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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by KHaight

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/14/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator
    		Key File (version) 2.0 as of June 14, 2000
    		Written by: Kyle Haight (lkhaight@mnsi.net)
    Table of Contents
    1. Computer Information
    2. Simulator Class
    3. Starship Configuration
    4. Holographic Simulations
    5. Personal Holodeck
    6. Enterprising Secrets
    7. Simulator Passwords
    8. Copyright Information
    1. Computer Information
    Hello and welcome. I must tell you as I am writing this I am viewing my 
    third favorite Star Trek video, "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier." I 
    have already written a guide for Super Mario Bros. 3 and I hope this one 
    is much better. Both of these are found on www.gamewinners.com. Now 
    without further ado, let's go.
    Key FIle 2.0. OK it is now June 14, 2000. Not much has been added except 
    for that DVD version is NO LONGER FOR SALE! I finally got the 5 disk set 
    from Interplay. So, now that is out of the way, read on!
    2. Simulator Class.
    This section covers the characters in the game. Only characters from the 
    main plot not from the orignal Star Trek. One note, throught this 
    walkthrough, I refer to your character as "Corey Comstock," because that 
    is what I usually name my character. recorded from "Daystrom Institute 
    Version 4.0 Encyclopedia Stardate: 9211.0
    Last Name: Colond
    First Name: Geoff (Jeffery)
    Race: Human
    Homeworld: Alpha Centauri
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'1''
    Weight: 195 lbs.
    Age 21
    Department: First officer, helmsman.
    Last Name: Elliot
    First Name: Ken (Kennith)
    Race: Orion
    Homeworld: Rigel VIII
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5'11''
    Weight: 165 lbs.
    Age: 23
    Department: Navigator
    Last Name: M'Giia
    First Name: Vanda
    Race: Andorian
    Homeworld: Andor
    Sex: Female
    Height 5'5''
    Weight: 108 lbs.
    Age: 20
    Department: Communications
    Last Name: Brady
    First Name: Robin
    Race: Human
    Homeworld: Earth
    Sex: Male
    Height: 5;10''
    Weight: 135 lbs.
    Age: 19
    Department: Engineer
    Last Name: Unknown
    First Name: Sturek
    Race: Vulcan
    Homeworld: Vulcan
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'0''
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Age: 27
    Department: Science 
    Last Name: Rotherot
    First Name: Alex (Alexander)
    Race: Human
    Homeworld: Mars Colony
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'1''
    Weight: 210 lbs
    Age: 42
    Department: Academy Instructor
    Last Name: Unknown
    First Name: Jones
    Race: Human (Presumably)
    Homeworld: Earth (Presumably)
    Sex: Male
    Height: Unknown
    Weight: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Department: Academy Bartender
    Last Name: Kirk
    First Name: James
    Race: Human
    Homeworld: Earth
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'1''
    Weight: 247 lbs.
    Age: 62
    Department: Starship Captain (U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-A)  
    3. Starship Configuration
    Starfleet Oberth
    Type.............Science Vessel
    Phasers, Photon Torpedoes (Spread 1)
    Starfleet Miranda
    Type.............Light Crusier
    Phasers, Photon Torpedoes (Spread 2)
    Starfleet Constitution, Enterprise (As of Star Trek V: The Final 
    Class............Constituiton, Enterprise
    Type.............Heavy Crusier
    Phasers, Photon Torpedoes (Spread 4)
    Starfleet Excelsior
    Type.............Battle Crusier
    Speed............Very Fast
    Phasers, Photon Torpedoes (Spread 5)
    Starfleet Excelsior Prototype-A
    Type.............Battle Crusier
    Speed............Maxium plus Oberth speed
    Phasers, Photon Torpedoes (Spread Infinite)
    Klingon K't'inga
    Type.............Battle Crusier
    Disruptors, Photon Torpedoes (Spread 3)
    Klingon Brid of Prey
    Class............Bird of Prey
    Type.............Light Crusier
    Disruptors, Photon Torpedoes (Spread 2)
    Romulan Bird of Prey
    Class............Bird of Prey
    Disruptors, Plasma Torpedo, Cloaking Device
    Romulan D7-R
    Type.............Light Crusier
    Disruptors, Plasma Torpedo, Cloaking Device
    Romulan Pheonix
    Type.............Battle Crusier
    Speed............Very Fast
    Disruptors, Plasma Torpedo, Cloaking Device
    Gorn Starship
    Type.............Light Crusier
    Tholian Starship
    Type.............Light Crusier
    Venturi Starship
    Type.............Light Crusier
    4. Holographic Simulations
    Welcome Cadets, to the Mark IV Oberth Class Training Simlulator. In this 
    section, I will walk you through the fist five missions. Sections are 
    seperated by asteris symbols. (*) Lets get down to business.
