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    Intro Translation by IKelley

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    Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 23:56:59 -0400
    From: ikelley@sas.upenn.edu (Ian Kelley)
    This is a translation of the LONG intro of Star Ocean. It will give you a
    basic sense of the plot and 
    the major characters in the game. Before you read the walkthrough (when
    it's done) you might 
    want to read this through first. This doesn't include the things on the
    starship at the beginning, 
    since all the text is spoken in English anyway. :)
    Lines with a * by them indicate spoken lines in the game (voice), rather
    than written text.
    [At the Patroller's HQ in Clatos Village]
    Dorn: Geez, there's nothing to do
    Rati: Well, that's because it's peaceful.
    Dorn: Hey, what do you think about Milly?
    Ratix: Hmm...what do you mean?
    Dorn:This is just between friends but...she's really a ditzy airhead, is a
    Dorn: And to top that, she's not very smart, really annoying...
    Milly: Who are you talking about!?
    Dorn: Er....I...
    Milly: If you have the leisure  to say that get to work!
    Dorn: But there's nothing to do!
    Milly: Just do a patrol around time. Hey, I'll even come along too.
    Dorn: I guess I don't have a choice.
    Milly: OK, let's go patrol.
    Ratix: What the--!!?
    Man: Uwaaa....it's the thieves!
    Girl: Kyaaa!
    Dorn: An enemy!*
    Milly: Unforgivable!*
    Ratix: Let's go!*
    Dorn: Let's kick their butts!
    Ratix: Let's go!*
    Thief Bitts: They're tougher than we thought, aren't they?
    Oyabun Vayard: Pathetic! Rubbed out by a bunch of fucking kids! I'll...
    Ratix: We're not kids! We're the guardians of this town!
    Dorn: Pathetically weak leaders shouldn't talk like that!
    Milly: Right! You weaklings!
    Vayard: Wh, wh, what did you say!?
    Bitts: Let's get 'em boss!
    Townsman: Wow, thanks.
    Ratix: Just doing our jobs.
    Milly: Oh, aren't you cool?
    That night...
    [In Ratix's room]
    Ratix's mother: Here's your tea. Make yourselves at home.
    Dorn: Geez, today's thieves were so easy!
    Milly: What are you saying, it was pretty dangerous!
    Milly: Ratix, what's the matter? You don't look happy.
    Mother: He's been like that a lot lately.
    Dorn: See you.
    Ratix: Yeah.
    Milly: Show me a happy face tomorrow, Rati.
    Milly: Sorry to be a bother.
    Mother: Come again.
    [Ratix goes to bed]
    Ratix: There's nothing to do....because it's peaceful, huh...
    [The next morning]
    Mother: Shouldn't you be going to work yet?
    Mother: Hey you, wake up!
    [At Patroller's HQ]
    Milly: Ratix, you're late again. Dorn's already inside.
    Dorn: You're late, Rati. Let's go inside
    Ratix: Wha's the matter?
    Elder: Oh, Rati. We have a problem. Read this. It's this letter...
    Letter: Please, send help. In Cool Village there has been an outbreak of a
    strange disease. 
    There is much suffering.  ---Elder of Cool
    Milly: What do we do?
    Dorn: We go help them, of course!
    Milly: If we use the herbs that grow on Mt. Metox...
    ???: Wait!
    Milly: Daddy!
    Elder: Maltos-san, will you go?
    Maltos: Yes, it's my job. If it's a strange disease, it will probably be no
    Elder: If Clatos' best Houjutsushi is going I'm relieved.
    Maltos: I'll be back soon, so don't go to a dangerous place like Mt. Metox.
    Elder: OK, I'll leave it to you.
    Dorn: We'll let you know if anything comes up.
    [That night]
    Dorn: Hey you two, cheer up. I understand how Milly feels...but you're
    really strange, Rati....tell 
    us what's the matter.
    Rati: .......
    Two days later
    [Voices from outside Ratix's house]
    ???: Yesterday Daddy didn't come back. I'm going after him.
    ???: Dont do that, he said he'd call us if he needed us.
    ???: But....I can't wait any longer!
    [Ratix goes outside. A carrier pigeon brings a message to Dorn]
    Milly: Rati....
    Milly: What does it say?
