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    Pro Action Replay Codes by MagusB

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/18/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                   Star Ocean
                             Pro Action Replay Codes
                       Version 1.3 - Last Revised July 3rd 2010
               by Guarocuya 'Frank' Batista (guarocuya.batista@gmail.com)
    Table of Contents
    I    -> About the author
    II   -> Introduction
    III  -> Codes
    IV   -> Credits
    V    -> Legal Disclaimer
    I - About the Author
    Guarocuya Batista Kunhardt is the author of several guides, such as Power
    Rangers: FE FAQ and Star Ocean PAR guide, and he's also a student at Western
    Michigan University where he is performing grad studies in Applied Economics.
    Mr. Batista, also known as MagusB in the GameFAQs boards, is also a budding
    writer of several economic and public policy papers which are part of his
    hobbies alongside movies, lurking, coding, playing his guitars, cultivating his
    mind and body in Miyama Ryu Ju-Jutsu and enjoying life.
    MagusB can be contacted via email at guarocuya.batista@gmail.com. He will try
    to answer any inquiry concerning almost any matter and would appreciate
    feedback concerning this FAQ or any future ones.
    II - Introduction
    Star Ocean is a marvelous RPG in the lines of Tales of Phantasia but can only
    be in japanese import-style or through emulators and patched roms. After having
    the opportunity to indulge in this great game and, like all RPG's I play,
    wondering about the myriad of items and secrets it has, I decided to start a
    cheat codes FAQ, with the original idea of mapping out ALL the 512 items which,
    suffice to say, took a long time!
    But, in the process of doing so I decided to create other beneficial codes,
    such as the ever popular Infinite Gold Code (which in this game goes by the
    name of Fol), Infinite Level Codes and the such. Doing so I learned a lot
    about this game and in the end, all of you get free codes for this gem of a
    The way of obtainment of every code featured in this guide, was through ZSNES
    cheat menu, it is a built-in Hex Editor that allows anybody to actively search
    for different values in the ROM's memory addresses and to change those values
    through the usage of Pro Action Replay Codes. Thus that (instead of Game Genie
    for example) is the medium to promote my codes. Also, I would like to point
    out that all these codes were made by me through countless hours (about 3 :D)
    of value searching, so you should be thankful :p 
    Also I would like to dedicate this guide to everybody who plays any kind of
    games and has an interest in it, especially the ones I meet in some kind of
    forum, these are the ones that make me do this kind of work.
    III - Codes
    -> MISC. CODES:
    7E028800 No Random Encounters
    7E02737F Infinite Fol (9,999,999 Fol, it will always stay in that amount)
    Instead of wasting time and effort in coding every stat for every slot, I have
    coded everything for Slot 1, what you should do to max everybody's stat, is to
    change the order of every character you want from their Slot to Slot 1 and
    back to their original Slot. Since these codes max out every stat, they
    overlook the Caps set into the game by the designers, i.e. every character whom
    you max their Defense will have 5000 as its values (the capped max) but if the
    character is the one on Slot 1 it will stay in 9999 (something impossible to do
    without cheating).
    If you are wondering why I didn't put the other Slot codes since 5000 and 9999
    Defense are not the same, is because in the game, having 5000 Defense will make
    EVERY enemy in the whole game hit you for 0 damage. So there is no difference,
    except maybe for aesthetic reasons. But if enough people ask me about them, I
    guess I'll have to code the other Slots in.
    Also, if you play around with the Level code, you will see that it only changes
    the level you are in (which in turn changes your Exp. needed to level up), so
    if you have infinite level up's, your stats will 'naturally' go through the
    roof, and if you do it in excessive amounts it will even continue past the
    'limits', such as having 732 Strenght when it actually means 10732!
