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    FAQ by IKelley

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    Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 23:55:23 -0400
    From: ikelley@sas.upenn.edu (Ian Kelley)
    STAR OCEAN FAQ v 1.0
    Game System
        Private Actions
        Approval Ratings (A.R)
       Status Screen 
           "Full Motion Active Battle" system
           Hissatsuwaza and Spells
           Ougis and Secret Hissatsuwaza
           Status Ailments
           "Anger Explosions"
       Ratix Ferrence
       Milly Kiliet
       Dorn Marto
       Ronixis J. Kenny
       Iria Silvestolie
       Cius Warren 
       Joshua Jerand
       Fear Mell
       Marvel Frozen
       Ashlay Barnbelt
       Tinek Arukena
    Spells and Techniques
       Ougi Techniques
    The Arena
    Private Actions are optional mini-events set into the game. You never need to 
    use one, but there are some events, items, and secret characters you will never 
    get if you don't.  Private Actions can occur right outside the gates to
    most towns. 
    When you can start a Private Action, a little dialog saying "Private
    Action" will 
    appear in the upper-right hand corner. Pressing Y will start the Private
    and disperse the entire party, each character entering the town on his or her 
    own for a little rest and relaxation. You then control Ratix, and you can
    enter the 
    town yourself and interact with the rest of your party members who are doing 
    their thing in the town.  Before the party disperses some characters will say 
    various things, and sometimes they will ask you questions as well.  If the
    so dictates, sometimes Private Actions will not occur, and trying to enact
    one will 
    get reactions like "Let's explore the town together" from the rest of your
    and everyone will stay together.
    Private Actions have a large influence on the Approval Ratings of each member 
    of your party. Your actions will affect how your fellow party members see you, 
    and whether or not they like or dislike you.  In addition, special events
    to further 
    the story and unravel the various mysteries throughout the game are viewable 
    only through Private Actions.  Also, sometimes the other characters in your
    will provide items and/or information you would not be able to get otherwise.  
    So it's a good idea to enact Private Actions whenever you can.  On the other 
    hand, there are some events in towns that will only occur if your party is 
    together, so it is a wise idea to explore the town as a group as well.
    for the most part, it is a good idea to explore each town once as a group and 
    once through a Private Action. It is also possible to return to old towns,
    enact a 
    Private Action, and have different events from those that had occurred there 
    Approval Rating, or A.R. for short, is what I call the variable the game
    stores for 
    each character that represents that character's attitude towards the other 
    characters. Each character has a seperate AR for each other character. For 
    example, Cius will have an AR representing his attitude towards Rati, and 
    another AR representing his attitude towards Iria.  These ratings range
    from low 
    (negative) values to high (positive) values.  Measuring exactly when and how 
    AR changes is a difficult thing to do in this game.  But it's a good thing
    to keep 
    tabs on, because the effects of AR, while very subtle, can also be extremely 
    Ways to change AR:
    1) Through actions towards other characters. This can be done either through 
    Private Actions or other choices you normally have to make throughout the 
    game.  As a general rule, the nicer you are to your allies, the more their AR 
    towards you will increase, and the meaner you are, the more their AR will 
    decrease.  However, be careful: Actions that might seem appropriate at the time 
    might end up blowing up in your face, or coming back to haunt you in a negative 
    way later in the game.  Conversely, actions that may seem to be mean or 
    thoughtless can end up turning around and actually helping you.  Also, actions 
    towards one character can also affect ARs of other characters, in a positive or a 
    negative way. For example, if you had to choose to help either character A
    or B, 
    and you help character A, A's AR towards you will increase, while B's AR 
    towards you might similarly decrease. There are also similar situations where 
    helping character A will ultimately make BOTH character A and charater B's AR 
    values decrease towards you, or make them BOTH decrease.  As a rule of 
    thumb, before making any "social decision" in the game, you should consider 
    the other characters' personalities and potential reactions, and how your 
    actions might affect them indirectly
    2) In battle.  If a character is wounded and somebody heals them, occasionally 
    the healed character will thank whoever cast the spell or used the item that 
    healed them.  This is an indication of an AR increase in the healed character. 
    Similarly, if a character is getting beaten up badly and cries for help, any 
    characters who rush in and attempt to save their life will get an attitude
    towards them.  On a similar note, if a character is being whaled on or is
    injured, and nobody comes to their aid, their AR for the other characters
    in battle 
    might decrease.
    Starting AR levels for each of the characters in the game:
    Each character comes in the game with various attitudes towards his or her 
    comrades. It's difficult to exactly measure for sure, but here are my best 
    estimates for each of the characters. Any characters not mentioned for each 
    character have an Average level AR.
    Ratix: Average for everybody, slightly higher for Dorn, Milly, Iria, and
    Maybe Cius too?
    Milly: Very high for Ratix, high for Dorn and Marvel, low for Iria.
    Dorn: High for Ratix and Milly, slightly higher for Milly.
    Ronixis: High for Iria, Marvel, and Milly, low for Cius.
    Iria: High for Ronixis, Ratix, and Cius. Low for Marvel.
    Cius: High for Fear, Ratix, and Iria. Low for Joshua.
    Ashlay: High for Ratix, average for everyone else.
    Joshua: Average for everyone, low for Cius and Marvel. Slightly higher for
    and Iria.
    Marvel: Very high for Joshua, slightly high for Ronixis and Milly.
    Perisie: Low for everybody except Ratix and Milly, who are higher.
    Tinek: Low-to-average for everybody except the character who defeats him, 
    who is higher. 
    And how exactly does AR affect the game? There are several ways. First, and 
    most obvious, is the attitude that characters in the game will take toward
    you in 
    social situations in the game. They may be warm and friendly, or frigid and 
    unkind, depending on how you treat them.  This often can affect the outcome of 
    certain situations. In battle, ARs make a subtle but enormous effect on your 
    party.  Characters who like each other perform better in battle than those
    antagonistic towards each other.  Also, it effects AI; characters are more
    likely to 
    protect characters they have high ARs for than characters they don't like. 
    Similarly, they will run to other characters' rescue depending on their AR.
    biggest impact AR has on battle though is that each character's AR rating is 
    directly proportional to the chance of getting and effectiveness of an "Anger 
    The Star Ocean Character Status screen is more complicated than most RPGs 
    are, so I'll go into detail on each of the attributes.
    Name: Self-explanatory
    LV: Your character's current level
    Race: Your character's race
    Class: Your character's class
    HP: Your current and maximum Hit Points.
    MP: Your current and maximum Mental Points.
    EXP: Your current experience
    NEXT: The amount of experience you need to make your next level up.
    STR: Strength.  Your basic attack power.
    INT: Intelligence.  Affects your Hissatsuwaza and Magic Spell damage
    AGL: Agility.  Affects your accuracy and evasion ability.
    CON: Constitution. Affects how many HP you gain each level up.
    GUTS: Guts is a measure of your character's spirit and determination.  It
    your character in several different ways. In the middle of battle it can
    give your 
    character an adrenaline rush and increase his/her attack + defense levels. Also, 
    it sometimes will allow you to survive what would be fatal attacks, leaving you 
    with 1 HP instead of killing you outright.
    STM: Stamina. This is a measure of your character's lasting power in a
    fight.  At 
    the start of a fight you start with this base level.  As you attack, cast
    spells, or use 
    Hissatsuwaza, your Stamina will drop, and as you just sit still and do
    nothing it 
    will heal.  After the fight is over, your character will "catch his breath"
    and if any 
    Stamina is left over your HP and MP will heal a little, depending on how
    much is 
    left. If no Stamina is left, you won't regenerate any HP or MP.
    Note: The following four values can be altered by accessories, special armor, 
    and other items.
    Kougeki: Attack. This is your current attack power, and is a combination of
    weapon power and STR value.
    Bougyo: Defense. This is your current defense power, and is a combination of 
    your armor's power and your CON value.
    Meichuuritsu: Accuracy. This measures your ability to break the enemy's 
    defenses and inflict damage on the enemy when you attack. Its base value is 
    the same as your Agility.
    Kaihi: Evasion This is your ability to block attacks outright. Its value is
    determined by what shield you are using, but other pieces of armor and base 
    ability also play a role.
    Buki: Weapon. Your weapon.
    Karada: Body. Your body Armor
    Tate: Shield. Your Shield
    Atama: Head. Your head armor
    Ashi: Legs. Your Leg Armor
    Sono ta 1: Other 1. One of your current Accessories
    Sono ta 2: Other 2. Your other current Accessory.
    Koubutsu: Liked Thing, lit. Your character's favorite food/drink.  When a 
    character eats or drinks his or her Koubutsu, their HP and MP are refilled
    to their 
    maximum values. These foods/drinks are constant from game to game, but 
    except for Ratix, Dorn, and Milly, this value will be empty until you
    actually feed 
    that character his or her favorite food/drink.
