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    FAQ/Move List by Hanyousama

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 12/24/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

              ________   ________    ______    ____   _   _______
             /   _____| |__    __|  /  __  \  |    \ | | |   ____|
             \   \____     |  |    |  /  \  | |  |\ \| | |  |__
              \____   \    |  |    |  |  |  | |  | \   | |   __|
              ____/   /    |  |    |  \__/  | |  |  \  | |  |____
             |_______/     |__|     \______/  |__|   \_| |_______|tm
     ____   ____   _____   ____   ____   ____   ____   _____   ____   ___
    ||  \\ ||  \\ //   \\ |_  _| | ___| /____| |_  _| //   \\ ||  \\ /___|
    ||__// ||__// ||   ||   ||   | _|  //        ||   ||   || ||__// \\__
    ||     ||  \\ ||   ||   ||   ||___ \\____    ||   ||   || ||  \\  __\\
    ||     ||  || \\___//   ||   |____| \____|   ||   \\___// ||  || |___/ 
    VERSION 0.1
    Updates: None so far
    This was brought to you by RalfLoire. Do NOT steal this FAQ, or there 
    will be many a lightning bolt raining down upon you if you do.
    -1- TABLE OF CONTENTS --------------------------------------------------
    1. Contents
    2. Introduction
    3. Controls
    4. Characters
         I    - Angus
         II   - Chester
         III  - Clifford
         IV   - Cornelius
         V    - Maxwell
    5. Cheats/Secrets
    6. Things to Know
    7. Special Thanks
    -2- INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------------------------
    Welcome to my Moves List, and such and such for the beat-em-up version of 
    the 1994(?) cartoon Stone Protectors, which was based on the Treasure 
    Trolls liscense. Kemco produced this game out in 1994 and it was 
    seemingly overlooked. Maybe because it is a "Beat-em-up." Anyways, I'm 
    going to provide you with the Charge, Musical, and Special Moves.
    -3- CONTROLS -----------------------------------------------------------
    START - Pauses the game
    SELECT - It has the same function as the D-Pad in menus and options.
    D-PAD - Moves you around (duh =P).
    A BUTTON - Kick, swing special weapon, throw when you've grabbed an 
    enemy, pick up special weapons, attack in midair
    B BUTTON - Jump, throw when you've grabbed an enemy 
    X BUTTON - Punch, swing special weapon
    Y BUTTON - Weapon, swing special weapon, throw when you've grabbed an 
    enemy, attack with weapon in midair
    L and R BUTTONS - These are mainly used for the Special and Musical 
    You can also hold the A, X, and Y buttons for charged attacks.
    SPECIAL WEAPONS - Are weapons different than the Stone Protectors' 
    weapons that you can pick up and use during the game. You'll lose the 
    weapon if you are knocked down.
    CHARGED ATTACKS - You hold down a button for these. When they hit the 
    enemy, they will take a bit of life in exchange.
    SPECIAL MOVES - These are stronger than Charged Attacks. All of them 
    (excluding Angus') use more Life when they are used.
    MUSICAL MOVES - VERY powerful and they cost you nothing! What a great 
    -4- CHARACTERS ---------------------------------------------------------
    Here are the Stone Protectors. All of them have different strengths, 
    weaknesses, Special and Musical attacks. Warning, the special and musical 
    moves listed were done when facing right. If you are facing left, reverse 
    the directions for them.
    Hair:          Yellow
    Stone:         Yellow Diamond
    Weapon(s):     Gun and Grenades
    Instrument:    Keyboard Piano
    Occupation:    Soldier
         Strength            - Medium
         Movement            - Smooth
         Best Special Weapon - Flame Thrower
         Cannot pick up...   - Whip
    Notes: Angus' weapon has very good range, as it reaches far and hits 
    well. He is pretty much an overall character all around, and is well 
    compatable with the Flame Thrower. 
    A Button - 360 Degree Super Kick
    Y Button - Super Uppercut
    X Button - Bazooka Missile
    -Stealth Bomber- 
    O-  -O  |  |  R
    Description: He changes into a color to try and blend in with the 
    background (but not so much as to where you can't see him). This makes 
    him harder to target by enemies. This will last for a short time.
    -Keyboard Smart Bomb-
     /  |  \  L
    O   O   O
    Description: Angus jams on his keyboard and three large notes fly out, 
    circling around for a while and zapping any enemies that come within 
    their range. This lasts for a very short time.
    Hair:          Red
    Stone:         Red Square
    Weapon(s):     Uh, some strange three-armed weapon
    Instrument:    Saxophone
    Occupation:    Wrestler
         Strength            - High
         Movement            - Smooth
         Best Special Weapon - His fists
         Cannot pick up...   - Shurikens
    Notes: The mohawked one is the best choice for finishing your enemies 
    quickly. He does the most incredible damage with his punches more than 
    his kicks and throws. He can also lift boulders over his head and toss 
    them for a little more range. But makes it harder to aim.
    A Button - 360 Degree Super Kick
    Y Button - Super Uppercut
    X Button - Spinning Clothesline
    -Thunder Crush-
    Hold O-, -O+R
    Description: Chester flies like a rocket right at his opponent, tackling 
    them and any other enemies who happen to be hapless enough to be in his 
