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    FAQ/Move List by Ryan Harrison

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/05/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                           Street Fighter II (Super Nintendo)
                                     FAQ/Move List
          Version: 1.00
     Last Updated: 5 November 2012
           Author: Ryan Harrison
            Email: rjhgamefaqs[at]gmail.com
      This document is Copyright (C)2012-2014 Ryan Harrison. All rights reserved.
    Version History
    Version 1.00 | 5 November 2012
      * The first, complete posted version of this FAQ/Move List.
                                   Table of Contents
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      i. Introduction
        1. GAME OVERVIEW ............................................... [0100]
            1.1. Controls .............................................. [0101]
            1.2. Basics ................................................ [0102]
        2. CHARACTERS/MOVE LIST ........................................ [0200]
        3. BONUS STAGES ................................................ [0300]
            3.1. Bricks ................................................ [0301]
            3.2. Car ................................................... [0302]
        4. CHEATS ...................................................... [0400]
      ii. Credits
      iii. Legal Disclaimer/Contacting Me
                                    i. Introduction
    Hello and welcome to my FAQ/Move List for the Super Nintendo Entertainment 
    System's port of the arcade classic fighting game, Street Fighter II: The World 
    Warrior (generally known simply as Street Fighter II). Within this FAQ I will 
    list all special moves for the 8 world warriors, in addition to other details, 
    strategies on fighting for and against each character, in addition to help with 
    the 4 Deva characters that are faced at the end of the game. The World Warrior 
    was the first edition of Street Fighter II ported to the SNES and is therefore 
    perhaps the most simple version, but that's not to say it's not a good game. 
    There is still a lot of fun to be had as the formula is simple but fun and with 
    eight characters with different strengths and weaknesses to choose from, each 
    with a unique moveset and ending, then for fighting game fans and most devout 
    gamers in general, this is one you should buy/download and try out!
                                    1. GAME OVERVIEW                         [0100]
     1.1. Controls                                                           [0101]
    NOTE: These are the default control settings for the game. Some button
          denotations can be edited in the Options menu of the game.
    Basic Controls
    D-Pad: Down: Crouch
           Left/Right: Move character
                       Block when holding back and opponent is attacking
           Up: Jump
    Select: View button key on World Map screen
    Start: Begin the game at the Title Screen
           Confirm choices in menus
           Pause the game during play/resume when paused
    A: Forward (medium kick)
    B: Short (light kick)
    X: Strong (medium punch)
    Y: Jab (light punch)
    L: Fierce (hard punch)
    R: Roundhouse (hard kick)
    Advanced Controls
    Move: Use Left and Right to make your controlled character move in those
          directions; depending on which side of the screen they are facing will
          make them move towards, or away from, their opponent.
    Defend: When an opponent is within close proximity and on the offensive,
            holding back on the D-Pad (i.e. the direction the opposite side of your
            opponent) will cause your character to block, and holding down + back
            together will block low attacks. Blocking regular attacks will keep 
            your character safe from damage, however for special moves, a small
            amount of damage will be sustained.
    Punch: There are three different types of punch. The 'Jab' is performed with
           the Y button; it is the quickest to pull off but inflicts the least
           damage. The 'Strong' is performed with X; it is a little slower than a
           jab but deals more damage for a successful hit. Finally, the 'Fierce',
           performed with L, is slow, but deals the most damage of the three punch
    Kick: Like punches, you also have three kick types. The same principle applies
          to kicks as do to punches; a 'Short', done with the B button, is the
          quickest but also the weakest. A 'Forward', done with A, is medium in
          both strength and quickness; and a 'Roundhouse', done with R, is slowest
          to pull off but is the strongest kick move.
    Throws/Holds: Each character has one or more throw or hold moves that are
                  executed by pressing the D-Pad direction against your opponent,
                  together with a medium/hard punch or kick button. Some characters
                  can do these moves in midair.
    Dizzy Recovery: If your character takes a succession of hits and gets knocked
                    down, they can get dizzy and thus left vulnerable to attack as
                    the character is unable to move, attack or defend themselves in
                    this state. Simply tap Left and Right on the D-Pad and attack
                    buttons repeatedly to shake the dizziness off. There are two
                    types of dizzy: Stars and Birds; the latter of which takes
                    longer to shake off than the former.
     1.2. Basics                                                             [0102]
    | Wii Virtual Console |
    This game is available to download from the Wii Shopping Channel for Virtual 
    Console games. It requires the Classic Controller to work, so make sure you 
    have one connected to your Wiimote, otherwise you will not be able to play this 
    Button Key
    The following buttons on the Wii Classic Controller correspond to those of its 
    SNES counterparts: use these in conjunction with the Controls section above in 
    order to see their button denotations:
    | D-Pad                  | D-Pad           |
    | Left Analog Stick      |                 |
    | A                      | A               |
    | B                      | B               |
    | X                      | X               |
    | Y                      | Y               |
    | L                      | L               |
    | R                      | R               |
    | +                      | Start           |
    | -                      | Select          |
    Other Controls
    Home: Bring up Home menu while pausing the game; press again to hide Home menu
          and resume play
    | Title Screen |
    Once you begin the game, you are taken to the Title Screen. If you do not press 
    anything on the controller for a few seconds, the game rolls over to a 
    character bio screen, followed by a demo of that character fighting another 
    warrior. By pressing Start on the controller, the various game modes will 
    appear underneath the title logo.
    GAME START: In this mode, you pick one of the eight world warriors and play the
                main game, in which you travel across the globe to fight each of
                the other warriors before you take on the four Devas, after which
                you win the game.
    V.S. BATTLE: You can play a second player in a one-off exhibition match between
                 any two characters. Note that you will need two SNES controllers
                 plugged into the system, or two Wii Virtual Console-compatible
                 controllers in order to be able to play this mode.
    OPTION MODE: Go to the Options menu to change various game configurations. More
                 details provided below.
    | General Gameplay |
    Choosing a Character
    The eight world warriors each have their portraits displayed in a grid, which 
    is outlined like so:
    .----------.----------.----------.----------. To choose a character, simply
    |          |          |          |          | move the glowing outline over the
    |    Ryu   | E. Honda |  Blanka  |   Guile  | character you wish to choose with
    |          |          |          |          | the use of the D-Pad, and press
    :----------+----------+----------+----------: any of the main attack buttons,
    |          |          |          |          | or the Start button, and you'll
    |    Ken   |  Chun Li |  Zangief |  Dhalsim | hear a sound to confirm you have
    |          |          |          |          | chosen that character.
    Each fight consists of up to four rounds, fought in a 'Best-Of-3' style - 
    basically the first fighter to claim two victorious rounds over their opponent 
    is declared the winner of the bout. To win a round, you have to completely 
    deplete the health bar of your opponent with the use of your attacks and 
    special moves, while trying to prevent yours from being depleted also. Should 
    you lose a fight, it is Game Over and you are taken to a countdown screen, 
    where you have a 9-count to press Start to continue. Should you fail to respond 
    to the countdown, you lose the game and will have to start from the beginning 
    again. You do, however, have an unlimited amount of continues.
    Winning a round is most often done by completely depleting your opponent's 
    health meter, however it can also be done a second way; should you have a timer 
    enabled, each round has a 99-second time limit. If no winner is declared within 
    the time limit, whoever has the most health remaining will therefore be 
    declared the winner of that round. However should both fighters have the same 
    amount of health remaining at the end of a round when the time limit has 
    expired, the round is declared a draw. Another way to draw a round is if both 
    warriors, on low enough energy manage to hit each other at the exact same time, 
    in effect knocking each other out. The round is declared a 'Double K.O.'. 
    Drawing a round is the only possible way to get to a fourth round (known as 
    'Final Round/Round 4') in this game.
    Final Round is merely a tie-breaker to determine a clear winner of the bout. 
    There are no bonuses for winning, and should you still be deadlocked, you get 
    Game Over.
    | Game Screen |
                           | 1P  1500 NIN   50000           |
                           | X [###========KO===########]   |
                           |   RYU         99     DHALSIM   |
                           |                                |
                           |                                |
                           |                                |
                           |                                |
                           |                                |
    High Score: Shown in the top-centre of the screen, this is the highest score
                that has been achieved in the current sitting of the game (i.e.
                since the power has been switched on) and the three-letter initials
                of the player that has achieved it (or 'HI' if the game is still in
    Player One Score: Shown in the top-left corner of the screen, this is Player
                      1's current score, denoted by the counter to the right of the
                      '1P'. In a 2-Player Game, a second player's score is shown in
                      the top-right corner of the screen.
    Rounds Won: The number of 'Peace' signs shown to the side of a character's
                health bar. You get one per round you decisively win, and upon
                getting two you win the fight altogether. For draws, you don't get
                a token but merely advance to the next round of the bout.