    Star Ocean's battle system is different from most RPGs in its use of a
    system.  Unlike Chrono Trigger and the Super Famicom Final Fantasy games, 
    which use a semi-real time system, Star Ocean's battle system is in true real-
    time.  In other words, not only do the enemies not wait for you to enter your 
    commands before they attack, but they *all* attack at the same time. 
    all of your characters attack at the same time as well.  The game also
    a real battlefield by making your characters and the enemies have to run 
    around the battlefield before they can actually attack. Therefore, unless
    you are 
    using a long-range weapon, once you target a certain enemy, your character 
    will have to run up to said enemy before they can attack. Similarly, if you
    want to 
    change targets in the middle of a battle, you'll have to run to a new
    position to 
    attack your new enemy.  This makes you have to think strategically about which 
    enemies you'd like to attack and from where.  It also opens the ability to
    let you 
    use strategies such as running behind an enemy and striking him from behind, 
    or sandwiching a monster between two characters. (Of course, the monsters 
    can use these same tactics on you as well.)  All of this makes battles very
    paced. Due to this fact, you can only control one character at a time. The
    characters will be handled by the computer AI.
    Due to all of this, battles can seem very frenzied and almost haphazardly 
    random at first, but just a random "run in and destroy everything that moves" 
    strategy will not work unless you are very powerful. Therefore you have to
    to use special tactics and pay attention to everything that's going on on the 
    screen at once. It can be difficult at first, but it's also what makes SO
    such a 
    great game, IMO. :)
    A Button: Target. When you press the A button, your target arrows appear over 
    the nearest enemy. You can then select which enemy you would like to attack. 
    Pressing A again will cause the character to run up to your target and
    attack, or 
    in Ronixis' case, fire an arrow. Pressing L or R when targeting an enemy will 
    cause your character to use whatever Long or Short-range, depending on the 
    distance to your target, Hissatsuwaza assigned to that button. Pressing B will 
    cancel the targeting phase.
    B Button: Character select. Pressing B once will pause the battle and you can 
    select a character you'd like to control.  Once you're on the character
    you'd like 
    to control, press B again to confirm your selection. While controlling
    other than Ratix, Ratix will sit still giving directions to said character,
    and will be 
    vulnerable to attack, so be careful. Of course, trying to direct a petrified, 
    paralyzed, or unconscious character will do nothing.
    Y Button: Free targeting.  Pressing Y will create Free-targeting arrows
    which you 
    can move anywhere on the screen. Pressing A will confirm your target. If your 
    arrows are over an enemy, you will attack that enemy. If your arrows are over 
    another character, you will run in front of that character and guard
    him/her. (Of 
    course, trying to guard yourself is useless. ^_^) If your arrows are over
    an empty 
    area when you press A for confirmation, your character will run to that area of 
    the battlefield.
    X Button: Menu. This will pause the battle and bring up a menu for the selected 
    character. You can choose from the following choices:
    ITEM: Make the selected character use an item. Items you can use have an O in 
    front of them, those you can't have an X.
    RUN: Flee from battle. Your characters will all try to run off the nearest
    edge of 
    the screen. The more powerful your enemy is, the longer it will take for your 
    characters to get themselves together and conduct an organized retreat. While 
    running, your characters' defense power is reduced to 0, so they take more 
    damage.  Running can be extremely dangerous, especially when fighting strong 
    enemies; sometimes it is safter to stay and stick it out.  If you have to
    run, make 
    sure your party is in a situation conducive to doing so; trying to run away
    surrounded by enemies on all sides is a really stupid idea. 
    TACTICS: Change your character's Tactics. This allows you to change each 
    character's basic AI battle plan in the middle of a battle.  Ratix cannot be 
    controlled by the computer, so he cannot use this command.
    CHANGE: Swap a character for another character not participating in a battle. 
    Swapping characters is a good idea when someone's HP and MP are running 
    low; it's faster and safer than running away. Ratix must always be in the
    so you can't use this command on him.
    SPECIAL: Direct a character to cast a spell.  This will pull up a list of
    Jumon you 
    can cast, and, if applicable, the game will ask you to select a target.  Milly, 
    Joshua, and Ronixis are the only spellcasters in the game, so this command is 
    not available to the other characters.
    L Button/R Button: By themseves, nothing. During target select phase, this will 
    cause you to use any Hissatsuwaza assigned to the button.
    Start/Select Buttons: Not used
    As your character's levels increase, he or she will learn new Hissatsuwaza, 
    Special Techniques, and Jumon, Spells. During combat, any spell is 
    accessable via the Special command, but you can only use the Hissatsuwaza 
    that you pre-assign to your character in battle.  There are 4 maximum 
    Hissatsuwaza that you can use at any one time: two short-range and two long-
    range. Some Hissatsuwaza can be used as both short-range and long-range. 
    Under the "Tokugi" menu in the main subscreen, you can assign Hissatsuwaza 
    you have learned to the L or R buttons. Pressing the corresponding button 
    during battle will let you use them.
    Original Combos: Once you get the battle skill "Link Combos," and build it up, 
    you can create combos of techniques ranging from two to four Hissatsuwazas 
    long, depending on how high your skill level is.   When a character executes an 
    Original Combo, as soon as he/she executes their first Hissatsuwaza, they will 
    immediately follow up with the proceeding Hissatsuwaza, providing that the 
    target was not killed outright in the first attack.  To assign Hissatsuwaza in an 
    Original Combo, from the first Hissatsuwaza-assigning screen, press left and 
    right to scroll through the 2nd-4th slots. In the second through third
    slots in a 
    combo, either long-range or short-range techniques can be used regardless of 
    what type of Hissatsuwaza came right before it. This can be useful when 
    designing your combos; for example, if you follow up a long-range attack with a 
    short-range attack, your character will run up to the enemy as his/her long-
    range attack is flying through the air and attack short-range immediately after 
    the first attack hits.  In this way you can protect yourself from getting
    hit while 
    executing a short-range attack.  In any case, you can arrange the techniques in 
    any way you'd like to find combos you find that work especially well.
    The techniques that your character will learn on his or her own will become 
    more powerful as you gain levels, but with the exception of Ashlay, you will 
    never learn any of the super-powerful legendary techniques from leveling up 
    alone.  These must all be learned from Ougis, legendary books of knowledge 
    scattered throughout the world somewhere.  Once you find an Ougi and give it 
    to a character, it will appear on his or her Skills screen.  It actually
    requires more 
    than an Ougi alone to learn the powerful techniques described in it.  There are 
    several factors that determine how and when you will learn one of the super-
    powerful secret Hissatsuwaza described within the Ougis.
    1) Base Combat skill ability.  On the Skills screen, each character starts
    with a 
    skill individual to his or her own fighting style.  For example, Ratix has
    Swordfighting, Iria has Martial arts, and so forth.  The more Skill Points
    (SP) you 
    put into this skill, the more proficient you become in your personal
    fighting style, 
    and the better a chance you will learn the techniques unique to that style that 
    are described in the Ougi.
    2) Practice of the attack that the Secret (Ougi) Hissatsuwaza is based
    upon.  All 
    of the secret techniques described in the Ougis are more powerful or improved 
    versions of techniques the characters normally use.  By practicing the 
    fundamental technique, the chance of learning the more powerful version is 
    improved. For example, if Ratix practices the technique "Souhazan" a lot, the 
    chance of his learning the technique "Shichiseisouhazan" from the Shichisei 
    Ougi is increased.
    3) Personal and Situational Factors. Usually, characters first learn how to use 
    Ougi Hissatsuwazas at the beginning of a fight with particularly tough
    However, if another character that you especially care about (ie have a high AR 
    for) gets defeated in battle, there is a chance that in a surge of anger and 
    adrenaline you will learn one of the Ougi Hissatsuwaza.  Also, the higher your 
    level, the higher the chance of your learning an Ougi Hisssatsuwaza.  Your 
    character's GUTS rating might also have to do something with it. 
    4) Luck. Despite all the other factors that go into learning an Ougi 
    Hissatsuwaza, the most important factor is just dumb luck. Even if the chances 
    are really high, there's still no guarantee that you'll learn an Ougi
    in any battle.  Learning Ougi Hissatsuwazas are uncommon events, and are few 
    and far between.
    How to tell if you've learned an Ougi Hissatsuwaza:
    The action will stop completely, the learning character's graphic will turn
    his/her "angry" state, and he/she will let out a battle cry while the words 
    "Learned (technique name)!" appear at the top or bottom of the screen. Then the 
    character will yell "Ougi!" and execute whatever new technique he or she just 
    learned on the nearest enemy.
    The Ougis and who can use them:
    Shichisei Ougi (Seven-Star Ougi): Ratix, Cius, Ashlay, Marvel, Tinek
    Shiseijuu Ougi (Four Holy Beasts Ougi): Ratix, Cius, Ashlay, Iria
    Kouryuu Ougi (Emperor Dragon Ougi): Ratix, Ashlay
    Bunshin Ougi (War God Ougi): Fear
    Hakkake Ougi ([Type of cloth] Ougi): Iria, Tinek
    Uraouka Ougi (Reverse Cherry Blossom Ougi): Iria
    Neko Ougi (Cat Ougi): Perisie
    There are four different types of status ailments.