    path. Can be effective...
    -Saxophone Twisters-
    /  -O  \  L
    Description: Chester plays his saxophone and two large tornados appear to 
    blow any on screen enemies.
    Hair:          Blue
    Stone:         Blue Triangle
    Weapon(s):     Grappling Plunger, Rock Pick
    Instrument:    Drums
    Occupation:    Climber
         Strength            - Medium
         Movement            - Smooth
         Best Special Weapon - Boulders
         Cannot pick up...   - Hockey Stick
    Notes: There's not a whole lot I can say about Clifford. But his weapon 
    has just as good a reach as Chester's, and his Charged Attack with the X 
    button moves him along quickly. His B Button throw is pretty strong.
    A Button - Flying 360 Degree Super Kick
    Y Button - Super Uppercut
    X Button - Super Cartwheel Flips
    -Rock Pick Swing-
    /  -O  \  R
    Description: Clifford spins around while swinging his rock pick. Good for 
    warding off enemies who get too close to you. You can also move around 
    during the special move.
    -Fireball Drum Solo-
        O   O
    O-  |  /  L
    Description: Clifford takes out his drum sticks and bangs them on 
    invisible drums (?) and makes fireballs rain from the sky to fry all on-
    screen enemies to a crisp. 
    Hair:          Yellow
    Stone:         Green/Purple Octagon*
    Weapon(s):     Sword (looks more like a knife to me) 
    Instrument:    Microphone (he's the singer)
    Occupation:    Samurai
         Strength            - Somewhat Low
         Movement            - Somewhat Jerkily
         Best Special Weapon - Shurikens
         Cannot pick up...   - Flame Thrower
    Notes: What do you get when you combine Elvis with Haohmaru? Well, you'd 
    pretty much get this guy here. Cornelius' walk is a bit awkward, as he 
    moves jerkily, but not too badly. But he's got good speed to go with his 
    movements. His weapon can be pretty strong too.
    A Button - 360 Degree Super Kick
    Y Button - Super Uppercut
    X Button - Spinning Sword Attack
    -Microphone Toss-
     /  |  \  R
    O   O   O
    Description: Cornelius swings a microphone on a chain around for a second 
    then tosses it at his enemy. It doesn't have too good a range, but it 
    hits HARD.
    -Ultrasonic Vocal Reverb-
    O   O   O
     \  |  /  L
    Description: "WUAAAAOWWW!!! TWIST ME!!!" Cornelius screams into his 
    microphone causing ultrasonic waves to fly out, damaging all enemies in 
    the process. 
    * - I noticed that in the Player Select screen, his stone is strangely 
    purple. Yet, in the game, it is green. This struck me as something rather 
    Hair:          Orange
    Stone:         Orange Circle
    Weapon(s):     Twin Swords
    Instrument:    Guitar
    Occupation:    Accelerator
         Strength            - Low
         Movement            - Jerkily
         Best Special Weapon - Hockey Stick
         Cannot pick up...   - Boulders
    Notes: Maxwell can kick major butt with the Hockey Stick. He can do a ton 
    of damage with it in a matter of seconds. His jerky movement is more than 
    Cornelius', since this guy skates to move around. He is neither a very 
    strong character nor the fastest, so he's a bit tough to play as.
    A Button - Crouching 360 Degree Kick
    Y Button - Super Uppercut
    X Button - Slice N' Dice Attack
    -Supersonic Rush-
    Hold O-, -O+R
    Description: It works just like Chester's Thunder Crush. Except it 
    doesn't hit quite as hard. And moves slightly faster. But it's not a very 
    useful attack. 
    -Shock Rock Riff-
    -O  |  \  L
        O   O
    Description: Maxwell plays his guitar and a bolts from the sky will rain 
    down on the field, causing massive damage to any enemies on the screen.
    -5- CHEATS/SECRETS -----------------------------------------------------
    None that I have found so far. If you know of any, please email me at 
    iralfloirei@aol.com. You will be given credit. Promise. ^_~
    -6- THINGS TO KNOW -----------------------------------------------------
    In Stage 4, your speed is slowed down a bit since you'll be walking 
    around on sand at that time.
    There are alternate endings in the game. Just increase the SKILL option 
    in the Options menu to 5 stars.
    Picking up 1 of each gemstone that you find in the stages will get you an 
    extra life at the end of the stage.
    For some of the moves I recommend using "substitute" D-Pad motions. For 
    example, Clifford's Fireball Drum Solo. Use this if you have trouble with 
    its default sequence:
       O   O   O
    O-  \  |  /  -O L
    That usually works out well. There are others for other moves that you 
    can use, but I'll leave that to you.
    You can increase your vitality past the life meter's capacity (although 
    it won't show) by eating some food. That's not to say that you can keep 
    eating food you find without losing any vitality and you'll have a TON of 
    health, but this can help.
    -7- SPECIAL THANKS -----------------------------------------------------
    For making the game
    -Ace Novelty, Co.
    For bringing us the ugly fad known as the Treasure Trolls
    For getting this idea.
    For putting up with me. =P
    -A Sandwich
    For the eats.
    This FAQ and all of its content are by RalfLoire (iralfloirei@aol.com). 
    Treasure Trolls, and Stone Protectors are trademarks of the Ace Novelty 
    Co., all rights reserved. 

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