    Health Bar: The yellow-and-red-coloured bar, with a character's name shown
                underneath it. Player One's health bar will appear on the left, and
                the CPU or second player's on the right. At the beginning of a
                round, this will be completely yellow. As the character takes more
                damage, it begins to fill up red towards the white 'KO' in the
                middle between the bars. When one, or both, characters' health bars
                is completely filled red, they will be KO'ed and therefore concede
                the round.
    Time Remaining: If you have the Time Limit option enabled from the Options
                    menu, a 99-second timer appears beneath the 'KO' and ticks down
                    from the moment you hear 'FIGHT!'. This serves two purposes:
                    the first is that should neither warrior be KO'ed within this
                    time limit, the winner is decided on how much health they have
                    remaining; the warrior who has lost less health is then
                    declared the winner (unless both fighters lost equal amounts of
                    health, in which case the contest is declared a draw). The
                    second is that for however many seconds are left on the timer
                    when you win, this is then multiplied by 100 and added to your
                    scoring bonus at the end of the round.
    | End of Round Bonus |
    Time/Vital Bonus
    Time: However much time is left on the counter when the round is over, if the
          timer has been enabled from the Options screen, multiplied by 100. So, if
          you win a round with 54 seconds remaining, that's:
          54 x 100 = 5400
          Therefore 5400 points will be added to your score from this counter.
    Vital: However much health your character has left when you win. For a Perfect
           round, this will be 30000, 50000 or 80000 points depending on whom you
           defeated (see below), or if you took any damage during the round, will
           be anywhere between 0 (if you finish with a practically empty health
           bar) to 19900 (if you take only a very slight amount of damage).
    If you win a round without taking any damage, you will see the word 'PERFECT!' 
    flash on the screen after 'YOU WIN'. You will get a set amount of points for 
    winning a perfect round against each character. They are as follows:
     Ryu, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, - 30000 points
    Ken, Chun Li, Zangief, Dhalsim
               Balrog, Vega, Sagat - 50000 points
                          M. Bison - 80000 points
    | Game Modes |
    These are the three selectable modes from the title screen, in a bit more 
    Game Start
    When you select this option, you are taken to the World Map/Character select 
    screen. Use the D-Pad to select a fighter, and press any attack button or Start 
    to confirm your choice.
    You will then see a plane fly out of your warrior's native country to another 
    random location on the World Map, and you will proceed to fight the other seven 
    original World Warriors (Ryu, E. Honda, Blanka, Guile, Ken, Chun Li, Zangief 
    and Dhalsim) in a random order. In this port of SFII you do not fight your own 
    character in a mirror match; it was not until the upgraded SFII Turbo in which 
    you could do this.
    After you have fought each of the other characters, you will then proceed to 
    fight the four Deva characters (or bosses, for lack of a better term) in the 
    order of: Balrog (U.S.A.), Vega (Spain), Sagat (Thailand), and finally, M. 
    Bison (Thailand). These four characters are unplayable in this port (again, it 
    wasn't until CE/Turbo until you could control them), and are substantially much 
    tougher to defeat, particularly in this version - so it will take a good degree 
    of skill, and maybe even patience - to defeat them all. If you manage to defeat 
    them all on a high enough difficulty setting, not only will you win the game, 
    but you will also get to see your character's own unique ending, which shows a 
    short story of what happens after they win the Street Fighter circuit.
    Also, if you're REALLY skilled at this game and can manage to win this mode on 
    a difficulty setting of 6 or 7, not only do you get to watch your character's 
    ending, but you will also get a special ending to show the game credits while 
    the fighters show their moves off in the background!
    After every fourth opponent you defeat, you also get to have a go at a Bonus 
    Stage, in which you have 40 seconds to completely demolish a mountain of bricks 
    and a car. For more details and the best ways to win these stages, please take 
    a look in the Bonus Stages section of this guide.
    V.S. Battle
    When you choose this mode, you will go to a Player Select screen, in which both 
    players select one of the eight world warriors for a one-off match contested 
    under regular rules. So, here's some information about the V.S. Battle Player 
    Select screen:
    +-----------------------------------------------+ The figures underneath the
    |   1 P     P L A Y E R   S E L E C T     2 P   | characters are quite self-
    |   ___                                   ___   | explanatory: these are your
    |  /   \      +-1P-+----+----+----+      /   \  | wins, losses and defeats that
    | | O O |     |    |    |    |    |     | O O | | have been recorded since you
    | |  -` |     |    |    |    |    |     | '_  | | began playing V.S. Battle
    |/`\___/`.    +-2P-+----+----+----+    .'\___/`\| Mode, along with Special
    |///     |    |    |    |    |    |    |     \\\| Knockouts. The top row of
    |________|    |    |    |    |    |    |________| figures are those achieved by
    |             +----+----+----+----+             | one particular character for
    |  R Y U                                 K E N  | that player; the bottom row
    |                                               | are the combined results of
    | W. 0   L. 0   D. 0         W. 0   L. 0   D. 0 | all characters for that
    |                                               | player.
    | SP. K.O.         0         SP. K.O.         0 |
    |                                               | So, to get started, both
    |                                               | players need to move the
    |   1P. TOTAL                  2P. TOTAL        | flashing outline around the
    |                                               | portrait of a fighter and
    | W. 0   L. 0   D. 0         W. 0   L. 0   D. 0 | select them. When both
    |                                               | players have selected a
    | SP. K.O.         0         SP. K.O.         0 | fighter, you are then taken
    +-----------------------------------------------+ to the next screen, where you
                                         can choose your Handicap and Stage Select.
    +--------------------------------------------------+ The word 'HANDICAP' (top
    |                     HANDICAP                     | of the screen) will be
    |                                                  | highlighted red. While it
    | 1 P   R Y U                         2 P   K E N  | is highlighted, both
    | ATTACK LEVEL                        ATTACK LEVEL | players can use Left and
    |   01234567                            01234567   | Right on the D-Pad to
    |                                                  | change their handicap
    |                   STAGE SELECT                   | level via the numbers
    |                                                  | beneath 'ATTACK LEVEL',
    |                R Y U   S T A G E                 | under their character's
    |                                                  | name. The default setting
    |   [ 1]    [ 2]    [ 3]    [ 4]    [ 5]    [ 6]   | is 3; 0 means your
    |  JAPAN  JAPAN   BRAZIL  U.S.A.   U.S.A.  CHINA   | character's attacks will
    |                                                  | do less damage, 7 makes
    |   [ 7]    [ 8]    [12]    [11]    [ 9]    [10]   | them do considerably more.
    | U.S.S.R. INDIA   THAI    THAI    U.S.A.  SPAIN   | This makes it a bit more
    |                    LAND    LAND                  | fair depending on both
    +--------------------------------------------------+ players' skill level.
    Next, press Down on Player 1's D-Pad to highlight 'STAGE SELECT', and use Left 
    and Right to pick a stage for the venue by highlighting the national flag and 
    country name, then pressing Start. I have numbered the character stages in the 
    diagram above; here's a list of the character stages that correspond to each of 
    those numbers:
      1  = Ryu Stage
      2  = E. Honda Stage
      3  = Blanka Stage
      4  = Guile Stage
      5  = Ken Stage
      6  = Chun Li Stage
      7  = Zangief Stage
      8  = Dhalsim Stage
      9  = Balrog Stage
      10 = Vega Stage
      11 = Sagat Stage
      12 = M. Bison Stage
    What follows next is a regular Street Fighter II battle: up to four rounds, 
    first to win two rounds wins the bout. After the fight is over, you are then 
    taken to The Win-Loss Records screen, which looks like so:
    +----------------------------------------------------------+ So, let's say from
    |           T H E   W I N - L O S S   R E C O R D S        | this example, that
    | 1 P L A Y E R                         2 P L A Y E R      | Ryu defeated Ken
    |   W .   L .   D .                        W .   L .   D . | in the preceeding
    |     1     0     0         R Y U            0     0     0 | fight. Therefore,
    |     0     0     0     E . H O N D A        0     0     0 | 1 point is toted
    |     0     0     0     B L A N K A          0     0     0 | under Player 1's
    |     0     0     0       G U I L E          0     0     0 | W (Win) column, to
    |     0     0     0         K E N            0     1     0 | the left of RYU in
    |     0     0     0     C H U N   L I        0     0     0 | the middle. Player
    |     0     0     0     Z A N G I E F        0     0     0 | 2's L (Loss)
    |     0     0     0     D H A L S I M        0     0     0 | column is
    |                                                          | therefore also
    |     1     0     0       T O T A L          0     1     0 | changed to 1 to
    +----------------------------------------------------------+ the right of KEN,
                                                         as a result of the defeat.
    Finally, the last couple of things I'm sure require no explanation; the D 
    column represents Draws, and all Wins, Losses and Draws are added up and 
    totalled for both players at the bottom of the screen, to the left and right of 
    the TOTAL header in the middle.