    Mission 0. "Basic Training"
    No walkthrough necessary. The computer will walk you through this 
    Mission 1. "Operation Retrieve"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Beta II
    Activate Yellow Alert
    Use tractor beams
    Tow object
    Activate Red Alert
    Destroy object 
    Deactivate Red Alert
    Return to Starbase.
    Start, by warping to Beta II. When you arrive, turn on Yellow Alert. 
    Engage full impulse and pass the planet. When your ship is close enough, 
    activat the tractor beams. Tow the object way from the planet. Sturek 
    will inform you when you are far away enough. Deactivate the beam, and 
    switch to Red Alert. Turn full circle until you spoot the object. Lock 
    phasers and photon torpedoes on it and fire. When it is destroyed, turn 
    off the Red Alert or else you lose 5 percent off your grade. Return to 
    starbase, asnd choose "Mission Complete" to end the mission.
    NOTE: Be sure to deactivate the Red Alert before you return to Starbase. 
    It is against Starfleet Regulations to use Red Alert, Weapons, or 
    Tractor Beams near a Starbase without a good reason.
    Mission 2. "Cat and Mouse"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to first sector.
    Tractor the Marker Buoy
    Warp to instructed coordinates
    Tractor Marker Buoy
    Warp to instructed coordinates
    Tractor Marker Buoy
    Hail Hecate
    Make peace with Hecate
    Warp to instructed coordinates
    Tractor escape pod.
    Return to Starbase.
    Begin by warping to the first sector. Turn left until you find the 
    planet. Fly close range and tractor the buoy. Read its contents and warp 
    to the coordinates it gives. When you arrive, turn right until you see 
    another buoy. Tractor it and read. Warp to the coordinates it gives. 
    When you arrive, turn right until you see another buoy. Tractor it. Read 
    its contents and hail the alien vessel. Choose the option: "This is the 
    U.S.S. Banting. We're looking for missing escape pods. Can you give us a 
    hand?" Now warp to the coordinates that buoy gives, not the Hecate. Turn 
    right when you arrive, until you see two blips. Activat Yellow Alert to 
    be on the safe side. Fly close to the object on the right. Tractor it. 
    You can attack the alien vessel in this sector if you want. There is no 
    deduction. Warp to Starbase and turn off your Red Alert. Choose "Mission 
    complete" to end the mission.
    Mission 3. "Nothing Ventured"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Moray
    Destroy Venturi
    Warp to Kyzella
    Perform Sensor Sweep
    Destroy Venturi
    Return to Starfleet
    Warp to the sector where the Moray is. Hail them and then perform a 
    sensor sweep. Sturek says there are asterios near by that interfere with 
    sensor scans. Turn to the right to find the asteriods. You will discover 
    there is a 
    Venturi ship in there. Switch to Red Alert and destroy the vessel. Wait 
    until Colond says the Moray has gone to warp. Follow them to Kyzella. As 
    soon as you arrive, perform a sensor sweep. Sturek discovers there are 
    explosive charges on the Moray's hull. They send a tema over to defuse 
    it. Now, turn to the right, and you will see another Venturi ship. 
