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    Item Creation FAQ by IKelley

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/09/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 23:57:07 -0400
    From: ikelley@sas.upenn.edu (Ian Kelley)
    Version changes
    v. 0.5 Initial version
    v. 0.9 Added some Customizes and Katankajis
    v. 1.0 Added some more items. Thanks to Jason Murata for pointing them 
    v. 1.1 Added some more Chouri items
    There are lots of different Item Creations in Star Ocean, which take a 
    while to get used to, but can really make your party a lot more 
    powerful. Generally, the more skilled you are in any one type of Item 
    Creation, the more likely it is to succeed.  However, each character's 
    Talents will also play a large part in whether or succeed.  At the start 
    of the game, what Talents each character has are randomly decided.  
    You should take this into consideration when deciding how to spend 
    your Skill Points.  It's possible to gain Talents you don't start with by 
    lots of practice in a skill, but it doesn't happen often. However, 
    successfully gaining a new Talent will also net you an additional 50 
    Skill Points to spend. So keep that in mind when deciding which 
    characters are going to get which skills.
    Saiku is used to create special items from the various gems or 
    minerals you have in your inventory. For each type of gem or 
    mineral, I believe you can create three different types of useful 
    items. The more rare the stone you are working with, the more 
    difficult it is to create something useful; getting a useful item out of a 
    piece of Orihalcon or a Kenja no Ishi is quite difficult.  Failed Saiku 
    will create a worthless piece of junk; some of them are kind of 
    amusing.  A character without the Talent of "Kiyou na Yubisaki" will 
    have an extremely hard time making anything of any use, even with 
    a Saiku skill of level 10.  Even with Kiyou na Yubisaki and a Skill 
    Level of 10, it is still tough to get anything of any use out of Saiku. 
    Overall, Saiku is the toughest Item Creation to do successfully.
    Iron: Poison Check, Stone Check, Paralyze Check
    Gold: Gold Ring, Gold Idol, Gold Brooch, Stone Check
    Silver: Silver Idol, Poison Check, Silver Ankh, Silver Ring
    Ruby: Ruby Persia, Berserk Ring, Flare Ring, Shield Ring
    Sapphire: Necklace, Aqua Ring, Feat Symbol, Paralyze Check
    Green Beryl: Talisman, Fairy Ring, Crown, Emerald Ring
    Crystal: Reflect Ring, Resist Ring, Kaeru, Paralyze Check
    Diamond: Brooch, Pretty Idol, Purple Mist, Reverse Doll
    Star Ruby: Star Crest, Star Necklace, Star Ring, Protect Ring
    Rainbow Diamond: Magical Drop, Magical Persia, Dream Crown
    Moonite: Misty Symbol, Lunar Talisman, Lunatic Ring, Lunar Tablet
    Orihalcon: Levitate Ring
    Kenja no Ishi: Piyohan, Mental Ring, Regenerate Ring, Dream Crown
    Failed Saiku:
    Waraeru Katamari, Hen na Katamari, Busaiku na Yubiwa, Hen na 
    Ningyou, Hazukashii Kazari, Sense Nai Yubiwa, Heppo Konakazari, 
    Chouri is used to cook the various ingredients you have into usable 
    healing items. If you feed a character his or her favorite type of food, 
    the healing effects are drastically improved. For each type of 
    ingredient, there are at least 3 or 4 different types of successful food 
    you can make; with Kokumotsu I've made as many as eight different 
    types of food.  Failed Chouri will result in unappetizing food, which 
    can be used, but either is damaging, or has partially negative effects, 
    like healing you, but poisoning you at the same time. Characters with 
    the Talent of "Mikaku" will have a much easier time making 
    something appetizing.