    Doku (Poison): Your HP reduces slowly, faster in battle. Curable by the spells 
    Antidote and Dispel, and the items Aquaberry and Recure Bottle
    Mahi (Paralysis): You are frozen in place and cannot move or attack. Paralyzed 
    characters do not receive EXP after battles. Curable by the spell Dispel,
    and the 
    items Cure Paralyze and Recure Bottle.
    Sekika (Petrified): You are turned to stone, and cannot move or do anything 
    else. Pertrified characters do not receive EXP after battles. Curable by
    the spell 
    Dispel, and the items Cure Stone and Recure Bottle
    Sentou Funou (Incapacitated): Your HP have been reduced to 0, and you are 
    unconscious, incapable of doing anything. Curable by the spell Raise Dead, the 
    items Resurrect Bottle and Resurrect Mist, and by resting in an inn.
    This is a special state that occurs in battle when a character's allies'
    get killed. 
    The surviving character gets really mad, turns red (usually) and says "I'm
    kill you!" or "I'll make you regret doing that!" or something along those
    lines.  He 
    or she will get an adrenaline rush, and their attack power will increase by
    a lot. If a character has a high AR for another character, the greater a chance 
    that he or she will go through an "anger explosion" when their friend gets 
    incapacitated.  Furthermore, the more important a character is to someone who 
    undergoes an "anger explosion," the more their attack power will rise.  
    Sometimes the increase will double or even triple your attack power!
    There are two types of Battle Tactics: Formation and Battle Plans.  Formations 
    are the way you can organize your party members to optimize the way you plan 
    your battles. Here are cheesy ASCII diagrams of all 8 Formations.
    Linear Motion					Astral Shift
    ------------------------			------------------------
    			    1							 3
    			    4							 4
    ------------------------			------------------------
    Tri-Shift 1						Tri-Shift 2
    ------------------------			------------------------
    			  1							      2
    			  2   4						  1   3
    			  3								 4
    ------------------------			------------------------
    Free Fight						 Upper Square
    ------------------------			------------------------
    			    1						  1 	 3
    		                                           2	 4   
    ------------------------			------------------------
    Lower Square					Diamond Shift
    ------------------------			------------------------
    										   2	 3      
    			  1   3
    			  2   4							 
    ------------------------			------------------------
    Reccomendations for each of the 8 Formations:
    LINEAR MOTION:  In this formation, it is a good setup to put four equal fighter-
    type characters in the row, with your most powerful of the two towards the 
    middle.  This way they can each take care of an equal part of the screen.
    ASTRAL SHIFT: This is probably the most balanced Formations. It's good to use 
    for a party of two strong characters. (usually fighter-types) and two weaker 
    characters (often spellcasters) The spellcasters are protected from enemies, 
    and the fighters are free to attack the way they'd like.
    TRI-SHIFT 1: An excellent choice for three fighters of equal power to protect 1 
    spellcaster that is slightly weaker or even level. The three front-runners
    get a 
    chance to hack at the enemies while acting as shields for character #4.
    TRI-SHIFT 2: A good choice when you have 1 character much stronger than all 
    of the others in the party. The character in the front will take care of
    most of the 
    fighting while the members in the rear back him/her up. This is a good
    choice for 
    a Ratix/Milly/Joshua/Ronixis combination.
    FREE FIGHT: This is a good choice for a powerful party. The front two fighters 
    get up close and personal right from the outset of the fight, while the other two 
    characters serve as back-up. Kind of like an Astral Shift for powerful
    The only problem is if you get in a back attack, the two powerhouses up front 
    will be far from the enemies; they will have to run to get to the enemies,
    the two backups will be vulnerable and right in front of the enemy. So only use 
    when you've got a powerful party.
    UPPER/LOWER SQUARE: Upper and Lower Squares are ideal formations for 
    protecting character numbers 3 and 4 respectively. They will be completely 
    shielded from the enemy by the other characters. Best used when the character 
    being protected is much weaker than the other three.
    DIAMOND SHIFT: A good pattern to use when you have 1 very strong fighter, 
    (usually this will be Ratix) two slightly weaker fighters, and a weaker
    in the back. Like Free Fight, however, the fourth character will be extra 
    vulnerable if you get caught in a back attack, so use with caution!
    AI Battle plans:
    Here are a list of the battle plans in the game.
    Fighter-type character battle plans:
    For each one of the fighter-type characters, their AI battle plans are all
    the same. 
    Therefore, for the following four plans, the characters who can use them are: 
    Iria, Cius, Ashlay, Fear, Marvel, Perisie, and Tinek.
    Chikara o Tsukaikire: (Use all your power)
    Go all-out. Don't worry about MP consumption, and use Hissatsuwaza 
    whenever necessary.  Don't worry about where you are in comparison to your 
    allies, and attack anything that moves. For the most part, characters under
    plan will use regular attacks for weaker enemies, but will not hesitate to use 
    Hissatsuwaza o Tsukau na (Don't use Hissatsuwaza)
    Conserve your MP, and stick only to physical attacks. This plan is like
    Chikara o 
    Tsukaikire in that your fighters constantly are attacking without regards
    to their 
    location in comparison to their companions, but they won't use Hissatsuwaza.
    Mikata o Mamore (Protect your friends)
    For the most part, stay still and do not attack unless an enemy actively 
    approaches. If there is a weaker or wounded comrade, stay by them and attack 
    any enemies that come near them. Hissatsuwaza are OK if necessary.
    Mizukara o Mamore (Protect yourself)
    Do not participate actively in the battle unless you absolutely need to.
    Keep as 
    much distance as possible between yourself and the enemies, and only fight 
    when cornered, using Hissatsuwaza if necessary.
    Spellcaster Plans:
    The plans of each spellcaster differ from person to person, although some plans 
    are shared.
    Kaifuku o Juuji ni (Healing is most important)
    Cast attack and defense spells as necessary, but concentrate more on healing 
    your allies when they need it
    Who uses: Joshua
    Tooku o Nerae (Get them from far away)
    Get as far away from the enemy as possible, using attack or healing magic (or 
    fire the bow as well in Ronixis' case) as necessary.
    Who uses: Joshua, Ronixis
    Kougeki o Juuji ni (Attack is most important)
    The opposite of Kaifuku o Juuji ni, use attack magic more than healing magic.
    Who uses: Joshua
    Juumon o Tsukawazu ni (Try not to use Spells)
    Cast no spells whatsoever. However, if you are being beaten badly, or if 
    somebody's about to die or gets incapacitated, petrified, etc., cast attack
    to back up the outclassed fighters, heal hurt characters, or revive 
    incapacitated/poisoned/etc. characters.
    Who uses: Milly, Joshua, Ronixis
    Sentou o Yuuri ni (Favor the Battle)
    Cast primarily spells to power-up the rest of your party, and offensive
    spells to 
    make the enemy weaker, using healing spells only if necessary.
    Who uses: Milly
    Wareware o Daiichi ni (We are most important)
    Concentrate primarily on healing, using power-up magic on your party 
    Who uses: Milly
    Hodo o Yoku Kangaete (Think well about the situation)
    A fairly well balanced battle plan; judge which spells are most important 
    depending on the situation, focusing on different types of spells for different 
    Who uses: Milly
    Dorn's Battle plans:
    You only have Dorn for a short time, and he has no Hissatsuwaza, so he has 
    two different plans instead of Chikara o Tsukaikire and Hissatsuwaza o Tsukau 
    Senjin o Tore (Take the Initiative)
    Run up and attack continuously
    Maai o Tore (Take any opportunities)
    Attack enemies, jump back and avoid any counter attacks, and repeat.
    Ratix Farrence
    Age: 19
    Clan/Race: Fellpool
    Country of origin: Clatos Village, in the country of Moore.
    Class: Kenshi
    Height: 174cm
    Weight: 68kg
    Favorite food/drink: Hoikoro
    Story/Personality type:
    Ratix is the main character and hero of the story.  He is from the village of 
    Clatos, and his job is to protect the village along with Milly and Dorn. 
    His father 
    was formerly the leader of the town protectors, but died at his post. Ratix now 
    lives alone with his mother, but has two very close friends, Dorn and
    Milly.  He is 
    fairly easygoing, and is somewhat the type to sit back, take in the
    situation, but 
    keep his mouth shut.  This is quite apparent in his relationship with
    Milly, as he 
    seems to pay little heed to her constant fawning over him.  For the most
    part, he 
    is calm, cool, and reasonable, but can get very angry when people that he cares 
    about are on the line, and has a strong sense of justice.  The interesting
    about Star Ocean is, as you play Ratix, you can alter his personality through 
    Private Actions and the choices you make throughout the game.