    Destroy it. Now you can wait 10 minutes to see if the Moray docks with 
    the station OK, or you can wapr back to Starbase. Choose "Mission 
    complete" to end the mission.
    NOTE: The Venturi are Federation members, yet they attack Federation 
    freighters. We learn the Starfleet Academy CD-ROM game, that the Venturi 
    declare a fictional war on the Federation because the Federation ignore 
    them. Later we discover the Venturi are under the influence of a man 
    named "Alshoff" who beleves he is connceted with God. We will be seeing 
    more of the Venturi later in the game.
    Mission 4. "New Ally" 
    Mission Obejectives:
    Warp to Hanab
    Go to Yellow Alert
    Perform Sensor Sweep
    Warp to Ajman
    Hail Vessel
    Choose the most peaeceful choices
    Return to Hanab
    Hail Tou Pak
    Fly towards Hanab Protostar
    Tractor the Science Ship
    Fly away from the protostar
    Disengage the tractor beam
    Answer Tou Pak's hail
    Return to Starbase
    Start by warping to Hanab. Go to Yellow Alert. Fly towards the 
    protostar. Decelerate when Sturek says its unsafe. Perform a sensor 
    sweep. You discover that there is a ship stuck in the pull of the 
    protostar, and it is trying to signal the Ajman sector. Warp there to 
    find another ship. Scan it. You find it is incredibly similar to the 
    Hecate ship and your own. Hail them. Choose all the peaceful choices. 
    After your conversation if M'Giia says they will follow to to Hanab you 
    did it right. Hail them when you get to Hanab. Tou Pak will tell you he 
    has extended his shields around you. Still at Yellow Alert, fly towwards 
    the protostar. When your are close, tractor the science vessel. Sturek 
    will tell you when it is safe to release the beam. Do so then return to 
    the main viewscreen. Tou Pak will hail you. He'll say how conversation 
    will open up with their races, thank yous and et cetera. Warp to back to 
    Starbase. Hail them and choose "Mission Accomplished" to end the 
    Mission 5. "Into the Abyss"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Ignama Nebula
    Disable buoys
    Disable Venturi ship
    Return to Starbase
    There can be an easy way to this or a hard way to this. Start by warping 
    to Ignama. Go to Red Alert. Instead of shooting at the one on front of 
    you, turn to the right until you see one and destroy it. Yurn right and 
    destroy the next one. Turn right and destroy the next one. Mission 
    Or is it? Now a Venturi ship will warp in the system and start shooting 
    at you. Remeber, in a nebula, your shields don't work and neither do 
    your sensors. Destroy his hull quickly before he destroys yours. After 
    you defeat him, warp to Starbase. Hail the Starbase. Choose "Mission 
    Accomplished" to end the mission.
    HARDER. . .
    Mission 6. "The Menith Test"
    Mission Objectives:
    Use computer and learn about the frieghter
    Warp to Menith II, Menith III, or the Menith Station.
    Return to Starbase
    Easiest mission in the game. When you start out, many people will start 
    hailing you. One of the people of who hails you is a frieghter captain. 
    Use the ship's computer to learn about it. When you read it, you'll know 
    why not to save them. Now warp to one of the Menith colonies. When you 
    arrive you start beaming people aboard. After six hours (more like six 
    seconds) you transport all the people up. Now quickly warp back to 
    Starbase before you are caught in the explosion. When you arrive, hail 
    Starbase. Choose "Mission Accomplished" to end the mission.
    Mission 7. "Suspicions"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Miraz
    Approach the Nicholas
    Warp to Alca
    Warp to sector
    Fly towards the blip
    Return to the Starbase
    Start by warping to Miraz. Approach the Nicholas. When they talk to you, 
    warp to Alca. Fly towards the planet. As you do, the Nicholas is 
    destroyed! Sturek will tell you where it came from. Warp there, but 
    before you do, go to Yellow Alert to be on the safe side. When you 
    arrive in unexplored space, fly towards the blip. As you do, Klingon 
    Birds of Prey will decloak and fire at you. Rotate your ship by pressing 
    L or R. Wait until Sturek says "We have found the hiden Klingon base!" 
