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"The Castlevania series once again returns with plenty to offer!"

The castlevania series must go on! From the Nintendo to the Super Nintendo, from the Nintendo 64 to the playstation, this series just never wants to go away. But do I, or many other people for that matter, complain? How can we when it just gets better and better? But, let us go back to the age of the super Nintendo, when the series was at the mid-term of its life, and look further more into Super Castlevania IV. A game that may have been highly underrated in my opinion. A game that did shine. A game, which was well worth the effort to buy and play.

A very fun and not to mention hard game. Many of the levels will take quite some time to pass for some of the enemies can be cheap. It is rather easy to fall into pits also, so you have to be careful in this game. There are plenty of levels and plenty of hard bosses. You’ve got your whip plus one other weapon, which you’ll find among torches. Even with these weapons, a lot of the bosses will put up quite a challenge. However, with all these challenges, the game does turn out to be fun and enjoyable. The controls are also very easy and simple. You should have no trouble in getting used to the controls if you already aren’t.

The music in this game is very delightful and nice to listen to. They’ve included old, traditional songs from the NES series, along with new songs. The sound effects are also well detailed. The sound of the chain whip is crisp, accurate, and clear. You can make out the difference from the chain whip and the leather whip. That’s how clear the sound is. You will enjoy the music as much as I did (If not more).

The graphics in this game are excellent for its time. The backgrounds are clear, detailed, and they match with the levels. The “drawings” of all the characters, enemies, and levels are well done, and they far exceed the NES series. You can really picture out some creatures in the game such as Frankenstein and even the Mummy. From the burning fire of the torches, to the great waterfalls and river that you encounter, the graphics are, without a doubt, something to be proud of. Konami did a good job with the graphics, and I congratulate them for it.

Well, you really can’t expect anything else than the main fact that your mission is to go out and kill Dracula. As simple as that, I really can’t say anything else about it. Well, I could say that on your way you will encounter other monsters, such as Frankenstein, the Mummy, and even Medusa. Whether you have the guts or not to take them on is really up to you. However, I don’t see how you could resist such an awesome game.

Though the same thing happens every time you play this game, it is still a fun game each time around. But since you know what is going to happen, whom you will encounter, and what comes next, that may take some of the satisfaction out of it. But overall, I think you would still enjoy it because the game won’t get any easier the second time around or even the third in my honest opinion.

Overall, this was a great game for the SNES and Konami did a good job. They made the 4th addition to the series something to be proud of. It is enjoyable, challenging, and just plain fun. If you haven’t played it, yet you’ve liked all the other castlevania games, then I insist you play this one too. You will like it not just for the reasons above, but the fact that it is a very fun game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/02/00, Updated 08/02/00

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