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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Anonymous

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    STAGE 1:  Go right , taking out everyone in your path.  Don t rush forward
    too quickly, as some of the bandits will try to ambush you with dynamite.  Go
    into all the doors that you can to power up your weapons. When the ground
    rumbles look out for stampeding bulls.  Jump on top of them to avoid losing a
    BOSS (Simon Greedwell)
    Shoot out the barrels that are protecting Simon, and watch out for them when
    they fall.  A diagonal attack will hurt Simon and take out his henchmen.
    STAGE 2:  Watch out for logs being pushed out of the covered wagon.  Also
    beware of horse  riding bandits coming from the corners of the screen.  Once
    the wagon is destroyed you ll have a few more bandits to shoot, and then the
    train comes.  Stay to the right part of the screen, shooting left and moving
    back right to avoid gunfire.  
    BOSS (Hawkeye Hank Hatfield)
    Concentrate on taking out Hank s henchmen in the corners, shooting at Hank
    when the opportunity arises.  Eventually he will run out of henchmen and it
    gets pretty  easy.  When he comes at you jump to avoid his fire and finish
    him off.  
    STAGE 3:  Head patiently to the right,  watching out for dynamite, bombs, and
    falling flame traps.  Use the rope to get across the fire.  Make sure to
    collect all the power ups.
    BOSS (Dark Horse)
    Stay up on the balcony, shooting the bandits when they appear in the windows.
     Jump to avoid enemy gunfire.  After the henchmen are all gone, attack Dark
    Horse at an angle from the sitting position to make quick work of him.
    BOSS (The Smith Brothers)
    Save the woman in the center of the screen, take out the guys on the
    chandelier, then jump on to the chandelier yourself.  Keep moving left and
    right to avoid the Smith Brothers  bombs and fire.  Try to take out the bomb
    throwing one first(on the left), then the fire throwing one, for best
    STAGE 4:  Now you re on a train.  Go patiently to the right, watching out for
    bandits with explosives.  Once on top of the train cars, beware of the mail
    posts.  They come up quickly and knock you right off.
    BOSS (El Greco) 
    Patience is the key against this boss.  Stay on the far right and far left
    ides.  El Greco is only vulnerable when his back is turned or when he s in
    the air.  When he jumps toward you, fire off a few rounds, then head to the
    other side, jumping to avoid his whip.  This way takes time, but it will cost
    fewer lives.
    STAGE 5:  Move quickly to the right at the start to avoid being crushed by
    the rolling boulders.  To get past the bomb throwers, simply shoot straight
    ahead, as close to them as possible.  Continue right, jumping over the
    bouncing boulders.  Cross the canyon using the rope, moving right and
    shooting down and right to get the bandits waiting to ambush you.
    BOSS (Chief Wigwam)
    Step in between or jump over the Chief s knives.  When he jumps over you, do
    a quick slide underneath and shoot him as he attacks.  Try to stay in the
    corners, keeping as much distance between you and him as possible, firing at
    an angle.  He is the toughest boss yet, and it takes quite a while to defeat
    STAGE 6:  The beginning of this stage is similar to stage 2 but harder.  Your
    horse riding foes come quicker and fire faster here.  Once again the first
    thing to do is to destroy the covered wagon.  For the next part keep your
    horse in the middle of the screen, shooting at an angle and moving back and
    forth.  Once on foot again keep going right until you reach the boss.  
    BOSS (Paco Loco)
    Kill the bandit in front of you and quickly jump his bullet.  Shoot the bomb
    throwing bandits in the tree as soon as they appear, trying not to let them
    get any bombs off.  Jump over Paco s shotgun shells and shoot at him while in
    mid-air.  As with most of the bosses, after his henchmen are gone he s pretty
    STAGE 7:  You ll have to have a quick trigger finger in this stage to fight
    off Richard Rose s private army.  Go down the river, staying on the bottom of
    the screen, powering up and fighting off the bad guys.  After the river, make
    your way up the hill, looking out for  bandits waiting on ledges.
    END BOSS (Richard Rose)
    Use a circular pattern of fire to get rid of the bandits, then concentrate
    your fire on Rose s balcony until it is destroyed.  When he comes down to the
    ground level watch out for his slide attack, which is just as deadly as a
    bullet.  After you ve beaten him he takes out his bulletproof plate and
    starts up again, but don t worry, the worst is over.  Get up to the side
    balconies and fire diagonally from a sitting position.  When he comes up, go
    down and shoot him from below.  Repeat until he is gone for good.  

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