    Quickly return to Starbase. Hail Starbase and choose "Mission 
    Accomplished" to end the mission.
    Mission 8. "Casualties of War"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Lambda
    Warp to Mu
    Warp to Zeta
    Get confirmation from each world
    Make peace with Venturi
    Return to Starbase
    There can be no fighting in this mission at all! Start by warping to 
    Lambda. Hail the Venturi. Choose the option: "The Federation is always 
    prepared to listen." Read what the Venturi say, and they will warp away 
    in ALL the systems. Now just get confirmation from each planet by flying 
    close to it. M'Giia will tell you when you have reached a safe distance. 
    When you recieved confirmation from each planet, warp back to Starbase. 
    Hail Starbase and choose "Mission Accomplished" to end the mission.
    Mission 9. "Mudd"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp Newton II
    Save Harry Mudd
    Destroy Venturi
    Deliver Dr. Hungi
    Tow Harry Mudd to Mocra
    Make peace with Venturi
    Deliver Harry Mudd
    Return to Starbase
    Start by warping to Newton II. When you arrive, a Venturi vessel is 
    attacking Harry Mudd's ship. (What a shame!) Hail Venturi. When that 
    dosen't work, destroy them. Now, go and tractor Harry Mudd's ship. Don't 
    forget to deliver Dr. Hungi. Fly close to the planet, and deliver him. 
    Now warp to Mocra. Another Venturi ship will disengage. Hail them. They 
    claim that Harry Mudd stole sacred Venturi artifacts. Say "We'll return 
    the artifacts, but Mudd must stay." The Venturi will then warp away, 
    leaving you to deliver Harry Mudd. Fly close to Mocra. When Harry Mudd 
    hails you, your tractor beam is automatically disengaged. Warp back to 
    Starbase. Hail Starbase and choose "Mission Accomplished" to end the 
    MOVIE MOMENT: Harry Mudd's ship in the scenario s named "Stella." 
    "Stella" was the name of Harry's 23rd century Marge Simpson counterpart 
    wife. 9Because she nags so much) We met her in The Orignal Series 
    episode "I, Mudd."
    Mission 10. "Romulan Ploy"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Janus
    Warp to Galta
    Repel Romulan 
    Warp to Janus
    Ignore Romuplan/Koth message
    Fly towards blip
    Deliver Ambassador Fox
    Return to Starbase
    You know how I said mission 6 was very easy? This one is easier! Warp to 
    Janus. You will recieve a message supposedly from the Koth telling you 
    that the meeting has been changed to Galta. Ambassador Fox will then 
    order you to go to there. Just ignore him and fly towards the blips on 
    your screen. It is the Koth and the Romulans. Deliver Ambassador Fox and 
    warp back to Starbase. Hail Starbase and choose "Mission Accomplished" 
    to end the mission. 
    MOVIE MOMENT: Ambassador Fox first appeared in The Original Series 
    episode "A Taste of Armegeddon."
    Mission 11. "Prototype"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Outpost 1
    Warp to Outpost 2
    Warp to Outpost 3
    Hail Romulan
    Warp to Clark's Colony
    Repel Romulan Pheonix
    Return to Starbsae
    * What you do before the mission is essential for the mission's success. 
    First, go to the classroom and listen to Rotherot's speech. As Sun Tzu 
    said "Know yourself and your enemy, and a thousand victories will be 
    yours." So do that. Return to your quarters and use the computer. Look 
    up: Federation Constitution, and Romulan Pheonix. Study what you see 
    WELL. Then return to the simulator. Listen to the mission briefing and 
    begin. When you start, use the ships computer and look up Pheonix. You 
    discover that it is very much the same as your own ship. 