    Good points about Ratix:
    --Ratix has a very fast, damaging normal attack with very little recovery time; 
    best overall fighter in the game.
    --Lots of extremely powerful secret Hissatsuwazas.
    --One word--Shichiseisouhazan!!!
    --Looks really cool!
    Bad points about Ratix:
    --Except for one or two techniques, Ratix's normal Hissatsuwaza aren't too 
    effective overall; often his normal attack is better.
    Milly Kiliet (Note: Kiliet pronounced "Kill-leet")
    Age: 18
    Clan/Race: Fellpool
    Country of origin: Clatos Village, in the country of Moore.
    Class: Houjutsushi
    Height: 164cm
    Weight: 46kg
    Favorite food/drink: Fruit Parfait
    Story/Personality type:
    Milly is a childhood friend of Ratix.  Her father is the best Houjutsushi
    healer) of Clatos, and she is just beginning to study under him, but is a real 
    slacker in her Houjutsu studies, and hasn't learned very much yet.  She uses 
    what powers she has to back up Ratix and Dorn's physical power.  Despite her 
    girlish-sounding voice, Milly is somewhat of a tomboy, and is anything but 
    passive and submissive.  She is nuts about Ratix, and is constantly fawning 
    over him, although he seems to pay little attention.  She is emotional, short-
    tempered, and VERY jealous.  In general, she is extremely emotionally attached 
    to her friends, and this serves as her primary motivation.  Milly usually
    serves as 
    magical backup, but if forced to fight, uses a staff.
    Good points about Milly:
    --Is a fantastic healer, the most powerful in the game. Is also the only
    that can cast Raise Dead, Dispel, and Antidote.
    --In addition to her healing powers, Milly can enhance party members' and 
    decrease enemies' strength, speed, and defense.
    --Has high MP, and usually starts out with a slew of useful Talents.
    Bad points about Milly:
    --Is a lousy fighter and doesn't have many damage-dealing attacks.
    --Dies *really* easily. Keep her in the back ranks at all times.
    --Has a kind of ditzy voice. :)
    Dorn Marto
    Age: 19
    Clan/Race: Fellpool
    Country of origin: Clatos Village, in the country of Moore.
    Class: Kenshi
    Height: 181cm
    Weight: 75kg
    Favorite food/drink: Steak 240
    Story/Personality type:
    Dorn is Ratix's best friend, and a fellow member of the town protectors. 
    He is an 
    excellent fighter, better than even Ratix. His younger sister, who was
    close to him, was killed by a raid from the thieves that often attack
    Clatos, which 
    is why he chooses to defend the town.  He keeps his sister's musicbox with him 
    as a special memento, which he treasures with his life.  Despite the loss
    of his 
    sister, Dorn has a really light-hearted and optimistic personality, and is
    liked by 
    practically everyone.  Although he pretends not to like Milly all that much, in 
    reality he has extremely strong feelings for her, and is even more important to 
    him than Ratix.  In battle, Dorn wields a big longsword, and his fighting
    style is 
    similar to Ratix's
    Good points about Dorn:
    --Is fast like Ratix and does a lot of damage
    --Has a really big sword!
    Bad points about Dorn
    --No Talents or Hissatsuwaza
    --You only get to play him for about 15 minutes
    Ronixis J Kenny (Note: Ronixis rhymes with "Roa-nyx")
    Age: 38
    Clan/Race: Human
    Country of origin: Earth
    Class: Monshoutsukai
    Height: 179cm
    Weight: 64kg
    Favorite food/drink: Matsutake (Dried Mushrooms)
    Story/Personality type:
    Ronixis is the captain of the Federation Starship Kalnas. (Yes, this game does 
    rip off of Star Trek)  He is currently fighting a turncoat ship, Rezonia,
    and is 
    called to investigate Roak (Ratix and everyone else's planet) upon Rezonia's 
    moves there, and it is there that he meets Ratix and the others.  He has 
    excellent leadership skills and is the leader of the party's expedition. 
    Ronixis is 
    a man of pure reason, and is coolheaded in practically every situation.  
    Although he is taught to use magic by Milly, he distrusts anything
    he lost his wife to a disease uncurable by science and doesn't want to
    think that 
    something like magic could have saved her.  In addition to being able to use 
    attack magic,  Ronixis is an excellent marksman and fights with a bow in battle.
    Good points about Ronixis:
    --Can cast a wide range of powerful attack spells.
    --In addition to his attack magic, his bow is really powerful, has little
    time, and can keep enemies at bay well.  On the other hand, depending on 
    which weapon he is using, he has only a set number of arrows per battle; if he 
    runs out he has to run up and punch the enemy, which isn't too effective. :)
    Bad points about Ronixis:
    --Dies really easily if enemies manage to get close to him.
    --The AI sometimes controls him like a total idiot, making him cast spells that 
    heal the enemies!
    Iria Silvestolie
    Age: 23
    Clan/Race: Human
    Country of origin: Earth
    Class: Kakutouka
    Height: 171cm
    Weight: 48kg
    Favorite food/drink: Tama no Hikari (Sphere's Light--alcoholic drink)
    Story/Personality type:
    Iria is the first officer and chief science officer aboard Ronixis' ship. 
    In addition, 
    she is an expert in the martial arts.  She goes with Ronixis in the
    investigation of 
    Rezonia's actions, and meets up with Ratix at that time.  Like Ronixis,
    Iria is a 
    very rational person, but is much less "robotic" than her captain, and is much 
    better at speaking to civilians.  She can "let her hair down" a lot easier
    than he 
    can, and enjoys socializing, small talk, and especially fine alcoholic
    a lot better than he does.  Although she is very rational and intelligient, she 
    often lets her emotions get the better of her, and gets irritated and/or
    Being a martial artist Iria uses her hands and feet in battle.
    Good points about Iria:
    --Her regular Hissatsuwaza are really powerful, and useful too
    --Has a good Stamina.
    Bad points about Iria:
    --Can't equip a lot of very good armor
    --Slow to pull off hits in battle
    Cius Warren 
    Age: 20
    Clan/Race: Highlander
    Country of origin: The country of Astral
    Class: Kenshi
    Height: 190cm
    Weight: 90kg
    Favorite food/drink: Kokuryuu (A kind of alcohol)
    Story/Personality type:
    Cius is the son of the head of the Astral army. He lost his mother at an
    early age. 
    When his father talked about handing the job down to him, Cius didn't like the 
    idea, and left Astral to journey around the world to improve his swordsmanship 
    and find treasure.  While Cius is very strong, is a fantastic swordsman and is 
    always willing to demonstrate it, he lacks self-confidence, and his journey
    is as 
    much to build up his confidence as it is to find treasure.  While Ratix is less 
    skilled when Cius meets up with him, Cius sees potential in him, and knows that 
    Ratix will eventually surpass himself, and travels with him to see how he turns 
    out.  Cius is loud, brash, and often foul-mouthed, but he is really a nice guy and 
    is always willing to stick his neck out to help his friends.  He has a special 
    fondness for strong alcoholic drinks and can often be found hanging out in 
    taverns.  Cius wields a big-ass two-handed sword when he fights, for lots of 
    Good points about Cius:
    --Cius is one hell of a powerhouse, and can deal tons of damage.
    --He gains some incredible secret Hissatsuwazas, like Genbushourai.
    --Is really cool, especially in battle! ("Zako, zako!")
    Bad points about Cius:
    --Slow to attack; it takes a long time to swing that massive thing!
    --Low MP; they go down really quick in battle.
    Joshua Jerand (Note--name pronounced "Yo-shu-a")
    Age: 20
    Clan/Race: Featherfolk
    Country of origin: Silvalant
    Class: Monshoutsukai
    Height: 172cm
    Weight: 20kg
    Favorite food/drink: Escargot
    Story/Personality type:
    Joshua is a member of the Featherfolk, a race of beautiful, somewhat 
    introverted, winged people that live in the mountains.  While adventuring 
    Featherfolk are practically unheard of, Joshua is an exception.  When he was 
    younger, his parents were killed by a strange group of people, and his younger 
    sister, Eris, was abducted.  Joshua was wounded and was nursed back to 
    health by a kind human, and is now searching the world for his sister. 
    Joshua is 
    a very quiet, shy, pacifistic man, and hates violence of any sort.  While he is 
    extremely polite, refined, and difficult to anger, if anyone stands in the
    way of his 
    mission to save his sister, he gets angry easily and can become very abusive.  
    While Joshua is weak physically, he has a heightened magical sense, and 
    posesses strong magical powers, both offensive and defensive, although he is 
    a better offensive magician than a healer.  If forced into physical combat, 
    Joshua fights with a staff.
    Good points about Joshua:
    --Can cast both healing and attack spells
    --Has one of the nastiest spells in the game, Extension
    --High MP and intelligence
    Bad points about Joshua:
    --Not as good an offensive character as Ronixis is, nor is as good a 
    defensive/healing magician as Milly
    --Physically weak and dies really easily when attacked.
