    A hammer attempts to stun all enemies. Use this to stop annoying 
    enemies. Doesn't always work though. 
    Gravity Press-Mp cost 25 Lv.54
    An energy ball squashes the enemy for up to 1600+ damage. Can miss 
    sometimes and will be outclassed by Ronixis' and Joshua's spells by the 
    time you get it. 
    Dorn Matro
    AGE: 19
    Country of origin: Moore
    Race: Fellpool
    Class: fighter
    Style: none
    Height: 181 cm
    Weight: 75 kg
    Favorite food/drink: 240g steak
    Dorn is part of the Clatos guardians. He lost his sister to thieves and 
    keeps her music box as a memento. Unlike a certain Star Ocean 2 
    character <koff> Dias, Dorn is an optimist despite what happened. He 
    has high feelings for Milly although he teases her a lot. 
    In battle Dorn uses a huge long sword. He fights very similar to Ratix. 
    He cannot use techniques because you only play him for about 20 
    Ronixis J. Kenny
    AGE: 38
    Country of origin: Earth
    Race: Human
    Class: mage
    Style: attack magic 
    Height: 179 cm
    Weight: 64 kg
    Favorite food/drink: dried mushrooms
    Ronixis is the captain of the starship Kalnus. He is currently fighting 
    against the Rensonians. He is a very calm and reasonable person, but is 
    dedicated to his task. He doesn't really believe in gods or anything 
    non-scientific. He lost his wife to an incurable disease, and would 
    regret if anything like "magic" would save her. Ronixis is looking for 
    what the Rensonians are doing on Roak.
    In battle, Ronixis is a very powerful fighter. He has an arsenal of 
    magic, and he uses a bow in battle. Unlike most mages, Ronixis has a 
    powerful regular attack. His magic is very powerful, but he only uses 
    the most powerful spells you have. Since most of his spells are 
    elemental, you might heal the enemy often.
    Firebolt-Mp cost 2 Lv. NA
    Ronixis shoots a ball of fire at the enemy. By now, his bows should be 
    stronger. Does 120+ damage. Fire-elemental
    Grave-Mp cost 4 Lv. NA
    Spikes come out of the ground and hit the enemy. I'd stick to his bow. 
    Does 120+ damage. Earth-elemental
    Windblade-Mp cost 5 Lv. NA
    A small tornado is directed towards the enemy. Usually misses if the 
    enemy moves. Wind-elemental
    Shawdowbolt-Mp cost 6 Lv. NA
    A small hole appears under the enemy and bubbles appear and attack the 
    enemy. Darkness-elemental.
    Eruption-Mp cost 8 Lv. NA
    A firewall surrounds the enemy as molten boulders attack it.
    Fire elemental.
    Earthgrave-Mp cost 9 Lv. NA
    Spikes pop from the ground and attack all enemies.
    Thunderbolt-Mp cost 10 Lv. NA
    A thunderbolt strikes the enemy from above. 
    Wounds-Mp cost 9 Lv. NA
    The enemy is attacked by their own shadow. 
    Ray-Mp cost 12 Lv. 23
    Small mirrors appear while light energy reflects of them and attack all 
    enemies. Does 600+damage. Light-elemental.
    Tractor beam-Mp cost 14 Lv. 27
    A beam lifts the enemy up and drops them on their head. Will not work 
    on heavy enemies. Non-elemental.
    Earthquake-Mp cost 29 Lv. 36
    Boulders fall from the sky on to the all the enemies. Most powerful 
    earth spell.
    Thunderstorm-Mp cost 22 Lv. 40
    The sky turns dim while thunderbolts strike all enemies. Most powerful 
    thunder spell.
    Light cross-Mp cost 26 Lv. 45
    Ronixis summons small crosses in the air that fall on the ground 
    causing explosions. 
    Explode-Mp cost 16 Lv. 50
    A small explosion attacks all enemies. Most powerful fire spell. Fire-
    Star flare-Mp cost 28 Lv. 54
    A star blows up and covers the screen with energy. Most powerful light 
    spell. Light-elemental.