    Pressing Start will then return you to the character select screen, and you can 
    pick a new pair of fighters, handicap and stages, and go at it again. If you 
    press Select, this gives you a further three options, which are:
    CONTINUE: Go back to the V.S. Mode character select screen and continue as
    QUIT: Quit this mode and return to the Title screen.
    RESET RECORDS: Reset all V.S. Mode records back to zero.
    That's it; have fun playing!
    Option Mode
    Here is where you can view, and alter if you so wish, the game's Options. Here 
    is what the Option Mode screen looks like, and a rundown of everything you see 
    in here:
                           |     O P T I O N   M O D E     |
                           |                               |
                           |              EASY    HARD     |
                           | DIFFICULTY     01234567       |
                           |                               |
                           | TIME LIMIT   YES     NO       |
                           |                               |
                           | CONFIG.      1PLAYER 2PLAYER  |
                           |                               |
                           |  CPS FIGHTER   SET     SET    |
                           |                               |
                           |    L. PUNCH     Y       Y     |
                           |    M. PUNCH     X       X     |
                           |    H. PUNCH     L       L     |
                           |    L. KICK      B       B     |
                           |    M. KICK      A       A     |
                           |    H. KICK      R       R     |
                           |                               |
                           | STEREO       STEREO  MONAURAL |
                           |                               |
                           | MUSIC TEST   10               |
                           |                               |
                           | S.E. TEST    01               |
    DIFFICULTY (01234567): Choose your game's skill setting, with 0 being the
                           easiest, 7 being the hardest. The difficulty setting
                           also affects the ending you get by winning the regular
                           game. On settings 0 - 2, you get a congratulations
                           screen that suggests you try a harder difficulty level.
                           Anywhere in this range is recommended for beginners and
                           players looking to hone their skills. On settings 3 - 5,
                           beating the game will let you see your character's own
                           unique special ending. 3 is the default setting and
                           perhaps ideal for the average player, although it can
                           still prove frustratingly difficult with characters you
                           are less skilled at using. Finally, settings 6 - 7, for
                           the truly skilled Street Fighter II player, will also
                           give you the Special Ending upon completing the game, in
                           addition to your own character's ending.
    TIME LIMIT (YES/NO): When this is toggled on to YES, a 99-second timer will
                         elapse in each round from the moment 'FIGHT!' is declared.
                         Although this means you only have just over 1.5 minutes to
                         complete a round, you can also get an additional time
                         bonus of (seconds left x 100) upon finishing a round
                         victorious. A draw can also be declared if the timer
                         expires and both fighters have an equal amount of health
                         remaining. If this is toggled OFF, a round will keep
                         playing and is only over when one fighter is KO'ed, so it
                         means a bout will have a more decisive outcome to it, but
                         you won't get a time bonus at the end of a round. Default
                         setting is YES.
    CONFIG.: Here, you can assign your punch and kick buttons. Using the controller
             you wish to assign button commands to, use the D-Pad Up and Down to
             highlight the button beside its command, and press the button on the
             controller that you wish to change this to.
    STEREO (STEREO/MONAURAL): Play the sound through Mono or Stereo, depending on
                              which your TV has. Default set to STEREO.
    MUSIC TEST (10 - 2F): Here, you can listen to any of the game's background
                          music tracks. Here's how to do so: pressing Y or A will
                          move back or ahead one track at a time, and X or B will
                          move back or ahead by a full integer (e.g. 10 -> 20, 1A
                          -> 2A, 2F -> 1F and so on). Press R to play the track,
                          and L to stop it.
    S.E. (01 - 5F): Like the music test, this option lets you listen to any of the
                    game's sound effects. The way you can select and listen to
                    these is done in the same manner as playing background music;
                    see above.
    | Hints & Tips |
    * Learn and perfect the art of blocking. Remember that when your opponent gets
      on the offensive, hold back on the D-Pad and wait for them to ease up before
      you can seize an opportunity to launch an attack of your own. Also remember,
      however, that you can still take damage from special moves, so also try to
      master the art of successfully evading attacks, being it jumping over
      projectiles, ducking under aerial attacks, or countering one move with
    * Figure out the best times to use your special moves, and don't overutilise
      them. If your fighter has projectile moves, these work well at long range
      against other fighters who have no long-range attacks. Do beware, though,
      that using them leaves you temporarily open to attack if your opponent
      manages to avoid your attack. Keep your attack patterns varied and don't let
      your opponent work out your strategy.
    * To fight fire with fire, so to speak, projectiles are capable of cancelling
      each other out. If Ken hurls a fireball your way, Ryu can hurl one back and
      the two projectiles will collide and disappear. If Sagat hurls a Tiger Shot,
      get Dhalsim to shoot a Yoga Fire or Yoga Flame to nullify the threat. You get
      the idea; it's another way you can avoid long-range attacks without having to
      block and take minor damage or leap around trying not to get caught.
    * If you manage to connect enough strong hits to knock your opponent down, they
      can become dizzy for a few moments (indicated by the stars or birds that
      circle their head). While dizzy, they are unable to move, jump, crouch,
      attack or block. Quickly launch an attack combo if you can to inflict further
      punishment. If you end up taking a nasty licking yourself and get dizzy,
      shake the cobwebs off by quickly and repeatedly pressing Left and Right on
      the D-Pad and the attack buttons.
    * Practice with every character. They each have different strengths and
      weaknesses, and some you'll find you can cope with better than others. If
      you're new to the game, set the difficulty to a lower level and keep playing
      until you get a good enough feel for them. Work out all their special moves,
      other moves, and which attacks work best for them against each of the other
      characters. Once you're ready, turn the skill setting up a little higher and
      see if you can conquer the game by winning with everyone for their special
      ending. Then, pick the character you are best with, and go for that special
      ending on the higher difficulty setting.
    | Damage the Scenery |
    Some stages have backdrops at one or both sides of the stage that can be 
    destroyed by throwing or knocking your opponent into them, and you get a few 
    extra points for doing so. Keep an eye out for the following in these stages:
      Ryu's Stage (Japanese rooftops) - Signposts (both sides)
    Guile's Stage (American air base) - Crates (both sides)
       Ken's Stage (American harbour) - Oil barrels (right side)
       M. Bison's Stage (Thai temple) - Statues (both sides)
                                2. CHARACTERS/MOVE LIST                      [0200]
    NOTE: All move lists in this FAQ are listed as when your character is facing to
          the RIGHT. When they are on the opposite side facing LEFT, moves that
          require use of the D-Pad are mirrored, as you are using Left to move
          towards your opponent and Right to move back, and so on. Here's an
          example of how to perform Ryu's fireball, depending on the direction he
          is facing:
          |  \   --F + [any Punch button]   |   /  F-- + [any Punch button]
          D  DF                             D  DF
          (facing right)                    (facing left)
          For this, and other moves in which you use directional buttons to perform
          the move, you must move your thumb over the D-Pad in a fluid motion,
          rather than tapping each direction separately. In this case, the best way
          to describe it would be to start with your thumb on the D-Pad Down, and
          keep it pressed down as you move it counter-clockwise along the D-Pad
          until it's on Right, and as soon as it's on Right, hit a Punch button at
          the same time and Ryu will execute the move.
    D-Pad: UB  U  UF   B  = Back
            \  |  /    D  = Down
           B-- o --F   DB = Down + Back
            /  |  \    DF = Down + Forward
           DB  D  DF   F  = Forward
                       U  = Up
                       UB = Up + Back
                       UF = Up + Forward
    Other terms: [any Kick button]  = Use any Kick button in conjunction with the
                                      last direction in a special move execution on
                                      the D-Pad to perform it.
                 [any Punch button] = Use any Punch button in conjunction with the
                                      last direction in a special move execution on
                                      the D-Pad to perform it.
                 [D-Pad 360]        = Very quickly move your thumb clockwise over
                                      the D-Pad 360 Degrees.
                 [hold X seconds]   = You have to hold this direction down for a
                                      certain length of time (denoted by X seconds)
                                      before pressing the next directional button
                                      to perform the move.
                 [repeatedly]       = You have to quickly and repeatedly tap this
                                      button to keep doing this move as it is a
                                      non-stop move (e.g. E. Honda's Hundred Hand
                                      Slap or Chun Li's Lightning Kick).
                 [X Punch buttons]  = Press however many Punch buttons together
                                      simultaneously, as indicated by X.
                                        | Ryu |
    Date of Birth: 7-21-1964
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    3-Size: B: 44"
            W: 31"
            H: 33"
    Blood Type: O
    From: Japan
    A student of Master Sheng Long, Ryu has developed into a pure warrior. He has 
    devoted his entire life to the perfection of his fighting skills and has 
    forsaken everything else in his life. Ryu has no home, no friends and no 
    family. Instead, he wanders the globe seeking to test his skills against other 
    Cool and calculating, Ryu is very patient in combat. When Ryu sees weakness, he 
    will move quickly to dispatch his opponents with the awesome power of his 
    Dragon Punch.