    Note: Cool's strange disease is incredibly contagious. Houjutsu doesn't
    work at all. Furthermore, 
    I've been infected. It's not transmitted through the air, but you can be
    infected just by touching a 
    sick man's shoulder. The disease stays dormant about 1-2 hours. Once it
    starts in less than 3 
    days the infected one's body completely becomes stone.  Cool is already
    finished. Don't come 
    near. Maltos Kirit.
    [Milly runs away]
    Dorn: Milly, Wait!
    Dorn: She's gotta be worrying about her dad and is going to Cool! Let's hurry.
    [After first fight outside of town]
    Ratix: What's the matter, Dorn?
    Dorn: No, it's nothing....
    [At Cool]
    Dorn: It's Milly, follow her!
    [At the house where Milly and her father are]
    Maltos: Don't come any nearer!
    Maltos: .....You can't touch me.
    Milly: Daddy....
    Maltos: You can't help me any more.
    Milly: So I can't be with you and hold your hand at a time like this?
    ....it's not fair....
    Maltos: Rati-kun, Dorn-kun....please take my daughter back to the village.
    Dorn: Milly....let's go...
    Maltos: Milly!!
    [Milly is alone back at Clatos]
    Milly: Sorry, everyone...
    ???: Wait.
    Milly: ....Dorn....
    Dorn: Were you going to go alone?
    Milly: ....
    Dorn: You're going to get the medicine on top of Mt. Metox, right? I can
    tell whatever you're 
    thinking. You were going to go somewhere that dangerous alone....!!
    Milly: Sorry...
    Dorn: ....Bring your head up....
    Milly: Huh?
    Dorn: Cheer up....as long as we get that medicine, your dad will certainly
    get better, right?
    Milly: ....yeah...but...
    Dorn: I hate seeing your sad face more than anything else in the world...!!
    Milly: Dorn?
    Dorn: I...I...
    Dorn: !!!!
    [Dorn falls to the ground]
    Dorn: Ooh...
    Milly: Dorn, what's wrong? Are you OK?!
    Dorn: Stay away!! Uh, no, it's nothing...
    Milly: But....Ah, hold on, I'll get someone!!
    [Milly runs to Ratix's house]
    Milly: Rati! Dorn is...!!
    Dorn: ...Ouch...
    Dorn: Crap....whenever there's trouble, her thoughts go straight to
    Rati....what's with that....
    [In Ratix's house]
    Milly: Rati!! Dorn is...!!
    Rati: Let's hurry!!
    [Outside, with Dorn]
    Milly: Are you OK?
    Dorn: Huh? What are you talking about?
    Milly: But, you were just...!!!
    Dorn: Didn't I say it was nothing? Don't worry about it, it was just a
    cramp. More importantly, Rati, 
    Let's go get the medicine from Mt. Metox. We have to save Milly's dad.
    Rati: Yeah. It's north of Cool....
    Dorn: Right. There there are Feldworms, so we have to be careful.
    [At the mountain]
    Dorn: There are Feldworms here, so let's be careful.
    Milly: They'll stick their eggs on you if they touch you.
    Rati: And it's serious trouble if those eggs hatch.
    [Feldworm Fight]
    Dorn: You OK?
    Milly: Yes.
    Rati: Be sure to get rid of the Feldworm Eggs.
    Milly: Right, we don't want them hatching on us.
    Rati: Yeah.
    [Feldworm Fight]
    Milly: You OK?
    Dorn: Don't touch me!!
    Milly: What's with that attitude, I'm just worrying about you.
    Dorn: No, it's nothing so don't worry...
    Ratix: It can't be that you....!!!
    Dorn: ....It looks that when I touched the pigeon I got infected.
    Milly: Oh no....
    Rati: You'd better go back home.
    Dorn: No, the transformation hasn't started yet so I'm OK.
    Milly: But...
    Dorn: I'm OK!!!!
    [At the top of the mountain]
    Milly: If we bring that flower back...
    [Two people beam down in front of the herb]
    Man: There shouldn't have been anyone here...
    Woman: When we used the scanners 30 minutes ago, there was none.
    Man: Well, since they've seen us, we have no choice. Let's have them help us.
    Rati: Who are you!!?
    Milly: Are you here to take the medicine?
    Man: To say that there's no need to be afraid....wouldn't do any good, would it.
    Man: My name is Ronixis J. Kenny. How should I begin...
    Dorn: Where did you come from?
    [Iria starts to approach]
    Milly: Stay back!
    Woman: My name is Iria Silvestory. I'll explain in the Captain's place.
    Iria: I'll let you know from the start though that we are your allies.