    How to accomplish this you ask? Easy, set your Level to 1 and win a fight,
    you'll receive enough Exp. to make you gain a Level but since the code
    resets your Level to 1 you will keep gaining Levels over and over again until
    you turn the code off! :D
    7E743BXX Character in Slot 1 Level
    7E748BXX Character in Slot 1 Experience
    7E74B9XX Character in Slot 1 Skill Points
    7E7431XX Character in Slot 1 Max HP
    7E7433XX Character in Slot 1 Current HP
    7E7437XX Character in Slot 1 Max MP
    7E7439XX Character in Slot 1 Current MP
    7E743CXX Character in Slot 1 Strenght
    7E745EXX Character in Slot 1 Intelligence
    7E744EXX Character in Slot 1 Agility
    7E7442XX Character in Slot 1 Constitution
    7E7454XX Character in Slot 1 Guts
    7E74BFXX Character in Slot 1 Stamina
    7E7440XX Character in Slot 1 Attack
    7E7446XX Character in Slot 1 Defense
    7E7452XX Character in Slot 1 Accuracy
    7E744CXX Character in Slot 1 Evade
    7E02DBXX Number of Encounters
    YY = 00  XX = 01                      1
    YY = 00  XX = 32                      50
    YY = 00  XX = FF   	                  255
    YY = 01  XX = F4   	                  500
    YY = 03  XX = E7   	                  999
    YY = 03  XX = E8                      1,000
    YY = 13  XX = 88   	                  5,000
    YY = 27  XX = 0F   	                  9,999
    YY = FF  XX = E0  ZZ = F5  ** = 05    99,999,999
    Just in case you don't want to add any of those values and just want to code
    in a bunch of codes for the Slot 1 character so you can make Gods from the
    beginning, then just input the following batch of codes, the all-mighty
    God Codes (34 in total!) and you'll be set to go.
          -GOD CODES-
    7E743BFF Character in Slot 1 Level (255, alias Master Level)
    7E748BFF Character in Slot 1 Experience (99,999,999)
    7E74B9E7 Character in Slot 1 Skill Points (999)
    7E74310F Character in Slot 1 Max HP (9,999)
    7E74330F Character in Slot 1 Current HP (9,999)
    7E7437E7 Character in Slot 1 Max MP (999)
    7E7439E7 Character in Slot 1 Current MP (999)
    7E743C0F Character in Slot 1 Strenght (9,999)
    7E745E0F Character in Slot 1 Intelligence (9,999)
    7E744E0F Character in Slot 1 Agility (9,999)
    7E74420F Character in Slot 1 Constitution (9,999)
    7E7454FF Character in Slot 1 Guts (255)
    7E74BF0F Character in Slot 1 Stamina (9,999)
    7E74400F Character in Slot 1 Attack (9,999)
    7E74460F Character in Slot 1 Defense (9,999)
    7E74520F Character in Slot 1 Accuracy (9,999)
    7E744C0F Character in Slot 1 Evade (9,999)
    The values for the equipment codes are given in the Item Codes section.
    7E747DXX Character in Slot 1 Weapon Slot Byte 1
    7E747FXX Character in Slot 1 Body Slot Byte 1
    7E7481XX Character in Slot 1 Shield Slot Byte 1
    7E7483XX Character in Slot 1 Head Slot Byte 1
    7E7485XX Character in Slot 1 Legs Slot Byte 1
    7E7487XX Character in Slot 1 Accessory 1 Slot Byte 1
    7E7489XX Character in Slot 1 Accessory 2 Slot Byte 1
    Here are the values to be added to any equipment code to obtain the item
    prescribed in the following list.
    How to obtain infinite items? Well, the best way to do so is by inputting an
    equipment code with an item value (doesn't matter if your putting a Weapon
    in your Shield Slot), after doing so, go to the Character in Slot 1
    Equipment menu, press the A button twice on the recently coded Item, so you
    would have effectively tried to unequip it, but since the code re-establishes
    the item, you'll have one in your inventory and one equipped, doing this 20
    times will net you the maximum amount you can carry of any item. After this,
    proceed to turn off the code to equip your items as you see fit.
    To avoid hard to explain (but easy to understand) glitches, you must have
    unequipped the Equipment Slot you are going to use for Item Creation.
    Note: Replace the XX in the equipment codes with the value featured before the
    item you want. Also, whenever you see that a division ends with a * (such as
    -WEAPONS-*) it means that when you code those items in, you'll have to identify
    them first, and since many items repeat themselves over the list, try to find
    one that doesn't need to be identified so you'll speed up the process.