    --Has the same complex as Ronixis in that the AI often makes him cast attack 
    spells that heal the enemies
    Fear Mell 
    Age: Doesn't say, but I'd guess around 20-23
    Clan/Race: Highlander
    Country of origin: The country of Astral
    Class: Kishi
    Height: Doesn't say
    Weight: Doesn't say
    Favorite food/drink: Sazae Tsuboyaki (Baked Turban Shell)
    Story/Personality type:
    Fear is the top general of the Astral Army, and is fiercely loyal to her 
    commander, Warren. (Cius' father)  She is a childhood friend of Cius, and he 
    rubbed off a lot on her; she is fairly masculine and uses male speech.  In 
    general, she is somewhat forceful and is the type of person that usually gets 
    what she wants.  While she is an old friend of Cius, she is angry about how he 
    left Astral and thinks he is a coward, and somewhat selfish.  Put simply, their 
    relationship is not exactly good at the moment.  Fear is someone who puts the 
    good of the many above the good of the individual, which is why she dislikes 
    Cius' solitary attitude.  She will fight doggedly for her friends and her
    and is a powerful ally. When in battle, Fear fights with "Raven Swords," short 
    dagger-like swords that, when thrown return like boomerangs to their thrower.
    Good points about Fear:
    --Is a fantastic fighter, probably second only to Ratix; her twin swords
    can hit the 
    enemies up to four times in a single attack, and are pretty powerful too.
    --Can equip lots of good weapons and armor
    --Has high HP and fairly good MP too.
    Bad points about Fear:
    --Doesn't have a lot of variety or large numbers of Hissatsuwazas; while
    they aren't often much more effective than a normal attack.
    Marvel Frozen
    Age: She looks like she is in her early 20s, but unknown.
    Clan/Race: Unknown
    Country of origin: Unknown
    Class: Ancient Master
    Height: Doesn't say
    Weight: Doesn't say
    Favorite food/drink: Wine
    Marvel is a character who is shrouded in mystery. She meets Ronixis and Milly 
    when they first get separated from the rest of the party, and journey with
    Her quest is to kill a mercenary, "Shinku no Tate" who killed her parents and 
    older brother.  However, nothing much is known about who she is, where she is 
    from, or about any of her past.  She is beautiful, refined, and polite, but
    is an 
    introvert and is very secretive about her past.  Something about Joshua bothers 
    her, and there is something that is "just not right" about her.  However,
    she is 
    loyal and more than willing to fight for her friends.  Marvel uses a unique
    form of 
    combat using a magical weapon known as a "Raven Orb."  She fights using her 
    bare hands and with a Raven orb which she psychically controls while it darts 
    around her body.
    Good points about Marvel:
    --Infuses magic in her normal attacks for increased elemental damage.
    --Has really powerful secret Hissatsuwazas.
    Bad points about Marvel:
    --As a fighter, she is weaker than all of the other "fighter-type"
    characters and a 
    lot of her normal Hissatsuwaza are not very useful
    --She dies more quickly than most of the other fighter characters.
    Age: Probably around 10-12.
    Clan/Race: Lesser Fellpool
    Country of origin: Moore
    Class: Neko Kakutouka
    Height: Short
    Weight: Doesn't say
    Favorite food/drink: Ootoro
    Story/Personality type:
    Perisie is a Lesser Fellpool, an all-but-extinct race of cat-like humanoids
    lives on the continent of Moore. She has the ability to change into a cat, and 
    possesses a musical talent present in many of the Lesser Fellpools.  She fell 
    prisoner to the pirate tribe of Velcants, and spent most of her life
    growing up in 
    their dungeons.  She is very introverted and her social skills are practically 
    nonexistant, but is encouraged to join by Rati and Milly, and slowly begins to 
    learn how to interact with other people as well.  Perisie fights with the "Neko 
    Kakutou" fighting style; she uses her claws to fight as well as kicks with her 
    flexible legs, and can summon cat spirits to help her fight.
    Good points about Perisie:
    --Is fast as hell and can reach the enemies with lightning speed, also dodges 
    --Has some unique and useful Hissatsuwazas.
    --Is really cute and says really funny things in combat. :)
    Bad points about Perisie:
    --Has to get up close and dirty to inflict any damage, and cannot equip much 
    --A lot of her Hissatsuwazas are kind of useless.
    --Some of her battle cries are really annoying!
    Ashlay Barnbelt
    Age: Probably in his late 50s or early 60s.
    Clan/Race: Highlander
    Country of origin: Astral
    Class: Kenshi
    Height: Doesn't say
    Weight: Doesn't say
    Favorite food/drink: Sensou Jelly
    Story/Personality type:
    Ashlay is  an old war hero of the war against the demons of the Makai.  He is 
    very proficient in the Edarl Kenjutsu Swordfighting style, and thinks of it
    as as 
    much of an art as a way to defeat his enemies.  As an aging warrior, Ashlay 
    spends a lot of time in the Tatoroy Arena, trying to promote the "true way of 
    fighting." He is irritated at the attitude taken towards fighting by most
    people; he 
    sees them fighting with just a raw bloodthirstiness rather than with
    finesse and 
    appreciation of the art.  Seeing Ratix and his very similar style of
    Ashlay instantly sees his potential and becomes somewhat of a surrogate 
    teacher for Ratix, trying to teach him the true way of a fighter. In
    reality, Ashlay is 
    extremely excited to see someone with such an appreciation for the art.  Ashlay 
    is very kind and loyal, although he gets cranky when people call him an old 
    man.  Ashlay is a very experienced warrior, and fights in a style almost
    to Ratix's, although he can't use shields since his shield arm has been injured 
    in such a way that he cannot use it effectively. His techniques are almost 
    identical to those of Ratix's, and he learns many techniques normally that
    needs special circumstances to learn.
    Good points about Ashlay:
    --Starts out extremely powerful, more so than everyone else, and starts with 
    three Ougis already equipped. (although he can't use two of them)
    --Has high HP and powerful techniques
    --Has a personality you just can't hate!
    Bad points about Ashlay:
    --Has fewer MP than any other character and likewise can rarely use 
    --Will eventually be surpassed by Ratix, and a few other fighters as well.
    Tinek Arukena (Pronounced Tineek)
    Age: Probably around 15-16
    Clan/Race: Lycanthrope
    Country of origin: ???
    Class: Kakutouka
    Height: As a man, short.  As a wolf, tall. :)
    Weight: Doesn't say
    Favorite food/drink: Omusubi (Rice ball)
    Story/Personality type:
    Tinek is pure fighter, through-and-through.  He lives for the fight and nothing 
    else.  He spends all his time in the Tatoroy Arena making a name for himself 
    and improving his fighting skills.  Tinek is a short boy, but he is also a 
    Lycanthrope and in battle turns into a huge, powerful wolf.  Rather than being 
    an agressive or violent fighter, Tinek is unbelievably focused and calm.  After 
    being defeated in the arena by the party, Tinek wishes to join them and learn 
    from their fighting ability. Tinek is from a far-off exotic country, and
    speaks with a 
    heavy accent. (During the fights, he sometimes speaks in Mandarin Chinese)  
    He is also so focused and driven that it turns him into somewhat of an
    and a loner. His social interactions with the rest of the party are few and far 
    between.  When in battle, Tinek fights with bo staves or long pole arms like 
    halberds and spears.
    Good points about Tinek:
    --Has a killer range with that stick and can often wipe out enemies before they 
    even get a chance to get within striking range.
    --Has some really useful techniques
    --Is calm and cold as steel!
    Bad points about Tinek:
    --Is vulnerable to taking damage because he cannot equip much good armor
    --Way too introverted!
    Note: For all the skills, the MP consumption listed here is for a base
    level of 0 in 
    the character's weapon proficiency. As you increase a character's weapon 
    proficiency, his or her MP requirements will decrease.
    The user of this skill uses his sword to create a ring of shockwaves around his 
    body.  (Ratix, Ashlay, Cius)
    Who uses:
    Ratix: LV 3   MP 3
    Cius: LV 9   MP 5
    Ashlay: LV NA  MP 5
    The user of Gurenken jumps up in the air, adding the power of fire to his sword 
    and landing on his opponent for a double-hit of fire damage, (Ratix) or swings 
    his sword around, harnessing the power of fire to shoot fire projectiles (Cius, 
    Who uses:
    Ratix: LV 7  MP 6
    Cius: LV 27  MP 11
    Ashlay: LV NA  MP 11
    There are two types of Senkouken: one where the user gathers the power of 
    light on his sword and then releases it to fire many projectiles around him, 
    (Ratix) and one that shoots a bolt of light energy in front of the weilder
    Who uses:
    Ratix: LV 10,  MP 5
    Cius: LV 27,  MP 12
    Ashlay: LV 28,  MP 13
    The user of the Raimeiken calls down a bolt of lightning onto his blade to
    the enemy with a shocking wave.
