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    FAQ by Tomo1657

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/30/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Subject: --Star Ocean FAQ 1.1--
    From: tomo1657@aol.com (Tomo1657)
    Date: 30 Nov 1997 02:49:03 GMT
    Newsgroups: alt.games.final-fantasy
    Star Ocean FAQ 1.1
    Q:  Star Ocean!?  I have never heared of it.  What is it?
    A:  It is a SNES game by Enix, but only licensed by Enix.  Only the Japanese
     version has been released, but the game so far has the best sound/ graphics
     than any RPG in SNES.  (48-b with sound chips which enable triple foreground
     sounds plus BGM)
    Q:  Cool...  What's the story like?
    A:  It's basically a science fiction.  The first part is in a middle-age style
     planet, while the second part is in the technology world.  Yes, it's another
     "save the world" game BTW.  If you want to know more about the plot, e-mail
     me....  (trying not to spoil anything)
    Q:  I hear a lot about "Millie"...  Who the hell is she?
    A:  She is the heroine of the game, who has a crush on the hero.  She's really
     pretty, with pink hair and a pony tail...  (ask Gilgamesh for more about her)
    Q:  Then, what are the characters like?
    A:  Star Ocean grabbed buyes with its fantastic characters, too.  Including few
     secret characters, you can choose which characters to stay on your party or
     not.  (number is limited...)  From cat-girls to angels, there are all sorts of
     people (?).
    Q:  I hear that you can develop characters in your own style...  How?
    A:  Like the ability system of FF5, you get ability (different name, but)
     points in each battle.  You can distribute them into any of abilities such as
     "musical sense", "back-stab", "dash", and even "cooking".  (there are about 50
     different abilities)  Dependin on which ones you put in ability points (skill
     points), the character gets many skills usable in battle or field.
    Q:  Is it true that you can create items?
    A:  Yes.  When you get skills such as "cook", "examine", "blacksmith", etc you
     can turn existing items into new items.  Unless your skill level is high, you
     most likely will fail, though.  (making "rockhard pudding" and stuff)
    Q:  This game REALLY looks like "Tales of Fantasia"...
    A:  Same developers.  They've released "Tales of Destiny" in PSX, too.
    Q:  I hear that the characters talk...  Do they really?
    A:  In battle scenes, just like "arc the lad."  Characters say things such as
     "Let's go!", "Ouch!" as well as names of magics and special moves.  You can
    hear every sound/music that you've heared in the game by going to the sound
    Q:  How's the battle system like?
    A:  Trying to eliminate "boring battles" of RPG, Star Ocean uses an active
     time, action meathod which you need to press buttons to attack, or move the
     characters.  Although your levels and skills are most important, your skills
     as a player is important, too.
    Q:  Any possibility of coming to US?
    A:  No.  Even the emulators won't support it.  Yet, Star Ocean 2 is being
     developed for the PSX, which MIGHT be translated into US.
    Q:  Sounds cool.  How would you rate it?
    Graphics:  10 (SNES wise), 7 (PSX wise)
    Music (quality):  10 (SNES wise), 8 (PSX wise)
    Music (melody):  7.5 (the melodies are all similar)
    Story:  8 (pretty predictable, but a lot of side-lines.)
    Characters:  9 (The field SD characters don't look so good, though)
    Playability:  8 (the system is very confusing, but you won't be able to put it
    Q:  I have more questions...
    A:  I have answers.  (see my sig below)
    -Tomo, a Lenna's defender (AGFF Secret Man)
    for FF music MIDIs.
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