    Special Moves
      * Combination: |  \   --F + [any Punch button]
                     D  DF
      * Description: Ryu throws forward a glowing blue ball of energy while calling
                     the words "HA-DO-KEN". A long-range attack but leaves him
                     vulnerable for a second while he performs it.
      * Variants: (Jab)    Fireball moves at a slow speed.
                  (Strong) Fireball moves at a medium speed.
                  (Fierce) Fireball moves at a quick speed.
    Dragon Punch
      * Combination: --F  |  \  + [any Punch button]
                          D  DF
      * Description: Ryu leaps up and forward while calling the words "SHO-RYU
                     KEN". A strong attack that knocks down any opponent leaping
                     towards him. If it connects on the ground, it can hit twice
                     and knock the opponent down. If it fails to hit, though, Ryu
                     is vulnerable to attack from below while he is in midair.
      * Variants: (Jab)    Dragon Punch reaches low height.
                  (Strong) Dragon Punch reaches medium height.
                  (Fierce) Dragon Punch reaches high height.
    Hurricane Kick
      * Combination: |   /  B-- + [any Kick button]
                     D  DB
      * Description: Ryu launches forward and spins at a quick rate with an
                     outstretched leg, calling the words "TATSU-MAKI-SEN-PU-KYAKU".
                     The kick can hit an opponent up to three times and potentially
                     knock them down. Ryu can be left susceptible to low attacks
                     and projectiles while performing this move however, as it
                     takes a few seconds to finish executing.
      * Variants: (Short)      Hurricane Kick travels short distance.
                  (Forward)    Hurricane Kick travels medium distance.
                  (Roundhouse) Hurricane Kick travels long distance.
    Other Moves
    Throws & Holds
    Shoulder Throw : --F + Strong/Fierce (against opponent) (performs a judo-style
                     throw over his shoulder)
    Back Roll: --F + Forward/Roundhouse (against opponent) (monkey-flip throws
    Tips for Fighting As/Against Ryu
    Tips for Fighting As Ryu: Along with Ken, Ryu is perhaps the most well-rounded
                              fighter in the game. Keep your opponents at bay with
                              the use of plenty of Fireballs, and if they jump
                              towards you for an aerial attack, that can be easily
                              dealt with by the use of a Dragon Punch. Ryu has a
                              good combo move of forward jump kick, immediately
                              followed by a Roundhouse sweep to deal good damage
                              and knock the opponent down. His Roundhouse kick used
                              against an opponent also hits twice, so either of
                              these moves is best to use when you get your opponent
    Tips for Fighting Against Ryu: When fighting against Ryu as the CPU, he tends
                                   to favour using Fireballs more often, the Dragon
                                   Punch every so often, and the Hurricane Kick
                                   less often. When Ryu gets into the habit of
                                   throwing several fireballs in a row, it's
                                   usually best to go for an aerial attack, but
                                   remember, you'll need to time it right,
                                   otherwise he can catch you out with a Dragon
                                   Punch. If you can successfully block a Dragon
                                   Punch (for example, if he uses it too late to
                                   catch you in the air), a jumping kick will
                                   swiftly knock him back down. Use projectiles
                                   only if he comes at you with a Dragon Punch or
                                   Hurricane Kick, otherwise try to keep it to
                                   close-range fighting.
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Folds his arms while his headband and black belt blow in the
    Victory Stance 2: Raises his hand in victory.
    Victory Quotes
                                      | E. Honda |
    Date of Birth: 11-3-1960
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 304 lbs.
    3-Size: B: 83"
            W: 70"
            H: 82"
    Blood Type: A
    From: Japan
    Edmond Honda has been trained since birth to take his place as the greatest 
    sumo wrestler to ever step into the ring. Upon receiving the title of 
    "Yokozuna" or grand champion, Honda was shocked to learn that the rest of the 
    world did not consider Sumo wrestling a true sport. Outraged, he has vowed to 
    prove that Sumo wrestlers are the greatest fighters in the world.
    Quick and extremely powerful, Honda's greatest advantage is his size. He loves 
    to pound his opponents into corners and then knock them out with a quick series 
    of punches.
    Special Moves
    Hundred Hand Slap
      * Combination: [any Punch button; repeatedly]
      * Description: E. Honda wildly thrusts his hands forward at a very fast rate;
                     this attack is very powerful and can connect multiple times to
                     quickly knock an opponent down and have them dizzy in very
                     quick time. Very useful when you have an opponent cornered as
                     this can do decent damage, even if they are blocking. E. Honda
                     does however, lay open to attack from projectiles while he is
                     doing this move.
      * Variants: (Jab)    Hundred Hand Slap moves slowly.
                  (Strong) Hundred Hand Slap moves quickly.
                  (Fierce) Hundred Hand Slap moves very quickly.
    Sumo Head Butt
      * Combination: B-- [hold 2 seconds] --F + [any Punch button]
      * Description: E. Honda launches himself forward like a torpedo while calling
                     the words "DOS KOI", momentarily defying gravity until he
                     stops or makes a head-on collision with his opponent. If it
                     connects, it often knocks the opponent back, in addition to
                     dealing hefty damage.
      * Variants: (Jab)    Sumo Head Butt moves at a slow speed and travels short
                  (Strong) Sumo Head Butt moves at a medium speed and travels
                           medium distance.
                  (Fierce) Sumo Head Butt moves at a fast speed and travels long
    Other Moves
    Body Splash: | + Forward (while leaping left or right) (comes down on opponent
                 D                                         for fair damage)
    Throws & Holds
    Shoulder Throw: --F + Strong (against opponent) (throws opponent back)
    Bear Hug: --F + Fierce (against opponent) (bearhugs opponent and repeatedly
              squeezes for extra damage)
    Knee Bash: --F + Roundhouse (against opponent) (grabs opponent and repeatedly
               knees them in the head for extra damage)
    Tips for Fighting As/Against E. Honda
    Tips for Fighting As E. Honda: The best technique of fighting with E. Honda is
                                   to corner your opponent, so that you can pummel
                                   away at them with the brilliant Hundred Hand
                                   Slap move. I can't really say when is the best
                                   time to go for the Sumo Head Butt move, just so
                                   long as your opponent won't catch you out with a
                                   projectile. Also note that E. Honda's regular
                                   Roundhouse kick is powerful enough to knock an
                                   opponent down with one hit, and his throws and
                                   holds are quite decent, too. You'll need to keep
                                   your opponents close, though, as with a lack of
                                   projectile moves and no means of defence when
                                   executing his own special moves, E. Honda may
                                   struggle against long-range fighters.
    Tips for Fighting Against E. Honda: Fighting at close range can be very risky
                                        against E. Honda, so if your character has
                                        projectiles, keep the big man at bay with
                                        them (firing them at different speeds can
                                        help), and try to catch him out when he
                                        goes for the Hundred Hand Slap or Sumo Head
                                        Butt. If you catch him while he is doing
                                        the latter move, it knocks him down. If
                                        your own character is not a long-range
                                        fighter, try evading his attacks by jumping
                                        over him and using throws and holds.
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Goes into Sumo stance and calls "DOS KOI!".
    Victory Stance 2: Raises his hands in the air and laughs.
    Victory Quotes
    Victory Quote 1: "CAN'T YOU DO BETTER THAN THAT?"
                                       | Blanka |
    Date of Birth: 2-12-1966
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 218 lbs.
    3-Size: B: 77"
            W: 47"
            H: 67"
    Blood Type: B
    From: Brazil
    Very little is known about this bizarre fighter from the jungles of Brazil. For 
    years, the natives have reported seeing a half-man, half-beast roaming in the 
    rain forests. But, it was only within the last year, that the beast named 
    Blanka appeared in the cities of Brazil and challenged any fighter who would 
    dare to stand againt him.
    Attacking like an uncaged animal, Blanka uses his speed and agility to inflict 
    maximum damage on his opponents.
    Special Moves
      * Combination: [any Punch button; repeatedly]
      * Description: Blanka crouches and emits a strong electrical charge from all
                     over his body as long as you keep pressing the Punch button.
                     If an opponent touches Blanka, they are electrocuted for a
                     decent amount of damage, stunned and knocked back. However,
                     Blanka is open to projectile attacks while doing this move.
      * Variants: None.
    Rolling Attack
      * Combination: B-- [hold 2 seconds] --F + [any Punch button]
      * Description: Blanka quickly launches himself at an opponent while rolling
                     like a cannonball. This attack is usually quick enough to
                     catch an opponent off-guard, however while moving Blanka can
                     be knocked back with a projectile, or if the opponent blocks
                     the move, he bounces up into the air for a couple of seconds,
                     which also leaves him open to attack.
      * Variants: (Jab)    Rolling Attack moves at a low speed and travels short
                  (Strong) Rolling Attack moves at a medium speed and travels
                           medium distance.