    $00   (None)
    $01   Mandrake
    $02   Savory
    $03   Artemis Leaf
    $04   Shadow Flower
    $05   Lavender
    $06   Magic Card
    $07   Magic Color
    $08   Research Pen
    $09   Composer's Pen
    $0A   Smith Hammer
    $0B   Mix Hammer
    $0C   Spectacles
    $0D   Damascus
    $0E   Mithril
    $0F   Orihalcon
    $10   Rune Metal
    $11   Moonite
    $12   Meteorite
    $13   Sage's Stone
    $14   Ruby
    $15   Star Ruby
    $16   Sapphire
    $17   Green Beryl
    $18   Crystal
    $19   Diamond
    $1A   Rainbow Diamond
    $1B   Silver
    $1C   Gold
    $1D   Iron
    $1E   Trumpet
    $1F   Clarinet
    $20   Harmonica
    $21   Shamisen
    $22   Guitar
    $23   Trombone
    $24   Violin
    $25   Sax
    $26   Grain
    $27   Fruit
    $28   Vegetables
    $29   Meat
    $2A   Seafood
    $2B   Strange Sword
    $2C   Meteor Crash
    $2D   Soul Eater
    $2E   Entangle Sword
    $2F   Sylvance
    $30   Damascus Sword
    $31   Elemental Sword
    $32   Glowthal Sword
    $33   Silver Sword
    $34   Slayer Sword
    $35   Berserk Sword
    $36   Crack Blade
    $37   Flare Baselard
    $38   Bloody Sword
    $39   Ice Coffin
    $3A   Rondel Dagger
    $3B   Metal Fang
    $3C   Blaze Knuckle
    $3D   Dragon Claw
    $3E   Cat Fang *
    $3F   Spinning Spear
    $40   Mech Halberd
    $41   Lightning Bow
    $42   Dull Sword
    $43   Long Sword
    $44   Plain Bikini
    $45   Dwarven Mail
    $46   Mithril Mesh
    $47   Sylvan Mail
    $48   Magical Bikini
    $49   Cat Armor
    $4A   Sylvan Helm
    $4B   Hermit Helm
    $4C   Cat Band
    $4D   Dwarven Boots
    $4E   Mithril Greaves
    $4F   Sylvan Greaves
    $50   Mithril Shield
    $51   Sylvan Guard
    $52   Star Guard
    	-MORE ITEMS-*
    $53   Bubble Potion
    $54   Stink Pot
    $55   Bitter Potion
    $56   Fruit Pot
    $57   Fresh Bottle
    $58   Killer Poison
    $59   Sweet Syrup
    $5A   Holy Mist
    $5B   Fairy Potion
    $5C   Mind Bomb
    $5D   Resurrect Mist
    $5E   Resurrect Bottle
    $5F   Cure Paralysis
    $60   Cinderella Vial
    $61   Spell Potion
    $62   Mithril
    $63   Orihalcon
    $64   Rune Metal
    $65   Moonite
    $66   Meteorite
    $67   Sage's Stone
    $68   Rock
    $69   Fairy Ring
    $6A   Star Ring
    $6B   Mental Ring
    $6C   Heal Ring
    $6D   Levitate Ring
    $6E   Talisman
    $6F   Star Necklace
    $70   Star Emblem
    $71   Botched Ring
    $72   Funny Decoration
    $73   Mandrake
    $74   Savory
    $75   Artemis Leaf
    $76   Shadow Flower
    $77   Lavender
    	-FOOD ITEMS-*
    $78   Wine
    $79   Jell-O
    $7A   9oz Steak
    $7B   Great Tuna
    $7C   Bijoubu
    $7D   Bad Stew
    $7E   Bad Dessert
    $7F   Bubble Potion
    $80   Melt Potion
    $81   Stink Pot
    $82   Bitter Potion
    $83   Fruit Pot
    $84   Fresh Bottle
    $85   Poison Bomb
    $86   Killer Poison
    $87   Sweet Pot
    $88   Liqueur Bottle
    $89   Sweet Syrup
    $8A   Sour Syrup
    $8B   Mixed Syrup
    $8C   Holy Mist
    $8D   Stink Bomb
    $8E   Stun Bomb
    $8F   Fairy Potion
    $90   Fairy Mist
    $91   Mind Bomb
    $92   Giga Mind Bomb
    $93   Resurrect Mist
    $94   Resurrect Bottle
    $95   Flare Bomb
    $96   Mega Flare Bomb
    $97   Cure Poison
    $98   Cure Paralysis
    $99   Cure Stone
    $9A   Witch Powder
    $9B   Elven Powder
    $9C   Cinderella Vial
    $9D   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $9E   Will Potion
    $9F   Might Potion
    $A0   Spell Potion