    Dark circle-Mp cost 40 Found in Sylvalant 
    A void sucks in all enemies who have less than a quarter of their 
    health left. All enemies in the void are killed instantly.
    Gremlin lair-Mp cost 30 Found in the time and space lab
    Ronixis opens up a portal and gremlins come out and attack all enemies. 
    Most powerful darkness spell. Darkness-elemental.
    Meteor swarm-Mp cost 32 Found in Revorse tower
    Meteors fall upon all foes for heavy damage. Non-elemental.
    Iria Silvestolie
    AGE: 23
    Country of origin: Earth
    Race: Human
    Class: warrior
    Style: Jujitsu 
    Height: 171 cm
    Weight: 48 kg
    Favorite food/drink: Tama no Hikari (alcohol) 
    Iria is the chief science officer and first officer of Ronixis. Unlike 
    Ronixis, Iria is good at socializing and getting drunk.
    Most of the time she can get emotional but prefers not to show it.
    In battle Iria uses her hands and feet to fight. In other words, she 
    fights in martial arts. Her attack is very slow and so is her speed. 
    Her Killer moves, however, are very useful. Watch out for her in the 
    beginning, because she dies easily.
    Kikoushou-Mp cost-5 range-both Lv.9
    Iria launches a ki blast with her hands. Since her regular attack 
    sucks, this gives her some range.
    Ryuuseishou-Mp cost-7 range-short Lv.15
    Iria jumps in the air, charges her fist, and attacks the enemy for 
    extra damage. 
    Kikoushuu-Mp cost-8 range-short Lv.20
    Iria does a cartwheel kick to the enemy. It can hit up to two times for 
    regular damage.
    Renkiken-Mp cost-10 range-short Lv.25
    Iria does 4 punches in succession. Each punch does 2x damage per hit. 
    If the first one doesn't hit, the others won't connect well. 
    ----Ougi techniques------------
    -Shiseijuu Ougi techs
    "Souryuu" seiraiha-Mp cost 9 range-both Learned from: kikoushou 
    Iria unleashes the legendary dragon from her fists to attack the enemy. 
    Much like Ratixs version. Does 1.5x damage.
    "Suzaku" shougekiha Mp cost 11 range-long 
    Learned from: ryuuseishou 
    Iria jumps in the air and turns into Sazuka. Then she flies straight 
    toward the enemy. She has to run up to the enemy and homes in on it 
    from there. Does 2x damage.
    "Genbu" haouken Mp cost 15 range-short Learned from: kikoushuu 
    Iria does a regular kikoushuu while Genbu the warrior comes in from the 
    other side to sandwich the enemy. Genbu does 1.5x damage.
    "Byakko" kouhadan Mp cost 14 range-short Learned from: renkiken
    Iria transforms into Byakko the tiger and does a double headbutt 
    against the enemy. Each headbutt does 2x damage per hit.
    -Hakke Ougi techs
    Oukahakkeshou Mp cost 19 range-short Learned from: Genbuhaouken
    Iria unleashes a furry of punches as cherry bombs explode in her path. 
    A very powerful technique that can hit up to 4 times for 2x damage per 
    strike. Is faster and hits more than renkiken.
    -Uraouka Ougi techs
    Uraoukasakukou Mp cost 23 range-short Learned from: Oukahakkeshou
    Iria's most powerful move. Iria leans forward and does a furry of 
    punches and finishes off with a trust kick. Almost the same 
    oukahakkeshou except for the kick.   
    Cius Warren
    AGE: 20
    Country of origin: Astral
    Race: Highlander
    Class: fighter
    Style: Garyuu
    Height: 190 cm
    Weight: 90 kg
    Favorite food/drink: kokuryuu (alcohol)
    Cius is the son of Warren, a well-known person in Astral. His mother 
    died when he is young. When his father handed the job down to him, he 
    declined it. Than he left Astral to build his strength and confidence, 
    as well as to search for treasures. He is very a very rude and foul-
    mouthed person, and he likes to brag despite his confidence. He has a 
    strong fondness of alcohol, and is often seen around bars and taverns.