                  (Fierce) Rolling Attack moves at a fast speed and travels long
    Other Moves
    Double Knee: B-- + Forward (close to opponent) or --F + Forward (close to
                 opponent) (hits opponent with knees twice for fair damage)
    Head Butt: B-- + Strong (close to opponent) or --F + Strong (close to opponent)
               (headbutts opponent twice for fair damage)
    Double Punch: Fierce (close to opponent) (somersaults in midair and punches
                  opponent twice)
    Throws & Holds
    Head Bite: --F + Fierce (against opponent) (Repeatedly bites the opponent's
               head for extra damage per bite)
    Tips for Fighting As/Against Blanka
    Tips for Fighting As Blanka: Blanka is one of the better close-range fighters
                                 as he is very quick in the air and has good, raw
                                 power. He is, however, somewhat slow on the
                                 ground, so aerial attacks followed by ground
                                 attacks are his speciality. If you corner an
                                 opponent, use the Electricity attack to inflict
                                 some extra damage. When on the defence, hold Back
                                 on the D-Pad to charge the Rolling Attack move,
                                 and unleash it when your opponent tries to attack
                                 from the air. It works more often than not, and
                                 comes in handy if the opponent miscues an aerial
    Tips for Fighting Against Blanka: Playing against a CPU-controlled Blanka does,
                                      at times, prove somewhat difficult. Although
                                      Blanka cannot fight long-range, he has quick
                                      jumps so if you use projectiles too often, he
                                      can quickly hop over them and quickly catch
                                      you with an aerial attack while you're still
                                      throwing a projectile. Also, close-range
                                      fighting is dangerous, due to his quick and
                                      powerful attacking, along with the dreaded
                                      Electricity move. Quick attacks in the air
                                      work quite well, and play defensively when
                                      you can. If Blanka goes for the Rolling
                                      Attack and you successfully block it, quickly
                                      knock him down with a jumping attack and try
                                      to get in a combo. Try to keep your distance
                                      if at all possible, and be cautious if you
                                      have to go in close!
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Raises his arms in the air while growling three times.
    Victory Stance 2: Does backflips.
    Victory Quotes
    Victory Quote 2: "SEEING YOU IN ACTION IS A JOKE!"
                                       | Guile |
    Date of Birth: 12-23-1960
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 191 lbs.
    3-Size: B: 49"
            W: 32"
            H: 35"
    Blood Type: O
    From: U.S.A.
    An ex-member of an elite special forces team, Guile and his co-pilot Charlie 
    were captured during a mission in Thailand six years ago. After many months of 
    imprisonment, he and Charlie managed to escape from their jungle prison. During 
    the perilous trek to civilization, Charlie died and Guile has been consumed by 
    vengeance ever since.
    Using a unique blend of Special Forces training and street fighting skills, 
    Guile is a force to be reckoned with.
    Special Moves
    Sonic Boom
      * Combination: B-- [hold 2 seconds] --F + [any Punch button]
      * Description: Guile whips his arms together to launch a sound wave attack
                     while calling the words "SONIC BOOM". Deals decent damage, but
                     means you will have to be on the defensive for a couple of
                     seconds while Guile charges the move.
      * Variants: (Jab)    Sonic Boom moves at a slow speed.
                  (Strong) Sonic Boom moves at a medium speed.
                  (Fierce) Sonic Boom moves at a fast speed.
    Flash Kick
      * Combination: | [hold 2 seconds] U + [any Kick button]
                     D                  |
      * Description: Guile leaps high into the air while performing a quick
                     backflip kick, creating a flash. Knocks down anybody trying to
                     leap towards Guile for an aerial attack, but takes a couple of
                     seconds to charge, and if it doesn't hit, Guile remains open
                     to attack while he remains in midair. If close enough to an
                     opponent on the ground, can hit twice and knock them back.
      * Variants: (Short)      Flash Kick reaches low height.
                  (Forward)    Flash Kick reaches medium height.
                  (Roundhouse) Flash Kick reaches high height.
    Other Moves
    Knee Drop: B-- + Forward or --F + Forward (hops forward with a quick knee
               attack for fair damage)
    Upside-Down Kick: B-- + Roundhouse or --F + Roundhouse (close to opponent)
                      (flips upside down and kicks for strong damage)
    Double Sweep: | + Roundhouse (performs two sweep kicks in succession;
                  D              knocks down opponent if connects)
    Throws & Holds
    Ground Shoulder Throw: --F + Strong (against opponent) (press slams opponent
                           overhead and away)
    Air Shoulder Throw: --F + Strong/Fierce (against opponent; in midair) (hurls
                        opponent down to the ground)
    Back Breaker: --F + Forward/Roundhouse (against opponent; in midair) (drags
                  opponent down to the ground with a powerful back breaker for
                  strong damage)
    Suplex: --F + Fierce (against opponent) (German suplex for strong damage)
    Tips for Fighting As/Against Guile
    Tips for Fighting As Guile: As both of Guile's special moves require charging
                                in order to execute them, it is best to adopt a
                                defensive strategy. A good trick is to hold BOTH
                                Down and Back on the D-Pad, as this can charge up
                                BOTH the Sonic Boom and the Flash Kick - so
                                therefore, you just need to then hit Forward +
                                Punch or Up + Kick to use either move. The Flash
                                Kick is brilliant as it is almost impossible to
                                penetrate. If an opponent comes in from the air,
                                use this move to knock them flat on their back,
                                then get in and dish out some punishment. Also,
                                remember that Guile has some powerful midair
                                throws, so if an opponent miscues an aerial attack,
                                get them with an Air Shoulder Throw or a Back
                                Breaker. Guile fights best on the ground too, so
                                use fierces and roundhouses to grind away at your
                                enemy's health.
    Tips for Fighting Against Guile: It's tricky to get in close to Guile as his
                                     Sonic Boom can nullify projectiles and combat
                                     long-range attacking, and jumping towards him
                                     is suicide, as he will easily knock you down
                                     with the Flash Kick. Try to get him to come to
                                     you, and you may be able to block an attack or
                                     a Flash Kick. If this happens, seize the
                                     opportunity to knock him down, get close and
                                     attack when he gets up but before he gets the
                                     opportunity to use another special move. He's
                                     tough, but keep it up and you'll win!
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Flexes.
    Victory Stance 2: Fixes hair and flexes.
    Victory Quotes
    Victory Quote 2: "GO HOME AND BE A FAMILY MAN!"
                                        | Ken |
    Date of Birth: 2-14-1965
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 169 lbs.
    3-Size: B: 44"
            W: 32"
            H: 33"
    Blood Type: B
    From: U.S.A.
    The only other disciple of master Sheng Long, Ken is a natural athlete. 
    Unfortunately, Ken's natural fighting skill has fueled his giant ego and he is 
    constantly reminding his opponents that he is the greatest fighter of all time. 
    For the past year, Ken has let his skills deteriorate and has spent most of his 
    time on the beach with his girlfriend. Only a challenge from Ryu has rekindled 
    his fighting spirit.
    Brash and arrogant, Ken loves to show off during a fight. After knocking his 
    opponent senseless with his Fireball, Ken loves to stand over his opponents and 
    laugh at them.
    Special Moves
      * Combination: |  \   --F + [any Punch button]
                     D  DF
      * Description: Ken throws forward a glowing blue ball of energy while calling
                     the words "HA-DO-KEN". A long-range attack but leaves him
                     vulnerable for a second while he performs it.
      * Variants: (Jab)    Fireball moves at a slow speed.
                  (Strong) Fireball moves at a medium speed.
                  (Fierce) Fireball moves at a quick speed.
    Dragon Punch
      * Combination: --F  |  \  + [any Punch button]
                          D  DF
      * Description: Ken leaps up and forward while calling the words "SHO-RYU
                     KEN". A strong attack that knocks down any opponent leaping
                     towards him. If it connects on the ground, it can hit twice
                     and knock the opponent down. If it fails to hit, though, Ken
                     is vulnerable to attack from below while he is in midair.
      * Variants: (Jab)    Dragon Punch reaches low height.
                  (Strong) Dragon Punch reaches medium height.
                  (Fierce) Dragon Punch reaches high height.
    Hurricane Kick
      * Combination: |   /  B-- + [any Kick button]
                     D  DB
      * Description: Ken launches forward and spins at a quick rate with an
                     outstretched leg, calling the words "TATSU-MAKI-SEN-PU-KYAKU".
                     The kick can hit an opponent up to three times and potentially
                     knock them down. Ken can be left susceptible to low attacks
                     and projectiles while performing this move however, as it
                     takes a few seconds to finish executing.
      * Variants: (Short)      Hurricane Kick travels short distance.
                  (Forward)    Hurricane Kick travels medium distance.
                  (Roundhouse) Hurricane Kick travels long distance.