    Yasai: Salad, Cabbage Roll, Hoikourou, Boiled Matsutake, Stew, Sensou Jelly 
    Kudamono: Apple Pie, Fruitcake, Orange Shake, Sherbet, Fruit Parfait, Wine
    Kokumotsu: Ichi no kura, Sea Fondue, Tama no Hikari, Senchuu, Kokuryuu,
       Bijoubu, Omusubi, Yaegaki "Mu"
    Gyokairui: Sazae Tsuboyaki, Toro, Ebi Fry, Ootoro, Taisashi, Seafood 
    Nikurui: Hamburger, Steak 130, Yukkejan, Jidori Kushiyaki, Steak 240,
    Bad Yasai: Mazui Stew
    Bad Kudamono: Mazui Dessert, Karai Cake
    Bad Gyokairui: Yasui Sashimi
    Bad Nikurui: Katai Steak
    Bad Kokumotsu: Sanzoushu
    With Chougou, you can mix two of your herbs to create a usable item. 
    Most of the items are helpful in one way or another, but not all; the 
    Melt Potion, made with two Mandrakes, will instantly kill the 
    imbiber. Below are the combinations that are possible, and the items 
    that you can produce with them. Failed Chougou will simply result in 
    the loss of the components used. I believe the Talent "Kiyou na 
    Yubisaki" will make it easier to successfully mix items.
    Zebori + Zebori = Sweet Pot, Sweet Syrup
    Zebori + Shadow Flower = Stink Bomb, Pikopiko Bomb
    Zebori + Mandrake = Bitter Potion, Stink Pot
    Zebori + Artemis Leaf = Mix Syrup, Holy Mist
    Zebori + Lavender = Sweet Syrup, Sour Syrup
    Shadow Flower + Shadow Flower = Flare Bomb, Megaflare Bomb
    Shadow Flower + Mandrake = Poison Bomb, Killer Poison
    Shadow Flower + Artemis Leaf = Mind Bomb, Giga Mind Bomb
    Shadow Flower + Lavender = Poison Bomb, Killer Poison
    Mandrake + Mandrake = Melt Potion, Bubble Potion
    Mandrake + Artemis Leaf = Fruit Pot, Fresh Pot
    Mandrake + Lavender = Sweet Pot, Recure Bottle
    Artemis Leaf + Artemis Leaf = Fairy Glass, Fairy Mist
    Artemis Leaf + Lavender = Ressurect Bottle, Ressurect Mist
    Lavender + Lavender = Cure Poison, Cure Paralyze
    Kantei is the ability to identify unknown items. Often in your journey 
    you will come across items with names like: ?HERB, ?JEM, or 
    ?WEAPON.  With the skill of Kantei, you can identify these items and 
    be able to use them. Each attempt at identifying an item takes a 
    Spectacle which is lost after the attempt, even if the attempt to 
    identify fails.  I'm not sure whether or not there is a Talent that 
    helps this skill succeed.
    This type of Item Creation is used to customize the user's own 
    weapon (usually it's a weapon) towards his or her own fighting style.  
    Each character has one item that they can Customize.  If you 
    successfully customize an item, you will get the new item, but if you 
    fail, the item will be junked.  Since it is very difficult to successfully 
    customize an item, save before you try.  If you do manage to succeed, 
    you will usually end up with the most powerful weapon in the game 
    that character can equip. In order to have any chance at all to 
    succeed, you need the Talent "Originality."
    Note: This list is, at the moment, very, very, short. As I get more 
    characters with Customize and the necessary items, I will put them 
    Here are what each character can Customize
    Ratix: Silvanse--->Aura Blade
    Milly: Magical Persia--->Omamori (not a weapon, but...)
    Marvel: Rainbow Diamond-->Holy Orb
    Cius: Silver Sword-->Cius Special
    Ronixis: Metal Fang-->Kaiser Knuckle
    Fear: Bloody Sword-->Deathbringer
    Tinek: Spinning Spear-->Houtengeki
    Perisie: Neko Fang-->Q-Kyoku Punch
    Ashlay: Mithril Sword-->Murasama Blade
    There are two kinds of art: with the Magic Color, you can duplicate an 
    item in your inventory. With the Magic Card, you randomly create 
    items, either portraits of your party members or items that you can 
    use in battle. Below are the items you can create with Magic Cards. 
    Failed Art when using Magic Colors will simply result in the loss of 
    the Magic Color used, whereas failed use of Magic Cards will create 
    useless drawings. Making anything of any use without the Talent of 
    "Design Sense" is very difficult.