    $A1   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $A2   Flare Ring
    $A3   Berserk Ring
    $A4   Aqua Ring
    $A5   Stun Half
    $A6   Emerald Ring
    $A7   Fairy Ring
    $A8   Lunatic Ring
    $A9   Star Ring
    $AA   Mental Ring
    $AB   Resist Ring
    $AC   Reflect Ring
    $AD   Heal Ring
    $AE   Shield Ring
    $AF   Protect Ring
    $B0   Levitate Ring
    $B1   Silver Ring
    $B2   Gold Ring
    $B3   Brooch
    $B4   Gold Brooch
    $B5   Pretty Idol
    $B6   Ruby Persia
    $B7   Necklace
    $B8   Crown
    $B9   Frog
    $BA   Magical Persia
    $BB   Silver Idol
    $BC   Gold Idol
    $BD   Talisman
    $BE   Luna Talisman
    $BF   Luna Crest
    $C0   Star Necklace
    $C1   Star Emblem
    $C2   Feat Symbol
    $C3   Misty Symbol
    $C4   Poison Charm
    $C5   Paralysis Charm
    $C6   Stone Charm
    $C7   Purple Mist
    $C8   Magic Mist
    $C9   Reverse Doll
    $CA   Magical Drop
    $CB   Dream Crown
    $CC   Silver Ankh
    $CD   Botched Ring
    $CE   Strange Figure
    $CF   Tacky Ring
    $D0   Funny Decoration
    $D1   Strange Lump
    $D2   Embarrassing Jewelry
    $D3   Amusing Lump
    $D4   Biological Theory
    $D5   Herbal Tome
    $D6   Psychology Omnibus
    $D7   Minerals Lexicon
    $D8   Tool Compendium
    $D9   Cooking Reference
    $DA   Music Encyclopedia
    $DB   The Mysterial Fairy
    $DC   The Master Chef
    $DD   Dwarven Techniques
    $DE   Heart of the Artisan
    $DF   Music for Beginners
    $E0   Soul of the Artist
    $E1   Book of Grammar
    $E2   All About Weapons
    $E3   Hermes' Theory
    $E4   Book of Prophecy 1
    $E5   Book of Prophecy 2
    $E6   Book of Prophecy 3
    $E7   Book of Prophecy 4
    $E8   Book of Prophecy 5
    $E9   Book of Prophecy 6
    $EA   Fan Art
    $EB   Fan Art
    $EC   Book of Hentai
    $ED   Stalkers Comic
    $EE   Fan Art
    $EF   Fruit Parfait
    $F0   Apple Pie
    $F1   Sorbet
    $F2   Orange Shake
    $F3   Fruitcake
    $F4   Wine
    $F5   Stew
    $F6   Salad
    $F7   Cabbage Roll
    $F8   Hoikoro
    $F9   Jell-O
    $FA   Boiled Matsutake
    $FB   5oz Steak
    $FC   9oz Steak
    $FD   Chicken Skewers
    $FE   	Chinese Rice
    $FF   Hamburger
    Since Star Ocean has 512 items, the only way of accessing the rest of the items
    should come very clear to you if you know something about Hex: 1 byte codes can
    only go as far as the number 255 while counting in Hex, if we use 2 byte codes
    we can count up 'till 65,535. We only need 512 tough. What all this means is
    that the items are far from over. The next list of items work in the same way
    the first one did, but instead of using one code to get them, we are going to
    use TWO codes to do so! (Tech note: the items featured on this list could also
    be obtained using 1 byte only, it involves something on the lines of address
    interleaving, meaning that if you normally equip a sword in your weapon slot,
    THEN tried to code in an item from the list, you'd get a completely different
    one, the problem here is that you can't use the unequip trick to easily get 20
    Tri-Emblems and you'd still lose the weapon you equipped).
    Now, instead of creating a rather exhausting list with the codes per item, I
    will simply instruct you all on how to 'create' the codes for the Items. If
    you can work with Hex, consider yourself lucky and skip this, if not, then
    You will add another code to the old equipment codes, and continue adding the
    values for the first code, using the next item list.