    Milly: Really?
    Dorn: No way! There's no way suspicious guys like these would be our allies!
    Rati: ...We're just here to get the medical herb.
    Iria: If you want to cure a disease, we've got something better than
    medical herbs.
    Rati: Who are you...?
    Iria: Do you feel like talking yet?
    Rati: As long as it's just talking...
    Iria: It would be difficult for you to believe this, but we have come from
    far far away to save you.
    Rati: If that's the case, then why didn't you come to help us earlier?
    Iria: We are bound by something called the "Interplanetary Protection
    Treaty" which prevents us 
    from contacting still-developing people.
    Rati: Still-developing...?
    Iria: We've come from over the sky...from another planet. This is an exception.
    Rati: From above the sky? Another planet?
    Iria: Are you gods?
    Iria: We're not gods, were people just like you.
    [Iria turns around]
    Iria: Althogh we don't have tails.
    Milly: Oh, she's right!
    Iria: Speaking of this, our enemy Rezonia broke the Interplanetary
    Protection Treaty, and fired a 
    biological weapon on this planet designed to trigger a formerly dormant
    contagious disease.
    Rati: So it's becasue of these Rezonia guys that everyone's turning to stone?
    Iria: That's correct.
     Milly: Good god...Unforgivable...
    Iria: We have come to analyze the virus.
    Ronixis: So, like I said, we came to help you. In a way that you couldn't
    Milly: I can't believe it, but if you can cure the disease...
    Ratix: I don't really believe you either, but if you can heal our friend here...
    Iria: I don't know for sure if we can cure it or not, but if you come with
    us, and we can make a 
    Rati: Go above the sky?
    Ronixis: You could say that.
    Ronixis: However, if you come with us, you probably will never be able to
    return to this planet 
    again, because of that Interplanetary Protection Treaty we talked about
    earlier. If you want we 
    can still treat your meeting us like it was just some dream.
    Dorn: I'm going with these people. If I stay here I'm just going to turn to
    stone anyway.
    Milly: I can't decide whether to leave my father and everyone forever, or
    to leave Dorn forever...
    Ratix: Milly, Let's go with Dorn. If we stay here, it's a shame, but we
    can't do anything.
    Ratix: Not being to see everyone in Clatos again is sad, but more
    importantly I want to save 
    Iria: I guess it looks like you've decided. OK then, let's go.
    Iria: Close your eyes for a bit.
    Milly: Huh?
    [Beam me up, Scotty...]
    Milly: Kyaaaa...
    Milly: aaaaa.....
    Milly What was that?!
    Ratix: Where the hell are we?!
    Ronixis: This is our ship.
    Milly: You really are gods, aren't you?
    Iria: We're not gods. We're just a little more advanced than you. Someday
    your people will attain 
    this power too.
    Rati: ....
    Ronixis: Well then, le'ts bring your friend straight to the Medical Center.
    [En route to the Medical Center]
    Rati: The floor is moving!
    Milly: Just like that door opened on its own!
    Ratix: Incredible...t's all stuff I've never seen before!
    Ronixis: Come to think of it, we don't know your names yet.
    Ratix: I'm Ratix Ferrence.
    Milly: I'm Milly Kirit.
    Dorn: ....Dorn...Malto...
    Iria: Captain, his condition is worsening.
    Ronixis: Yes, let's hurry.
    [At the Medical Center]
    Rati: What is this? 
    Iria: You must be surprised, but this is our medical center.
    Ronixis: Doctor, I leave him to you.
    Doctor: Yes, sir.
    Ronixis: Well then, there's no point for you two to stay here. Why don't
    you have a look around 
    the ship?
    Iria: Captain, that would violate the Protection Treaty.
    Ronixis: Isn't that irrelevant now? I'm going to the bridge. You guide them
    Iria: Ah, Captain! Geez!
    [At the elevator room]
    Iria: The circular floors you see are elevator pods.
    Ratix: Elevator Pods?
    Iria: Using this the floor will move. To the left is the bridge, and to the
    right is the rest of the ship.
    [Wander around, explore the Holodeck, "Refresh room," the bridge, etc. At
    the bottom floor:]
    Iria: This is Calnas' entry point.
    Ronixis: Iria, Bring Rati and Milly to the Medical Center. I'm going there too.
    Iria: Understood.
    Ratix: Where did that voice just come from?
    Iria: We use something called a Communicator to talk to people who are far
    away. It would 
    appear that the doctor is calling us.
