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"A fresh new start to a classic series"

The Adventure Island series has long been one of my favorite series, despite the obvious flaws of each and every game in the series. Why? Because I have always had a fun time playing the games in the Adventure Island series, from the original Adventure Island for Nintendo that I used to play at my cousin's house to the Adventure Island 2 for Game Boy which was basically just a portable version of the NES version of Adventure Island 3. Super Adventure Island continued the legacy by providing the classic gameplay that I grew to love, but with updated sounds and graphics. So I was very anxious to play Super Adventure Island 2. Of course, I thought it was going to provide the same fun that the other games in the series did. Well, the game was fun, but it was too different and I did not like the format as much as the original games. That being said, Super Adventure Island 2 is a great game. Just do not expect the same gameplay as the other games in the series because you won't get it.

Graphics (8.9/10): The graphics in the game are very good, although for some strange reason I prefer the more colorful backgrounds and overall graphics of the original Super Adventure Island. The backgrounds in Super Adventure Island 2 were good, but were lacking some colors and overall I just did not think too highly of them. The world map was designed very nicely, as were the character and enemy designs, hence the decent score.

Music/Sound (7.1/10): The music and sound effects are also very good, but again they do not sound great when compared to the great music of the earlier games in the series. The music is good but I miss the hip beat and funky sound effects that the other games in the series provided. The music in Super Adventure Island 2 is good, but it is not quite as good as I wanted it to be. The sound effects are your standard Super Nintendo fare. Overall, the music and sound effects were good, but maybe I just expected more from the music and sound effects in Super Adventure Island 2.

Gameplay/Control (8.2/10): What is this? An Adventure Island game that is not a side scroller game? Oh no! That's exactly what I said when I first booted up the game and started in a strange place instead of a vibrant, funky jungle like I had been so accustomed to. Soon, after talking to several island dwellers and going outside the strange place, I noticed the game was a RPG-like game. No more side scrolling fun, now you get to travel around in a boat and other forms of movement while trying to save the princess or something. Not that I cared for the storyline anyways. Well, basically, you get attacked while walking around in the world map, that is when you get to do the side scrolling action. Not quite what I expected but it was a fresh new game in the series for a change, so I am not complaining too much.

Replay Value: High
Challenge: Medium

Overall (8.2/10): Wow, a new Adventure Island game, and it isn't a side scrolling action game. I would have rather preferred the classic gameplay formula that the original games in the series provided, but I can live with the fresh gameplay that Super Adventure Island 2 provided. Great job, Hudson Soft!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/06/00, Updated 07/16/01

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