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Reviewed: 04/29/01 | Updated: 04/29/01

Ride 'em cowboy!

Since the days of the Arcade Gunsmoke, there has always been a rare breed of people who love playing as a virtual cowboy, shooting the bad guys, and taming the wild wild west. As a kid, I played the cowboys and indians role at great lengths, and became a fan of modern western movies such as Tombstone and Wyatt Earp. Sunset Riders allows you the same feeling on the SNES, and does so with a bang.

-Visuals 7/10-

While well detailed and fitting the theme of encouraging law in the wild west, Sunset Riders falls victim to a dangerous mix of being too cartoonish and way too colorful. Most gamers will have nearly nothing to complain about in terms of the way that the stages are designed, from a mid-western mining town to a spanish villa. Where the problems mainly arise, is that like most SNES games, Sunset Riders falls victim to image break-up and slow down when the action gets too intense.

-Audio 7/10-

Action music of a standard scale, and with nothing to really compare it against. The music fits the action bill, giving players something halfway decent to listen to, although after a while, it can really bite on the nerves, and cause a headache. Sound effects include everything from gunshots to horses stampeding, to the grunts and groans of bad guys getting blown away. Not a bad mix, but still not perfect.

-Control 7/10-

While most of the game is spent with a side to side movement, the jumping parts of the game could have been tweaked a little to give a better control over the character that you're playing as. With certain parts of the game, the jumping is so critical, that doing it could mean either success or failure in terms of keeping your character alive, or watching him get trampled or get gunned down by a hail of bullets.

-Gameplay 7/10-

This is side-scrolling action at it's average. Placing you in the shoes of one of a couple of different cowboys, it's your job to save people, earn money, and hunt down criminals of a crime boss who is terrorizing the townfolk. Action includes horse, gunplay, and some pretty intense gun battles with the bosses of each level, leading to the show-down with the last boss.

Some of the problems here, is that the enemies on screen can be cheap, and back you into a corner. Without alot of practice on how to control your character, the final stages of the game can be near impossible. Power-ups are everywhere, allowing you to use two six-shooters, or to use a pair of shotguns. The best feature of the game is the fact that it is two player, and you, with a friend, can get the game going at a fast pace.

-Overall 7/10-

Sunset Riders is an average action game for the SNES that is rather fun to play, and can be addicting. Unlike most action games, this one is set back in the west of the 1800's, and it gives you the visuals to prove it. Near realistic visuals, along with pretty good sound, decent control, and plenty of action, you're looking at another title to collect and put on the shelf.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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