    Shouzouga A: Picture of Ratix
    Shouzouga B: Picture of Milly
    Shouzouga C: Picture of Dorn
    Shouzouga D: Picture of Ronixis
    Shouzouga E: Picture of Iria
    Shouzouga F: Picture of Cius
    Shouzouga G: Picture of Ashlay
    Shouzouga H: Picture of Fear
    Shouzouga I: Picture of Joshua
    Shouzouga J: Picture of Marvel
    Shouzouga K: Picture of Perisie
    Shouzouga L: Picture of Tinek
    Failed Art:
    Rakugaki A: Bad picture of a boy
    Rakgaki B: Bad picture of a girl
    Shippitsu is used to write books on different types of Skills.  Books 
    can be used to raise the reader's Skill level in the book's topic by one 
    point without loss of Skill Points. For example, a book on "Ensou" 
    would raise the reader's "Ensou" Skill by 1 level, without them 
    having to use the Skill Points necessary to do so normally.  Books 
    cannot be used to raise any skill over Level 7.  Writing books 
    requires a Research Pen, and the writer cannot write about a skill 
    that he or she has no knowledge of. Failed Shippitsu will usually just 
    result in the loss of a Research Pen, but occasionally you will write a 
    useless book. The Talent of "Bunsai" helps immensely in the use of 
    Skills you can write books on:
    Seibutsugaku, Yakusougaku, Seishingaku, Koubutsugaku, Dougu 
    Chishiki, Recipe, Otamajakushi, Youseiron, Mekiki, Craft, Houchou, 
    Ensou, Dessin, Bunpitsu, Cast, Kagaku Gijutusu.
    Renkin is an alchemy-like skill; you can use it to turn the item "Iron" 
    into different types of minerals and gems.  Failed Renkin will just 
    turn the iron into a useless rock. The higher your skill level, the more 
    rare the types of gems you can make. The Talent "Mana no 
    Shukufuku" helps in the skill of Renkin, but even with this talent and 
    Level 10 in the skill, making the more rare types of stones is 
    extremely difficult; you can go through 25 pieces of Iron sometimes 
    before successfully making a Kenja no Ishi or Orihalcon.  However, if 
    money is not a problem (it usually isn't if you're good in art), it is 
    generally a lot easier to duplicate gems or ore with Art rather than 
    Renkin, unless you need a Kenja no Ishi, which is undrawable.
    Types of stones creatable with Renkin, organized from easiest to 
    make to most difficult to make:
    Green Beryl
    Star Ruby
    Rune Metal
    Rainbow Diamond
    Kenja no Ishi
    Katanakajii is the skill that is used to temper your weapons with 
    various minerals to either enchant them or otherwise make them 
    more powerful.  A failed Katanakaji will result in the creation of a pile 
    of junk, and will lose the weapon and the mineral used. Therefore, be 
    sure to save your game before you try this skill and lose your Sword 
    of Buttkicking +2 and your super rare ore.The more powerful magic weapons 
    and  ores are very difficult to successfully temper; I've found Rune Metal, 
    Meteorites, and Moonite especially difficult to work with...Also, there is a
    degree of randomness for the magic (ie +1, +2) weapons; most combinations that
    can produce a [Weapon] +1 can also produce a [Weapon] + 2, and vice versa.
    Specialized weapons are not like this.
    Minerals usable in Katanakaji:
    Iron, Silver, Damascus, Mithril, Rune Metal, Moonite, Orihalcon, 
    Hints for Katanakajis: Be stingy with your mithril, since you cannot 
    create any more, either through Art or through Renkin. The only way 
    you can get more Moonite or Meteorites is through Art, so don't use 
    up your last one.