    	Now, warp to Outpost 3. A Romulan D7 is there. Hail him and choose 
    "What's going on?! I want answers!" Listen to what the Romulan says and 
    warp to Clark's Colony. Hail the Pheonix. Choose "The Romulans say you 
    are terrorists. Who are you?" Listen to what he says and prepare to 
    fight. Go to Red Alert and put the Tactical Plot on viewer. Use your 
    radar to find the ship. If you read all that I said, the fight will be 
    rather easy, if not, it can be very hard. When his his ship is in the 
    red zone, warp back to Starbase. Hail Starbase and choose "Mission 
    Accomplished" to end the mission.
    Mission 12. "Prototype 2"
    Mission Objectives:
    Find the Excelsior
    Destroy it within time alloted (7 minutes)
    Return to Starbase.
    Immediately go to Red Alert. This is just like the last mission only 
    without a cloaking device. Warp to every system once. At the last system 
    you enter, that is where the Excelsior is. Fighting the Excelsior is 
    easy, yet it has a lot of stamina! Destroy it quickly before time runs 
    out. Come on! Hurry! Tick Tock! (whispering) I'm being told not to 
    insult the readers anymore! C'est la vie. When have destroyed the 
    Excelsior, return to Starbase. Hail Starbase and choose "Mission 
    Accomplished" to end the mission.
    Mission 13. "Zy, God, Zy?" (Parody of the phrase "Why, God, why?)
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Demeter
    Defeat the Zy/Be last ship standing
    Straight peace is what this mission can be if you want to. Warp to 
    Demeter. After a few seconds, you are pulled into another realm. You are 
    then hailed by the Zy. They tell you they are determining the strongest 
    ship, and "promise" the winner will be returned to normal space. If you 
    try and warp out, your warp engines are destroyed. Inside this realm are 
    a Starfleet Constitutiion, Romulan Pheonix, Gorn Light Crusier, and a 
    Tholian starship. Start by perfroming a sensor scan. Sturek will know 
    where the Zy are. Hail the Romulans. If he says "I'm responsible for my 
    crew." just fly around for a while. Then hail him again. Choose "We know 
    how to beat the Zy." The Romulans will then fly over to the Zy and start 
    firing at them. Follow and lock phasers and photon torpedoes on the Zy 
    ship. When they send a distress call. destroy them quickly. The mission 
    will suddenly end, and Rotherot will give a 100% mark if you followed 
    this mission guide.
    Mission 14. "Simulation Skirmishes"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Mudok
    Warp to Kapok
    Warp to Vrung
    Scan for supply depot
    Return to Starbase
    * As Rotherot said, all the rest of the missions will deal with "what 
    if" war simulations.
    Easy. Warp to Vrung. Perform sensor sweep. Return to Starbase and choose 
    "Mission Accomplished" to end the mission. You can fight the Klingons in 
    the areas but why would you want to?
    Mission 15. "Revenge is a Dish That is Best Served Cold"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to shipyards
    Destroy shipyards and active Gorn vessel
    Don't enter a battle sector
    Return to Starbase
    Fun and easy. Warp to any shipyard. Destroy the empty ships and move on 
    to the next. In one system, there will be an activated Gorn vessel. 
    Destroy it quickly. In another, there will be a Gorn who wants to 
    surrender. Choose "All Gorn personnel will be given two minutes to 
    abondon ship." In another, there will be a Gorn ship that tries to 
    activate the vessel. The ship isn't ready for that and so it will be 
    destroyed. All hands are lost. When all the shipyards have been 
    destroyed, return to Starbase. If you enter a battle scetor, you 
    automatically fail the mission. Hail the Starbase and choose "Mission 
    Accomplished" to end the mission.
    MOVIE MOMENT: The Gorn only appeared in one episode and that was The 
    Original Series episode "Arena."
    Mission 16. "End Game"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Koreb
    Save the Miranda Class Vessel
    Warp to Sherman's Planet
    Destroy weapon
    Return to Starbase
    Warp to Koreb. When you arrive a Gorn ship is attacking the Starfleet 
    vessel. Save them and hail the Miranda class ship. They tell you that 
    the Gorn are trying to sabotage Sherman's Planet. Warp there and destroy 
    the weapons. When that is task is complete, return to Starbase. Hail 
    Starbase and choose "Mission Accomplished" to end the mission.