    Cius uses a big two-handed sword in battle. Many of his techs are 
    similar to Ratix, but are used in different ways. His attack and 
    running speed is slow. His power and strength make up for this. 
    Souretsuha-Mp cost-5 range-short Lv.9
    This shouretsuha is the same as Ratix just costs more Mp. Use it when 
    Shoureiha-Mp cost 7 range-both Lv.13
    Like Ratix's tech just gets it later. Use it with link combo to do it 
    really fast. 
    Shouhazan-Mp cost 10 range-short Lv.18
    Cius does a front flip slash. This hits up to two times. This is much 
    more useful than Ratix's Shouhazan. 
    Raimeken-Mp cost range-short Lv.22
    With this tech, Cius slashes the enemy as a thunderbolt hits it. The 
    second hit is thunder-elemental.
    Gerenken-Mp cost 11 range-long Lv.25
    Cius charges his sword with fire and swings it as firebolts spread out 
    and attack the enemy. Can hit more than once if the enemy is upclose. 
    Senkouken-Mp cost 12 range-both Lv.27
    Cius shoots a large fireball out of his sword. The fireball travels 
    across the screen until it explodes. Fire-elemental
    ----Ougi techniques-----------
    -Shiseijuu ougi techs
    Souryuu shorai-Mp cost 11 range-both Learned from: senkouken
    Cius shoots out a large fireball with a dragon to attack the enemy.
    Genbu shourai-Mp cost 13 range-both Learned from: shoureiha 
    Cius slashes his sword in the ground and Genbu appears and slashes all 
    near him for high damage.
    Byakko shourai-Mp cost 15 range-both Learned from: shouretsuha
    Cius turns into Byakko the tiger. This is different from Iria's version 
    because he launches 3 energy bolts at the enemy for damage. 
    -Shichisei Ougi techs
    Shichiseiraimeiken-Mp cost 17 range-short Learned from: raimeiken
    Cius slashes his sword as the opponent is struck by two thunderbolts. 
    Shichiseigurenken-Mp cost 19 range-long Learned from: gerenken
    Cius slashes all around launching firebolts and airwaves.
    Shichiseisouhazan-Mp cost 22 range-short Learned from: shouhazan
    Cius does a powered up frontflip double slice for 2x damage per slash.
    Ashlay Barnbelt
    AGE: 50-60
    Country of origin: Astral
    Race: Highlander
    Class: fighter
    Style: Edarlken
    Height: unknown
    Weight: unknown 
    Favorite food/drink: sensou jelly
    Ashlay was an old war hero and master of Edarlken sword fighting. He 
    spends his last days at the Tatoroy Arena watching the battles. He is 
    disappointed that know one has the respect for the art of fighting. 
    When he sees Ratixs fight, Ashlay realizes his power and becomes his 
    mentor. He then joins them on their way to Astral.
    In battle, Ashlay fights similar to Ratix. Most of his techs are more 
    useful than Ratixs, but as you level up, Ashlay becomes less powerful. 
    He starts of with a very large Hp boost and three Ougis equipped. 
    Unlike most characters, Ashlay learns Ougis by leveling up, with the 
    exception of the Shichisei Ougis. Ashlay can equip heavy armor. He 
    can't use shields since his arm is injured. 
    Shouretsuha-Mp cost range-short Lv. Na
    Ashlay creates shockwave around him. This is exactly the same version 
    of Ratix and Cius.
    Shouhazan-Mp cost range-short- Lv. Na
    Ashlay does a jumping double slice with his sword. This is the same 
    version as Ratix. Each strike does the same damage of a normal attack.
    Gerenken-Mp cost 11 range-long Lv. 
    Ashlay slashes his fire sword a firebolts fly at everyone. Use this on 
    groups of enemies or ones weak to fire. Fire-elemental.
    Raimeken-Mp cost 8 range-short Lv.
    Ashlay strikes his sword at the enemy while a bolt of thunder hits it. 