    Milly: Is he all better?
    Iria: I don't know.
    [At the Medical Center]
    Milly: How is it?
    Ronixis: Don't be in such a hurry. The Doctor will explain everything.
    Milly: All right...
    Doctor: *clears throat* 
    Doctor: Well, according to our examination, we determined the cause of the
    disease, and 
    undertand its properties. However, curing the disease is impossible by
    Earth's modern doctors.
    Milly: Don't you have all this incredible power! Have you searched
    carefully? Come on!
    Doctor: Miss, that power is what allows us to know when we are outclassed.
    Doctor: ....the disease is transforming his body at an alarming rate. No matter what vaccine we 
    made it would soon have no effect. However....that doesn't mean there's no
    chance. By looking 
    at the structure of this virus, we can see that is a parasitic virus.
    Therefore, if we find the first 
    infected being, in other words the host, and by looking at his blood
    composition, we can create a 
    Milly: Can you save him? [speaks in polite form] No, I mean, can you save him?
    Doctor: Yes.
    Rati: But in 2 or 3 hours he'll transform. We have no time to search for
    that host.
    Doctor: It sounds strange, but even if transformed his life signs will
    remain in stasis. Therefore if 
    we have a cure, he will return to normal.
    Ratix/Milly: ???
    Doctor: You don't need to understand the details. Basically, once he
    changes to stone we can 
    return him to normal.
    Ronixis: But it's not that easy. Rezonia is our enemy and is not likely to
    tell us the first host.
    Iria: That's right. But what confuses me the most is, why did they fire
    that biological weapon at 
    Roak in the first place?
    Rati: Roak?
    Ronixis: That's the name we gave your planet. As Iria says, there's no
    indication of why Rezonia 
    wants to turn the Roakians into stone.
    [Alarm goes off]
    Speaker: Unknown life form spotted on Transporter Deck! Repeat...
    Iria: Unknown life form?
    Ronixis: That's impossible. Let's go.
    [To deck]
    Crewman: Captain, this is the creature.
    Ronixis: What the hell is this?
    Ratix: Feldworms!
    Ronixis: What is that!?
    Ratix: It looks we got their eggs on us in the mountain after all.
    Iria: If that's the case, then why didn't the scanners pick it up?
    Ronixis: I don't know. We'd better get rid of these things.
    Crewman: But the phasers don't work on them!
    Ronixis: What?! That's impossible!
    Rati: Leave this to us.
    Ronixis: Will you be OK?
    Rati: Let's go Milly!
    Ronixis: Are you all right?
    Rati: Yes. This is all of them, isn't it?
    Iria: Look out!
    [A previously Hidden Feldworm runs out and attacks Ratix]
    Rati: Ow!
    Rati: Damn, there were still some left...
    [Ratix slashes the Feldworm, killing it instantly]
    Milly: Are you OK?
    Rati: Yeah, it's only a light wound.
    Ronixis: It disappeared...
    Rati: Huh?
    Ronixis: When it attacked you, it disappeared. I can't even see its body.
    Milly: Huh? It's here...right here.
    Ronixis: What???
    Iria: So, you can see it...
    Iria: As soon as your blood spilled on it it disappeared. Let's go to the
    medical center.
    Ronixis: I leave the rest to you.
    [Medical Center]
    Iria: Doctor, is there something that makes the Roakians' bodies different
    from Earthlings and 
    other similar humanoid races?
    Doctor: Oh yes. Internal organs, muscles, and nervous system and all other
    systems are exactly 
    the same as Earthlings, but there is one thing that is very different.
    Iria: It's their blood, isn't it?
    Doctor: Yes. Their blood composition differs greatly from Earthlings. There
    are lots of 
    differences, but the easiest differences to understand is the hemoglobin
    which carries oxygen in 
    the blood has high amounts of copper.
    Ronixis: What is it you're getting at, Iria?
    Iria: It's just a possibilty, but by turning Roakians into stone, could
    there be something they could 
    gain? That would explain why they fired the biological weapon at Roak.
    Ronixis: What would you think?
    Iria: For example, their blood is an unknown substance...
    Ronixis: You can't mean.....a weapon?
    Iria: It's possible. Furthermore, it also can't be picked up by radar.
    Milly: Then they're killing us to make a weapon!?
    Iria: We don't know for sure yet.
    Rati: But, that would be an explanation.
