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"Super Bonk...for kids only"

SUMMARY: As one of the few people who still thinks the TG-16 was the best system of all time (as in 1989 - 91 Time), I've always held a special bald spot in my heart for Bonk the Caveman. He was pretty big in his day...I still think he could outspin Sonic and crush Mario in the power up department, and King Drool was a killer villian compared to most. The first game is probably the easiest, but also my favorite. Bonk's Revenge was really great as well, with only the art style lacking the edge that kept me from prefering it over Adventure. This game, however, released after the death of the Turbo Duo, is way too cutesy and simplistic for me to appreciate as much as the first two. There's a reason why Bonk has yet to resurface's just a bit unsatisfying.

STORY: The story in this one is really hard to follow...Bonk goes pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Space, underwater, into's not much different from the other games, but it seems less logical here. Bonk shrinks and grows to different sizes and walks on giant tabletops, for example. Weird even for the series. (?/10)

GRAPHICS: Graphics are decent. Colorful and bold, which is a plus. My problem is that they are waaay too cute. Bonk's drawings are too much like Anime, when he was originally a filthy rough-and-tumble teeth gnasher. I miss the old grungy look of the original, it was far more stylish. (6/10)

SOUND: Sound is ok...don't remember much of it. (5/10)

MUSIC: The music here is much less memorable than the first two games' awesome scores. (4/10)

CONTROL: Like in Bonk's Revenge, Bonk spins in the air erratically, so it's much less effective than the hyper spin of Adventure. That made that game more challenging, but also not as fun to kill enemies. Other than that, the control is passable. (7/10)

GIMMICKS: Bonk can grow, shrink, theres bonus rounds; fundamentally though its not much different from the first two games. The size stuff is overdoing it I think...Bonk shouldn't have to rely on candy!!! He's a *caveman*!! He just needs to use his head and a hock of meat...ah for the good old days. (5/10)

REPLAY: If you actually make it to the ending, its one of the better sequences and worth the time you took beating it. The sequences are often more interesting then the game around them. Too many times in this game there are arrows pointing towards exits, as if the programmers think you couldn't find your way out of a garbage bag. That's why I assume this game was really only meant for young kids and I can't take it seriously. (5/10)

OVERALL: (5.5/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/10/04

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