    Who uses:
    Ratix: LV 12,  MP 5
    Cius: LV 22, MP 9
    Ashlay: LV NA,  MP 8
    The Souhazan is a jumping double-slice with a sword.
    Who uses:
    Ratix: LV 20,  MP 11
    Cius: LV 18,  MP 10
    Ashlay: LV NA,  MP 7
    The Kuuhazan is a distance attack of a speeding line of shockwaves generated 
    by the speed of the user's sword.
    Who uses:
    Ratix: LV 16,  MP 9
    This technique creates a wide shockwave with your sword that shoots out in 
    front of you, entrapping the enemy in it and dealing damage.
    Who uses:
    Ratix: LV 25,  MP 8
    Cius: LV 13,  MP 7
    With this technique, Rati jumps up into the air and turns into a dragon, then 
    breathes a bolt of energy down onto his enemy for high damage.
    Who uses:
    Ratix: LV 29,  MP 13
    This technique is used by martial artists, who use their ki to create a
    very similar to the Shoureiha.
    Who uses:
    Iria: LV 9,  MP 5
    With this technique, Iria jumps up into the air, charging ki around her
    fist and 
    then coming down with a straight-down punch into the enemy.
    Who uses:
    Iria: LV 15,  MP 7
    Iria puts her hands on the ground and uses them as a pivot to execute a slicing 
    kick with both legs which does a double attack on the enemy.
    Who uses:
    Iria: LV 20,  MP 8
    This technique is much like the Ryuuseishou in that it charges ki around the 
    fists, but it is a rapid succession of four punches on the ground that will
    do large 
    amounts of damage to the enemy, especially if all four punches connect. 
    Who uses:
    Iria: LV 25,  MP 10
    Raven Sword
    This is Fear's basic technique of throwing her swords; rather than just
    hitting the 
    enemy once as normal, this techniques allows the swords to hit their target on 
    the way back for extra damge.
    Who uses:
    Fear: LV 16,  MP 6
    Dancing Sword
    This is Fear's answer to the Souhazan; she does a double hit with her swords 
    while jumping around in the air.
    Who uses:
    Fear: LV 20,  MP 9
    3 Way
    With this technique, Fear throws three swords spreading out at different angles 
    away from her, to hit multiple targets at a greater range.
    Who uses:
    Fear: LV 24,  MP 14
    3 Volley
    Fear throws three swords very quickly in front of her to make multiple hits
    on the 
    enemies, to do strikingly high damage.
    Who uses:
    Fear: LV 28,  MP 12
    Aqua Spread
    This attack does water damage; Fear throws a sword with a trail of water 
    bubbles shooting out from it. It does quite a lot of damage, especially to fire-
    base monsters!
    Who uses:
    Fear: LV 32,  MP 17
    Galaxy God Breath (Galaxy GB)
    This is Fear's most powerful normal technique; she summons the power of light 
    to her sword and shoots a powerful spread of light beams from it. This attack 
    does light-based damage.
    Who uses:
    Fear: LV 37, MP 22
    Raven  Orb
    This is Marvel's most basic technique; she commands her Raven Orb to flare up 
    with energy, shoot out and strike her opponent.
    Who uses:
    Marvel: LV NA,  MP 6
    Flare Orb
    Marvel summons a fire spirit to charge her Raven orb with flame energy and 
    shoots it out, striking the enemy. Does fire-based damage.
    Who uses:
    Marvel: LV 23,  MP 8
    Hail Orb
    Similar to the Flare Orb, except that Marvel summons a water spirit to charge 
    her Raven Orb. Does ice-based damage.
    Who uses:
    Marvel: LV 27,  MP 9
    Thunder Orb
    Marvel's most powerful spirit summoning technique; she summons a lightning 
    spirit to do electrical damage to her enemies. 
    Who uses:
    Marvel: LV 30,  MP 11
    Arc Cystal
    This technique charges Marvel's Raven Orb with a special energy which saps 
    the enemy's strength. Enemies struck by the Raven Orb charged with this 
    energy do less damage for a short time.
    Who uses:
    Marvel: LV 34,  MP 18
    Seal Crystal
    The energy that Marvel charges her Raven Orb with for this technique is a 
    shocking paralyizing force. Enemies struck with a Seal Crystal are paralyzed 
    and cannot move for a short time.
    Who uses:
    Marvel: LV 38,  MP 23
    Death Crystal
    The Death Crystal is Marvel's most deadly attack.  Enemies struck by a Death 
    Crystal will die instantly if affected. It doesn't always work though.
    Who uses:
    Marvel: LV 52,  MP 40
    Like the name of the technique, (Senpuu=whirlwind) Tinek stabs his staff or 
    spear into the ground and swirls around it with a whipping kick. It can do 
    damage to enemies on all sides of him.
    Who uses:
    Tinek: LV NA, MP 4
    With this technique, Tinek swings his staff/spear in front of him to do a
    Who uses:
    Tinek: LV 22, MP 6
    Tinek raises his spear/staff in the air and shoots several ice bolts from
    it out in a 
    wave formation.
    Who uses:
    Tinek: LV 26, MP 10
    This technique is a stab with a staff/spear that is sharp enough to "slice the 
    image of the moon reflected in a pool of water in half." In any case, the 
    technique creates such an image and has the ability to kill its target
    Who uses:
    Tinek: LV 30, MP 12
    This is sort of a more advanced form of the Shippukon; Tinek does a quadruple 
    strike with his staff.
    Who uses:
    Tinek: LV 35, MP 18
    Multiple Punch.
    With this technique, Perisie summons the "Torimaki Cat Sisters" who all punch 
    the enemy together.
    Who uses:
    Perisie: LV 10, MP 5
    Shining Dance:
    Perisie summons two cat familiars, they all jump up into the air, do a funny 
    dance, and create a "cat-field" of energy which damages enemies nearby and 
    far away.
    Who uses:
    Perisie LV 13, MP 7
    Ei! Yaa! Toh!
    This technique is a 3-hit slicing combo with Perisie's sharp claws.
    Who uses:
    Perisie: LV 17, MP 15
    Charming Pose
    Perisie strikes a "charming pose" and creates several large hearts which home 
    in on their targets and do substantial amounts of damage.
    Who uses:
    Perisie: LV 20, MP 16
    Prismic Dance
    Perisie does a strange dance that causes prismatic polygons to fly around and 
    heal the party.
    Who uses:
    Perisie: LV 25, MP 15
    Sora o Miro
    Perisie points up into the air at something nonexistant, causing the
    monsters to 
    all look in that direction to see what she is pointing at, distracting them
    so you 
    can get a hit in.
    Who uses:
    Perisie: LV 27, MP 6
    Spread Missile
    With this technique, Perisie throws a spread of vegetable (?) missiles which 
    explode and do damage to enemies in a large range.
    Who uses:
    Perisie: LV 30, MP 13
    Perisie jumps in the air and down on the enemy with an axe kick.
    Who uses:
    Perisie: LV 34, MP 17
    Panic Dance
    Perisie spins around and does a dance which creates a "cat field" that
    stuns any 
    enemies that fall into its range.
    Who uses:
    Perisie: LV 36, MP 16
    Souryuu "Sei" Raizan
    This technique is a much more powerful version of the Shoureiha; the user uses 
    his or her sword to create a large dragon of blue energy at the enemies to
    massive damage.
    Who uses:
    Rati: Shisei Ougi Technique [Shoureiha], MP 12
    Ashlay: LV 32, MP 16
    Suzaku "Shou" Gekiha
    With this technique, the user taps the power of the Suzaku (a legendary bird) 
    and charges it to his sword. There are three different forms of this technique; 
    one is a beefed-up version of the Shouretsuha, where the bird of energy travels 
    in a circular motion around the user to create a wave of force (Rati), one
    that is 
    in the form of a projectile, and one where the user jumps into the air,
    turns into a 
    Suzaku, and swoops down on the enemy. (Iria) All three have devastating 
    Who uses:
    Rati: Shisei Ougi Technique [Shouretsuha], MP 14
    Iria: Shisei Ougi Technique [Ryuuseishou], MP 11
    Ashlay: LV 36, MP 19
    Like the Raimeiken, this technique charges the user's sword with a powerful 
    bolt of lightning. There are several forms of this technique; one which
    causes a 
    double hit of lightning of extremely destructive force (Rati), or one that
    fires a 
    ball of electricity in addition to the normal strike (Ashlay.)