    Senkouken-Mp cost 13 range-both Lv.28
    Ashlay charges his sword with fire as he launches a huge fireball at 
    the enemy. Fire-elemental.
    ----Ougi techniques----------
    -Shiseijuu Ougi techs
    Souryuu seiraizan-Mp cost 15 range-both Lv.32
    Ashlay summons a dragon to his sword a launches it at the enemy. Not 
    much different from the other versions of this tech.
    Sazaku shougenkiha-Mp cost 18 range-both Lv.36
    Ashlay charges his sword with the power of Sazuka and throws a firebird 
    toward the enemy.
    Shichiseiraimeiken-Mp cost 22 range-short Learned from: raimeiken
    Ashlay flings a small energy bolt at the enemy. All who touch it are 
    struck by a thunderbolt.
    Shichiseishouhazen-Mp cost 25 range-short Learned from: shouhazan
    With this tech Ashlay charges his sword with the power of the stars for 
    a jumping double slice.
    Joshua Jerand
    Race: Featherfolk
    AGE: 20
    Country of origin: Astral
    Class: mage
    Style: attack and healing magic
    Height: 172 cm
    Weight: 20 kg
    Favorite food/drink: escargot 
    Joshua is a Featherfolk. Their race lives in the mountains and never 
    leaves(like the Highlanders.) Joshua is an exception. The Crimson 
    shield killed his parents and abducted his sister. He is currently 
    looking for his sister. He gets very angry at anyone who gets in his 
    way(Especially Marvel). Joshua is a pacifist and shy person. 
    Joshua fights with a variety of magic. He can use both attack and 
    healing magic. His healing magic is outclassed by Milly since he only 
    has three healing spells. Ronixis will get his spells about 5 levels 
    earlier. Eventually he will get the spell extension which is very 
    devastating to all enemies.
    Ice needle-Mp cost 3 Lv. NA
    Joshua creates an ice spike and shoots at the enemy. This spell is hard 
    to dodge. Water-elemental.
    Grave-Mp cost 4 Lv. NA
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Wind blade-Mp cost 5 Lv. NA
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Blizzard-Mp cost Lv. NA
    All enemies are hit by a snowstorm. Most powerful water spell. Water-
    Earth grave-Mp cost 8 Lv. NA
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Thunder bolt-Mp cost 9 Lv. 20
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Ray-Mp cost 12 Lv. 23
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Tractor beam-Mp cost 14 Lv. 31
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Earthquake-Mp cost 19 Lv. 36
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Word of death-Mp cost Lv. 40
    This spell predicts the enemy's death. Enemies who are effected die 
    Thunder storm-Mp cost 22 Lv. 45
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Light cross-Mp cost 26 Lv. 50
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Dark Circle-Mp cost 40 found in Sylvalant ruins
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Meteor Swarm-Mp cost 32 found in Revorse tower
    Like Ronixis'. See above.
    Extension-Mp cost 45 found on floor 30 of the Shichisei ruins
     Joshua opens a blue energy field with the Star of David that shoots 
    out bolts and disintegrates all enemies. Instantly kills all enemies if 
    it succeeds. Does not work on bosses.
    Heal-Mp cost 3 Lv. NA
    Same as Milly's. See above.
    Cureall-Mp cost 10 Lv. NA
    Same as Milly's. See above.
    Cure light-Mp cost 12 Lv. 27
    Same as Milly's. See above.
    Fear Mell
    AGE: 18-23
    Country of origin: Astral
    Race: Highlander
    Class: fighter
    Style: Raven sword
    Height: unknown
    Weight: unknown 
    Favorite food/drink: shellfish
    Fear is the top general of the Astral knights. She was an orphan and 
    was adopted by Ryas. Ryas taught her the art of Raven swords. She was 
    also a childhood friend of Cius. When Cius left Astral, Fear got very 
    pissed and they often fight a lot. She is very rude and talks a lot of 
    trash just like Cius.
    Fear fight with two daggers called Raven swords. They work like 
    boomerangs and can hit the enemy up to 4 times. She has very slow 
    running speed and it takes her time to get into position. She doesn't 
    have a lot of techs but they aren't that different from her normal 
    Raven sword-Mp cost 6 range-both Lv. 16
    Fear charges her regular attack with energy so they have a better 
    chance of causing 4 hits.