    Ronixis: Anyway, if tha'ts the case, then some of the petrified Roakians
    would have disappeared. 
    Let's check that out. I'm going to the bridge.
    Iria: Doctor, try to computer simulate a weapon made from the material 
    from the transformational 
    properties of that blood.
    Doctor: There are tens of thousands of combinations!
    Iria: All we can do is try.
    Doctor: Very well.
    [Ratix and Milly are alone in the Medical Center]
    Rati: I'm thinking that this is all because I wanted something interesting
    to happen...
    Milly: What are you talking about? It doesn't have anything to do with that.
    Ratix: But...
    Milly: If I only had more power...
    [Doctor enters]
    Doctor: The Captain wants you to come to the bridge. You can use the left
    Ratix. OK.
    Milly: I wonder what it is?
    Ratix: Who knows?
    [The bridge]
    Ronixis: Ah, you're here. Listen to what we've found from Iria.
    Iria: Comparing the population and number of human statues from before,
    there are 20 million 
    people missing.  How did they get them away without our finding them?
    Ratix: Then, it really is...
    Iria: There's no saying for certain that it's a weapon.
    Ronixis: But I can't think it would be for any good purpose.
    Ronixis: Sorry. By the way, we are to head to Earth. We're going to try to
    get a way to get 
    Rezonia to give us the host. I'd like to have you report to the rest, so
    come with us.
    Doctor: Captain, Dorn-kun's condition is...
    Ronixis: I'll be right there.
    Milly: I'm going too.
    Doctor: His major systems have begun to transform. It's a dangerous state.
    Ratix: Dorn...!!
    Dorn: ....Captain.....I have a re..request.
    Ronixis: What?
    Dorn: ....at least...I want to die at home...
    Ronixis: Die....you're just going to sleep for a little while.
    Dorn: But if you can't get the blood...
    Ronixis: ......
    Dorn: Please.
    Ronixis: ....All right.
    Ronixis: Prepare the transporter.
    Doctor: Yes sir.
    Milly: Let us come with Dorn.
    Ronixis: You two...
    Ratix: We promise to come back.
    Ronixis: Very well. Just to make sure, I'll have Iria go with you.
    Ratix, Milly: Thank you.
    Ronixis: Doctor, beam Dorn directly into his bed.
    Doctor: Understood.
    Ronixis: Iria, I'm counting on you.
    Iria: Yes, captain.
    [Dorn's house]
    Dorn: To tell the truth, there's something I wanted to give you before I die.
    Milly: What are you talking about, you're just going to sleep for a while.
    Dorn: Bring me that music box from on top of the desk.
    [Ratix picks it up]
    Dorn: Give it to Milly.
    Milly: This was your sisters...I can't take it.
    Dorn: Please take it...
    Dorn:  My sister gave me th...
    [Dorn turns to stone. Milly falls to the ground crying. Ratix goes up to
    the now-petrified Dorn on 
    the bed]
    Ratix: Don't worry. I'll save you for sure.
    Iria: It's a shame,  but let's go. To save him.
    Ratix: Right.
    [At the bridge, later]
    Ronixis: Now we're going to a planet called Earth. We've prepared a room
    for you so you can 
    rest there.
    Ratix: Yes, thank you very much.
    Engineer: Sector Alpha's point 001 Mark 269, Warp 6.
    Ratix: Milly, look at this, it's pretty.
    Milly: It's beautiful....like an ocean of stars....
    Ronixis: From here, we're going to the Federal Center on Earth.
    Ratix: Something's following us!
    Milly: What's THAT!?
    Iria: Where? What are you looking at?
    [Starship Materializes]
    Ronixis: What the? It just appeared out of nowhere!! Some kind of space
    Scientist: No, it seems different! Beforehand there were no gravity waves.
    Ratix: I TOLD you something was coming!
    Iria: Come to think of it, you two could see it?!
    Iria: An unseeable substance!!
    Ronixis: That ship is?!
    Communications chief: Captian! They're sending us a message!!
    Ronixis: Play it!
    Message: We have come from Rezonia. We have no intention of fighting. Repeat...
    [Meeting room]
    Admiral: So then, you want to make a truce with us?
    Rezonia emmisary: Yes.
    Rezonia: We didn't even want to fight Earth in the first place.
    Admiral: So it's true that there was a 3rd party behind Rezonia...
    Ronixis: A third party?!
    Rezonia: Yes. It was coercion. They have fantastic technology, and they
    were responsible for the 
    destruction of Planet Ise half a year ago.