    Who uses:
    Rati: Shichisei Ougi Technique [Raimeiken], MP 15
    Cius: Shichisei Ougi Technique [Raimeiken]
    Ashlay: Shichisei Ougi Technique [Raimeiken], MP 23
    This legendary technique charges an intensely powerful energy into the user's 
    sword as he jumps up in the air to do a double-powered strike many times more 
    powerful than a normal Souhazan. Some users of this technique will also fire 
    incredibly damaging plasma waves upon landing in addition to the strike. (Rati)
    Who uses:
    Ratix: Shichisei Ougi Technique [Souhazan], MP 27
    Cius: Shichisei Ougi Technique [Souhazan], MP 25
    Ashlay: Shichisei Ougi Technique [Souhazan]
    One who wishes to use this technique must have the ultimate control of the 
    Dragon before they are able to use it. The user throws his sword in the air and 
    summons a powerful three-headed dragon who breathes a blast of dark force 
    on all the wielder's enemies to do strong darkness-based damage.
    Who uses:
    Ratix: Kouryuu Ougi Technique [Kouryuuha], MP 30
    Hiryuutenraiha is another of the three legendary techniques taught by the 
    Kouryuu Ougi, and only the most powerful swordsmen can master it. Its form is 
    identical to that of the Kokuryuutenraiha, except the user summons a three-
    headed dragon that breathes fire upon all enemies to do fire damage.
    Who uses:
    Ratix: Kouryuu Ougi Technique [Suzaku "Shou" Gekiha], MP 30
    The final of the three techniques of the Kouryuu Ougi, this technique is
    like the other two in form, but the dragon summoned with this technique 
    breathes a cold blast of freezing breath to do ice damage to all enemies facing 
    the user.
    Who uses:
    Ratix: Kouryuu Ougi Technique [Souryuu "Sei" Raizan], MP 30
    Souryuu "Sei" Raiha
    This technique is identical to that of the Souryuu "Sei" Raizan, except
    that the 
    dragon wave of force is not created by the user's sword but by a ki explosion 
    from the user's palms
    Who uses:
    Iria: Shisei Ougi Technique [Kikoushou], MP 9
    Genbu "Ha" Ouken: 
    The user of this technique executes a Kikoushuu, but at the same time, 
    summons a Genbu to come at the target from the opposite direction, 
    sandwiching it between two attacks to do heavy damage.
    Who uses:
    Iria: Shisei Ougi Technique [Kikoushuu], MP15
    Byakko "Kou" Hadan
    This technique is a powered-up version of Renkiken; the user turns him or 
    herself into a Byakko and charges at the enemy, doing a double headbutt.
    Who uses:
    Iria: Shisei Ougi Technique [Renkiken], MP 12
    With this technique, Iria sends out a flurry of punches towards the enemy, 
    stunning them and hitting them multiple times for very high damage.
    Iria: Hakkeshou Ougi Technique [Genbu "Ha" Ouken], MP 18
    This more powerful version of Oukahakkeshou is similar in that the user attacks 
    with a flurry of punches, but in addition the flurry of punches is followed
    up by a 
    slicing kick with both legs.
    Iria: Uraouka Ougi Technique [Oukahakkeshou], MP 23
    The user of this technique slashes his sword onto the ground, summoning a 
    Genbu, a legendary warrior spirit, and creates a huge explosion that does 
    heavy damage to enemies in a wide range.
    Who uses:
    Cius: Shisei Ougi Technique [Shouretsuha], MP 16
    The Byakkoshourai is a technique that turns the user into the Byakko, a 
    legendary white tiger, and fires a series of powerful energy bolts from his
    at the enemies.
    Who uses:
    Cius: Shisei Ougi Technique [Shoureiha], MP 18
    This technique is similar to the Souryuu "Sei" Raizan in that the user summons 
    the blue dragon Souryuu to fly at the enemy to do damage; however, rather 
    than being created through the force of the sword, the blue dragon in this 
    technique is born from the energy bolt created by the user's Senkouken.
    Who uses:
    Cius: Shisei Ougi Technique [Senkouken], MP 14 
    Southern Cross
    With this technique, Marvel  summons the power of the cross constellation to 
    attack all enemies facing her.
    Marvel: Shichisei Ougi Technique [Flare Orb], MP 16
    Seven Star
    This technique summons the power of the seven stars of the Shichisei Ougi. 
    With it, Marvel creates a linking set of seven stars which damages all enemies 
    fighting the party.
    Marvel: Shichisei Ougi Technique [Hail Orb], MP 19
    This technique is Marvel's most powerful that utilizes that of the
    Shichisei Ougi's 
    star power; Marvel summons the power of the universe to create a small rift
    opens a doorway to a meteor shower, which attacks all enemies.
    Marvel: Shichisei Ougi Technique [Thunder Orb], MP 26
    Sylvan Shot: 
    With this technique, Fear throws a flurry of her Raven Swords at the enemy in a 
    straight line, hitting them multiple times for lots of damage.
    Fear: Bushin Ougi Technique [3 Way], MP23
    Unholy terror
    Fear jumps high up in the air, and fires four energy blasts from her hands down 
    at her target.
    Fear: Bushin Ougi Technique [Galaxy God Breath], MP 29
    Victory Terror
    This technique is essentially the same as Unholy Terror, except that the blasts 
    that Fear fires are more powerful.
    Fear: Bushin Ougi Technique [Unholy Terror[,  MP 31
    Magical Dance
    For a massive tradeoff in MP, Perisie summons a host of witch-cats to 
    regenerate the party's MP.
    Perisie: Neko Ougi Technique [Prismic Dance], MP 60
    Jump-Punch-Somersault (JP Somersault)
    Perisie jumps at her target, striking down with her claw, follows up with a 
    crouching slash, and finishes by doing a flip-kick in midair.
    Perisie: Neko Ougi Technique [Nerichagi], MP 18
    Dream Combo
    With this technique, Perisie pulls out a gigantic hammer and starts pounding on 
    her target, stunning it and doing as many as 20+ hits.
    Perisie: Neko Ougi Technique [Ei! Yaa! Toh!], MP 28
    This technique is essentially the same as Tinek's Senpuukon, except that Tinek 
    spins around his staff/spear so fast that his feet start blazing with fire,
    additional fire damage to any enemies falling within range.
    Tinek: Hakkeshou Ougi Technique [Senpuukon], MP 10
    Shippuu Hariken (Hurricane-it's a pun, sort of)
    This is Tinek's answer to Rati's Shichiseisouhazan: he does a double strike
    his staff/spear (albeit standing rather than jumping) and fires a plasma
    beam out 
    at his target.
    Tinek: Hakkeshou Ougi Technique [Shippuukon], MP 14
    Tinek's incarnation of Oukahakkeshou is different than Iria's; it is
    essentially the 
    same as a Kikoushou, only much more powerful, and creates an explosion of 
    cherry blossoms when it connects with its target.
    Tinek: Hakkeshou Ougi Technique [Haoushippuukon], MP 19
    Possibly Tinek's most powerful technique, with Shichiseiranbu, Tinek jumps 
    towards his target, slashing his staff/spear down towards the enemy with 
    blinding speed to hit multiple times for lots of damage.
    Tinek: Shichisei Ougi Technique [Oukahakkeshou], MP 23
    This spell heals one character slightly. It doesn't heal much, but it comes in 
    handy, especially towards the beginning of the game when you have few 
    MP 3
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 2
    Joshua: Level NA
    Deep Mist 
    This spell encases all of the enemies in a deep mist, obscuring their
    vision and 
    making it more difficult for them to hit their targets.
    MP 2
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 4
    This spell drops a big weight on the target to do damage. If there are other 
    enemies near the target, they will get hit too.
    MP 5
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 6
    This spell cures one character of poison.
    MP 5
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 8
    This spell prevents all enemies facing the caster from casting spells.
    MP 7
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 10
    Cure All
    This spell is like "Heal," except it affects all characters. Again, it
    doesn't heal 
    much damage, but is useful at the beginning of your journey.
    MP 10
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 13
    This spell is an assist spell that increases the entire party's defense
    level. It is 
    very useful, especially towards the end of the game when the monsters dish out 
    unbelievable amounts of damage.
    MP 18
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level  13
    Joshua: Level NA
    Acid Rain
    This spell reduces the attack strength of all the enemies facing the character. 
    Again, this spell is really useful against enemies towards the end of the game.
    MP 9
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 16
    Cure Light
    This spell is a more powerful version of "Heal"-it can cure up to several 
    thousand hit points of damage to a single character.
    MP 12
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 22
    Joshua: Level 27
    This spell will cure one character ailing from paralysis or petrification.
    This spell 
    is indispensable in the later stages of the game, especially in the bonus 
    dungeon, where enemies who can petrify you are everywhere.
    MP 16
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 25
    This spell reduces the speed that enemies run at. Some enemies are very fast 
    and difficult to catch up with; this spell is effective when you need to
    stop them.
    MP 22
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 28
    Fairy Heal
    The most powerful healing spell, Fairy Heal summons several fairies to heal a 
    single character. This spell will usually heal you completely, unless your max 
    HP are very high and you are very hurt.
    MP 24
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 31
    This spell hastens your entire party so that they run faster around the
    Cast it on Perisie or Tinek and watch how they blaze across the screen!