    Dancing sword-Mp cost 9 range-short Lv.19
    Fear throws her sword at the enemy than does a double back flip slash. 
    The first attack usually hits but the other hits usually won't.
    3-way- Mp cost 14 range-short Lv. 24
    Fear throws three raven swords in a wave that attacks multiple enemies. 
    3-volley- Mp cost 12 range-short Lv 28
    Fear throws three raven swords instead of two for up to 6 hits.
    This tech does high damage.
    Aqua spread- Mp cost 17 range-long Lv. 32
    With this tech, Fear throws her sword in a strait line as bubbles pop 
    on its' trail. Use it against enemies weak to water.    Water-
    Galaxy God Breath-Mp cost 22 range-long Lv. 37
    Fear charges three swords with energy and throws them as they explode 
    in to energy bolts. The bolts fly all over the screen for multiple 
    ----Ougi techniques-------------- 
    -Bunshin Ougi techs
    Sylvan shot-Mp cost 25 range-long Learned from: 3-way
    Fear throws 5 swords in a straight line. Each sword does halve damage 
    of each attack.
    Unholy terror-Mp cost 29 range-both 
    Learned from: galaxy god breath
    Fear jumps up in the air unleashing 3 energy blasts at the enemy. Each 
    blast does same damage as regular attack.
    Victory terror-Mp cost 31 range-both Learned from: unholy terror
    Same as unholy terror except the energy blast bounce of the ground.
    Marvel Frozen
    AGE: 18-23
    Country of origin: unknown
    Race: unknown
    Class: enchantress
    Style: Raven orb
    Height: unknown
    Weight: unknown
    Favorite food/drink: wine
    Marvel is a mystery. Not much is known about her and she is always 
    hiding something. The Crimson shield also killed her parents and 
    brother and she is out for revenge. She is very loyal, but she always 
    seems sad.
    Marvel uses an ancient weapon called "Raven Orb." The Raven orb follows 
    her around and can be enchanted with mysterious powers. She is very 
    slow and has weak armor. She fights with range and can throw her techs 
    from anywhere on the screen.
    Raven Orb-Mp cost 6 range-both Lv. Na
    Marvel charges the orb with energy and throws it at the enemy.
    Flare Orb-Mp cost 8 range-long Lv.23
    Marvel summons a fire spirit on to her raven orb. The spirit attacks 
    the enemy and explodes afterwards for extra damage. This works best 
    with link combo. Fire-elemental
    Hail Orb-Mp cost 9 range-long Lv.27
    Marvel summons a water spirit on her raven orb. The water spirit home 
    in on the enemy and creates tornadoes. Can use it in succession very 
    fast. IMO this is her best move. 
    Thunder Orb-Mp cost 11 range-long Lv.30
    Same as flare orb. Thunder-elemental
    Arc Crystal-Mp cost 18 range-long Lv.34
    This tech creates a seal of the Star of David that lowers the enemy 
    attack power for a short time. 
    Seal Crystal-Mp cost 23 range-long Lv.38
    This tech creates an hourglass seal that seals the enemy movement for a 
    short period of time.
    Death Crystal-Mp cost 40 range-long Lv.52
    This tech creates a skull seal and will instantly kill the enemy if 
    affected. The Mp cost is high and she gets this very late in the game. 
    It doesn't always work.
    ----Ougi techniques------------
    Shichisei Ougi techs
    Southern Cross-Mp cost range-long Learned from: flare orb
    Marvel links five stars into cross formation to cause explosions to 
    those who cross its path. Does same amount of damage as regular attack 
    to everyone (but allies). 
    Seven Star-Mp cost range-long Learned from: hail orb
    Marvel gathers the power of seven stars to combine attack all enemies. 
    1.5x damage.