    Ways to Make:
    Warune Sword + Silver
    Longsword + Damascus
    Sinclayre + Orihalcon
    Warune Sword+ Iron
    Synclayre + Mithril
    Synclayre + Meteorite
    Warune Sword + Damascus
    Warune Sword + Meteorite
    Warune Sword + Damascus
    Warune Sword + Orihalcon
    Warune Sword + Mithril
    Flamberge + Iron
    Flamberge + Silver
    Two-Handed-Sword + Silver
    CLAYMORE + 1
    Two-Handed-Sword + Iron
    Claymore + Meteorite
    Flamberge + Iron
    CLAYMORE + 2
    Flamberge + Mithril
    Flamberge + Meteorite
    Flamberge + Damascus
    Claymore + Damascus
    Flamberge + Orihalcon
    Cestas + Iron
    KNUCKLE + 1
    Hard Knuckle + Silver
    Hard Knuckle + Damascus
    Knuckle + Meteorite
    Cestas + Orihalcon
    Cestas + Rune Metal
    KNUCKLE + 2
    Cestas + Mithril
    Cestas + Meteorite
    Cestas + Moonite
    Cestas + Damascus
    Sensetsukon + Iron
    Sensetsukon + Silver
    Sensetsukon + Rune Metal
    Sensetsukon + Damascus
    Sensetsukon + Mithril
    Halberd + Damascus
    LONG SPEAR + 2
    Sensetsukon + Damascus
    Sensetsukon + Orihalcon
    Sensetsukon + Meteorite
    Halberd + Meteorite
    GRADIUS + 1
    Baselard + Damascus
    Baselard + Meteorite
    Baselard + Rune Metal
    Baselard + Iron
    GRADIUS + 2
    Baselard + Mithril
    Baselard + Damascus
    Pow: 740  Att: Wind
    Magic Longsword + Mithril
    Pow: 500  Att: Earth
    Magic Longsword + Damascus
    Pow: 700  Att: Light
    Magic Longsword + Moonite
    Pow: 665  Ignores 30% of enemy's defense power
    Magic Longsword + Rune Metal
    Pow: 760
    Magic Longsword + Meteorite
    Pow: 880 Att: Lightning
    Magic Longsword + Orihalcon
    Pow: 710  Att: Darkness
    Magic Claymore + Orihalcon
    Pow: 750 Att: Darkness
    Magic Claymore + Damascus
    Pow: 680
    Magic Claymore+2 + Mithril
    Pow: 680
    Magic Claymore + Rune Metal
    Pow: 810 Att: Darkness
    Magic Claymore + Moonite
    Pow: 850  Att: Light
    Magic Claymore + Meteorite
    Pow: 690  Att: Ice
    Magic Gradius + Orihalcon
    Pow: 400  Att: Fire
    Magic Gradius + Damascus
    Pow: 540  100% hit rate
    Magic Gradius + Mithril
    Pow: 550  Att: Darkness  Absorbs enemy's HP
    Magic Gradius + Rune Metal
    Pow: 610  Att: Ice
    Magic Gradius + Moonite
    Pow: 650
    Magic Gradius + Meteorite
    Pow: 400
    Magic Knuckle + Mithril
    Pow: 500  Att: Fire
    Magic Knuckle + Meteorite
    Pow: 520  Poisons enemies
    Magic Knuckle + Damascus
    Pow: 500
    Magic Knuckle + Moonite
    Pow: 400
    Magic Knuckle + Rune Metal
    Pow: 500
    Magic Knuckle + Orihalcon
    Pow: 720  Att: Fire
    Magic Longspear + Moonite
    Pow: 600
    Magic Longspear + Damascus
    Pow: 450  Att: Light
    Magic Longspear + Mithril
    Pow: 500  Multi-hits
    Magic Longspear + Orihalcon
    Pow: 650
    Magic Longspear + Rune Metal
    Pow: 500
    Magic Longspear + Meteorite
    Do not remove the following from this FAQ!
    For any additions, corrections, or questions, please email me at
    ikelley@mail.sas.upenn.edu. Thanks. If you want to put any or all
    of this FAQ on your page, please let me know first. I don't mind
    at all if you use this FAQ on your page, in fact I encourage you
    to do so if you wish, but if you let me know first I can keep a
    running tab on who's got it so I know who to email when I update
    it. Plus I can look at your page too. :)
    Do not use this FAQ for ANY kind of profit, be it selling it, using it as  
    incentive to buy games, or anything else AT ALL!  While it may be 
    common sense that doing this is illegal, there are many people who 
    will do it anyway. This is a warning to those people! I *WILL* sue 
    you if you do and I find out!
    Thanks to:
    Jason Murata (bludgeon_16@hotmail.com) for filling me in on many item
    creations I 
    This FAQ originated at http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~ikelley/

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