    MOVIE MOMENT: Sherman's Planet is the planet that Starfleet wanted to 
    claim for the Federation over the Klingon Empire to deliver the Canadian 
    grain: "Quadrtriticale." This happend in the classic The Original Series 
    episode "The Trouble with Tribbles."
    Mission 17. "War Patrol"
    Patrol Lachian
    Patrol Castor
    Patrol Omega Corvus
    Warp to Praetus
    Deploy Starfleet probe
    Hail U.S.S. Fox
    Warp to sector 015.022
    Destroy Venturi/Tholian Alliance
    Return to Starbase
    This a long mission. Start by warping to Lachian. Patrol the planet, 
    then warp to Castor. While here, a Federation starship will hail you. 
    They say a Venturi/Thoilan alliance has formed and they went to 015.022. 
    Do this objective last. Patrol the area and move on to Omega Corvus. 
    Patrol this area and then. . . Starfleet will hail you. Listen to what 
    the Admiral says, then warp to Praetus. When Sturek says you are close 
    enough, deploy the probe. Make sure to destroy all Thoilan ships you 
    encounter in this mission. Remember, you are at war with them. Now warp 
    to 015.022. A Venturi ship and a Thoilan ship will disengage. Destroy 
    them and warp back to Starbase. Hail Starbase, and choose "Mission 
    Accomplished" to end the mission.
    Mission 18. "Special Delievery"
    Mission Objectives:
    Scan all frieghters
    Patrol Zhraad
    Patrol Atabis
    Patrol Tri-Rho Nautica 
    Patrol Saracles
    Destroy all Gorn ships
    Return to Starbase
    Start by warping to Zhraad. Fly towards the planet to get confirmation. 
    As you do, a frieghter hails you. Choose "This is Starfleet. You ordered 
    to stop for inspection." He agrees. Sturek will automatically scan him 
    when you are close enough. When you get confirmation, proceed to 
    Saracles. When you arrive, a Gorn ship will start attacking you. Destroy 
    him, and the frieghter will hail you. He admits he is smuggling weapons 
    to the Gorn. You learn that Gorn are in danger of losing the war. You 
    decide to take him aboard and put him in the brig. When you get 
    comfirmation, warp to Atabis. There is no Gorn activity here so just get 
    confirmation and warp to Tri-Rho Nautica. As you get there, a frieghter 
    warps away and leaves two Gorn ships after you. Destroy them and get 
    confirmation. Warp back to Starbase. Hail Starbase and choose "Mission 
    Accomplished" to end the mission.
    Mission 19. "The Dogs of War"
    Mission Objectives:
    Patrol Stonrak
    Patrol Klahmac
    Patrol Delphi
    Patrol Diogenes
    Destroy all Tholian vessels
    Begin by warping to Delphi. There is one Tholian ship in this system. 
    Destroy them and get confirmation. Warp next to Diogenes. Again, one 
    Tholian ship awaits you. Destroy them and get confirmation, then warp to 
    Stonrak. A larger challenge awaits by having two Tholian ships come at 
    you. Again, simply destroy them and get confirmation from Stonrak. When 
    you do, warp to Klahmac. Finally a break! No Tholians in this system. 
    Get confirmations and warp back to Starbase. Hail Starbase and choose 
    "Mission Accomplished" to end the mission.
    Mission 20. "Preemptive Strike"
    Warp to Kappa
    State Starfleet's innocence
    Warp to Kappa Nebula
    Destroy Constitution starship
    Return to Starbase
    Can you believe it? Its not a patrol mission! Start by warping to Kappa. 