    Here are the new codes:
    7E747E01 Character in Slot 1 Weapon Slot Byte 2
    7E747001 Character in Slot 1 Body Slot Byte 2
    7E748201 Character in Slot 1 Shield Slot Byte 2
    7E748401 Character in Slot 1 Head Slot Byte 2
    7E748601 Character in Slot 1 Legs Slot Byte 2
    7E748801 Character in Slot 1 Accessory 1 Slot Byte 2
    7E748A01 Character in Slot 1 Accessory 2 Slot Byte 2
    As you can see, the values for all those Byte 2 codes is just 01, which
    represents the first number in every other Item List code we have yet not
    seen, which is 1. The way this works is that the next batch of items features
    3 numbers, the first one is for the Byte 2 codes, but since Star Ocean stops
    before having to use another number, the other two numbers are the values
    you will use with the Byte 1 codes.
    Say you want infinite Tri-Emblems in your Weapon Slot, you take a look at the
    Tri-Emblem value ($1FF) which means that it belongs to the second batch of
    Items meaning we are going to use 2 codes; the Weapon Slot Byte 1 code will be
    7E747DFF (the last to digits of the Tri-Emblem value) and the Byte 2 code will
    be 7E747E01 (the first digit of the Tri-Emblem value).
    Tech note regarding the working of PAR codes, skip this if you just want codes.
    Pro Action Replay (PAR) codes consist of two parts, the address and the value.
    The address is where in the game's memory the object we are searching is
    located, these are the first six digits of the code, and the value is
    self-explanatory. It is the last two digits.
    A typical PAR code, like the ones we've been using to hack items for ourselves,
    looks like this:
    XXXXXXYY (X = Address & Y = Value)
    A more practical example would be:
    7E747D84 (This code tells the Cheat Device/Emulator to search the object found
    at Address 7E747D and give it the value of 84, which effectively gives us a
    Fresh Bottle on the Weapon Slot for Ratix, even tough you're not supposed to
    equip an item there!)
    Now, this one-lined code (whose real genus is 1 byte code) has the limitation
    of giving a value of no more than 255 (in hexadecimal notation, which is the
    one this specific code for this specific game uses, 255 = FF). Now, already
    knowing that Star Ocean has 512 items, how do we get past the limitation?
    Easy, using 2 byte codes (meaning, two-lined codes) which have a limitation
    of 65,535 when giving values, way more than what we need!
    $100   Escargot
    $101   Tuna
    $102   Great Tuna
    $103   Fried Shrimp
    $104   Snapper Sashimi
    $105   Baked Turban Shell
    $106   Seafood Spaghetti
    $107   Ichinokura
    $108   Senchuu
    $109   Yaegaki Mu
    $10A   Tamanohikari
    $10B   Bijoubu
    $10C   Kokuryuu
    $10D   Xi Feng Jiu
    $10E   Botched Brew
    $10F   Cheap Sashimi
    $110   Bad Stew
    $111   Tough Steak
    $112   Bad Dessert
    $113   Spicy Cake
    $114   Victory
    $115   Critical
    $116   Phoenix
    $117   Treasure
    $118   Upstart
    $119   Falcon Statue
    $11A   Lion Statue
    $11B   Demon Statue
    $11C   Skull Statue
    $11D   Portrait A
    $11E   Portrait B
    $11F   Portrait C
    $120   Portrait D
    $121   Portrait E
    $122   Portrait F
    $123   Portrait G
    $124   Portrait H
    $125   Portrait I
    $126   Portrait J
    $127   Portrait K
    $128   Portrait L
    $129   Scribbles (Male)
    $12A   Scribbles (Female)
    $12B   Warrior Pot
    $12C   Heraldry Pot
    $12D   Magical Jar
    $12E   Santa Boots
    $12F   Blueberry
    $130   Blackberry
    $131   Aquaberry
    $132   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $133   Dummy (Ditto)
    $134   Strange Sword
    $135   Marvel Sword
    $136   Meteor Crash
    $137   Moon Falux
    $138   Soul Eater
    $139   Entangle Sword
    $13A   Mithril Sword
    $13B   Sylvance
    $13C   Damascus Sword
    $13D   Dwarven Sword
    $13E   Air Blade
    $13F   Holy Sword
    $140   Duel Sword
    $141   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $142   Astral Sword
    $143   Elemental Sword
    $144   Ignite Sword
    $145   Bahamut Tear
    $146   Glowthal Sword
    $147   Gunblade
    $148   Silver Sword
    $149   Meteor Strike
    $14A   Slayer Sword
    $14B   Doom Blade
    $14C   Vorpal Sword
    $14D   Berserk Sword
    $14E   Crack Blade
    $14F   C.S.S.S.