    Other Moves
    Throws & Holds
    Shoulder Throw: --F + Strong/Fierce (against opponent) (performs a judo-style
                    throw over his shoulder)
    Back Roll: --F + Forward/Roundhouse (against opponent) (monkey-flip throws
               opponent; differs from Ryu's throw in that Ken performs a somersault
               with the opponent preceeding the throw)
    Tips for Fighting As/Against Ken
    Tips for Fighting As Ken: Like with Ryu, keep your distance from your opponents
                              by firing a few Fireballs, and if they come in from
                              the air, knock them down with a Dragon Punch. The
                              Hurricane Kick can work well if you have your
                              opponent cornered as it can hit multiple times, but
                              remember to block after doing so if the opponent
                              blocks the move or is somehow still on their feet.
                              Otherwise, stick to a similar strategy as to one you
                              would use with Ryu, as the two characters are
                              virtually equal in this game.
    Tips for Fighting Against Ken: The CPU-controlled Ken uses his special moves in
                                   different ways to the way the CPU-controlled Ryu
                                   would; he uses the Hurricane Kick and Dragon
                                   Punch moves a lot more often, and the Fireball
                                   substantially less. So, try to knock him out of
                                   the air when he's doing the first two moves and
                                   go in for some strong attacks. Try not to attack
                                   from the air and keep it grounded.
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Gives the "Peace" sign.
    Victory Stance 2: Raises his hand in victory.
    Victory Quotes
                                      | Chun Li |
    Date of Birth: 3-1-1968
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: Unknown
    3-Size: B: 34"
            W: 22"
            H: 35"
    Blood Type: A
    From: China
    Unlike many of the other contestants, Chun Li has not entered the tournament 
    for personal glory. Instead, she has been secretly tracking the movements of an 
    international smuggling operation known as Shadoloo. The trail has led her to 
    the tournament and she now believes that one of the Grand Masters may have been 
    responsible for the death of her father.
    Stunned by her looks, opponents often underestimate Chun Li's ability and find 
    themselves flattened by a few well placed kicks.
    Special Moves
    Lightning Kick
      * Combination: [any Kick button; repeatedly]
      * Description: Chun Li whips her leg up and down at lightning-fast speed for
                     multiple kicks that deal heavy damage and can connect multiple
                     times to quickly knock an opponent down with a good chance of
                     causing dizziness. She does become vulnerable to projectile
                     attacks or being hit from behind when doing this move,
      * Variants: (Short)      Lightning Kick moves slowly.
                  (Forward)    Lightning Kick moves quickly.
                  (Roundhouse) Lightning Kick moves very quickly.
    Whirlwind Kick
      * Combination: | [hold 2 seconds] U + [any Kick button]
                     D                  |
      * Description: Chun Li flips upside-down and spins round like a top with her
                     legs outstretched at such a speed that she momentarily defies
                     gravity as she floats from one side of the screen to the
                     other, while calling the words "SPINNING BIRD KICK". Like Ryu
                     and Ken's Hurricane Kick, this can hit multiple times to
                     anyone in its path, but Chun Li is vulnerable to low attacks
                     or projectiles, as the move takes a few seconds to perform.
      * Variants: (Short)     Whirlwind Kick travels short distance.
                  (Forward)   Whirlwind Kick travels medium distance.
                  (Roundhose) Whirlwind Kick travels long distance.
    Other Moves
    Head Stomp: | + Forward (in midair) (Chun Li performs a pounce attack that she
                D                       can use to bounce off an opponent's head)
    Wall Kick: (Jump towards wall, then hold Up/Down + opposite direction) (Chun Li
               bounces off wall in the opposite direction for extra height)
    Throws & Holds
    Ground Shoulder Throw: --F + Strong/Fierce (against opponent) (tackles
    Air Shoulder Throw: --F + Strong/Fierce (against opponent; in midair) (tackles
                        opponent to the ground)
    Tips for Fighting As/Against Chun Li
    Tips for Fighting As Chun Li: Use those kicks when you can as Chun Li's rate
                                  among the best. The Lightning Kick works wonders
                                  when you've got an opponent cornered, too. Chun
                                  Li is a close range fighter and also does quite
                                  well in the air, too; use the Wall Kick move to
                                  evade projectiles and gain extra airtime. Her
                                  forward leap roundhouse kick is a great move,
                                  too. If any opponent comes in from the air, try
                                  the Air Shoulder Throw to take them down. Use her
                                  speed and agility to your advantage and go in
                                  when your opponent opens themselves up with a
                                  mis-timed move.
    Tips for Fighting Against Chun Li: If you have some moves to combat Chun Li's
                                       aerial threat you'll do well. She tends to
                                       do a lot of her attacking from above, so a
                                       Dragon Punch or Flash Kick, or just a well-
                                       timed jumping kick can knock her out of the
                                       sky. Use projectiles when you can,
                                       particularly if she goes for her own special
                                       moves, as she is wide open to being caught
                                       out while she is executing them.
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Jumps up into the air and giggles, then gives the "Peace"
                      sign, and says "YA TAI!" (lit. "I did it!")
    Victory Stance 2: Folds her arms and bows her head.
    Victory Quotes
                     CHALLENGE SOMEONE ELSE!"
                                      | Zangief |
    Date of Birth: 6-1-1956
    Height: 7'
    Weight: 256 lbs.
    3-Size: B: 64"
            W: 50"
            H: 59"
    Blood Type: A
    From: U.S.S.R
    Many believe that Zangief entered the tournament out of his fierce respect for 
    his country, but they are only partially correct. Zangief loves his country, 
    but he loves to stomp on his opponents even more. What else would you expect 
    from a man who wrestles bears for fun?
    Totally fearless, Zangief is willing to walk into a punch as long as he can 
    grab his opponent and drive them into the pavement with his Spinning Pile 
    Special Moves
    Spinning Clothesline
      * Combination: [2/3 Punch buttons]
      * Description: Zangief swivels around quickly with his arms outstretched,
                     doing the popular professional wrestling clothesline move.
                     Deals heavy damage, and often knocks an opponent down. Zangief
                     is also immune to projectiles below the waistline while doing
                     the move, but he can be attacked from the air while doing it.
      * Variants: None.
    Spinning Pile Driver
      * Combination: [D-Pad 360] + [any Punch button] (close to opponent)
      * Description: Zangief grabs the opponent, flips them upside down, then
                     launches high into the air before coming crashing down to
                     earth and planting them into the ground. Does VERY hard
                     damage, but you have to be close to the opponent, and the D-
                     Pad movement is tricky to pull off - you have to do a 360 VERY
      * Variants: None.
    Other Moves
    Body Splash: | + Fierce (while leaping Left or Right) (comes down on opponent
                 D                                        for heavy damage)
    Knee Drop: | + Short (while leaping Left or Right) (comes down on opponent for
               D                                       slight damage)
    Throws & Holds
    Power Slam: --F + Forward/Roundhouse (against opponent) (performs pro wrestling
                Power Bomb move for heavy damage)
    Pile Driver: B-- + Strong (against opponent) or --F + Strong (against opponent)
                 (performs leaping Pile Driver for heavy damage; direction Zangief
                 jumps depends on the D-Pad direction)
    Back Slam: --F + Fierce (against opponent) (performs pro wrestling Suplex move
               for heavy damage)
    Alley Oop: | + Fierce (against opponent; while crouching) (throws opponent over
               D                                              his head)
    Head Bite: --F + Fierce (close to opponent) (repeatedly bites opponent for
               extra damage)
    Stomach Pump: --F + Strong (close to opponent) (grabs opponent and repeatedly
                  squeezes their stomach for extra damage)
    Tips for Fighting As/Against Zangief
    Tips for Fighting As Zangief: While playing as Zangief, you'll probably rely on
                                  the big wrestler's raw power and strength in
                                  order to overcome your opponent. Zangief is slow
                                  and has poor jumping, but being an ex-wrestler,
                                  has a very wide range of throws and holds at his
                                  disposal. Keep your enemies close and use these
                                  moves, as well as the Body Splash move; using
                                  this quickly and repeatedly can quickly deal good
                                  damage. Also, Zangief cannot be harmed by
                                  projectiles below the waistline when he is
                                  performing the Spinning Clothesline move, so you
                                  may opt to use this method of getting past
                                  projectiles rather than trying to use his jump,
                                  as his poor jumping and large frame mean he is
                                  more likely to get hit.
    Tips for Fighting Against Zangief: Fighting at close quarters is difficult
                                       against Zangief, so moves that will knock
                                       him down, along with projectiles, are your
                                       best choice. If you get too close, he'll no
                                       doubt catch you with a damaging throw or
                                       even the dreaded Spinning Pile Driver, which
                                       the CPU is definitely not shy about using.
                                       Aerial attacks may also do quite well, if
                                       your character is a quick jumper.
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Makes a double "I'm Number One" pose.
    Victory Stance 2: Flexes and laughs.
    Victory Quotes
                                      | Dhalsim |
    Date of Birth: 11-22-1952
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 107 lbs.
            (He can change height and weight to some extent.)