    A Tholian ship is attacking a frieghter when you arrive. Hail the 
    Tholians. Choose "We are here to prove we didn't attack you." The 
    Tholians give you two days to prove your innocence. Now warp to Kappa 
    Nebula. When you disengage, you will hear Starfleet phasers. Turn to the 
    left to find a Constitution class vessel attacking you. Try and destroy 
    the vessel. Remember, in a nebula, your shields are off line and so are 
    sensors. Destroy the ship to discover that it was a refitted Venturi 
    vessel. With the mystery solved, you can warp back to Starbase. Hail the 
    Starbase and choose "Mission Accomplised" to end the mission. Get lots 
    of sleep! Its your graduation mission next!
    Mission 000. "Kobayashi Maru"
    Mission Objectives:
    Deliver Supplies to Station F9
    Save Kobayashi Maru or leave them
    Destroy Klingon vessels
    Rescue Kobayashi Maru.
    Return to Starbase.
    It start off as you are now in command of the Starfleet Academy Training 
    Starship: U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701. You are scheduled to deliver 
    supplies when you receive a distress call from the Kobayashi Maru. 
    Choose either "Mr. Colond, plot an intercept course." or "Kobayashi 
    Maru, I'm sorry. We can't help you. I'm afraid you're on your own." If 
    you choose Choice B, read what the dialouge boxes say, adn go to your 
    debriefing with Captain Kirk.
    If you choose Choice A, plot course for 015.021. (Section 10) When you 
    arrive, three Klingon D7s start attacking you. If you try and warp away, 
    additional Klingon crusiers appear. If you destroy all three, three more 
    come along. This cycle continues until your ship is destroyed. Viscious 
    cycle, yes? When your ship is destroyed, go to your debriefing with 
    Captain Kirk.
    MOVIE MOMENT: This entire scenario is taken straight out of Star Trek 
    II: The Wrath of Khan.
    5. Personal Holodeck
    Here, I will give walkthroughs for the three scenarios from The Original 
    Mission 1. "Balance of Terror"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Outpost 4
    Destroy Intruder.
    Start, by warping to Outpost 4. Hail them and you shall see that 
    intruder has pretty much destroyed the outpost. Near the end of the 
    message, the intruder destroys the rest of the outpost and flies away. 
    Then Mr. Spock will give an analysis. When he is finished talking, fire 
    your phasers to the right or left of the outpost and you shall see it is 
    a Romulan Brid of Prey. Track it down and destroy it. If you can't 
    destroy it quickly enough, follow it through the Neutral Zone. DO NOT GO 
    Romulan until you destroy him. Destroy him to complete the scenario.
    Mission 2. "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan"
    Mission Objectives:
    Warp to Regula
    Lower U.S.S. Reliant's shields down
    Follow U.S.S. Reliant to Regula.
    Warp to Mutara Nebula
    Disable U.S.S. Reliant
    Fly out of the nebula at impulse
    Start by listening to Carol's hail. Warp to Space Station Regula I. On 
    your way, you encounter the U.S.S. Reliant. It fires phasers at you that 
    knock out your shields, with two shots! Hail them and use the following 
    "Genesis, what's that?"
    "Khan, how do we know you'll keep your word?"
    "Mr. Spock, pull up Reliant's prefix codes. Order her to drop her 
    The Reliant then warps away. Continue on to Space Station Regula I. 
    There is the U.S.S. Reliant in orbit. To end the scenario faster, warp 
    immedietly to the Mutara Nebula. Hail the Reliant. read the boxes and 
    lock phasers. Remember what happens in nebulas with shields and sensors. 
    Wait 7 seconds and fire all weapons and the veer off. If that didn't get 
    him, chase him down and shoot him. When the U.S.S. Reliant starts 
    drifting, perform a sensor sweep. Then continue out of the nebula unitl 
    it Scotty says the mains are back on line. Quickly warp to Ceti Alpha V, 
    before the Reliant destroys the nebula. Just wait a few seconds and the 
    scenario will end.