    $150   Assassin Dagger
    $151   Flare Baselard
    $152   Bloody Sword
    $153   Ice Coffin
    $154   Elemental Edge
    $155   Dragon Edge
    $156   Rondel Dagger
    $157   Fame Face
    $158   Metal Fang
    $159   Blaze Knuckle
    $15A   Pain Cestus
    $15B   Dragon Claw
    $15C   Cat Fang *
    $15D   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $15E   Saint Halberd
    $15F   Spinning Spear
    $160   Mech Halberd
    $161   Dragon Lance
    $162   Flame Lancer
    $163   Flare Spread
    $164   Sylvan Bow
    $165   Elven Bow
    $166   Lightning Bow
    $167   Rapid Bow
    $168   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $169   Aura Blade
    $16A   Arc Wind
    $16B   Cius Special
    $16C   Murasame Blade
    $16D   Charm
    $16E   Kaiser Knuckle
    $16F   Deathbringer
    $170   Holy Orb
    $171   Offering
    $172   Q Power Punch *
    $173   Dull Sword
    $174   Junk
    $175   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $176   Long Sword
    $177   Saber
    $178   Sinclair
    $179   Walloon Sword
    $17A   Two-handed Sword
    $17B   Claymore
    $17C   Zweihander
    $17D   Flamberge
    $17E   Small Sword
    $17F   Gladius
    $180   Baselard
    $181   Rod
    $182   Ruby Wand
    $183   Crest Rod
    $184   Knuckle
    $185   Hard Knuckle
    $186   Bagh Nakh
    $187   Cestus
    $188   Staff
    $189   Spear
    $18A   Long Spear
    $18B   Halberd
    $18C   Tri-Section Staff
    $18D   Short Bow
    $18E   Long Bow
    $18F   Crossbow
    $190   Arbalest
    $191   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $192   Leather Armor
    $193   Banded Mail
    $194   Ring Mail
    $195   Brigandine
    $196   Plate Mail
    $197   Steel Armor
    $198   Robe
    $199   Silk Robe
    $19A   Amber Robe
    $19B   Silver Robe
    $19C   Holy Cloak
    $19D   Kung Fu Gi
    $19E   Chinese Gi
    $19F   Ancient Gi
    $1A0   Battle Suit
    $1A1   Plain Bikini
    $1A2   Bikini
    $1A3   Pretty Bikini
    $1A4   Cat Suit
    $1A5   Leather Helm
    $1A6   Banded Helm
    $1A7   Iron Helm
    $1A8   Plate Helm
    $1A9   Steel Helm
    $1AA   Wood Shield
    $1AB   Round Shield
    $1AC   Knight's Shield
    $1AD   Fine Shield
    $1AE   Leather Greaves
    $1AF   Iron Greaves
    $1B0   Plate Greaves
    $1B1   Silver Greaves
    $1B2   Boots
    $1B3   Suede Boots
    $1B4   Leather Boots
    $1B5   Sandals
    $1B6   Kung Fu Shoes
    $1B7   Chinese Shoes
    $1B8   Ancient Shoes
    $1B9   Dwarven Mail
    $1BA   Reflex
    $1BB   Mithril Mesh
    $1BC   Sylvan Mail
    $1BD   Duel Suit
    $1BE   Magical Bikini
    $1BF   Cat Armor
    $1C0   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1C1   Dwarven Helm
    $1C2   Mithril Helm
    $1C3   Sylvan Helm
    $1C4   Hermit Helm
    $1C5   Duel Helm
    $1C6   Cat Band
    $1C7   Elven Cap
    $1C8   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1C9   Dwarven Boots
    $1CA   Elven Boots
    $1CB   Mithril Greaves
    $1CC   Sylvan Greaves
    $1CD   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1CE   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1CF   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1D0   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1D1   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1D2   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1D3   Ankh Shield
    $1D4   Dwarven Guard
    $1D5   Mithril Shield
    $1D6   Sylvan Guard
    $1D7   Star Guard
    $1D8   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1D9   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1DA   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1DB   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1DC   Raven Orb
    $1DD   Astral Ring
    $1DE   Feather Ring
    $1DF   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1E0   Long Sword +1
    $1E1   Long Sword +2
    $1E2   Claymore +1
    $1E3   Claymore +2