    Galaxy-Mp cost range-long Learned from: thunder orb
    Marvel opens a rip in space to a meteor shower in another galaxy that 
    attacks all enemies. 1.5x damage
    AGE: 6-10
    Country of origin: Moore
    Race: lesser Fellpool
    Class: catfighter
    Style: neko (catfighting)
    Height: kid like size
    Weight: light
    Favorite food/drink: special tuna
    Perisie is a lesser Fellpool. Their race is almost extinct and she is 
    one of the last of her kind. Perisie was kept in dungeons for most of 
    her life and she isn't very good at talking to people. She carries an 
    ocarina which is her only friend until she meets Ratix and Milly.
    Perisie fights with a variety of techniques. She summons cat spirits, 
    does dances, and can..uh..throw fruit. She is very fast in battle and 
    is quite strong. Her attack has short range and she has weak armor.
    Multiple punch-Mp cost 5 range-short Lv.10
    Perisie summons cat sisters who all attack the enemy for 2x damage.
    Shining dance-Mp cost 7 range-long Lv.13
    Perisie creates a field that damages all enemies who get caught in it. 
    The damage is twice the normal attack.
    Ei! Ya! Toh!- Mp cost 15 range-short Lv.17
    Perisie does a normal attack, a slash, and a kick for a 3 hit combo.
    Charming pose-Mp cost 16 range-long Lv.20
    With this tech, Perisie does a dance that causes hearts to attack all 
    enemies for double damage.
    Prismic dance-Mp cost 15 range-long Lv.25
    Perisie dresses up in an angel costume and heals the whole party for 
    Soro o Miro-Mp cost 6 range-long Lv.27
    Perisie points in the air at a hot chick and all the enemies who are 
    facing her look at it. This can be used to get a free back hit. 
    Spread missile-Mp cost 13 range-long Lv.30
    Perisie and her cat sisters and they throw lots of fruit at the enemy. 
    Nerichagi-Mp cost 17 range-short Lv.34
    Perisie smashes the enemy with an axe kick. The damage is three times 
    the normal attack.
    Panic dance-Mp cost 16 range-long Lv.36
    Perisie does a weird dance that stuns all enemies in range. Sometimes 
    it misses and it takes a while to charge.
    ----Ougi techniques-----------
    -Neko Ougi techs 
    Magical dance-Mp cost 60 range-long Learned from: shining dance
    Perisie dresses in a witch costume and flies across the screen 
    regenerating everybody's Mp but hers. Can heal 50+mp to all allies. Can 
    be executed quite fast.
    Dream combo-Mp cost 28 range-short Learned from: Ei! Ya! Toh!
    Perisie pulls out two hammers and beats the enemy to death. A counter 
    above her shows how many hits you pull off. Useful for stunning 
    enemies. Does .20x damage per hit.
    JP somersault-Mp cost 17 range-short Learned from: Nerichagi
    Perisie does a kick, followed by a slash with her claws, and finishes 
    of with a somersault kick.
    Tinek Arukena
    AGE: 14-16
    Country of origin: far of country
    Race: lycantrope 
    Class: warrior
    Style: jujitsu 
    Height: changes with form
    Weight: changes with form
    Favorite food/drink: riceball
    Tinek comes from a distant far off country. He hangs out in the Tatoroy 
    arena training to grow stronger. He is a very calm person and is a bit 
    of a loner since he does nothing but fight and meditate. Oh, did I 
    mention he could turn into a werewolf. He sees power in Ratix and 
    challenges him to a duel.
    Tinek is a werewolf in battle. He fights in the same style as Iria 
    except he uses spears and staffs. He is very fast to move and his 
    attack has good range and speed. The armor he equips is very weak, so 
    he will take lots of damage.
    Senpuuken-Mp cost 4 range-both Lv. NA
    Tinek puts his spear in the ground and swings around it to attack all 
    the enemies around him. If there is a enemy in back of him, he will 
    probably be hit out of it.
    Shippuukon-Mp cost 6 range-short Lv. 22
    Tinek does a double strike with his spear. I never used this tech. The 
    enemy usually moves out of the way. Stick to his normal attack.