    3-Size: B: 42"
            W: 18"
            H: 25"
    Blood Type: O
    From: India
    Over the course of his life, Dhalsim has sought to unify his mind, body and 
    soul through the discipline of Yoga. Now, as he nears his goal, Dhalsim must 
    test himself and his skills before he can rise to a higher state of 
    Dhalsim's greatest skill is his patience. He knows that he does not stand a 
    chance in a slugging match. Instead, he concentrates on using his unique 
    abilities to keep his enemies at a distance and to slowly wear them down.
    Special Moves
    Yoga Fire
      * Combination: |  \   --F + [any Punch button]
                     D  DF
      * Description: Dhalsim launches a fireball projectile at his opponent that,
                     if touched when not blocking, surrounds their body in flames,
                     knocking them back.
      * Variants: (Jab)    Yoga Fire travels at a slow speed.
                  (Strong) Yoga Fire travels at a medium speed.
                  (Fierce) Yoga Fire travels at a fast speed.
    Yoga Flame
      * Combination: B--   /  |  \   --F + [any Punch button]
                          DB  D  DF
      * Description: Dhalsim spits out a cloud of flame. Unlike the Yoga Fire, this
                     is not a projectile, but it can still nullify other
                     projectiles that are thrown by opponents. Like the Yoga Fire,
                     any oppponent that comes into contact with it is covered in
                     flames and knocked down. The downside to this move is that
                     Dhalsim is immobile while using it and it takes a few seconds,
                     leaving him vulnerable to an aerial attack.
      * Variants: None.
    Other Moves
    Head Butt: --F  --F + Fierce (in midair) (flutters down towards opponent with a
               spinning headbutt attack)
    Spinning Attack: --F  --F + Roundhouse (in midair) (flutters down towards
                     opponent with a corkscrew kick attack)
    Throws & Holds
    Yoga Nugie: --F + Strong (against opponent) (grabs opponent and repeatedly
                punches their head for extra damage)
    Arm Throw: --F + Fierce (against opponent) (throws opponent over his head and
    Tips for Fighting As/Against Dhalsim
    Tips for Fighting As Dhalsim: Dhalsim is not your typical fighting game
                                  character; he is, in fact, terrible. He is slow,
                                  weak, and very open to attack while pulling off
                                  most moves. Therefore, you need to be a little
                                  more strategic with him in order to win, but rest
                                  assured, it is possible. Using the Yoga Fire and
                                  Flame moves to knock your opponent down is
                                  usually a good bet, and for aerial threats, a
                                  standing Roundhouse kick usually knocks them
                                  back. Keep in mind that Dhalsim has a lot of
                                  airtime with his jumping, but this leaves him
                                  very vulnerable to being knocked out of the air;
                                  so coming down with the Head Butt or Spinning
                                  Attack moves will get him back down to earth
                                  quicker and can maybe inflict some good damage on
                                  your opponent. He is capable of performing a
                                  slide kick with the use of the Down + Roundhouse
                                  buttons, which can allow him to slide underneath
                                  projectiles and knock the opponent down when they
                                  are firing them. Try to follow up with a Yoga
                                  Nugie, or if you feel that's too risky, keep up
                                  the repeated Yoga Fire/Flame process.
    Tips for Fighting Against Dhalsim: A lot of Dhalsim's moves leave him open to
                                       attack, even his stretchy limbs. His aerial
                                       attacks are also poor as his kick goes
                                       upwards, so aerial battles are usually lost
                                       by Dhalsim, so keep this in mind. Fighting
                                       him at close range is the best strategy;
                                       just pound away and your power will more
                                       often than not overcome him.
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Swivels and claps his hands above his head.
    Victory Stance 2: Goes into a lotus position and levitates.
    Victory Quotes
                                       | Balrog |
    NOTE: Balrog is one of the four Deva (boss) characters and is not a playable
          character in this version of Street Fighter II. He is fought in the
          regular game mode after defeating all of the other seven World Warriors.
    Special Moves
    Turn Punch: Spins and launches a strong punch at the opponent.
    Dash Punch: Dashes towards the opponent at very quick speed to connect with a
                powerful punch.
    Dash Uppercut: Dashes towards the opponent at very quick speed to connect with
                   a powerful uppercut.
    Throws & Holds
    Head Butt: Grabs the opponent and headbutts them multiple times, with extra
               damage done for each hit.
    Tips for Fighting Against Balrog
    Balrog, like the other boss characters, tends to rely on sheer attacking and 
    brute strength rather than strategy, but he can very easily corner you if you 
    keep defending. He loves to repeatedly attack with his Dash Punch and Uppercut 
    moves, so try to knock him back with a sweep or a projectile. Keep him at bay 
    with projectiles if you can, or get him cornered, but not the other way round, 
    as this will usually end up with you being floored in a matter of seconds.
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Flexes.
    Victory Stance 2: Flexes, causing his vest to tear off.
    Victory Quotes
    Victory Quote 1: "GET UP YOU WIMP!"
                                        | Vega |
    NOTE: Vega is one of the four Deva (boss) characters and is not a playable
          character in this version of Street Fighter II. He is fought in the
          regular game mode after defeating all of the other seven World Warriors.
    Special Moves
    Rolling Claw: Rolls forward and takes a slash with his claw.
    Claw Dive: Climbs the cage in the background before leaping off and coming
               down, slashing the opponent with a swipe of his claw.
    Air Suplex: Climbs the cage in the background before leaping off towards the
                opponent, grabbing them and performing a backflip suplex.
    Throws & Holds
    Suplex: Grabs the opponent for a quick-release German Suplex.
    Air Throw: Throws the opponent across the screen and to the ground in midair.
    Tips for Fighting Against Vega
    On higher difficulty settings, Vega is incredibly frustrating and difficult to 
    defeat; I would rate him and M. Bison as being the two toughest characters in 
    the whole game. He has an annoying habit of constantly using jumping kicks, 
    which ALWAYS do damage while his leg is outstretched, a cheap trick the CPU 
    loves to use against you. There's very little you can do to put the balance in 
    your favour, but if you're playing as Ryu or Ken, a Dragon Punch can sometimes 
    work against Vega if he climbs that cage and tries to launch an aerial assault 
    on you, but it does take some good timing. If you can, use aerial kicks 
    repeatedly, and if you can keep him grounded, this will work quite well. But if 
    you go for an aerial battle and he gets above you, a lot of the time he will 
    keep kicking you for hard damage. Try to corner him and if he does a backflip, 
    time an attack to hit him at the very moment he lands on his feet. Also, NEVER 
    stay still or you'll get caught out in the blink of an eye.
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Jumps, yodels, removes his mask and raises his hand in
    Victory Stance 2: Does a backflip and raises his hand in victory.
    Victory Quotes
    Victory Quote 2: "THANK YOU FOR A GORGEOUS TIME!"
                                       | Sagat |
    NOTE: Sagat is one of the four Deva (boss) characters and is not a playable
          character in this version of Street Fighter II. He is fought in the
          regular game mode after defeating all of the other seven World Warriors.
    Special Moves
    Tiger Shot: Sagat launches forward a charge of red energy while calling out
    Ground Tiger Shot: The same as a regular Tiger Shot, but Sagat crouches to
                       launch this attack at a lower trajectory.
    Tiger Uppercut: Very similar in execution to the Dragon Punch; Sagat leaps up
                    and forward with a devastating uppercut to knock an opponent
                    out of the sky, while calling out "TIGER UPPERCUT!"
    Tiger Knee: Sagat leaps forward with lightning fast speed, driving his knee
                into the opponent for two strong hits, again calling "TIGER!"
    Throws & Holds
    Overhead Throw: Throws the opponent over his head and away.
    Tips for Fighting Against Sagat
    Sagat tends to fire alternating Tiger Shots and Ground Tiger shots the majority 
    of the time; however he may also fire them together or at different speeds. 
    Zangief and Dhalsim can also get hit by high Tiger Shots even when ducking, so 
    you must be wary of that. When Sagat is busy firing away, get up close and make 
    a very well-timed aerial attack to catch him while he is vulnerable from firing 
    the Tiger Shots. It has to be well-timed, otherwise he can knock you down with 
    a Tiger Uppercut. If he comes towards you, it usually means he is preparing to 
    go for an aerial attack of his own or the Tiger Knee, so keep on the defensive. 
    Try not to use projectiles either as he will come down on you with a jumping 
    kick. Repeat the attacking process as described and you shouldn't have a great 
    deal of trouble beating him.
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Folds his arms, looking down at the fallen opponent and
    Victory Stance 2: Folds his arms and laughs.
    Victory Quotes
                                      | M. Bison |
    NOTE: M. Bison is one of the four Deva (boss) characters and is not a playable
          character in this version of Street Fighter II. He is fought in the
          regular game mode after defeating all of the other seven World Warriors.
    Special Moves
    Psycho Crusher: M. Bison launches himself forward like a human torpedo while
                    covering himself with powerful psychic energy. Anyone who comes
                    into contact with it is engulfed in psychic flame and knocked
    Scissor Kick: M. Bison somersaults forward to hit two powerful kicks.