    MP 18
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 34
    This spell increases a single character's size a bit to give them a burst
    of energy 
    and increase their attack power. This spell is very useful when going up
    tough bosses or monsters with lots of HP.
    MP 14
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 36
    Fairy Light
    This spell is like a much more powerful version of Cure All; it summons a
    host of 
    fairies to heal the entire party. It doesn't heal each character quite as much as 
    Fairy Heal would, but it can heal several thousand HP for each character.
    MP 30
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 42
    Raise Dead
    When one of your party falls in battle, cast this spell to bring them back.
    You will 
    probably learn it late in the game, but by the time you do, your characters
    will be 
    dying considerably more often, so it comes quite in handy.
    MP 35
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 46
    Fixed Cloud
    This spell causes a huge cloud in the shape of a hammer and falls upon the 
    battlefield, stunning all enemies facing the caster. This spell is really
    useful in 
    the bonus dungeon, especially against those eyes and other monsters that can 
    petrify you.
    MP 20
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 50
    Gravity Press
    With this spell, the caster increases the force of gravity around an enemy so 
    much that it sustains heavy physical damage. Like "Press," it will affect
    any other 
    monsters near the target, but it does much more damage.
    MP 25
    Who uses:
    Milly: Level 54
    Ice Needle
    This spell freezes the water molecules in front of the caster to create a large 
    spike of ice, which fires at his target.  It can be dodged, but travels so
    that it usually finds its mark and does reasonable ice-based damage.
    MP 3
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level NA
    Mp 4
    This spell causes the ground under an enemy to form huge earthen spikes and 
    impale them for earth-based damage. This spell can also damage other 
    monsters near the target if the spikes hit them too.
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level NA
    Ronixis: Level NA
    Wind Blade
    With this spell, the caster creates a small whirlwind and directs it at the
    enemy to 
    do wind-based damage. Unfortunately, the speed at which the whirlwind travels 
    is not great and thus quite often misses the target, who has already moved out 
    to f the way. This is the most powerful (only!) Wind Spell.
    MP 5
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level NA
    Ronixis: Level NA
    The caster of this spell summons a small blizzard to hit all enemies facing him 
    with a water-based attack. This is the most powerful Ice Spell.
    MP 8
    Who uses
    Joshua: Level NA
    Earth Grave
    This spell is just like Grave, except the spikes that come from the ground do 
    more damage and have a larger area of effect.
    MP 9
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level 17
    Ronixis: Level NA
    Thunder Bolt
    This spell creates a thunder cloud over the target, and summons a bolt of 
    lightning down to strike for electrical damage, and do lots of damage.
    MP 10
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level 20
    Ronixis: Level NA
    This spell summons a ball of light and several mirrors; the ball of light
    shoots out 
    rays of light, and the mirrors reflect them across the entire battlefield
    to attack all 
    enemies to do light-based damage.
    MP 12
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level 23
    Ronixis: Level 23
    Tractor Beam
    This spell does physical-based damage; it creates a tractor beam over a section 
    of the battlefield and then sucks all enemies within that section high in
    the air, 
    and turns them upside-down, dropping them onto their heads on the ground.
    MP 14
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level 31
    Ronixis: Level 27
    This spell causes a rain of huge boulders to fall upon all enemies to do huge 
    amounts of earth-based damage to them. This is the most powerful Earth Spell.
    MP 19
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level 36
    Ronixis: Level 36
    Word of Death
    The caster of this spell says a word of death directed towards a single
    target. If 
    the spell takes effect, that target dies instantly.
    MP 19
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level 40
    Thunder Storm
    This spell causes three massive bolts of lightining to strike the
    battlefield and 
    strike all enemies facing him with lightning-based damage. This is the most 
    powerful Eletricity Spell.
    MP 22
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level 45
    Ronixis: Level 40
    Light Cross
    With this spell, the caster creates several spheres of light, which he
    directs high 
    up into the air. The spheres then descend on the battlefield, exploding on 
    impact to do light-based damage to all enemies facing him.
    MP 26
    Who uses:
    Joshua: Level 50
    Ronixis: Level 45
    Fire Bolt
    The caster of this spell fires a small bolt of flame at a single enemy. It travels 
    reasonably slow though, so it often fails to meet its mark.
    MP 2
    Who uses:
    Ronixis: Level NA
    Shadow Bolt
    This spell causes bubbles of darkness to sprout from a pool of darkness under 
    the target. They pop and do darkness-based damage to any enemies in its area 
    of effect.
    MP 6
    Who uses:
    Ronixis: Level NA
    With this spell, the caster summons a huge blast of magma from up under the 
    earth to spurt out and damage all enemies within its area of effect with fire-
    based damage.
    MP 8
    Who uses:
    Ronixis: Level NA
    This darkness-based attack spell causes the target's own shadow to gain a 
    mind of its own; the shadow then slices him in the back with a darkness-based 
    cut.  This is the most powerful Darkness spell.
    MP 9
    Who uses:
    Ronixis: Level NA
    This spell causes a huge explosion in the center of the battlefield, doing 
    massive amounts of fire damage to all enemies facing the character. This is the 
    most powerful Fire Spell.
    MP 16
    Who uses:
    Ronixis: Level 50
    Star Flare
    This spell is similar to Explode in that it creates a huge explosion on the 
    battlefield, but this explosion is one of light, and consequently does
    damage. This is the most powerful Light Spell.
    MP 28
    Dark Circle
    This spell preys upon all of the weakened enemies facing the caster; it opens a 
    hole in space, sucking in all enemies that have less than a quarter of
    their full 
    MP 40
    Who uses:
    Joshua [Secret Spell]
    Ronixis [Secret Spell]
    Gremlin Lair
    This spell does opens a portal to a lair of gremlins who come out and
    attack all 
    enemies of the caster to do physical damage.
    MP 30
    Who uses
    Ronixis [Secret Spell]
    Meteor Swarm
    This is the most powerful attack spell, which is a physical -based attack, and 
    causes a swarm of meteors to strike all enemies facing the caster
    MP 32
    Who uses:
    Joshua [Secret Spell]
    Ronixis [Secret Spell]
    This powerful spell is a physical-based attack, and affects all enemies
    facing the 
    character. Enemies that do not resist the attack are completely atomized.
    MP 45
    Who uses:
    Joshua [Secret Spell]
    H Rank: 
    Round 1: Bushwhacker
    Round 2: Kobold
    Round 3: Slime
    Round 4: Rover Axe
    Final Round: Velcant
    Okusuri Set. (Medicine Set) Sweet Syrup, Mix Syrup, Blueberry
    G Rank: 
    Round 1: Fuddo
    Round 2: Sand Worm
    Round 3: Armed Knight
    Round 4: Mandrake
    Final Round: Stroper
    Okimono Set: (Ornament Set) Pretty Idol, Kaeru (Frog)
    F Rank:
    Round 1: Priscilla
    Round 2: Magius
    Round 3: Sargwen
    Round 4: Killer Bee
    Final Round: Velcant Boss
    Ongaku Set: (Music Set) Trumpet, Gakuten (Musical Dictionary)
    E Rank: 
    Round 1: Prettybell
    Round 2: Lizard Axe
    Round 3: Dire Wolf
    Round 4: Kobold King
    Final Round: Petro-gerel
    Yakuso Set: (Herb Set) Lavender, Shadowflower, Artemis Leaf
    D Rank: 
    Round 1: Froad Sherry
    Round 2: Pile Sherry
    Round 3: Savage
    Round 4: Giant
    Final Round: Saber Bunny
    Houseki Set: (Jewel Set) Iron, Green Beryl, Mithril
    C Rank:
    Round 1: Slayer
    Round 2: Slayer
    Round 3: Slayer
    Round 4: Saber Bunny
    Final Round: Skyura
    Bougu Set: (Armor Set) ?GUARD, (Dwarven Mail/Mithril Mesh, depends on 
    winner) ?GUARD (Star Guard)
    The Shichisei Ougi will also be awarded as a bonus prize to anyone that wins 
    the C rank and can use it.
    B Rank:
    Round 1: Slayer
    Round 2: Ogre
    Round 3: Ogre
    Round 4: Icchel
    Final Round: Star Seraph
    Neko Set: (Cat Set) ?GUARD, (Neko Band) Ruby Persia
    A Rank:
    Round 1: Hill Giant
    Round 2: Star Seraph
    Round 3: Star Seraph
    Round 4: Chinke Thief
    Final Round: Dragon Eye (Nasty!)
    Koukyuu Houseki Set: (Top-class Gem Set) Rainbow Diamond, Orihalcon.
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    Thanks to:
    Enix and Tri-Ace! Hats off to them for making what is quite possibly 
    the best console RPG ever!
    Celica, (tanke@teada.tec.u-ryukyu.ac.jp) for telling me how to get 
    Ashlay and Perisie to join my party, among other useful tips.
    Jason Murata (bludgeon_16@hotmail.com) for filling me in on many 
    items I missed.
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