    Muhyoutoukon-Mp cost 10 range-long Lv. 26
    Tinek swing his staff so frost spread out in a wave. This can be used 
    to hit multiple enemies. This doesn't do water damage despite its name.  
    Suigetsuryoudanha-Mp cost 12 range-short Lv. 30
    Tinek makes the image of a moon, and he cuts the image. This can 
    instantly kill the target. This can even work on bosses, although it 
    often misses.
    Haoshippuukon-Mp 18 range-short Lv.35
    Tinek does a double strike with the spear, followed by a whirl strike, 
    and finished with a thrust. A very powerful attack if all hits connect.
    ---Ougi techniques-------------
    -Hakke Ougi techs
    Gurensenpuukon-Mp cost 10 range-both Learned from: senpuukon
    Tinek executes senpuukon so fast that his feet blaze with fire for 
    extra damage.
    Shippuuhariken-Mp cost 14 range-short Learned from: shippuukon 
    Tineks version of shippuuharikon is much likes Ratix 
    Shichiseishouhazan. Tinek does a shippuukon followed by two energy 
    waves that emit from it.
    Oukahakkeshou-Mp cost 19 range-long Learned from: Haoshippuukon
    Tineks version of Oukahakkeshou is different from Irias. Tinek creates 
    a ki wave attacks the enemy. When it hits cherry bombs explode.
    -Shichisei Ougi techs
    Shichiseiranbu-Mp cost 24 range-short Learned from: Oukahakkeshou
    Tinek jumps in the air and slashes the enemy with his staff many times.
    7---Tips and tricks---------------------------------------
       Accessory tips.
       Here are some of the best accessories to equip.
    Berserk ring- Doubles attack power, but halves defense. Made from 
    Magic mist-increases running speed by 60%. Made from rainbow diamands.
    Mental rings-Restores Mp gradually. Made from sage stone, and one is in 
    Moore treasure vault.
    Fairy ring- halves Mp consumption. Made by emerald, and one is in Parji 
    Shidin inner sactrum.
    Tri-emblem- boosts all stats by many points. Bought from Santa.
    8---Private action listings-------------------------------
    <Coming soon>
    9---Dummies Guide----------------------------------------
    This guide is for people with trouble working with dexor.
    1.	Computer
    2.	Internet
    3.	Typing ability
    4.	IQ above room temperature
    Tools required.
    Star ocean rom
    Dexor and graphic packs.
    Dexor and the graphics packs can be found at dejap.zsnes.com and search 
    for the star ocean rom on the net.
    Start of by having all the files you downloaded in the same folder. 
    TIP: to make this easier on yourselves name the folder super nintendo 
    and the rom star ocean. Remember to keep the emulator and roms in the 
    same folder as all of these. Make sure they are on the desktop. 
    Actually if you want to understand this guide fully, do these steps. 
    1.	Unzip all files in the super nintendo (or whatever folder you have.
    2.	Run dexor.
    3.	The file name is called staroc~1.smc if it is a SMC file and 
    staroc~1.srm if it is a SRM file ect.. 
    4.	Then it may ask you for the location of the XOR file. The name would 
    be something like C:\windows\desktop\supern~1 if you use my tips.
    5.	You now have a new sub folder called Socnsdds1. Put the file 
    SDD1GFX.IDX is in this folder.
    6.	Load the star ocean rom after running Zsnes
    And you're done. This should be very simple for you to get if you 
    follow all the steps.
    Finishing touches
    1.	Get an IPS patcher. Snestl12 works well.
    2.	Get IPS patches for the star ocean rom.
    3.	Run the patcher and select use IPS.
    4.	Use the IPS you want on the rom.
    - Tri-ace for making this game
    - Enix for publishing this game
    - Ian Kelly for his walkthrough, Faqs, and just about everything else.
    -RPGC Cidolfas for his translation patches as well as the help on the 
    message boards.
    -Pentarou for finding out how to learn magic dance, some damage 
    equations as well as some item uses.
    -Dejap for translating the game, As well as Zsnes.
    -Of coarse Gamefaqs for accepting this guide. 

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