    Mission 3. "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"
    Mission Objectives (Starfleet's Order):
    Return to Spacedock
    Mission Objectives (Enterprise's Order):
    Hail U.S.S. Excelsior
    Warp to Camp Khitomer
    Destroy cloaking Bird of Prey
    You need to follow the Enterprise's order. Start by hailing Captain Sulu 
    of the U.S.S. Excelsior. read the dialouge boxes and warp to Camp 
    Khitomer. Try and find Chang's ship while he taunts you. When he says 
    "Wrong us, shall we not revenge?", the U.S.S. Excelsior shows up and 
    starts to help you. They will uncloak him, your job is to destroy them. 
    Be careful! Sometimes, the Excelsior will shoot at you and it causes 
    great damage to your vessel. Destroy the Klingon ship and read the 
    dialouge boxes to complete the scenario.
    FEDERATION FACTOID: Mr. Spock's line in the game is "If I were Klingon, 
    I believe my respose would be 'yiHelm! If I were Klingon." In the movie 
    he actually says "If I were Human, I believe my response would be 'go to 
    hell', if I were human."
    6. Enterprising Secrets
    Here are some passwaords and codes for this game.
    Secret Cadet Names:
    Hold L+R+SELECT and press X,Y,X,Y for more names
    Star Trek Names
    Enable the "Secret Cadet Names" code. Enter the registration screen hold 
    L+R+SELECT and press A,Y,B,Y for the names of the orignal Enterprise 
    Extra Ships:
    Go to ship selection screen in one player combat and hold L+R+SELECT, 
    then press A,Y,B,Y. For you, the Excelsior and the Pheonix will join the 
    selection and for the computer, the Tholian, Gorn and Venturi ships 
    joins as well.
    Prototype A
    Enter the two-player combat simulator. Hold L+R+SELECT, then press 
    A,Y,B,Y. Choose the Gorn crusier using controller one and the Romulan 
    Pheonix using controller two. Allow the Pheonix to win, and enter the 
    one-player combat simulator. The Prototype-A Excelsior will be 
    available. Read the data on that ship in the ship data section of this 
    strategy guide.
    Alternate ending:
    Use the secret name "James T. Kirk" to play the game. When it comes time 
    for the Kobayashi Maru test, hail the Klingons when they attack and warp 
    to section 10 to recue the frieghter.
    7. Simulator Passwords
    Mission 2.		XYYRAXABXRYA
    Mission 3.		XYYRLYYYXRYY
    Mission 4.		XYYRYYRRXRYL
    Mission 5.		XYYRBAXBXRYB
    Mission 6.		XYYRRXYRXYXA
    Mission 7.		XYYXXXABXYXY
    Mission 8.		XYYLAYYXYXA
    Mission 9.		XYYLLYRRXYXB
    Mission 10.		XYYLYAXBXYXA
    Mission 11.		XYYLBXYRYBBX
    Mission 12.		XYYLRXABYBBL
    Mission 13.		XYYBXYYYYBBX
    Mission 14.		XYYBAYRRYBBY
    Mission 15.		XYYBLAXBYBBX
    Mission 16.		XYYBYXYRARAL
    Mission 17.		XYYBBXABARAA
    Mission 18.		XYYBRYYYARAY
    Mission 19.		XYYAXYRRARAR
    Mission 20.		XYYAAAXBARAL
    Kobayashi Maru. 	XYYALARYARAA
    8. Copyright Information
    This FAQ/Srategy Guide has been written bu Kyle Haight and was completed 
    on February 21, 2000. If you would like to use parts of this document in 
    your own FAQ or website e-mail me a lkhaight@mnsi.net, or if you have 
    any questions about Starfleet Academy, Star Trek, or this FAQ.
    Star Trek Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator is copyrighted by 
    Interplay (c) 1994.
    Play the Windows version of Star Trek Starfleet Academy. Featuring 
    filmed footage of William Shatner, Walter Koenig, and George Takei, and 
    all new levels and 3D polygon graphics.
    If you're going to buy this PC game, make sure you buy the 5 disk set 
    Believe me, I know.
    (c) 2000. Kyle Haight

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