    Rezonia: We don't know why. But they were the ones who gave us the virus
    and the new 
    material technology.
    Admiral: So that's it. I understand most of it.
    Ronixis: The biological weapon fired upon Roak...In other words, a Vaccine
    for the virus or the 
    host....we'd like you to give it to us.
    Rezonia: That's impossible.
    Rezonia: Neither the host nor a vaccine exists any more. So, it's a shame
    about Planet Roak, 
    Milly: I can't believe it...!!
    Rezonia: We know pretty much where the virus came from, but that
    information won't do any 
    good now...
    Admiral: Well, I guess there's nothing we can do. Seeing as how there's no
    way, I guess we'll 
    have to give up on rescuing Roak...
    Ratix: What!! You're going to just abandon us!!?
    Iria: Ratix, settle down!!
    Ratix: Shit!
    [Coffee shop]
    Ratix: Even though we came all this way to save everyone...
    Milly: What on earth will we do now?
    Iria: To think that the virus was engineered on Roak 300 years ago...So
    getting a vaccine is 
    impossible...The federation has officially abandoned the Roak rescue
    mission. All I can do is 
    apologize. I'm really sorry.
    Ronixis: It's not all that impossible, is it...
    Ronixis: It's just that the chance is extremly slim...right?
    Iria: Planet....Stream...!!
    Iria: I was wondering what you were saying...that's impossible!
    Ronixis: Well, I can do something about getting into the ship.
    Iria: But...!!
    Milly: There's still a way? Then....Please!!
    [At the Ship]
    Guard: Captian, I haven't heard any orders to depart, but?
    Ronixis: I was given them. Don't worry. Let us by.
    Guard: Yessir!
    Ronixis: We haven't got time to dally. Let's get to the bridge before the
    idiot guards find us.
    Iria: Everything's OK. We can depart soon.
    Ronixis: OK, Close the entrance hatch.
    Ratix: Will just the two of you be OK?
    Ronixis: Yeah, cause we've got the Computer.
    Ratix: Computer?
    Ronixis: Hm...it's difficult to explain, but it's a machine that helps out
    in various ways.
    Ronixis: Well then, let's launch...
    Iria: But if we go to Planet Stream we'll get court-martialed!
    Ronixis: If we screw up it's hard labor for the rest of our lives. But
    there's no turning back now.
    Iria: I'm so unlucky to have gotten stuck with a superior like you...
    Milly: ....Sorry....
    Iria: You don't need to apologize. It's unlucky...or even if I say so, I'm
    not reluctant to go there.
    Iria: I'll follow you, Captain. So you better lead me the right way, OK?
    Ronix: Mm....
    Ratix: By the way, what exactly IS Planet Stream?
    Iria: Even we aren't quite sure.
    Ronixis: It's someplace we found in deepspace exploration.
    Iria: Stream was a place that is said to have had fantastic technology long
    before we started to 
    explore space. But we don't really know anything about it.
    Ratix: What's there?
    Ronixis: A Time Gate. We'll use it and transport to Roak in the past.
    Iria: We don't yet understand the structure of the gate, so it's off limits
    to go to.
    Iria: We'll be within orbit of Roak very soon.
    Ronix: Right.
    Iria: (A living door....Will the guardian of the Time Gate accept us?)
    [On Stream]
    Ronixis: According to the Rezonian emissary, the mysterious 3rd party went
    to Roak in order to 
    get the virus.
    Iria: If you calculate from today it was hundreds of years ago.
    Ronixis: Right. They've got to have technology far beyond what we can even
    think of. We'll 
    transport to Roak before they get there and get the virus ourselves.
    Iria: However, there is the problem of whether or not the door will accept us...
    Ronixis: Gate! Listen to our wish! Please let us go to Roak 300 years in
    the past!!
    ???: I am ther Guardian of the gate. Seeing your reason, you apparently
    wish to save 
    Guardian: Very well. Throw away your weapons and communications devices.
    Then I shall let 
    you enter a different world. So I shall open the gate...
    Ronixis: All right!
    Iria: This must be proof that we don't intend to change the flow of history
    or commit some crime.
    Ronixis: OK, let's enter.
    [Ronixis and Milly jump into the void, and Iria trips. Ratix goes to help
    her, and then they jump 
    into the portal.]
    ....Dorn, Just you wait....I'll save you...
    And so the adventure begins!

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