Review by GeckoGamer

Reviewed: 04/10/01 | Updated: 08/17/02

This game is short, and most of all, wierd!

Even if you buy this game, you'll find it very weird. Even if you use the tutorial! The story is lame and the bosses seem plain and just do the same action over and over. Read on...

Story: It starts off with old Bonk walking down the road when this T-Rex comes over and traps him in a jar. He finds its King Drool with one of his inventions. Bonk suddenly falls deep into some sort of dizzyness, falling, falling, falling away. He then bursts through a house at China Town. He walks off knowing what to do. He finds King Drools monster all over, and some power-ups too. So Bonk goes on killing enemies untill he finally reaches King Drool! Sound cool? Didn't think so...
Rating: 1/10

Challenge: Not much, I could believe losing at the most of twice. This is the kind of game where you have some lifes and you go through the games with no save points. The are about 6 stages and they all are very short, each game could last around 2 hours. Once you beat it, its over, you wont want to play this again! One major thing that really made no sense were these smiley faced coins. They make no sense at all, collect them, who cares, it just raises your score. It would of also been and idea to add a high scores table, oh well.

Gameplay: Pretty lame. Most of what you do is bash enemies with your head. There are also some candys you can collect that will give you special powers. For example, a blue sharp like candy will turn you into a huge Bonk. Huge Bonk has special powers depending on what type of bonk you are. Regular Bonk throws off his head and it rolls away and comes back. SICK! Other Bonks have different abililties. Then theres these flowers, once you touch them it will take you to a bonus stage. They're pretty pointless too, since you collect those smiley coins that do nothing at all! I see this game as pretty pointless. Actually it sucks!
Rating: 2.5/10

Graphics: Very plain. Enemies hardly have any actions and the bosses only have like 3 actions. Thats not even a lot! And when you attack the enemies just fall off the screen.
Rating: 2/10

Sound:Awful, you don't really need sound on this game, its really no use. When enemies die, they all make the same old noise, when you face a boss its always the same noise, when your inside a cave its the same, same when your outside. And thats about it with the music. The sound now, its the same thing really, there hardly is any sound. Just Bonks actions and enemies dying, other than that theres none!
Rating: 1/10

Story: 1
Challenge: 2.5
Gameplay: 2.5
Graphics: 2
Sound: 1
Overall: 2

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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