    $1E4   Gladius +1
    $1E5   Glaius +2
    $1E6   Knuckle +1
    $1E7   Knuckle +2
    $1E8   Long Spear +1
    $1E9   Long Spear +2
    $1EA   Silver Knuckle
    $1EB   Whirlwind
    $1EC   Bird Feed
    $1ED   Rock
    $1EE   Extravagant Sword
    $1EF   Extravagant Armor
    $1F0   Extravagant Staff
    $1F1   Extravagant Robe
    $1F2   Mirage Cape 
    $1F3   Mirage Robe
    $1F4   Star Cloak
    $1F5   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1F6   Dummy (It just says 'Item')
    $1F7   Pickaxe
    $1F8   Bunny Whistle
    $1F9   Force Sword
    $1FA   Ancient Scroll
    $1FB   Rice Ball
    $1FC   Saint Elmo
    $1FD   Ocarina
    $1FE   Flint Stone
    $1FF   Tri-emblem
    Note regarding the obtainment of all 512 items: After proofing every code, I
    have finally obtained all 512 items, the deception came when a big chunk of
    them (about 50 or so) were dummied out items without no real purpose (including
    one with the description of 'No Strings'), a lot of 1-item repeated Research
    Pen's & the same with Shadow Flowers, but hey, we weren't even supposed to get
    near that number of items!!
    A contributor, Majutsuko, decided one day to dig the codes for character
    modification, and even tough I haven't tested them all I have found them to
    be working and to be of quality. Any inquiries concerning these should be
    addressed to him, his email is to be fund in the Credits section.
    7E73E2xy ~ Slot 1      7E6FE2xy ~ Slot 5
    7E74E2xy ~ Slot 2      7E70E2xy ~ Slot 6
    7E75E2xy ~ Slot 3      7E71E2xy ~ Slot 7
    7E76E2xy ~ Slot 4      7E72E2xy ~ Slot 8
    NOTE: If you use these codes on an empty slot, the character will have all
          zeros for stats.
    0 ~ Normal
    4 ~ NPC
    NOTE: Setting any character as an NPC, who is never normally an NPC during the
          game, will make him disappear (i.e. Ratix).
    0 ~ (Empty)
    1 ~ Ratix
    2 ~ Milly
    3 ~ Dorn
    4 ~ Ronixis
    5 ~ Iria
    6 ~ Cius
    7 ~ Joshua
    8 ~ Tinek
    9 ~ Marvel
    A ~ Ashlay
    B ~ Perisie
    C ~ Fear
    The following is an example of how to swap Ratix with another character.
    1. Go to the "Order" Screen, and place Ratix in Slot 1, and Milly in Slot 5.
    2. Enter these codes: "7E73E202" (This writes Milly's sprite into Slot 1)
                          "7E6FE201" (This writes Ratix's sprite into Slot 5).
    3. Now, select the character in Slot 1, and switch him with the character in
       Slot 5.
    4. Exit the "Order" Screen, and Save your game (or State-Save) with the codes
       still ON.
    5. Reload your game/state with the codes OFF.
    NOTE: To put Ratix back into the battle party, simply go to the "Order" Screen
          and switch him in normally, (you don't need codes to do this).
    NOTE: If you use the codes properly as I've outlined, there will not be any
          problems with your game. However, if you do something to corrupt it, find
          help elsewhere because I will not be held responsible.
    IV - Credits
    Majutsuko - For his great codes fo character modification, you can contact him
    at zealot_04@hotmail.com.
    JZeth (Justin Zeth) - For his great EarthBound FAQ and for the bookjacket idea.
    CJayC - For GameFAQs, it's guides and it's extensive forums, the best thing
    since dating.
    Tri-Ace and Enix - For giving us Star Ocean.
    Dejap - For their wonderful translation of Star Ocean, which made possible
    this guide.
    V - Legal Disclaimer
    Copyright 2010 Guarocuya Batista Kunhardt.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
    academic use. It may not be placed on any web site besides GameFAQS.com or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written permission. Use of
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited, and constitutes a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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