    Head Stomp: M. Bison leaps onto the opponent's head. If the opponent is
                standing on the ground when he hits the stomp, he follows this up
                with a leaping punch.
    Throws & Holds
    Shoulder Throw: Throws opponent back. 
    Tips for Fighting Against M. Bison
    The last fighter you have to face in the whole game, and very easy to see why; 
    all of Bison's attacks deal heavy damage, and he has high speed, power and 
    jumping skills. He uses all of his special moves in abundance, and loves to 
    corner the opponent with several Scissor Kicks, which usually means dizziness 
    in no time flat, followed by throws. If you jump towards him, he usually tends 
    to counter this with the Psycho Crusher. So, the best way to fight him is to 
    lure him towards you, and if he goes for the Head Stomp, a jumping kick should 
    knock him down. If he tries to nail the Scissor Kick several times, try to 
    catch him out with a projectile. Just play it safe and stay defensive, and 
    attack when you see an opportunity. Keep at it, and eventually you should 
    defeat him and win the game!
    Victory Stances
    Victory Stance 1: Steps back and folds his arms.
    Victory Stance 2: Makes a "cut-throat" gesture.
    Victory Quotes
                                    3. BONUS STAGES                          [0300]
    In the main game mode, after winning a few bouts, you get a break from the 
    competition and go to a stage where your warrior has the task of destroying a 
    brick pile or a car within 40 seconds. Should you manage to do so, you get a 
    30000 point Perfect bonus, and all seconds left on the timer are multiplied by 
    1000 for extra points. Here's a look at both bonus stages, and the best way of 
    beating them.
     3.1. Bricks                                                             [0301]
    When you have defeated four opponents in the main game mode, you are taken to 
    this bonus stage, in which you have 40 seconds to completely demolish a 
    mountain of bricks. To break it down, there are actually four main "sections" 
    of the pile that you should attack in this order to destroy the pile in the 
    quickest time possible:
                                       |        |
                                       |        |
                                       |        |
                                       |    2   |
                                       |        |
                                       |        |
                                       |        |
                           |          |          |          |
                           |          |          |          |
                           |          |          |          |
                           |     1    |     4    |     3    |
                           |          |          |          |
                 (starting |          |          |          |
                    point) |          |          |          |
    Start by breaking down section 1 with Fierce or Roundhouse attacks; most 
    characters hit twice (such as Ryu (Roundhouse), E. Honda (Roundhouse), Ken 
    (Roundhouse) & Dhalsim (Fierce)). If your character only does one hit per 
    Fierce/Roundhouse move, then just quickly tap the button. Guile is a good 
    example; he also has a double-sweep move.
    After destroying that part, jump onto the top-left corner of section 4 so that 
    you are facing section 2. Again, grind away until that part is gone. For 
    section 3, you can either quickly jump over to drill away at that part, or if 
    you're still stood in the top-left part of section 2, sweeping Roundhouse moves 
    will actually pass THROUGH section 4 and connect with section 3! Sometimes 
    double-hit Roundhouse moves even work as well!
    Finally, work away at destroying section 4 - you can only do this once the 
    other 3 sections are completely wiped out. Using double-hit Fierce/Roundhouse 
    moves or a quick succesion of your strongest punches/kicks/sweeps will finish 
    the wall off with a good amount of time to spare.
    Another handy trick is to use special moves that hit repeatedly and non-stop to 
    finish each part off even quicker - E. Honda's Hundred Hand Slap, Blanka's 
    Electricity and Chun Li's Lightning Kick all do this. Try not to keep pressing 
    the buttons too much or you could lose a couple of seconds still doing the move 
    after a section is gone and you need to start working on the next one.
     3.2. Car                                                                [0302]
    This one's a little easier. Again, you start on the left hand side, and the 
    left part of the car takes precisely FOUR Fierce/Roundhouse hits before the top 
    left part is destroyed, after which you won't be able to do any more damage.
    Now jump over the car to the other side and work away on the right side with 
    Fierce/Roundhouse moves until the roof is destroyed. Staying on the right side, 
    just continue to work on the bonnet of the car. Some characters will be able to 
    keep hitting it with Fierce/Roundhouse moves, but for some reason, some others 
    won't. If that's the case, take a step back and use sweeping moves - or vice 
    versa if one method doesn't work. After several more hits, the car will blow up 
    and you win the stage.
    Again, E. Honda's Hundred Hand Slap, Blanka's Electricity and Chun Li's 
    Lightning Kick are all very helpful to beat this bonus stage even quicker, 
    shaving a few seconds off the timer and getting you a few extra points for the 
    time left remaining on the counter.
                                       4. CHEATS                             [0400]
    | Cheats |
    Bypass Opponents
    You need two controllers for this one. Begin a regular game with one player. 
    After you've selected your fighter on the World Map screen and begin your first 
    fight, press Start on the second controller. The text 'HERE COMES A NEW  
    CHALLENGER!' will appear at the top of the screen, and Player 2 is now able to 
    play against you. With the second controller, select the fighter who your 
    character was about to face, and you can easily dispatch them without any worry 
    of them retaliating. After you win the fight, let the second player's Continue 
    timer expire and you'll return to the main game, and on the World Map screen, 
    you will now go to your next destination and the opponent you just beat will be 
    crossed off!
    Note, this cheat does not work with the four boss characters (Balrog, Vega, 
    Sagat or M. Bison).
    | Codes |
    Disable Health Bars, Timer & Sound
    At the Title screen, enter Options, then immediately press Start again to exit 
    the Options screen to be taken back to the Title screen. Go back into the 
    Options screen and leave again. You need to do this a total of 28 times. Now, 
    once you have done that, begin a regular game and you should notice the Title 
    screen music will still be playing. When you begin a fight, you'll see that 
    there are no counters at the top of the screen, and the 'ROUND 1' and 'FIGHT!' 
    text are replaced with odd looking graphics. The fight will now go on 
    indefinitely, so you're pretty much stuck here until you reset the game.
                                      ii. Credits
    GameFAQs | http://www.gamefaqs.com/
      * Where I obtained the Cheats that were used in the cheats section of this
        FAQ, and credit also goes to the various users that contributed them.
    Gamesdbase | http://www.gamesdbase.com/
      * For hosting an online copy of the SNES Street Fighter II instruction
        manual, where I was able to obtain a good deal of helpful information for
        the Basics section of this FAQ, along with move listings and other details
        for each of the characters.
    Phil Stroffolino
      * He has a superb guide to the Street Fighter II arcade and console games on
        GameFAQs, which I referred to for help with the move lists (particularly
        each character's miscellaneous moves), in addition to character quote
        translations. It also has some very interesting information on other Street
        Fighter-related media and plenty of details on Street Fighter terminology
        and trivia.
    Wii Virtual Console Operations Guide
      * Also has some helpful information that I used in the Basics section of this
                          iii. Legal Disclaimer/Contacting Me
    Legal Disclaimer
    This document is Copyright (C)2012-2014 Ryan Harrison. This document may not be 
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not 
    be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance 
    written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
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    As of 2012, only the following web sites have my permission to host this file, 
    free of charge:
    Only these web sites may host my current and most up-to-date work. I am aware 
    that older FAQs written by me prior to 2012 may also have other web sites 
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    to do so, so please do not contact me about it. However, I am only able to keep 
    tabs on my work for so many web sites and due to limited personal time, I have 
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    2012 and later. If you find a copy of this file on a web site that is NOT 
    mentioned in the list above, it is being hosted against my permission and is 
    therefore violating copyright law. Please contact me if you notice this.
    This document, as well as any and all of my other works, is NOT, and NEVER will 
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    Allison, the webmaster of this particular website is notorious for stealing 
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    it, and removing GameFAQs and other reputable web sites to make it look like 
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    All information contained within this file was written by myself, or for any 
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    are also clearly acknowledged within this file. If you are writing any 
    literature related to this game, such as an article, review, or even an FAQ or 
    your own and would like to use any small pieces of information from this file, 
    feel free to do so as long as you clearly credit me for what you used. Failing 
    to do so is plagiarism, and again, a violation of copyright law.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Contacting Me
    For questions, suggestions, comments or useful information pertaining to this 
    file or any of my other video game-related literature, please email me at the 
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    Thank you for reading my FAQ, and please feel free to read any of my other 
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    This file is dedicated to the memory of four late GameFAQs users, each of whom 
    passed away well before their time. Chris MacDonald (d. May 17, 2004), Elliot 
    Long (d. August 27, 2004), Mitchell Lee Stuekerjuergen (d. January 4, 2006), 
    and Steve McFadden (d. June 28, 2011). The latter was one of my closest and 
    dearest friends whom I had met through GameFAQs, and was one of the most well-
    known and prolific contributors to the site. Steve was an inspiration to myself 
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    Peace guys, you will all be dearly missed.
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